Sales Page Tactics

Writing and designing a salesletter is only 75% of the work.

As a prospect reading other salesletters yourself, you have likely faced a first “buy or don’t buy” decision, only to meet an “exit offer” when trying to get out, or read a “virtual support” popup offering a 10% discount, and yet more creative ways to entice you to reconsider your hesitation to buy even for the 3rd or 4th time.

These tactics can be easily fulfilled by simple software routines that enhances the “backup” capability of a sales page in case your ‘best’ copywriting still fails to capture the customer. At any point in time while prospects are still at your site, you gotta get them to sit up and take notice.

Finally, you can get your hands on an excellent workbook containing all the helpful scripts that will give your salesletter the horsepower to improve conversion rates.

Sales Page Tactics contains Robert Plank’s war plans for putting finishing touches on a sales page.

It is not a copywriting e-book.

Instead, it contains 19 powerful website scripts with super-detailed walkthroughs explaining how they were built, so you can either paste them onto your website painlessly or tweak them to do anything you want.

* You can run a 7-day or N-day countdown to kick off your new product at a reduced price or to test alternate price ranges without enraging your customer base.

* Get forewarned about a specific kind of dynamic pricing script you need to stay 50 miles away from.

* You can display a lot of screenshots for your product, but there’s a way to quickly flip through them without doing a lot of scrolling.

* You can password-protect your download page without a fully-featured member’s area script, and you can learn how to get it up and running in 2 minutes.

I mention just 4 of what these tactics are but for the full insider secrets, click here and you’ll have the e-book sent right to you in the next minute.

1,635,212 visitors in a month??

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Traffic Ultimatum

Traffic to your websites is one of the most important things you can do to increase your online sales…

Yet it is probably one of the things that gives people the most trouble.

Now don’t let this kid’s age fool you on what he knows about traffic generation.

He may be young but he’s been pulling in some serious traffic and sales over the past year.

Traffic Ultimatum is the ultimate traffic-getting course that 19-year-old George Brown uses to make several thousands of bucks each day!

It’s a very well rounded course all laid out in streaming & downloadable videos along with PDF overviews.

It’s very easy to follow and find exactly what parts you’d like to learn first.

Even if you already know lots of methods on getting traffic, have you honestly mastered every single one?

Here’s what’s included:

[+] 35+ unique traffic getting methods and strategies
[+] 300 plus process maps, mind maps, diagrams and everything else!
[+] Several tools and resources on Media buying, video marketing, Google AdWords, PPV and much more
[+] Personal 1-on-1 support from George Brown himself (exclusive!)

While I know a lot about getting traffic I can say that I don’t know everything (not sure if that is even possible nowadays).

I’m always on the look out for new or improved strategies on traffic generation.

So if you want a really good resource added to your library about traffic generation than this course is a must!

7 Powerful Copywriting Formulas

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Here are 7 copywriting formulas that can help you write stronger copy:

1 – AIDA.

Stands for Attention … Interest … Desire … and Action.

First you get the prospect’s attention. Then you generate interest in the product and a desire to own the product. Then you ask for action, typically an order.

2 – The 4 C’s.

Good copy is clear … compelling … concise … and credible.

3 – The 4 U’s.

A strong headline is ultra-specific … useful (promises a benefit) … unique … and urgent.

4 – The 4-legged stool.

A strong promotion has 4 “legs” to stand on. These are credibility … promise of a benefit … a big idea (a unique feature or method that delivers the benefit) … and the product’s track record (how well it has performed for customers).

5 – PPPP.

Picture … promise … prove … push.

First create a desirable picture of the copy in the prospect’s mind. Then promise and prove the product will do what the message says. Finally push the reader to take action.

6 – FAB.

Stands for features … advantages … benefits.

Copy should have a mix of all of the above. A feature is what the product is or has. An advantage is a feature the product has that others do not. A benefit is what the feature will do for the prospect.


Start every letter with a benefit.

Clickbank Cash Supreme

For the first time ever, ClickBank millionaire Paul Walker reveals how he is making $38k per month with ClickBank working only a few hours per week!

You heard it right! But wait, let skip all the usual hype and cut straight to the chase, because there really isn’t any time to waste.

First, if you’ve never heard of Paul before, let me tell you…

Paul’s truly the guy under the radar. But he made $782,940 as a ClickBank’s affiliate and publisher last year alone…all from free website traffic…

But Paul will be the last person to call himself a guru. A few years ago, he was flat broke! Frustrated making no red cents month after month. He was once in your shoes!

However, his life has completely changed since the day he discovered a cool system to make money with ClickBank, which now he calls as Clickbank Cash Supreme.

