My friend Kevin Fahey just launched a brand new killer offer: “IM VIP Training

He created the IM VIP training to give you a STEP-BY-STEP roadmap to see real success online.

I personally know him as a phenomenal list builder, and you get the EXACT same strategies that he has personally used to go from struggling to consistent affiliate earnings from $100 – $1,000 EVERY SINGLE DAY!

But, I must warn you his program is on a dime sale so act fast to get it at the ridiculously low price before it goes up again.

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll soon see why people are literally flipping out about this new FB tool!

If you do any level of Facebook marketing the demo on the page is a must-see!

Insight Hero unlocks millions of new Facebook buyers with precise interests that we could never access before.

…all in a single click.

Plus, it’ll save you hours of your time in researching and finding extremely profitable interests in hundreds of Facebook niches.

I don’t know what the developers were thinking, but the price is stupidly low as well. But I have it on good authority, it’ll be going up soon!

Don’t wait, check it out now while you still can.

All-New Automated T-Shirt Selling System 2.0

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Any marketer who has ever heard about TeeSpring would know there are some crazy success stories in there.

One of these stories was publicly revealed when Chris shared how he drove Facebook traffic to his online t-shirt selling business.

That was 5 months ago.

Today, he’s back with T-Shirt Titan 2.0.

The same automated shirt selling system has just gotten better with a Facebook tool that predicts the winning ads and saves you money.

Plus he’s also giving away a quick-start guide, instructional videos and the original T-Shirt Titan 1.0 course that contains 4 software tools, 1 PDF and 8 hours of training.

All these for pennies on the dollar, but for a limited time!

Click here for a free demo (this explains everything) and see if the discount still applies!

Imagine if every single one of your Facebook Timeline posts was guaranteed to not only engage, but effortlessly gather leads into your lists without losing them or having you spend hours updating…

Well, now it’s possible! This incredible software called Social Cloud Suite is going to change the way that you do Facebook forever…

Not only will it interact with your fans and their friends with guaranteed-to-engage content right then and there on their newsfeed, but it also actively gathers highly targeted leads for you!

Social Cloud Suite actually sources the most engaged-with posts on Facebook RIGHT NOW, and promotes for you with an opt-in that is placed right there when a user click on the post, whether it’s a normal post, image or even video! You have to see this to believe it.

Check out the demo and qualify for a massive discount if you act fast!

Subscriber JB writes: “I enjoy your newsletters, and have a question for you. You use plain text e-mail. You do not use HTML or other fancy formatting, images, etc.

“I presume you do this on purpose, and that you have found that plain text e-mail newsletters outperform HTML formatted e-mail newsletters?”

Before I answer, let me point out that, technically speaking, this newsletter is not text; it is “text in an HTML shell”.

That means it looks like a text newsletter. It was written in Word and saved as text. But then it was put into HTML code prior to distribution.

The reason is twofold. First, the e-mail distribution service we use, Constant Contact, sends only HTML e-mails, not text.

Second, with HTML you can measure the open rate. With straight text, you cannot.

But other than that, most people would call mine a text newsletter vs. a typical HTML newsletter with design, color, graphics, and images.

As JB correctly points out, I prefer plain text e-mail to HTML and “fancy formatting and images”.

And there are 3 reasons for this preference.

First, text e-mails look like personal e-mails. HTML e-mails look like advertising.

That matters because communications that look like personal mail get better readership and response than communications that look like marketing.

Second, text works best for products and services that don’t need to be illustrated. Example: CPA services, info-marketing, copywriting, consulting, training.

HTML works best for products and services that need to be shown visually. Example: beach vacations, jewelry, fashion, artwork, real estate, interior design.

Since I sell only the former, HTML would not improve my e-mail clickthrough rates and therefore designing an HTML e-mail would be a waste of time.

Third, text e-mails are easy to create; you can dash them off yourself at your PC in minutes.

HTML e-mails require graphic design, which means they take more time and effort to produce: You either have to learn HTML, use newsletter templates, or hire a freelance HTML designer—all of which cost time and money and slow down the project.

Writing text e-mails as I do is simple, easy, effective, and inexpensive, and that is why I send only text e-mails to my list.

I asked e-mail marketing master Ben Settle why he only does text e-mails. “I do it for speed, ease of reading, and making it look like a personal e-mail at a glance,” he replied.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

SEO Firesale

There’s a HUGE SEO Firesale that isn’t going to last long.

