Today I’ve got something a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing…

Most of the time when you see courses on affiliate marketing, they teach you how to “start small” and make a few bucks here and there.

There’s nothing WRONG with that…nothing wrong with raking in $100-500 affiliate commissions…especially if you’re doing it consistently.

But the truth is, that is the SLOW way.

If you want the GIANT paydays, like $15k in a week…if you want to build your bank account FAST, the best way is to focus on making bigger commissions…

It only makes sense, right?

This course that I’m telling you to look at and seriously consider picking up is all about how to generate those massive windfalls.

This method is focused on selling higher priced products, yielding you better conversions, and ultimately more money in your pocket, faster WHILE doing far less work.

If that sounds good to you, then click here to check out David Eisner’s “Go Bonanza“.

Here’s a few more things I want you to know:

1) This offer is absolutely insane: When you see what you get for the tiny investment, you’re going to be wild for this. The bonuses alone are worth 20X what he’s asking for it.

2) If you’re an affiliate marketer, you can’t afford to miss this: This is one of those products that has the ability to rocket up your income like crazy. Most of the techniques are ones you’ve never even considered…

3) These are the REAL underground secrets that ‘gurus’ don’t want to tell you: Most people making any good money online don’t want to reveal everything to you. David is spilling all the beans and is going to open you up to the real deal in making huge paydays.

Keep in mind the price is raising on this by every copy sold!

So go now and look at this…it’s not to be missed…

Affiliate BuilderAffiliate Builder gives you a complete arsenal of tools, software and training that is specifically designed to help you to Recruit and Equip your Affiliate Army!

This really is AWESOME, you get everything you could possibly need in order to start building a MASSIVE affiliate following.

You get the WordPress Affiliate Builder Software Plugin to enable you to INSTANTLY and SIMPLY build your affiliates page with all the tools needed in minutes.


So head on over there right NOW and grab yours…

Commissions Monster

What does the term “Internet marketing guru” mean to you?

Does it mean he/she knows a lot? Has a lot of connections? Been in the game for years?

I could care less about those things.

The only thing I care about is NUMBERS.

Not how much their clients make, not how much their ‘theory’ makes, but how much THEY actually make.

Venkata, Edmund and Naidy are super affiliates who have made hundreds of thousands in affiliate commissions and have won countless affiliate contests.

For a limited time only, they’re revealing their underground “4 figure a day” affiliate system.

And you won’t believe the price they’re selling it at.

How about I give you a coupon code to cut the price down by another $2?

Coupon code: SECRET3

Get Commissions Monster today.

My friend Kevin Fahey just launched a brand new killer offer: “IM VIP Training

He created the IM VIP training to give you a STEP-BY-STEP roadmap to see real success online.

I personally know him as a phenomenal list builder, and you get the EXACT same strategies that he has personally used to go from struggling to consistent affiliate earnings from $100 – $1,000 EVERY SINGLE DAY!

But, I must warn you his program is on a dime sale so act fast to get it at the ridiculously low price before it goes up again.

Magic Store Builder

Imaging if you can invest $10 in a cool domain name and within minutes you can turn it to a fully functional UNIQUE price comparison site that’s worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Some are already crushing it online with this!

With no technical skills required, Magic Store Builder lets you build an e-commerce site that is connected to +5,000 merchants offering +50,000,000 products online. You don’t need to accept orders, ship products, or do anything other than building more and more sites to grow your e-commerce empire.

Sites built using this software suck out organic traffic from Google and other searching engines. Visitors lands on your site, get the best price for the product they are looking for, and are redirected to the merchant site to place the order; you get paid, and guess what?

It’s all happening on autopilot. Watch the demo video and get the “Tell The Web” software as your free bonus for your purchase!

Azon Authority

Do you want to effortlessly build an awesome e-commerce store like the pros?

Now you can easily create any kind of Amazon affiliate store in under an hour!

We are talking about a completely encompassing platform that turns Amazon into your own personal fulfillment center and dropshipper.

In just under an hour, you can easily create any store, any niche with the highest conversions without fancy coding, monthly fees or the high cost of other systems…

Furthermore, apply the best, proven, high-conversion tactics used by the pros to work and launch your profits into orbit NOW.

Check out these amazing profit-building features of Azon Authority:

  • Turn Amazon into Your Dropshipper and Fulfillment Service…
  • Propriety SmartCart Engine Integrates with Amazon’s Systems…
  • Tap into Over 256+ Million Products that Pay You Commissions…
  • Create a Full E-Commerce and Authoritative Experience…
  • FINALLY, Create a REAL Online Business You Can Be Proud Of…
  • Unlike Other Affiliate Stores, Search Engines LOVE these Stores…
  • 90-Day Affiliate Cookies Maximize Your Profits…
  • Unlimited Automated FREE Amazon Retargeting Campaigns…
  • Full Campaign Manager Ensures You Target the Right Products…

All this and a ton more…

This powerful all-encompassing system turns you into an instant Amazon master regardless of experience or skills.

