ProStyler ThemeIt’s so important to have an updated, fresh, clean website that functions seamlessly with your WordPress install.

However, we all know it’s not so simple. It’s a battle that is too time-consuming to do, or impossible due to technical ability.

But the ProStyler Theme is going to change all that. Along with easy one-click installs, ProStyler comes with its own internal page builder plugin to help you create ANY website design you like the look of and within no time at all.

The ProStyler Theme Team has tried and tested the theme to ensure it works flawlessly and is easy to use.

Yet ProStyler Theme has a lot more features like:

1. Easily Insert Galleries: it’s point-and-click easy, just pick your pictures and drop them in the page ready to open up in lightbox!

2. Responsive On All Devices: Never lose a mobile customer again! The theme works on ALL devices right out of the box!

3. Shortcode Magic: If you want to make your web pages sparkle then you can choose from hundreds of different shortcodes to give your pages the ‘wow’ factor.

4. The Best Admin Panel: comfortably work your way around the admin panel & quickly customize your theme to your exact requirements.

5. FOUR Instant Presets: with just two clicks you can completely transform ProStyler with one of the four ready-made presets giving you a foundation to customize further!

6. Header Customization: 3 different header layout options are ready to go. From there you can quickly re-adjust your logo, add social icons and much more!

7. Endless Color: change the color scheme throughout the whole theme with our advanced color selectors found in the powerful options panel.

8. Responsive Image Slider: create stunning slides for your website that work on every device. Add images, video and animation to really keep your audience hooked!

9. One-Page Website: if you’re an Internet marketer that only requires one-page sites to make money then add a section element, add it to your menu and you’re done!

I could go on and on and on, but it’s better you see the demo templates. Plus ProStyler is currently sold at over 50% off with bonuses!

You’ll definitely want to check them out ASAP!

How would you like to raid the keyword coffers of the Internet’s SIX biggest search engines? I mean, pull the actual buyer keywords right out of them?

Now you can…and a whole lot more!

Imagine getting real-world user-generated keywords directly from:

— Google

— Youtube

— Bing

— Amazon

— Yahoo!

— eBay

Imagine drilling deeper and deeper into each keyword to see all the possibilities that are available…

And then having direct access to ClickBank and Amazon to find relevant products to promote…

It’s possible, finally, with a brand new web-based application called KeywordTapp.

KeywordTapp is a true best-of-breed solution.

You can use it for keyword research, to brainstorm new blog post ideas, to strategize a local search, to drill into brands and products…ANYTHING you can think of!

This is way easier (and more accurate) than Google AdWords Keyword Planner (which is designed for people buying AdWords campaigns).

And with SIX search engines at your fingertips, you’ll pull thousands of legitimate keywords in seconds!

lead nurturingThere are at least 2 scenarios that come to mind as to why leads are not closed for the sale:

1) Some marketers presume that it is alright to start promoting their products and services barely days after new subscribers enter their lists.

2) In larger organizations, the corporate ‘tradition’ goes that the marketing team generates and passes the leads to the sales team which handles the promotion, but the sales conversion remains consistently low. The sales team may simply cancel the leads that it considers ‘cold’, whereas the marketing team feels ‘hands-off’ since the leads are already passed on. Neither team knows how to rekindle the leads’ interest.

In both cases, there is a gap in the marketing cycle that fails to make the leads feel eager in looking forward to hear more from the marketers. It is what lead nurturing precisely does: to invest in a little more time to build a long-term relationship between the marketer and his/her leads.

For the reason that lead generation is only one side of the coin, now discover how to build trust and loyalty that paves the way to an easy sale in 5 stages:

1) The Handshake: This is the first point of contact whereby a visitor gets acquainted with the marketer’s website and registers for an e-newsletter, an e-book or a webinar. When the visitor sends a message using the contact form, s/he is also initiating a handshake.

2) The Conversation: The purpose of the conversation is to inform and educate subscribers about the challenges related to the general topic they registered for. In the Information Age, readers like to learn more, so it is an opportunity to address details not initially included in the first set of downloaded material, or to delve deeper into the issues.

