Can a newbie really do CPA?

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CPA EvolutionOver the past few days I’ve been talking with my friend William Souza and I’ve learned a TON about CPA marketing…

…most importantly, how to quickly make real, RELIABLE cash from it.

WITHOUT experience, and without any of the barriers of the past.

William actually runs his own CPA firm, and he’s taught hundreds of students how to create life-changing income from home, starting from complete scratch.

And now he’s revealing the secret behind the 1% who make a complete living, $5,000 to $10,000 or more, all from nearly autopilot CPA commissions.

William is literally handing that power to you on a silver platter today.

The information inside is CRAZY game-changing…game-changing enough for hundreds of William’s students who are already seeing results with CPA Evolution by making $100, then $1,000 each DAY.

CPA Evolution is not a cheap course.

That’s because it’s a POWERFUL course.

It’s so powerful that it doesn’t matter how much it sells for…because when you implement it, you can be profitable for LIFE…for as long as e-commerce is here to stay.

The consistent results speak for themselves, so if you want to finally earn income without struggling for traffic, hoping for sales, creating website after website, trying to build a list, and ALL of the other crap…

…if you’re really ready to DITCH ALL OF THAT for life…

…and regardless of whether you’re a newbie exploring CPA opportunities or a marketer not getting CPA success yet…

Now is the time to act. Get pumped. Get excited, because what you’ve been looking for, is right here.

One of the best ways to monetize your traffic is by promoting relevant products on sites that you know your traffic will trust.

And, there’s not many sites that have a bigger trust factor than eBay. It’s been around forever (20+ years) and is still the 2nd biggest online marketplace, second only to Amazon.

Regardless of your niche, there are products listed every single day on eBay that your visitors will love. What’s more, is that eBay has a partner network (affiliate program) that allows you to promote any product on eBay and get paid when your traffic buys through your link.

Now, normally it’s been a bit of a pain to promote products through eBay’s partner network.

It can take a lot of time to set up promotions, especially when you want to promote multiple products. And, because eBay is an auction site, you constantly have to monitor the products you are promoting and swap them out when they have sold or the listing expires.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these headaches and make promoting eBay products a breeze.

Fellow marketer and creator of EasyAzon as just released an effective WordPress plugin called EasyBay Pro, quite simply a safe, “low barrier to entry” way to generate eBay commissions from your traffic.

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the features of EasyBay Pro:

* Works with any location where eBay does business, which is great if you have international traffic

* Dynamic Product Listings – EasyBay Pro auto-updates products that have expired and replaces them with new ones. This means you won’t have to waste time keeping track of products that you’re promoting

* Insert As Many Listings As You Want At A Single Time – With EasyBay Pro you can promote as many products as you’d like and your affiliate links are automatically coded for you

* Real-Time Scarcity On Your Listings – EasyBay Pro has a built-in countdown timer that updates in real time for each product you promote to increase clickthroughs and conversions

Check out EasyBay Pro and start making monetizing your site with eBay!

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

The $4,000+ Monster “Affiliate Marketing Business in a Box with PLR” is ‘live’!

Slap your name on the newest, hottest and high quality “Affiliate Marketing Made Easy” PLR that is especially designed to make you big money starting today!

What’s makes this the Perfect PLR Product?

– Completely New
– 100% Unique & Latest Content on The Topic
– Hot and Evergreen Niche
– Proven and Step-by-Step training
– High-Converting Sales copy & Sales page
– Complete Sales Funnel
– Killer Graphics
– Attractive Bonuses
– “How To Set Up” Video Training
– Accessible Cost
– Limited Time Offer
– Excellent Support

Below you see the complete set of powerful marketing tools you will be able to use to make as much money as you want with:

Module #1: Training Guide (Valued at $720)
Module #2: Special Bonus Report (Valued at $240)
Module #3: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $30)
Module #4: Mind Map (Valued at $30)
Module #5: Top Resources Report (Valued at $50)
Module #6: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
Module #7: Professional Minisite (Valued at $160)
Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $80)
Module #9: Complete set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)
Fast Action Bonus: How to Set up a Killer Funnel – A-to-Z Video Series (Valued at $1,000)

You will have everything you need in order to sell this product easily. Your guide will have screenshots and every instructions well explained so your customers will know exactly what to do without confusion.

What if you suddenly made more revenue from all of your affiliate links starting today?

Here’s just some of what this genius plugin called Better Links Pro can do:

1. Geographic link redirects (capitalize on international traffic)

2. Split test links (test between multiple links to see which gives you the most commissions)

3. Automatically replace keywords on your blog with links you create (saves time creating affiliate links)

4. Advanced tracking technology analyzes click through rate for all of your links and identifies opportunities for you to earn more money by improving your clicks (more affiliate link clicks more money)

And much much more.