Click here to see why everyone is so excited about this!

The IM Wealth Builders have just released their highly anticipated Covert Commissions—a plug-&-play system for earning massive affiliate commissions on autopilot.

I know that sounds too good to be true…But I’ve seen the system they have created—it’s
the real deal, and I can’t wait to start using it and make a ton of extra affiliate commissions.

They have completely eliminated the learning curve and done 99% of the work for you.

In fact they have built us all a money-making machine. I’m not kidding here…

And it’s one of the most insane things I have seen in all my years of Internet marketing.

* You don’t have to sell anything

* You don’t need to learn HTML or any other techie stuff

* You don’t need to have your own website autoresponder, domain etc.

All you have to do is send some traffic to a squeeze page, sit back and count the affiliate commissions ticking in.

If you can cut and paste, you have what it takes to make money with the Covert Commissions system.

And I haven’t even mentioned the bonuses yet—check out the page today for all the details!

As all of us entrepreneurs know, Amazon is a gold mine right now. Whether you are interested in selling products on Amazon or want to make an healthy income as an affiliate, there is money to be had with Amazon.

However, it seems like most people are missing the target when it comes to actually succeeding with Amazon and creating the life of wealth and freedom that working online can provide you.

It appears that there is a root to this problem, and thankfully the solution is surprisingly simple.

The root of the problem is a lack of research and knowledge of what to sell and promote. Whether that is from the massive amount of time proper research takes or the lack of confidence in the shaky data that has been thrown together, lack or research and information has always been one of the gaping holes in unprofitable Amazon businesses.

Luckily, 2 successful entrepreneurs have not only noticed this problem, but have come together to create the easiest solution possible.

Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon have worked together to create the ultimate toolkit for Amazon sellers and affiliates that will guide, step by step to running the successful Amazon-based business you dreamt of when starting out.


This toolkit is called AmaSuite and you’ll be kicking yourself down the road if you don’t check this out today!

You see, Dave is a software wiz, and Chris knows a thing or two about Amazon (#1 Best Selling Kindle book author, over $1.5 Million sold as an Amazon affiliate, and a 6-figure private labeled business selling exclusively on Amazon).

The product they put together didn’t start as something to sell, but rather tools they personally wanted to dominate Amazon.

AmaSuite consists of 4 different pieces of software, each of which will give you cutting edge research on which products to sell or promote to take your income to the next level.

This software was built specifically to be easy to use through precise filtering to zero in on hidden money makers on Amazon.

With AmaSuite, you get:

Azon Top 100 Analyzer
*Find hidden profitable niches to avoid the worry to launching unsuccessful products
*Find hot selling items that you know will convert well when people click over to Amazon

Azon Product Inspector
*Go beyond the top 100 & take advantage of competitive info, like massively discounted products

Azon Keyword Generator
*Out do the competition by finding what people are actually searching for when wanting to buy
*Find the perfect keywords for your product listing to show up & sell more

Azon Review Finder
*Find the best reviewers to work with to get amazing reviews for your product (reviews are the biggest factor for a successful Amazon business)
*See who is saying what about the products you are looking to promote, sell, or compete against.

That isn’t even including the 5 FREE bonuses you’ll have to see to believe!

If you are really serious about starting a successful Amazon business, AmaSuite is the toolkit you need to use to get the data that will guide you to that “making money while you sleep” level we all want.

Click here now to avoid missing out on this launch pricing. It ends very soon.

Affiliate Crusher 2.0

My good friend, Henry Gold is offering his new course called “Affiliate Crusher 2.0” where he shows you how to crush any affiliate contest in a shortest time possible. In addition, Henry will even show you what he did to sell 100 copies in THREE DAYS.

So if you want to significantly improve your affiliate marketing skills and get ranked in the leaderboards for record sales, this is the course you need.

The Commission Machine

You don’t have to be a genius to recognize that life as an affiliate has been getting tougher and tougher.

The deadly tell-tale signs are there for all to see.

They’re known as the 4 horsemen of the affiliate marketing apocalypse:

#1. Conversion rates, EPCs and profits per promo are dying a slow death

#2. E-mail delivery rates, open rates and clickthrough rates are down the toilet

#3. Market maturity has led to reluctance, skepticism and even downright negativity in the market

#4. More and more affiliates are joining the battlefield every single day

So how can you rise above all this and continue to survive and thrive?


You need to follow a proven process that works.

