Power Tips On Mailing List Segmentation by Andy Jenkins

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Mailing list segmentation is the process of classifying e-mail addresses in your database according to common key characteristics. Segmenting a list allows an e-mail marketer to properly target subscribers with the right content and offers that are more likely to build relationships and lead to conversions later on.

Here are some ways to segment the thousands of e-mail addresses in your list:

1) By Interest Group – A topic or theme is inherent in every squeeze page. It’s the basis of everything in that page from the headline, the copy, the freebie that you’re giving away and the purpose of the campaign itself. Knowing what kind of rewards attract which kinds of people will allow you to segment your list according to specialized areas of interest. For instance, a marketer selling SEO tools can segment a mailing list of SEO professionals into on-page SEO and off-page SEO interest groups, allowing him to laser-target customers with the right content and offers.

2) Geography – Asking for ZIP codes in your squeeze page is an easy way to segment users by localities. If you’re using Google AdWords to drive traffic to squeeze pages, you can target them down to the city level to make sure that only people from locales that you want to target are drawn to your squeeze pages and mailing list.

3) Order Data – Tracking and filtering the orders of your customers can help you determine their buying habits in your online store. This means you can group e-mail addresses into people who favor certain products and target them with content and offers that are strongly relevant to their buying patterns. For example, if you can identify a subscriber group that frequently buys baby products form your store, shooting them an e-mail when you have a baby product promo will likely yield a nice sales spike.

4) Age – Asking for age before a user is allowed to download a report or view a video is a good way of making sure that your adult material doesn’t end up in the inboxes of minors. Seriously, age can be a good thing to know about subscribers especially if you’re targeting a certain demographic.

5) Gender – Asking for gender along with an e-mail address is not a very intrusive thing to do. It helps you segment your list and send specific content to gender groups. This works great for apparel and boutique online stores; it helps you avoid sending offers of boxer shorts to your lady subscribers.

6) Split Test Results – When an A/B split test yields a result of 70-30 or closer, it tells you that there’s a significant portion of your market that prefers to be communicated to in a certain way. A classic would be a test I did where one squeeze page was billed as “advanced Internet marketing tips” while the other one was labeled “basic Internet marketing tips”. More people went for the ‘advanced’ one but a good number went for the ‘basic’ one. This gave me the idea to create separate mailing lists for the two groups.

One group clearly felt that they were in a more advanced class than the other. Therefore, I should write distinct content and present distinct offers to each set of e-mail subscribers. Knowing how your audience sees itself is an underrated selling indicator, but if you can ‘read’ your market’s mind, you’ll have a better chance of building relationships and selling products to them.

Those are the most vital segmentation points that you should know as an e-mail marketer. For more Internet marketing tips, visit Andy Jenkins Blog

Welcome to PLR Assassin!

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I quote directly from Owen Smith and Ranjit Binning’s welcome e-mail for members of their PLR Assassin site:

“We at PLR Assassin are absolutely thrilled to have you as a member of our site and trust that you will enjoy what we have to offer you, no matter the level of your membership.

Our goal is to not only create a very satisfying experience for you but we want to make sure that you find everything you need and when you need it. There is a reason why we consider ourselves as the Elite source for PLR!

No other site on the Internet has ever offered such a wide range of products as PLR Assassin! Not only do we provide professionally-created e-books and reports with dynamic sales letters and high-quality graphics, we also provide videos, software, articles and music and we are growing daily!

Hundreds of products are uploaded monthly across all categories. For our Exclusive VIP members, we offer even more hot-quality products including professional articles, exclusive eBook packages and SEO reports.

It pays to be a member of PLR Assassin and you will see first hand why we are the future of PLR. You will also have full access to our forum where you can get in touch with the very people who are not only creating exclusive products but also those who are stocking our virtual shelves with amazing products across all categories.

Every week, new videos, web templates, software, e-book packages, articles, graphics and music tracks are made available for you! So stick around, enjoy your stay and enjoy all of our hottest products and make sure to check back every little while for new products making their way onto PLR Assassin!

Also, why not introduce yourself on our forum? We’d love to know more about you and hear what you have to say about our site and what you’d like to see in stock!

All the best from the PLR Assassin Team!”

