Whiteboard Madness v2

Are you struggling to get good conversions for your videos?

Here’s the solution to make your videos STAND OUT from the crowd and finally get attention from your prospects.

Lucas Adamski just launched a brand-new whiteboard graphics bundle called Whiteboard Madness Volume 2.

Whiteboard Madness features 1,600+ premium quality, whiteboard video graphics to make your videos more ENGAGING & skyrocket your conversions!

All of these mind-blowing video graphics are compatible with popular video creators, like VideoMaker FX, Explaindio, VideoScribe, Powerpoint and more!

And it’s so EASY to use them! Just open your favorite video creator, load the graphics & start animations!

Now you’ll be able to create money-getting videos in a matter of minutes with no technical skills required.

But hurry up! Grab your copy TODAY and secure a “launch special” pricing before it’s gone.

eCom Subscription Pro

Well, to be precise 4,145,799.08 US Dollars and yes, generated and banked in a single month!

All from using a simple new e-commerce system that can be applied by ANYONE, from complete newbie beginner through to experienced entrepreneur.

This A-Z blueprint system will allow you to follow in the footsteps of a proven leader in the field, whilst at the same time being adaptable enough to be applied to any product in any niche.

If you’re going to play “Follow the Leader”, make sure you’re following the right one.

It’s not Ebay.
It’s not Amazon.
It’s Not Shopify.

This is something totally new and totally different.

Check out this revolutionary new system: eCom Subscription Pro

Time-Saving Facebook Cheatsheet

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Reed Floren has put together a time-saving resource which allows you to search the Internet for tons of FREE training about Facebook.

Here’s why you need to grab a copy of this Facebook Cheatsheet:

1. If you are are new to Facebook and are confused and frustrated, this cheatsheet will give you the answers you need to learn how you can profitably use Facebook.

2. If you create training or blog posts and think you’ll create content on Facebook, this will cut your research time in half. You’ll be able to instantly search 40+ resources about Facebook with just a few mouse clicks.

3. If you make your living using Facebook or train others on how to use Facebook, you’ll love how this cheatsheet allows you to stay abreast of any changes.

4. Affiliate marketer, do you promote Facebook training programs? Now you can keep up to date on all the Facebook info products and software that you can promote as an affiliate.

Grab Your Copy Now. It’s Only $1 But It’s On A Dime Sale And Rising FAST!

Explaindio Video FX transforms any mediocre looking video into an eye catching blockbuster that skyrockets conversion from viewers to subscribers and buyers.

It is your 3-step solution to awesome videos:

+ Just Drag & Drop Video, Chose Visual Effect, And Start
+ 40 Amazing Build-In Customizable Video Effects (pro)
+ Turns Dull Video Into A Shining Attention Grabber Star
+ Unlimited Source of Blurred Video Backgrounds
+ No Experience Required—Super Easy To Use
+ Commercial License To Produced Videos

This time the Explaindio team not only amazingly over-delivered on Explaindio Video FX but also, you can get Explaindio One video creator completely for free if you chose the PRO option on front end, which I highly recommend anyway.

Explaindio One is the previous version of Explaindio Video Creator, which is still the only Video Creator on the market with Animation, Whiteboard Sketch & HD Video in single software.


You’ve got three seconds.

That’s how long it takes for your customer to form a first impression of your business and a first impression of you.

That’s why if you’re meeting in person, you dress like someone your client will respect, because that way they’ll look at you and be more likely to trust you (more likely to hire you too).

Obviously if someone finds your product or website online, they’re not going to see you. So they’re going to form their first impression based on something else.

And this new app will let you GUARANTEE that it’s a good one.

This is from Joey Xoto, David Chamberlain and Jamie Garside.

Kinda like us, they’re what you call “serial entrepreneurs”. They’ve got a track record at developing great products.

And every time they made a new product, they needed to make an impact.

And that’s how this stylish logo design software called Brandrr happened.

Instead of doing the guesswork yourself, or hiring an expensive designer, Brandrr can do everything for you at the push of a button, time and time again.

Check out the video and see just how good your business and your clients’ (which means you can provide logo design as a service too!) can look.

