Perhaps one of the largest hurdles that marketers need to jump today is the promotion of their Facebook fan pages. Getting new fans to your page is critical for your success because having a large fan base can help you in more than one way. One good way to get your page in front of large numbers of people in your chosen niche is to make sure your page is search engine optimized. That’s right: you can quickly and easily use SEO effectively on your fan page which will ensure that you get fresh search engine traffic on a regular basis. The best part about this is that people who visit your fan page via the search engines are actually interested in what you’re offering. This article will talk about 3 simple tips that you can use when you work on your Facebook page’s SEO to ensure that you’ll get a good sized traffic boost.

An important aspect is ensuring that you choose a good username for your fan page and Facebook account. You should understand that the Facebook user name you get (or the vanity URL) is like a domain name. If you don’t get yours, then another person might. It is critical that, as soon as you get started, you register the URL of your fan page. You should be careful not to make your URL look spammy, even if you are using generic keywords, because Facebook has been known to blacklist usernames before. Your best option is to opt for a URL based on the name of your business.

When you create your fan page, you’ll notice a few default tabs where you can have your visitors land. One issue, though, is that these areas don’t offer too many alternatives other than links, information and the wall. You can overcome this issue by installing FBML which is an application that will allow you to add more boxes that can be filled with optimized content. By adding in more boxes, you will be able to insert more links, text and images. Your general content score will increase, which is an advantage. What benefits can you see from an SEO point of view? It will increase your chances of having your fan page noticed by Google.

Last but not the least; show a little gratitude and thank your new fans. When somebody visits your page through the search engines and becomes your fan, thank them right there and then. You can also make your gesture even better by giving your fans something of value in return, such as a free coupon or an e-book. It doesn’t take anything to send a small thank you message and yet it will take you far. To sum up: properly optimizing your page for the search engines is not that difficult and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to see the results you want. It is also important to remember that getting properly targeted search engine traffic to your Facebook fan page is just one step toward success. You need to keep putting in this same effort to get more search engine traffic by working on your SEO. While there are lots of things that go into making a fan page successful, it is how you build upon this traffic and leverage it for future successes that really matters in the long run.

The Ultimate “Done For You”

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If all goes well, here is your demo video of that super quick & easy Membership Site software…MEMBERSNAP!

Now who doesn’t want a membership site with the monthly income which it brings? It is THE way to go, with normally a BIG problem: They are hard to set up!

Almost every single successful marketer that I know has a membership site that keeps them with a base of income.

Membersnap is a “snap” to set up. 30 seconds, no kidding…and 10 minutes if you tweak it.

If you pick one of the ready-made businesses, you get everything, the squeeze page, the teaser product, the loaded membership, the built-in pay options for your customers, and the price is crazy-low.

Check this out while they test the low price point.

If you’re involved in Facebook Marketing, you know about all the changes Facebook has brought to Facebook marketing.

Are your profits slipping away with the new changes?

Check out what my buddy, Brian has been doing in his quick video

With the new changes, Facebook is weeding out the BAD marketers, and there is a huge opportunity for those who understand the changes to find more customers than before!

But check out this video and you will see how all the new Facebook changes can mean…

– Gaining 52.6% MORE leads straight from Facebook
– Establishing YOU as the authority in your market
– Earning real revenue straight from a Fan Page
– Not wasting hours of your valuable time doing traditional “social media” legwork

Simple Passive Income Machines

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Passive Profit Machines

Who doesn’t want passive income?

What if I told you that there are as many as 11 different passive income streams you can set up right now, and many of them require absolutely NO INVESTMENT?

Lots of people THINK that any kind of passive income stream takes MONEY, and a short time ago I would have agreed with them.

Then I found this book. It shows you how easy it is to set up not just one but several passive income machines that work for you 24/7, even while you sleep (I know that sounds crazy but it’s true).

In Passive Profit Machines, Mike Carraway goes into detail how he earns several thousand a month while spending most of his time at the beach or on cruises.

He doesn’t joke around and he doesn’t need to sell hard. If you watch his videos, you can tell he is a pretty relaxed guy who always seem to be in “vacation mode”.

But if you want to know what he does and how he does it, then you gotta hop over here and grab it while you can.

Sell Your Products By Giving Them Away by Bob Bly

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My local mall has a food court with some pretty good places to eat.

The busiest by far is Chick-Fil-A.


Because an employee is usually standing in front of the counter, giving away samples.

It’s a well-known and very simple marketing technique that many marketers ignore: you can sell more of your product by giving some away.