Dr. Amit & Eric’s whole team have come up with an amazing multi-module set of 5 HQ Video Training Courses with Resell Rights in the HOTTEST SEO Niche which can get Loads of Interested Visitors & Buyers for FREE on any specific web page, e-commerce store, blog, forums etc. and can Make or Brake any Business Online!

This FireSale pack of 5 SEO Video Training Courses is designed to provide Latest information on Strategies & Techniques that helps to Master:

1) Keyword Research
2) Private Blog Network
3) SEO for Businesses
4) Social signals for SEO
5) SEO Profits

You will also Get

A. Ready to Go Sales Material:
– Professional Sales Page,
– Hypnotizing Sales copy,
– Sales page Graphics & Product Images etc.

B. Ready to Go Minisites – Including
– Product Download Pages,
– Contact Us Page and
– Other Legal Pages


15 Cool Bonuses Modules for all 5 courses:
– Ready-to-Go Affiliate Page
– Ready-to-Go Affiliate banners
– Ready-to-Go Affiliate swipes etc.

So, you could sell each of the 5 Video Training Courses as your own.

It would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create a collection like this, But they made this a no-brainer by putting it out there at firesale pricing.

Take advantage of this LOW pricing and grab the SEO Firesale Pack NOW because it’s only for a few days!

Magic Store Builder

Imaging if you can invest $10 in a cool domain name and within minutes you can turn it to a fully functional UNIQUE price comparison site that’s worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Some are already crushing it online with this!

With no technical skills required, Magic Store Builder lets you build an e-commerce site that is connected to +5,000 merchants offering +50,000,000 products online. You don’t need to accept orders, ship products, or do anything other than building more and more sites to grow your e-commerce empire.

Sites built using this software suck out organic traffic from Google and other searching engines. Visitors lands on your site, get the best price for the product they are looking for, and are redirected to the merchant site to place the order; you get paid, and guess what?

It’s all happening on autopilot. Watch the demo video and get the “Tell The Web” software as your free bonus for your purchase!

Open rate, sesame!

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1,107 Subject Lines

Ed Newman & Matt Bacak just launched a brand new killer product…

1,107 Subject Lines” guarantees to BOOST your e-mail open rates instantly!

Get it while it’s on a dime sale right now.

Spiritual wealth?

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5 Secrets To Spiritual Wealth

This revolutionary approach brings you the wealth you want…in a way you never thought possible.

What if you could make one simple “tweak” to your spiritual make-up…and get rewarded with unlimited wealth and abundance?

Seem too good to be true?

These 2 experts prove any nay-sayers wrong.

Go here to unlock your Secret Spiritual Wealth.

Say Goodbye To Writer’s Block!

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6-Hour eBook

Writing does not have to be the chore that you dread every week. You can learn to enjoy expressing your thoughts instead of staring at a blank screen. Every attempt you make write will be enjoyable instead of frustrating.

After 5 years as a freelance writer, Mialei Iske has learned countless tips and tricks to make writing easier. You will be amazed at how much easier writing can be when you put your steps in the right order.

With “6-Hour eBook“, Mialei takes the mystery out of writing about any topic and puts the content in a simple format that follow an analogy. You will remember the steps when you think about the house-building story.

6-Hour eBook” is a product that anyone can follow with simplicity and ease to have a complete eBook finished quite literally in 6 hours.

It’s time to leave your writing difficulties behind and create the info-product that you have always wanted.


Blogging, without a doubt, can be extremely rewarding if you have a pretty good amount of experience under your belt.

But most Internet marketers simply settle for peanuts when they can be raking in the cash if they just apply a few simple tweaks and strategies.

And now, my good buddy Adrian shows you exactly how you can skyrocket your blogging income with just a few tactics that most bloggers are not taking advantage of.

You will need these strategies and tools to transform your blog into a lucrative income-generating source!

If this sounds like you and you feel that you can use a traffic and income boost from your blog, then Blogging Cash Blueprint is exactly what you need.

Azon Authority

Do you want to effortlessly build an awesome e-commerce store like the pros?

Now you can easily create any kind of Amazon affiliate store in under an hour!

We are talking about a completely encompassing platform that turns Amazon into your own personal fulfillment center and dropshipper.

In just under an hour, you can easily create any store, any niche with the highest conversions without fancy coding, monthly fees or the high cost of other systems…

Furthermore, apply the best, proven, high-conversion tactics used by the pros to work and launch your profits into orbit NOW.

