$610.81 in 17 minutes with free traffic!

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When you can control traffic, you can write your own checks…

But most free traffic methods are too slow!

And you can lose a ton of money with paid traffic…

What’s the solution?

A traffic source that is FREE but delivers traffic at the speed of PAID traffic!

Naidy Phoon has just create a breakthrough product on an untapped, powerful traffic “monster” that made him $610.81 in a single day!

– It’s truly a unique method (haven’t seen one in awhile)
– It’s simple and easy (get results in less than 24 hours)
– It’s an underground traffic source (not saturated)
– It’s used by celebrities and Fortune 500 companies
– The traffic source is HUGE (190,000,000 page views a month!)

I could go on and on about this amazing course but the only way you can find out how awesome the Ultimate Traffic Monster is is to click the link and grab it before it’s taken down.

One of the biggest mistakes that causes businesses to fail is the merchants ultimately failing to meet the demands and expectations of customers. In other words, the merchants do not know who their customers are. Even if they have great products or services, if they fail to align what they offer with what their customers want, they are simply barking up the wrong tree.

No customers, no business, no sales. It is as simple as that. Therefore it is important to define the type of prospects to target. Instead of spending important advertising dollars on drawing in the wrong set of prospects, construct a customer profile based on the majority of your customers and concentrated around their needs and wants. By creating a buyer persona and nailing down your customers’ needs, lifestyles and even apprehensions, you will have the capacity to think of a ready answer to address your customers’ challenges. By placing ourselves in the shoes of our prospects, we can better pre-empt their purchasing decision.

There are 5 ways you can research your buyer persona:

1) Online Retrieval Of Demographics Data

The process is pretty instantaneous and all you need to do is input product keywords or URLs of other people’s websites that are similar to your business (or your competitors’) into AdWords Display Planner. These are the steps:

a) Go to http://adwords.google.com
b) Click “Tools”, “Display Planner”
c) Select “Show only estimates for my targeting criteria”.
d) Enter a URL or product keyword
e) Click “Get estimates”.

You get a results display that looks like below:


But as you can see, the data is very limited to age, gender and device usage.

Alexa is another website that can provide demographics intelligence but unless you upgrade, you are just as much limited to gender, education and browsing location data.


2) Interview Your Prospects And Customers (Pre-Sales)

This is surely one of the most effective way to get a sense of the majority demographic of your customers, but you need to ask the right questions. Here is a sample list:

How old are they?
What is their gender?
Where do they live?
What is their job?
What is their education level?
How do they prefer to stay contactable?
What is their ethnic background?
How much do they earn?
What is their marital status?
How do they spend their free time?
Which newspaper, books or magazines do they read?
What is their favorite TV channel?
What are their hopes and dreams?
What do they wear?
What are their political and religious views?
What are their biggest fears? What keeps them awake at 3am?
What makes them happy?
What frustrates them?
What do they find most relaxing?
What do they talk about with their friends?
Which appeals to them more: function or aesthetic?
What are their hobbies or interests?
What are their attitudes towards certain issues?

You can organize focus groups, walk-in sessions, on-site visits, or make phone calls to conduct interviews. You can also publish the questions in a web page through which visitors can submit their answers collated in an email sent to you.


3) Surveys (Post-Sales)

Conduct surveys to get feedback from customers about their purchases. It could be an immediate, short post-sales survey about the checkout experience, ot a survey that occurs one month after purchase to gauge user experience. The answers your customers give you can reveal much about how and what they think, and could be surprisingly quite apart from pre-sales answers in terms of scope or alignment. Sometimes customers may use the occasion to inquire about other products/services. All these information can make you consider if the major customer demographic is thinking along the same line, and whether you need to tweak your marketing strategies based on the survey answers.

Popular online survey tools include Foresee, Qualaroo, SurveyMonkey and WebEngage.


4) Look At Past Purchases

Supposed you have a range of products or services. Over a period of time, it becomes apparent to you that some offers sell better than others. Your sales results can tell you what the marketplace needs most, therefore you can reconsider your marketing strategies to target the most in-demand customer segment of the marketplace.


