Kindle Publishing Template Package

Great news for you if you’re a Kindle publisher and it comes from Alice Seba and Ron Douglas, veteran online marketers who, hands down, make the best marketing and publishing templates out there!

This package is all about Kindle publishing and chock-full of templates that you can use, whether you publish fiction or non-fiction. You can even choose to use the templates for any client work you do…or grab the private label rights to resell the templates too.

You will find:

• Bio Templates with Samples (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Book Sales Page Templates with Samples (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Book Outline Worksheets (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Topic Research Worksheet (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Kindle Templates (Fiction and Non-Fiction) with Formatting Guide
• Kindle Publishing Checklists (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
• Book Cover Image Templates (Fiction and Non Fiction)

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Download Your 7-Figure Copywriting Manuals!

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Copywriting is one of those things that you just have to learn.

Whether you like writing or not there’s no doubt that everything starts with words.

If you struggle to write good sales copy, then you’ll need these 5 manuals

Copywriting Class Part 1

* Why The Top Is The Most Important Aspect?
* Writing A Powerful Headline
* Understanding The Psychology Of Headlines
* Headlines Examples
* Headline Swipes You Can Use

Copywriting Class Part 2

* The Body Of The Copy
* Maintaining The Flow Till The End
* Write It Like Telling A Story
* Build It Up Through Pain, Aggravation and Solution
* Presenting The Offer

Copywriting Class Part 3

* Securing The Order
* Using Guarantees
* Using P.S.
* Structuring The Order Page To Complete The Order
* Using An Exit Script In Case They Reject The Offer
* How To Write A Good Thank You Page So Your Customer Feels Appreciated
* Ways To Minimize Your Refund Rates

ADDED BONUS! Product Creation Class

* The Most Important Thing When Writing An E-Book
* How To Craft The Best Topic For Your Product To Catch The Attention Of Buyers
* Drafting Out Your Table Of Contents
* Writing It Yourself versus Outsourcing
* How To Outsource
* Dealing With People You Hire To Create Your Product
* Developing A Long Term Working Relationship With The People You Outsource To

ADDED BONUS! Sell Like A Pro

* Simple Copywriting Tips
* The Nature Of The Offer
* What Is It People Really Want?
* How Do You Engage Your Prospects
* Things You Must Look Out For

Download the entire package for free!

Social Media Template Package

Here is another special deal you can grab from veteran marketers, Alice Seba and Ron Douglas, for a limited time. They make these AMAZING template packages and I knew you’d love this one to rev up your social media marketing…or for your clients and customers.

The Social Media Template Package includes:

● Insiders Social Media Strategy Guide
● Social Media Plan Checklist and Brainstorming Sheet
● 7 Social Media Site Checklists (all the big ones in this one)
● 2016-2017 Social Media Content Planner
● Visual Guide to Social Media Site Posts and Image Size Specifications
● Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler Tool and Guide
● 149 Selected Success/Motivational/Inspirational Quotes
● 20 Graphics with Success/Motivational/Inspirational Quotes
● 20 Eye-Catching Blank Graphics to Work Your Magic On

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Download 930+ brand new Video & Graphic Assets!

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Do you struggle to get your videos noticed? Do customers stop watching your video before they get to the end? Do your videos look like everyone else’s?

Now here is the solution to make your videos STAND OUT from the crowd and finally get attention from your viewers.

Wizard Video Kit

Deni Iskandar & Lucas Adamski have just released Wizard Video Kit, a brand new HUMONGOUS pack of animated characters, video elements and props. All of the assets come in animated AND static format which makes them compatible with pretty much any software for making videos.

Here’s what you will get inside:

– 200 Vector Characters
– 120 Animated Characters
– 76 Animated Icons
– 200 Vector Icons
– 100 Vector Elements
– 15 Full HD Transitions
– 25 Motion Shapes
– 150 Royalty Free Music
– And more…

That’s a total of 930+ unique video assets in this massive package.

