Hybrid ConnectUp until now, it used to be really tricky to create a list-building opt-in form that would work for “desktop” users as well as mobile/iPhone/iPad/etc. users.

Basically, opt-in forms tend to be neat and function for either desktop visitors or mobile visitors, but not both.

Well, that’s all just changed thanks to a new WordPress plugin!

This plugin does everything you need to rapidly build a mailing list from your WordPress site. I mean, opt-in boxes, lightbox popups, a genius Facebook connect feature unlike you’ve ever seen…the lot!

But one of my favorite parts is the opt-in box builder. It’s difficult to explain, if you’ve never actually seen it in action. Let me just say that it’s never been so easy to build beautiful, stylish and high-converting opt-in boxes.

And what about making them mobile-ready? Well, that takes all of one click to accomplish!

This is huge, because it means you can get a chunk of traffic, coming from mobile devices, that you might currently be missing out on.

My other favorite thing about this plugin is that it’s all about conversions. The features are cleverly built to get you the highest possible conversion rates and fantastic lead quality, at the same time.

Building a mailing list is possibly the most important thing any online marketer can do and it’s most definitely the highest ROI thing anyone can do.

With this plugin, it’s now easier than ever to turn your WordPress site into a highly effective list-building machine. You can add opt-in boxes like the pros, except with better features and at a fraction of the cost.

Check out the video right here.

Managing Your WordPress Site

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I am really big on getting the small things in my business taken care as fast and efficient as possible so I can focus on the stuff that really moves my business forward.

I used to spend WAAAY too much time tweaking and “playing with” my sites instead of doing the things that really made a difference.

If you are tired of messing with plugins, worrying about updates and ready to start managing your WordPress sites instead of the other way around, then make sure you check this FREE training right now.

Get More Done In Less Time With “Action Generator” Software!

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Here is hands-down the BEST software for enhancing your productivity.

Action Generator helps you to:

* Never again be paralyzed by taking action on big tasks

* Get laser-like focus into what you need to get done every day

* Build unstoppable momentum as completing each task propels you to get even more done, faster and more efficiently than ever

Come 2013, you will laugh in the face of procrastination!

Also discover 23 other proven strategies to help you take more action each and every day with the BONUS “Action Unleashed”, including proven tricks to sharpen your focus and get your brain storming, and effective tips to let you take control of time rather than have time control you.

Don’t regret another year of unfinished tasks and unsatisfactory results. Action Generator is the only thing that can help you now!

How to actually SELL stuff (and bring in real money)

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Sales Detonator

Virtually every Internet marketer struggles to convert site visitors into customers or subscribers. The average conversion rate of a sales page is a rubbish 1%, while increasing numbers of site visitors are refusing to subscribe to marketers’ lists. Marketers need to combat these major problems by unleashing a suite of

CB ProfitPress

Ken Sar just released a brand new WordPress Theme that you can use to create a nice-looking and professional Clickbank affiliate sites!

Some features of this theme:

– Custom Post Panel
– Responsive Layout
– Shortcodes-Ready (30+ Shortcodes) Beat
– Compatible with CB Goliath
– Custom Optin Form To Capture Subscribers
– Beautiful Ribbon Tags
– and much more!

See all complete features and DEMO site here.

SimpleAzonDave Guindon, a 12-year marketing veteran & software developer, and Chris Guthrie, Amazon affiliate expert who earns over $94k, have once again teamed up for yet another highly
anticipated product launch this year.

They created a very simple but powerful WordPress plugin called

Creating marketing videos has never been easier! If you are paying thousands of dollars to get experts to do it for you, it’s time to stop, because Tube Conquest makes it quick and easy for you to create minute-long niche videos in seconds!

Tube Conquest is a desktop software that runs on PCs and Macs, and is an amazing Youtube movie maker made specifically for Internet marketers who want to take advantage of the power of Youtube to drive traffic to their websites and affiliate offers. Watch the Tube Conquest demo to see this amazing Youtube video creator in action. Create Youtube videos for any product and any website and then upload them to your channel!


Matt Broich, creator of CBengine, has launched a new ClickBank Marketplace tool for WordPress. CBPress allows ClickBank affiliates to import the entire ClickBank Marketplace into their WordPress blogs (in less than 60 seconds) and fully customize categories and products! You can even add non-ClickBank products! With CBpress you can easily monetize your WordPress blogs with 28,000 ClickBank products and start earning more money!

This is an unlimited use license based on one ClickBank ID. Install the plugin on one site, or a thousand!

See the plugin in action here.

Solo ads are a complete game changer at the way marketers are building their lists now but there are so many pitfalls and mistakes that are all to easy to make and result in a massive hole in your pocket from the money you need to spend to make it work.

Fortunately, my friend Lewis Turner got to $100+ a day (sometimes even making $700+ in a DAY) in just 6 weeks and is making massive waves in the industry by offering to teach his unique system to you too.

E-mail marketing will never be the same again with Solo Ad Supremacy.

Work Less and Earn More with Local Sniper.

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Local SniperSearch engines are investing MILLIONS in perfecting local search.

Over 40% of searches right now on Google are based upon city or zip code.

Over 60% of those people searching end up making a purchase offline in their LOCAL area.

Think about it, you do your research online and make the purchase locally simply because you can go and grab it straight away.

You don’t need to wait weeks for delivery.

I went through this experience before as I once looked for the nearest PC repair service in my area.

The hard truth is a lot of local businesses are STILL not taking advantage of emerging local search trends and habits.

If only they can apply the simple strategies that you’re about to discover yourself, they will be wildly successful.

But you are going to be their savior first, by bringing leads to them.

Are you ready? Click here to find out.