5) Social Media Engagement

Social media puts you on the frontline of direct communication with prospects and customers. By monitoring and observing what they say about your industry and products/services, you gain first-hand insights into their expectations. It is also a great time to resolve any issues or complaints that they may have. Doing so in a prompt manner not only reflects that there is real customer support that cares, but also your pursuit towards customer satisfaction.

Also investigate online forums and Q&A sites like Quora. These sites are great resources for problem solving. By researching for solutions, you can better understand how to help your own prospects and position your products/services in a way that shows you really know your customers’ problems.

Customer research is a long-drawn process and it is never-ending because the marketplace keeps changing. However, the benefits of targeting the right customers are enormous. For one thing, repeat sales from old-time customers are easy to get. A high level of customer loyalty exists because your ability to know customers inside out will make them feel they are well attended to. They will even evangelize and refer new customers to you, thereby exponentially growing your business.

Good business does not start with a great product or service, or great know-how or a high efficiency in daily operations. It is simply knowing your customers like they are your friends, and it is a great untold secret to sales riches.

JV Secrets Revealed

This is your chance to learn one of the most valuable and reliable business communication techniques ever devised for the past, present and future.

The rich have used it to make themselves fortunes. And then more fortunes…but not through some personal technical expertise they were proud of.

From the robber barons to the 1% of today, you can learn to use the exact same technique in the exact same way as they do. And reap your own rewards.

It’s all revealed here.

Video Sales Script Formula

You can have the best product in the world. You can have the strongest, most profitable funnel in the world, but without a great sales copy your campaign is doomed.

You can have an average product, and an average sales funnel, but if it has got a great sales copy, it will earn you cash.

You also know that to produce great copy on your own can be a nightmare; you can spend not weeks but months of writing and rewriting draft after draft and still getting poor results. And if you hire a true professional, expect to spend thousands of dollars, that only few marketers can afford.

You may even feel that it’s the ONE thing keeping you from getting your project off the ground and achieving your own personal success online. Moreover, according to latest online sources like Digiday, very few who read long sales letters, and even fewer who get inspired by them.

Robert Adziashvili is going to help you finally turn the tables on your sales page problems. You’ll get your first ever look at the Video Sales Script Formula that can simplify the process of sales copy creation.

Using his formula by following his step-by-step training, you will create a sales page practically overnight and combined with video, you can have the most potent tool in succeeding online

A great sales page is the door to your success. It all starts today and it all starts here. Don’t miss out.

The secret to 5-figure months

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I got this message for Kevin Fahey’s coaching offer and he wants me to put you on notice:

Kevin Fahey's Group CoachingDid you know that there’s a secret to taking your business to 5 figures per month?


I attribute my success to this one thing…

It’s what took me from struggling and working way too hard to having consistent 5-figure months.

It’s probably NOT what you’re thinking.

Push-button software, traffic loopholes, and hard work are not going to get you there.


I struggled like crazy to make decent money online, but I hated life for a long time.

I was working too hard and I’d basically just created myself a job.

That’s not what I was looking for, and it’s probably not why you’re doing what you’re doing, right?

Sure, money is nice, but FREEDOM is what you really want.

Freedom to:

–> Take lavish vacations to exotic places
–> Buy the things you want when you want them
–> Do the things you enjoy day-to-day

If you want to see the one secret that can take you to 5-figures months faster than anything else, read what I have to share with you.

An unfortunate tendency I increasingly see in many business owners—and incredibly, in many copywriters—is an almost pathological avoidance, loathing, and even fear of selling.

This has been fostered by two myths that need to be dealt with.

The first, originally perpetuated by the clueless authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto, is that marketing is conversation.

I was discussing this with a successful salesman. He told me, “Each week my sales manager asks me how many sales I made.

“If I told him, ‘No sales, but I had a lot of good conversations,’ I’d soon become unemployed.”

The second myth is that content marketing and social media have made copywriting, traditional marketing, advertising, and selling obsolete.

Listen, I am a fan of content marketing and have been doing it for more than 3 decades.

Content is great for building both credibility and buyer interest.

But content is woefully inadequate for closing sales. For that, you need powerful copy or a skilled salesperson.

I think the reason so many young businesspeople buy into these two myths is that having conversations or writing content is safe, easy, and comfortable.

(Writing good content…content with real value…is actually hard. But the vast majority of the content published online today is crap cobbled together from a quick Google search on the topic of the article and it takes little skill to throw together.)

