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Anyone who’s done any kind of lead generation knows that it’s harder today than ever.

Throwaway e-mail addresses mean prospects can scoop your lead magnets and never hear from you again.

Paid traffic campaigns are getting more expensive and everyone’s competing for the same audiences.

Consumers everywhere see so many ads, they simply ignore them.

But every business—from independent marketers to local businesses and huge companies—all need fresh leads to stay profitable.

The good news is my friends Simon and Andrew have spent months developing a scientific approach to lead generation—and it’s incredibly effective.

It taps into an under-rated platform that’s full of active users with PLENTY of money to spend.

Finds you ideal prospects based on a built-in keyword search engine.

Then gives you a BLUEPRINT to engage with those prospects to turn them into targeted leads and buyers.

All this WITHOUT paying for ads.

This is lead generation for 2017 and beyond. Smart, fast and with ZERO risk or ad spend.

No matter what business you’re in, you always need new customers. Now you can add up to 50 new leads EVERY day, and follow a proven formula to turn them into buyers.

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Today’s training video jam-packed with 100% business-building content that you can put to use in your business today, and see almost immediate results.

Jeff Johnson of “Tube Traffic Secrets” fame reveals his 11 rules for building a better, more powerful lead magnet that not only helps you build a bigger more profitable list, faster…

It also converts more of your leads into customers for you and your business.

Jeff’s new training video walks you through the entire process, step-by-step and it’s free.

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There’s something quite urgent I need to tell you about so you don’t miss out.

My buddy Craig Crawford has been working on one of the most innovative, time- and money-saving software apps I’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s called the Social Sales System.

On its first ever beta test, the software generated a HUGE targeted list of 8028 subscribers, made 277 sales and generated $71,038.88 In Pure Profit In Just 6 Weeks…

Now Craig is virtually giving this system away in order to get case studies and testimonials for when it’s released at full price…early next year.

The Social Sales System is a simple-to-use cloud-based app that bridges the gap between Facebook Lead ads and CRMs/autoresponders AND custom audiences.

It uses an ingenious system to capture the leads—using Lead ads—then adds them to an autoresponder list and e-mail sequence.

This contains a clever lead nurturing campaign that’s seamlessly synced with a custom audience, which the software adds the same contacts to.

This allows you to expose them to e-mails AND highly ‘tuned’ FB ads designed to lure them to a sale.

Once they buy the pitched product, they are automatically switched to a new autoresponder sequence—and custom audience—with a fresh set of ads to upsell them to the next product in the funnel.

This process continues for as many products as you want.

AND if that’s not enough, it also contains the “fill-in-the-blanks” autoresponder templates for prospects, buyers and referral e-mail lists.

• Creates “on the fly” e-mail autoresponder lists from FB Lead ads and add them to a custom audience (this takes place seamlessly and shows them targeted ads and nurturing e-mails so it’s impossible to ignore your marketing messages).

• The nurturing campaigns are provided using fill-in-the-blank e-mail templates with ads (no more wondering what ads to show or to write in your e-mails to get a good response and lower unsubscribes).

• Once a prospect buys your offer they are seamlessly put on to a new ‘buyers’ e-mail list and custom audience to start the process again and upsell them (whilst you relax and work on what matters).

• The whole process is seamless and integrated in ONE software app which helps to eliminate confusion and expenses.

• You also get an 8-part video training series thrown in for free. It walks you through the audience targeting processes, ad creation processes…making the process quick and easy and remove any chance of overwhelm or confusion.

Craig is offering an incredible lifetime deal on this software at 10% of its market value for (optional) case studies and testimonials for the next 3 days only.

Social Sales System could change the way you do marketing forever, so you owe it to yourself to see just how much it can save time, money and boost profits.

Check out the 3-Step Formula That Makes $5,129 in 30 Days…Even If You’ve Never Made a Penny Online.

I just watched this video, and I was blown away by the truth behind what was said.

The process is designed for those who want off the treadmill…who realize that buying “instant software” doesn’t work…

Purchase a dedicated e-mail drop (or solo ad, as they’re often called), and get highly targeted traffic fast without worrying about Facebook or Google. Rinse and repeat the process with profits made exponentially!

If you want to take back control and make a difference in your life for you and your family, watch this video again. It works.

List Building Template Package

Looking for more subscribers? Of course! It’s the bread and butter of any online business. The only problem is, it’s not always easy to grow that list…until now.