Check out these amazing profit-building features of Azon Authority:

  • Turn Amazon into Your Dropshipper and Fulfillment Service…
  • Propriety SmartCart Engine Integrates with Amazon’s Systems…
  • Tap into Over 256+ Million Products that Pay You Commissions…
  • Create a Full E-Commerce and Authoritative Experience…
  • FINALLY, Create a REAL Online Business You Can Be Proud Of…
  • Unlike Other Affiliate Stores, Search Engines LOVE these Stores…
  • 90-Day Affiliate Cookies Maximize Your Profits…
  • Unlimited Automated FREE Amazon Retargeting Campaigns…
  • Full Campaign Manager Ensures You Target the Right Products…

All this and a ton more…

This powerful all-encompassing system turns you into an instant Amazon master regardless of experience or skills.

Click here to see why everyone is so excited about this!

What many aspiring info-marketers do not realize is that their expensive info-products compete with inexpensive used paperbound or e-books on the same topic. These books are sold on Amazon, many for just a few bucks a copy.

If you don’t believe me, search the topic of the info-product you want to produce on Amazon.

More than likely there will be a dozen or more books on the same topic.

Now, you might be planning to make your info-product expensive, maybe by adding to the PDF document some audio, video, or even some webinars or ‘live’ coaching calls.

But there’s a threefold challenge you face when selling non-fiction on how-to topics.

The first is that the available books are often much better written, more professionally produced, and contain more detailed information on the topic than info-products sold by entrepreneurs on the Internet.

If you are producing an info-product, order some books on the topic on Amazon. You may be shocked to discover them to be much meatier and easier to read than what you are producing.

For instance, a used 200-page trade paperback contains 80,000 words vs. only 15,000 words for a 50-page PDF e-book.

Second, you probably want to sell your info-product for a hefty price tag.

But there are used books your prospects can buy on Amazon that are 200 to 300 pages and cost as little as a dollar vs. the $39 to $390 or more you are charging for your info-product.

Third, not everyone realizes this, but if you are solicited to buy an expensive info product from a guru, you probably can learn much of the same information free by going to his online archive of his newsletters and articles.

So how can you hope to develop and sell an info-product for $50 to $299 or more when substantial books on the same topic sell used on Amazon for a buck? Here are 6 solutions:

1. Narrow the focus. If there are books on how to start and run a dog-walking business, create an information product just on how to market dog-walking services online.

2. People will in fact pay more for multimedia products than books, so have multiple components in your info-product: e-book, audio CD, DVD, online members’ forum, webinars, a membership site, and so on.

3. Incorporate into your info-product techniques, strategies, case studies, model documents, ideas, and methods not found in conventional books on the topic.

4. Buy a bunch of used books on your topic. If a good one is out of print, contact the author and see if he will sell you the electronic rights. Then scan the book and turn it into an e-book.

5. Or buy the remainder stock of the physical book from the publisher to house and sell those.

6. For options #4 and #5, add some of your articles or writings to the manuscript so it goes beyond the out-of-print paperbound book. Otherwise customers may feel ripped off paying you $29 for the same content they can get on Amazon for $1.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Top marketers have been waiting years for a webinar solution.

Finally that solution is here.

And that’s WebinarJam—The Game Changer for Webinars.

If you’ve been tired of GoToWebinar’s high price, low attendee limits, and lack of marketing tools, there’s finally a solution.


Now your webinars will have:

* Unlimited attendees
* Unlimited Webinars
* No software to install
* Instant replay pages and follow-up e-mails

And much, much more…

WebinarJam has replaced the ridiculously high cost of GoToWebinar ($499 per month) by providing a more advanced, easy to use, front-end technology that plugs right into Google’s API for Hangouts on Air.

Click here to see it in action and get access to a limited one-time pay offer.

Law Of Attraction: The N.I.C.E. Technique

Do you know what the oldest and most powerful force in the universe is?

It’s the law of attraction.

There’s a problem with the law of attraction.

Many people simply don’t know how to use it so they think it doesn’t work.

My trusted colleague and law of attraction expert Dr. Steve G. Jones realized this is a big problem that many people encounter when using the law of attraction so he was determined to create a solution to this problem.

And he did.

He created a simple technique that anyone can use to get fast results with the law of attraction.

It contains 4 easy steps that will transform your life.

It’s called the N.I.C.E. technique and it was designed specifically to enhance your results with the law of attraction in the shortest possible time!

Try the N.I.C.E. Technique and start getting the results you want.

Would you believe the picture you see below made $31,396?

