Defining Entrepreneurship

Posted May 12th, 2006 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Business

Anyone can own a business, but what exactly sets an entrepreneur apart from a mere business owner?

It has to do with one’s definition of entrepreneurship and the values he brings with him to his business. With more than just a single-minded focus on profits and losses, an entrepreneur is one who also wants to add value to the community he operates in.

He is also a dreamer, but most importantly one with the conviction to see his ideas through.

But there is no blueprint or roadmap to set out on the entrepreneurial journey, nor is the argument of whether an entrepreneur is born or made relevant in today’s world. For as long as you have a clear vision in mind, no skeptic can pin you down.

As Shenzi Chua Siong Chee of sums it up: “It’s about being independent and not relying on someone else for one’s job security. It’s about using your own talents to obtain the recognition you deserve instead of always being in someone else’s shadow. It’s about challenging yourself and seeing if that business plan you had in your head all this while was more than just a theoretical one. It’s about fulfilling dreams.”

Reproduced from “Most inspiring stories from Singapore’s Entrepreneurs”, a Spirit of Enterprise publication

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