But selling—whether face-to-face, on the phone, or in copywriting—is gritty, hard work that fewer and fewer people seem willing or have the skill to do.

Both direct response copywriters and salespeople have their sales results measured down to the penny. There’s nowhere to hide. Your success or failure is out in the open for all to see.

Cluetrain-style salespeople and content writers live in a cozy, safe world where they are not held accountable for results.

Once in a while, I think that would make life easy. But mostly, to me it would be boring, unchallenging, and unsatisfying.

Social media is another area where many (not all) practitioners seem not to be held accountable for sales results.

They brag about having friends, followers, and connections. But getting those seems a lot easier than getting orders, which is what salespeople and copywriters do.

Maybe I’m jealous of marketers, writers, social media mavens, and salespeople who don’t have to make the cash register ring.

Or maybe I am contemptuous of them.

I dunno: Which do you think it is?

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Signature Business Funnel Blueprint

A major key component of a marketing website that works is the funnel system. It drives the end-to-end buyer’s journey by elevating a cold prospect into a warm lead which ultimately converts into a customer. Many marketers fall short in this area because they cannot fully conceptualize a satisfactory customer experience that their businesses or websites can provide.

If you know you can do better with a solid funnel design, this NEW blueprint is your surefire solution to COMPLETE your funnel-building efforts.

When you download your copy of the Signature Business Funnel Blueprint today, you’ll receive:

* The Fastest And Most Effective Way To Tap Into Your Signature Income Generating Funnel.

* Checklists for Each and Every Step In the Process Form Start to Finish.

* Sales Copy Templates, Squeeze Pages, E-mails, Articles, Graphics and More All Ready-to-Go

* Complete WordPress Video Tutorials and Which Free Plugins Give PROVEN Results

* How To Put Together A Highly-Converting Website

And much more.

By the time you finish this blueprint, you’ll have a website funnel that generates income for you.

This will change the way you create your website funnel from today.

Yaro Starak is now taking members for the January 2015 class of Blog Mastermind.

It has been 3 years since Yaro first launched the course and he considers the latest edition a significant improvement over the last run.

The main difference is an emphasis on focus.

In order to teach a system that works in today’s hyper-competitive online landscape, there has to be a clear, step-by-step formula.

This is why back in 2012 he committed to changing his own blogging business to focus on the Blog Sales Funnel model.

When you focus your blog on a very specific topic, which leads to a specific email course and a specific product you sell to help people solve the specific problem they have, the path is clear.

When you have this level of clarity, you know what content your blog needs and you know how to use your e-mail list as an automatic income machine.

The new Blog Mastermind 2.0 course is focused on teaching you how to create your first Blog Sales Funnel.

On top of the basic funnel, Yaro also trains you how to turn your blog into an authority site, a true platform you can use to make significant income selling your digital products and services, just like his previous graduates do today.

It’s the perfect model for teachers, coaches, experts, authors, speakers, writers, trainers, creatives or anyone who wants to earn a great living helping other people solve problems.

It’s also one of the highest leverage business models he knows. What other system can you use to make over a million dollars, with no full-time staff, sitting in cafes on your laptop anywhere in the world?

This is the model he teaches and the lifestyle he wants while helping as many people as he can to achieve.

If you want to be one of the next success stories, he would love to help you…

By the end of 2015 I don’t want you to feel it was another year spent treading water, wasting time jumping from idea to idea, or focusing your energy on projects you don’t care about.

If you have the desire to help other people and feel you have ideas in your head that the world needs to hear about, then Blog Mastermind 2.0 is the course for you.

Let’s unleash the spark inside you so other people can benefit from your ideas, and build a business that funds a great lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Begin the year with a bang and acquire the knowledge you need to create a successful online business.

By now, you have likely seen “Buy Now”, “Order Now” or “Download Now” call-to-action buttons on landing pages and sales pages. Have you seen a “Book Now” button yet?

I’m telling you it is the next big thing!

You can help business owners by giving away these buttons for FREE! Even treat this free giveaway as part of your affiliate marketing business.

But first let me give you a big picture of the context…

What do all local service-based businesses have in common?

My guess is that 99% of them, at least the small- to medium-sized ones, wish they had a better Internet presence.

