If you are not making $10,000/mth

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5 Bucks A Day

Quite a long time ago, I did mention it’s no surprise that we can buy product after product and still not make 5 figures a month as promised because we haven’t gotten our thoughts in sync with the product creators.

We may even follow the instructions to the dot, but times and market situations have changed and the formula doesn’t work optimally anymore.

For now I don’t want you to ‘condemn’ those products immediately because you may like to revisit them after you read “5 Bucks A Day” first.

“Haha, from $10,000/mth to $5/day and that’s $150/mth. What are you smoking?”

“5 Bucks A Day” is one of the few e-books that leaves me with a “I wish I had known this earlier…” feeling.

It holds some every interesting lessons:

1) It explains the old riddle: “How do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit.”

2) It says, “The money is in the p______ list”, not e-mail list.

3) It talks about a “fail faster” method to achieving goals sooner. If I had known this, I would have the courage to do more and have more as a result.

4) You must also have faith, not the religious type or the law of attraction, but more like faith in “mathematical probabilities”. I let you figure this one out :)

All it’s saying is “start smaller”. Do the little things and they will all add up. If you manage to fill half a glass with $5, would you be upset you can’t fill the whole glass at $10?

But how do you quickly bridge the gap between $5 and $10,000?

These are 2 profound questions (not in the e-book) which “5 Bucks A Day” will address.

Read this and your ideas will get clearer to you.

8 simple rules for repeat sales

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On his blog, sales guru Mike Sigers gave the following tips for generating repeat sales from your customers:

1. Give them what they asked for—close doesn’t count, exact does—not once, but every time.

2. Deliver quality—don’t bother delivering inferior product.

3. Don’t oversell them—convincing them to take a chance on selling two year’s worth of product in one year’s time is the fast lane to being a one-time supplier.

4. Become a valued team member—go above and beyond or don’t go at all.

5. Keep them informed—let them know about delays, pricing issues, and potential problems well in advance of the rumor mongers (your competition).

6. Tell the truth—don’t become overly enthusiastic and stretch the truth, even if your honesty costs you the sale.

7. Show appreciation for past sales—e.g., nice golf courses, 2-hour lunches, and leisurely steak dinners.

8. Show interest—either you invest your time thinking about their company and how you can help them—or your competitor will.

4 steps to increasing customer value

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1 – Call some of your customers …take 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to call your customers and say hi.

2 – Leave personal voice mails for your customers…you can leave messages on their mobile phone using slydial.

3 – Send out physical thank-you’s…send a thank-you letter after the first purchase, and another the next month.

4 – Make yourself strategically available at ‘live’ events…have special times you will be available at the bar 1 or 2 nights of a multi-day training event. Do lunch or dinner with your most profitable clients.

Source: TNT Marketing, 11/10, p. 2.

To make your website easier to read on the small screens of mobile devices, streamline text files and images. Reduce the size of text files by eliminating white space. Reduce the file size of images. Once you have identified the traffic as coming from a mobile, selectively send site content based on the data volumes the mobile devices can support.

Keep server connections to a minimum. While full desktop browsers can handle a large number of parallel connections, mobile browsers benefit from sites that create fewer connections. Use fewer hosts to minimize the number of connections.

Source: Target Marketing, 12/10, p. 33.

The 6 basic types of leads

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The “lead” is the beginning of your promotion (the copy on page one).

Michael Masterson and John Forde have categorized leads into 6 basic categories:

1 – The offer lead.

Puts the offer up front. Only works if the offer is strong.

Example: “Special Introductory Offer Just for You.”

2 – Promise lead.

Makes a big promise to the reader. Example: “You Can Grow New Hair.”

3 – Problem-solution lead.

States a problem and positions the product as the solution.

Example: “Do You Make These Mistakes in English?”

4 – Secret lead.

Hints at a secret to be revealed.

Example: “What Never, Ever to Eat on an Airplane.”

5 – Declarative lead.

Boldly states a dramatic fact or claim.

Example: “Why Most 20th Century Diseases Will Soon Become Extinct.”

6 – Story lead.