Listen closely, this system has helped many people to rake in loads of cash promoting other people’s products from ClickBank. And it can work for you too…

…even if you don’t know jack about Internet or online marketing

…even if you’ve promoted multiple products as an affiliate and none of them have made a profit

…even if you’ve tried everything you can think of and nothing has worked

…even if you’re dead broke & only have a few hours a week to spare

With this system, you will get a complete picture about making money online business as an affiliate or as a information product publisher and…

…you are about to know EXACTLY how to start from nothing and launch a successful six-figure online business in only a matter of days…

The best part is…

The system WORKS for everyone, because…

** You don’t need a website to start…

** You don

Frickin' Awesome Goodness!

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Drop everything and go here quick:

For a very short time, expert Internet Marketer Justin Michie is giving away copies of his bestselling book, Street Smart Internet Marketing.

It has over 10,000 copies in print and has been used by colleges and universities to teach Internet Marketing, so it’s jam packed full of top-notch content. Talk about Internet Marketing going mainstream academia!

I’ve seen it firsthand and it’s over 300 pages of frickin’ awesome goodness! It covers almost every category you can find in this blog :)

Just hit this link to get your copy.

The biggest direct response marketing manual yet…

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Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual

How would you like to leaf through a digital copy of Dan Kennedy’s 659-page Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual?

Dan’s Manual weighs in at 26.3MB (PDF version), 659 pages and won “The Book of the Year” award in the mail-order category from the North American Bookdealers Association.

T. Harv Eker endorses it and, for years, sold it to his attendees at every one of his seminars.

This is not a “pretty” book…

It’s essentially Dan’s “braindump” and notes on all things marketing: informercial, direct mail, direct response, ad copy, newspaper and magazine advertising, how to maximize customer lists…

Woven in there are also a lot of his own numbers from campaigns he ran for himself and clients and lots of case studies and “success stories”, again, with numbers to give you an idea of how various ads and ideas converted.

Mixed in with all this are dozens and dozens and dozens of photocopied ads complimented with Dan’s summary notes for understanding why the ad works (or DOESN’T work).

Page 103 starts “Success Stories to Learn From” and is just what the title claims.

Page 197 references 6 different ads…what they netted, how they performed and more.

Page 213 has even more ads and examples and case studies. There are dozens of pages like this.

Many of the ads are from Dan’s early days pre-Internet. But copywriting, direct response marketing, advertising, customer-list monetization, lead conversion etc are timeless.

In fact, since Internet marketers are generally notorious for not looking at anything outside of their Internet bubble for marketing/advertising tips…you can quickly outpace them by bringing in tactics that have worked for a century in the world of advertising and can work like crazy online.

Grab the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual now and you’ll get the 12-audio “Master of Marketing” course as a free gift.

This 12-audio set is a “dream team” of marketing legends including Ted Nicholas, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Dan Kennedy and more…

CB Predators

You’ve probably already seen the fuss that CB Predators is causing…it’s all over the forums, and it seems like just about everyone in the world is talking about it.

Well, keep reading, because you’re about the get the complete lowdown. I’ve been given exclusive details about it, and I’m sharing it all with you right now.

I’m about to reveal what it does, how it works, and anything else you want to know…

…and pay attention, because this thing really is a game-changer.

What IS CB Predators?

It’s an autopilot income machine. The custom-built software allows you to put up a custom built, fully monetized website with just 18 clicks of your mouse.

No joke.

18 clicks and it’s done…and it’s even set up to get completely free, automatic traffic too.

You can build as many or as few of the sites as you like, and they’ll always be unique and 100% white hat and search engine friendly.

How is each site unique?

Every site you create is completely customizable

Your own Internet business in 24 hours.

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24-Hour Internet Business

Want a simple and proven way to generate FAST cash online?

Ewen Chia has launched an easy STEP-BY-STEP system that reveals how you can quickly own passive *automatic* Internet businesses and have each of them to be…

* Profitable
* Scalable
* Long-term

With your own

If you think search engines are all about the

Is there GOLD buried under Main Street in YOUR town?

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Before you read this, I have to warn you that it will make some sensitive people upset…


The 7 Rules Of Internet Marketing

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Here are a few convenient rules of thumb to keep in mind as you start up and operate your own Internet Marketing business:


Watch this new killer app!

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Magic Banner Bot

Do you use blogging, Twitter, social networking sites or article marketing to promote your business?

More and more people are discovering the marketing power of these solutions.

But they do have one big

Checklist For E-Book Ideas.

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Every time you have an idea for a new e-book, run it through the following checklist. If you can answer each question with a resounding

It’s All Solved!

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Your own product…SOLVED.

People on your list…Solved.

Testimonials? By the truckload.

Conversions on your salesletter…solved.


Benefits vs. Features

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A friend that works at a car dealership was recently discussing a sales technique with me.

I recommend this Internet Marketing coach.

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Right now there is a mad rush for Alex Jefferys

Affiliate Launcher

Back in the day, affiliate marketing was like taking candy from a sleeping baby, especially with Google on your side.


Secret Affiliate Income

Frank Michaels regularly makes 4-figure pay days (*every day*) in ClickBank profits


Affiliate Jumpstart