Link shortener websites can be an essential tool for online marketers in many ways. Just to name a few:

+ You end up with a unique URL which can help your inbox rate
+ Cloaked links can disguise the fact that you’re running multiple personas online
+ Shortened URLs are a good way to track the productivity of your traffic sources

But they can also be a royal pain.

– You have to fill out a form for each cloaked link
– Shortened links stop working if the link cloaking site closes down
– You need to use many different link shorteners if you want your links to last and really track traffic

In other words, you need lots of shortened links, but that means continual boring repetitive work.

What if you could generate big clumps of shortened links from up to 40 or more link cloaking websites with just a few mouse clicks?

And what if those links could also be monetized? They can, with the new URL Shotgun software!

URL Shotgun is desktop software that takes a single URL and blasts it to one, two, 10, 20, even 40+ different link shortening services.

You get a list of the results in seconds, ready to copy from or save as a text file, faster than you could do ONE link the old manual way.

This is a revolutionary time-saver for link builders!

Marc Ross, the creator of URL Shotgun, is releasing his software at a super low grand opening price. It’s a one-time purchase with no subscription fees, so grab it now before he comes to his senses!

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Pinterest Marketing Made Easy” with PLR is ‘live’!

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What’s makes this the perfect PLR product?

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This is a complete set of powerful marketing tools you will be able to use to make as much money as you want with this excellent training course that comes with full PLR:

Module #1: Pinterest Marketing Made Easy Training Guide (Valued at $600)
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If your business depends on keeping your websites and blogs trouble (and hacker) free, then you owe it to yourself take a look at this brand new deal called

You owe it to yourself to keep up with the latest in affiliate marketing as the industry evolves.

But only a handful of super affiliates have what it takes to rise above the competition.

Today, Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason is making public knowledge all their closely guarded dirty little secrets to earning them 5, 6-figures per campaign.

These two individuals, renowned in affiliate circles as top men on many affiliate competition leader boards, now admit they had an unfair advantage.

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Are you making these 13 devastating mistakes?

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The 13 Devastating Mistakes That Are Killing Your Internet Business!

If you’re stuck and feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your online business, I’ve got something that’s going to quickly turn that around for you.

My good friend Tim Erway, a veteran marketer, just put the finishing touches on a very in-depth report: “The 13 Devastating Mistakes That Are Killing Your Internet Business!

And for the next few days you can download it for free.

You’ll discover why 95% of the people in our business struggle and ultimately FAIL.

And more importantly, how to quickly identify and fix these common blunders that virtually every new and even seasoned entrepreneur makes.

Tim is holding nothing back and reveals the cold-hard truth that may be a bitter pill for some to swallow.

Once you know the deadly traps to bsiness failure, you’ll be able to avoid them and get into the fast lane of the success superhighway.

This is only going to be available for few days, so make sure you grab it, read it, and get busy fixing today.

Squeeze Page Genie

NEW software makes awesome squeeze pages in 5 minutes flat:

– create squeeze pages in ANY niche in under 5 minutes
– pro quality squeeze pages WITHOUT fiddling with HTML or CSS
– works with any WordPress theme and won

EasyWebinarWebinars were designed to create a trust and bond with your customers and prospects to ultimately close more sales. But the problem with running webinars is that:

A. They can be hugely expensive. The monthly subscription to a webinar service may not justify the few one-off webinars you’re running.

B. Technical blunders are generally inevitable. What happens when you FORGET your next thought or you forgot a slide in your presentation, or the sound goes out? Let’s face it, there are a ton of things that can occur when combining ‘live’ presentation and technology.

C. They are not a scalable business.

Let me explain C.

We all have traded time for money. Webinars as a business system require essentially time for money. But what if you had a solution to where you didn’t have to trade your precious time for money anymore? What if you could automate your business to work for you while still being able to engage with your customers?

