Welcome to PLR Assassin!

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I quote directly from Owen Smith and Ranjit Binning’s welcome e-mail for members of their PLR Assassin site:

“We at PLR Assassin are absolutely thrilled to have you as a member of our site and trust that you will enjoy what we have to offer you, no matter the level of your membership.

Our goal is to not only create a very satisfying experience for you but we want to make sure that you find everything you need and when you need it. There is a reason why we consider ourselves as the Elite source for PLR!

No other site on the Internet has ever offered such a wide range of products as PLR Assassin! Not only do we provide professionally-created e-books and reports with dynamic sales letters and high-quality graphics, we also provide videos, software, articles and music and we are growing daily!

Hundreds of products are uploaded monthly across all categories. For our Exclusive VIP members, we offer even more hot-quality products including professional articles, exclusive e-book packages and SEO reports.

It pays to be a member of PLR Assassin and you will see first hand why we are the future of PLR. You will also have full access to our forum where you can get in touch with the very people who are not only creating exclusive products but also those who are stocking our virtual shelves with amazing products across all categories.

Every week, new videos, web templates, software, e-book packages, articles, graphics and music tracks are made available for you! So stick around, enjoy your stay and enjoy all of our hottest products and make sure to check back every little while for new products making their way onto PLR Assassin!

Also, why not introduce yourself on our forum? We’d love to know more about you and hear what you have to say about our site and what you’d like to see in stock!

All the best from the PLR Assassin Team!”

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One of the most powerful tools you can have is the WPDrip plugin, which allows you to provide specific content on specific dates to your members.

This plugin easily turns your WordPress blog into a membership site that releases content incrementally so your members will not be overloaded with information, and can better progress with the knowledge they can receive at a steady, scheduled pace.

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Auto Backlink Bomb Review

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Auto Backlink Bomb

Auto Backlink Bomb is a killer at creating backlinks to your site, which translates to more incoming traffic. How? It is basically a forum profile link submitter. With it you can register into forums which run on MyBB, SMF, Elgg and Expression Engine as well as the PhPfox platform. It already comes with some links built in for you (about 1500 links in total), but with the software you also get a link finder for scraping links from the above forum types, as well as a good guide on using it and a HubPages comment poster.

Who has ever thought of forum backlinks? You may have heard of search engine backlinks, comment backlinks etc., and having diverse types of backlinks surely help. Once you create a standard profile with ABB, the software will place a short bio and include a keyword (anchor text) link back to your site. So the whole concept is an automated way of building another type of backlink to your sites.

For such an effective software, ABB:

* is only available for a one-time payment
* has lifetime updates
* creates thousands of profile backlinks all on autopilot!

Make sure you grab this AWESOME new plugin from Robert Plank right now…

WP Notepad lets your members take notes and track their own progress.

This enhancement alone will change your membership site forever.

A review of my autoresponder service.

Posted April 14th, 2011 by Nelson Tan. Filed under E-Mail Marketing

AweberAn autoresponder allows users to schedule and send multiple e-mail messages in a sequence. This is helpful for Internet marketers who constantly have to maintain communication with their subscribers. One of the leading services that provide autoresponders is Aweber.

In the past 5 years, I’ve stayed with Aweber so I consider myself lucky that I don’t have to jump around several mailing services. Here’s why Aweber remains a personal favorite:

1) User-friendly Interface: Aweber doesn’t give users a hard time in the creation and management of its autoresponders through its user-friendly interface. The buttons and images represent their functions well, and if that’s not enough there’s a setup wizard that guides you through the entire process of creating your autoresponder. Basically, you won’t have to feel awkward when working with Aweber because you’ll find your way around it easily.

2) HTML Templates: There are 150 templates for Aweber’s autoresponders, and they’re still creating more. Its templates feature excellent color schemes that can match your company’s identity. If that’s not enough, you can also add your company logo and images to your messages.

3) Tracking and Reporting: Aweber can give you information about how well your autoresponders are performing. It gives you data on open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. It also presents the data in the form of a graph for trending.

4) Aweber gives you details on which e-mail clients your subscribers use to read your message. This allows you to adjust your autoresponders’ formats to their needs for a better business.

5) Automation: Aweber allows you to set a schedule for your autoresponders to follow. Besides scheduling the days to send them, it also gives you the option to choose what exact time you want them sent. This is important because time is a determining factor on human behavior (which translates into conversion and open rate differences).

6) Signup form customization: You can segment your list as it grows with Aweber’s fully customizable signup forms. Aweber allows you to incorporate more than 20 fields with drag-and-drop ease to your signup forms. If that’s not enough, you can create two variants of signup forms and test which one’s doing better than the other.

The Bottom Line

Aweber has been in the e-mail business since 1998 and is still a popular choice for Internet marketers. There’s no substitute for that kind of experience, making Aweber an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take e-mail marketing seriously.

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