TigerPressDo you build websites for yourself or local business clients using WordPress?

And do you want to dominate the local search engine results for your local business, product or service?

If so, are you sick and tired of having to build a site from scratch and then do all that on-page SEO, geo-location and schema markup stuff that you don’t really understand or have the time to do, but you know is important and must be done so your site will rank high in the search engines.

What if I told you that there is a NEW kind of WordPress theme where you could install the design with one click, that will automatically do all the on-page SEO stuff for you even on images, take care of local schema markup, and also generate an unlimited amount of targeted geo-location pages IN ANY LANGUAGE, each one with unique, URL, page title, description, keywords, and content.

If a WordPress theme exists that could do all of that, you would grab it, right?

Introducing TigerPress!

With full training and support in the members’ area, setting your next local biz site just got a whole lot easier so pick up your copy of TigerPress now.