WP Affiliate Builder

WP Affiliate Builder is now ‘LIVE’!

WP Affiliate Builder, designed by Omar Martin and his partners, gives you a complete arsenal of tools, software and training that is specifically designed to help you to recruit and equip your affiliate army!

This really is AWESOME, you get everything you could possibly need in order to start building a MASSIVE affiliate following.

You get the WordPress Affiliate Builder software plugin to enable you to INSTANTLY and SIMPLY build your affiliates page with all the tools needed in minutes.

Plus, you can also get a fantastic WordPress JV Leaderboard software plugin that automatically displays and updates your top affiliates.


If that isn’t enough, you ALSO get top quality Affiliate Video Training, Affiliate eBook Training and Affiliate Audio Training from REAL EXPERTS!

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iPageSeveral subscribers had asked me what web hosting service I use, with one noting that my blog actually loads fast. I’ve been using iPage for more than 2 years now and it is quite likely I’ll not be looking for the next one (after having moved from 2 previous hosting services over the years).

One really good thing about iPage is it has no limits on CPU usage. Here’s a screenshot of my interaction with a sales representative which I captured before I decided to purchase:

However, it does check on a case-by-case basis and will notify you if it does not like what it has detected e.g. heavy video streaming, large file downloads etc.

iPage also proposes an “anytime money-back guarantee” and it is very easy for its thousands of customers to take it to task for what they publish on its website. So far there shouldn’t be any problem with that. You can claim a full or pro-rated refund when you cancel your account anytime during the subscription period.

In other words, you have no risk at all when subscribing to iPage. Anytime when you find something you dislike with their service, you can simply cancel off your hosting account and ask for a refund.

There’s a special introductory offer going on right now for $1.89/mth. Don’t miss this one!

(As always, I get a commission for the sale generated should you take up this iPage offer through my affiliate link.)


Ken Sar just launch a new plugin called wpToolTipWizard.

wpToolTipWizard is an advanced tooltip plugin that let you have a variety of options to display your tooltip.

It can be triggered by mouse-over or a click on a link.

It can display a full range of web content, from HTML, image, CSS, javascript, hyperlink to video.

You can practically put your optin form inside the tooltip area to build your list.

wpToolTipWizard allows you to have full control of displays and advanced editing to suit your needs.

Plus wpToolTipWizard also has the in-built features such as Automatic Positioning, Fast Loading Quicktips, Flexible Placement and Inline Tooltips.

Get the developer license at Warrior Special price if you hurry!

Theme MatcherIt has always been a dilemma for most webmasters to either conform website design to a WordPress theme or simply accept 2 different designs for what they are. Designing a WordPress theme from scratch is out of the question for me, and so the incongruency between 2 designs sticks out like a sore thumb…until I stumble upon this page that tells you how to convert your existing web design into a blog theme in seconds!

It’s very simple to use the Theme Matcher. All you do is select the blog post area and the position for your sidebar column and let the web-based program process the original coding into WordPress language. I am truly amazed at how exact the theme looks.

Try it out for a free preview.

Easy Deal Builder

No matter what you may think about discounted offers based on scarcity, the fact is they still work and they work very well.

Groupon did not revolutionize scarcity firesales, but you know the graphical layout it designs around the “Add To Cart” button—complete with the ubiquitous countdown timer—is so recognizable that it instantly screams “buy now or you’ll miss it”.

Similarly, Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason had tested out some recent time-limited discounted offers using the same marketing tactic…and they saw their conversion rate shoot through the roof!

The good news is you don’t need to learn all that coding to display special deals in your sales page, because Simon and Jeremy are now selling their Easy Deal Builder software so you can run such deals like they do!

Easy Deal Builder has been developed from the ground up to do 2 things really well:

1) Make you more money as a marketer.

2) Make your life a whole lot easier.

Get your copy now at 80% discount before the promotion is over.

Plus you get 3 sample deals to promote with, future updates and tutorial videos to get your first deal up and running quickly.


You can dramatically increase response to free content offers for lead generation by showing an image of the front cover of the whitepaper, e-book, report, or CD you are giving away in your e-mail or landing page. In an HTML e-mail, place the image to the right of the headline.

In a direct mail package, show the cover on the reply element. In a print ad, show a picture of your offer in the bottom right corner of the page. On a landing page, place the image in the upper half of the screen.

The Trinity Code

The Trinity Code has just gone ‘live’ and you now have the chance to replicate a business model that these guys have used to make as much as $517,000 in affiliate commissions from just ONE website.

