Which Niche?

Being a product creator, you must have been at a crossroads at least once, wondering what niche to go into for your new project…

Finding a niche that is not only popular, but has little competition can be a chore…

How do we choose the right balance between popularity and competition making the most important decision?

Galina has been through the hurdles of niche selection more than once, so has decided to create not just one, but THREE step-by-step systems.

Why three? Because different goals require a different approach, and the systems take this into account.

Which Niche?” comes with research tools, websites and mindmaps, work sheets, not even mentioning the great bonuses to help you beyond niche selection.

I sincerely believe that if you find niche research a chore you would rather avoid, then this is the pack to get you started pretty much straight away.

“Which Niche?” is what you need if you are just starting with your online business or are adding to what you already have.

For 6 days only, you can access the product at a special introductory price which is way below its real worth.

5,000 keywords delivered to you every day…

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Niche Reaper

How many hours do you waste on keyword research?

It’s gotta be done, but let’s face it, keyword research is long winded, boring and well, it just plain sucks!

How would you like to have 5,000 pre-qualified, already researched keywords put in your hands every day?

The Niche Reaper software does the work for you, including coming up with the ideas in the first place, so no more knocking your head against the brick wall doing keyword ‘brainstorming’ either!

It’s all done for you:

+ Searches through tens of thousands of potential new keywords and niche markets every single day

+ Checks potential competition to find those niche markets that are easily achievable, so you don’t waste your efforts on an impossible target

+ Ascertains the potential traffic and overall ‘value’ of a niche, to make sure you only target niches that will make you a real profit

+ Digs out potential keyword-based domain names and Facebook URLs for you to use

The bottom line: Niche Reaper takes the hard work out of keyword and niche research, handing you every you need “on a plate” ready to use!

Why Do People Bash Their Heads Against Brick Walls?

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You must have heard the saying “bash your head against a brick wall”? For the uninitiated, it means constantly doing something that hasn’t worked in the vain hope that it will suddenly start working.

If you ask me, that is the definition of stupidity. But hey, who I am to judge? The reason I say this is because I see so many people doing exactly this in the Online Marketing world. Maybe they read an e-book, or watched a video series. The few that take action will then flog it to death, doing that same thing over and over regardless of results.

It’s the same with keyword research. People decide on their market and then hit it head on. They look in the Keyword Finder for keywords. And why not? After all it is the keyword finder, isn’t it? Right? Wrong! You see if you go to the keyword finder you’re just getting the same returns as every other marketer. And, if they have a bigger budget, or more knowledge, your goose is cooked, my friend.

The answer? Find different keywords! Think about it. If you can’t compete on the same keywords as the super affiliates (and let’s face it most prime affiliate markets are overcrowded to bursting) you need different keywords. You still need keywords that attract the same hungry buyers, sure, but if you know where and how to look, it is not that difficult.

You see, knowledge is power. And that’s where underground marketers Lee Brooker and Derek Armson come in. They have spent the last two years developing new keyword research techniques. What’s more they have been doing this is conjunction with affiliate heavyweight Michael Cheney. These techniques are so powerful they will allow you to compete in ANY market you choose. Not by piling headlong into the super affiliates on their turf. Oh no! By secretly eating away at their ground. Silently dripping sales and commissions away from them. Destabilising the very foundations of their business to build a super affiliate business of your own. And, what’s more, these techniques are easy to understand and even simpler to put into action.

Keyword Cash Loophole

Fancy a bit of that? The Keyword Cash Loophole will enable YOU to get your slice of the affiliate commission pie that has, until now, been kept from you. Eat until you can’t eat any more; it’s tastier than Mom’s cherry pie!

P1 Targeting App

It’s hard to believe, but you can actually generate nearly 10,000 keywords with just 2 clicks.

You can also turn a simple keyword idea to thousands of keywords in a any niche market you choose.

And finally…

With an instant PROFITABILITY score it takes just a few seconds to find the most lucrative and easy-to-rank keywords in your market or any market online.

Sounds impossible?

Well, not anymore.

This new keyword application is so powerful that it even fetches keywords directly from your #1 competitor on Google.

So for the first time ever you can truly say: YES, I finally found all there is keywords in my market, so I can confidently rank my site, get buyer traffic and make profits.

See how the P1 Targeting App makes it all possible.

Ever found an awesome deal on a classified site only to find someone else beat you to it!

Ever ended up wading through pages & pages stuff trying to find an arbitrage opportunity?

Sucks right?

The reason why most of us miss the best deals is TIME.

Who has the time to sift through 100s of search pages nowadays…it simply isn’t worthwhile.

What if you had a tool that searched the biggest classified & outsourcing sites INSTANTLY in just 1 CLICK?