5 Ways To Charge Higher Fees by Bob Bly

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In my last article, I shared with you my observation that a common strategy for small businesses is to undercut the competition by charging lower prices.

And I explained in detail why that’s a terrible strategy…

In a nutshell, you work your rear end off for very little pay. You never get ahead financially. Your customers think you are worth as little as you charge them.

I suggested that your pricing should be high…and fall in the middle of the top third.

Which means that if the lower third of service firms in your trade charge $50 to $100 an hour, the middle range charges $100 to $150 and the highest-paid charge $150 to $200, you should aim for $175 an hour.

“But how can I command such a premium fee?” you ask. “Why should clients pay me up to three times or more the fees my competitors charge?”

Good question. And here’s the answer…

Specifically, there are at least 5 strategies I can think of that can enable you to get the premium pricing you want to command.


Superstar marketing consultant Jay Abraham likes to ask prospects, “If I give you a dollar, will you give me a quarter?”

In other words, prospects have no problem paying the price you ask…as long as your product or service saves or makes them money many times in excess of your fee.

Therefore, if you can demonstrate a huge return on investment (ROI) from your service, you can command a huge price.


There are some markets everyone selling your product or service is going after.

Consequently, these prospects can pick and choose which vendors they work with…and to a large extent, the price they agree to pay.

My friend DW is a copywriter.

But unlike most of the copywriters you hear about who work for the big direct marketers—newsletter publishers, nutritional supplement makers—DW works a niche where there is virtually no competition: construction companies in New England.

Despite an oversupply of copywriters in other markets, DW’s prospects are thrilled when they discover a copywriter specializing in their trade…and gladly pay hefty fees to DW for his marketing assistance.


Most management speakers get around $3,000—and often less—for a one-hour speech.

Tom Peters gets something like $30,000 or more.

Does he get paid 10 times more than other management speakers because he knows 10 times more about managing a company or because his advice makes his clients 10 times more money?

I doubt it.

His fee is 10 times higher because he is a recognized guru in management…largely because of “In Search of Excellence” and his other best-selling books.

Want to get paid top dollar?

Become a recognized guru in your field.

3 ways to get started: start writing your book…write a magazine or newspaper article…publish a content-rich Website.

I have an audio program that can show you many other ways to quickly establish yourself as a guru in your field.


My friend DH is a top copywriter selling information products.

He gets huge fees to write direct mail packages.

But after DH writes your DM package, you get something else most other copywriters don’t give you—an extensive memo outlining other marketing strategies you can use to sell even more of your product.

If you were to pay DH separately for this consulting advice, it would cost thousands of dollars.

But he gives it to you free when you hire him to write for you.

People don’t mind paying more—as long as they get more.

DH gives them more.


The #1 reason why businesspeople charge too little is that they need the business.

The secret to overcoming this?

Keep your pipeline of leads full—at all times.

Generate twice as many leads as you think you need…and you’ll always have more work than you could ever hope to handle.

There are many ways to generate leads: classified ads, small display ads, Yellow Pages, cold calls, direct mail, pay-per-click advertising, organic search etc.

To discover more ways you can produce a flood of sales leads all year long, click here now.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

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Bet you don’t know at least ONE of these things…

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Affordable Mentoring Newsletter

Here are 3 things I’ll bet you didn’t know about Tony Shepherd’s Affordable Mentoring Newsletter:

1. Tony is dedicated to ripping back the curtain and showing you behind the scenes of his six-figure business each month…including exactly where his income comes from, the failures as well as the sucesses, not to mention the stuff that upsets some marketers.

2. After helping over 500 people set up their own online business through his personal coaching, home study courses and now his Affordable Mentoring Newsletter, Tony knows exactly what works and what can be torn up and burned (despite what the ‘sheeple’ still bleat about in the forums)

3. Each month you’ll see EXACTLY what methods Tony has used to generate REAL online income, BUT you MUST read the warning on the page below first—this is NOT for everyone.

So for a limited time, this is your personal invitation to subscribe to Affordable Mentoring Newsletter for less than the price of a cup of coffee every month.

Essential Tips On E-Mail Subject Lines by Andy Jenkins

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No matter how valuable an e-mail message is, if the subscriber chooses not to open it, then all the efforts pushed creating it go to waste.

