5 Steps To Earned Media Success

Anytime a third party mentions your company, shares your information, publishes a review, or brings attention to your business in other ways, it’s called earned media. Like word-of-mouth marketing, earned media is often received organically. That is to say, you don’t do anything extra to receive the publicity. It is a result of your attitude, ethics, values, reputation, great content, and all of your hard work.

When a third party mentions your business, it’s more believable, more trustworthy, than your own promotions and marketing. When it comes to lead generation, there are a few marketing tactics that are as effective as earned media.

If your readers are struggling to get media coverage, recognition, engagement or traffic, they may need to up their earned media game. The “5 Steps To Earned Media Success” report—in private label form—will guide them through planning and implementing an earned media strategy. It includes action steps for readers to take as they work through the report.

Included in this 15-page report:

• Why earned media is so effective
• Choosing appropriate goals for your earned media marketing
• Measuring the success of your marketing strategy
• Determining what types of content motivate your audience
• Identifying and connecting with influencers who can help boost your recognition
• Creating content and integrating it into your overall marketing strategy
• Tips and practices to help you get the most from your efforts

And much more.

You also get PSD and JPG cover images for the report.

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You may not have heard of Richard Butler, but as a career life and business coach, he is always interested to know why and how some people were so successful while others were not.

So he hunted down the best of the best in the online sector and grilled them. He’s got over 9 hours of life-changing interviews with with some of the leading experts in the Internet Marketing industry.

Here’s a rundown on some of the experts and what they are going to share:

Alex Jeffreys – from dead broke 10 years ago to owning one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

Erik Stafford – the man who walked away from 3 successful businesses he built—he deleted customers, lists, products—why he did it and how it helped him.

Reed Floren – never had a job in his life, but continues to earn day in day out from the Internet. Find out his secrets.

Felicia Slattery – from college professor to one of the sought-after speakers and trainers in the business—find out why you have to know how to communicate even if you will never be on stage.

Stuart Tan – one of Asia’s leading professional trainers, to date he has trained over 500,000 people. He talks about NLP and how to program yourself for success.

Mark Lyford – from living it up in the Bahamas to spending a couple of years in jail, his story is one of a survivor and go-getter. Learn from him on what it takes to keep on going.

Plus you also get access into Richard’s inner circle mastermind Facebook group where you can meet other go-getters and seek any help you might need.

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In this new video, Jeff Johnson reveals the simple little equation that was the turning point in his struggle to start his own business and be his own boss.

He says that he will never forget the day that he discovered that simple little equation (and neither will you when you see it).

He will explain how this simple little equation come about, and the systems he has developed over the last 14
years to exploit it that are way more valuable than the equation itself.

Which is why in the video he also tells you about how you can have his personal help in exploiting that simple little equation for your own benefit.

Here’s a hint: Jeff will personally help you install a hands-free system that automatically attracts a constant flow of highly targeted traffic, new leads and new customers for your business.

This new video reveals everything. Watch it now before it gets taken down.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small local “bricks and mortar” business, a huge national company, or even if your business is 100% based online.

Jeff Johnson could easily teach you at least a hundred different ways to get more traffic, leads, and customers, both online and offline.

However, his new training video reveals 16 of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to market your business and build a more profitable list, faster.

You’ll also find a brand new PDF cheat sheet just below the video comment section.

Here’s the best part: It’s jam-packed with 100% business-building content, and it’s free.

Watch it now!


Attention, local business consultants!

Are you looking to expand your repertoire of business services in the online realm?

Imagine being able set up a local business-themed website under 60 seconds(!) and rent it out to clients who don’t have a website but would surely benefit from having one. You charge the rent as a form of website administration fee. This is passive income at its best!

Serplify enables you to set up the perfect local niche site that is ready to rank on page 1 of Google results, because local business keywords are not so competitive. Within one single setup you can create multiple websites targeting thousands of cities and zip codes for keywords that are super-easy to rank for (plumber, dentist, lawyer etc.), then automatically, then add thousands of optimized pages full of themed content for each keyword, ranking them all on page 1 of Google, and being able to build this all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Be sure to watch the crazy 60-second demo video.

