Online Marketer's Guide to Free Targeted Website Traffic

Online Marketer’s Guide to Free Targeted Website Traffic” by Alice Seba is a PLR package that teaches how you can generate high-quality free traffic without paying for it.

It contains:

• a 4,102-word report on proven ways to generate traffic that leads to sales
• a detailed 1,052-word checklist, so your subscribers can easily implement what you teach
• promotional e-cover graphic set, including PSD for editing
• a WordPress-based opt-in page template with which you can fill in your own information and autoresponder opt-in code easily

…and it’s all just $9.95 through the weekend.


PerkZilla just launched. And everyone is going crazy over it!

This is unlike anything you’ve seen before. That’s because PerkZilla is a viral rewards platform that makes it easy and very profitable to exponentially grow your traffic, grow your lists and grow your sales.


Simple: PerkZilla lets you set up automated referral campaigns. And that means your visitors get rewarded for telling their friends about your site!

Here’s how it works…

What you do is select one or more enticing rewards to give to visitors who refer their friends to your products, content, lead pages or other web pages. PerkZilla then automatically tracks these referrals and instantly delivers rewards as your visitors earn them.

It’s a completely hands-free way for you to get amazing traffic—much more than you could ever generate on your own! And you don’t need to spend a dime buying expensive ads!

Just think about it for a moment…

Let’s say Suzy the prospect arrives on your lead page. You ‘bribe’ her to tell your friends about your lead page by offering her an in-demand report.

Suzy tells three friends and unlocks her reward—and you just got free traffic. It’s a win-win for you both!

But it doesn’t end there…

Suzy’s three friends tell three of their friends. And those three people each tell three more people…

Before you know it, you have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new visitors. And these visitors are warm and responsive, because they’re coming to your page on the recommendation of their friends!

Simply put, word-of-mouth traffic is the most responsive traffic you can get—and the PerkZilla app makes it easy for you to encourage your entire niche to get buzzing about your business!

Best of all,it just launched today! Be one of the first to start taking advantage PerkZilla‘s benefits.

Instant Viral Cash

Would you like to generate highly targeted free viral traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and turn it in to instant money?

Discover how you can generate unlimited viral traffic and monetize it using built-in money widgets in this unique, done-for-you system.

The Instant Viral Cash software is not only about creating viral traffic and highly targeted leads but it helps you monetize them.

Instant Viral Cash lets you utilize highly engaging viral content to promote your offers on social media. You can easily share any top news or trending and engaging content in major social networks.

This tool explode your sales and affiliate income exponentially and skyrocket your subscriber list.

Instant Viral Cash makes it 10x easier to monetize viral content in multiple social media networks at the same time.

It’s only a matter of minutes to setup this tool and start using it. Video tutorials are included to show you how to setup and use the app within a few minutes.

If you are looking for an effective way to promote Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, CPA or any affiliate products, then look no further.

This is the ultimate shortcut to unlimited social media viral traffic that only a few know about.


A brand new, point-and-click software that gets you free, viral traffic on autopilot has just been released.

Autopilot traffic generation is really not a myth. SociAutomate is designed to save your time and effort on social media.

These are the features and benefits of using SociAutomate:

• Cloud-based web app
• Allows you to follow various social media accounts and see their latest and best performing posts
• Works with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
• You can then copy these posts to your own social media accounts via the app
• The posts can be copied for any platform and posted to another, i.e. Instagram -> Facebook, Twitter -> Instagram
• Works with both images and video posts
• Large videos can be cropped within the app
• The posts can be posted immediately or scheduled for a later date
• Auto-schedule features: Just add posts and they go into a schedule of posting
• Custom schedules: Choose when and how often you post to your profiles
• Clone Viral profiles: Replicate the top profiles with content that is going viral
• Recycle evergreen content: Never run out of content
• Pause and resume queues
• Post updates from one platform to another with the click of a mouse
• Spend less time managing your profiles and finding content—time-saving
• Post image to Instagram from the desktop

As you can see, this makes getting content easier than ever.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll have images and videos posted to your own social media accounts ready to go viral.

This is the easiest method for getting FREE traffic you’ve ever seen.

Automate your entire social media content marketing plan and never stress about creating or curating content ever again. SociAutomate does it while you sleep!

You have total control of your “content library”—Decide what content is posted, where it’s posted, and how often it’s posted.

Lock in your early-bird discount and use coupon code ‘AUTO10‘ for a further $10 OFF before the price increases…

How would you like your own bestselling courses with your name on it without all the research & development costs and time involved?