One fundamental fact to remember about e-mail is that their subject lines can determine whether they should be opened or not. This is because it sets the subscriber’s expectation as to what he/she should see upon opening that e-mail.

Here are a few power tips to remember when writing that e-mail subject line:

1) Catch the reader’s attention – Like a newspaper’s headline, try to make your subject line catch as much attention without misleading your subscriber. Making it interesting enough to read entails more than just fancy words, go straight to the point.

2) Identify yourself – Introducing who you are in your subject line is a matter of courtesy. This also makes your email hard to ignore once you’ve built a good reputation toward your subscribers.

3) Make it Worthwhile and Specific – When making a subject line, make sure that it resonates with the subscriber’s interest and at the same time, fits the overall message of your e-mail. Again, never mislead a subscriber by making vague statements. One good example would be to have “useful tips on e-mail marketing” as your subject line, then have the entire message feature your helpful tips on e-mail marketing.

4) Don’t use Spam words – Use spam detector software for this purpose. While it’s true that the word ‘free’ is a powerful word that can trigger spam filters, if open rates are high enough and if you’ve got a good track record with your subscribers, it won’t get filtered. Also, there’s a ton of resources from the Internet that can shed some light on the most common spam words.

Here’s a nice resource on what spammy words and phrases to avoid.

5) Keep Testing – One test result isn’t enough to determine a subject line’s success. Keep testing on other variants of your subject line so you can determine which factors work best for a certain demographic.

6) Avoid SCREAMING TEXT – Using all caps in your subject line is often viewed as a desperate attempt to catch attention. This gives the impression to subscribers that you are screaming at them and it plants the seeds of doubt in a user’s mind about how credible you are. True professionals don’t need to scream; they just deliver calm, powerful messages.

7) Personalize it – If your mailing service has the feature of matching first names with e-mail addresses and incorporating them into subject lines, you’ll have an easier time with personalization. Studies have shown that seeing your name in the subject line makes you look longer at it. This means that you have that instant attention-grabbing edge, increasing the chances of a subscriber opening the e-mail.

For more Internet marketing tips, visit Andy Jenkins Blog

Power Tips On How To Write Your E-Mail by Andy Jenkins

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We don’t want to be too flashy when it comes to e-mail, nor do we want to be too plain. We want to have just the right stuff that our subscribers need in order for them to trust us. That said, what we say and how we say it are BIG factors in determining how our relationship with our subscribers turns out to be.

Without further ado, I present you with Power Tips on writing that e-mail:

1) Direct, compelling subject lines work best – Depending on the kind of business you have and the impression you want to create, make your e-mail subject lines catchy but still relevant to your e-mail’s message. Since you want to build trust with your subscriber by giving him valuable content, you can use words such as “useful tips” or “secret tricks” in your subject line.

2) Write practical and useful content – How To’s, a list of tricks, a guide on strategizing, or even a video demonstration are all great ways to build customer trust. This type of content enriches their knowledge, allowing them to relate perfectly to your messages when you pitch relevant offers.

3) Base your e-mails’ moods according to list segmentation – List segmentation refers to determining a single profile of each type of subscribers you have in various different lists, so you can connect with them at the same wavelength.

If a major segment concerns starting Internet marketers at the age of 16 or so, make e-mails that appeal to their youthful selves. If they’re older and more experienced than that, then be a little more sober without losing the persona you’re trying to project in your e-mails. You can also verify this through continuous testing.

4) Make your message short and concise – When it comes to e-mail, most people’s attention spans drastically go down. Long messages tend to disinterest or intimidate potential customers, which could ultimately result in their unsubscribing from your list. It’s important to hit them fast and hard with the information you want to share. Start with a solid outline and use bullet points to drive your message across.

5) DON’T YELL AT YOUR SUBSCRIBERS – Nothing says “spammer alert!” quite like screaming, all-caps text from the e-mail subject line right down to the body text. This is an eyesore and it cheapens the look of an e-mail, resulting in most users reporting a message as spam. Do yourself a favour and don’t even think about doing this in an attempt to grab some attention.

For more Internet marketing tips, visit Andy Jenkins Blog

Learn To Use Photoshop Like A Pro!