Download Wizard Video Kit before the discounted launch price goes up!

PLR is one of those things that you either get or look at with a blank face.

If you’re not making at least $10k a month from your PLR products, then there’s plenty for you to learn.

So today I’m giving you free access to 4 training manuals that cover practically every way you can cash in with PLR.

PLR Know How – Beginner’s Guide

* What the Heck is PLR?
* Origins of PLR
* Enter Internet Marketing
* PLR Benefits
* Rules Of PLR
* How to use PLR
* Power Of Leverage
* Common Mistakes of PLR Buyers

PLR Know How – Intermediate Guide

* Creating Killer E-Books with PLR
* Creating Audio Courses using PLR
* Tapping into the Power Of Videos
* Conquer E-Mail Marketing With PLR
* Viral Marketing – PLR Style
* Building A Membership Site With PLR
* PLR Most Common Questions (FAQ)

PLR Know How – Advance Guide

* Giveaway Events
* The “Big Marketing Book” Strategy
* Affiliate E-book Giveaway Strategy
* Podcasting PLR For Profits
* Offline Lead Generation
* Squeeze Page or Opt-In Page
* Condensed “Special Reports”
* The Power Of Viral Videos
* Use It As A Bonus
* Monetize via AdSense on Blogs
* Personal Branding With PLR
* Autopilot Profits – E-Mail Training Courses

PLR Know How – Guru Guide

* Use PLR To Create A Physical Book
* Seminar Marketing using PLR Content
* Create Your Own Product Launch
* Creating Your Super E-Course
* Newspaper And Magazine Publishing
* The Ultimate Authority
* The Ultimate PLR Blueprint Strategy

Affiliate Marketing Template Package

If you’re ready to get serious about affiliate marketing in the new year, this is for you. Veteran Internet marketers, Alice Seba and Ron Douglas, are famous for their easy-to-use fill-in-the-blanks marketing templates and this Affiliate Marketing Template Package is perfect for getting organized and making more money through affiliate marketing.

You can even choose to license the templates, so you can give them to your own customers, use them for client work and more.

The package includes:

• Insider’s Affiliate Marketing Strategy Guide
• Evaluating a Good Affiliate Program Checklist
• Promoting an Affiliate Product Checklist
• Affiliate Network Comparison Chart
• Product Review Template with Sample
• Product Comparison Template with Sample
• Affiliate Account Tracking Spreadsheet
• Product Seller Contact Templates
• Bonus Offer Page Template and Sample
• Bonus Offer Page Video Script and Sample
• 7-Part Proven E-Mail Follow-Up Series

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WP Post Profit Maximizer

I have a WordPress plugin for you. It’s free but powerful.

The WP Post Profit Maximizer allows you to add (append) ANY kind of content to your blog posts.

All you need to do is add the content of your choice to 1 simple text file, and that’s it. The plugin will then automatically publish your content at the bottom of every post you make.

What kind of content you want to add, is totally up to you. You can use the WP Post Profit Maximizer to generate more traffic, get leads, earn money…The sky is the limit!

Here are a few good ideas:

• Earn money by adding (AdSense) ads or affiliate banners
• Get more traffic by adding traffic exchange codes that earn you credits every time you show them on your site
• Get more leads by adding a sign up form
• Increase social traffic by adding social share & follow buttons
• Promote your social profiles: add a Facebook badge or a Twitter Timeline widget
• Add a Pinterest Board or Profile widget
• Add a “Related Posts” widget
• Get more engagement by adding a poll or (social) quiz.
• Make sure your visitors will come back by adding an addictive game.
• Add ANY WP plugin features by using shortcodes

Creativity is the key; this plugin takes care of everything else…

Did I mention it’s totally free? And that you get 2 extra WP plugins as a bonus?

Don’t let this chance pass you by! Grab it now while it is still free!


