Note: My head tends to glow on bright days so it gives the perception of less hair.

Thanks for the memories.

Mobshot #3: The 4 Money Mastery Graduates

Posted February 17th, 2007 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Mobshots

Practical Blog Marketing

From left: Nelson, Jolly Tan, Tan Kian Ann and Shi Heng Cheong

This mobshot was taken on February 10th, when Kian Ann run his first-ever Practical Blog Marketing workshop. A good start is better than none! I think he was really burned out. After all, it’s not easy to stand and talk the whole day.

The next run of Practical Blog Marketing will probably be 2 full days! The Blogopreneur has got so much more to share, so check details of the workshop and contact Kian Ann to reserve your seat for the next run.

Mobshot #2: Guru meets Guru

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Jolly Tan and Richard Quek

Uncle Jolly lives just a block away from me and is very good at event management, networking for business contacts and defining business processes. If I need to look up to him for help, he treats me to a drink instead…

Mobshot #1: Guru meets Gooroo

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Richard Quek and me!

About 2 weeks ago, Mr. Richard Quek dropped by so together with old friend Jolly Tan, we had supper!

Past encounters were rather brief so this time we had a great chat for more than 2 hours. I had tears in my eyes from laughter and breathlessness as he related his own adventures online, the good…MAINLY the bad and ugly crossfire-style. OMOM…

I promise you more mobshots in the future. You should take pictures for fun too.

Richard previously launched his TIMM eSeminar physical package in October 2006 for $497. Since then he received many requests for an online version that is more affordable.

So as a way of welcoming 2007, he has prepared all the softcopy versions of his materials ready on offer—the TIMM eSeminar online version. If you are interested in learning the basics of Internet marketing without all the hype, take a look here.

This is a MUST for Internet Marketing beginners.