Veteran marketers, Alice Seba and Ron Douglas, famous for their ready-to-use marketing templates have just the right package for you designed to grow your list.

The fill-in-the-blanks List Building Template Package includes:

● Insider’s List Building Strategy Guide
● Opt-in Page Copy Template
● “Thank You” Page Copy Template
● Opt-in Video Script Template
● Thank You E-Mail Copy Template
● Conversion Boosting Report Template

Enter coupon code “SAVE40” to get 40% off your purchase!

Let’s make no mistake…your subscriber list is your business!

If you want your business to thrive online that you absolutely need an e-mail list.

Today’s free training session includes a 2-hour course covering everything from:

* Real List Building Success – Learn the secrets of not only building a list but doing it fast, doing it right, and doing it profitably.

* A New Approach To Getting Subscribers – here you are going to learn the unconventional, yet highly effective system the big dogs course shows you for building a list.

* Getting Results Fast – learn how to generate your first subscriber within 24 hours and how to create a snowball effect of subscribers!

* Promoting You – how to sell yourself so that people want to hear from you and so they are receptive to trust you and make a purchase either now or sometime in the future!

* Reason Why For Subscribers – give your subscribers the ultimate reason to subscribe to your list and to stay subscribers for life using this easy to implement tactic.

* Effective Game Plan – create a plan that helps you achieve your list building goals whether it’s a list of 500 or a list of 50,000!

* Traffic To Your List Page – the simple way to generating highly qualified visitors to your subscription page!

Plus so much more!

Once you have a sizeable and responsive mailing list, you’ll have the power to send traffic to any offer on demand. So selling your own products will become a breeze!

Warlord Mobile LeadsThis is important. We need to talk about lead quality.

Basically, the average person who comes to your squeeze page and decides they want your lead magnet/free gift will usually type low quality or bogus info into your opt-in form. By low quality, I mean they put in a secondary e-mail address that they always use for promotional stuff, landing pages, Internet marketing stuff, etc., almost never their main, best, primary e-mail address.

By bogus, I mean they’ll sometimes type in fake e-mail addresses in hopes of getting straight to a “thank you” page and grabbing the gift without ever opting in to a list.

What does this mean for you? 3 words: Low Open Rates!

When you send an e-mail broadcast to a list like that (i.e. the kind of list most struggling marketers have), many of your e-mails go to non-existent e-mail addresses or secondary inboxes reserved for “promotional stuff”. And when they do arrive in those inboxes, there’s a million other e-mails in there from other marketers which almost guarantees your e-mail will go unnoticed.

So even in the cases that you don’t get fake data, if your e-mail ends up in a secondary spammy inbox that is rarely checked and your e-mail is surrounded by hundreds of competitor e-mails, what are the chances of getting an e-mail opened? What are the chances of getting a click-through to your offer? This is why open rates in the industry are so low today. And this is why this recently retired combat veteran has developed a solution that will destroy low open rates once and for all!

Steven James has developed a tool that will ensure you get a primary, best e-mail address and real name every time without your visitors ever having to type in an opt-in form. Warlord Mobile Leads will decrease inbox competition, increase open rates, foster a more familiar relationship between you and your subscribers, and simply take e-mail marketing to a whole new level. Famous Internet marketers are already lauding it as a no-brainer tool for e-mail marketers.

This seems like it will be one of those rare products that really does change the online marketing landscape. Best to get ahead of this sort of trend when you have the opportunity. Snatch this one up before the launch ends. If you plan on making money or growing your business through e-mail marketing or list building, you’ve got to watch this video right now.


Imagine the combined power of list building and e-mail marketing transposed into the realm of Facebook…

SocialResponder works by targeting Facebook Messenger users, capturing them into specially designed Messenger campaign funnels and engaging them without you doing things manually.

Not only that, you can do all this without a website, landing page or even hosting (the better that you have a solid business website though).

With SocialResponder, you can:

• Build A List Of Highly Engaged Facebook Users
• Automate Your Online Sales
• Automate Your Online Facebook Page Support & Increase Your Page’s Reputation
• Broadcast Messages Straight to Your Customers & Prospects Facebook Inbox
• Customize Unlimited Campaigns & Responses
• Have Prospects Click 1-Button And Be Instantly Added To Your Facebook Contact List
• Build An E-Mail List Without A Website
• Set Up Automated Text, Photo, Audio & Video Replies

Time to maximize the full capabilities of Facebook Messenger! Click here for a full video presentation on how to use Facebook Messenger to build YOUR business on complete auto-pilot.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way right now: Every business needs leads, every business needs lists.

