Work less, make more. Possible?

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I wanted to talk with you, regarding outsourcing.

If you want your business to progress faster…to grow, be more professional whilst saving time and money, you’ll need to pay close attention.

Being able to grow a team of professional, reliable & cost effective employees within the click of a button is VITAL. It’s the #1 way most people shoot up the success ranks so fast!

Does the term ‘outsourcing’ mean anything to you? It is extremely essential for any business to outsource things such as web design, graphics, sales copy, sales videos, and the list goes on and on. Finding the best people is just as important.

My friend Craig Crawford did exactly this! Within two years his business has been responsible for over $2,000,000 in sales as a vendor and as an affiliate.

Craig generated $80,000 within the first month of his business and he barely had to lift a finger!

He relied mainly on outsourcing for this and has shot up the ranks within business! Literally from 0 to hero in a matter of months…

The best thing of all, being able to outsource saves you time and money!

So what we’re showing you, is something HIGHLY beneficial to EVERY SINGLE person who reads this.

Craig is revealing to you the #1 thing that helps his business run so effectively and so freely on the next page!

Go take a look now, and if you’re fast enough, you’ll get the free bonus training program they’re giving away!

When it comes to Internet marketing, there is a whole slew of vendors who work incredibly cheaply.

For instance, one gal, a fitness expert, offered to write a 500-word article for $30.

If I hired her, I would not pay her $30. I would pay her anywhere from $100 to $200.

Here’s the main reason: When you find people desperate enough to work for peanuts…

Or you squeeze a vendor and get him to lower his price to the bare minimum…

Those people don’t feel good about working for you, because they are not making a fair wage.

As a result, most of these underpaid freelancers resent their clients.

They also try to complete the job as fast as they can, so they will make a little more per hour.

Result: they rush their work, not putting much care in it. And this shows in the inferior finished product.

Once, as an experiment, I hired a cheap writer from elance to write an article on careers in chemistry for my chemistry website.

His first sentence

You can be lazy but also smart if you do this.

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The Outsource Report

Did you know that outsourcing your business can save you time and money?

What separates you from the most successful business people is not hard work at all.

In fact, it

Why I Hate Fiverr by Bob Bly

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There’s a site, fiverr, that promises they can find you a freelancer or service provider to do lots of things you need

One of the biggest questions I hear from visionary entrepreneurs is about how someone can get all the maddening technical details of their business implemented, and still have enough time for the more creative, fun and generative aspects of their business…

…not to mention creating a balanced and wonderful life!

Websites, blogs, autoresponders, newsletters, customer service, research, admin tasks, etc., etc., etc…

The list goes on and on of tasks that need to get done every day to build a business.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement because you’re stuck on something, or just not getting it done as fast as you want, then go here now!

I’m going to introduce you to a friend of mine, Ric Thompson, and he’s going to share some things with you that can directly impact the speed and ease of getting things done via a very special (and short!) video JUST for friends and clients of mine.

This is for you if:

* You have more work than week to get it done (even if you already have a small team)

* Even if you’ve tried outsourcing before

* You’re a serious entrepreneur or small business owner looking to get more done and have a bigger bottom line


If for any reason you’re not getting things done fast enough and enjoying real results, Done For You Solutions could really help.

The Secret Key to Earning with Facebook?

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FB Empire Builders

There’s a very big secret to earning beyond your wildest dreams with Facebook.

It’s not:

* Create Fan Pages & post to them faithfully
* Making cool memes or finding the hottest videos in your niche
* Learning how to write killer ads to drive targeted traffic
* Making stealthy custom audiences or dark posts for ads

The biggest secret to making big money on Facebook is not learning to do all this yourself. It’s hiring and training a highly competent team to do all of these tasks for you!

But you might be saying, “I’ve tried outsourcing before and it was a time & money wasting disaster!”

But that’s because you didn’t have FB Empire Builders.

FB Empire Builders is your total solution for finding, hiring and training your FB dream team. Guarantee the best outcomes before you even interview a prospective employee. Training videos that teach your outsourcers every aspect of running a powerful Facebook business.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about running a Facebook business yourself!

Get FB Empire Builders today, and start getting more Facebook earnings faster than you could imagine…even if you’re a complete Facebook neophyte yourself!

Beyond Business Live! is the #1 marketing, delegation & lifestyle event! What makes it so special? Well, it is being co-led by Daven Michaels the CEO and founder of 123Employee, the premier outsourcing centers in the Philippines and by Beejal Parmar the vice president of 123Employee. Daven and Beejal are going to be sharing strategies to help you increase your revenue, increase your profits, and increase your freedom!

At Beyond Business Live! Daven and Beejal will share their secrets for creating successful businesses, outsourcing all of your marketing and business processes, ways to travel and work overseas (or wherever you want), and how to create an influential, thriving global business.

Daven and Beejal are even giving away a free month of virtual assistant service!

Daven has started and built multiple multi-million dollar businesses over the years, in many industries. He’s a genius marketer and pioneer of online marketing. Beejal lives a truly global lifestyle, he’s an expert in personality analysis, helping clients rebalance their life, creating success timelines, imagineering and solution creation, marketing and of course, outsourcing.

Find out why you should be at Beyond Business Live!

Have you read Eben Pagan’s previous 2 reports?

1) 5 Steps To Increase Your Business Productivity

2) 4 Steps To Profitably Build Your Brand

It goes without saying they are awesome, but it’s not the end. Eben has just put out another new free report & video online about out how delegate, outsource and hire people to help you build your business.

Inside, you’ll learn:

* Which tasks to delegate first, so you free up your valuable time to do the higher-value, business-growing actions (and get more time off)

* How to write an ad to attract a “super star” to work with you (I actually give you an ad that I’ve used myself to hire a personal assistant)

* What to ask when you’re interviewing to find out what type of personality you’re talking to

You also get downloadable exercises, and more tips for getting things off your plate, so you can do the customer-getting stuff!

Do You Make These 5 Outsourcing Mistakes?

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If you’re outsourcing (or plan to outsource) some of your work to others to do

How to Hire Experts to Create Your Web Content for Less Than $1 Per Page

Ronnie Nijmeh has put together an excellent FREE report on how you can hire expert writers to add 80+ pages of content each month for less than $1 per page.

You would want to pay attention to the main theme of his PLR membership website if you’re running a personal development website. For the current trial price of $19/mth you get SEO-ed articles, affirmations, desktop wallpapers, checklists, worksheets, reports etc. based on personal development.

You can motivate and inspire your customers for pennies on the dollar, while at the same time bring in more traffic, build more pages and links and cultivate your image as the expert + trust and authority. That’s building the business, not the website and saving effort and money at the same time!