It works because free is one of the most powerful words in the English language…and people love free stuff.

In fact, one of my friends made his fortune in mail order by publishing and selling through direct response ads a small book titled, “A Few Thousand of the Best Free Things in America”.

It’s great fun to go through the book and send for all the free stuff!

One of my subscribers, SJ, writes: “Subscribers often expect free stuff as a right, rather than a good turn.”

That’s been my experience. Getting free stuff has become the expected standard, not a rare bonus.

If you sell everything and give away nothing, your readers will see you as mercenary rather than concerned about their welfare.

No one likes being ripped off. No one likes feeling that their vendor is squeezing them for every dime they have.

That’s why I price most of my products under $50 while my competitors charge hundreds of dollars

Not just any other traffic generation program…

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Millionaire Society

There are many traffic generation how-to programs out there, but there’s one I strongly recommend since it came to my awareness in January 2011, and it’s still going strong and is highly popular (its Alexa website ranking of 2,876 speaks for itself).

The man behind the Millionaire Society program, Mack Michaels, has sold over $10,000,000 worth of products since 2009 by building a real business based on real business principles. Over 30,000 people have learned from his incredible coaching to earn over 4.8 million bucks as members of his coaching club.

For this reason, I highly recommend that you watch his 23-minute video presentation if you want more traffic to your online business.

Push Button SEOBrian G. Johnson

Still falling short of your dreams?

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Milestone Mapping Mastery

For the first time ever, Stephanie Mulac is releasing to the public her cutting-edge Milestone Mapping formula.

You are able to get your hands on the entire formula complete with a training video, e-books and workbooks.

Never again will you need to ponder why some people seem to achieve their dreams effortlessly while others (perhaps even you) always fall short, no matter how much hard work and effort you put into reaching your desired intentions.

This is not theory or fluff. It’s a true-to-life compilation of years of success that has brought her, her family and an elite group of clients the lifestyle of their dreams.

Don’t let 2012 just pass you by. Achieve your dreams the right way with Milestone Mapping Mastery now!

Need free website traffic fast? Try this!

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How To Get Free TrafficThere are some “go to” website traffic strategies that most successful internet marketers find themselves using over and over again when they need a boost in visitors to one of their sites.

One well known internet marketer tells of using some of them for more than a DECADE (yep, over 10 years!) and they continue to work with incredible results for him.

Others are “cutting edge” newcomers that are likewise driving people to his sites.

All of them come without a cost. Zilch. No budget. Free.

What’s even better is this: They continue to pull in traffic for months and even years after he deploys them.

It’s true, long after the initial “spike” in traffic comes in visitors continue to see his promos that are in place and they continue to click on them.

And he continues to make money from them.

You can too!

Jimmy D. Brown is pulling back the curtain and showing you all of his behind-the-scenes methods of generating completely free website traffic.

His new course, aptly titled “How To Get Free Traffic” is a mammoth of a product totaling almost 300 pages of step-by-step tutorials, examples and ideas that cover more than 10 different ways to get free visitors to your site around the clock.

Important: There are currently 5 really good bonuses at the site that complement the course very nicely, including a weekly schedule to follow for growing your site traffic and your overall business. There is no word at this point for how long they’ll be available, but as with most incentives I wouldn’t expect them to last long.

Amazonian Gold Rush

Frank Dang & Venkata Ramana have just released Amazonian Gold Rush.

This is an awesome Done-For-You Amazon Review Videos Package.

Did you know that Amazon makes $1084 every single second?

Do you know why THE biggest online shopping portal on the planet has such incredible success?

No, it

The 4 Ds Of Marketing by Bob Bly

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You know that for your marketing to work, it must tap into a powerful emotion the buyer is experiencing.

The emotions most commonly targeted in copy: greed, guilt, fear, and exclusivity.

Of course there are many others: love, hate, envy, joy, empathy, benevolence.

I’ve identified 4 other emotions that work for a wide variety of offers but especially for business opportunity and money-making offers.

They are desire, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and despair. I call them the “4 Ds”.

There are many similarities between the Ds, but subtle differences, too:

1 – Desire.

Prospects who respond to business opportunity and money-making offers want something.

Not just a little. They crave its possession.

For some prospects, the desire is for money or material objects

Discipline Yourself To Be Successful

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We are all fairly good at disciplining our kids and disciplining our pets. If we don’t make them behave themselves and live and play by the rules, they will get hurt, self destruct or, at the very least, make life miserable for themselves, us and the world at large. No problem…we all know that.