Well that tool is here, for the first time ever you can do exactly that + more:

Opportunity Bot

Opportunity Bot instantly searches:

– Craigslist (US Classifieds)
– Fiverr (Global Outsourcers)
– Seoclicks (Global Outsourcer SEO /GFX Web)
– Elance (Global Gigs)
– Kijiji (Canada Classifieds)
– Gumtree (UK /US Classifieds)
– Upwork (Global Outsourcer – formerly Odesk)

So now you can dig up the best deals, leads & outsourcers faster + you can rapidly match up arbitrage opportunities.

Upgrade the software to get instant e-mail notifications about all newly listed items for your specified search in Craigslist/Ebay…a no-brainer for any opportunity seeker, bargain hunter, antique dealer or rare item collector.

This tool rips & sorts data 2000 faster & breaks open the search boundaries imposed by many arbitrage sites…it’s on launch pricing right now.

Is SEO quietly killing you?

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Rankspy Pro

How many hours do you spend on SEO each week?

Or if you’ve got a team of SEO experts, how much MONEY do you spend outsourcing it each month?

Chances are it’s way more than you want to, right?

In fact, all this hard work, spending money and stress…it can’t be good for you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could slash your SEO efforts but at the same time, jump to the top of Google for all kinds of crazy new buyer keywords that your competition doesn’t know about?

What if you had access to a hidden world of buyer keywords, that are so easy to rank for, you really don’t need much SEO effort at all?

Well, now you can.

Seriously, this is one smokin’ new tool that I wish I had sooner…

If you want to unearth a hidden goldmine of low competition, buyer keywords in just two clicks…

And finally dominate Google, even if you’re in a ‘competitive’ niche and you’re clueless about…

Then this is the tool you’ve been waiting for: Rankspy Pro

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll soon see why people are literally flipping out about this new FB tool!

If you do any level of Facebook marketing the demo on the page is a must-see!

Insight Hero unlocks millions of new Facebook buyers with precise interests that we could never access before.

…all in a single click.

Plus, it’ll save you hours of your time in researching and finding extremely profitable interests in hundreds of Facebook niches.

I don’t know what the developers were thinking, but the price is stupidly low as well. But I have it on good authority, it’ll be going up soon!

Don’t wait, check it out now while you still can.

How would you like to raid the keyword coffers of the Internet’s SIX biggest search engines? I mean, pull the actual buyer keywords right out of them?

Now you can…and a whole lot more!

Imagine getting real-world user-generated keywords directly from:

One of the biggest mistakes that causes businesses to fail is the merchants ultimately failing to meet the demands and expectations of customers. In other words, the merchants do not know who their customers are. Even if they have great products or services, if they fail to align what they offer with what their customers want, they are simply barking up the wrong tree.

No customers, no business, no sales. It is as simple as that. Therefore it is important to define the type of prospects to target. Instead of spending important advertising dollars on drawing in the wrong set of prospects, construct a customer profile based on the majority of your customers and concentrated around their needs and wants. By creating a buyer persona and nailing down your customers’ needs, lifestyles and even apprehensions, you will have the capacity to think of a ready answer to address your customers’ challenges. By placing ourselves in the shoes of our prospects, we can better pre-empt their purchasing decision.

There are 5 ways you can research your buyer persona:

1) Online Retrieval Of Demographics Data

The process is pretty instantaneous and all you need to do is input product keywords or URLs of other people’s websites that are similar to your business (or your competitors’) into AdWords Display Planner. These are the steps:

a) Go to http://adwords.google.com
b) Click “Tools”, “Display Planner”
c) Select “Show only estimates for my targeting criteria”.
d) Enter a URL or product keyword
e) Click “Get estimates”.

You get a results display that looks like below:


But as you can see, the data is very limited to age, gender and device usage.

Alexa is another website that can provide demographics intelligence but unless you upgrade, you are just as much limited to gender, education and browsing location data.


2) Interview Your Prospects And Customers (Pre-Sales)

This is surely one of the most effective way to get a sense of the majority demographic of your customers, but you need to ask the right questions. Here is a sample list:

How old are they?
What is their gender?
Where do they live?
What is their job?
What is their education level?
How do they prefer to stay contactable?
What is their ethnic background?
How much do they earn?
What is their marital status?
How do they spend their free time?
Which newspaper, books or magazines do they read?
What is their favorite TV channel?
What are their hopes and dreams?
What do they wear?
What are their political and religious views?
What are their biggest fears? What keeps them awake at 3am?
What makes them happy?
What frustrates them?
What do they find most relaxing?
What do they talk about with their friends?
Which appeals to them more: function or aesthetic?
What are their hobbies or interests?
What are their attitudes towards certain issues?