A way to get noticed, to stand out from the crowd, to differentiate yourself from all the other affiliates.

A way that’s been used by super affiliates and newbies alike to rake in serious commissions and dominate leaderboards.

This is special.

Even no-name affiliates are reporting great results with this and you can even do it without a list.

Start multiplying your commissions today: The Commission Machine

Proof: $200 In 20 Minutes

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$200 In 20 Minutes

Over the past 3 years, Desmond Ong has been following a very simple formula that makes him at least $200 to $500 per day all with just 20 minutes of work…

Check out his ClickBank screenshots.

Earn commissions until credit card debt becomes a distant memory.

Get the financial security you well deserved.

Just try out his “$200 In 20 Minutes” formula for one day and see how much your life can change. It’s worth it.

Affiliate Payout Machine

Are you tired of standing by the sidelines while watching other people ace the online marketing game?

For a change, how would you like to:

* Start making $200 – $500 paydays

* No product to create, no customer support, no inventory to keep

* And get started right about now?

I’ve been seeing this guy at it over and over again. He’s living proof that even ordinary folks can create streams of massive income from products you don’t have to create or sell.

For the first time ever, he’s breaking the silence and he reveals:

– How you can make a serious income from affiliate marketing

– Be it JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, and even in-house affiliate programs

– How you can ace affiliate contests after another

– And win yourself extra cash prizes and bragging rights (part of the perks!)

If you’ve been struggling to make that breakthrough, look no further because it’s already here.

Check Out The All New Affiliate Payout Machine!

Google Sniper100,000 PEOPLE CAN’T BE WRONG.

One of his customers said about George Brown in jest, “He is annoyingly young, and annoyingly rich!”

His powerhouse product, Google Sniper, needs no introduction.

Less than 12 months after he discovered Internet Marketing, he was making $10,000 6 months in a row. And that was in last decade.

One hundred thousand people have bought the previous versions.


Because this system works.

And it ticks ALL the boxes:

* Free to setup.
* Gives you that REAL hands-off income.
* Setup in just a few hours.
* Real results, attained by normal people.

The result?

It left more success stories in its wake than almost any other Internet program.

And NOW, his latest creation, Google Sniper 3.0 has just gone ‘LIVE’ minutes ago.

With a completely BRAND NEW, and more powerful system ready for 2015.

You can’t miss this!

Watch it now while it’s still available and he’s practically giving it away.

What if you could send visitors to offers for as low as 1 cent per click and cash in big?

Yes, you can…by systematically siphon off your own slice of the $1 billion dollar CPA industry.

With HyperSonic Commissions, you will discover:

• No-brainer traffic sources that rake in sales every single time

• Secret offers that pull 10X the revenue the 2nd place offers do

• The 4 niches you can effortlessly dominate right away without any experience at all

• How to eliminate testing completely and start profiting from the first click

• Where you can get dirt-cheap, 1-cent clicks. Say goodbye to AdWords and Facebook ads forever

• How to start a profitable CPA campaign from scratch and make money within 7 days even if you’ve never sold anything online before

• How to set up your CPA business with ZERO cost in just hours and let it run on autopilot 24 hours a day

• And much more!

So, how cool is that?

Grab your exclusive special offer now!

ClickBank UniversityYou and I are so lucky.

We live in a world where others have mapped out a route to generating wealth on the Internet, and all WE have to do is follow in their footsteps.

Imagine knowing exactly how the power users on ClickBank generate income.

ClickBank has already created over 1000 millionaires. Yep. 1000. That’s INSANE!

Now it’s your turn.

What if you could clearly SEE every step you need to take to build a ClickBank-powered business for pennies on the dollar?

Now it’s finally possible. Why?

Straight from the horse’s mouth, ClickBank has designed and launched its first ever product, a training program that unveils the secrets behind their most successful merchants and super affiliates…

A training program that harnesses the kind of intel you ONLY get from a company that’s already paid out over $3 BILLION in affiliate commissions.

There’s no need to figure this all out for yourself.

Follow a time-proven path to success on ClickBank with a roadmap created for you BY ClickBank!

It’s the nearest thing to “fool proof” I’ve ever seen. Take a look at ClickBank University.

Being an Amazon affiliate is a great way to make money online right?

• You can find products for any niche you care to name
• There are tons of niches to chose from
• They only stock things which people actually want to buy…Unlike most affiliate networks!!

There is massive potential in being an affiliate for Amazon.

That’s why I’m so excited about the re-launch of Fresh Store Builder 6.0.

They have really knocked it out of the park this time.

Fresh Store Builder 6.0 is easily the most powerful application for getting highly profitable Amazon affiliate stores online in just minutes.