Facebook just announced that you can grab leads directly from mobile phones right now with something called “Lead Ads”.

This is MASSIVE and we’d be silly not to leverage that power and the fact that everyone and everything is about mobile devices right now.

Mario Brown just launched an amazing Case Study about how he’s doing Facebook Lead Ads generating leads for as low as $1.40, getting video views for a penny and converting his landing pages at over 53% with cold traffic. A landing page with conversion rate of 53%, how about that!

Those numbers are just insane, and they’re real.

Imagine how much targeted traffic you can drive to your website for your offers, services, products, e-commerce store or anything that you want to promote.

In Mobile Lead Flow, Mario is letting you look behind the curtains. He spent his own money to test everything when it comes to FB Lead Ads and now he’s handing you all the info on a silver platter.

If you could use more traffic and you’d love to jump on this major opportunity check out Mario’s case study immediately.


Did you know that over blog posts and web pages with images get 95% more total views?

The FACT IS: Images capture the attention and easily engage visitor.

The age of “Visual Culture” has arrived but millions of entrepreneurs still facing problems online to get the best graphics because available tools are hard to operate or lack features or because of costly designers.

That’s why my friends Jai Sharma and Jimmy Kim created what I called the Most Complete Online Image Editing Suite.

Why it is named CrazyKala, I don’t know, but it can enable you to create:

[+] Stunning Graphics
[+] Sleek beautiful Designs
[+] Converting Ads
[+] Visually appealing web banners
[+] Book covers, business cards
[+] Flyers
[+] Social media covers
[+] T-shirt Designs
[+] Infographics

All within minutes!

CrazyKala is a Fully Featured & Compact Click-And-Drag Editor to create custom graphics as if you are a professional graphic designer yourself. Heck, once you master this software, you can even provide graphic design as a service!

I know for sure since blog posts with graphics gain more views, you can create hundreds of vector illustrations on the fly that fit in with popular niches, categories and topics and sell them as a cheap bundle to bloggers. This is just one of many ideas.

You can FIND, EDIT, CREATE & INSERT any number of images within seconds with CrazyKala.

The early bird discount expires in 4 hours so HURRY UP.

This gets my highest recommendation.

Your Email Profits

I have to say I give this free book, Your Email Profits, released by my good friend Anthony Morrison my highest recommendation of all. It’s absolutely amazing.

Typically “members only” access for his trainings cost upwards of $497, however, I am beyond excited to tell you that it’s going to cost you absolutely nothing!

This book is great for people who:

– Have their own digital product online & need to drive more sales

– Are promoting other people’s products (affiliates) and would like to increase their revenue

– People just getting started online looking for the “simplest” and “most effective” way to start making money.

This free book absolutely will not last for long so please hurry and create your training account access right away.

Boomerang Method

Almost every day I received several e-mails from people who have been doing everything they know to be successful on profiting online, but still they are struggling and won’t see the results they wanted.

They’ve gone to ‘live’ events, hired coaches, spent big time on modules and paid traffic…but still no results.

Are you one of these trying people?

Then I’ve got a message from Desmond Ong, big guy in Internet marketing and gave me a heads-up about his new product—Boomerang Method.

Boomerang Method is a comprehensive step-by-step strategies on maximizing FB traffic. Yes, FB. Because everyone is in FB, and you will never go wrong with it.

Of course, I’ve been curious and checked what makes his method so special or different from others…

His video explains it all. Please watch it in full, so you won’t be missing the very important ‘code’ you only need.

I’ve known Desmond for having sold out books and fully packed webinars and his products are always top selling.

He will make a difference. You will make a difference.

Please check out Boomerang Method.

The EASIEST Video Maker Ever

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Video Strike Pro

I’m sure you’ve seen many other video maker software out there.

But NOTHING beats the ease of use of this one.

What this amazing software can do:

[YES] Instant Screen recording and Upload
[YES] Create Slide based marketing videos
[YES] Comes with 500+ Graphics elements
[YES] 100s of Cartoon elements included
[YES] T-Shirt Designer Built in (make videos to sell t-shirts)
[YES] Easiest Drag-n-Drop Interface ever
[YES] Generate HD Quality Videos
[YES] Instantly Upload to Facebook and Youtube

What it’s not:

[NO] Complex Software
[NO] Monthly or Yearly fees
[NO] Expensive Cost of Purchase
[NO] Learning or Training needed

Also, you’ll get constant updates and improvements along with feature requests and fast responsive support.