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Photoshop Secrets Revealed

Photoshop Secrets Revealed is a brand new tutorial series for the budding Photoshop artist. You will learn what it takes to edit and manipulate images that will keep visitors glued to your sites!

Even if you have very little experience with Photoshop, you will learn the basics and be well on your way to saving money by being able to use your own images for your sales pages.

80% of your leads will buy from you if you do this…

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Most companies believe that to increase sales, they must spend more on expensive advertising. While this can work, there is a better (and cheaper) way to increase sales. Simply improve your process for capturing and converting leads.

The first step is to find a way to attract leads to your website by offering something of value. This can be as simple as writing a free report and offering it to visitors in exchange for contact information.

Once you’ve captured the lead, the real work begins-the work of following up to convert that lead into a buyer. If you are not currently adding leads to a follow-up system, you may as well flush your marketing dollars down the toilet. Why? Because 80% of the people that visit your website are NOT ready to buy today. If you simply cherry-pick the 20% that are ready to buy, you miss out on a huge opportunity!

You see, the remaining 80% of leads will be ready to buy within a year, but only after they’ve been exposed to your message multiple times. By keeping in touch with those future buyers through systematic follow-up, you develop strong relationships. And because the majority of small businesses don’t follow-up, you’ll stand out from the competition and maximize your chances of being selected when leads are ready to buy. Just think about the impact that would have on your sales!

Marketing automation tools like Aweber give you the tools you need to capture leads online and follow-up automatically until your leads are ready to buy. The best part is, this automated follow-up boosts sales significantly without increasing your advertising budget.

ClickBank Gamers

Tony Sanders banked over $1 million in sales selling a tiny small e-book on….

Ready for this?


(Farmville? WTH! Can you believe it?)

He had no sales video…no upsells…

YET he was able to generate over a one million dollars in sales in one year.

Just 1 single damn e-book.

The weird part? HE HAD ZERO JVs.

The scary part? He’s telling everyone how he did it in Clickbank Gamers.

Newsletters can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. They help to create trust, build brand recognition, and establish you as the expert. Here are a few tips to help you take your newsletters to the next level.

1. Know your readers.

Although your newsletter should promote your business, its primary function is to build relationships with prospects and customers. Be sure to discuss topics that are relevant and interesting to your readers. If they know they’ll be getting useful information, they’ll continue to subscribe.

2. Make it unique.

If you want your newsletter to get noticed (and read), make it different. Add a touch of personalization by including a snapshot from your office, a video message from your staff, a link to an entertaining website, etc. Don’t be afraid to portray emotion and personality.

3. Take time for design.

The visual appeal of your newsletter has a lot to do with its success. The right design can captivate your audience before they read a single word. Create a design that is clean, simple, and reinforces your brand.

4. Solicit feedback.

Include your readers by asking for comments on your articles or stories. They’ll feel welcomed and you will get feedback on what you can do to improve and what your readers really like.

5. Include your contact information.

Although your goal isn’t to sell through your newsletter, you probably wouldn’t object to an occasional sale. So make sure readers have a way to reach you if they feel the urge to buy now.

Implement the above steps and your newsletter will help convert your readers into lifelong customers.

Your website is leaking…

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It is a fact that your website could be seriously leaking profits and you don’t even know it.

Anywhere from 20 to 50% of your profits could be either flushed down the toilet or simply being left on the table.

I have just discovered something that has already helped me find the leaks in my business and I am sure it will do the same for you.

You seriously won’t believe how easy it is to find new profit centers, clean up your marketing, and increase your profits.

Click here to see what I mean.

Be sure to check it out right now you will be glad that you did and you can thank me later.

What Mickey D’s Can Teach You About Marketing by Bob Bly

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A few months ago I heard a radio commercial for McDonald’s.

I’m not a big fan of general advertising, but I thought this commercial was moderately clever and effective.

In the commercial, a guy walks into work late carrying a cup of McDonald’s coffee.

The irate boss berates him: “You’re late because you stopped and bought a cup of McDonald’s coffee?”

“Nope,” the worker replies.

“What do you mean, nope?” the boss says, irritated. “It’s right in your hand.”

“But I didn’t BUY this cup of McDonald’s coffee,” our hero corrects him. “I got it FREE when I went to McDonald’s and bought a delicious breakfast meal.”

What they are selling, of course, is not the brand or the food.