But even with all of the new options you have for generating leads via social media, you can still end up throwing a ton of time and money into lead gen efforts that give you crappy results.

Either you’ll spend weeks or even months building up organic lead generation tactics that could be total hit-or-miss…

Or, you might spend big money on ad campaigns that may or may not pay off.

What if I told you you were going about it all wrong?

While everyone else has been trying 73 different Facebook advertising and Twitter list-building tactics, my friend Greig Wells has been quietly perfecting something totally different.

Long bouts of trial and error, tweaking and tuning, combined with some special secret software, have resulted in Greig amassing a highly targeted list of 160,000+ leads.

And these aren’t lookie loos and cheapskates. They aren’t random low quality leads from Facebook or Twitter.

These leads are from the “executive’s Facebook”, the social media site where CEOs hang out. In other words, they’re a whole other quality than what you’re used to.

Greig has shown people how to do this in his very high-priced coaching course. But he’s trying something different.

For a limited time, you get the opportunity to be on a ‘live’ pinpointed training session with Greig. You’ll learn how to do high-quality highly targeted lead generation his way.

Plus, he’s going to include his secret automation software that builds your list while you sleep (only people who’ve paid big money have gotten this in the past).

You’ll learn how to optimize your efforts on this social media platform, so you get the best and the brightest wanting to link up with YOU.

And the best part? The price. This is not a high-priced long drawn out coaching drag. This is going to be direct and to the point, so you get exactly what you need in order to take action.

Plus you get Greig’s secret automation software.

All for less than $20! But for only a few days. Really. Go here now and get in on this.

List Secrets

You should already know that the phrase “money is in the list” gets thrown around so often in this space.

But the TRUTH is most people don’t have a clue how to build one, let alone how to build one properly!

That is why Raj S. went and tracked down multi-millionaire marketer Eric Louviere to get him spill his List Secrets!

And he asked Eric the most pressing questions like:

1) What’s the fastest way to generate cash?

2) If you have nothing and are starting from scratch, what would you have done now?

3) Proven golden nuggets that work

Learn and profit like a millionaire! Discover the List Secrets.


What’s the most valuable thing you can have if you’re trying to sell to offline businesses?


The more leads you have, the better your business does.

So I’ve got a confession.

What I just wrote up there? It’s a lie.

Because let’s face it—in the age of Google, finding leads isn’t that hard.

Finding leads who actually need your services is the trick.

Stop trying to get *more* leads. What you need is BETTER leads.

You need leads that are qualified. Ones where you don’t have to spend ages working them only to find you’re selling ice to Eskimos.

So how do you trawl through all Google’s dirt to find that bit of gold?

You use ScopeLeads.

ScopeLeads doesn’t just find you leads.

It uses a proprietary algorithm to work out which leads actually NEED the services you’re offering.

And then, it makes it incredibly easy to get in touch and follow up. Simply load up your e-mails and you can let them fly on autopilot.

Not only that, unlike other lead-finding tools, there’s no caps. You get unlimited searches and unlimited campaigns.

But there’s some bad news here too.

Right now, ScopeLeads is sitting at a one-time price point.

You might think that’s good news, and you’d be right. The bad news is that this price isn’t lasting very long. A few days, tops.

So check it out right now so you can get in while the deal’s running.

Chat Response

Would you like to get your hands on a software that turns your Facebook account into…

…your very own autoresponder!


It’s called: Chat Response

It uses a new technology Facebook recently rolled out that enables you to do a number of things that weren’t previously possible.

Chat Response lets you:

– Automatically capture subscribers into your Facebook Messenger list

– Send broadcasts over Facebook Messenger to your subscribed Facebook fans

– Create AUTOMATED Facebook Messenger sequences (follow-up messages)

And much much more…

It’s super easy to set up and you can use this Chat Response across all of your pages or groups.

What’s even cooler? It’s a simple one-off cost to get access today.

Take a closer look at the software and how it works.


100+ Clicks, 20+ Opt-Ins Guaranteed for $25


– 100+ Clicks Guaranteed
– 20+ Opt-In Subscribers Guaranteed
– Detailed E-mail Click Tracking Included
– Started Same Day Purchased
– No E-mail Swipe Needed
– Traffic is 100% Tier 1 (100% USA)

E-mail List is in the Make Money/Work-At-Home type offers

Access here.