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Super Sales Machine

Just having an e-mail list doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to make any money.

Sadly, an extremely large percentage of people with e-mail lists have absolutely no clue how to effectively market to their subscribers.

This video course will go through all the essentials to help you generate the maximum amount of cash from your list.

1. E-Mail Marketing Revealed – What e-mail marketing means to your business and why you must do it effectively from day one.

2. Cater Your Writing – How to customize your writing in a way that makes individual readers interested and want to read your messages.

3. Content Tips – How to write content that grabs your readers attention and guides them through the message and towards the action you want them to take!

4. Campaign Management – The secret tactics of managing your campaigns in a systematic way that guarantees results!

5. Getting Results – How to take what you’ve learned and apply it quickly for maximum results in minimum time.

6. Increasing Conversions – Tricks and tweaks you can make now to increase the response of any campaign!

7. Subject Lines & Bribes – Two little tricks in e-mail marketing that could change the way you market through e-mail forever!

Split Test MonkeyIf you’re like a lot of marketers, you might think split-testing is a hassle.

Maybe you do it, but not as much as you should because of the hassle. Or maybe you’ve never even tried, just because the whole thing seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

You know what? We used to feel the same way. Split-testing was cumbersome. It was confusing. And we didn’t really get a whole lot of benefit from it…at FIRST.

But then we figured out where we were going wrong, and everything changed. Suddenly our conversions were higher. Sales were going up. Our mailing lists & revenue were both growing. So what changed? What did we do to turn things around?

We figured out the solutions to the 3 common problems that most everyone we talk to has had (maybe you have too?). Here’s what we discovered:

Problem 1: Not Knowing Where to Start

When you really look at your business, there are just TONS of things you can test. It’s easy to get distracted for weeks at a time and start testing the things that don’t really matter. And when that happens, you don’t get much benefit. Which makes split-testing seem like it’s not worth the trouble. If you want to get the most out of your split testing, then here’s what you need to do…

Focus on testing those factors that are going to have the BIGGEST impact on your conversion rates. Sure, it’s cool to discover something that will give your campaigns a 15% lift in conversions. But it’s much more profitable to focus on tests that can generate huge lifts—we’re talking doubling or tripling your conversion rates.

Your headline is one of these factors. Your overall offer is another (positioning, price, etc).  If you focus on these two things, you’re going to see the biggest gains in the shortest amount of time. You can bet on it. Next…

Problem 2: Split-Testing Requires Techie Skills

A lot of marketers really excel at marketing, but the whole tech side of thing isn’t really their forte. Problem is, so many testing tools require you to install a script on your site, customize this script, and then jump through all sorts of technical hoops just to get one split-test off the ground.

That may sound like a code geek’s dream. But for everyone else, it’s a nightmare. And it’s the kind of nightmare that can totally turn you off of the idea of split-testing altogether.

The good news is that there is now a solution to this big problem. And that solution is to use web-based testing software. When you use web-based tools (which we’ll tell you about one in just a few moments), you don’t need to download, install or customize anything.

You don’t need any techie skills. All you have to do is log into a dashboard, create your split-test, and you’re literally ready to go in just a few minutes with a few clicks of your mouse. It’s super easy! And finally…

Problem 3: Split Testing Practically Requires a PhD In Statistics

Split-testing used to be really confusing. That’s because so many of the split-testing tools were designed for statisticians and uber-geeks. We mean these tools were being used by guys with pocket protectors whose sole job was to crunch numbers for a multi-million dollar enterprise.

So the good news is that today’s tools, like Split Test Monkey, are a huge improvement over those complex tools of yesterday. Split Test Monkey is powerful enough for big business, but easy enough to use for a complete beginner. And you don’t need to know a lick about statistics, because these tools do the number crunching for you.

Today might be the day you finally see split testing as simple, quick and yes, even fun. Get a copy of Split Test Monkey and save yourself 20% when you enter discount code MONKEY20 at checkout!