They are selling the offer: buy a breakfast and get the coffee free.

As all direct marketers know, offers are essential for generating advertising response…and free offers are usually the most attractive.

Take Oreck vacuum cleaners, for instance.

In their mailings, the offer is a risk-free home trial of their 8-pound vacuum cleaner.

The incentive to respond is a gift—specifically, a free “dust buster” type of handheld mini-vacuum.

But now, you see more and more general advertisers taking a cue from direct marketing—and creating and promoting strong offers designed to get the cash register to ring.

For example, my local dry cleaner recently made this special offer: bring in any two garments to dry clean, and we will launder your shirts for just $1 each.

A local Italian restaurant puts out free bread (a common practice in restaurants), but accompanies it with a plate of fine aged parmesan.

One of the best offers out there, in my opinion, is the free coffee maker from Gevalia Coffee.

The deal is this: get one monthly shipment of coffee at a discount price, and they will send you a free coffee maker.

It’s a handsome machine, and it makes great coffee (I should know; we have one in our kitchen).

What kind of offer can you make your prospects that could attract more business and sales?

Here’s a quick checklist to get you started:

* Stress your guarantee (“satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”).

* Let your prospects use the product for a month without risk—meaning if they don’t like it, they can return the merchandise for a full refund (“send for your FREE 30-day home trial”).

* Give them a discount…with a reason for the discount, if possible (“save 40% during our 25th anniversary sale”).

* Be like Oreck and Gevalia: give them a free bonus gift with their order (“reply now and get this valuable FREE bonus gift”).

* Or, have a two for one sale (“buy one, get one free”). This works well for products the prospect wants more than one of, such as cleaning fluids or plastic storage containers for the kitchen.

* Offer to pay return shipping charges via UPS if your customers decide to return the product for a refund (“if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll come to your door, pick it up, and take it away—entirely at our expense”).

* Make a logical connection between the product and the offer, e.g. the Sovereign Society, a financial newsletter on offshore investing, offered a free Swiss bank account to new subscribers.

One more tip: if you can’t think of a reason to justify why you are making a special offer, get creative.

A record store, for example, could have a half-price sale—one day only—on Elvis’s birthday.

No logical tie-in for your product? Create your own. If you run a photography studio, declare this month “National Family Togetherness Month”…and send out a press release to the media suggesting a family portrait to celebrate.

A good source of ideas is Chase’s Calendar of Events, which gives you all the special events and celebrations for every month, week, and day of the year that there is one.

By the way, although I have spent the last 3 decades in direct marketing, my first few years were spent working in general marketing (for a couple of large corporations selling big-ticket products to business and government buyers).

Our ads (this was way before the World Wide Web) always told the prospect about the product and its many benefits.

But there was never an offer. We almost never told the prospect, “Respond to this ad today, and you will get these specific materials, information, services, benefits, or bonus.”

Then in one ad, we offered a “free engineering design guide”—and response rates soared.

The conclusion: offers are vital to generating a healthy response to your marketing. And they work in both consumer and business marketing.

For instance, a local janitorial service was willing to clean a plant or factory at no cost to demonstrate the quality of its services and hook new accounts who would hire them as their regular janitorial service.

Now, I said a minute ago that free offers are best. But there is a known direct marketing principle, called “the magic of a dollar”, that says offering something for a penny or a dollar can be as effective—or sometimes even more so, since it is less common.

In this case, the janitorial service sent a letter with a penny glued to the upper right corner of page one.

The copy said, “We will clean your entire plant or office for a penny…and I’ve even enclosed the penny, so it really costs you nothing!”

Mailing stamps or money with your direct mail letter is an old trick…and yes, it worked like gangbusters.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Swipe The Same Ads & Templates That Brought In $600K!

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Swipe File Mastery

I know the headline sounds like full of hype, but I promise you it’s everything it says.

If the idea of being able to copy the same ads and templates that helped bring in over $600K in online revenue excites you, I want you to check Swipe File Mastery out now!

Certainly, the BEST-KEPT weapon of every top copywriter or online marketer has got to be their swipe file.

It’s their collection of the best ads, headlines, bullet points etc and they use it for their “guided inspiration”.

