If you have been consulting for offline businesses, you know they need substantial promotional material for branding purposes.

You can serve them with editable, ready-to-print commercial branding graphics on brochures, flyers etc. for 5 HOT business niches.

Provide branding graphics as a service and just print them as per your clients’ requirements!

With the NEW “Offline Marketing Kit“, you could EASILY charge each client up to $2,500 for this.

Inside, you’ll get TONS of professionally designed marketing graphics for 5 HOT Local Business niches and suitable for print on these items:

Souvenir Paper Bags
Roll-Up Banners
Business Cards
Document / Presentation Folders
Business Envelope
Letter Headers design
Ready-to-Print Promotional Flyers

PLUS some cool and useful bonuses that are complementary to your commercial graphics design:

Explainer Video Templates
Mascot/Cartoon characters
Social Media Branding design
Video Landing Pages
Video Squeeze pages

This HUGE Offline Marketing Kit is now available at Launch Offer Price for a just few days.

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There is an old saying that a direct mail package without a salesletter is not at all a direct mail package…it’s just a brochure in an envelope.

To answer your question: Yes, every direct mail package should include a letter. As Peggy Hatch, publisher of Target Marketing explains: “A letter is the one opportunity for the writer to make an emotional connection with the reader. All else in the package

20 Push Button Flyers Ready To Edit

Posted November 23rd, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Offline Marketing

Now here’s an absolutely unique product you wouldn’t expect.

I found these 20 push button flyers ready that you can grab at very cheap price…

Here is how to use these flyers:

1. You can use these flyers to create a unique, professional flyer for your client and charge $97 for it…or whatever price you want.

2. Or you create a flyer and give it to your potential client to get your foot in the door and later offer your other services.

Either way, these 20 push button flyers are great to have.

In fact, you can download a sample template, edit it and see it for yourself.

The price is ridiculous low for these high quality flyers. Don’t let the price fools you. Go get yourself a set.