3D Kindle Book Covers

My favourite designer (Maghfur Amin) has released his first edition of 3D cover graphics package called “3D Kindle Book Covers“.

3D Kindle Book Cover is a comprehensive collection of Professional and High Quality 3D Cover Designs made from Kindle e-book flat cover images as a basis.

But there’s more to the collection:

– Brand-New of 20+ 3D-style cover mockup
– Brand-New of 50+ Premium Kindle Book Cover Templates
– Brand-New of 30+ Complementary 3D Covers (Box, Laptop, Tablet)
– Create professional-looking 3D eBook/Kindle Covers in minutes
– Stunning covers that attract the eyeballs of potential customers
– Customize the templates quickly and easily
– FREE fonts used (provided in the download)
– Save your Time & Money
– Save thousands of Dollars TODAY!
– MEGA package for just a few dollar

The best part is you can get everything for 75% discount (under $20).

But you should hurry, the discount is only available for just 7 days!

The Get Ranked SystemWhen I first saw this course, I really thought Mark Wightley had lost his mind for sharing all of this information with anyone and everyone.

You might be wondering if he really does provide the exact steps you need to take to make over $200 per day.

I can tell you from experience that you will discover the exact steps you need to follow. Your task is to take the same steps to achieve amazing results.

Maybe you don’t believe me when I tell you that there is nothing left out at all! In his own business, he uses these methods to generate over $10,000 per month working 2-3 hours per day.

Not very many people are confident enough to guarantee your success. He does guarantee that you will find the same success when you follow his methods.

You will not want to miss this amazing chance to learn from “The Get Ranked System“. The doors of opportunity will close very shortly!

Discover how to:

* Grow your traffic
* Build your list
* Sell more products

All through the power of content and save plenty of time and money doing it. No more throwing content out there and hoping it sticks because that just sucks.

Instead, get the insider information from Alice Seba and Melody Spier, 2 content marketing experts and PLR publishers since 2006. That’s pretty much FOREVER in the world of private label rights content and you know you’re getting instruction based on real-life experience, not by someone who published a few blog posts and now thinks they’re experts. Bah!

PLR To Profits

Alice and Mel confessed to me that PLR is a great business to be in because their customers keep buying content over again and that’s why they’ve been doing it for so long. But it really bothers them when their customers buy something and don’t make the best use of it or don’t use it all. That’s why they created “PLR To Profits“, so PLR buyers like you and me could get real business-building results from publishing.

Good news, use this coupon code PLR2P to save $30 on your investment.

Just make sure you sign up quickly to get access to the bonus ‘live’ training. They’re going to show you how to quickly create and promote your own hot selling products using PLR content. That bonus is available until tomorrow night only.

I can’t wait to get in on the bonus training myself. See you there!

P1 Video Magnet Suite EnterpriseRegardless of the business model you run to make profits today…

…whether you sell affiliate products via niche websites…

…physical products via Shopify or Amazon…

Or maybe you do a local lead generation…

They all require one thing—lots of TRAFFIC daily.

We both know that an online business without traffic is a DEAD business.

Therefore, I got an opportunity to share with you something truly powerful.

It’s an automatic, FREE traffic generation system!

Watch this video and learn how to drive lots of FREE traffic to all your websites daily.

See the best way to profit on Kindle.

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Kindle Elite

This is a case of Kindle expertise that runs in the family…

James not only making $100,000+ on Kindle, he also reveals his secret know-how to his family members…and they also started bringing in the BIG KINDLE BUCKS!

You too can start generating quick cash on Kindle because James is sharing the secrets to his blockbuster Kindle success.

Discover how to become a 6-figure Kindle publisher while outranking prestigious authors who are supposedly “more experienced” than you, and make a really great living online. Visit Kindle Elite now.

My friends Anik, Jimmy and Fred just partnered up to release a brand new product called Leads Tunnel.

It’s a cloud-based software that connects the brand new Facebook Leads Ad system to your favorite autoresponder, CRM, or webinar platform.