If you have not heard of this term or have never kept one yourself, NOW this the time to start doing so…

Likewise, I keep my own swipe file as well, and much more!

The good news is, Calvin & Patricia is now letting you gain access to their PERSONAL swipe file & templates which has helped them rake in over $600K in sales in the past year alone.

Imagine if you could:

* Build a six or seven figure promotion from scratch, regardless of your experience?

* Crank out more copy, more quickly and ACCELERATE your income exponentially?

* Dramatically enhance the conversion of every promotion you create?

Would that excite you?


Just read what some of the customers are saying:


“Fantastic. Any addition to your own swipe file is always welcome. Fact is, even if you get just 1 swipe or idea and use it you might see improved results and then its been worth it.”

“The price of this offering is simply laughable. I don’t think I have ever bought so much tested and proven knowledge for such a small price.”

“Every man AND his dog should be buying this because words sell and tested templates make great copywriting building blocks.”

“If you can’t see the value in templates allowing you to systematize your biz, you will forever remain just another Digital Dreamer.”


There’s a TON of raving testimonials and you can check it out on the sales page.

The low introductory price won’t be available for long.

So obviously, you must act now if you wish to secure this at the lowest price possible!

The ultimate Amazon auto-posting plugin.

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Are you looking for the perfect Amazon auto-posting plugin?

You have come to the right place!

You know Amazon carries EVERYTHING and people worldwide trust the Amazon brand as a vendor. Install the WP Amaz-One plugin into WordPress gives you the freedom to set up more commercial blogs in niches you would never have previously considered.

Even as a site flipper, you can designed an Amazon-selling blog in 2 hours and resell it for +$50 profit or more. WP Amaz-One is fully functioning, feature-rich and come with UNLIMITED LICENSE in only one affordable price. As the Amazon API changes, you’ll get ALL updates for FREE!

Click here and check out 2 ‘live’ demo sites showing Amazon listings.

Our story starts in February, when Danny Sullivan saw that something had changed at Google. I mean, we heard something was in the wind when Matt Cutts mentioned that Google planned to take action against “content farms” shortly before, so it wasn’t like what happened was any big surprise.

And it wasn’t just Danny noticing. SEOs from all over the Web had seen significant changes to their organic traffic, but this important algorithm shift had no label until Danny called it the “Farmer” update in his SearchEngineLand.com blog.

Yet, when Google admitted to the update (which affected nearly 12% of all pages in the U. S.), they decided that they’d rather call it “Panda,” because it was more “friendly” and because they didn’t want people to think that they were specifically targeting content farms.

But they were targeting content farms and more. And thousands of websites immediately lost their traffic and were scrambling to figure things out.

Some major sites were affected by Panda, too. Suite101.com, for example, lost 94% and EzineArticles.com lost 90% of their organic traffic. There was no doubt that the devastation was a crushing blow to sites using only “duplicate” rather than the original content that Google wants to see.

That’s not to say that your site will be penalized if it holds some duplicate content. But if it’s ALL duplicate content or content “scraped” from other sites, you’ll want to pay close attention…

If your site was affected, you may have noticed a significant drop in organic traffic since the end of February. You can also check your positions in Google Webmaster Tools, and see if keyword positions have radically changed over the past 30 days.

But if your investigation proves that the Panda has bitten you, don’t worry. You can get your rankings back. Here are five things you can do to improve your image with Google:

1. Remove any pages with “scraped” content. Content that you didn’t create yourself, such as article reprints or blog “excerpt” posts with no original content added to back those up. Even very large sites with just a few such pages are feeling the bite, so if you think your site is too big to be bothered, you may want to think again.

2. Keep outside advertising to a minimum. It’s OK to have one or two ads on a page with a significant amount of content, but if you have a site where the ads outweigh the content or your site looks like a used car lot with streamers, banners, and blinking ads everywhere, get rid of that stuff! It’s going to hurt you.

3. Be sure that your customers have a way to contact a human being. If you’re writing a blog, be sure to respond to your comments. If your site is an e-commerce site, a membership site, or a stand-alone website, be sure that people have a way to contact you or at least your support department by mail, email, and telephone. Live chat isn’t a bad idea, either. Google wants to see human interaction or at least the potential for it.