Serplify will do this and more. It is the ONLY web-based software that mass-builds, customizes, GEO-Optimizes, monetizes, schedules, syndicates (over social media) and builds you fully fledged unique sites that rank page one on Google.

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People have always asked Nicole and Melissa how in the world they could do so much:

• Manage and Market CoachGlue which is a 7-Figure Business Serving 20,000 Business Coaches
• Release 50+ products a year
• Have an awesome JV partner/affiliate team
• Run our OTHER businesses, too
• Spend time with their families
• Do the things they love to do like yoga and being outdoors. For Nicole, traveling as much as possible, and for Melissa, going to her daughter’s hockey games all over Canada and the US.

Well, it sure hasn’t always been like this!

They both went through periods of time where they were overworked and underpaid and joy was a thing they thought they’d have time for and would find…someday.

It’s been a journey of trial and error, learning what works (and just as importantly what doesn’t) and navigating along the way to where they are now. And now, because they do have a lot of systems in place and several streams of passive and recurring income flowing in, they know that with just MINIMAL FOCUSED EFFORT that a sizable amount would keep coming for years even if they were not able to work more than a few hours a week.

So yes, now they can easily take a few weeks or a month off here and there.

And when they work, it’s oftentimes only a few hours a week. Weekends are off. Holidays are off. You get the picture.

Their lifestyle works because of these 4 things:

• Productivity
• Planning
• Products
• Promotion

They want the same for you.

Six-Figure Success System

And that’s exactly what they want to teach you in their new training where they share behind-the-scenes what they do to run their businesses, so you can profit wildly and have a life, too.

In these audios and videos, you’ll learn exactly what they personally do:

Module 1: Their DAILY Productivity Action Plan

Module 2: Their STEP-BY-STEP Planning Formula

Module 3: Their Specific Product Mastery PROCESS

Module 4: Their EXACT Promotion Strategies

The “Six-Figure Success System” training program is not a PLR package. It is designed exclusively for you to discover the proprietary strategies to CoachGlue’s business success. If you can get these 4 modules nailed down, you’ll be sitting pretty with both money AND time.

Training will commence on February 1st, so now you can grab it as a deal for $200 off! Wish you all the success in 2017.

Business Personality Assessment

Are your clients able to align their personalities and core values with the way they run a profitable business? Running a business is a long-term and tireless endeavor. If they are not joyful at doing it, they will find it difficult to make an income no matter how much they desire to do so on their own terms.

The CoachGlue ladies understand this problem and so they have designed a brand new “Business Personality Assessment” planner with which you can edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell, give away (as a free download or lead magnet) or apply (teach) to your clients/customers/members.

In it you’ll discover:

Step 1: Know Your Personality Type
Exercise: Identify Your Personality Type (And the Struggles Your Face Because of it)

Step 2: Discover Your Core Values
Exercise: List Your Core Values

Step 3: Are You a Lion or a Wolf?
Exercise: Find Your Chronotype
Exercise: Design Your Ideal Schedule

Step 4: Communication Styles Matter
Exercise: Find Your Communication Style

Step 5: Micromanage Isn’t a Dirty Word
Exercise: Know Your Management Style

Step 6: No-Sweat Networking
Exercise: Plan Your Networking Strategy

Step 7: Know Your Love Language
Exercise: Consider the Love Languages of Your Team

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[FREE] 5 Ways To 10x Your Business In 90 Days!

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What would be different for you if you added a zero to the end of your income this year?

Instead of $500/month, you made $5000/month.

Or instead of $3,000/month you made $30,000/month.

It IS possible. People do it.

Here’s your opportunity to learn from the Coachglue ladies, Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean, as they bring you a new e-course called “How to 10x Your Business in the Next 90 Days” and it is FREE for a limited time.