[40% Discount] GetResponse Pro Package

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If you had the resources, wouldn’t you love to combine the marketing power of e-mail, landing pages, and webinars? You’d have better engagement. Better conversions. Better sales.


GetResponse has improved so much that it can no longer be considered as just an autoresponder service. It has introduced the “next big thing”—a Pro Package that brings you all of those resources integrated into one account. It’s perfect for pros and aspiring pros!


We did the math: combining other solutions would cost around $230 per month. But the powerful GetResponse Pro Package is only $49/month.

Now you can lock in that package with an even deeper discount of up to 40% off each package. This means you can
pay as little as $29/month for complete marketing solution including e-mail marketing, landing page creation, webinars and marketing automation.


GetResponse has set a limit on the number of accounts to offer at these ridiculously low prices (at 1000). What a great way to build or grow your online business. Grab the marketing solution of your dreams at a discounted price today!

Super Sales Machine

Whilst the words “product creation” rolls off the tongue very easily, DOING is a completely different ball game.

And after teaching the art of creating products to my private coaching students, it’s becoming very clear to me that this is a subject that needs mastering.

So today I have 5 powerful manuals that will guide you through the process of creating your own products.

Inside you’ll discover…

* Choosing Your Market
* Researching It’s Profitability
* Gauging It’s Demand
* Passion Versus Profitability

* Simple Copywriting Tips
* The Nature Of The Offer
* What Is It People Really Want?
* How Do You Engage Your Prospects

* The Attention Of Buyers
* How To Outsource
* Dealing With People You Hire
* Choosing Your PLR Topic For Your Product
* Presenting The Product
* Getting Sales

And much more…


The e-commerce revolution marches on. Here is one place even newbies can get started on the right footing and secure their share of this $2.3 trillion goldmine!

Sellosity is an e-commerce store building platform to fast-track you towards e-commerce success right away!

Built right into Sellosity are these main tools:

[+] A Drag-&-Drop Store Builder makes it EASY for you to build a beautiful, fully-functional online store within minutes

[+] Predictive, Real-Time Analytics enables you to see at-a-glance what small changes you can make to increase sales by as much as 73%

[+] SmartMail trigger-based e-mail marketing allows you to drive engagement, recover lost sales and earn up to $84 more per sale

It also contains step-by-step e-commerce training you need to build a profitable business.

Best of all, you won’t be nickeled and dimed for every additional feature; so much is already built right into Sellosity and you’re getting it all up front!

So save you from the HUGE monthly fees associated with most e-commerce platforms and grab Sellosity now!

Adsviser 2.0

Given that Facebook is among the top 3 biggest pools of human traffic, you probably know how important Facebook ads are.

But the biggest problem with Facebook ads is that you never know what kind of ad copy, ad image, targeted audience and interest would really work for you…

How would you like to identify and reverse-engineer the most successful Facebook ads right now?

By using Adsviser 2.0, a web based app that helps you research and spy on the most profitable Facebook ads that your competitors are running.

Imagine being able to know what physical and digital products top Facebook marketers are promoting and selling on Facebook…

And being able to find out all about them…their ad copy, their targeted audience, their landing pages and tons more data you were never supposed to see.

That’s exactly what Adsviser 2.0 helps you do.

It’s a 100% must have tool for any Internet marketers out there.

With Adsviser 2.0, you can:

[+] Spy on 600,000 profitable Facebook ads, and by extension, discover profitable niches
[+] See exactly what demographics your competitors target
[+] Spy on over 10,000 profitable Facebook video ads
[+] Spy over 4,500 profitable Instagram ads
[+] Tons of mobile ads to spy on
[+] Access to millions of dark posts and viral niche posts
[+] Ads from 39+ new countries added in last 1 year.
[+] Tons of filters to help you find the right ad
[+] ability to spy on your competitors and get updated every time they run a new campaign

And a bunch more.

