You need higher conversions on your existing traffic.

Everyone thinks more traffic is the answer. But it’s not. It’s making the most of every opportunity to convert your existing traffic. Then you make more sales. Get social shares. And more opt-ins.

Want 7 ways to get more conversions?

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WP Traffic Max is a new plugin by Bill Guthrie & Manfred Ekblad from BWI Press. It’s designed to make the most of your existing traffic by showing your visitors 6 different ad types.

* Interstitial ads

* Video ads

* WSIWYG ads

* Custom Coupons

* Opt-in pop-ups

* 2-Step opt-in pop-ups.

* Exit pop

What’s even better?

You specify the posts/pages/categories individual ads appear. And you can redirect visitors to any URL of your choosing on close or other actions.

WP Traffic Max is perfect to redirect visitors to:

* Sales pages

* Affiliate offers

* CPA offers

* Amazon offers

* Social media profiles & posts

WP Traffic Max can do anything with your traffic than you could dream up.

Check out WP Traffic Max now.

SubscriberBlazeI’ve got to say that Shon Chris’s SubscriberBlaze plugin for WordPress gets me excited.

It includes all of the “super powers” that are proven to create 60%+ converting squeeze pages…

…All in a ‘live’ preview, easy-to-use interface that is more goof-proof than anything I’ve seen before.

That alone makes it worth the Grand Opening discount, which starts at just $17. If you know about all the popular, but costly, monthly-fee-based squeeze page software, I’m sure your running to click the link right now, just like I was!

But you don’t just get the ability to create stunning squeeze pages, you also get SO MUCH MORE insane functionality, like:

- Built-in countdown timers with real redirects
- Auto geo-targeting to “shout out” where your traffic comes from, an insane conversion booster
- Stunning lightbox and exit pop power
- Auto mobile-page creation

And a whole lot more. The demo video will show you how to create your own powerful squeeze page in under a minute, so see it for yourself.

I think you’ll be as excited as I am!

NAMS Workshop

Have you heard of the NAMS Workshop?

NAMS stands for Novice to Advanced Marketing System. And it’s the premiere training and implementation workshop held twice a year in Atlanta. It’s coming up on Aug. 1-3.

What’s makes each NAMS event so awesome is the 3 full days, 4 experience-based, skill-appropriate tracks running simultaneously with 41 instructors for 74 hours of REAL training.

If you were attending the 12th NAMS event, you would NOT be able to attend all of the sessions since there are 5 rooms running simultaneously. It’s just not possible.

Usually, people return to the event 3 or 4 times to get ALL the training broken up into beginner to advanced sessions.

But David Perdew, the founder and CEO of NAMS, is recording all the sessions so that students who want to speed through the training can do it at their own pace.

Frankly, I’m a little worried about David. I think he’s giving away the farm on this one.

The NAMS Workshop is not just any training.

Instructors like Alex Mandossian, Joel Comm, Tony Laidig, Paul Evans, Nicole Dean, Connie Ragen Green, Jeff Herring and 34 others are dedicated to making sure the students get hands-on training.

You can get access for just $67.

Let’s make that clear. The normal price to attend ‘live’ is $697 plus airfare, hotel and meals. Now you can get the training for less than one-tenth.

But you have to hurry, the pre-sale price is going away in a few days.

Nothing replaces being at the ‘live’ event, but this is certainly the next best option.

What every marketer wants.

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Monkey Marketing MastermindA lot of stuff you see online today is rehashed crap with fancy names. Simon and Jeremy’s stuff is different because these two are in the trenches every day testing and tracking everything. These guys are making 7 figures a year online, so you can bet they’re sharing some pretty amazing stuff.

What they’re giving you is a package called the Monkey Marketing Mastermind, which includes 5 video training courses for one low price. Here’s what you get:

1. Fear Factor Fortunes, which shows you a surefire way to jack your conversion rates and sales through the roof!

2. The Intensifier, which delivers a little-known strategy for exploding your sales on any product in any niche!

3. Commission Miner, a brilliant and almost devious way to crush your affiliate competition and start cashing fatter commission checks!

4. Traffic Splash, which reveals the scientific truth about how to get a ton of traffic and influence the masses with a successful viral campaign!

5. List Monster, which shows you a fast and easy way to build your mailing list and cash in using the exit traffic that’s leaving your site right this minute!

These were underground secrets that only the 6-figure and 7-figure marketers knew and used every day to get more traffic, build their lists and drive up their revenue.