A lot of them look at the big corporate-based service businesses and envy their marketing capabilities. Those businesses have:

– Online Scheduling
– Good Search Engine Rank
– A Clear Sales Funnel
– Automated Service E-mail Responses
– SMS Notification

Now here is what I have to say: You could be the consultant that helps local serviced-based businesses get all of those things FOR FREE.

You can provide a valuable marketing solution to every local service-based business for FREE that will help them compete with the big boys and increase profits…simply by giving away these “Book Now” buttons.

At the same time, the market for online booking is lucrative because consumers want to search, book, and even pay for services online.

If you give 1000 of these buttons to business owners and close a fraction of them, you are going to see incredible growth this year.

These buttons are the door to a local marketing funnel so effective that clients are already closed before they talk to business owners, and there’s no challenging sales process, visiting the office, etc. Biz owners simply activate their accounts and you profit, so you can offer this service to any business in any country around the world from your home.

Give away these “Book Now” buttons and you’ll be ahead of the curve. You are going to be the one consultant that offers to solve business owners’ online sales challenges for free.

Sound Too Good To Be True? See the software in action here.

Affiliate Payout Machine

Are you tired of standing by the sidelines while watching other people ace the online marketing game?

For a change, how would you like to:

* Start making $200 – $500 paydays

* No product to create, no customer support, no inventory to keep

* And get started right about now?

I’ve been seeing this guy at it over and over again. He’s living proof that even ordinary folks can create streams of massive income from products you don’t have to create or sell.

For the first time ever, he’s breaking the silence and he reveals:

– How you can make a serious income from affiliate marketing

– Be it JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, and even in-house affiliate programs

– How you can ace affiliate contests after another

– And win yourself extra cash prizes and bragging rights (part of the perks!)

If you’ve been struggling to make that breakthrough, look no further because it’s already here.

Check Out The All New Affiliate Payout Machine!

MASSIVE Marketers Graphics Package

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IM Elite Graphics

I have a new HUGE Graphics exclusive offer for my readers today.

If you’re serious about your online presence, professional graphics are one of the few crucial things that will have your site being taken seriously.

How much would it cost to have your own graphics designed by a professional?

ONE set of graphics alone could cost you anywhere from $100-500.

Here is a quick sample of the over 25 different sets of graphics to grab in this package:

* Sales and Landing Page Templates
* Buttons, Badges, Icons and Hand-drawn Arrows
* Banners and Headers for Marketers and eCommerce
* Facebook Cover, Youtube Cover, and Twitter Templates
* Sleek and Modern Social Media Icons
* Guarantee Badges and Certificates
* Stylish Opt-In Forms, Feature Boxes
* Video Template and Buttons
* Web Elements (dividers, navigation bars, 404 pages)
* Over a dozen other graphic sets…

Right now you can get the Internet Marketing Elite package of over 400 premium graphics at a discount exclusive to invited members and subscribers so jump on it while you can!

Wow, I have some great news for you! Here’s a gift you can give YOURSELF (and it won’t cost you a penny).

It is the gift of living your greatest life in 2015!

Sonia Ricotti the “Bounce Back” expert, held a 6-hour long “Bounce Back BIG in 2015!” LiveCast last weekend with special guests Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Dr. Steve G. Jones and Mark Romero.

The great news is that if you missed it or if you want to experience it again, she has posted the FULL replay for you (it is now broken down into 6 life-changing segments).

Each one builds on top of the other!

When you listen to this totally complimentary, life-changing replay event, get ready to:

– Bounce Back BIG in 2015 as Sonia Ricotti goes deep with her world-renowned teachings on how to overcome difficult times in ANY area of your life, as well as how to achieve great success, inner peace and happiness (yes, you can have it all).

– Re-program your mind for the most successful year ever with the legendary Bob Proctor!

– Achieve your dream life in 2015 as Mary Morrissey teaches her Dream Builder principles and how to make it really happen starting right now!

– Activate your manifesting abilities and clear yourself to “receive” all the magnificent things about to arrive in your life in 2015 with a ‘live’ group hypnosis session with world renowned Hypnotherapist, Dr. Steve G. Jones.

– Elevate your vibration to a super high frequency level as Mark Romero performs his powerful high-vibration sound healing musical mantras ‘LIVE’ in concert!

