If you have been consulting for offline businesses, you know they need substantial promotional material for branding purposes.

You can serve them with editable, ready-to-print commercial branding graphics on brochures, flyers etc. for 5 HOT business niches.

Provide branding graphics as a service and just print them as per your clients’ requirements!

With the NEW “Offline Marketing Kit“, you could EASILY charge each client up to $2,500 for this.

Inside, you’ll get TONS of professionally designed marketing graphics for 5 HOT Local Business niches and suitable for print on these items:

Souvenir Paper Bags
Roll-Up Banners
Business Cards
Document / Presentation Folders
Business Envelope
Letter Headers design
Ready-to-Print Promotional Flyers

PLUS some cool and useful bonuses that are complementary to your commercial graphics design:

Explainer Video Templates
Mascot/Cartoon characters
Social Media Branding design
Video Landing Pages
Video Squeeze pages

This HUGE Offline Marketing Kit is now available at Launch Offer Price for a just few days.

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There is an old saying that a direct mail package without a salesletter is not at all a direct mail package…it’s just a brochure in an envelope.

To answer your question: Yes, every direct mail package should include a letter. As Peggy Hatch, publisher of Target Marketing explains: “A letter is the one opportunity for the writer to make an emotional connection with the reader. All else in the package