This being a conversation, the marketer can also seek feedback and start a dialogue with subscribers to build trust and loyalty. The marketer has to take note and take advantage of the various content delivery channels—email, mobile, ezines, blogs, article directories, whitepapers, social media etc.—to grow his/her reach.

3) The Contact: This is the stage where more marketers probably fall short. Insofar where the ‘Conversation’ is concerned, the same information is dispensed to all subscribers. Now having felt encouraged by what they have read, the subscribers will reach out to marketers for more information specific to their needs. Marketers must offer personalized content and even a proposal to turn them into true business prospects.

4) The Qualification: It is time for marketers to consider whether their solutions are a good fit for prospects’ needs. Now that content distribution and communications have steered the conversation in a certain direction, marketers must step up to address the likely problems each prospect is facing and state why and how they can be solved. A problem analysis can be conducted by asking prospects a series of questions that break down the details, thus giving marketers a well-rounded understanding of each case they are facing.

5) The Close: Finally, marketers submit a formal proposal that calls for prospects to take up the offer. There is no denying that as marketers and prospects move through each lead nurturing stage, chances are higher that prospects feel more comfortable to continue the work with marketers they are familiar with. Beyond the ‘Close’, marketers must continue to do what they have set out to begin with: deliver on their promises and instill loyalty and confidence before prospects look elsewhere for competitors.

The 5 stages of the lead nurturing process is key to creating a strong, happy business relationship that naturally encourages further business. It’s about being “systematic in activity, dynamic in response”. Now that’s an easy slogan for marketers to remember.

Nelson Tan is an Inbound Marketing consultant at iSmart Communications, an integrated marketing communications agency serving the Asia-Pacific region.

8 Simple Steps To Page 1 Rankings

Posted February 27th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Search Engine Strategies

Are you tired of fighting Google?

Are you tired of trying to beat Google by buying tons of new “plugins and themes” only to get absolutely nowhere?

What if I told you there was a way to put Page 1 Rankings on autopilot and that you can do it by following 8 very simple steps?

No gimmicks, No B.S.

This isn’t a tool, it’s not a plugin, it is a very simple roadmap to building a successful SEO hub of your own where you can literally pick and choose what and how you want to rank your money sites.

Are you ready?

Take a look at the PBN Blueprint.

P1 RankMe

Peter Garety has released a breakthrough WordPress plugin for securing top search engine rankings and attract a flood of free traffic from Google.

Introducing P1 RankMe, the 1-click SEO software.

Just install the P1 RankMe plugin on your site…

Provide a few basic settings to activate it…

And with just a single CLICK, start to generate high-value links to any page or post…

To get rankings and traffic from hundreds or even thousands of keywords in Google.

Sounds good to be true?

Watch this short P1 RankMe demo video…

The Commission Machine

You don’t have to be a genius to recognize that life as an affiliate has been getting tougher and tougher.

The deadly tell-tale signs are there for all to see.

They’re known as the 4 horsemen of the affiliate marketing apocalypse:

#1. Conversion rates, EPCs and profits per promo are dying a slow death

#2. E-mail delivery rates, open rates and clickthrough rates are down the toilet

#3. Market maturity has led to reluctance, skepticism and even downright negativity in the market

#4. More and more affiliates are joining the battlefield every single day

So how can you rise above all this and continue to survive and thrive?


You need to follow a proven process that works.

A way to get noticed, to stand out from the crowd, to differentiate yourself from all the other affiliates.

A way that’s been used by super affiliates and newbies alike to rake in serious commissions and dominate leaderboards.

This is special.

Even no-name affiliates are reporting great results with this and you can even do it without a list.

Start multiplying your commissions today: The Commission Machine

Social Media Quoter

When it comes to social media, whenever you possess something GREAT, you immediately want to SHARE it for sure. I love to share inspirational quotes on Facebook, and from my experience, they get shared and liked much.

The problem is it takes manual work to search for quotes and nice image backgrounds to put your quotes on…and you want to space out your graphics at a regular interval (social connections can become expectant of your posting habit) but sometimes forget to post on time.

