Sales Page Tactics

Writing and designing a sales letter is only 75% of the work.

As a prospect reading other sales letters yourself, you have likely faced a first “buy or don’t buy” decision, only to meet an “exit offer” when trying to get out, or read a “virtual support” popup offering a 10% discount, and yet more creative ways to entice you to reconsider your hesitation to buy even for the 3rd or 4th time.

These tactics can be easily fulfilled by simple software routines that enhances the “backup” capability of a sales page in case your ‘best’ copywriting still fails to capture the customer. At any point in time while prospects are still at your site, you gotta get them to sit up and take notice.

Finally, you can get your hands on an excellent workbook containing all the helpful scripts that will give your sales letter the horsepower to improve conversion rates.

Sales Page Tactics contains Robert Plank’s war plans for putting finishing touches on a sales page.

It is not a copywriting e-book.

Instead, it contains 19 powerful website scripts with super-detailed walkthroughs explaining how they were built, so you can either paste them onto your website painlessly or tweak them to do anything you want.

* You can run a 7-day or N-day countdown to kick off your new product at a reduced price or to test alternate price ranges without enraging your customer base.

* Get forewarned about a specific kind of dynamic pricing script you need to stay 50 miles away from.

* You can display a lot of screenshots for your product, but there’s a way to quickly flip through them without doing a lot of scrolling.

* You can password-protect your download page without a fully-featured member’s area script, and you can learn how to get it up and running in 2 minutes.

I mention just 4 of what these tactics are but for the full insider secrets, click here and you’ll have the e-book sent right to you in the next minute.

1,635,212 visitors in a month??

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Traffic Ultimatum

Traffic to your websites is one of the most important things you can do to increase your online sales…

Yet it is probably one of the things that gives people the most trouble.

Now don’t let this kid’s age fool you on what he knows about traffic generation.

He may be young but he’s been pulling in some serious traffic and sales over the past year.

Traffic Ultimatum is the ultimate traffic-getting course that 19-year-old George Brown uses to make several thousands of bucks each day!

It’s a very well rounded course all laid out in streaming & downloadable videos along with PDF overviews.

It’s very easy to follow and find exactly what parts you’d like to learn first.

Even if you already know lots of methods on getting traffic, have you honestly mastered every single one?

Here’s what’s included:

[+] 35+ unique traffic getting methods and strategies
[+] 300 plus process maps, mind maps, diagrams and everything else!
[+] Several tools and resources on media buying, video marketing, Google AdWords, PPV and much more
[+] Personal 1-on-1 support from George Brown himself (exclusive!)

While I know a lot about getting traffic I can say that I don’t know everything (not sure if that is even possible nowadays).

I’m always on the look out for new or improved strategies on traffic generation.

So if you want a really good resource added to your library about traffic generation than this course is a must!

Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual

How would you like to leaf through a digital copy of Dan Kennedy’s 659-page Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual?

Dan’s Manual weighs in at 26.3MB (PDF version), 659 pages and won “The Book of the Year” award in the mail-order category from the North American Bookdealers Association.

T. Harv Eker endorses it and, for years, sold it to his attendees at every one of his seminars.

This is not a “pretty” book…

It’s essentially Dan’s “braindump” and notes on all things marketing: informercial, direct mail, direct response, ad copy, newspaper and magazine advertising, how to maximize customer lists…

Woven in there are also a lot of his own numbers from campaigns he ran for himself and clients and lots of case studies and “success stories”, again, with numbers to give you an idea of how various ads and ideas converted.

Mixed in with all this are dozens and dozens and dozens of photocopied ads complimented with Dan’s summary notes for understanding why the ad works (or DOESN’T work).

Page 103 starts “Success Stories to Learn From” and is just what the title claims.

Page 197 references 6 different ads…what they netted, how they performed and more.

Page 213 has even more ads and examples and case studies. There are dozens of pages like this.

Many of the ads are from Dan’s early days pre-Internet. But copywriting, direct response marketing, advertising, customer-list monetization, lead conversion etc. are timeless.

In fact, since Internet marketers are generally notorious for not looking at anything outside of their Internet bubble for marketing/advertising tips…you can quickly outpace them by bringing in tactics that have worked for a century in the world of advertising and can work like crazy online.

Grab the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur Super Manual now and you’ll get the 12-audio “Master of Marketing” course as a free gift.

This 12-audio set is a “dream team” of marketing legends including Ted Nicholas, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Dan Kennedy and more…

It’s All Solved!

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Your own product…SOLVED.

People on your list…Solved.

Testimonials? By the truckload.

Conversions on your sales letter…solved.

That’s what I want you to be saying after tonight when you join Webinar Crusher.