Just watch the demo, you’ll see exactly how powerful this tool can be. It will also save you a lot of time as well.

CB ChiefFINALLY…Creating Clickbank review blogs just went BERSERK!

There is a brand new automated content app that will automatically publish content from Clickbank at the click of a button.

Loads of people are calling it “The Clickbank Review Revolution”.

The best part of it is this is “tried and tested” by 20 BETA testers and you can read their thoughts on the site.

The CB Chief plugin does everything for you!

“Point & Click” literally in a matter of seconds and the most stunning Clickbank review appears on your blog in a flash!



This breakthrough WordPress plugin will auto-fill your niche blogs with professionally presented Clickbank reviews! They just look neat!

And there are more features:

* Scrape Products on Clickbank Gravity
* Scrape Products On Clickbank Popularity
* Post Back Results From High To Low
* Fills Your Empty Blog Instantly
* Or Simply Drip Feed Content Over Time
* Scrape All Clickbank Categories
* Enter Positive And Negative Keywords To Laser Target
* Include Your Affiliate And Tracking IDs
* Scrape On Every Language That Clickbank Offers
* Specify The Minimum Amount Of Words To Pull
* Multiple Links To Your The Affiliate Offer With Your ID!
* Integrate Site Thumbnails or Buttons!
* Only Posts The Review Once To Avoid Confusing Duplicates!

Seriously, here’s what YOU will do within just 1 minute: Enter your keywords. Select a Clickbank category. Fill out your Clickbank affiliate ID. Select how many posts you want added to your blog per week, and click the button!

CB Chief then goes to the Clickbank marketplace find the products that match the criteria you entered, visit each merchant’s site one by one, retrieve the title, meta keywords, meta description and text from the salesletter. Then it creates a post on your WordPress blog for each of the products it retrieved!

And that’s it! All while you work on other things, or just want to kick back and enjoy the sun with your family and friends!

Check out the demo to see it in action!

Everything is automated; set up once and forget.


You don’t even need to hands-on create any of this content yourself.

Start creating tons of Clickbank niche blogs now!

The Affiliate Funnel

Do you feel like you never stop working but you still aren’t making enough money?

Do you wake up most mornings wondering if all this “make money online” stuff is real?

If you’ve been struggling to make it online, what you’re about to learn could change your life forever. Adam Nolan is about to hand you instructions on how you can work less than 2 hours a week and earn $1000’s a month…on autopilot!

Here are just a few things you’ll learn from The Affiliate Funnel system:

– Funnel Assembly 101
– Market Selection Mastery
– Content Curation 101
– Squeeze Page Mastery
– Traffic Sources 101

As a bonus, your access comes with a ‘live’ Q&A mastermind. Normally, Adam charges $500 an hour for consulting but he really wants you to be as successful as possible with this! You’ll even get access to Adam Nolan’s very own Affiliate Funnel Blueprint so you can follow in his footsteps and get this set up in just a few hours.

Adam’s fast action bonuses won’t be around for long. I’m sure you don’t want to continue living paycheck to paycheck. You can have this set up by the end of today. With a little maintenance this 1 page website can replace your entire pay check in as little as a month from now. So don’t wait. Click here to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

2 guys generated over $5 MILLION last year selling basic products on Amazon…all with ZERO competition…

In fact, they TAUGHT some people that never had success with any business before how to do this and those lucky few are absolutely CRUSHING it with what these guys discovered.

I want you to check out this video they just recorded showing you exactly how they do it…you won’t BELIEVE how simple it is.

The best part is, the entire business can be AUTOMATED…and it’s a business you’ll build that will be around for YEARS (not some fly-by-night Google trick).

PLUS in the video, they teach you how to find RED HOT products you can sell RIGHT NOW.

Watch the video right now (before they pull it down).

Easy Article Starters

Affiliates want material they can use to pre-sell products. It’s hard when affiliates want to promote something but they stare at their computer screen not knowing what to write next. Been there too?

The new BIG pack of Easy Article Starters contains 5 starters written for each of these 20 products (and to be clear, these are article starters NOT the products themselves):

* shopping cart (promote your favorite)
* GoToWebinar
* 31 Days To Build a Better Blog (ProBlogger)
* WishList Member
* Shopify
* Box Shot King
* Virtual StaffFinder
* Product Drop
* Market Samurai
* 99 Designs
* Long Tail Pro
* Marketing Dashboard
* Digital Access Pass
* Speed PPC
* Chris Farrell Membership
* Instant Teleseminar
* PopUp Domination
* Product Creator Pro
* Super Affiliate Handbook
* Plus 2 Bonuses!