Go Here to Get Immediate Access to this Life-Changing Replay.

IM Biz In A Box

If you’re an Online Marketer, Offline Marketer, Affiliate Promoter, a Business Owner or Beginner of I.M., then this “IM Biz In A Box” Monster PLR is for YOU!

You can:

– Sell it to your Subscribers for $9-97 a pop and Make a Huge Profit
– Sell it to Businesses for $97 a pop
– Use it to Create a Private Membership
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– Use it to Grow your Own Business Online
– Use it as High Quality Content for Your Seminar, Webinar, or Training
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Or Anything Else that comes to Your Mind!

This Completely New “IM Biz In A Box” Monster PLR is:

– 100% Unique & has Latest Content on The Topic
– Hot and Evergreen Niche
– Proven and Step-by-Step Training
– Comes with High-Converting Sales Copies, Sales Pages & Killer Graphics
– Also Get Attractive Bonuses

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside!

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind Map (Valued at $40)
Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
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All you have to do is:

1. Download it
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3. Upload it
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5. Keep 100% of the profits (including the buyers list)

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What’s the fastest way to double your productivity, and start getting TWICE the results in your life and your business?

If you’re serious about doubling your results, and growing your business, then take this new class from Eben Pagan called “Wake Up Productive”: How To Double Your Productivity Guaranteed

It turns out that the key to doubling productivity isn’t to work more, and it’s not to work “harder”.

The key to doubling productivity isn’t doing more, it’s getting more DONE and particularly, getting more of the high-value work done in your life and business.

So how do you get more of the work done that actually pays you back the biggest returns in both results and money?

The solution is to put two new habits in place—one to increase your personal productivity, and one to increase your business success and profit.

In Wake Up Productive, you’ll learn these two new habits, and you’ll actually install them in your life and business so you automatically do the most valuable thing in your life each day and start getting the growth and success you want.

Because Eben created this program while he was building his business empire, he is offering a “Business Growth” version of the course, that also includes his best training on marketing, and his best training on creating a winning product.

(And Eben has sold a couple of hundred million dollars worth of products and services online, so his marketing and business trainings are the best you can get.)

In this new class, you’ll learn:

> How to eliminate distractions and interruptions, so you can focus on the high-value actions that bring you the big returns personally and financially

> How to put habits in place (instead of just trying to do more), so you wake up and AUTOMATICALLY start doing the things that bring you big results

> How to grow your business a lot faster, by focusing on the few things that actually lead to growth and profit rather than wasting time on “busywork”

…and much, much more.

Watch this new video from Eben. You’ll learn a lot about productivity and marketing by watching it, and you’ll also get the details about the course.

Eben actually guarantees that you will double your productivity by taking this course. But watch his video, and I think you’ll agree that this is the real deal and that it can help you actually get twice the results that you’re getting right now.

#1 in Google or Bust!

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Video Marketing Scholars

Anybody can teach you how to make a marketing video.

Nobody teaches how to get that video ranked #1 in Google.

Scott Morris and Ray Reichert do!

You have 2 choices with Video Marketing:

* Your video can be buried under the BILLIONS of other videos being uploaded every minute
* Your video can be #1 in Google and YouTube where it will be seen by your customers

Get your FREE Video Marketing Course now and rank all your videos #1.

My subscriber DS, whom I mentioned in a recent issue of this e-letter, shared a curious and important experience with me: For his low-priced info-products, the refund rate was about 5%, and the application rate—the number of buyers who implemented his system—was also about 5%.

When he started marketing more expensive systems, both the refund rate and the application rate shot up to 30%.

There are 3 reasons I find these results both interesting and instructive.

First, the refund rate moved in tandem with the implementation rate, with the numbers matching almost exactly.

I don’t think it’s a universal law that the refund rate and the application rate will be the same, but they are in fact often very close.

Second, for DS’s low-priced products, both the application rate and refund rate were low.

Here’s the reason: When the price is low, many customers who are on the fence about the product, and even some who don’t like it, don’t bother to ask for a refund, because the dollars are so insignificant.

Also because the price is low, the buyers haven’t invested much in the product, and therefore don’t feel a strong motivation to read and apply the instructions. Many put it aside and just never get to it.