Blog Defender

If you are running WordPress blogs and websites & you’re not sure what to do with respect of website security, just thought I should grab your attention about an amazing new WordPress security product is being launched today!

Matt Garrett has put together an easy-to-follow, step-by-step video tutorial course to show people exactly what they need to do to secure their websites from being hacked using the simplest FREE plugins without cutting corners!

I highly recommend you have a look at BlogDefender while the product is on launch promo

Video App MonarchyThe #1 most profitable and cheapest traffic source is viral traffic through online social sites!

Need proof? How about Psy

Did you know there are currently 6 billion mobile devices globally?

And that there are over 100 million new tablets being sold annually…

And on top of that, over 30% of those devices are used daily for e-mail and over 35% of those are used for browsing the web each day.

Wonder what that means to you?

Well, it means that if you don’t have mobile websites you’re missing out on a TON of website traffic.

A high-powered but easy-to-use mobile website creator named Mobi Mimic has just hit the market.

And this thing is so easy to use that ANYONE can push just a few buttons to create killer mobile websites…and do it all in seconds.

It is the best way to copy and paste your way to stunning professional grade mobile websites with zero effort required and zero tech skills needed.

There’s zero question that the world is increasingly mobile…

The only real question is how much traffic and money will you lose before you go mobile too?

There’s no excuse to wait anymore.

Try Mobi Mimic out for yourself with their limited time special offer.

Easy way to submit your press releases to more than 250 media outlets.

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Have you been religiously doing your Off-page SEO?

If not, let us help you out with our special offer to MAXIMIZE your SEO Backlinking Efforts!

As you already know, there’s no better way to do off-page SEO than to use mass press release distribution!

Marketers Media was conceived as a solution to a problem faced by Daniel Tan as well as other fellow online marketers.

This resulted in “The Niche Press Release Distribution Site” that provides high quality widespread distribution for marketers to share their product launches, software releases, acquisitions and other entrepreneurial related announcements

Backlink Automator

Want more traffic?

The fastest and easiest way to get page 1 rankings and unlimited search engine traffic is with backlinks because Backlinks = Traffic.

But there’s a PROBLEM…

Building backlinks manually can take months of tedious work, and automated software doesn’t work anymore thanks to Google’s updates.

That is, until NOW…

Backlink Automator turns the tables on Google and lets you slap them back, because:

– it finds high authority niche sites for you
– it builds keyword-targeted backlinks
– all backlinks are real and unique
– it automates 95% of it for you

So you’ll build unlimited backlinks to high authority sites focused in your niche, and they’ll be UNIQUE so Google and the search engines love them!

And it will only take you minutes instead of months…

Grab Backlink Automator before it’s SOLD OUT!

1. Know your audience: Carefully consider the type of readers you’re targeting and/or trying to attract, and tailor your content to them.

2. Create a framework for future content needs: Map out potential blog ideas, stories, featured posts, etc. That way, you have something to work from each time content is needed.

3. Create a content schedule: If you find yourself not blogging enough, creating a schedule can be the perfect way to get focused and stay motivated.

4. Think Multimedia: Looks for ways to recycle the same content into different formats.

5. Always encourage reader feedback and welcome user-generated content as part of your publishing mix.


It’s easy for marketers to say you must do split-testing to gauge results and identify the rooms for improvement.

But testing variations of your own work takes a lot of time to yield a breakthrough.

Do you know you can already test yourself against ready benchmarks?

If you promote/sell anything online or offline, then without a doubt you need this one software on your desktop.

This software does something you probably haven’t heard before: text scoring. Text scoring predicts if the words you wrote would get a better response. This software called AdvantageBot also has a database of 200,000+ ads to search into, so that it can suggest words and sentences that generate the best response, the highest conversions and the fastest route to profits.

You can now get AdvantageBot at 50% discount while it lasts!

If you want more click-throughs on ads/promo materials…
If you want extra sales create headlines & stronger copy…
If you want a great product name or tag line score it first…
If you want to create tweets or social posts that get shared…
If you want higher open rates score e-mail subject lines…

As long as you use text (and the spoken word such as video scripts) to sell, you can use AdvantageBot to predict your way to better sales conversions!

Dealing with the recent Google Panda and Penguin has taught me that building brand new websites can be a crap shoot, which is why buying established websites can be a much more effective method. Rather than writing content, building backlinks and waiting a few months for Google to love the site (if ever) you can just buy existing websites with already established traffic and income instead.

The only problem is actually finding websites worth buying!

Well, a brand new tool is designed to do just that. This tool works with the Flippa marketplace to provide you fast access to crucial data to more quickly determine if a website is worth investing in, or whether you should move onto the next one.

Site Finder Pro is a massive time saver and crucial for anyone serious about finding high quality websites worth buying.

This is by far the most AMAZING WordPress innovation ever!

Imagine being able to generate thousands of beautiful and unique WordPress themes simply by clicking a big red “SPIN” button!

It’s true

Social backlinks are VERY HOT right now, as it absolutely the shortest and fastest way to rank higher in Google and also avoiding the dreaded Google Penguin/Panda slap!

This software will give them THAT and LOTs of backlinks at the push of a button!

Here’s what the Social Backlink Empire Suite can do for you:

– Automatic disposable e-mail creation, so the user will not need to enter their e-mail info for registering to these sites.

– Automatic registration and captcha solving through de-captcher and death by captcha.

– Automatic e-mail verification.

– Automatic article submission process (with multi-thread) so that it will run very fast!

– Fully support proxy rotation (private and non-private proxies).

– Fully support multiple-level (nested) spin syntax for much better article uniqueness.

And much more.

Basically no software out there that can automate submission to 100+ BuddyPress sites, so this is the first in the market and it will be BIG!

P.S. You may like to upgrade to the Pro version because it submits to 500+ social sites!