You’d think a powerful software like this would cost a lot or a monthly subscription; not at all. Secure your $6 discount with code “6off” now!

Can you make $200 in 20 minutes?

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Emergency Commissions

What do you get when you combine the brains of Henry Gold and Desmond Ong?

Answer: More cash faster.

Last I heard 3 years ago, Desmond was making $500/day and Henry was making $800/day.

Till this day, they are still in the online business. I’m sure they are making much more now.

And I’m so glad they hit me up regarding this new “business model” which they come up with together, and I want to share it to you as well.

Simple, 20 minutes a day and you will possibly get 150-200/day. Not bad for starting with nothing. Not bad for newbies and starters.

Get some Emergency Commissions now!

Let’s make no mistake…your subscriber list is your business!

If you want your business to thrive online that you absolutely need an e-mail list.

Today’s free training session includes a 2-hour course covering everything from:

* Real List Building Success – Learn the secrets of not only building a list but doing it fast, doing it right, and doing it profitably.

* A New Approach To Getting Subscribers – here you are going to learn the unconventional, yet highly effective system the big dogs course shows you for building a list.

* Getting Results Fast – learn how to generate your first subscriber within 24 hours and how to create a snowball effect of subscribers!

* Promoting You – how to sell yourself so that people want to hear from you and so they are receptive to trust you and make a purchase either now or sometime in the future!

* Reason Why For Subscribers – give your subscribers the ultimate reason to subscribe to your list and to stay subscribers for life using this easy to implement tactic.

* Effective Game Plan – create a plan that helps you achieve your list building goals whether it’s a list of 500 or a list of 50,000!

* Traffic To Your List Page – the simple way to generating highly qualified visitors to your subscription page!

Plus so much more!

Once you have a sizeable and responsive mailing list, you’ll have the power to send traffic to any offer on demand. So selling your own products will become a breeze!

Did you know that your videos on their own isn’t enough to make your online business a success.

With so many video creation tools on the marketplace, it’s because viewers are being entertained, but not excited to take action.

If you’re still struggling to transform your viewers into customers, then this is definitely the missing ingredient to your success.

Scratch Vidz

Introducing Scratch Vidz, a completely new web-based solution unlike anything that has ever come on the marketplace.

It’s a completely new and revolutionary way for you to get more leads and sales with your videos.

Here’s an overview of what Scratch Vidz can do for you:

• Get More Viral Traffic for your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
• Get More Opt-Ins from your videos using Scratch Cards
• Over 40 different Scratch Card Designs to choose from
• Powerful Video Player with 100% Design Customization
• Integrate with Pretty much EVERY Autoresponder out there
• Super Easy-To-Use Interface
• Built-in Facebook Fan Page & Group Management Automation Engine
• 100% Fully Responsive for Desktops, Laptops & Mobile Devices
• 100% Web-Based, so Messy Installations

The fact is people love videos and they love to play games so when you combine the two it’s transformed into something awesome, that will truly grow your business.

See Scratch Vidz in action and lock on the introductory price before it’s too late.

Eating Healthy

Today you can grab yourself a high-quality PLR product and start making sales!

If you are into the health niche, or better still, in a diet or food niche, this is for you. This PLR product is called “Eating Healthy: Quality Life Through Quality Bites“. Its topic is definitely in-demand in 2016 (and many years ahead!)

Here’s a full list of what you are going to get inside “Eating Healthy” PLR:

* Module 1: Premium Quality E-Book (Stunning Chapter Graphics Included)
* Module 2: Complete Checklist
* Module 3: Comprehensive Mind Map
* Module 4: High Converting Sales Page & “Thank You” Page
* Module 5: Hypnotizing Video Sales Letter
* Module 6: Exclusive Lead Magnet
* Module 7: Professional Landing Page
* Module 8: Follow-up E-Mail Series
* Module 9: Stunning, Professional-Looking Graphics
* Module 10: License Certificates + 3 Fast-Action Bonuses you cannot miss!