And be able to keep 100% of the profits…

This is your chance to grab access to this high-quality exclusive PLR licensing offer…

For literally about 1% of what it cost to develop, you can own & rebrand this evergreen in-demand content, all professionally researched and created by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason to meet their ultra-high standards on quality.

You’ll be able to sell the “Traffic Generation Video Courses” as is, modify the content, add it to a membership site, create an online or offline coaching program or incorporate it into your current training, learn from this yourself and use it in whatever way you’d like, which includes claiming authorship.

“Traffic Generation Video Courses” contains:

1) 2hrs 35mins of professionally produced video content you can say you created without having to spend weeks of editing and recording (your secret is well-kept).

2) 29,000+ words of exceptionally well written content you can say you wrote while you do something else this weekend (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

3) Unbranded pro recorded sales videos with professionally written transcripts to sell your new courses (use as is or tweak them up).

And more bonuses included!

Nothing on the market even comes close to what we’re offering right now. And yet we’ve seen licensing offers with half of what’s included in this collection go for many hundreds (even thousands) of dollars.

So you could spend the next 6 months of your life and 10 grand doing this yourself…

Or skip all the hard work, save time and money and get one of the licenses right now before the special price for Black Friday goes up.

There is a time-limited, 51% discount on the only system you need to make money in 2017.

Instant Traffic Formula is a COMPLETE system which will show you fast and easy ways to:

1) Quickly create a new blog or website (if you need one);

2) Quickly add amazing free content to your blog or website (if you need it);

3) Drive TONS of free, targeted traffic to your content (or just about anywhere), FAST;

4) Monetize your blog/site and track the traffic;


5) Create and build an e-mail list from your traffic.

Does that sound awesome or what??

Instant Traffic Formula is based on what Internet marketer Seth Young has been doing for YEARS to send free, targeted traffic to his own websites…

With some simple changes that he recently discovered that caused his traffic to SKYROCKET.

Note: the traffic does NOT come from Google or any other search engine.

Instant Traffic Formula puts YOU in control of your traffic, not the gang in Mountain View, CA.

If you are serious about creating or expanding your online business, check this out before the price goes back up.

Software Banks $100+/Day In 43 seconds…

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Push Button Traffic 2.0

Want to bank an easy $100+/day in 43 seconds or less?

That’s what this cloud-based software can achieve by getting you unlimited free traffic to any offer in less than 1 minute in 3 shockingly fast steps…

You too can be up and running TODAY and generating profit with Push Button Traffic 2.0 at the push of a button…

See how it’s done!

Who wants more targeted traffic to their websites?

It’s a no-brainer question, of course. Without traffic, you simply won’t see results. Simple as that.

It doesn’t matter what offers or services you’re promoting, because if you aren’t seeing results for yourself, then chances are you simply aren’t getting enough quality traffic to your offers.

Well I’ve got some good news for you. This new software tool allows you to get 100% zero cost, and highly TARGETED traffic with just a few simple clicks and a couple keystrokes.

Here’s PROOF from the vendor’s initial tests:

That spike in traffic isn’t garbage traffic. Check out the recent income proof for Sep and Oct 2017 campaign performance and testimonials here.

This works in ANY niche.

Traffic Trapper

The guys behind Traffic Trapper have really done their homework on this. And they have tested this software like crazy before releasing it.

The main purpose of this software is to allow you to set up an unlimited number of “traffic traps” that will generate autopilot, super-targeted traffic for your offers, which of course results in autopilot profits going straight into your PayPal account.

I’m NEVER a fan of supporting any kind of false “push button” claims to make BIG moolah in the I.M. space, but I’m telling you right now that this is as close as you’ll ever get.

Get Traffic Trapper at 61% discount now!

A brand new way to get highly targeted leads on complete autopilot has just been released.

It’s incredible, no kidding. The setup takes under 2 minutes.


ChromEngage lets you:

– Fill out a simple form (your website name, address and logo etc)
– Connect your autoresponder account
– Hit the download button and YOU’RE DONE

You’ll get a zip file that you just upload to the Google Chrome Directory where you’ll start getting free traffic and signups completely hands-free.

You can even crank up your results faster by adding their widget on your website.

You’ll still see leads coming in from the directory whether you have it on your website or not.

But, with each ChromEngage lead magnet you build, they give you a line of code (or WP plugin for even faster integration) that automatically detects the browser and recommends they add your extension.