That’s over 100 starters, not counting the bonuses! These are all evergreen products which means they’ve been around and will continue to be around because they’re good products and they sell well. This also means they’re income producers for affiliates too.

These article starters help solve the 2 big problems for affiliate marketers: how to promote a product without being pushy (write blog posts, articles, e-mails) and WHAT to say that shares good info along with their affiliate link. Frankly, these are gold!

Most Amazon-style affiliate plugins simply either create posts from Amazon product information or they add Amazon products to pre-existing posts and pages on your site.

Prosociate is unlike any of these earlier plugins. When you click on an Amazon product picture in a blog, you are not brought out of the blog to the Amazon product page. In fact, Prosociate comes with its own built-in “add to cart” and “view cart” features which your readers can interact with in your blog. It is only when they checkout that they will be brought to Amazon. The user experience is so seamless you won’t even notice it!

Your visitors will not feel like they just hit another affiliate product review site. They will feel comfortable knowing they are simply at another online store, looking to purchase the answer to their search.

Of course, you can automatically have hundreds and even thousands of targeted products added to your online store. Plus, with the 90-day cookies, each person who shops on your site now will also be able to send you commissions for 90 days even if they never return to your site again.

Even more special is this is all built to be SEO-friendly. It is all SEO-optimized and the product schema markup is used so Google sees your site as another online store and loves you for it.

Prosociate is powerful and effective. Use the demo and get the version with Unlimited Use Developer License now before the 7-day offer is over.

Affiliate Fan Page 2.0

For some marketers (and you could be one of them), no matter how much effort was put into designing Facebook fan pages, they are just not attracting enough response in the form of ‘like’ clicks and call-to-action.

In other words, either the fan pages are not enticing or the offers not compelling.

To resolve such challenges, Paul Teague and Chris Freville have released “Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0“, a software that contains hand-picked and high-converting “done for you” affiliate offers and ready-made sales pages.

By following the simple step-by-step video instructions, you will be able to upload one of the templates included in the package to your fan page, link it to your autoresponder, add in a video and now you’re ready to harvest the massive marketing potential of FB, and convert ‘likes’ into lists and sales.

You don’t have to stick with the great “done for you” templates that they’ve given you and still be able to create your own offers and start generating a great FB income. All this work can be done in a few minutes.

Check out Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0; it gives you everything you need to start profitable affiliate marketing TODAY!

Cash Funnels Machine

Yes! It can take you less than 60 seconds to create a money-making website (and not just any affiliate website, but a complete funnel conversion system).

Watch this CRAZY video how to set up a full-blown, done-for-you website in literally SECONDS!

Clickbank + TV Offers + Youtube = $1K

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Emergency New Year's Cash

Have you ever checked your Clickbank account and seen that Ugly LONG rows of $0?

Yeah, well ME too…for longer than I like to remember…OR admit!

There were days when I didn’t even check my Clickbank account because I knew it was such a TOTAL Bummer!

It Always put me in a BAD mood.

Then, I learned how to combine HOT TV Offers with Clickbank products and BAM! Those beautiful GREEN Clickbank checks starting arriving in my mailbox every 2 weeks like clockwork.

It’s a beautiful thing when you see all of your hard work FINALLY beginning to pay off.

People were asking Kristie (a broke, worn-OUT Substitute Teacher) just HOW exactly they could learn to do this, so with pen in hand, she sat down and wrote out exactly how YOU make those Clickbank sales (over $1K in 2013) come into YOUR mailbox too!

Emergency New Year’s Cash was BORN!

ENYC shows which TV product Kristie promoted and which 3 Clickbank offers out of 7 offers brought in those regular like popcorn!

It is on a dimesale now so lock in at the best price for your investment.

If you were offered the chance to be mentored by a $100k/Day FB Super Affiliate and a $10 Million+ product launch expert…

Would you grab it with both hands??

If you’re struggling with Facebook pay-per-click advertising…if you don’t know how to track your advertising, where to find the hottest offers, how to optimise your campaigns for mobile, split-test, target international offers, scale and automate then this if for you…

If you’re launching products that are hitting $3, $5k or even $20k+, while you see other people hit $100,000+ like clockwork and wondering what you’re doing wrong this is for you…

If you’re a great programmer with amazing products but can’t seem to “break the code” and are struggling to get the products the exposure they deserve this is for you.

