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Every Internet marketer knows that the ONE RELIABLE way to make money online is to launch a website and drive traffic to it.

You can monetize it however you want with affiliate offers, Amazon ads, AdSense etc.

So what

A Valuable Lesson From Brand Marketers by Bob Bly

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A classic 1960s ad aimed at getting marketing managers to advertise their company’s products in McGraw-Hill trade journals showed a picture of a dour-faced purchasing agent. The purchasing agent challenges the reader: “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know your company. Now, what is it you wanted to sell me?”

The increasing problem I see in much digital marketing today is pitches from companies and gurus who think I should buy their consulting services, seminar, boot camp, or training…yet I have never heard of them.

So why would I think they know anything or have any interest in what they are peddling?

Obviously we are much more likely to buy from someone we know, like, and trust than from a total stranger.

Yet so much online advertising I see today is from total strangers making the arrogant assumption that I know who they are and have an interest in them and what they are selling.

In one recent e-mail, AS, a wanna-be guru, proclaimed himself to be “the world’s #1 Internet marketing coach”.

Well, unless he is Terry Dean, Fred Gleeck, Perry Marshall, or Rich Scheffren in disguise…he is most assuredly not the world’s #1 Internet marketing coach.

The fact that I have been in info-marketing for decades but have never heard of him also puts his claim on thin ice.

In this respect, digital and direct marketers can learn a thing or two from the branding people

Revealed: How I get massive free traffic to my sites

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Instant Traffic Mastery

I’m assuming you already know that serious money-making activities rely on one thing

Partners First, Marketing Second by Michael Clayton

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For people thinking of starting an online business the key to success is making many friends and online contacts in advance of setting up their business. Do this by joining communities, forums and online networking and meetup groups. Join many and make lots of friends.

Do this well in advance of even selecting your online business or affiliate program. This will help you succeed as when you select and start your business you will have lots of people to send marketing material and to sell to.

Existing online businesses should do this also. Remember there will be about a 90-day delay to get a sale once you identify suitable people and actually start making sales.

Facebook Remarketing Made Easy

Do you know that:

– 96% of individuals leave a website before converting?

– 49% of individuals visit a site 2–4 times before they actually make a purchase?

– And retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a purchase than someone who has not been remarketed to?

Yeah, that’s the POWER of REMARKETING!

Facebook Remarketing Made Easy” with full resell rights shows you how to retarget customers with the latest marketing techniques and increase your sales conversions to a whole new level.

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You can do almost anything you want with it!

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Why It’s Not OK To Curse In Your Copy by Bob Bly

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An allegedly successful Internet marketer sent me an e-mail recently, the first line of which read: “I am having a c*nt of a day.”

Yes, he used the c-word.

When I told him I was offended, he said my opinion didn’t matter, he writes what he wants, and that I am a “fat old c*nt”.

When I told this story on Facebook, I was stunned when the post generated a thread with well over 500 comments.

The most shocking thing is that some of the participants

Are you STILL treating Internet Marketing like a hobby?

Like, something you do for a bit of entertainment in the evening and at weekends.

If you are then you

Facebook Notifications + Email Marketing = ?

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Imagine this scene with me.

You dip your toe into the cool ocean water, testing the temperature. It feels fine.

Cool ocean mist hits your face and you take a full step into sea. The sand squishes between your toes as waves rush by your leg. You feel zen.

Then something changes…

You feel something brush by your leg. Something sticky.

Before you can even process another thought 8 spongy tentacles have wrapped themselves around your ankle and started pulling you deeper in the dark and foreboding sea.

No, this isn

WPHyperShift Now there

Informed Vs. Uninformed Opinions: Which Do You Listen To? by Bob Bly

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Newbie freelance copywriter MP recently asked me for feedback on his new website.

When I told him what to do, he defended the very things I said did not work on his site my telling me, “Well, my son thinks I should try it this way.”

When I asked, he shared that his son is 28-years-old. I have been a freelance copywriter for 7 years longer than his son has lived.

“Who do you think knows more about marketing freelance copywriting services

The secrets to thinking like a millionaire revealed.

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The Millionaire

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Logo Genie Pro

I am excited to tell you about this new software for creating corporate logos…WOW, I guarantee you won’t run out of design ideas. The more logos you create, the more creative you get. Once you get the hang of it, you can even offer your new-found skills as a logo design service!

Best of all, Adobe Photoshop is not required.

Graphic designs generally don’t come cheap. Logos usually cost around $100 and above based on market rates and most non-design clients won’t know how to correlate the skills required and the cost incurred…

…Which is to your advantage because you will appreciate just how easy it is to work with Logo Genie Pro by point-and-click!

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Everyone Writes, But Should They? by Bob Bly

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My colleague Michael Stelzner recently did a podcast with a woman, AH, who wrote a forthcoming book called “Everyone Writes”.

AH is right: everyone writes. But I have always wondered whether everyone should write. And I have come to believe that they should not.

Reason: In the good old days, just because you wrote something didn’t mean it would be published. In fact, likely, it would not.

To get published, you had to convince a publishing house to buy your book

The Power Of Free

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It has been proven time and time again that the word “free” turns more prospects into customers

Print books are not dead yet!

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A study conducted at the University of Stavanger found that 10th grade students had better comprehension when reading print books than when reading books on a computer screen.

Researchers concluded that reading print texts improve comprehension because of the greater ease of leafing back and forth between different sections of the book.

Source: Galleycat, 8/12/14

Get more attendees for your webinars.

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Most of us promote our webinars heavily to our house e-lists, but Rally Point Webinars suggest using 3 additional lists: lists of affiliate partners, rented e-lists, and best of all, the e-lists of the speakers you are featuring in your webinars.

If the webinar is a free event, point out to your speaker what a great benefit it is to offer to her valued subscribers. If there is a product up-sell or a fee for the event, give the speaker an affiliate commission on all sales made.

Source: “How to Market Your Webinar,” Rally Point white paper, p. 11

3 ways to get more clients with better follow-up.

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Business coach Mara Glazer says everyone in a client-based service business should spend 15 minutes a day doing the following 3 activities:

1. Pick up the phone, and call someone you met at an event but haven’t connected with offline quite yet.

2. Call an old lead that never turned into a client to see how they are progressing (or not progressing) without you.

3. Call someone you maybe never met before but that you’ve wanted to work with.

“I know for many it’s uncomfortable, but it works,” says Mara. Her advice: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, pick up that phone, and finally follow-up so you can start watching your client enrollment (and the number in your bank account) begin to rise.

Source: Mara Glazer, Working Moms Only, 4/10/14

WP Profit Builder

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Martin Edelston’s 4 secrets of outrageous business success

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According to my colleague Brian Kurtz, Boardroom founder Marty Edelston had 4 core principles for business and life success:

1. He outworked everyone.

2. He had insatiable curiosity.

3. He surrounded himself with people smarter than himself whenever and wherever possible.

4. He always thought about what he could do for you first.

Get 92 More Opt-Ins A Day!

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Get Hot Likes

This is insane. These two guys increased their mailing list opt-in rate by over 304% overnight with this amazing new software and now they’re letting you and I get our hands on it.

You probably heard this before: The Money Is In The List!

And it