FB Conspiracy

1,200 copies of FB Conspiracy was recently sold at the Warrior Forum for $27 but you can pick up your legitimate copy for just $17 and get some neat bonuses as well!

FB Conspiracy is a video tutorial series showing how to get traffic and make serious conversion from Facebook PPC. It is a great product from Tim Atkinson, known as one of the expert in Facebook PPC.

Here’s what you get:

– How to set up high converting ad campaigns

– How to get your ads approved and to keep them approved

– How to get ads approved to any “make money” product you want

– How to not pay more than 75 cents for a click ever

– How to spread out your ads such that your audience can’t help but see them everywhere

Dominating Niches

If you’ve been watching Chris Freville’s launch party for his new system, Dominating Niches, than you know why the buzz surrounding this is so intense.

There’s just never been a niche marketing system quite like this before.

Simply put: You can clone a forty grand per month niche dominating system over the next 30 days.

So if you’ve been dabbling in affiliate marketing, and getting frustrated by making only half of what could be 100% profit in your pocket…then you need what Chris has put together here…

I’ve yet to see another niche marketing system spell it out the way this one does.

Everything is laid out on the table.

This is the premiere step-by-step guide for locating, infiltrating and dominating lucrative niches within 30 days—he even guarantees it!

Crowded niche…untapped goldmine…doesn’t matter. Chris has his way with them all, and for the first time he’s revealing how he does it.

I just finished reading the product page…and I was surprised to see him reveal his secret psychology behind creating aliases. That’s usually the kind of insight you have to pay for…

But this page is a good example of how to do something I preach a lot: Make your ads valuable!

If you’re interested in taking your marketing to the next level and join the ranks of well-to-do and happy-go-lucky marketers living the life of their dreams, then you have to check out Dominating Niches.

The Bible Of Affiliate Marketing

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Super Affiliate Handbook

Known as the ‘bible’ of Affiliate Marketing, Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook is a MUST-READ for anyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer.

In a style that is friendly and humorous, the Super Affiliate Handbook is peppered with real examples of what Rosalind did to become one of the most recognizable Super Affiliates in the world. And she doesn’t just tell you what she did right—she exposes the mistakes she made as well—to help you avoid potential problems.

Exceptionally well written, Super Affiliate Handbook covers absolutely everything you need to know about making money as an affiliate marketer.

I HIGHLY Recommended it.

Affiliate Blogger ProRosalind Gardner is known around the world as the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing”, earning up to (and over) one million dollars per year selling other people’s stuff online.

As author of the bestselling book on the subject, she has taught tens of thousands of people how to do what she does—build online businesses that are profitable and sustainable, even during these tough times.

Her book was FANTASTIC, but her recently released multimedia training program goes SO much farther!

Affiliate Blogger Pro includes:

* Step-by-step written tutorials
* Video training to SHOW you how everything works
* A super helpful and friendly community forum
* and much MUCH more…

And unlike so many gurus, Rosalind actually responds to members’ questions herself. She also has a team of experts who specialize in site building and design, copywriting and marketing.

What I appreciate most about Rosalind’s methods, is that she actually does what she teaches and you get to watch as she works her magic online…and learn how to do the same!

She’s not into “here today, gone tomorrow” methods and training. Ros stands by her products & students for YEARS…so you can count on her over the long term.

I HIGHLY recommend that you invest in your future and join Rosalind’s training program today. With her guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Are you a Profit Insider?

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Profit InsiderA Profit Insider is someone who doesn’t believe in fake screenshots, empty million-dollar promises and push-button software.

A Profit Insider is someone who believes in making an effort and building a fresh business that generates high but realistic income.

There are ways to start a completely new business and generate 3 to 4-figure profits the next day, it takes effort but it’s very possible.

Discover a community and e-learning-based platform where members can share and discuss with one another and access ready-to-use tools and courses that will help you set up a fresh and legitimate business…

For only a one-time fee.

Push Button Giveaways 2.0

Now you can be adding up to 3,000 new subscribers to your mailing list in a week!

We all know that list building is important, but do you find it hard?

Have you found that it isn’t as easy as the sales letters or squeeze pages make out, and become frustrated? I know I have.

But the good news is, every so often something stands out from the crowd. That’s why I’m happy to tell you about a new site I’ve discovered!

At last here’s something that does exactly what it says on the squeeze page! In fact I’ve been inside the member’s area and it does a LOT more.

Push Button Giveaways 2.0 has everything you need to effectively build your list by joining JV giveaways. It stores your gifts, text adverts, and special offers. It lets you join giveaways with a few clicks of you mouse and then setup all your gifts etc with a few more clicks. It creates e-mails, a blog widget and web page for you and it then tracks all your results!

If you’re looking to save time and effort, but still build your list then you have to join this site right now!