And here’s the best parts…

1. It doesn’t store your leads (100% safe security)
2. It lets you do MULTIPLE opt ins (Webinar + autoresponder + CRM at once)
3. It’s priced at about 80% less than the competition!

Watch the demo, it’s a MUST-SEE!

Project Supremacy

So your website is down in the SEO doldrums?

Watch how a stunning piece of software can help you actually rank in Google without a ton of work and without risk of being ‘slapped’.

Even if you have NO experience and have never done this before.

If you haven’t picked Project Supremacy up yet, then you need to get serious with SEO right now, because it is fast, easy and proven…the best opportunity to get good rankings yet.

Ignoring thousands of free Google visitors each month is lighting money on fire. You need this no matter what type of website you have or what industry you’re in.

You can use this for clients and turn a profit within 24 hours when you follow the steps.

You can use this to rent websites out for thousands of dollars a month very, very quickly.

You use this so you can say goodbye to paid traffic!

People are seeing more free traffic and sales just by installing this simple plugin one time, and it comes with LOTS of learning resources which you can take advantage of.

It’s already working for hundreds of newcomers. Don’t you want to be next? Click here.

LORDAQ Massive Subscribers 2.0If that is the case, you really need to download “LORDAQ Massive Subscribers 2.0” where Henry Gold will show you in detail the EXACT steps to build your list, really FAST even if you are a complete newbie.

Henry breaks each step in great details on what you need to do to attract massive targeted subscribers where people will be more than happy to send you massive cash your way.

On top of that, you will see all the details on how a newbie can build 12,000+ subscribers by working as little as 37 minute per day. HECK, you don’t need to be an expert in your niche. However, you need to study the steps Henry about to share with you on this step-by-step blueprint. That’s all it takes.

What if you could make $17 for every ONE PERSON you got to click a link?

Yes, that’s ONE CLICK.

Can you imagine what would happen if you scaled that up to 10, 100, or 1000 clicks?

This rinse-and-repeat method will have you worry about money no more.

You’re about to find out how my pals Richard Legg and Jason Parker are doing it and they are going to show you with ALL the proof to back it up.

Commission Accelerator

* Commission Accelerator *


Amplifire just went live at the limited Early Bird Launch Price!

This is a truly incredible software that just has to be seen to be believed…

This is a simple yet powerful solution to a MASSIVE problem…as people are becoming increasingly ‘blind’ to traditional opt-in forms…

“Amplifying” your call-to-action with full-screen Conversion Mats is the solution…

Command your visitors’ attention from the moment they enter your website with full-screen calls-to-action (Conversion Mats) that show when visitors land on your website.

Use these Conversion Mats to get more e-mail opt-ins and entice visitors with offers, discount vouchers & contests upon entry.

These are proven conversion booster, used by some of the biggest sites on the planet, and they work on ANY website, even ones you don’t own.

I’m sure you’ll love Amplifire as much as I do!

But hurry, because the Early Bird Offer is closes in just a few hours.

4 Benefits Of Starting A Membership Site

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Member FactoryThe membership site business model is proven to stay. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a business that gets you:

– Recurring Income
– Predictability of Income
– Long-Term Growth
– High Value of Each Customer

However, the biggest hurdle that stops most marketers is TECHNOLOGY, and out-dated tech for that matter.

There’s a NEW player in town, and already it’s being called the NEW STANDARD in membership software by EXPERTS. Member Factory takes care of web development, web design, and your hosting, such that WITHIN JUST 5 MINUTES, you can build professional, profit-generating membership sites.

Watch the video and see how cool these features are:

– 25+ Responsive Membership Design Templates
– Loads of Different Content Layout Templates
– Easy Management of All Membership Sites
– EASY Members Management
– Payment Integration (supports one-time/subscriptions)
– Integrated Checkout Design Templates
– Email API Integration (top platforms)
– Fully-Customizable Transactional E-mails for Members
– Publish Content Immediately, Scheduled or Dripfeed
– Comment Engagement & Moderation
– Robust Sales & Forecasting Reporting

All of this (and more) will help you create multiple income streams at a FRACTION of the cost of other competitors, like Kajabi, Wishlist, aMember, s2member, and Infusionsoft which the design team, Stefan van der Vlag, Deep Arora and Sam Bakker have taken note of in order to make and differentiate Member Factory as the best possible membership site software yet.