However, when it comes to the problem of inflicting some self-discipline, most of us come up a little short.

Nobody is going to MAKE us be successful or happy. So it is up to us. When we accept complete responsibility for our life and take charge of our own destiny, we begin to realize that self-management is the vehicle that will take us from where we are to wherever we want to go.

Remember the old Confucian saying, “If you don’t change the road you’re traveling on, you’ll probably end up where you’re going.”

There are things we can do that will make it a bit easier to discipline ourselves and gain the self-control necessary to succeed at whatever endeavor we choose.

Step #1: Set a goal. Write your goal down in a clear sentence or a short paragraph. Now you know where you are going.

Step #2: Make a plan. There is an old saying, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” You must have a plan for reaching your goal.

You need to make a step-by-step plan to get from where you are to where you want to be and to make that trip in the shortest possible amount of time. Your plan should show you every step you need to make and in the right order.

Step #3: Take the time to learn the things you need to know to reach your goal. Knowledge really is power. Sometimes knowledge comes from books and articles.

Sometimes it comes from just simply being observant of the world around us and really looking and listening.

Step #4: You must maintain your burning passion for the self-control required to reach your goal. It’s easy to lose that passion when things don’t go just as planned but you need to find inspiration where ever you can find it to fuel your passion.

Have you heard of Epic Traffic Bot?

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Epic Traffic BotWe all know traffic is probably the most important thing online, because after all you can’t make a penny if you’re not getting traffic.

But what if I told you, I can bring you over 400,000 free buyers to your affiliate links?

How many sales you think you might make?

Well, request your 400,000 free unique buyers here and see how this works.

For years the debate has raged over which type of site you should build: mini-sites or authority sites. Yet Google seems to have come up with a deciding factor that could end the debate once and for all. It seems that mini-sites no longer enjoy the favor with Google they once had. In the last few algorithm changes, though, the larger content rich sites seemed to have gained favor over the mini-sites. This is Google’s way of working towards offering their users better search results. Despite this, a mini-site still has its place in your marketing efforts.

Each type of website, authority and mini, give you a range of options unique to each one. There can be some overlap with the main difference being a matter of scale.

If you wanted to target a broad range of products within a particular market, then you can accomplish that quite easily with a large authority site. If you’re content to focus on a single product within this market, then a mini-site would be all you need. Therefore, the strategy you pick has to be based on what you want to sell, and to what portion of the market. Deciding between authority and mini-sites can be explored from several angles. It is possible to have 10 mini-sites along with one rather large authority site. How would you go about driving traffic to each site? Each of the 10 mini-sites will require you to duplicate your effort for driving traffic. Your authority site will also require traffic driving efforts on your part. However, authority sites allow you to leverage your time better. You’ll find that larger sites have a unique value known as the ‘stickiness’ value. Since the content on mini-sites is so limited, it is difficult to make them very ‘sticky’.

Authority sites can also be used to quickly build credibility. Large websites that are filled with helpful information are more authoritative to visitors. The larger sites simply invite the assumption of authority from many people. This alone will establish credibility for some people. This would be a rare exception to the rule for mini-sites. That doesn’t mean it never happens only that it happens rarely. The option of building an authority site or a mini-site is something that is determined by the way Google ranks sites in search results. Mini-sites still offer plenty of benefits, but you may find it a little more time-consuming trying to drive traffic to them. Mini-sites definitely have their place within any well thought-out marketing plan. However, there are plenty more benefits to be had for creating a larger site as far as organic traffic goes.

WSO Blueprint is ‘LIVE’ (early bird pricing)

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Derrick Van Dyke just released a step-by-step blueprint for launching your first 5-figure Warrior Special Offer (WSO) business.

And he has a 64-year-old grandma as proof of success…

Get the early bird price before it goes up.

3 Tips For Writing Great Subject Lines Effectively

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E-mail marketing is about getting many factors right. One of these variables is the subject line of your e-mail. The subject line can be compared to the headline of an article or book title. It makes you different from everyone else and also lets your readers know the main purpose of your e-mail. Besides that, if your e-mail messages are not going to be opened, there’s no use of it. In the following article we shall be looking into a few simple e-mail subject writing tips that you can use to get the most out of your e-mail marketing.