Your solution software, Social Media Quoter, is a ready database of quotes and images AND is also a posting scheduler! It’s going to make your social media engagements a lot easier.

Here are some features of Social Media Quoter:

– It has stored all famous quote from all popular authors and categories.

– It includes many professional backgrounds but also supports any kind of background or image.

– It includes a scheduler to set the date and time of each submission.

– It watermarks images included, the quote, author and any URL you want to promote.

– It creates social media memes automatically.

– It supports unlimited images and quotes using a very powerful multi-threaded system.

– It fixes all contents in the image automatically no matter if the quote is short or long.

– It supports font color change, size of quote, author and URL.

– It supports unlimited Facebook accounts.

– The user can save, edit or delete the projects.

– It supports two distinct ways of posting quoted images on Facebook: posts the quoted images in selected (unlimited) fan pages and groups or posts the quoted images in timeline of personal account and shares this post in all selected pages and groups.

This software will be a great tool for you to mix up a variety of content if you are a regular Facebook user, and even if you are not, it’s a great way to get started posting quotes, get them shared and win more social connections (leads) as a result.

WP List Magnet

Let me ask you a quick question, how much time, money and effort have you put in to getting visitors to your site?

Think about that one for a moment, because I’ll bet (even if you only have one website) that you’ve put in rather a lot, right?

And yet you’re probably losing 70% of your visitors without them ever taking action on your site…

It’s a bit like having one of those big barrels to catch rain water in, but then ignoring the huge big holes in it where the water is pouring out!

Matt had the same problem…and he has a LOT of sites, like hundreds!!!

Most of them are designed to “gather leads” i.e. build his e-mail lists, as he knows e-mail marketing is a very effective and profitable part of any business, online, offline, big or small.

In fact he says if you took away his websites, his products, even his PayPal account, he could still run his business as long as he’s got his e-mail lists!

Now the opportunity cost of not capturing more leads whenever possible can get under Matt’s skin, and it irritates him a LOT that so many visitors were just hitting exit without opting in…

He knew he had to find a way of changing that!

Well, Matt’s also more than a little persistent (“bloody-minded stubbornness” according to his mum) and he wasn’t going to give up until he had a solution…

It did take a few months, but with the help of his super smart ‘techie’ partner, they got it sorted!!!

Want to see how? Check out WP List Magnet.

Optin List FormulaI know there are many list building solutions out there, but as long as they work as testified by other users, you should give it a shot.

Raj has got a unique twist on building a list, because he uses something called the P.O.P. strategy.

And if you are already a list builder, you need to use his Optin List Formula to multiply your list building efforts easily.

The Ultimate Traffic Guide

Daniel Craig has just released a brand new product called “The Ultimate Traffic Guide“.

Daniel has discovered and perfected traffic sources and systems that most marketers don’t even know about.

And he breaks down each strategy step-by-step so all you have to do is copy his systems exactly.

He has crazily decided to practically give this product away at a very low price but the offer ends very soon.

So, for instructions on how to drive thousands of 100% human, laser-targeted prospects in just a few simple steps, get The Ultimate Traffic Guide on offer now.

Guy Kawasaki's The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship!Udemy Deal: The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship, $49 (75% off)!

Learn from an expert how to launch a company with confidence and avoid common pitfalls. Discover how to build a business and a brand identity that wows investors and attracts a devoted following!

· Master the essential steps for creating your own company.

· View your startup through the eyes of marketing evangelist Guy Kawasaki.

· Improve the efficiency of your business plan by learning what steps to avoid.

· Experience a ‘live’ pitch by an entrepreneur and hear uncensored feedback.

Read full course description.

The Value Of Some Things Old by Bob Bly

Posted February 20th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Copywriting

In an online post, KN, a young copywriter, writes: “Can anyone recommend some up-to-date books on copywriting?

“The books by Joe Sugarman and Bob Bly are woefully out of date. I’d prefer to find a good copywriting reference that doesn’t use anecdotes from 30 years ago.”