Practically everything is done for you in a handful of easy steps…from the design, to the SEO.

Products, images, pictures and content will upload automatically while you sleep.

It couldn’t be simpler!

Click here to see why so many people are snapping this money-making software.

When it comes to selling Internet Marketing products, the one critical mistake that I have seen time and time again is people don’t pick the right products to promote and don’t do ANY research at all to figure out what their customers really want.

The answer to this problem can be found in Reed Floren’s new WSO: How to Find Affiliate Programs to Promote for BIG PROFITS!

Reed has been in the Internet marketing industry since 1999 and he is a super affiliate. Not only does he generate money online, he also has taught thousands of marketers at ‘live’ seminars in 8 different countries across 4 different continents his Internet marketing strategies.

Inside Reed’s new course you’ll find 1.5 hours of training which is actually an excerpt from one of his $997 coaching programs for a FRACTION of the price.

You will learn…

· Why affiliate marketing is the ultimate lifestyle business—have the geographic, financial and scheduling freedom that you desire and DESERVE!

· What is an information product affiliate marketing?

· The 8 places Reed goes to find affiliate programs to promote

· How to use “marketing math” to determine what to promote

· Popular affiliate networks that have a history of paying on time

· How to crank out money on demand—with one hand tied behind your back, blindfolded!

· Reed’s 14 point checklist on how to evaluate a product for promotion

· How to find best-selling products in ANY niche

· Generate money while spending time with friends or family!

· The TOP 3 affiliate networks that have a long history of paying on time

· How you can get started with an extremely small budget

· How to WIN COOL prizes

· Become an authority or celebrity in your niche!

· It’s Easy to understand & newbie friendly (i.e. jargon explained, cut through the hype)

And a lot more!

Plus you’ll also receive:

Bonus #1: 15 Minute 1-on-1 Business Accelerator Session

Bonus #2: Webinar—”Now That I Have Picked An Affiliate Offer What Next?”

Bonus #3: How to Find Affiliate Programs to Promote for BIG PROFITS PowerPoint Presentation Slides (PDF)

Bonus #4: Affiliate Marketing Mindmap

Bonus #5: Affiliate Marketing Checklist/Cheatsheet

Bonus #6: Transcript

>> Grab Your Copy Now The Price is Rising Fast <<

Selling physical products through Amazon is a great way to build a business IF you know how to find the right products to sell.

And a big part of that is knowing how to VALIDATE a product before you spend a bunch of money on inventory.

This is one topic, I never hear anyone talk about mainly because 99% of people don’t know how to do it (even the big guys).

Well that’s about to change, because I just found out that Tanner Larsson, Los Silva and Michael Young are going to show you exactly how they validate potential Amazon FBA products for as little as $10.

Think about this for a second. First, you buy a $3500 course teaching you how to sell on Amazon.

Then, you follow their training and have to invest another $500 to $3000 to buy inventory (without knowing it will sell).

No joke, that is how they teach.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to know before you spend all that money on inventory that the product would actually sell?

I think so.

And I also know for a fact, that you don’t need to spend $3500 to learn how to sell on amazon either!

It will all be explained here.

I for one will be soaking up these guys’ wisdom.

What Are Your Money-Making Goals?

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Affiliate Profit MasterclassWhether you love money, or just love what type of lifestyle it provides for you, chances are you’ve thought about what you need to feel comfortable, and what you need to feel “rich”. Whatever numbers you’ve come up with, there are a variety of ways to reach your goals. One of them is to slave away at a dead end job and keep wishing for more. A better way is to create a profitable affiliate marketing income that also allows you to have plenty of free time.

I wanted to share this new course with you that my friend JP Schoeffel designed. It’s called Affiliate Profit Masterclass and it teaches everything you need to know to make the big bucks with affiliate marketing. It offers never-before-released information that the most successful affiliate marketers are using to make 6-figure income. It even comes with a valuable free bonus!

I know you are going to be thrilled with how easy and effective this course makes affiliate marketing for anyone—from beginners to advanced markers! The Affiliate Profit Masterclass will teach give you a ton of resources to take your affiliate marketing efforts to new levels of success, including the best affordable ways to market.

No-Cost Affiliate Training Webinar

Posted October 11th, 2014 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Affiliate Marketing

I’ve got some great news for you. JP is holding a training section you can join at NO COST! In this 1-hour ‘live’ webinar, he will share with you some of his best tactics.

He’s been among the top affiliates for now 10 years. Here is what he will cover during this free session:

– The biggest mistakes affiliate marketers are making that could cost you a fortune
– How to avoid these mistakes to profit significantly while others hemorrhage money non-stop
– Battle-tested advice from decades of affiliate marketing success
– How to make sure people buy through your link
– and much more…

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