Now get your hands on these secrets + a reseller license so you can make money selling these videos to others too. How’s that for a super-sweet deal!

For years I ran a tiny ad in the back of Target Marketing magazine, a publication for which I write a column, for my copywriting services.

The offer was a free audio CD with a long radio interview I did on copywriting tips and tactics.

The problem was that a lot of people who were not qualified prospects for my services would call and demand the free CD.

This wasted the time and money it cost to fulfill these requests for my free CD.

Worse, I resented these freeloaders big-time. It annoyed the bejeezus out of me, truth be told.


These moochers knew I offered the free CD to get copywriting clients.

They knew they were NOT potential clients and yet they were telling me to send the CD because, after all, I had advertised it.

Recently I changed the offer from a physical audio CD to a downloadable PDF e-book, so as to eliminate the expense of fulfilling the requests.

But I had the same problem: non-prospects who had no intention of buying my paid services mooching free stuff off me.

This problem is not unique to me, by the way.

It is a universal flaw in the content marketing model, namely, when you offer valuable free content as a bribe to get response, you generate a lot of response from people who want the content only but have no interest in your product or service.

Here is my easy solution for stopping these “content moochers” cold.

I humbly recommend it to you too if you, like me, don’t want to waste time and effort giving away valuable free stuff to people who are not potential customers and never will be.

To get my free e-book, you have to type into your browser the URL of a landing page where the book can be downloaded.

The landing page copy used to say “fill in this form to get your free e-book” which to me says anyone and everyone can get it.

But a few months ago I changed the landing page copy to say “fill in this form to see if you qualify to get this free e-book”.

This clearly communicates that not everyone is entitled to it.

You have to qualify. And who decides whether you qualify? I do, based on how you fill in the order form.

Importantly, I believe the copy as worded frees me from the obligation to send the e-book to anyone I don’t want to. And I don’t. It’s my call at my discretion.

It’s a small thing, but I came to resent the freeloaders who wanted an e-book that regularly sells for $49 for free.

So I don’t send it to just anyone any more. It’s only for prospects I might consider taking on as clients—a very small subset of the universe.

If you are using landing pages to give away free content, and you want to separate qualified leads from freebie seekers, here are a few tips:

1) As stated, change “to get” to “to see if you qualify”, clearly indicating that whether they get the freebie is your call, not theirs.

2) Also have a separate check box they can use to request more information on your product or service. If they only check the box for the free content and not for more information on what you sell, they are most likely a bad lead and you can act accordingly. Exceptions? Of course.

3) Require them to give you their website. By clicking on it you can instantly see whether they are a real prospect and a good fit for your services.

4) If they disrespect you by filling in fields on the form with nonsense, e.g. one recent prospect typed in “X” in response to my request for his company name; another told me his e-mail address was “bebebebe”, don’t respond or send them a thing.

5) Make phone number and e-mail addresses required fields. If the information they fill in is fake, again they are not a good lead.

6) I make it optional for them to give me their job title, but no title is a good indication that they are not a good lead.

Then there’s the issue of whether offering great content axiomatically results in poor leads because it generates inquiries from people who just want the free stuff and not your product or service. Let’s take that up in my next essay…

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

We all know that Video is Hot right now and no matter what you’re trying to achieve online, Videos have become the foundation for any successful marketing campaign.

BUT…getting your videos to convert isn’t easy.

What if I told you…

…about this powerful new piece of software, that will put Your YouTube Videos On Steroids!

It’s 100% more powerful unlike anything I’ve ever seen.


What is VideoNova?

Four Words!

“YouTube Videos ON STEROIDS”

VideoNova is a YouTube Player specially designed and coded for WordPress for customers to easily embed YouTube videos that does more than just increasing traffic to a sales page, generating leads to a list and jacking up sales in a campaign.

With VideoNova You Can:

- Create Lead Grabbing and Traffic generating videos
- Great way to monetize your viewers
- Display a video over a YouTube video
- Redirect Well Nurtured Traffic
- Presell your viewers with initial video
- Increase Opt-in Conversion Rates
- Social Media Sharing
- Add Your Your Branding in YouTube Videos
- Add A Banner Traffic Generator
- Multiple Banner Ads Display
- Forced Opt-ins
- Create Lead Generating Video Surveys
- Attention Getting Pop-up Ads
- Mobile Responsive and Compatible
- Video Script Generator

And that’s not even the best part…

There is a super-sneaky “covert” strategy that gives value to the viewers on your website…All whilst it silently persuades them to become your customers…

This never-before-seen or used feature copies the way YouTube Video Ads work, right down to the look and feel of the adverts!