I wonder if Joe Sugarman saw that. If so, it probably gave him a good laugh.

But I didn’t laugh. I was fuming, which is always my response to ignorance and idiocy.

One of the dumbest things I see in the marketing world today is people like KN who think marketing books published years or even decades ago have no value because digital technology has completely changed advertising.

What they do not understand is that while the channels have expanded—we now have blogs, pay-per-click ads, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and more—human psychology has remained unchanged for centuries.

Therefore the best marketing education you can get is to read books by Ogilvy, Caples, Hopkins, Schwab, Stone, Schwartz, Sugarman, Nicholas, Hatch, Kennedy, and other acknowledged masters of marketing.

If anything, their work is even more valuable today in an era where so many practitioners lack an understanding of the fundamentals of persuasion.

As my subscriber DL recently wrote: “I learned from the great Clyde Bedell and many others. I’m currently reading Robert Collier’s Letter Book. Long overdue. Believe it or not, the strategies he talked about for letters, all those many years ago, work in retail ads, letters, postcards, flyers, etc. of today as well.

“Whodda thunk it; virtually all prospective clients I talk with say the methods Bedell and Collier taught will never work today. But as Clyde used to say, products change, attitudes change, situations change, media changes, but principles are abiding.”

When I was starting out as a freelance copywriter in the early 1980s, all serious practitioners read the same books, which were considered absolutely essential to learning the craft of copywriting.

Now these are, in my opinion, 10 of the greatest marketing books ever written—still totally relevant today and must-reads for any serious marketer.

If your marketing is not getting the results you want…and you have not read these books…then, in the words of the late, great mail order marketer Jerry Buchanan, “You are starving to death with a loaf of bread under each arm.”

Interestingly, many of those books were out of print, even back then, and you had to search the used bookstores in the hopes of finding them (no Amazon in those days).

I remember being in the famed Strand bookstore in Manhattan and stumbling upon an original 1920 hardcover edition of Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. I bought it for a few bucks, hurried back to my apartment, and read it that day in one sitting. I felt like I had won the lottery!

I get pretty good reviews at my talks, but after my last webinar, one viewer complained: “More up to date examples would make the viewers feel more confident about these techniques and lessons.”

More the fool him: The best examples to study are the ones that have produced the best results, not the ones that are most recent. If you want to learn car advertising, read Ogilvy’s Rolls Royce ad rather than watch the Lincoln commercial with Matthew McConaughey.

“I would like to see more recent examples instead of so many things from Bob’s history file,” another attendee kvetched. Only a few of the many slides were from my work, and I use them because I know the response rates to the second decimal point.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Thrive LeadsFor 90%+ of all online businesses, building a mailing list is a top priority. A mailing list is the key to more traffic, more sales and more personal freedom. There’s just nothing better than knowing you can send an e-mail with an offer anytime and make $100, $500. $1,000, $5,000 and upwards.

But how do you build that list in the first place?

And also: since it’s so damn important, how do you make sure you build you list as fast as possible and in the most effective way possible?

One of the best WordPress development teams I know of have just released a new plugin and if you use WordPress on your sites, you’ve gotta see this.

I’m really excited to tell you about the new Thrive Leads plugin, because it is simply the best plugin I’ve ever seen, for building your mailing list.

Now, maybe you’re thinking “oh, just another opt-in plugin, then?”

And you’re right that there are many other opt-in plugins out there, but this one is on a completely different level. There are many plugins that give you some options for adding opt-in forms to your site. But this new plugin takes a different approach: these guys have taken the best conversion optimization technologies and the most advanced list building strategies and crammed them all into a single plugin.

This isn’t just about building your list—this is about making your list grow faster and faster and faster…

If you want to build your business faster and enjoy the amazing benefits that come from having a large mailing list, Thrive Leads will make it happen for you.

Once again subscriber WG writes; this time she asks, “What do we do when somebody copies our writing and places it on their website?”

In other words, what should you do when someone uses your content without your permission?