Casey Zeman has created the EasyWebinar, a simple-to-use webinar platform that works with your already existing WordPress site to create dynamic and intelligent sales funnels, giving you more time and more money without having to trade anything.

Learn more here.

Are you taking advantage of mobile marketing yet?

James recently notified me that he has released some of the most stunning looking mobile templates I’ve ever seen.

You can clone and flip these sites literally for $500/site or more over and over again.

Selling mobile sites have never been easier and more available to the public than this.

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Hate the idea of making videos?

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I know you’ve seen a lot of talk about video marketing in your day, right? Where everyone is telling you how powerful and profitable it would be to churn out a bunch of videos for your niche and upload them?

You probably think you’d have to strap yourself to your computer for hours, creating…editing…uploading…and optimizing videos one at a time. But now, there is a brand NEW tool developed with powerful features incorporated to rank videos for any keyword phrases you wish.

Video Curation Pro curates ALL your video content for you and automatically creates and uploads as many videos as you have keywords you want to rank for.

And it’s not a worthless video spam fest, either…

Right out of the box, people are getting results and RAVING how well these videos rank in Youtube and organically through Google searches.

If you’re like me, adding something like this to your arsenal can unlock massive potential profits for your own products, affiliate promos, even offline business clients.

Especially when you

There’s a new social media syndication system that allows you to easily market on a level that’s never been possible by the individual.

It uses a brand new concept of “Crowd Marketing” that makes available thousands of social accounts ready to distribute your content.

It’s like having access to your own private network of social media sites.

Instead of just spending hours and hours trying to get social exposure on your own, you can join this system and have your content going all over the Web in no time.

It’s simple, effective, automated and currently on a huge discount.

See how it works here.

Expert Training With PLR Rights For Only $17!

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Multi Profit Monthly

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson are 2 Internet Marketers on a mission, they are tired of hearing stories where new marketers to the industry are being put off getting online by being taken advantage of by those more ‘questionable’ marketers out there, to prove this they have made a massive reduction on one of their flagship products called Multi Profit Monthly. Instead of paying the usual $47 per month for membership they are letting you have access and INCLUDING PLR Rights to EVERYTHING, for a single payment of $17, yes you read that right, JUST $17!

Wait! It gets better. This is a year long training program delivered in monthly installments to ensure the beginners out there get every last nugget of information out of everything they have to say, but if you buy today you can access the ENTIRE training program right IMMEDIATELY, meaning you can fast track your way to success.

Multi Profit Monthly is the product you have been waiting for to explain all you need to know about Internet Marketing in easy-to-follow monthly installments using both video and audio to help make sure you understand fully the topic being covered.

This really is an excellent product and I fully endorse it and highly recommend you check this product out this very second as the price of this extremely powerful program.

Also, I’m sure John and Dave must have a few screws loose as the $17 price they have decided to give away this powerful training program for is RIDICULOUSLY low…ESPECIALLY WITH PLR RIGHTS!

Go check it out.

Keyword Researcher

Generating a list of long-tail keywords is still an essential fundamental skill to attain. Watch a 2-minute video and learn about the coolest keyword generation software on the market!

From divorce to $394 a day!

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5 Figure DayA nasty divorce threatened to trash his online income…

Until he came up with a weird new system for bringing in up to 1,155 subscribers a DAY…

And over $390 in cash per day on top of that…

Before he knew what hit him!

Discover how HIS story could potentially change YOUR life too!

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Personal Growth Mastery

What if I told you that within the next click of your mouse, you will have before you the largest collection of Personal Growth Mastery tools the online world has EVER seen?

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The State Of YouTube Today

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Since its launch in 2005, Youtube has become the number one video platform on the internet and a revolution in the way we consume video content.

In fact let’s have a look at the Youtube timeline.