Video software is often very expensive but make Video Strike Pro an exception today…

Get Your Copy for just $14.93 NOW (hurry, discount active)!

This is the best video software deal you’ll ever see.

List Bolt

As an entrepreneur I’ve worked my butt off over the years to get where I am.

I struggled with the technical bits but there was one thing that was crystal clear to me from the beginning…

I focused on list building with a passion and I’ve built lists that actually bring in good money consistently.

The fact that you are reading this is proof-positive that these list building efforts are king!

Over the past few years I’ve watched Omar & Melinda Martin CRUSH it with list building and e-mail marketing.

This video reveals exactly how they do it. You really need to learn this!

How much are you engaging your customers?

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Data from market intelligence firm, IDC, indicates that building online communities is topping the list of business initiatives for companies.

Do you know why?

Because it increases user engagement.

What if I can tell you with this new tool—Social Connect—you can not only build your chat community to increase engagement but can also build a list in the process?

Sounds good?

With its intuitive design, Social Connect lets you create your own chat community in few simple steps and have a complete control over it.

You can blacklist by user or by IP, or have chat entries only from specific geographies. Your users can have their separate accounts, or login using their FB or Twitter accounts. You even have options to entertain guest logins with spam filters.

Social Connect supports all languages too. Check out the bonus and grab your copy now.

Video Marketing 2.0 Made Easy

Video Marketing is HOTTEST these days!

How about getting a Video Marketing Training Product with Full PLR Rights that You can SELL for $9-$97 a Pop Under Your OWN Name and Keep 100% Profits?

Then grab Dr. Amit Pareek’s Latest “Video Marketing 2.0 Made Easy” Monster PLR at just $9.95 Now!

You can:

– Use it to Create a private membership!
– Use it to Build your own list by offering it as a gift!
– Use it as High Quality Bonus to your products!
– Use it as High Quality Content for your seminar, webinar, or training!
– Use it to Prospect your client & close the deals.
– Use it to Grow your own business online!
– Use it to Train your team!
– Use it to Train your clients & charge them BIG Bucks!
– Use it to offer a Professional Video Marketing Service for thousands of dollars.

And anything else that you can think of!

All you have to do is:

1. Download it
2. Slightly customize it
3. Upload it
4. Send some traffic to it
5. Keep 100% of the profits (including the buyers list)

You will Get Everything mentioned below:

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind Map (Valued at $40)
Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $80)
Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)
Fast Action Bonus: Killer Funnel – A to Z Video Series (Valued at $1,000)

Don’t Delay; grab your brand new PLR package at less than $10!

Blog Profits Blueprint

If you’re a coach, teacher, trainer, speaker, author or any kind of expert who wants to make money selling your knowledge, you need this.

This is the 2016 Blog Profits Blueprint, an 88-page free report in text and audio from Yaro Starak.

Yaro has been blogging for over 10 years and made over a million dollars selling his own digital teaching products from his blog, Entrepreneurs-Journey.com.

He wrote the Blueprint to teach other experts how to package up their knowledge and sell it as digital products using just a blog + e-mail list.

If you want to break free from getting paid by the hour, per contract, or you’re tired of working with clients and want to create products that sell even when you’re not working, you need this blueprint.

It’s 100% free and will guide you through the 4 steps of setting up a blog and e-mail list designed to sell your products, including:

• How To Refine Your Topic To Make Sure You Are Going Where The Money Is

• What Type Of Content You Need To Create To Attract The People Who Will Eagerly Buy Every Product You Offer

• How To Create “Traffic Assets” So You Only Need To Set Them Up Once And The Traffic Keeps Coming

• How To Quickly Turn Your Knowledge Into An Information Product That Sells On Autopilot

Enter your e-mail on the page you land on to request access to download the Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0.

You will also receive a series of free training videos from Yaro, to show you exactly how blogs make money.