When someone adds your Chrome extension to their browser 4 POWERFUL things instantly happen for you:

1) You’re able to send unlimited push notifications (no fees, charges, usage limits).
2) You’ll display a lead capture form, adding them to your e-mail list.
3) You’ll be getting an incredible SEO boost from Google themselves (in their directory).
4) You’ll also get free search traffic within the directory itself.

All completely hands-free after the easy setup.

It sounds surprising that no one else has created something this simple-to-use, yet completely automated lead generation method before—from one of the biggest directories (over 1.4 billion people use this!), but the idea is ingenious.

Probably because the impression is Chrome extensions are expensive to build and complicated to get approval by the Big G (Google).

But ChromEngage has removed ALL the tech hassles.

Submitting it to the Google Directory was shockingly simple; you just upload the zip file and that’s it. It takes about 15-30 minutes for your file to populate across the Internet, then it’s live and has already gone to work for you.

All you need to first do is pay a $5 fee to request developer access, gain approval and have the right to add up to 20 extensions to their directory (nothing like iTunes that charges over $100 a year!).

Everyone should be using this because it’s so easy, literally anyone can gain more leads from this huge traffic source.

Don’t miss out on this truly unique chance to build massive lists, faster and on complete autopilot with ChromEngage.

6 Minute Profits

Imagine making $100+ per day with just 6 minutes of “work”…

Would it pay your bills?

I’m talking about over 150 bux in pure profit, every single day, in your spare time.

I’v got some exciting news for you. My good buddies Aidan Corkery and Art Flair have released their newest traffic course in which you’ll discover ALL of the secret hacks and tricks they use to generate Laser Targeted Traffic on demand in ANY NICHE and generate $100+/day!

Snatch “6 Minute Profits” on a dime sale, so make sure to show up early!

Meme Traffic Monster

My buddies Aidan Corkery and Art Flair has just launched their newest course in which you will learn how to turn something funny into a serious money-making instrument…

I dare say more than 80% of Internet marketers would not have taken memes seriously, but Aidan and Art precisely came up with profitable hacks and tricks to make use of memes to generate Laser Targeted Traffic on demand in ANY NICHE!

They were so good at it that their students could make at least $150/day! If you deal a lot in social media, “Meme Traffic Monster” can help you immensely in this area. Grab your copy now for less than $10!


The biggest obstacle to getting free traffic online is having to spend time creating content. But why would you create your own content, when you can LEVERAGE SOMEONE ELSE’s?

Big viral media sites, like ViralNova, make millions of dollars per month and they don’t even post their own content! LOL. They find and post “Other People’s Content” that has already gone viral, and profit from it.

Personally, I COULD NOT stand the fact that I WAS NOT getting paid when I share viral content on my Facebook and other social media.

Luckily, I found this software called Viralism that does all the heavy lifting for me.


• Keyword Search For Hot Trending Viral Content and Videos
• 1-Click Publish That Content To Your Website
• 1-Click Publish That Content To Social Media
• Generate Unlimited Amounts of Free Viral Traffic
• Post Viral Stories, Videos, and Trending Images

With this, it’s never been easier to leverage hot, trending viral content online, and push it out to your followers on 100% autopilot.

When you realize that this plugin does the work of like 12 employees, getting traffic and making money becomes is as simple a clicking a button.


Want viral content for your social media pages but don’t know how? SimplyViral is your solution.

It’s a cloud-based app that lets you create, schedule and publish viral content on your Facebook pages and groups on autopilot, and sources trending and most engaging content from 7 top viral content sites like Reddit, YouTube, UpWorthy, Telegraph, BuzzFeed, ViralNova, Little Things and also from Google.

It’s simply 1-2-3:

Step 1: Right inside the SimplyViral dashboard, choose what you want to post either manually, from the 7 viral sites or from Google/YouTube trending content.

Step 2: Manage where you want your post to get posted or schedule it to post later on.

Step 3: Push the button and get the viral content posted.

Some of the features of SimplyViral are:

# It automatically creates viral content.

# You can publish your content on as many fan pages and groups as you want.

# Sources content from world’s top 7 viral content websites.

# Pick the content you want, modify it or schedule to post later.

# There are full editable images and videos.

# You can also add filters and text to your posts.

# It is truly a newbie technology.

Undoubtedly your content will go viral!