It contains the exact methods they have used to help 20,000+ business owners. Will you be next?

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2017 Income and Goal-Setting Template package

Looking to start 2017 out the right away? Ron Douglas and Alice Seba have a 2017 Income And Goal-Setting Template Package that will do the trick.

In this package, you will find:

• Insider’s Strategy Guide
• Goal-Focused To-Do List (don’t just stay busy, stay on track)
• Goal Setting Worksheet
• 50 Ideas to Build Your Audience (so you can reach those business / income goals)
• Audience Tracking Spreadsheet (keep tabs on your progress)
• 50 Income Increasing Ideas
• Bookkeeping Spreadsheet (If you don’t know your numbers…you can’t reach your goals)
• 50 Product Promotion Ideas (don’t just make new products when you want more money…get creative!)
• Product Launch and Promotion Tracking Spreadsheet
• Daily Goal-Focused Planner
• Weekly Goal-Focused Planner
• Monthly Goal-Focused Planner

It also comes with optional resell rights, so you can use the templates in your own products for sale and for use in your client work.

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Build A Long-Term Business. Short Learning Curve.

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Long-Term Business Blueprint

You can turn your life around next year with this.

Start building a business that lasts with Long-Term Business Blueprint, so that you can support yourself and your family for the rest of your lives.

Dr. Nick Chou has been building multi-million-dollar companies for 14 years, and he will be sharing his secrets with you in this course. You can start learning the proven system that he teaches in his $5,000 coaching program for less than $10!

In this course, you can learn:

• How to work less and earn more, doing something that you actually love!
• Easy-to-follow steps and tips to generate traffic, optimize conversion rates, and more
• Dr. Nick Chou’s 7 Vital Factors for building a long-term business!
• The 8 Proven Business Models that are time-tested, inexpensive, and easy to implement

Go grab Long-Term Business Blueprint while it’s still available.

Hurry! The price goes up after each sale. Start building a business that will last for the rest of your life!

InstaConsultant 2.0

Are you an OFFLINE CONSULTANT and looking for An Easy and HIGH Quality Solution that can SAVE a lot of your Time & Money that can meet Expectations of Your Clients?

If Yes, then you should take a look at the HUGE Revolutionary InstaConsultant 2.0 Toolkit created by the Team of Highly Paid Developers, Designers and other Professionals working under Top Internet Marketer Dr. Amit Pareek and Leading Offline Consultant Dr. Nimisha Vijay!

Using this Toolkit, You can SAVE a lot of your Time & Money and CHARGE up to $3k to your Clients for giving Premium Services for Creating:

1) Stunning Business Websites in few minutes with the help of Exquisite Theme which is Far Better than Any Biz Theme you see on WooTheme or anywhere Else

2) Lightning Fast Mobile Sites

3) Video Commercials in 5 HOT Niches that are Already Completely Done-For-You

4) Merchandise Solutions using 200+ Ready To Print & Editable Templates of Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, etc.

PLUS You will also Get these 3 AWESOME Bonuses:

1) Fully Customizable Logos: 25 logos in total 5 hot niches

2) Basic Niche Content: No need to invest your time, we have done it all

3) Step-by-Step Training:

> How to Edit & use our merchandise

> How to create a beautiful & user friendly websites for businesses using our theme in 10 minutes

> How to Edit & use our Video Commercials

And Much more…

Click Here to Grab this HUGE InstaConsultant 2.0 and Give Premium Services to Your Clients with Just Few Minutes of Work STARTING NOW!

How To Turn Your Idea Into An Online Business

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In this new video from Eben Pagan, he walks you through 5 steps to turn your “big idea” into a successful, growing online business (just opt-in to watch for free).

This video is a GOLDMINE of tips and secrets for actually taking your idea and turning it into a successful business.

For each of the 5 parts of your product and your business, Eben gives an “action checklist” to make sure you’re winning.

You first learn the mindset that you must help your customer get into, in order to buy and use your product (this alone makes the video worth watching).