Years ago, I was reading a marketing magazine—let’s call it Magazine X—when I came across an article that caught my attention.

It noticed it because I had written it—and published it in another magazine—and this magazine had reprinted it under another author’s byline!

Turns out they weren’t stealing; the other author was. He retyped my article and sent in the manuscript to Magazine X. They did not know it was stolen and had no reason to think so.

I had my lawyer send him a scary, threatening letter. In short order I got an apology and a check for a thousand dollars.

In the Internet age, some people argue that it’s smart to let other people use your content, because it spreads your ideas, generate traffic, and raises your visibility with search engines.

Yes, that can be true, but only when you are credited as the author with both a byline, your bio appears with the article, and it includes a link to your website.

If those three things are done—byline, bio, link to your site—then it may be beneficial for your content to be republished online or even offline.

However, the fact that it is beneficial does not give others carte blanche permission to use your material unless you say it is OK.

The following statement appears at the top of the articles page on my website:

“Media, bloggers, marketers, editors, publishers, webmasters—Need powerful content on your website or blog?

“You can syndicate and/or republish any of the articles on this page for free. Republishing our articles is quick and easy.

“All you have to do is include author attribution (byline/name of author) and the following statement, “This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter,” with a backlink to That’s it!”

I post this because yes, I want my content to get wider distribution, as long as it generates traffic to my site.

This blanket permission applies only to the content on the articles page of my site and not to anything else I write.

Before you go giving everyone permission to use and reprint your writing willy nilly, you should understand that content has monetary value—and maybe you want to get paid for yours instead of just giving it away.

A few years ago, one of my books on marketing went out of print, and the rights reverted to me, as is standard in publishing contracts—though you should always make sure this “reversion of rights” clause is in any publisher’s contract you sign; it is not always.

Literally that same week, a marketing company called and asked if they could reprint a chapter from my book as a lead magnet to offer their prospects.

I said yes, we negotiated the deal over the phone in 5 minutes, and a few weeks later, I gladly received their check for $10,000—the easiest money I ever made in my life.

Remember that story next time you convince yourself that content is a worthless commodity and you give all yours away for free.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Optin Architect returns better than ever as version 2.0. What’s more, 8-figure digital publisher, Mark Thompson and his Digital Kickstart team are giving you guys 72 HOURS to grab your lifetime account at a much cheaper yearly subscription price…a permanent 70% discount locked in!

Optin Architect allows you to create, design, monitor and track lead capture/opt-in forms across ALL of your websites.

It doesn’t matter whether your site was build with WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine, Drupal, Shopify etc., or the type of lead capture form you want to create.

If you haven’t seen Optin Architect in action, you need to see all of the enhancements they have implemented.

What’s NEW in Version 2.0:

– Added 2-step Opt-ins: Now you can do the popular 2-step opt-ins with your opt-in forms for improved conversions.

– New Opt-in Editor: Totally redesigned editor, making it easier to edit and create your opt-in forms.

– 10 New Templates: 10 new designs that you can customize and publish to your sites with ease.

– SSL Support: Use OA forms on secure sites now.

– Custom CSS: Now you can completely customize each form with your own CSS styling.

– Clone Opt-in: Ability to duplicate opt-ins with 1-click.

– Miscellaneous Improvements: On exit-detection in Safari, animations in all browsers, opt-in rendering, template engine, template responsiveness, inline template styling, modal help sections.

Enhanced core features:

– 1-Minute Install: Create all types of lead capture forms in a matter of a few clients. Copy and paste and you are ready to go!

– All Types of Opt-in Forms: Choose from all types of opt-in campaigns, including popups, header/footer opt-ins, sidebar opt-ins and more.

– Stylish Opt-in Form Designs: Choose from the ever growing library of opt-in form designs that are customized for your needs.

– Conversion Tracking: Monitor each forms views, unique visitors, and conversions (submissions).

– Autoresponder Integration: Compatible with ANY e-mail marketing service to add each subscriber to your list.

– Fully Responsive: All forms look beautiful on all desktop and mobile devices.

– Browser Compatibility: All forms are tested across all major browsers.