There is one single factor that controls every aspect of your life including your ability to develop relationships, make money, be persistent, find confidence or do just about anything else.

My trusted friend and respected colleague, Dr. Joe Rubino has identified this critical factor and has been helping people completely transform their lives for over 20 years by simply changing this one thing that resides in everyone.

You see whether you realize it or not, this critical factor is so powerful that it will either take your life to levels never even imagined or it can shatter every single dream you’ve ever had.

Luckily Dr. Joe Rubino realized this truth and began working—what could only be called transformational miracles—with people from all over the world helping them achieve wealth, health and positive relationships that will forever enhance their lives.

And today, Joe is allowing me the opportunity to offer YOU an inside look at just how powerful The Self-Esteem Formula of his truly is.

WPSubscriber Premium Plugin

As a blogger, you may already know about the power of list building. However, despite your hard work, you always need to struggle with the low subscription rate.

Worry no longer! There’s a brand new WordPress plugin which costs you a minute of installation and then increases your mailing list subscription rate by at least 300%.

The plugin I mention here is WPSubscribers, an all-in-one solution to boost your list size. You will be amazed at this plugin’s features:

– You can add many opt-in forms in anywhere as you want, including lightbox popup, footer-bat, sidebar, post content, comment section or even in user registration form.

– 9 catchy design popups plus 8 colors each.

– An intelligent plugin that you can customize any aspect, put any content in opt-in form, configure display time, location…

And much, much more, you can view all these features here.

Yes, this is a truly “high-class” WordPress plugin in both flexibility and quality that you don’t want to miss, especially when you are 100% protected by WPSubscribers’ 60-day money-back guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get a copy of this awesome software right now!

Universal Wealth Secrets

Imagine being able to…

– Attract massive, unimaginable amounts of wealth

– Break free from the cycle of poverty that you’ve unwittingly put yourself into time and time again

– Achieve your personal best in every money-making endeavor

– Live a life of abundant wealth, success, and true happiness

And all in a just mere 14 days…

It’s possible with this.

It’d be a Life-Altering experience!

5 Amazing Niche Markets

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Finding a niche market is one of the key ingredients to really making it in online selling. Did you know that beginner sellers are much more successful when they appeal to a very small market, rather than trying to appeal to everyone?

Finding a niche isn’t always easy—it takes time and persistence to find the right product to sell. To get you thinking, and to give you a few inspiring ideas, we have researched 5 product niche ideas to share with you. While some niche ideas might seem abstract to newbie sellers that is exactly what a great niche is—very precise and seemingly difficult to source.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to sell, or want to find out whether an item will compete on eBay, visit the SaleHoo Research and Analysis Lab where you can accurately predict the success (or otherwise!) of your niche item.


Niche Item #1: Heart Rate Monitors

These are used by athletes and gym bunnies or by people who need to keep an eye on their heart rate.

Why they are an exciting niche item:

* They have a 75% success rate on eBay (75% of all monitors listed on eBay in the last 3 months sold!)
* They are lightweight and easy to ship and store
* One size fits all


Niche Item #2: Plus Size Shoes

Many big-foots out there find it very difficult to find shoes that will fit them comfortably from regular retail

Why they are a super niche item:

* While these are commonly made by popular shoe makers, stores often order only a handful of pairs in larger sizes,
which means that more and more, our big-footed friends must turn to buying online to get what they need.
* They have a high success rate on eBay (women’s size 11 sell at 61.9% and men’s size 14 at 75%)
* Both men and women alike can require plus size shoes (Hot tip: women’s size 11+ high heels could make a great little niche)


Niche Item #3: Plus Size Maternity Wear

Another plus-size item with huge success on eBay. It’s a profitable niche because:

* Maternity and baby gear always works because people are always going to have babies, so you’ll never run out of customers!
* Clothing items are easy to ship as they light and not fragile.


Niche Item #4: Military Insignia

Collectibles always make great niches and you can dig really deep to find the best ones. They are also perfect for people who are interested in them—you’ll find it much easier and much more rewarding when you sell something you enjoy. To really niche it up, go for US military insignia from the Vietnam War which is big on eBay.

Why military insignia makes an excellent niche:

* It rarely dates or goes out of fashion
* There are so many sub-niches to discover like Russian war medals and World War 2 helmets.


Niche Item #5: Antique Clocks

Another great collectible item. They are a first-rate niche because:

* You’ll appeal to both collectors and home decorators
* They have an eBay success rate of over 67%
* You can often pick these up very cheaply from flea markets and yard sales, then sell them on to make a profit


Niche items really are the way to go for newbie sellers and there are so many out there to keep you interested and best of all, make you money!

Click here to get instant access to over 8,000 of the web’s best and most trusted product suppliers.

This is not a trick question, but it’s still intriguing nonetheless.