Regardless of whether you are an Affiliate Marketer, Offline Marketer, Newbie or Seasoned Marketer, VideoNova is a software you DO NOT want to miss out on.

Go here grab your copy!

Point, click, profit…

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SiteBildz AdvantageThe guys behind SENuke have this cool new software. Works like gangbusters.

100% legal. Completely white hat.

Makes a website from scratch in as little as NINE minutes. Just point, click and profit. It’s that easy to use.

* SiteBildz Advantage *

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably already know that Facebook has a ton of users.

But why should you care?

Because it’s those users that can make your pockets fill up.

Now I know you’ve probably seen other software showing you how to advertise on news feed ads and put opt in forms there.

But what if you could do that or something similar on your fan pages, groups, or even your own personal status?

And instead of having content post to your groups, fan pages, and statuses, that you have very little to any control over, how about being able to curate ANY content to those places on Facebook?

Even if you don’t own the group?

And place an image that links to an opt-in?

You’re probably getting chills!

Well now it’s possible and I want to introduce you to a new software that can do all of that and more!

FB Content Pro

With FB Content Pro, you have 11 sources to curate content from and can easily use clickable images to redirect anywhere you like on Facebook.

But don’t take my word for it.

See it in action with the ‘live’ demos and you’ll be glad you took a look at this one.

1. Narrow the width of your e-mails to between 500 and 550 pixels so mobile users don’t have to scroll left to right to read them.

2. Make body copy 13 points or larger so your e-mails will be readable when the user’s mobile device resizes them.

3. Don’t include large pictures at the top of your e-mails, because they push your content and messaging down.

4. Include extra space around buttons so it is easy for a fat finger to click on it, and don’t clump too many links together for the same reason.

Source: Reggie Brady, Target Marketing, 5/14, p. 10

Are you frustrated that YOU can’t create stunning graphics and illustrations quickly when you need them?

Tired of paying “hack” graphic artists who deliver mediocre work?

And worse of all, the time it takes to get exactly what you want?

I feel your pain!

But now a brand new breakthrough software tool has just been released that allows ANYONE—even the graphically challenged—to create STUNNING images for:

* Kindle Picture eBooks
* eBook Covers for Kindle or other platforms
* Facebook Posts (memes)
* Website Header

This software is so easy to use even a child can do it…

All you have to do is:

1) Select one of the included backgrounds (or import your own)
2) Select other objects and drag them onto the background (hundreds of objects included)
3) Add your captions and/or title.

It really is that easy!

But don’t take my word for it…

See for yourself this short demo of Drag and Drop Illustrator.

Creating and selling a workbook, either at the back of the room in public seminars, or up-front to the corporate client for onsite training, is a great way to increase your speaking or training fee.

Workbooks are easier to write than books because there is less content and more white space. For workshops, workbooks add tremendous value for participants while also making your job as workshop leader easier.

What to include in your workbooks: Supporting text to explain exercises, fill in the blanks, easy questions, worksheets, spreadsheets, thoughtful discussion questions that the reader can answer, plenty of white space for writing.

Source: Stephanie Chandler, “The Notification Book Marketing Plan,” Authority Publishing

4 ways to overcome writer’s block

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Direct marketing maven Ted Nicholas offers these 4 tips for overcoming writer’s block:

1. Do a non-writing activity so you have a clear mind for creative purposes.

2. Never write when you’re tired.

3. Never write when you’re busy. Says Ted: “I don’t think anyone can write well when watching the clock.”

4. Don’t write in bits and pieces. Once you’ve turned on your creative energy, you need to keep it flowing. “I don’t stop until I complete a draft,” says Ted. “I try not to stop even for meals.”

Full disclosure: I am in total disagreement with the last tip, as was the late Gene Schwartz. But Ted is one of the greats, so I include it for your consideration.

I prefer to work on a job in one-hour increments until I tire of writing that piece. I then put that project aside and immediately turn to another one. I also find it energizing to alternative between short writing projects—like this e-newsletter—and long projects like half-hour-long video sales letters.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 4/18/14

5 signs your website needs work

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1. It has been 3 or more years since the last website overhaul, so it isn’t built to accommodate new technologies including mobile, 4G, oversize desktop monitors, tablets, and Windows 8.