The best part is, just like the customers who grabbed OA v1, you’ll get lifetime updates as they continue to improve on the platform.

Only 72 hours to grab your lifetime account now at an annual 70% discount!

Turn Your Passion Into A Lucrative Business

Posted February 17th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Business

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I am sure you’ve heard all the buzz going around about Anik Singal’s new “soon-to-be-best-seller” book called “Circle of Profit“.

In the book, Anik shows you exactly how to take what you’re passionate about, and turn it into a very lucrative online business. It’s way easier than you think.

You can get the physical version shipped to your house, or for the next couple of days, you can download it for free. Grab it now before it’s too late.

Another copy cliché to avoid

Posted February 16th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Copywriting

I urge you not to use the phrase “crushed it” in your e-mails, social media posts, blog, newsletter, and other copy. Although relatively new, “crush it” has already worn out its welcome from overuse. In addition, it is braggy, egotistical, and arrogant, if you are applying it to yourself or your product.

Banish “crushed it” from your vocabulary. It is, however, OK to tell your reader that you hope THEY crush it. But not that you did.

Long copy vs. short copy update

Posted February 15th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Copywriting

A financial adviser was mailing a 2-page flier to invite people to his free investment workshops, which he uses to find prospects, a percentage of which become his clients after follow-up.

He hired a freelance copywriter to write a new mailer. But when the copy was put into a layout, it was 4 pages instead of 2.

When the financial adviser showed the 4-page mailer to a marketing expert in the investment niche, the guru told him it would not work because it was too long and people are in a hurry today.

The adviser mailed the copy anyway. Result: the 4-pager generated twice as many enrollments in the workshop as the 2-pager.

His conclusion: “When you are deciding what to do with the million dollars you plan to invest, you will find the time to read good long copy.”

So we know long works well in sales copy. But can it also work in content, where the prevailing belief has long been that no one reads long content and shorter is better? Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, writes: “Long-form content is back. In some organizations’ blogs, we are seeing blog posts eclipse the 2,000-word mark on a frequent basis.”

Solo ads are a big business. “How To Build Your Email List With Solo Ads” is a new video course by Reed Floren showing you step-by-step everything you need to know about getting traffic to your site, and selling your products, using easy, inexpensive solo ads, even if you’ve got a tiny budget or no technical or writing skills.

For starters, solo ads are an e-mail-based advertising program agreed between two marketers or organizations to reach out to a list of subscribers that are registered to either one of them for a fixed price or performance-based agreement. The marketer or organization sends an e-mail to their subscribers on behalf of the other marketer to display their offer and ads. The approach is performance-driven to reach out large audience at once. Each solo ad generally includes 8 to 10 lines of text.

If you want to get into solo ads, get this guide. This is an amazing resource. You will find everything you need to know about buying solo ads, and also what to do with your subscribers after they opt-in. It’s the ultimate “all you need” guide from beginning to end. And Reed does not cut corners with his stuff. He will walk you through all the bits and pieces, the ins and outs, the formula behind successful solo ads. You have all of this laid out for you. Priceless for list building! Get it now!

5 tips on presenting price in your copy

Posted February 14th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Business

1. When a product is on sale, prominently show the price. Use dollars, not percentages. Percentages aren’t easily calculated in the mind—or worse, they are miscalculated in the mind and you risk losing a sale.

2. Incrementally break down the price. Show it as the cost per day, cost per use, or some other practical way to reveal increments of the price. Example: an annual subscription to an online database selling for $99 gives you “unlimited, 24×7 access for only 27 cents a day.”

3. Compare the price to an everyday item, such a cup of coffee, a postage stamp, or lunch at a diner.

4. Compare to your competition. If you have a price advantage, show it. If you don’t, then compare at a different level that includes longer product life, more convenience, or other benefits.

5. Position the price presentation as a cost of not buying now. In other words, show how the price could increase in the future, or the loss that can happen by waiting. This positioning also creates urgency.

Source: Gary Hennerberg, Today@TargetMarketing, 1/21/15

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