Affiliate Marketing Planner

CoachGlue just released the brand new Affiliate Marketing Planner to help you and your clients add more income streams to any business.

You have permission to edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell or give away to your clients/customers/members.

In it you’ll discover:

Step 1: Set Up the Infrastructure
Exercise: Plan for the Future

Step 2: Start with the Products You Use and Love
Exercise: Find and Sign Up for Affiliate Programs

Step 3: Research Complementary Products
Exercise: Brainstorm Complementary Products and Apply to Their Affiliate Programs

Step 4: Consider the Competition
Exercise: Scope Out Your Competition’s Affiliate Offers

Step 5: Other Tools and Resources
Exercise: Brainstorm Physical Products
Exercise: Register for the Appropriate Affiliate Programs

Step 6: Incorporating Affiliate Marketing in Your Social Media Outreach
Exercise: Add Affiliate Promotions to Your Social Media Calendar

Step 7: Blogging and Affiliate Marketing: The Perfect Match
Exercise: Create a List of Products to Review
Exercise: Create a List of Products for Your Resources Page

Step 8: Your Products and Coaching Programs
Exercise: Map Your Products and Relevant Promotions

Step 9: Review Your Autoresponder Series for Opportunities
Exercise: Map Your Autoresponders and Relevant Promotions

Step 10: Create Canned Responses in Your E-mail or Help Desk (For Those Looking for Products You Don’t Sell)
Exercise: List Your Most Frequent Questions and Relevant Affiliate Promotions

Step 11: Track, Test & Tweak
Exercise: Create Your Tracking Sheet

49% discount is good until February 28th!

Do you want results within 24 hours?

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What if you could get real RESULTS from your marketing efforts…within 24 hours…


That’s exactly what James & Jeremy are showing you how to do today, with Traffikar.

They are getting incredible results with a very little known method you won’t see anywhere else.

This is a system that brings you HIGHLY targeted traffic on demand in ANY niche.

You don’t even need a website.
Or a list.
Or a product.
Or any experience whatsoever.

They even prove it with completely uncensored video case studies.

You get to see literally EVERYTHING they do.

You can use this traffic for anything you want.

Affiliate stuff, your own stuff, local offline stuff. You name it, it will work.

The price is super low but rising with every sale so don’t hesitate unless you want to pay more later.

In this new video, Jeff Johnson reveals the simple little equation that was the turning point in his struggle to start his own business and be his own boss.

He says that he will never forget the day that he discovered that simple little equation (and neither will you when you see it).

He will explain how this simple little equation come about, and the systems he has developed over the last 14
years to exploit it that are way more valuable than the equation itself.

Which is why in the video he also tells you about how you can have his personal help in exploiting that simple little equation for your own benefit.

Here’s a hint: Jeff will personally help you install a hands-free system that automatically attracts a constant flow of highly targeted traffic, new leads and new customers for your business.

This new video reveals everything. Watch it now before it gets taken down.

Instagram Ads Made Easy

Instagram’s research shows ad recall from Instagram Sponsored Ads is 2.8x higher on average than ad recall from other social networks.

That means, if anyone is not advertising on Instagram, then their chances of losing out on customers is very high!

Get started with “Instagram Ads Made Easy“, the latest PLR package offered by Dr. Amit Pareek and his team!

You can:

+ Print your name as the author, improve the content with your own input and resell it for profit
+ Use it to create a private membership
+ Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift
+ Use it as high quality bonus with your products
+ Use it to train your team
+ Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training
+ Use it to prospect your client & close the deals
+ Use it to grow your own business online
+ Use it to train your clients & charge them BIG bucks
+ Use it to offer a professional Instagram Ads service for thousands of dollars

Or do anything that you can think of!

This brand new product comes with all ready-to-go sales material so you could get instant return on your investment by selling it immediately! You can sell unlimited copies for life!