2. Your website isn’t responsive. If your website doesn’t adjust to fit a plethora of different sized monitors and devices you’re losing business.

3. Your website has a splash page. Splash pages had a very important role on the web during the late ’90s but it has been a long time since anyone needed to be funneled between Netscape and Internet Explorer in order to use and enjoy a website.

4. Your design looks outdated, using old-fashioned design elements such as beveled edges, poorly thought-out gradients, and animated GIFs.

5. Your site is dependent on Flash, which had its day but suffers from compatibility issues, search algorithm issues, and long load times, making Flash more troublesome than it’s worth.

Action step: Scrub your site of all signs of Flash and replace it with newer JavaScript or HTML5 interactions/animations.

Source: One Up Web Blog, 3/13/14

How would you like to get your hands on a proven strategy to make fastest 6 figure business you’ll ever create?

My friend Barry Plaskow, Dr. Amit & Rodger are going to show you their secrets LIVE and completely FREE!

The secret is this really simple step-by-step formula they’re going to share with you as a member of our community.

This is the most critical training they’ve ever created in which they’re going to show you:

* The 6-Figure Autopilot Income Formula! (step by step, no experience needed)
* How to sell HIGH TICKET, proven to convert products and keep almost ALL of the profits without even creating a product!
* How to get instant results that will blow you away.

Even you haven’t sold anything before, you need to be there.

I doubt they’ll ever do this again, so make sure to show up at least 5 minutes early as this is like to be packed!

Sign up for the webinar.

If there ever was a shortcut to getting more Google traffic, this is it: Use VIDEO (along with 2 little-known insider tricks)!


* Forrester Research has reported that “the chances of getting a page 1 listing on Google increase 53 times with video”.

* YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, behind Google. People SEARCH for videos. YouTube gets 1 billion unique visitors each month.

* Google now shows videos BEFORE text content.

* Google often shows VIDEO THUMBNAILS next to the search listings of the pages that contain a video.

* “Videos in search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results.” (


1) Include video in your content. Even if you just embed a YouTube video on your site, your visitors will LIKE YOU MORE and STAY ON YOUR SITE LONGER.

2) Use the proper “ markup for videos” in your site’s code.

This gives Google more info about your video content. For example, what’s the video’s title and description, how long the video is, where Google can find a thumbnail for the video etc.

Google can read TEXT just fine. But they need some HELP to figure out what VIDEOS are about. The MORE INFO Google has about the videos that are embedded on your site, THE BETTER!

3) ADD A VIDEO SITEMAP TO YOUR SITE: This is a sitemap that has links to all your videos. Google can read the sitemap, find that video content, index it, and add it to its search results much faster.

Huge sites like the New York Times get crawled several times daily.

But, if you own a smaller site, like most of us, Google can take up to 4 weeks or more to find your content and index it.

In fact, sometimes, pages with great content never get found by Google! That’s why it’s CRUCIAL that you use a video sitemap.


1-Click Video Ranker

I just came across a WordPress plugin that will do ALL the techie stuff FOR you.

First of all, the plugin adds the proper “ video markup” to your content, AUTOMATICALLY.

The plugin can generate the code from videos you host on your site, as well as from videos hosted on video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, that you have embedded on your WordPress site.

It even works if you just LINK to an external video (like a YouTube video).

The plugin also creates a really cool-looking video sitemap that notifies Google every time you add a video to your site.

That way, your video content gets indexed even faster!

You can see screenshots of the plugin, as well as download a demo from here.

If you want to get more traffic, this is one of the best ways to do it.

No need to get more links.

No need to write a ton of text.

No need to worry about Google updates.

No need to mess with any blackhat tactics that will get your site de-indexed.

No need to give a small fortune to some shady “SEO expert”.

The 1-Click Video Ranker plugin does something that Google WANTS you to do. In fact, on the plugin’s site, there’s a video from Google’s own Matt Cutts who talks about the importance
of adding the proper markup to your sites.

The price of the plugin will be going up with each sale, so make sure you get your copy now, at the lowest price.

1. Your target customers are not looking on search engines for the types of products you sell.

2. The bid prices are so costly that PPC is too expensive for your product category.

3. You do not properly manage the campaign or track its results.

Source: Entrepreneur, “Who Should Use PPC Advertising,” 3/11/14

Most people don’t buy the first time they learn of a new product.