Third, for his expensive info-products, DS found that both the application rate and refund rate were about 6 times higher than for his inexpensive products.

Why? Well, as far as the refund rate, people who spend a lot on an info-product don’t want to waste or lose the significant investment they have made.

So if it looks too difficult or doesn’t quickly grab their interest, they return it before the guarantee expires. Also, because of the big bucks, some of the buyers get cold feet or buyer’s remorse, triggering more refund requests.

At the same time, the application rate goes up, because the buyers have made a significant investment in the course—and they want it to pay off.

I have said repeatedly in this e-letter that when people get free advice, they do not value it.

Conversely, the more your customers pay for your information and advice, the more they will value it and listen to what you tell them.

Action step: if you are stuck in a rut of selling $29 e-books, recreate the content in the form of a $100 audio or video product and test it.

If that works out, create and test a $500 to $1,000 ‘live’ webinar or tele-class series.

Being a cheapskate, I unintelligently superimpose my stinginess on my buyers…and as a result too many of my products are e-books selling in the $19 to $49 range.

I continually underestimate how much money my customers are willing to spend for unique and valuable content they cannot get elsewhere. And that has probably cost me a small fortune.

Last year, my most profitable product was a ‘live’ 2-day seminar selling for $2,500. It earned me in a couple of days more money than the average American makes working an entire year.

Lesson: Don’t be a cheapskate like me. Learn from my mistakes, and start creating and testing more expensive info-products more often.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Open Rate ExplosionAs we go into a new year I know many marketers are looking to get their message across to more people and get more eyes on their offers.

The past few months Kevin Fahey has been testing a few systems to increase engagement with his customers and subscribers. Of courses this in return has led to more profits and a stronger long-term business model. He’s sharing all the juicy details.

Open Rate Explosion” covers 6 ninja method you can use to crush e-mail marketing in 2015.

What if you could increase your e-mail open rates by 400%?

What type of effect would that have on your online business?

For most marketers, the effect would be HUGE.

If you have 4 times as many e-mail opens, your clicks would increase too…

This means MORE SALES!

Kevin went from struggling marketer to a consistent 5 figures per month with e-mail marketing.

He knows what works and he’s doing it day-in and day-out.

To see how he’s doing it and how you can do it too, click here to find out.

How To “Cure” Procrastination

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The key to ending procrastination isn’t to “just do it” or to get yourself “psyched up”.

In fact, the answer is something that most people would never even guess.

If you’d like to cure your procrastination, and get more of the important things DONE in your life, then watch this new video from Eben Pagan.

Inside, you’ll learn:

> How to cure and overcome procrastination for the LONG-TERM

> How to create a habit of taking action, so you have less and less procrastination in your life automatically

> The place to invest your attention and energy to get the HIGHEST return (in both your personal and business lives)

> Why it’s critical to understand how willpower works, and how to use it for maximum results and productivity

> How to design and create habits that last, and that keep “paying you back” for the long-term

There’s also a couple of downloads on the page with the video, including an exercise and a list of tips for curing procrastination and building lasting habits, so make sure to get those while you’re there.

Apex For Life

Click Here to Discover How to Explode Your Results plus get a hold of some Absolutely FREE Success Gifts for You…some nice gifts for the struggling small business owner:

* The Top *10* Billionaire EXTREME Customer Service Phrases & Words (70-minute Audio)

* 31 Attitudes of a Self-Made Millionaire (eBook & Audio Book)

* 7 Serious Decisions You Must Make To Conquer Fear, Procrastination, and the Poverty Mindset (70 Minute Audio and Video)

* 177 Motivational Success Quotes to Live a Championship Life (eBook and Audio Book)

Plus Discover How John Di Lemme’s “Apex For Life” Money-Making, Fear-Demolishing Program can Change Your Life!

Massive Buyer List 2.0

My good friend, Henry Gold has launched his new course called “Massive Buyer List 2.0” where he will show you how to turn freebie seekers into potential buyers. You will see all the details on what Henry does to turn any COLD leads to become strong followers for your business, making sales at any price points from $10 all the way to $1,500. It is that powerful. “Massive Buyer List 2.0″ comes with 10 step-by-step video tutorials, e-mail templates, Q&A strategy, roadmap, relationship building strategy and much more.

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