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What to do with repeat visitors.

Posted December 20th, 2009 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Other Stuff

A reader of one of my articles posted an interesting question as a comment. I reproduce it and my answer here:

Melanie: I was wondering if you had any thoughts on how to evaluate repeat visitors to a website, specifically why they were visiting again. I know some people have surveys and popups but those seem to be more annoying than anything. Do you have any other ideas on how to evaluate these users? Specifically I know of a particular ip address that has visited my website over 100 times.


Hi Melanie,

Your weather data site looks interesting :)

The key reason for tracking repeat visitors is you want to know their names and if possible, their faces too. Some steps I suggest include:

1) Put up a Web 2.0 widget on your blog. Widgets will point back to visitors’ Web 2.0 accounts where you will know your visitors’ profile.

2) E-mail some interesting questions to your subscribers and encourage your subscribers to reply to you. Encourage blog commenting also.

3) Get more involved in Facebook and other social sites. Observe friends with similar interests. They are your most likely repeat visitors if you can get their attention with new content and stuff.

4) Personally greet them and say you know them because they visited or downloaded this and that. You project yourself as personally remembering them for past actions and that gives them a good feeling you are an attentive friend.

You’re not going to know everyone in the world, but if you know a few that can form a “critical mass” and elevate their status as peers and become your potential sales force, you gain leverage.

It can work both ways, If my memory slips, remind me you are Melanie from WeatherARC :) Have a great week!

Information overload solved?

Posted December 18th, 2009 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Other Stuff

IM Productivity Secrets

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Screencast Profits

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Can you write a salesletter in 5 minutes?

Posted December 13th, 2009 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Copywriting

You need a salesletter to sell your product, service, or membership site. It’s that simple.

The direct response salesletter is THE tried and true advertising method. It has worked for hundreds of years in newsletter advertising and direct mail ads.

You create a web page with all the usual components…a headline, subheadline, story, features, offer, guarantee, and call-to-action, and get prospects to run directly for your ‘order’ button.

One small problem though…you don’t know how to write copy. Or maybe you just suck at it. Maybe it takes you weeks just to write a single salesletter.

No big deal, you say…I’ll outsource it. Great, pay $4000 for a copywriter to bang out a sales page in a couple of days. You launch a product and it makes you $5000. You only walk away with one thousand dollars…you could have made 5 TIMES as much if only you knew how to write a quick ad on your own.

Allow yourself to imagine you have an easy-to-understand roadmap to write a salesletter in just 5 minutes.

You do a little bit of research around the Internet (it usually takes about 15 minutes for me) then sit down for 5 minutes during a commercial break, bathroom break, or even the last 5 minutes before you go to bed.

Then your sales copy is done…$4000 saved!

I am not claiming that you will be able to write on the same level as the world’s top copywriters. Some people are just “born” to write ads that sell. But think about this…

Most copywriters will never even look at your product, or even look at your product enough to understand it. You are the BEST person to explain the benefits of the thing you’re selling.

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If you want to go back at a later time, this formula shows how you can make quick edits to the copy in 5-minute increments.

Do you have a finished product sitting around that isn’t selling…just because you don’t have a salesletter?

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