If you’re struggling to write red hot sales copy that converts like gangbusters every single time this is for you.

Until Sunday, December 15th, Andrew & Peter are having an “early bird” special into DNA Wealth Blueprint.

If you plan to launch ANY products in 2014 check this out right now.

You will never look at Facebook, CPA marketing and Product launching the same way again.

How To Make Higher Commissions More Often

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Affiliate Cash Fastlane

If you’re into Internet marketing, then I guess I can safely say that you’ve dabbled into affiliate marketing at one time or another, am I right? Whether your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, if you’d like to make extra money to make life a little easier, then here’s something you need to see today.

Most affiliates, marketing online are struggling to make a reliable income, and they’re not alone. That’s because many people who first turn to the Internet to generate more money try affiliate marketing as it’s free to get started.

There’s no doubt that it’s a smart move, but unfortunately it’s not all that easy to figure out how to do it successfully…

Hence the reason why only 5% of affiliate marketers actually make money! Surprised at those statistics? Don’t be.

Most affiliates haven’t undertaken any form of training to make a living from affiliate activities, and many are just guessing at what the best approach is. Unfortunately, they’re often wrong.

There’s 1% of successful affiliates that get it right.

They get it so right, that they achieve super affiliate status, and are regarded as Internet Gurus. Product owners fawn over them offering them free products reviews, higher commissions and special privileges just for the honour of promoting their products.

Why? Well it makes pretty good sense when you understand how much money they’ll make the product owner in sales, with a percentage offered to the super affiliate in commissions. It’s a win/win situation that you simply can’t ignore…A recipe for success if you will.

Now wouldn’t it be great if you could reach super affiliate status in a short period of time?

Today you have the opportunity to learn how to become a super affiliate in very little time, without a huge effort. All you need is the desire to be successful, and the determination to reach your set goals.

The way to make that happen is to secure your copy of Affiliate Cash Fastlane today.

It comes complete with 4 components; A digital e-book, worksheet, checklist and process map. This package is designed to teach you effectively, and follow-through with practical implementation keeping you on track and on time.

If you’d like to take your affiliate business to the next level, and experience super affiliate stardom, I strongly suggest you go through this guide.

New Internet Marketing software often comes with a new twist, depending on the trend and requirement of users. Here is an amazing new concept in Internet Marketing that will no doubt open your eyes to a whole new way of monetizing (or even re-monetizing) all the things you’re already doing online.

This new product called Trust Jacker lets you post links to ANY authority website like Facebook, Twitter, any forum, your own blog or someone else’s or any other page you like.

But these are no ordinary links. After a person clicks through a Trust Jacker link into a website, they notice nothing out of the ordinary.

BUT as soon as they exit the site or close the browser window, the visitor is served an unstoppable popup or an IFrame of a web page of your choice. It can serve opt-in or lead pages, affiliate offers, video sales letters, CPA landing pages…you name it, you can serve it to the site visitor as seamlessly as if it were being served right on your own site.

This is HUGE!

Now, don’t confuse this with regular exit popups or the popups you’re used to.

Trust Jacker actually pops up YOUR ad over OTHER people’s content!

In essence, you could send someone to a popular, trending article on a high-authority website like, Dr. Oz, WebMD or any other high-authority website and deliver a timed popup or an exit pop after they’ve viewed the article.

Again, I hope this is getting through because this is truly mind-blowing.

Trust Jacker actually helps you leverage the trust and credibility of top sites in any niche you like.

Have an offer you want to promote but the landing page is not equipped with an exit offer to maximize your earnings off of the promotion?

No problem. ‘Trustjack’ the link instead and serve your own exit popup for a related Clickbank item or a targeted CPA offer and see an immediate 15% to 25% increase in revenue off of your promotion.

It couldn’t be easier.

I have to say, this is one of the most brilliantly simple, new marketing concepts I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Watch a video of how ordinary people are earning $100′s within just a few hours of putting Trust Jacker to work for them.

Now, this is possibly the best part, so pay close attention: Trust Jacker has built-in share buttons for the most popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. When you share a Trust Jacker link on Facebook, it looks perfectly natural. No one even knows you’re trustjacking the links you share.

This means when anyone goes through a Trust Jacker link and you earn money from it, they don’t even realize you made money.

I can see MANY possibilities for this.

In my opinion, this is WAY BETTER than any link cloaking tool or URL shortener out there by a country mile. It’s not even in the same ball park. You can monetize almost any link you share anywhere on the web like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I honestly think Gerry & Rob have created a real winner with Trust Jacker and I can’t imagine NOT using it in nearly every aspect of my business going forward.