Tells an intriguing story.

Example: “They Thought I Was Crazy to Ship Live Main Lobsters as Far as 1,800 Miles from the Ocean.”

Tip: Leads 1, 2, and 3 work best when your audience has a high awareness of the product or the problem it solves. Use leads 4, 5, and 6 when they do not.

Source: AWAI 2010 Boot Camp.

4 steps to stronger e-zines

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Best-selling author Michael Masterson gives the following tips for writing strong content for your e-newsletter:

1. The quality of the ideas presented is paramount. A reader may sign up for an e-zine for many different reasons but he will continue to read it only if he feels that his time invested in reading is yielding valuable ideas. Valuable in this context means provocative, memorable and useful.

2. Less is better than more. If you overwhelm the reader with ideas—even valuable ideas—he will come away from the reading experience emotionally neutralized. That happens because the reader recognizes subconsciously that he has taken in more information than he can possibly act upon. Being comprehensive therefore is not the virtue some writers and publishers think it is.

3. Specificity is key. Unsubstantiated claims and promises may attract your readers’ attention but you will never win their trust unless you back up those claims and promises with specifics.

4. Stories sell the heart. Facts sell the brain. Don’t forget that the job of good writing is to appeal as much to the readers’ emotional intelligence as it is to provide them with rational evidence.

Can you use “free” in your subject line?

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The experts at Mailer Mailer analyzed over 300,000 keywords in subject lines.

Their finding: “free” was one of the top subject lines that get prospects to open e-mails, despite spam filters.

For retailers, “free shipping” gets prospects to click through.

Other words that get prospects to open e-mails: events, news, newsletter, sale, tonight, and update.

EdwinSoft’s New Born Demon

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I will cut the story short and tell you what ArticleDemon can do for you:

– It can automatically create accounts and pen names for hundreds of article directories.

– It allows you to self-add unlimited number of article directories that uses script such as ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress.

– It will perform Account Activation by verifying your e-mails automatically.

– It comes with an Article Status Checker to find out if your submitted articles are published.

– It has a scheduler in which you can schedule your account creation, pen name creation, article submission tasks.

– It has a Article Spinning And Rewriter built right into its core, allowing you to create thousands of unique versions of your articles using spin syntax { | }.

– You will find a Mass Replace Synonyms function right in the Rewriter that can instantly apply spin syntax to all words/phrase found with synonyms.

– Within the Rewriter, you will find Niche Synonyms classification. This allows you to group your synonyms into different set of niches.

– It also comes with a Synonyms Harvester to build your personal powerful synonyms database using your existing spun articles.

– It is the only article submission tool in the market that provides the most Accurate Category selection.

– It has a spun article previewer that will show you how your spun article looks like as you rewrite.

– To satisfy your multi-niche needs, we even have a project management built right in.

– For those who want 100% unmanned submission, you can rely on Visual Aid services.

– It simulates human-like submission behavior with an Anti-bot feature.

– It performs multi-threading for faster submission.

– It provides proxy rotation support.

ArticleDemon is the article creation and submission software you are looking for as it will improve your content’s search engine ranking, website traffic volume and ultimately your income.

A free membership gift for YOU!

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I just got access to about 600 info-products and managed to get this link that can get you in the backdoor for free!

It’s like 91.2 GB of material…You can create your next bundle firesale out of this free membership!

Let me know what you think!

Quantum Confidence with The Morry Method

Just Released! Quantum Confidence with The Morry Method brainwave entrainment system—a cutting-edge new system reaches your deep subconscious mind and re-script it for success!

What is your No.1 frustration in life right now?

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There might be some bad programs out there.

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You might consciously want abundance, but subconsciously believe you don’t deserve it.

You might consciously want a perfect sexy body, but subconsciously feel that’s not right for you.

You might consciously want a loving relationship, but subconsciously feel you can never get that.

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ClickBank Traffic Warrior

I just finished watching this eye-opening video.

In the video an underground super affiliate exposed how he was banking $175,000+ every single month by tapping into a $12 Billion traffic cartel.

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The video didn’t stop there…

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