Next you’ll get action steps for building every part of your online digital product business, plus a PDF summary checklist to remind you of what you’ve learned.

This video has literally dozens of ‘nuggets’ of wisdom in it, and if you want to build your online business and digital product, watch it immediately.

From Dream To Do To Done

CoachGlue has just released a new set of PLR workshop material that you customize and sell to your clients and it’s pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

Altogether, you receive 4 Training Modules + 4 Fast Action Plan Worksheets & Exercises + 4 Program Accelerator Checklists + 4 Sets of PowerPoint Slides in “From Dream To Do To Done“.

Module 1 “Building the Business of Your Dreams” includes:

• The one element that determines your ultimate success—and it’s not money or skills or experience or even drive.

• The 3 essential components of every successful coaching business—and they have nothing to do with your clients.

• 6 common roadblocks that threaten to derail your coaching career—and how to get past them quickly and painlessly.

• 3 critical financial considerations—get this right, and money will no longer be an issue (and how freeing with THAT be?)

• How to track your progress—and turn your tracking into a driving force!

• The one question you must be asking yourself at every step—even if you do nothing else, this one step will have a profound effect.

In Module 2 “DREAM BIGGER: What do you REALLY Want out of Your Life?”, you will discover:

• A rock-solid business plan—even if you already have one, do not skip this step. It’s the foundation of everything to come.

• How to know you’re on the right path—this one simple question will guide every step!

• A beautiful case study on branding—when you nail your branding, you’ll be truly unstoppable, and this business definitely got it right!

• How and why you must consider health in your overall business plan—and not just yours!

• 4 must-have business-manual elements—this one step may someday save you from disaster.

• How to save time, money and energy in everything you do—because you have far more important things to do than to waste time on boring, low-level tasks.

• The essential difference between short- and long-term goals—and why you absolutely must have both if you want to be wildly successful.

• Why it’s critical to your success that you get out of the house—and we don’t mean just going to the grocery store.

And, yes, there’s more. In module 3 “Turn Those Dreams Into Goals”, you’ll find…

• How to work backwards from your big goal to the smallest task—just learning this one skill will dramatically multiply your success rate.

• The question you MUST ask yourself—the answer may just be enough to turn your dreams into a powerful driving force.

• How to handle a change of heart—even the most driven, passionate entrepreneurs can find themselves at a crossroads…here’s how to resolve it!

• How to avoid letting fear of success derail your efforts—simply being able to recognize it for what it is can help (I’ll show you how).

• How to successfully assess and manage your risks—and how to know exactly what to be on the lookout for.

• 6 things to consider before you outsource—and how to start small so you don’t create more chaos than you solve.

• How to create and manage time-saving systems without hiring expensive contractors—for many new coaches, this is exactly what’s needed to reach their goals without breaking the bank.

Module 4 “Make it Happen” wraps it up with…

• 7 common pitfalls coaches face—and how to overcome them.

• Why (and how) to prepare for success—skip this step, and you’ll be out of business before you even begin.

• Why the wrong client is worse than no client at all—and how to attract your ideal customer with ease.

• How to earn more income without doing more work—this is the key to ultimate freedom and a true dream business.

• How to easily create new products—without re-inventing the wheel each time.

• 6 tips for working at home more efficiently—because it’s harder than it looks.

• Why accountability is critical—and some innovative ways to keep yourself on track.

• How to prioritize your day so you can maximize your success—and the answer might just surprise you.

Excited? Ready to release your next workshop course?

You can check out the From Dream To Do To Done package. Now there are 3 ways to get this new workshop:

1. Grab it for a one-time price at $297. You’ll get everything you see listed above.

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Thank YOU and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Multiple bestselling author Noah St. John has released a new video training series that just might hold the key to running a lifestyle business and for you to experience greater prosperity, a happier lifestyle, and true fulfillment.

And once it clicks for you, your money problems are over…

Which means you no longer have to lose sleep or worry yourself to death over bills or other financial obligations.