You can organize focus groups, walk-in sessions, on-site visits, or make phone calls to conduct interviews. You can also publish the questions in a web page through which visitors can submit their answers collated in an email sent to you.


3) Surveys (Post-Sales)

Conduct surveys to get feedback from customers about their purchases. It could be an immediate, short post-sales survey about the checkout experience, ot a survey that occurs one month after purchase to gauge user experience. The answers your customers give you can reveal much about how and what they think, and could be surprisingly quite apart from pre-sales answers in terms of scope or alignment. Sometimes customers may use the occasion to inquire about other products/services. All these information can make you consider if the major customer demographic is thinking along the same line, and whether you need to tweak your marketing strategies based on the survey answers.

Popular online survey tools include Foresee, Qualaroo, SurveyMonkey and WebEngage.


4) Look At Past Purchases

Supposed you have a range of products or services. Over a period of time, it becomes apparent to you that some offers sell better than others. Your sales results can tell you what the marketplace needs most, therefore you can reconsider your marketing strategies to target the most in-demand customer segment of the marketplace.


5) Social Media Engagement

Social media puts you on the frontline of direct communication with prospects and customers. By monitoring and observing what they say about your industry and products/services, you gain first-hand insights into their expectations. It is also a great time to resolve any issues or complaints that they may have. Doing so in a prompt manner not only reflects that there is real customer support that cares, but also your pursuit towards customer satisfaction.

Also investigate online forums and Q&A sites like Quora. These sites are great resources for problem solving. By researching for solutions, you can better understand how to help your own prospects and position your products/services in a way that shows you really know your customers’ problems.

Customer research is a long-drawn process and it is never-ending because the marketplace keeps changing. However, the benefits of targeting the right customers are enormous. For one thing, repeat sales from old-time customers are easy to get. A high level of customer loyalty exists because your ability to know customers inside out will make them feel they are well attended to. They will even evangelize and refer new customers to you, thereby exponentially growing your business.

Good business does not start with a great product or service, or great know-how or a high efficiency in daily operations. It is simply knowing your customers like they are your friends, and it is a great untold secret to sales riches.

Nelson Tan is an Inbound Marketing consultant at iSmart Communications, an integrated marketing communications agency serving the Asia-Pacific region.

10 things you should know about your target market

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1 – Job role and responsibilities.
2 – Company: industry, size.
3 – Education, experience, hobbies.
4 – Marital and family status.
5 – Gender and age range.
6 – Joint household income.
7 – Key personality traits and mannerisms.
8 – Geographic (urban, suburban, rural; region, state).
9 – Job identifiers (e.g., hours worked per week).
10 – Biggest challenge to achieving success.

Source: Pinpoint whitepaper, “Buyer Persona Kit”

The more popular the keyword, the more cost-per-click (CPC) it’s going to have. So it’s very important to do your keyword research before you start selecting your keywords as you’re setting up your campaign. The lite version of KeywordSpy is free, but you can also upgrade to the full version and see more results and have more capabilities for a monthly fee. Google used to have its Keyword External Tool, which has since morphed into Google AdWords Keyword Planner. You need a Gmail account to access this free tool. Either of these tools will allow you to enter keywords or key phrases and then view popularity (actual search results), as well as what the average CPCs are. This is important for your keyword selection and bidding.

You can also type in your ‘core’ or focus keywords and get additional ad group/keyword ideas. To help refine your search terms, you can also choose broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, exact match, and negative match.

Source: Wendy Montes de Oca, Target Marketing, 7/29/14

Here’s a great Amazon/eBay product research tool.

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AMA Sniper

The AMA Sniper is a complete software that gives Internet marketers all the info they need to find profitable Amazon products, eBay products, bestsellers, hot reviewed products and profitable keywords, to name a few of the features.

Newbie marketers out there wanting to get started with Amazon affiliate marketing or existing product vendors who need a market research tool will find AMA Sniper perfect for them.

AMA Sniper is practical, clear and totally beginner-friendly.

No more frustration, wasted time and headaches. Watch the video to see how it works.


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Many tools I

Idea Profit Storm

If you had a process to do product research that produced products that your market will trample all over each other in order to buy, how many products would you create?

John Koen has created Idea Profit Storm to walk you through a proven research method to make sure your product will be a huge hit with your audience before you even start working on it.

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own product that sells like crazy for you and your army of affiliates, Idea Profit Storm is the first step.

John is planning to only keep the price this low for a few days. Don’t wait around on this!

Tube Digger Pro

Ever since Google bought YouTube in 2006, they have given YouTube videos preferential ranking in their SERPS…

Savvy marketers quickly learned to DOMINATE Google all they needed to do was copy the tags, and keyword density of the top videos and presto, they were number one…

Google caught on to what Internet marketers were doing and started to HIDE all the critical information such as tags, embeds, backlink sources etc.