You will be getting step-by-step training, a software kit to help automate the process that cost over $40K to develop, personal help and additional business building kits.

Even though you will be able to start making income VERY quickly using this system, the personal help and advice you will be getting from Tim, Steve and Aidan will be available to you for ONE whole year.

This is COMPLETELY unheard of.

Also, the great thing about this is that there are no barriers to entry at all.

– You don’t need to spend money on ads or services.
– You don’t need to create content.
– You don’t need any experience at all.

In fact, you don’t really need anything, other than the ability to watch and copy what they’re doing.

IMPORTANT: Only a limited number of memberships are being offered because they will be working with you personally.

I don’t know how fast they will go but I am told over 15,000 people are signed up to the early bird list so the doors could close at any time.

In addition, for people who make their move in the first 24 hours, there are 2 additional fast-action bonuses worth $894. But like I say, this will only be available for the first 24 hours…

…and then they shall be gone.

OK, that is all. Go here and watch the video that will give you ALL the details.

Add more or larger “secure offer” icons, e.g. not just “VeriSign” but “McAfee Secure” and “BBB” and a whopping big, well-designed “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” icon to your web pages. Aim for at least 5 icons per reply page.

Test placement of these trust logos. Some research says that the single best place isn’t at the top of the page or at the bottom, but rather right under or next to the “Place Your Order” button.

Source: The Copywriter’s Roundtable, 8/6/13.

7 Steps To Success

Posted September 8th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Personal Development

Top speaker Brian Tracy offers this success formula:

1. Decide what you want.

2. Write it down.

3. Set a deadline.

4. Make a list of what you have to do to achieve your goal.

5. Prioritize your list to convert it into a plan of action.

6. Take action.

7. Do something every day that moves you toward your goal.

Avoid This Tele-Seminar Disaster by Bob Bly

Posted September 7th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Other Stuff

We did a free teleseminar on social media and had almost 400 people register. But when it came time to do the call, the instructions provided by the free conference call company we used did not work. I could not mute the listeners or record the call. And so it is lost forever.

The lesson: use a paid audio conference service that provides a ‘live’ operator on the call to assist you. That way, if there are technical glitches, they can be resolved before they ruin the call. Make sure they record the call and provide an mp3 file of it after the event.


Posted September 6th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Affiliate Marketing

As far as affiliate marketing goes, this manual goes so far as to touch on a universal law that I came across about 7, 8 years ago but plainly forgot about.

And I thought, “Well, why not? It applies online too.”

This universal law—Gall’s Law (most folks probably never heard about it)—states that complex systems evolve out of simple systems.

This is an important principle to bear in mind when designing business systems.

Let me explain. Anything that is complicated came from—or has its origin in—something simple.

You can try to slice and dice that statement any way you want. It’s just truth staring you in the face.

People take something so damn simple and make it complicated instead of making it look cool and sophisticated. Then, they try to sell it to you as a complete system. And because it’s so damn complicated, they charge you an arm and a leg for it.

Sound familiar?

“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.” – Gall’s Law

Forget everything you think you know.

It’s time to start over from scratch with a simple, proven, effective system that actually works.

But if you want to keep spinning around in circles and telling yourself that you’re making progress when you clearly aren’t, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

* Affiliate Black Book *

The 4 things B2B prospects really want.

Posted September 5th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Business

According to sales expert Robert Minskoff, here is what B2B buyers really want from their vendors:

* A relationship that embraces trust and reliability.

* A great product backed by great service.

* Recourse: knowing that when things go wrong, you will handle it as the customer would want you to.

* Availability: when they need you, the customer can find you. How responsive you are to their calls and e-mails will dictate your entire relationship.

“So go ahead: blog, tweet, and post,” says Robert. “But be aware that there is still a large segment of the B2B buying population that places very little importance on that type of content. Selling is a human interaction. Be human.”

An article on Copyblogger (7/26/13) correctly insists that traffic generated to produce sales or leads should be directed to a landing page created specifically for that offer, and not to your website home page. They write: “The single and solitary goal of a landing page is to overcome the ‘paradox of choice’ dilemma that emerges when people are given multiple options…resulting in a decision NOT to choose at all (read: your sales are dead in the water). And because of this single-minded focus on selling, landing pages convert infinitely higher, whether you are promoting an e-book, membership site, or any other product (digital or not).”

Do you have a box on your home page where people can download a free report, subscribe to your newsletter, or otherwise opt into your e-list? You should also have a dedicated opt-in page. According to entrepreneur Ali Brown, you’ll get up to 10X more opt-ins from a dedicated opt-in page than having it on your home page.