4. Do everything you can to get traffic. Send social media outlets to your blog or web page, use paid media buys, do whatever it takes to get people interested in your site because Google wants to see some traffic coming in and they are counting your “authority” in social arenas, too.

5. Get quality backlinks. Don’t buy them ever. Google hates that. But you can guest post on other blogs in your niche, or submit to quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo, or JoeAnt.com, for example (just be sure that the directory is human edited or it won’t count).

Though Google ins’t the only search engine on the block, it still gets the most traffic and will give you the best results if you optimize for it. Take some time now to figure out whether the Panda has bitten you, and then follow the steps above.

The bottom line is…Give Google the quality, unique content that it wants because there’s nothing more valuable than the bucket loads of targeted, free, converting traffic that Google supplies.

Take care of Google and it will most definitely take care of you.

Still worried about Panda? Here are more steps you can take to can improve your rankings, whether or not your site was bitten by the bear:

1) Care about your visitors

The overall user experience is important, not just to Google but to your customers. Be sure that your site design and usability are set to “easy,” keep ad-to-content ratio low, and work on brand perception. Keep your brand in their minds and on your pages.

If you’re already there…Great! You’re doing the right things.

2) Are you concentrating on awareness?

After ensuring all content on your site is high quality, be sure to consider your engagement with customers through social media channels. Promote your brand awareness with Facebook pages and Twitter. Work toward achieving “authority” in social media sites by getting as many Retweets and Likes as possible.

Focus on your customers’ experience interacting with your company. Let them know that there are real people behind it.

3) Have one kind of advertising, not several…

If you have a site or blog running AdSense, Kontera (or other link advertising), and banners, choose one form of advertising and stick to that. Too many forms just ring Google’s bell and could hurt your chances for higher rankings.

And if you’re already doing these things? Celebrate! You have appeased the gods of Google.

Extracted from StomperNet NewsFlash, April 22, 2011.

One of the most powerful tools you can have is the WPDrip plugin, which allows you to provide specific content on specific dates to your members.

This plugin easily turns your WordPress blog into a membership site that releases content incrementally so your members will not be overloaded with information, and can better progress with the knowledge they can receive at a steady, scheduled pace.

Think about it…

Your membership site ACTUALLY works like a virtual assistant giving your members access to the information when you want while you are doing the things that matter most to you.

But there is even more. There are some incredible NEW features and strategies that you NEED to know to start using immediately if not sooner.

* Biggest FREE Traffic Source Ever *

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My buddy Ryan Deiss just uncovered a source of FREE web traffic bigger than Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook…

(drumroll)…..COMBINED! Seriously!

This changes everything! This is easily the biggest IM breakthrough of 2011.

This traffic source is why GIANTS like Forbes, Agora and Boardroom couldn’t care less about Google, Facebook, Bing or ANY website for traffic.

He just made a FREE video that spills the beans.

Go watch it NOW!

Auto Backlink Bomb Review

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Auto Backlink Bomb

Auto Backlink Bomb is a killer at creating backlinks to your site, which translates to more incoming traffic. How? It is basically a forum profile link submitter. With it you can register into forums which run on MyBB, SMF, Elgg and Expression Engine as well as the PhPfox platform. It already comes with some links built in for you (about 1500 links in total), but with the software you also get a link finder for scraping links from the above forum types, as well as a good guide on using it and a HubPages comment poster.

Who has ever thought of forum backlinks? You may have heard of search engine backlinks, comment backlinks etc., and having diverse types of backlinks surely help. Once you create a standard profile with ABB, the software will place a short bio and include a keyword (anchor text) link back to your site. So the whole concept is an automated way of building another type of backlink to your sites.

For such an effective software, ABB:

* is only available for a one-time payment
* has lifetime updates
* creates thousands of profile backlinks all on autopilot!

Your unlock key to abundance.

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Simple Mind Method

Do you know what you can learn from a 19th-century Russian pilgrim, a para-psychologist and a character from Franny and Zooey?

Simple changes you can make in your way of thinking to give yourself the permission to get most anything you want.

It’s called the Simple Mind Method and takes only a few minutes to implement. Don’t overlook this one.

Make sure you grab this AWESOME new plugin from Robert Plank right now…

WP Notepad lets your members take notes and track their own progress.

This enhancement alone will change your membership site forever.

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