First tip: Create a sense of urgency or an atmosphere of scarcity in the subject line. Nobody wants to lose on a good offer and when you show your readers that it is there for a limited time, they won’t waste much time to open your e-mail and read. Ultimately, what you aim to achieve with your e-mail subject line is to get the reader to notice it and actually take action. So when you make it time-sensitive and when you show your readers that they have to take action right away, clicking on the subject line becomes a part of the action. Most of the copywriters know the value of scarcity and use it on a regular basis to create a demand in their target market. They know for a fact that if someone is interested in acting upon the offer, they won’t pass it on if they see that it’s not going to last forever. Remember that you don’t have to use this same sense of urgency in every one of your e-mails. If you do this all the time it will not have quite the same impact for your subscribers.

Second tip: Make sure you’re using swipe files to better your subject lines over time. As you run e-mail marketing campaigns and do your tests, you’ll see that some e-mail subject lines work better than the others and give you a higher response. Note these down into your swipe file so that you can use them in the future for your other e-mail marketing campaigns. This will make your overall job easier and almost guarantees success of your e-mail marketing campaigns in the long run. Apart from that, you can also create a swipe file of subject lines from other online marketers, so that you can adapt them for your own campaigns.

Finally, thought provoking questions are great subject lines that will literally compel your audience to read the e-mail. Most people are driven to find answers when their curiosity is struck. Offer the answers to the question inside and watch how effective it is to use this little bit of human nature for your benefit. You’ll greatly improve your open rate by doing this. Of course, for this to work, your question needs to be an open-ended question. Make your readers understand why the answer is necessary or why they need it. This method is very cool because it can be used many different times and the results can get better over time. All in all, the above article helps you to understand how important it is to create a response driven subject line. Even though success of your subject line mostly relies on what is good for you, these tips can help you to use different strategy to get the results that you need. Remember, the more you test your subject line, the more you will succeed.

Meet The $100K KING Of Amazon!

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When I heard what this 25 year-old was doing on Amazon, I *had* to find out more…

And no, he’s not another one of those “Make Millions On Kindle” guys.

Actually, Kindle is only about 5% of his $100K per month biz on Amazon.

What’s more interesting is he’s not an affiliate marketer.

Also, he doesn’t do any SEO, paid traffic, blog building or social stuff that drives you bonkers.

He couldn’t care less about Google either.

Aren’t you curious to see what he’s doing? How he’s making that kind of money?

I sure as heck am!

That’s why I know you will want to be on this upcoming webinar too.

It takes place on Wednesday, April 18th or Thursday, April 19th.

This is *not* one of those pre-recorded webinar deals. These are all ‘live’.

You can grab your spot right here.

The method of writing web content in such a way that it is appealing to the reader as well as compatible with the search engines, is known as SEO copywriting or copywriting for the search engines. “Search engine copywriting” is another term for this writing method. So what’s the basic reason to use SEO copywriting? SEO copywriting allows you to get high rankings for your identified keywords and offer visitors valuable content that ensures good conversion. Many people confuse this to be some kind of a technical method to manipulate the search engines. But that’s not the case; it’s rather an art of producing quality content that provides the best of value and creates a win-win situation.

If you can get a good grip on SEO copywriting, you will be able to rank your targeted keywords and, ultimately, uphold your rank for an extensive period of time. Rather than practice the darker arts of deception on the mighty search engines, you are always better off in being straightforward and above board in your methods, and in offering your guests and the search engines the content that they are seeking. This article will cover some tips to get you started with your own SEO copywriting endeavors and succeed.

Properly choosing when and where to use keywords is one of the most important aspects of SEO copywriting. Careful consideration needs to be given to which combination of phrases and keywords yields the best possible results for your site. Be sure to sprinkle the keywords you wish to focus on throughout the entire article, not only at the beginning or end. Another mistake is to try to use too many keywords all at once. You should limit yourself to 2 or 3 keywords or phrases for each article or item. You also need to keep track of how often those keywords and phrases are used within your copy. Some marketers believe that you should never have more than 3% of your total text be comprised of keywords or phrases. If you have a little more or a little less than 3%, don’t sweat it. It is simply a guideline to help you maintain the appropriate keyword density. Just keep in mind that your copy is not just for the search engines, but it’s also going to be read by people

Look at it this way: you aspire to be a niche affiliate marketer, but there’s just too many niches to handle, too many sites to design and too much content to create.

Where do you have the time?

Other jerks cover up their worthless products with words like “autopilot” and “automatic” but then never explain what steps are involved…until you buy and figure out they were just lying.

So to PROVE to you that I have a true answer, I’m going to outline the steps right now!

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