The year end is coming and you know what this means: People are going to BINGE and OVEREAT!

So this premium PLR package will be a perfect fit for this holiday season, and your chance to be their ‘superhero’!

Also, don’t forget that this excellent PLR can be an additional income stream for you!

With FULL Private Label Rights, you can easily:

-> SELL IT as is and keep 100% of the profits
-> Use it for PERSONAL USE
-> Put your name on it and be the AUTHOR
-> Give Away As BONUS When Customers Buy From Your Link
-> Use it as a LEAD MAGNET
-> Retitle, Edit and Profit!
-> Use It As UPSELL For More Moolah!
-> Sell It As A Kindle Book & much much more!

Just make ONE sale and you’re on your way to continuous and never-ending profits. Simply send traffic to this evergreen product!

Better news? “Eating Healthy” PLR is running an Early Bird Special right now and you can grab your copy at a MASSIVE discount!

So HURRY! Don’t miss out on this hard-to-come-by opportunity.

All you need to do is:

1. Download the product
2. Do some mix, match and tweak as desired
3. Upload it
4. Add some traffic And you start profiting as soon as today!

Super Sales Machine

Goals are great to have but hard to keep.

Every person ideally should have several goals in life and whilst they may not be all achievable in one lifetime, having these goals allows you to exercise focus and develop a strong mind.

As a personal development speaker once said, “Aim high…even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.”

Today’s free reports include ways to think big, how to tap into unlimited energy and show you how to take advantage of lesson known traffic techniques.

Grab your 5 free reports; no opt-in required!

YT Gorilla

You’ve heard of all the ways to rank YouTube videos but you have never seen anything like this.

This new video cloudware tool cracked the code to YouTube rankings in a huge way and every other tool you’ve ever heard of just became obsolete.

It’s so powerful yet it’s an almost hands-off method that makes your videos surge to the top of YouTube rankings with hardly any effort on your part.

The tool he uses is, YT Gorilla, and it’s a break-through in YouTube video ranking. It’s 100% cloud-based giving you thousands of markets to enter at a click of a button.

The tool does all the heavy lifting while your videos simply skyrocket up the ranks.

Here’s how it works…

STEP 1: Search SEO-guarded keyword tags your competitors are using

STEP 2: Let YT Gorilla automatically define their top markets

STEP 3: Observe every lucrative making-money keyword available you can now incorporate into your own video campaigns and go make bank!

Days, weeks and months are saved in the process. Your competition never sees you coming in to grab your share of the market they did all the hard work, for thanks to YT Gorilla.

You just found a secret affiliate commissions weapon like no other…

Click here to find out how to start seeing payouts coming in from your high ranking YouTube videos.

LinkedIn Planner

How would you like to help yourself and your clients to get the best out of LinkedIn Marketing? The CoachGlue ladies have released the “LinkedIn Planner” with which you can edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell or give away to your clients/customers/members.

The step-by-step planner covers:

Step 1: Set Up Your Account
Exercise: Choose Your Photo & Create Your Headline

Step 2: Optimize Your Profile for Search
Exercise: Use Your Keywords

Step 3: Find and Connect with Your Ideal Clients
Exercise: Search for and Identify Potential Connections
Exercise: Create an Invitation Template

Step 4: Find, Join and Participate in Relevant Groups
Exercise: Find and Join Relevant Groups in Your Niche

Step 5: Create Your Own LinkedIn Group
Exercise: Determine Your Group’s USP

Step 6: Share Valuable Content
Exercise: Find and Share Relevant, High-Quality Content

Step 7: Publish on LinkedIn Pulse
Exercise: Brainstorm Content Ideas for LinkedIn Pulse

Step 8: Promote Your Best Products & Programs
Exercise: Choose Products and Create Promotions for LinkedIn

49% discount is good until November 17th!