Get Paid Taking Pictures

Wow…some ‘visionaries’ saw a pie in the sky when others didn’t!

Discover how to make money by uploading pictures from your smartphone.

* Get Paid Taking Pictures *

This Is Weird But True by Bob Bly

Posted April 7th, 2015 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Copywriting

A situation I run into from time to time is a client who doesn’t want me to use the word “free” because they feel it is somehow low class, sleazy, inappropriate, or dated.

“We want to convey a higher class image,” they will explain.

They then ask me, “Wouldn’t it be better to say ‘complimentary’ instead of ‘free’?”

After all, they implore me, “complimentary” says free but without using the declasse word “free”.

To put this issue to rest once and for all, listen carefully…

“Free” is one of the two most persuasive words in the English language. (The other is “you”.)

You should use free as much as you can, as often as you can.

And you should always say free, never the snootier “complimentary”.

Everybody understands free and responds to it.

Some people actually think “complimentary” means “giving a compliment”.

The great, late 20th century copywriter Bill Jayme believed you could never say free too much or too often.

“If something is free, say it seven ways till Sunday,” he famously advised.

Some grammarians complain that we copywriters are redundant when we write “free gift” because all gifts are free.

Yet in a split test of “free gift” vs. “gift”, the free gift pulled a greater response. Apparently, it helps to remind and reassure people that your gift is free.

If your argument against using “free” is that you market to a sophisticated audience and so using “free” would be talking down to them, let me disabuse you of this notion.

JH, a friend of mine who worked in a medical ad agency, specialized in creating mailings inviting doctors to a free symposia.

One day he found a pocket calendar he could buy wholesale for a dollar. He then did an A/B split test where “A” was the invitation only and “B” also offered the pocket calendar as a free bonus for attending.

The “B” test cell with the free calendar offer out-pulled the “A” test cell without the premium sixfold.

Online, take pains to not abuse the meaning of “free” or use it inappropriately.

For instance, many marketers say you can get a “free 30-day trial” of their product…but to do that, you pay with your credit card up front. Therefore it’s only free if you return the product for refund.

The proper way to phrase this is a “risk-free” offer. Any time you say “free offer” and then ask for the customer’s credit card, you instantly lose credibility.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

VideoPages is a software that lets you build INCREDIBLE video landing pages…and it’s built to put your videos front-and-centre.

The templates are all built around making your videos look amazing. Everything is optimized to make sure your page loads fast and smooth.

And that’s not all it has going for it:

– It’s completely hosted. No WordPress, so no huge security holes

– It’s incredibly flexible. The drag-and-drop editor lets you change absolutely anything, and that means…

– You can build virtually any page you can imagine

– There’s a HUGE variety of built-in tools. Countdown timers, opt-in forms, social sharing and more

– Every page is automatically mobile-responsive. Whatever device people are using to watch your videos, you know they’ll look great

– Everything is done in the in-line editor. Want to change some text? Just write it directly on the page


– Amazingly easy to use. I had my first page up inside 5 minutes of logging in to my account.

Here’s the deal.

VideoPages is a one-time investment.

And right now, it’s an incredibly small one for everything it does.

But this discount is only lasting for a few days.

And this is something you REALLY want to have in your arsenal.

Check it out in action here.

The death of print is exaggerated.

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“We know what you’re thinking: print is dead, while digital is growing more and more every day,” says digital strategist Shannon McCoy. “This is simply not the case. With more and more companies abandoning traditional forms of mass communication, it is easier to stand out and reach your target, whether young or old, with tangible promotions like direct mail.”

According to a survey by Greenhat, B2B marketers on average spend 28% of their budget on digital marketing and 21% on traditional offline marketing. So print is hardly dead, accounting for one dollar out of every five spent on marketing.

Source: Today@Targetmarketing, 3/2/15; CMO, 3/5/15

The TruthMarketing and advertising has changed in the last few years. In this new economy, all the power is in the consumer’s hand. The one thing that hasn’t changed though, is human nature.

So if you’re currently struggling, what do you do? You can do the same sh*t and expect a different result or you can do something different!

You need a clear road map to get your business either off the ground or more profitable, one that’s more sustainable and profitable in the long term.

The Truth” is that map–a step-by-step, no-frills book and course, including proven methods, tools, done for you templates and other bonuses to build your business to whatever level you want to to be.

John Mulry has set up the pricing for his course as a dime sale. It starts at $7, but the price goes up slightly with every purchase.

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