And that means you get to stop making a living…

You finally get to have a LIFE.

A life of big contribution, freedom, and abundance.

A life filled with meaning, purpose, and making a real difference.

A life of IMPACT and transformation.

Plus, Noah also shows you the most powerful and effective way to put your income on autopilot without fear of losing your current job, and without financial risk.

Now you may think you’ve tried it all, or seen it all, when it comes to having a true lifestyle business that brings in money like clockwork…

But Noah shows you a totally different approach to making money online, and one strategy in particular that makes all the difference…

So watch Noah’s new video training series now…

Is there a ‘formula’ for growing a business rapidly, and building it in just the right way so that it gives you the security and freedom that you want?

Here’s an all-new video from Eben Pagan, where he shares 21 steps to building your business online, and designing it so that it gives you the lifestyle that you want to live (just opt in to watch for free): “21 Ways To Super-Charge Your Business Growth

This video is jam-packed with ideas that you will start implementing as soon as you watch it.

You’ll see how to put all the pieces of your product, your marketing, hiring team members, building your mastermind all fit together, and create a stable business that grows and becomes more valuable, even if you’re personally not there doing it.

This video shows you how the 7 Pillars of a successful virtual business all work together, and it will give you 3 action steps to take in each key area of building your business and your “Virtual CEO Lifestyle”.

You’ll learn how to get yourself focused on exactly the things that grow your business and make you the most profit.

You’ll learn the counter-intuitive psychology of how to design your “breakthrough product”.

You’ll the key mindset that allows you to get the most traffic and subscribers to your list.

You’ll learn how to take advantage of the magnetic psychological power of the mastermind.

…and much, much more.

If you’re serious about shifting your business into high-growth mode, then watch this free video now.

Make sure to get the PDF action checklist for building your business while you’re there. It’s right under the video.

Implement what you learn to build your online business faster, starting today.

Are you building your business online, and want to know the formula for creating a successful virtual business that you can run from anywhere?

Here’s a case study of how Eben Pagan built his business 100% virtually (no office), and he now has the freedom to travel 6 months per year: “The Formula For Building A High-Growth Virtual Business Online” (Opt in to watch for free.)

The secret is to really take advantage of the profit power of COMPOUNDING.

You know that compounding interest works with money. But most people don’t realize that the exact same principle applies to growing your business.

When you put the right pieces together in the right order, you can create a business that is actually designed to give you the life you want.

This video will show you how one person built their ideal life, by building their business from the VERY BEGINNING to support their lifestyle (just opt-in to watch it free).

Make sure to download the free PDF report that explains the profit power of compounding your business growth, while you’re there—it’s right under the video.)

Included are 5 of the most important lessons that Eben learned while growing 10 different businesses and brands to the $1 million level online.

Go watch this, and learn how to build a highly successful virtual business that gives you the life you want!

7 Pillars Of A High-Growth Virtual Business

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If you are building a virtual business, or you are starting one right now, then watch this video to see how to build it (just opt-in to watch for free).

In this new video, Eben Pagan shows you the 7 pillars of a high-growth virtual business, and the “architecture” of how to build yours.

We have all been watching this new trend of entrepreneurs building their businesses without ever having an office and doing everything from their computer.

This is one of the great success stories that the Internet has created for many, many people now.

In this valuable video, Eben explains:

• The rise of the “Virtual CEO Lifestyle” and how the Internet has given us all access to the tools to build our businesses virtually if we choose to

• Why up to 80% of all jobs are in danger of being “automated” by computers and machines in the coming future

• How a virtual business model can give you back a huge amount of your time and attention, and save you hassle

• The 7 pillars that you need to build in your life and business in order to create a successful, profitable virtual company

• How this model has helped Eben build 10 different brands and businesses that have done over $1 million in sales online (all virtually!)

• Why traveling more is essential to growing a virtual business and a rich, successful life

ALSO make sure you grab the PDF summary of the structure of a successful Virtual Business, and how to create this lifestyle for yourself.