2005: first video uploaded to Youtube

2006: Google buys Youtube

2008: HD video lauched

2009: Youtube reaches 1 billion views, daily

2011: Youtube reaches 3 billion views, daily

2011: Traffic from mobile devices tripled

2012: Youtube reaches 4 billion views, daily

2012: First video hits 1 billion views (Gangnam Style)

As you can see there is a definite trend here: Youtube is getting more and more traffic.

So where does Youtube stands in 2013?

Old school SEO is dead for the most part. Remember not too long ago, you were worrying about putting your keywords in every paragraph, and adding them in H1, H2, H3 tags, etc.? Trying to get your keyword in your content 5% or something crazy like that? SEO has become a real drag lately. Every time you turn around, Google has come up with a new slap.

If you’re still doing SEO the old hard way, you should hang it up. There’s a better way, one that’s much easier and more enjoyable.

Social signals are your answer. You see, Google thinks it’s much more reliable to look at social shares from real social network users as a ranking factor. These are very hard to fake.

Bertus Engelbrecht came up with an ingenious idea of how to get power social network users not only to gladly and willingly share his content, but also to opt-in to his list and buy from him.

His rankings climb steadily month after month too. Not to mention that he is building his brand and authority with his system too!

The beauty of his system is that most people are already doing 90% of what it takes to make this work.

But what’s even better is very few marketers are taking advantage of this right now. It’s exciting to see something as unsaturated as this coming out.

Ready to stop buying links and solo ads hoping and praying that Google’s not going to nail you?

Then check out Social Signal Domination. It’s time to make getting links that stick fun again.

Buy shares in large upcoming product launches!

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The IM Stock ExchangeThe world’s first Internet marketing stock exchange is here!

Here’s how it works: You can buy shares in upcoming product launches and take a slice of their profits. Everything is securely paid to you via PayPal!

How cool is that?

Exceptional, high-performing affiliates consist of only a small percentage of the affiliate force. So even if you’re no good at selling, you can still make good money by being a shareholder of great product launches!

The best part is, Full VIP membership is only $10 a year’ that’s $0.83 per month!

That’s truly a steal, but that price won’t last very long. Get your membership now while it

Targeted traffic in just 1, 2, 3 steps…

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Vuzefuse is the NEW way marketers get traffic…

It’s a brand new app with UNIQUE traffic technology that no one has ever seen before.

It’s just 3 steps to targeted traffic:

1. create your ads
2. launch the app
3. get traffic

Yup, that’s it.

Get your free gold membership today.

Facebook Marketing Made Easy

The $4,000 Monster Facebook Business in a Box with PLR is ‘live’!

Facebook Marketing has changed and businesses need the latest updates ASAP, would you like to make a killing with it?

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This is a complete set of powerful marketing tools you will be able to use to make as much money as you want with this excellent training course that comes with full PLR:

Module #1: Facebook Marketing Made Easy Training Guide (Valued at $600)
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Module #3: Facebook Marketing Mind-Map (Valued at $50)
Module #4: Professional Mini-site (Valued at $300)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $400)
Module #6: 4 Promotional Swipe Emails (Valued at $100)
Module #7: 8 Animated Banners (Valued at $80)
Module #8: Complete set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $150)
Module #9: How to set up everything Video Training (Valued at $100)
Module #10: Complete Facebook Resource Report (Valued at $50)

You will be able to have everything you need in order to master these topics easily. Your guide will have screenshots and every instruction explained really well so you will know exactly what to do quickly.

What’s better: intelligence or wisdom?

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“I like the humorous observation that intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit while wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad,” says my colleague, sales guru Michael Dalton Johnson.

He notes that while you may be the world’s most intelligent person, it doesn’t mean you have the requisite wisdom to execute every aspect of your business plan. Example: Many entrepreneurs got A’s in English but do not have the ability to write compelling marketing copy.

“You would be well advised to seek experienced and talented experts to help you execute the critical aspects of your business and marketing plan,” Michael advises. “Look at it this way: Would you rather be lost in the woods with Albert Einstein or Daniel Boone?”

Source:, 6/12/13.