They don’t buy the second time either.

Nor the third.

Fourth? Nope.

Surely it’s the fifth time, right? (Shakes head.) Sixth time is the charm?

The longstanding consensus is that it takes about 7 exposures to a product or service to seal the deal.

To be sure, the first announcement will likely get sales. And so will the second, third, and so on.


If you want the maximum number of your existing subscribers, blog readers, and other members of your community to buy from you, then you are going to need ongoing promotion to the same set of people.

Only that can get tricky, right?

I mean, if you send out advertisement after advertisement after advertisement (times seven!), then you probably are going to get a lot of unsubscribes.

People don’t want hard pitch after hard pitch after hard pitch.

Most won’t hang around for you to continue pitching.

Yet, those seven exposures are important. So, what do you do?

You learn to create a VARIETY of promotions, that’s what.

You learn to “sell without selling”. You learn to “soft sell”. You learn to “recommend” and subtly get your product and service in front of others time after time.

Let me give you a very simple scenario…

1st Promo: Launch Mailing.
2nd Promo: Set Of Checklists.
3rd Promo: Discount or Incentive.
4th Promo: Video Training (Webinar, etc.)
5th Promo: Article.
6th Promo: Stealth mailing (freebie w/ advertisement)
7th Promo: Last Chance.

Obviously, this is just a simple example. And there are certain things you need to do with each of these promos to make them work. I just want to get you thinking about the fact that you want ongoing promotion for any specific offer.

You want to get that offer in front of people for at least seven times.

At. Least.

In fact, I can show you how to get your offer in front of people more than fifty times without duplicating the promo!

Jimmy D. Brown has just released Promo Payoff—over 375 pages of templates, training, and swipe files for getting people to BUY FROM YOU.

Here is what is included…

MODULE 1: Promo Copy Clinic
How To Get Others To Open And Read Your Promos

MODULE 2: Promo Firestarters
Swipe File Of 75 “Copy And Paste” Pieces of Promo Kindling

MODULE 3: Promo To Go
Set Of 50 “Fill-In-The-Blanks” Promo Announcements

MODULE 4: Promo Idea Lab
52 Ways To Create Special Promo Offers

There are also three incredible bonuses included AND a 150-page “fast action” bonus!

PLUS, there is a 50% discount for the first 100 people who grab a copy of Promo Payoff.

I don’t expect these 100 spots to last long, so get all the details and secure your copy.

Not always, says author Beth Erickson, who suggests that you try new markets, write whatever strikes your fancy, and if it makes you more comfortable, use a pen name when experimenting with subjects outside your primary focus.

I recommend an 80/20 ratio: 80% of your writing projects should be in familiar areas where you have skill, expertise, and knowledge. Doing so ensures you are profitable on a per-hour basis.

But 20% of your writing projects should be in new products, new markets, new venues, or new forms. This keeps you fresh and prevents you from getting bored.

I am probably more 90/10. But I would never be 100/0, for the aforementioned risk of boredom and getting stale.

For instance, a writer whose work I admire, TB, writes exclusively about the silver market.

Yes, he’s enviably efficient, productive, good, and respected. But if I wrote about nothing but one subject 24/7, I would go out of my skull.

Source: Writing Etc., 3/12/14

Business strategist Dan Waldschmidt offers 6 suggestions for jumping off the excuse train and forging the path to your goals.

1. Don’t blame others for anything.

2. Stop working on things that just don’t matter.

3. Do not wallow in self-doubt.

4. Ask yourself, “What can I do better next time?” And then do it next time.

5. Proactively take time to do things that fuel your passion.

6. Apologize to yourself and those around you for having a bad attitude. Do this once or twice and you’ll snap out of your funk pretty fast.

A Little-Known Key To Direct Mail Success

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Marketers argue over what aspect of direct mail—copy, graphics, list, or offer—is most critical. But, according to DM guru Craig Simpson, they often overlook another important factor of DM success: choosing the right direct mail format for your product and your market.

For example, if you are selling joint pain supplements, the most successful type of format for that product category is the magalog. But how can you find out the best format for your product, offer, and market?

Find the biggest direct mail company in your niche and see what they are mailing, advises Simpson. If you don’t know who the biggest is, contact a list broker and ask. In financial
publishing, for instance, the biggest direct mailer is Agora, so you should use the same formats they do.

It’s easy to get any company’s mailings: Just buy one of their products and you will soon start getting most if not all their mailings.

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