If you are serious about building a business that gives you both security AND freedom, then go watch this video now. Again, just opt-in to see it for free.

Use this formula to build your virtual business, and to design your ultimate lifestyle.

Turn Skype into a CRM + Call Solution…

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SalesEnvyFor the first time ever, SalesEnvy, the powerful CRM + outbound calling solution is offering a LIFETIME (one-time payment) account.

SalesEnvy already saves businesses who need to manage lead nurturing and outbound calling, hundreds…even thousands!

By turning the most popular VoIP solution, SKYPE, into a cost-reducing CRM and Call Platform, any business can now…

Make unlimited calls.
Use unlimited call minutes.
Manage unlimited contacts.

…by leveraging the low-cost calling plans that Skype provides (as low as $2.99/mth).

Not only was SalesEnvy designed to minimize overhead costs, BUT to make every call rep more efficient!

Watch how efficient SalesEnvy makes it to manage your sales pipeline and make calls/e-mails…

Also with powerful features like:

[+] All-in-One Dashboard:

No need to have two screens or windows open. All dialing, e-mail, calendar, task, scripting, call recording, voicemail and cadence processes are under one roof in SalesEnvy.

[+] Pre-Recorded Messages:

Queue up a pre-recorded message that auto-plays upon an answered call or leave as a voicemail.

[+] Canned Call Scripts:

Ensure a level of standards and consistency with your sales team by utilizing dynamic call scripts.

[+] Recorded Calls:

Record any call to be reviewed by yourself or a manager at a later time.

[+] 1-Click Meeting Invites:

Now a sales rep can create a meeting or follow-up with a prospect or customer with one click.

[+] Personalized E-mails:

Did you realize that when you schedule and confirm the next meeting on the phone, that confirmation rates are close to 100%?

[+] Follow-up Sequences:

Easily filter through your contacts, ensuring that there are regular follow-ups with your prospect.

[+] Sales Pipeline Management:

Easily manage every contact into a clear and defined customized sales funnel. Visually see where each contact is in your funnel and what step/action is required.

[+] At-a-Glance Sales Activity Reporting:

Monitor your sales team and activity by tracking important metrics like, calls placed, voicemails left, e-mails sent, connect ratio, which script templates are converting best and more.

[+] Connect other VoIP Providers:

SalesEnvy can connect with any other VoIP provider that uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

Now normally a SalesEnvy license goes for $30.00/mth PER user.

For a short time, you can grab LIFETIME access for 1 or more users for a one-time investment.

Grab your access now before it’s gone.

Client Getting Kit

As a coach, you know that one of the most important things you need to be doing on a regular basis is getting new clients, whether you’re just beginning or you’re already very experienced and have an established business.

Yes. Even if you are a highly successful coach, your clients will drop off and you’ll need a system to get more on an ongoing basis. Perhaps they’ve ‘graduated’ from your coaching program, or they no longer need your services for whatever reason. Either way you’ll want to make sure you have a list of potential clients to pull from when you need to.

Some of the ways you can build your potential client list are:

  • Following up with people who have shown interest in coaching in the past but were not ready yet for some reason
  • On-boarding JV partners
  • Reaching out to past clients
  • Asking for referrals from current and past clients
  • And more.

The difficult part, until now, has been writing those letters.

As of today, we have a BRAND NEW set of letters we’ve created for you and this set is all about GETTING NEW CLIENTS!

All you or your assistant has to do is open the letter you need, customize it and send it on paper or via email.

You can also share these when working with your clients (for instance, “here’s what I do to get more clients”) or include them when creating new training programs.

Want to earn $500/day on Fiverr?

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5RR Freedom Formula

Do you know you how to go from $15/day gig sales to $500/day on Fiverr?

It took 7 years for these guys to discover the formula, and they been getting consistent results.

If you’re getting excited like I do, check this out: 5RR Freedom Formula