You will get everything mentioned below:

Module #1: High-quality training guide (valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat sheet (valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind map (valued at $40)
Module #4: Top resources report (valued at $20)
Module #5: High-converting sales copy (valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 professional minisites (valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle-style sales video (valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe e-mails for affiliates (valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete set of animated banners (valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete set of professional graphics (valued at $240)

Max Daily Profits

Most online methods out there require you to sell something to get paid.

And sometimes it can be a little tricky to get people to buy stuff online.

What if you didn’t have to get people to buy anything to make money?

What if you could paid by giving stuff away?

Sounds crazy, I know…

But Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett have created a step-by-step training guide called “Max Daily Profits” that shows you how to make passive income machines that will pay you $468+ per month on autopilot by giving stuff away…

Give this simple method a look and tell me you’ve never seen anything quite like this before…

Anyone who’s done any kind of lead generation knows that it’s harder today than ever.

Throwaway e-mail addresses mean prospects can scoop your lead magnets and never hear from you again.

Paid traffic campaigns are getting more expensive and everyone’s competing for the same audiences.

Consumers everywhere see so many ads, they simply ignore them.

But every business—from independent marketers to local businesses and huge companies—all need fresh leads to stay profitable.

The good news is my friends Simon and Andrew have spent months developing a scientific approach to lead generation—and it’s incredibly effective.

It taps into an under-rated platform that’s full of active users with PLENTY of money to spend.

Finds you ideal prospects based on a built-in keyword search engine.

Then gives you a BLUEPRINT to engage with those prospects to turn them into targeted leads and buyers.

All this WITHOUT paying for ads.

This is lead generation for 2017 and beyond. Smart, fast and with ZERO risk or ad spend.

No matter what business you’re in, you always need new customers. Now you can add up to 50 new leads EVERY day, and follow a proven formula to turn them into buyers.

Watch the video to see how it works!

Make $176 per day in just 20 minutes…

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20 Minute Results

How are things going in your online business?

Are you making $100+ per day, or are you struggling?

The good news is, you don’t have to struggle anymore…

In fact, the problem may be that you’re trying a little too hard.

Did you know that you can make $176+ per day without ever selling anything at all? It’s true…

There’s a brand new training course that’s just been released that will give you the exact steps to take to go from ZERO to $176+ per day with just 20 minutes of very simple ‘work’…

Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

• How to get set up in 20 minutes and start making money within 24 hours from RIGHT NOW

• Why this method is better than affiliate marketing and the “nuts and bolts” of how you get paid without EVER making a sale

• How to get started with 100% FREE traffic. You don’t need any marketing budget to quickly get results with this!

• How to take this method to the next level and get paid passively while you sleep. You can scale this as BIG as you want and use this to quit your job within just a few short months…

Plus, a whole lot more…

Get all the details on “20 Minute Results” and lock in your discount!

All week I’ve been checking out the new training videos and PDF cheat sheets that Jeff Johnson has been posting to his blog and all I have to say is “Wow, I can’t believe he’s giving this stuff away for free!”

They are part of a free training series where he teaches you how to build a bigger list, get more traffic and find new customers regardless of how much experience you have, if any.

In his newest video he reveals his simple 3-step system for doubling your conversions in as little as 24 hours.

You can easily use it to increase conversions for your opt-in pages, your sales letter, and even your video sales letters (he shares several real life examples in the video).

And he makes it easy to apply it to your own business by walking you through the entire system, step-by-step.

Plus, he gives you a PDF “Double Your Conversions” cheat sheet to download, which makes it really easy for you to apply his 3-step system to your business, no matter your business is.

Jeff also walks you through some real life examples including how he used his simple 3-step system to increase his video sales letter conversions by 103.43%, literally overnight.

You can have your very own “double your sales” system up and running within 45 minutes or less, and then it runs 100% hands-free.

Watch your video and grab your PDF here.

Step-By-Step Towards Easy Commissions

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Commission Magnet

“$100 a day” has always been the unsaid income goal to be reached by all Internet marketers. If you haven’t had a proper, working system for hitting this target, you will want to check out Commission Magnet.