Bring in the NEW with Member Factory today!

WP Segmenting Machine

List Building Segmenting and Automation is a list builder’s dreams come true…

And almost all autoresponders don’t have it. If they have it, you need to pay much more…

This tool will set you free from hassle and from hefty price tag…

WP Segmenting Machine is the one and only plugin that does automation like Infusionsoft for GetResponse, AWeber and MailChimp users.

It allows you to:

– Increase The Open Rate Of Your Emails

– Improve Your E-mail Clickthrough Rate

– Make More Sales

– Reduce Unsubscriber Rates

by segmenting list that you cannot do unless using expensive software.

Would you like to take your e-mail marketing campaigns to the next level?

Get the best WP plugin for list segmenting and automation with a HUGE discount today!

StickyPostIf I told you there was a way you could ETHICALLY ‘superglue’ visitors to your website, would you be interested?

See how it works here.

You see, how much buzz and revenue you make all comes down to one thing: Engagement.

If your visitors are only staying on your page for 10 seconds at a time, you’re not going to be earning anywhere near your potential.

But there’s a way…a way you can ethically force your visitors to stay around longer, click more ads and engage with your content.

It’s called “StickyPost” and it’s a brand new WordPress plugin that my good friend, Cindy Battye, has released.

It’s SUPER simple to set up, and having seem some of the results it’s already generating…

I’m amazed more people aren’t already doing it!

Get your hands on this revolutionary software, and I look forward to hearing all your success stories!

WP Income Formula

If you are into WordPress development and monetization, I have a new PLR product just for you!

Dr. Amit Pareek & Eric Holmlund have created 2 sets of awesome high-quality video training courses on:

– How To Build WordPress Sites, and
– How You Can Make The Best Use Of WordPress For HUGE Profits

Here’s exactly what you will get:

A. 26 step-by-step Video Lessons

B. Ready-to-Go Sales Material:
– Professional Sales Page,
– Hypnotizing Sales copy,
– Sales page Graphics &
– Product Images etc.

C. Ready-to-Go Minisites including:
– Product Download Pages,
– Contact us page and
– Other Legal Pages

D. Cool Bonuses:
– Ready to go Affiliate Page
– Ready to Go Affiliate banners
– Ready to Go Affiliate swipes etc.

E. Bonuses to offer on sales pages:
– Mind Map
– Cheat sheet
– Top resource report

It would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create a collection like this, but they made this a no-brainer by putting it out there at a very low price so you can reposition them as your own assets for training your clients and make your own profits in the shortest time possible!

Take advantage and grab WP Income Formula with Full PLR Rights NOW because it’s available only for a few days!

Youzign 2.0 is a product of over 24 months of intensive development and improvement work based on in-depth research and passion for art and design.

The result?

A graphics software app you can use to create and save designs for over 30+ graphics formats including Facebook, Twitter, infographics, Kindle covers, flyers, YouTube channel arts, business cards, headers, banners, e-book covers, and more online…all within a single platform.

Youzign 2.0 is a cloud-based graphics app that also comes with desktop versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and mobile apps for your Android and iOS devices.

It is also integrated with some of your favourite marketing apps like Funnelkit Go, WordPress, Smartmember, etc.

You can be rest assured there’s nothing like this “game changer” anywhere else online.

Now here’s the thing…Youzign 2.0 just launched on a heavy early bird discount, and if you move fast now you can take advantage of this discount and secure yourself access to the most advanced graphics software tool in our industry today.

Get instant access to Youzign 2.0 today.

Whiteboard Madness v2

Are you struggling to get good conversions for your videos?

Here’s the solution to make your videos STAND OUT from the crowd and finally get attention from your prospects.