Is there such a thing as an automated webinar?

No it can’t be…this is as real as a mirage. How could a webinar be not ‘live’? Can’t attendees tell apart a recorded presentation from a ‘live’ one? Don’t you need to hold a Q&A to answer questions in real time? How about addressing connection problems and time-specific special offers?

It has always been a “holy grail” goal to automated as much of your Internet business as you can. As much as you can outsource a lot of things, webinars are the last frontier where people still want to hear directly from YOU and not some support staff.

From today onwards, even this frontier is breached.

Mike Filsaime is now making $300,000 a month with his Evergreen Business System based on technologies he has developed to leverage on automated webinars.

It is a system because he not only provides you with the SOFTWARE, but also with the insight and training. There is no other person that has made more with webinars in the world than he has with the right software and training. Period!

FACT: Top marketers are paying him $10,000 for access to this software before he made it public because they needed it NOW and needed his team to install it for them. They knew it would make them Millions and they did not want to wait.

I don’t need to tell you what you already know. Webinars WORK. You can get people more likely to spend $497 or more for your great products after listening to you for 1 hour to 90 minutes.

But to do it as many as 3 times a week is just plain manual.

Evergreen Business System is going to RESET the marketing world just as Mike’s Butterfly Marketing concept did. There is no other software like it on the market.

Now you might think since this is original stuff, Mike is calling the shots with regards to pricing…

Let me tell you straight: there are no monthly fees and NO continuity programs to join.

Mike’s giving you lifetime access for just $497 ONE TIME (or you get access or $297 x 2) + LIFETIME SUPPORT AND UPGRADES FOR FREE.

Don’t wait. You can start using this now.

Even as an affiliate you can use this software.

See why Mike has made this the most affordable solution and best value for the best product on the market today.

EasyAzonThis WordPress plugin is awesome. If you’re looking to monetize your WordPress blog with Amazon’s affiliate program this is the right way to do it all without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

You can easily create Amazon affiliate text, image and high conversion product information blocks using Easy Azon.

There’s also a nifty feature that allows you to take advantage of all your wasted international traffic as well. You gotta look at this WordPress plugin if you’re serious about making money from your WordPress blog.

Copy this to make $3M on Clickbank.

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Cash Renegade

A renegade super affiliate living on the French Riviera has just released a video that’s already changing the way people make money online.

He was FURIOUS with all the LIES so he decided to reveal his $338,896 per month renegade funnels. It’s simply insane.

Go watch it immediately…

This guy ran from everything that had been holding him back.

Escaping his dead end job, tyrant boss and pathetic salary.

And he fought for the life he knew he deserved and was meant to live.

Now it’s YOUR turn to escape.

This affiliate has put up a free video to explain everything, and it’s a MUST-SEE.

If you’ve ever been half-way serious about making some money from the Internet, then you need to see this video NOW.

Got a website?

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Need more traffic, leads, sales and exposure?

If so, then I highly recommend you check out this new service called Netblaze.

Netblaze shows website owners how to quickly dominate their market and boost their revenue following FREE step-by-step training that requires no previous knowledge of Internet Marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you are…

– A general website, forum or blog owner…
– An Internet, affiliate or e-commerce marketer…
– An offline business with an online presence…
– An online business who just needs more revenue…

…even a multi-million dollar corporation with a hefty marketing budget!

Netblaze can take your online business to the next level fast AND easily.

You’ll discover how to:

+ Get free targeted website visitors quickly & easily
+ Generate more leads, sales and online exposure
+ Dominate your market and crush your competition
+ Save thousands on Search Engine Marketing fees

…and that’s just a start!

Check it out right here.

Big Content Search

Purchasing and downloading a huge pack of PLR articles can make you feel like you are on the verge of something big. You start to think about all of the possibilities. You start to think about all of the products you can create. And yes, you are on the verge of something big…a big headache.

One of the reasons those huge files of PLR won’t work for you is because they’re too big. If you open it up you’ll see that there are a ton of folders for you to try to read through. There are so many articles and folders that trying to manually read through them will give you a huge headache. If you have one of these huge packs then you know exactly what I mean.

Another reason why these are so bad is because the categories they are listed in are horrible. Most times you will find an unrelated article in the wrong folder. Cooking recipes just shouldn’t be in a folder about sports, but often times you will see stuff like this in PLR packs.

So the question remains: what do you do? I will tell you what you do. You find a PLR site that lets you search the titles. You find a PLR site that will save you a ton of time with a search function. You find a PLR site that will give you all of your content needs at your fingertips.

So where can you find one of these?

I will tell you where: Big Content Search IS the place. Big Content Search is a first in its PLR class. It’s the only PLR site online that you’ll find with a searchable database. This not only saves you time, but headaches as well. See and feel the difference NOW!