# It is the ONLY app that publishes engaging content that gets you more engagement.

# It lets you get content from 7 top viral content sites on your fan pages and FB groups.

# Manage your groups and search for more groups.

# It can also search, post and schedule most trending content via Google and YouTube Trends, even search by country.

# Get more content by pulling posts from all other pages you’ve liked and post in your pages with just a few clicks.

Use coupon code “get4off” to get $4 off!

51 Winning Website Traffic Ideas

If you’re looking for some quality content you can brand, monetize and publish, go get this for free.

Alice Seba and the team at List Magnets has just made one of their popular report packages absolutely free this weekend. The topic is “51 Winning Website Traffic Ideas” and it’s a complete report package you can use to grow your list, create products from and more.

This free content package includes a 4,048-word report and a Weekly Promotion Schedule. Plus, you get promotional e-cover graphics, including a PSD for editing. Sweet!

Just hurry, this free offer is available for a few days only.


You know that social media is a source of virtually unlimited traffic.

It doesn’t matter what niche you work for, you’ll find your targeted audience here.

But before you consider it a cake walk, there are many barriers you’ll have to go through first:

– You’ll have to pay for ads and run them on social networks

– Join various public communities and keep posting there manually over and over again and many more

But my friend Dr. Amit Pareek have created a solution for this.

In just 3 easy steps, you’ll get tonnes of free viral traffic that hikes your sales and profits from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for free.

Step 1: Search keywords and insert URL where you need to get traffic and let this software get into action

Step 2: Choose your target social network to drive hordes of targeted traffic for your offers

Step 3: Enjoy Traffic and Money

That’s it. Now just rinse & repeat and get massive traffic spikes every day to your website anytime you want.

SociTrafficJet is a complete automated system which attracts real people in any niche, so you just have to sit back and watch your profits grow!

Use coupon code “socisave10” to receive $10 off!

WP Content Discovery

Who don’t want more traffic to their blogs? Download your free WP Content Discovery plugin.

This WordPress plugin promotes your posts throughout a content network in which other bloggers also activate WP Content Discovery, giving your posts increased exposure and attracting more clicks.

The demo video below best explains how it works:

Sounds good? It’s free for a 1-site license. If you like it, you can upgrade for developer’s license anytime so you can input more websites in the settings.


Imagine being able to generate endless amounts of viral traffic at no cost…in 2-3 minutes!


Not with this new piece of software!

Viraloo literally forces people to share your content online, which makes it go ‘live’ in an instant!

This means that you’ll be able to start generating traffic in any niche almost instantly and on complete autopilot.

Right now you can snatch this amazing software + training + case study with a huge discount, but hurry because the price will double very soon.

Rank Hijack

Take a look online, and you’ll see the search engines are dominated by authority websites.

For practically any keyword or term, sites like FB, Instagram, Tumblr and more are riding the top spots.

Most marketers DON’T have the authority of these sites.

Is there any way to compete for their traffic? Yes!

This sneaky tactic is 100% legal and completely untapped.

By using Rank Hijack, it becomes brain-dead easy to get active buyers in front of your offers, fast.

Without paying for ads, and without waiting.

Just targeted visitors, straight to your offers, courtesy of some of the biggest sites online.

This brand new software puts you in control, and lets you create custom campaigns that you’ll know IN ADVANCE will drive traffic.

No guessing, no struggling, no paying.

Watch the demo video to see how to steal traffic from top authority websites!

Do you want results within 24 hours?

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What if you could get real RESULTS from your marketing efforts…within 24 hours…


That’s exactly what James & Jeremy are showing you how to do today, with Traffikar.

They are getting incredible results with a very little known method you won’t see anywhere else.

This is a system that brings you HIGHLY targeted traffic on demand in ANY niche.

You don’t even need a website.
Or a list.
Or a product.
Or any experience whatsoever.

They even prove it with completely uncensored video case studies.

You get to see literally EVERYTHING they do.

You can use this traffic for anything you want.

Affiliate stuff, your own stuff, local offline stuff. You name it, it will work.

The price is super low but rising with every sale so don’t hesitate unless you want to pay more later.

Simple Crazy TrafficThe doors just opened on a great and solid new course titled “Simple Crazy Traffic“.

A truly remarkable step-by-step course showing specific traffic generating techniques. Simply put, Dave Weber is an online marketer who uses QUALITY traffic sources to increase website traffic and build a list of RAVID hungry buyers. You are seriously going to be blown away by this.

If you are serious about your business in 2016, download your free traffic sources report for less than $10 today and start to see an increase in traffic and subscribers!