Amasuite12-year online marketing expert and top software developer Dave Guindon and Amazon affiliate expert Chris Guthrie have teamed up to offer one of the BEST Special Offers of the year!

It is a suite of 3 powerful and unique Amazon research software tools.

The Azon Keyword Generator:

– Generates thousands of keyword opportunities from the Amazon search engine
– Use this tool to find exact match domain names that have high natural traffic

The Azon Top 100 Analyzer extracts the top 100 products for ANY category on Amazon for the following:

– top 100 bestsellers
– top 100 top rated
– top 100 hot new releases
– top 100 movers and shakers
– top 100 most gifted
– top 100 most wished for

The Azon Product Inspector:

– Extracts products from the entire Amazon site for any given keyword phrase
– Very useful for finding hidden affiliate gems on Amazon

Plus Chris Guthrie has included his very own tried & tested methods for earning MASSIVE commissions from the Amazon affiliate program!

This new 3-in-1 Amasuite software with Amazon affiliate training is only available for 14 days!

Make sure to watch the YouTube video on the page to see 3 methods to make money with this software.

High Ticket Cash Out

How would you like to earn ‘more’ cash doing the same thing you could already be doing right now as an affiliate?

Instead of struggling for 50% commission on a $37 product, you could be making $500 commissions with every single sale.

Inside “High Ticket Cash Out“, you will find 3 cash studies detailing James Yii’s experience in making money with high-ticket offers. The best part of all this is, anyone and start earning from day one and this is because the technique does not require a list of your own, a product of your own or anything that takes time and effort. You don’t even need a website of your own.

Everything is tried and test. Check it out now before it comes off the market.

Amazing Selling Machine

Not too long ago, the prevalent trend concerning Amazon marketing is in publishing and selling Kindle e-books. The entry level is easy and accessible to the masses because you can start small (with writing).

Of course, this promotes intense competition and a far greater level-playing field. It gets harder to stand out as an author when consumers are spoiled for choices over competing titles in the same genre.

The BIG MONEY inside Amazon has nothing to do with Kindle e-books and really, the SIZE of this opportunity is MASSIVE.

It is also a very old-school idea: selling products listed on Amazon.

That’s right. By signing up as an Amazon Associate, you can start selling these products immediately, and at their standard prices whereas Kindle e-books rely much on cut-down prices because of their downloadable nature.

There are over 30,000 product categories and millions of products being sold on Amazon, so you can pick your niche and position yourself apart from other Associates.

The next step is to discover how to be an Amazon power seller…

If you have not seen the great videos from Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback that show proof of how they are each making over $100,000/month in PROFIT from selling real products on Amazon, click the links below:

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Today they are releasing a special, very limited, “Builder’s Kit” to help YOU build this exact Amazon business model for yourself.

Their “Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit” includes an 8-Week Web Class, Software Tools, an Exclusive Community Membership, a ‘live’ Hands-On Workshop, and much more!

But you’ll need to ACT FAST if you want one of these “Builder’s Kits” as they are only offering a limited number since they will be personally working with you.

Get all the details and get your “Builder’s Kit” here.

14-Year-Old’s Powerful New CPA System…

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CPA Tycoon

Everybody says there are no good methods left out there to earn real, consistent income online.

…or at least, the truly good ones are being closely guarded.

Well, this 14-year-old’s $200/day CPA method proves that premise dead wrong.

A mere kid who does this between the time he gets home from school and dinner makes triple figures a day.

For proof, check out the link above…

And see how he uses a CPA affiliate program that converts at 60% on cold traffic, in a $162-billion-a-year niche.

Chances are, if you’re like the millions of us there, you’ve probably made this kid money or someone like him.

But now the secret is out and you can grab your piece of the action.

But heed my warning. Although this is at a 75% discount now, it won’t be for long.

WP Affiliate Builder

WP Affiliate Builder is now ‘LIVE’!

WP Affiliate Builder, designed by Omar Martin and his partners, gives you a complete arsenal of tools, software and training that is specifically designed to help you to recruit and equip your affiliate army!

This really is AWESOME, you get everything you could possibly need in order to start building a MASSIVE affiliate following.

You get the WordPress Affiliate Builder software plugin to enable you to INSTANTLY and SIMPLY build your affiliates page with all the tools needed in minutes.

Plus, you can also get a fantastic WordPress JV Leaderboard software plugin that automatically displays and updates your top affiliates.


If that isn’t enough, you ALSO get top quality Affiliate Video Training, Affiliate eBook Training and Affiliate Audio Training from REAL EXPERTS!

So head on over there right NOW and grab yours…

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