Mao Flynn has just launched a tool called Tube Digger Pro that reveals all this critical information Google has been hiding.

In fact, TDP provides INSTANT ACCESS to all the pertinent stats for ALL the videos dominating page one of Google and YouTube for any keyword.

With this information at your fingertips, you have everything you need to OUTRANK your competitors.

1. Instant analysis of the top videos dominating Google & YouTube for your keywords

2. Instant reveal of hidden tags of the top videos

3. Full analysis on every video in your competitors channel

4. Discover exactly what you need to do to RANK videos number one on Google & YouTube

5. Track the rank of your videos against your competitors in the SERPS etc.

This is your ticket to return to the GLORY DAYS when you could leapfrog competitors videos on page one of Google and Youtube and literally STEAL their commissions rights from under their noses.

Click here to see the demo of this amazing software!

Locate buyer traffic fast!

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A new 4-in-1 revolutionary software suite that locates buyers traffic fast in any niche has just been released.

With these powerful piece tools, ordinary Internet marketers are now EASILY able to find hot buyers and make money fast online without having to spend hours on end in front of their computers.

This is changing the face of Internet marketing and the good news is that you can get your hands on these tools now for pennies if you hurry because the software has just launched for price next to nothing BUT it

Do you use any of the social networks for your business like: Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.?

If so, I think you better check out the best spy tool available to help grow your business spying on the most popular social networks.

Instead of manually going to…

Facebook, then running a search;
Twitter, then running a search;
Linkedin, then running a search;
Pinterest, then running a search;
YouTube, then running a search;

Now you enter your key-phrase ONCE and boom have all of the vital data you need in seconds!

TrafficSpy is perfect for:

– JV / Partnership Opportunities
– Advertising Opportunities
– Influencer Research & Outreach
– Competitive Analysis
– Monetization Opportunities
– Industry / Niche Intelligence
– and so much more!

Grab your personal or outsource license now…

Public domain has long been a secret stockpile of content only savvy insiders have kept to themselves and never publicized…until now.

Yanik Silver has just revealed a hidden way for you to literally ‘steal’ an almost endless source of content on practically any subject you could imagine.

Simply put, you can use this insider secret to instantly create e-books, manuals, articles, reports or any other type of information products in a snap. In fact, once you figure this out, you’ll be able to tap into millions and millions of pages of material you can use for anything you want…without asking permission or paying a dime in fees.

Amazing but true…and the best part is virtually nobody knows about this! What I’m talking about is using public domain information for your own profit.

In fact, when you add up all the different sources, there is literally a mountain of public domain information millions and millions of pages) sitting right under your nose

Amasuite12-year online marketing expert and top software developer Dave Guindon and Amazon affiliate expert Chris Guthrie have teamed up to offer one of the BEST Special Offers of the year!

It is a suite of 3 powerful and unique Amazon research software tools.

The Azon Keyword Generator:

– Generates thousands of keyword opportunities from the Amazon search engine
– Use this tool to find exact match domain names that have high natural traffic

The Azon Top 100 Analyzer extracts the top 100 products for ANY category on Amazon for the following:

– top 100 bestsellers
– top 100 top rated
– top 100 hot new releases
– top 100 movers and shakers
– top 100 most gifted
– top 100 most wished for

The Azon Product Inspector:

– Extracts products from the entire Amazon site for any given keyword phrase
– Very useful for finding hidden affiliate gems on Amazon

Plus Chris Guthrie has included his very own tried & tested methods for earning MASSIVE commissions from the Amazon affiliate program!

This new 3-in-1 Amasuite software with Amazon affiliate training is only available for 14 days!

Make sure to watch the YouTube video on the page to see 3 methods to make money with this software.

New Research Software For Internet Marketers

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Internet Marketing Seeker is not your usual research software.

The IM Seeker is the secret weapon that turns the entire Web into the best Internet marketing treasure box you’ve ever seen!

Simply select a marketing topic within the dashboard or enter your search term and then click a specially-configured link to get tips, how-to’s, videos, e-books, articles, and blogs for the topic. These are free resources you can repackage as your own content or latest info-product!

Anything under the IM sun are covered: list building, copywriting, SEO, AdWords, Blogging, YouTube, Article Marketing, Traffic and more!

Armed with this incredibly powerful research tool designed specifically for Internet Marketers, you can quickly discover tons of great quality content from the Web’s most popular marketing sites FREE!

And with just a couple of clicks you will be able to watch training videos and screencasts. Get all your questions answered and discover FREE e-books and other PDF documents AND LOADS MORE!

Low price offer is ongoing. Watch a demo video of IM Seeker now.