Glynn Kosky has put together a step-by-step training guide to show you exactly how you can generate over 100 bucks per day using 100% free traffic.

Sounds good? Get in whilst the price is extremely low.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small local “bricks and mortar” business, a huge national company, or even if your business is 100% based online.

Jeff Johnson could easily teach you at least a hundred different ways to get more traffic, leads, and customers, both online and offline.

However, his new training video reveals 16 of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to market your business and build a more profitable list, faster.

You’ll also find a brand new PDF cheat sheet just below the video comment section.

Here’s the best part: It’s jam-packed with 100% business-building content, and it’s free.

Watch it now!

The ULTIMATE Social Media Design Tool for 2017

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Have you ever noticed how the best social media marketers always incorporate gorgeous and professional images into their posts?

If you’re like me, you have probably wondered, “how the heck do those marketers create such gorgeous social media-ready graphics every time?”

Well, here is how it is traditionally done:

1. Find your favorite freelance site
2. Design your job requirements and post it
3. Wait 2-3 days to gauge offers
4. Review offers and accept contract
5. Wait another 3-4 days for submissions
6. Add 2 more days of work with back and forth revisions
7. Get something ‘CLOSE’ to your vision (but not exactly what you want)
8. Pay the designer anywhere from $300 to $500 PER design

Typically these 8 steps are exactly what it takes to get a proper social media graphic designed.

Now, let me show you how we do it in 2017:

1. Download Social Studio FX
2. Take 60 seconds out of your day to create a beautiful social media graphic with 13,200+ designs to choose from.

How easy is that?!

Not only will Social Studio FX save you time and energy, but it will also give you less gray hairs! :)

Check out Social Studio FX today and take control of your graphic design.

Simple Crazy TrafficThe doors just opened on a great and solid new course titled “Simple Crazy Traffic“.

A truly remarkable step-by-step course showing specific traffic generating techniques. Simply put, Dave Weber is an online marketer who uses QUALITY traffic sources to increase website traffic and build a list of RAVID hungry buyers. You are seriously going to be blown away by this.

If you are serious about your business in 2016, download your free traffic sources report for less than $10 today and start to see an increase in traffic and subscribers!


With the entire world glued to FB and so many potential buyers out there, IF you are NOT able to pull traffic through content…

THEN, You’ve Been Doing Facebook All Wrong!

Now with this breakthrough, new cloud app, you can find, post, schedule and leverage super converting, traffic pulling content in minutes!

And that’s not all!

ReachMultiply manages your fan pages, so you are completely free to do whatever you want!

ReachMultiply is content marketing automator that will 10X your FB profits HANDS-FREE!

ReachMultiply is the best shot you have at saving your Ad Dollars with its powerful Content Marketing automation system.

Nothing beats the reach of organic content and ReachMultiply will accelerate your FB profits like never before by generating, posting and scheduling organic content for your multiple fan pages, so you don’t have to lift a finger to make endless profits!

Here’s a look at its unrivaled features and benefits that will make it an absolute must have app for 2017 to scale up your FB profits!

=> 100% automated Facebook content marketing platform that scales up your FB business instantly

=> Get everything done from content curation, planning, scheduling to posting

=> Supports all content formats natively (image, video, text, custom links)

=> Find share-worthy content using keywords, and then schedule months worth of said content in one go

=> Get up-to-date & trending topics for new posts

=> Calendar interface that shows you the plan for every day visually

=> New Way For Content Discovery so you get the the most viral and engaging content that pulls traffic in droves!

=> Equipped with High quality Content Curation Mechanism that automates posting of engaging and highly relevant content on autopilot for weeks and a month ahead!

=> Boost Your Money Posts with content that you post on FB, with ReachMultiply managing all your FB pages and campaigns

=> Grab more leads from your FB page, without having to look for leads and trying to pull traffic.

=> Get months work done in minutes! With all the required content finding, posting, scheduling done in advance at the click of a finger!

=> Its powerful notification system notifies you well in advance when you need to set ReachMultiply to source, syndicate and manage the content and FB pages again.