Do you think in the coming weeks, that you will make more money by doing MORE or by doing LESS?

The funny thing about this is most unsuccessful people answer “more” while successful people answer “less”.

It’s true. The less time you spend on time-wasters like writing articles, browsing forums and checking your e-mail…and the more time on real stuff like creating a PRODUCT (most important), sending e-mails to that list (second most important), and third…actually building that e-mail list, the better.

It really ticks me off when I see people spend four hours a day on forums, five hours a day on Twitter…when if they put even half that time into product creation…they’d have one product in a week.

And the easiest and best way to make a product, gather testimonials, land joint ventures, and build a list…is by doing it all on a ‘live’ webinar, so you HAVE to get it right the first time.

It’s at least 50 times easier than any product creation method I know about. If you’ve never conducted a webinar before, you get to learn all the tricks to do it right and profitable at Webinar Crusher.

Affiliate Launcher

Back in the day, affiliate marketing was like taking candy from a sleeping baby, especially with Google on your side.

You’d pick a decent product, target keywords that you could pick off like a sniper in a target-rich environment and cash in.

Those days are gone.

It’s HARD to do this well now. That’s just the way it is.

Competition is as fierce as starving lions. If you go at ‘em with a straw, you’ll get eaten quick.

It’s not that Google has gotten any harder to use. In fact, it’s easier than ever. But the competition is savvier, the ads are better, the traffic is harder to get. You have to be on top of your game.

And that’s where most people crash and burn. They don’t know what to do or how to do it. They flush piles of time and money down the toilet trying to make it happen, but it’s all a waste.

But don’t worry. It’s not hopeless.

All you need to do is pick a fantastic niche full of big spenders, target the right keywords, launch your ad campaigns with laser-like precision and convert your visitors like mad.

Yeah, that’s all!

I know that sounds tough, and if you had to do alone, it would be tough. I’d want to jump off a building if I had to work that hard.

Fortunately, Affiliate Launcher literally does it all for you.

Here’s what this software lets you do:

* It finds you super-hot niches on autopilot, the ones where people are spending like their lives depend on it

* Then it spies on your competitors to pick off their best keywords

* Then it swipes their best ads…the ones that are ALREADY making money

* Then it lets you generate your own optimized, high-converting landing pages with the press of a button for as many keywords as you want

* Then it’ll track your performance for you

Could you do all of that by yourself? Sure, and lots of people do.

But why the heck sweat bullets and work yourself to a nub when you can press a few buttons and then sick back and collect the paychecks?

I’d rather make money the easy way. Affiliate Launcher lets you do just that.

Imagine being able to fire up a campaign in minutes, then watch the cash roll in. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Affiliate Launcher can make it a reality, not some pie in the sky dream.

Tip: Press the F5 key once to receive a $10 discount.


1 – Keep the overview under 5 minutes; attendees want to get to the heart of the topic right away.

2 – Reference page numbers or slides during the course of the presentation.

3 – Use examples to help explain your topic.

4 – Repeat each question before you answer to allow the audience to hear both sides of the exchange.

5 – Speak clearly and project your voice fully.

6 – Make sure your presentation follows the advertised agenda and fits the allotted time.

7 – Avoid reading directly from the materials.

Source: Lorman Education Services

Quick Profit Formula

Have you heard of Tyler Koling?

Just so you know, Tyler is one of the guys that has been making a lot of money behind the scenes for a while and up until now he hasn’t shared his secrets with anyone.

The marketing secrets that Tyler taught me just in 72 short hours, are worth an awful lot.

If I had known these secrets when I first started I would have saved an awful lot of time and aggravation for myself and would have made much more money too.

But now YOU have the chance to have EVERYTHING myself and most others did not.

NOW you have the opportunity to grab up what everybody else has been sorely missing all this time.

I want you to succeed.

If you want to get ahead of the game before everyone else, then please click here and accept Tyler’s invitation.

Internet Marketing Gone Wild

How many online marketing methods have you known and can count with your hands? How about 5 more $100-a-day ways to a worry-free lifestyle?

Yes, the lifestyle. If you have a farther vision, it isn’t just about the money. The day will come when you can decide very freely when you will wake up, sleep, have your meals and how to spend your time…while doing the kind of work that positively impacts on the lives of others!

The ‘work’ still requires marketing though, but since as a marketer, you are quite attuned to it, these 5 methods you are about to discover can put much more money in your pocket faster. Just ask the brain behind these methods—Justin Mitchie. He scored $22,300.42 in Feb. 2009 and he’s about to reveal his methods to you in the simplest of language that any Internet marketer at the most basic level can understand.

Access “Internet Marketing Gone Wild” for a $1 now because this is not going to go on forever!