Lucas Adamski just launched a brand-new whiteboard graphics bundle called Whiteboard Madness Volume 2.

Whiteboard Madness features 1,600+ premium quality, whiteboard video graphics to make your videos more ENGAGING & skyrocket your conversions!

All of these mind-blowing video graphics are compatible with popular video creators, like VideoMaker FX, Explaindio, VideoScribe, Powerpoint and more!

And it’s so EASY to use them! Just open your favorite video creator, load the graphics & start animations!

Now you’ll be able to create money-getting videos in a matter of minutes with no technical skills required.

But hurry up! Grab your copy TODAY and secure a “launch special” pricing before it’s gone.

eCom Subscription Pro

Well, to be precise 4,145,799.08 US Dollars and yes, generated and banked in a single month!

All from using a simple new e-commerce system that can be applied by ANYONE, from complete newbie beginner through to experienced entrepreneur.

This A-Z blueprint system will allow you to follow in the footsteps of a proven leader in the field, whilst at the same time being adaptable enough to be applied to any product in any niche.

If you’re going to play “Follow the Leader”, make sure you’re following the right one.

It’s not Ebay.
It’s not Amazon.
It’s Not Shopify.

This is something totally new and totally different.

Check out this revolutionary new system: eCom Subscription Pro

Time-Saving Facebook Cheatsheet

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Reed Floren has put together a time-saving resource which allows you to search the Internet for tons of FREE training about Facebook.

Here’s why you need to grab a copy of this Facebook Cheatsheet:

1. If you are are new to Facebook and are confused and frustrated, this cheatsheet will give you the answers you need to learn how you can profitably use Facebook.

2. If you create training or blog posts and think you’ll create content on Facebook, this will cut your research time in half. You’ll be able to instantly search 40+ resources about Facebook with just a few mouse clicks.

3. If you make your living using Facebook or train others on how to use Facebook, you’ll love how this cheatsheet allows you to stay abreast of any changes.

4. Affiliate marketer, do you promote Facebook training programs? Now you can keep up to date on all the Facebook info products and software that you can promote as an affiliate.

Grab Your Copy Now. It’s Only $1 But It’s On A Dime Sale And Rising FAST!

Explaindio Video FX transforms any mediocre looking video into an eye catching blockbuster that skyrockets conversion from viewers to subscribers and buyers.

It is your 3-step solution to awesome videos:

+ Just Drag & Drop Video, Chose Visual Effect, And Start
+ 40 Amazing Build-In Customizable Video Effects (pro)
+ Turns Dull Video Into A Shining Attention Grabber Star
+ Unlimited Source of Blurred Video Backgrounds
+ No Experience Required—Super Easy To Use
+ Commercial License To Produced Videos

This time the Explaindio team not only amazingly over-delivered on Explaindio Video FX but also, you can get Explaindio One video creator completely for free if you chose the PRO option on front end, which I highly recommend anyway.

Explaindio One is the previous version of Explaindio Video Creator, which is still the only Video Creator on the market with Animation, Whiteboard Sketch & HD Video in single software.


You’ve got three seconds.

That’s how long it takes for your customer to form a first impression of your business and a first impression of you.

That’s why if you’re meeting in person, you dress like someone your client will respect, because that way they’ll look at you and be more likely to trust you (more likely to hire you too).

Obviously if someone finds your product or website online, they’re not going to see you. So they’re going to form their first impression based on something else.

And this new app will let you GUARANTEE that it’s a good one.

This is from Joey Xoto, David Chamberlain and Jamie Garside.

Kinda like us, they’re what you call “serial entrepreneurs”. They’ve got a track record at developing great products.

And every time they made a new product, they needed to make an impact.

And that’s how this stylish logo design software called Brandrr happened.

Instead of doing the guesswork yourself, or hiring an expensive designer, Brandrr can do everything for you at the push of a button, time and time again.

Check out the video and see just how good your business and your clients’ (which means you can provide logo design as a service too!) can look.