=> Saves you tons of money you’d otherwise spend on expensive FB ads.

=> Gets you the best time to post when your content and posts will have maximum viral reach.

=> 100% Facebook Approved!

No need to create your own app or do complicated setups. Just get your hands on ReachMultiply, set it to ‘Start’ and have boatloads of FREE FB traffic and an automated stream of income starting from NOW!

Right now it’s available at an incredibly low launch price, but with each passing day there’s going to be a spike in price and soon after the launch sale ends, it’s off the table!

I’d say it is just not wise to miss such an incredible app that makes profiting from FB an absolute cake walk! Let me know what you think of it!

Souped-Up PayPal Analytics

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Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a product creator, you often use PayPal for your business.

But have you ever wondered about things like:

1) What’s your average value per customer?
2) Where are most of your customers from?
3) What TIME do you get most of your sales/orders usually (peak order time)?
4) How often do you make sales on average?

PayPal does not show you this info but…

My friend Ankur just released a new software that uncovers ALL OF THAT and more from your PayPal account.

PayDrill even reveals things like:

[+] Who are your most LOYAL customers?
[+] Where do you get most of your refunds from?
[+] How many sales do you make every day?
[+] What are your expenses out of PayPal each month?

What I love is that it makes the whole PayPal interface SUPER FAST!

# Lets you download transactions in 1-CLICK.
# Export Customer Data in 1-CLICK
# Send money or issue refunds in 1-CLICK

The best thing I like about this is that it lets you SEARCH any transaction in just 1 SECOND—no more waiting, get instant results.

Anyone who uses PayPal must download this software because not only it makes things 10x easier, faster and better but All the INTELLIGENT METRICS it uncovers for you will help you grow your business.

Companies like Amazon, Uber, Zappos, Alibaba & Apple spend millions to learn more about their customers & get business intelligence.

Now you can DO THE SAME with this amazing software.

I am simply blown away by how much this software can do.

It works on Mac + PC and only today you can get LIFETIME ACCESS.

So hurry up and get your hands on this amazing software.

PayPal is great for making sales and sending payments but when you add this to it, it becomes 10X BETTER…

Download PayDrill before the offer goes away.

Commission Sumo

What’s the secret to higher conversions?

Sell the person exactly what they want and need.

Exactly when they need it.

It’s not rocket science, but until now it’s been difficult to really target multiple offers on your blog.

Commission Sumo has changed that up!

With this new WP technology, you can automatically have the right ads shown to the right people with TRUE contextual advertising, instantly.

Commission Sumo lets you place contextual ads throughout your blog.

Choose your keyword or phrase and what you want to happen when someone mouses over.

Your blog instantly has:

[+] Targeted Amazon Ads

[+] Lead Capture Funnels
[+] Videos
[+] Calls-To-Action

Best of all, it is 100% set-and-forget.

It automatically updates and pulls in the best products to promote for you.

Get access while it’s still at a low early-bird pricing.


Affkit is the #1 suite of tools for Internet Marketers, CPA marketers, e-commerce marketers, affiliate marketers, product creators and more, that will improve the conversion rate of their landing pages, sales pages, content pages, etc.

It gives you every single conversion maximizing tool all under one roof, and you can add them to your pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Absolutely newbie-friendly, but gets you as well equipped as the big boys.

Just a FEW of the tools inside Affkit are:

– exit intent popup

– geo redirect and geo-location scripts

– countdown timer

– dynamic elements

And SO much more (there are 19 tools in total!)

These tools will work no matter WHAT type of sites you have: WordPress, HTML, Shopify, and everything in between.

There’s a tell-all video right here.

Check that out, and tell me it doesn’t blow other ‘suites’ out of the water!

Raise your website’s marketing effectiveness with Affkit now!

Today’s training video jam-packed with 100% business-building content that you can put to use in your business today, and see almost immediate results.

Jeff Johnson of “Tube Traffic Secrets” fame reveals his 11 rules for building a better, more powerful lead magnet that not only helps you build a bigger more profitable list, faster…

It also converts more of your leads into customers for you and your business.