Auction List Building Exposed

Of course you do!

This is list building with a difference.

If your e-mail list has not been converting well, that is because it is filled with freebie seekers. You see, freebie seekers tend to look for the next free thing you are offering. So when you offer them a paid solution they tend to resist you.

Tasleem Khan shows you exactly how she built a list of buyers, not freebie seekers, and then turn them into repeat buyers.

Check out her new offer “Auction List Building Exposed“, and don’t forget to use coupon code “special5OFF” to get $5 off.

Can you turn every browsing session into a lead-gen opportunity?

What if you could “ride on” the credibility and social proof of some of the largest and most trusted brands on the web to run a lead generation campaign?

Here’s how it works: you typically share a piece of content on social media, which can even be from CNN, USA Today, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed etc. Your connections access the content and after a while, an opt-in form or any other calls-to-action you design appear to invite them to take action.

Which means you don’t have to create the content yourself just to have your CTAs fit in on the page. That’s leverage!


Speedleads is a browser extension for Internet marketers that adds a branded call-to-action to any page you share, straight from your browser.

So you can generate traffic and leads in literally 3 clicks (seriously, watch the demo!), just by sharing links to interesting content you discover…

Some powerful benefits you can have with Speedleads:

[+] Campaign Types: Create all different types of lead boxes including opt-in form, traffic, buttons, links and even invisible lead-gen boxes

[+] Custom URLs: Create a custom display URL that is branded for your domain.

[+] Retargeting: Add each visitor who engages with your campaign to retargeting platforms like Facebook, Google, Sitescout, Adroll and more.

[+] E-mail & Webinar Integration: Automatically add new opt-ins/subscribers to your favorite e-mail marketing or webinar platform.

See it in action here and exercise your coupon code “SPEED” for a special pricing offer! (Hope it works!)

Need more clicks, leads and sales to your affiliate link or landing page?

Basic package at 200+ clicks, 50+ opt-ins guaranteed for $20.

Here’s what you get:

– 200+ clicks guaranteed
– 50+ opt-in subscribers guaranteed
– detailed e-mail click tracking included
– started same day purchased
– no e-mail swipe needed
– traffic is 100% tier 1 (100% USA)

E-mail list is in the make money/work-at-home type offers.

It’s 2016, but most online marketers are still doing business like it’s 1998!

If you’re building a list and not using this system, you’re probably doing it wrong…

And most likely are missing out on a TON of commissions…

Check out this new way of list building that actually gets your subscribers to EXPLICITLY tell you what they want to be sold on…

My friend David Dekel has officially cracked the code when it comes to “online mind reading” for profits…

David has built a multiple 6-figure business using his method as his primary strategy to uncover what his clients want…

And built his list of 45k subscribers in just 4 months…


Stealth List Building Formula

If I have gotten your attention, go to Stealth List Building Formula.

Every business needs more leads to grow. However, it has been easier said than done.

With one thousand ways to get leads, how do you know where to turn?

Well, I found a solution that is both easy and affordable to get not just leads, but ON-DEMAND leads that require little effort to get.

Yes, low-hanging fruit that is available to every single person with an Internet connection.

Where are these leads?

They are on Facebook. With over 1 billion users to target, this is the new gold rush of our generation.

Start collecting leads right now using this brand new Facebook app called FB Lead Ads Pro.

– It collects leads within Facebook
– You can get e-mails, phone numbers, full names, and much more data.
– All you need is a Facebook account
– Works on Mobile & Desktop
– Facebook gives you the data that the users provided
– It takes 5 minutes to setup

Wow, I hope you are as excited as I am.

Never before has lead generation been this easy.

The best part is that we were able to lock early bird access for a fraction of the full retail price for full lifetime access to this lead generating software.

Take a look at how it works here.


Here’s what you will learn from Webicist:

• How to make at least $200- $300 a day using List Building.

• How to Drive 100% Free Automated Traffic.

• How To Convert Those 100% Free Traffic To Sales.

• Building a Huge List Of Hungry Buyers Using Automated Traffic.

• The most common mistakes that a newbie makes and how you can avoid them.

• How to make some good cash with hungry buyers list

• How to boost your Affiliate Sales

• How to produce maximum revenues from the Webicist System

• How to monetize your list

And much, much more!