Don’t skip this. This is one of the most valuable free reports I have ever read.

This is one of the most complete and result-driven Shopify course I have ever came across…

Devid takes you by the hand shows you EXACTLY how he made over $221,323.47 PROFIT selling physical products on Shopify using FB Ads.

I loved his ad creation and funnel optimization system he used to sell a cosmetic product that made him over $5k In Under 6 Hours…INSANE!

The TARGETING DOMINATION module is other section that will give you some new secret targeting strategies that will drive your CTR over 30%!

Devid’s eCom Sniper course is completely NEWBIE FRIENDLY and anyone with NO tech knowledge can do it too…and this WORKS!

Also, he has put together a HIGH-QUALITY Bonus package (worth $350) just for YOU.

GET eCom Sniper at special early bird launch price and claim your bonus while it lasts!

Video Enigma

Today is a pivotal day in online video history. 3D video is coming to the marketplace for the first time ever!

Video Enigma will revolutionize the way you promote, showcase and engage using video online.

Groundbreaking 3D technology and fresh new engagement tools make this a must-have for any serious online marketer.

In fact, Video Enigma is so comprehensive you can even make income with it using the Sell-Your-Video feature!

Head to the sales page now for an in-depth look at how Video Enigma will transform your business online.

Total Mobile Pages

Mobile is the future of Internet marketing. If you are a web-based or local business owner or a consultant then using mobile is one of the easiest ways to build your business.

For local businesses or consultants, it can be an uphill struggle to build customer e-mail lists.

But with Total Mobile Pages it’s easy as pie.

No you don’t need to rank web pages in Google. No you don’t need to advertise on Facebook. No you don’t need to pay for traffic.

You just need a special mobile landing page, a great offer from your business and a QR code.

Total Mobile Pages is the absolute non-techie way to create specialised and custom mobile landing pages and QR codes. Then using discount codes and coupons you can entice new customers and bring back existing customers time and time again.

Total Mobile Pages is a web-based software that is simplicity itself and can be used by a complete novice. But the power of this software is incredible.

As a special bonus there is also a full report on the specific mobile marketing strategy that you can use to boost your business. It is fully explained so you can simply copy the system for yourself.

Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill are offering their best selling website package at the lowest price ever.

They have been creating cash grabbing websites for their clients since 2006 and know how to generate a website that
can bring home the bacon, and you’re getting 50 of them.

This is your chance to grab 50 PREMIER, high quality, NICHE TARGETED Websites for a FRACTION of what they would normally cost.

These websites are PROFESSIONALLY designed and targeted on very high paying niches to bring maximum earnings for YOU!

All of these websites are totally unique, and come with your very own built in admin panel, so you can VERY SIMPLY log in and edit the settings and add your own Contact Details, Copyright links, Privacy Pages, Terms Pages, Social Sharing Options, SEO Settings, Theme Settings, Advert Settings, Affiliate Settings, Opt-in Form Settings, Article Adding and Editing settings, and much, MUCH MORE…

Take a look at exactly what you get with this very special Limited Time Only package.

Remember, this offer is strictly LIMITED and may NEVER be made to you again!

Finally…Non-Photoshop E-Covers!

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Online eCover Creator

Adobe Photoshop(TM) is the best software for creating your graphics, but it’s quite expensive too. If you cannot afford it then you need to check this Online eCover Creator.

I have tested various software applications and Online eCover Creator is one of the BEST solutions you can use for creating covers for e-books, software boxes, CD images, reports, etc. Absolutely No Photoshop, No Action Scripts or Graphics Creation Experience needed!

FREE DOWNLOAD – LinkedIn Exposure

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LinkedIn Exposure

Inside of “LinkedIn Exposure: How to Uncover Hot Leads & Quality Traffic with LinkedIn“, you’ll discover:

• The easiest way to connect with the “movers & shakers” in your industry so you can make more money than ever before!

• How to stand out in your market, become a recognized brand and build a solid presence in just a few short days!

• A guaranteed method for uncovering profitable networking opportunities in your market!

• Unbelievably lucrative strategies for building a solid network of customers and a loyal following of repeat buyers!

And much, much more!

Download Your Copy Now.