Jeff’s new training video walks you through the entire process, step-by-step and it’s free.

Check it out.

There’s something quite urgent I need to tell you about so you don’t miss out.

My buddy Craig Crawford has been working on one of the most innovative, time- and money-saving software apps I’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s called the Social Sales System.

On its first ever beta test, the software generated a HUGE targeted list of 8028 subscribers, made 277 sales and generated $71,038.88 In Pure Profit In Just 6 Weeks…

Now Craig is virtually giving this system away in order to get case studies and testimonials for when it’s released at full price…early next year.

The Social Sales System is a simple-to-use cloud-based app that bridges the gap between Facebook Lead ads and CRMs/autoresponders AND custom audiences.

It uses an ingenious system to capture the leads—using Lead ads—then adds them to an autoresponder list and e-mail sequence.

This contains a clever lead nurturing campaign that’s seamlessly synced with a custom audience, which the software adds the same contacts to.

This allows you to expose them to e-mails AND highly ‘tuned’ FB ads designed to lure them to a sale.

Once they buy the pitched product, they are automatically switched to a new autoresponder sequence—and custom audience—with a fresh set of ads to upsell them to the next product in the funnel.

This process continues for as many products as you want.

AND if that’s not enough, it also contains the “fill-in-the-blanks” autoresponder templates for prospects, buyers and referral e-mail lists.

• Creates “on the fly” e-mail autoresponder lists from FB Lead ads and add them to a custom audience (this takes place seamlessly and shows them targeted ads and nurturing e-mails so it’s impossible to ignore your marketing messages).

• The nurturing campaigns are provided using fill-in-the-blank e-mail templates with ads (no more wondering what ads to show or to write in your e-mails to get a good response and lower unsubscribes).

• Once a prospect buys your offer they are seamlessly put on to a new ‘buyers’ e-mail list and custom audience to start the process again and upsell them (whilst you relax and work on what matters).

• The whole process is seamless and integrated in ONE software app which helps to eliminate confusion and expenses.

• You also get an 8-part video training series thrown in for free. It walks you through the audience targeting processes, ad creation processes…making the process quick and easy and remove any chance of overwhelm or confusion.

Craig is offering an incredible lifetime deal on this software at 10% of its market value for (optional) case studies and testimonials for the next 3 days only.

Social Sales System could change the way you do marketing forever, so you owe it to yourself to see just how much it can save time, money and boost profits.


Now there is no reason you can’t be a viral marketing expert with using ZenViral.

In place of using opt-in forms on your landing pages, you implement social unlock buttons that forces visitors to share over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn in order to access your free downloads or gifts, which could be an e-book, software, a coupon or even a link.

Setting up a campaign is so easy, it won’t take 2 minutes! Watch this demo video.

Like what you see? That’s not all. The software has a build-in tracking and analytics system that allows you to review and optimize campaign performance.

Put ZenViral to the test and see if you can add 462,736 more visitors to your website!


Attention, local business consultants!

Are you looking to expand your repertoire of business services in the online realm?

Imagine being able set up a local business-themed website under 60 seconds(!) and rent it out to clients who don’t have a website but would surely benefit from having one. You charge the rent as a form of website administration fee. This is passive income at its best!

Serplify enables you to set up the perfect local niche site that is ready to rank on page 1 of Google results, because local business keywords are not so competitive. Within one single setup you can create multiple websites targeting thousands of cities and zip codes for keywords that are super-easy to rank for (plumber, dentist, lawyer etc.), then automatically, then add thousands of optimized pages full of themed content for each keyword, ranking them all on page 1 of Google, and being able to build this all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Be sure to watch the crazy 60-second demo video.

Serplify will do this and more. It is the ONLY web-based software that mass-builds, customizes, GEO-Optimizes, monetizes, schedules, syndicates (over social media) and builds you fully fledged unique sites that rank page one on Google.

Grab your account for a 50% launch discount!