You can be lazy but also smart if you do this.

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The Outsource Report

Did you know that outsourcing your business can save you time and money?

What separates you from the most successful business people is not hard work at all.

In fact, it’s smart work. Successful people understand they don’t need to do everything by themselves.

You can get started on a path to success by hiring other people to do your work for you.

If you’re interested in ramping your business up by outsourcing then this is the perfect report for you.

The Outsource Report” holds you by the hand and gives you a step-by-step guide to hire your first assistant and start making more money while you sleep.

Go grab your copy and you’ll have your own virtual employees in no time!

Why I Hate Fiverr by Bob Bly

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There’s a site, fiverr, that promises they can find you a freelancer or service provider to do lots of things you need—from online sketch videos to voiceover narration for commercials to designing a marketing postcard or e-book cover.

And the hook is you pay only $5 to get your project done.

BK, an old friend and a successful mail order entrepreneur, recently asked me what my objection to fiverr is after he read that I loathe the site.

Well, here’s why fiverr repulses me…

The main reason is that it seeks to turn professional and creative services into low-priced commodities.

In doing so, it purports to help customers by bringing them needed services and skills at bargain-basement prices.

In the process, it degrades professionals who might not be as successful as you and I, encouraging them to accommodate bottom-feeders for ridiculously low pay.

In most cases, I believe fiverr is not doing the buyer any favor either.

I mean, if you pressure a $75-an-hour website designer into designing your new home page for five bucks, how much care and attention do you think she will give that project?

Once I hired a writer on a site that competes with fiverr to write an e-book for a very low fee, which I felt guilty about.

His work was shoddy and when I asked for revisions, he went nuts, cursed me out, and told me go to f–k myself.

I kinda understood that: he felt grossly underpaid, so for me to ask for more work for the measly fee I was paying sent him over the edge.

Jesse Ventura of all people said recently that anyone who works a 40-hour week should earn enough to feed his or her family.

I like Jesse’s take on paying a fair wage for a day’s work, and clearly fiverr is in gross violation of it.

Yes, I know no one is holding a gun to the heads of vendors who take on fiverr projects.

Clearly these people are for whatever reason at the bottom of their profession, and by that I don’t necessarily mean they do bad work, although I suspect many are beginners and not experienced enough to do A-level work.

But other fiverr vendors may just not know how to market themselves and thereby command good fees.

So fiverr users are in the driver’s seat and can buy these services for five dollars a pop.

But I won’t and never will. Why not? Well, just because you can do something to someone doesn’t mean you should do it. Just because you are in a position of wealth and power doesn’t mean you should bully or treat poorly those who are not.

For instance, I am one of the only info-marketers I know who pays his writers a royalty on e-books they write for me.

I know I don’t have to. But I believe vendors do better work when they feel they are being paid a decent wage. And, it’s just the right thing to do.

I am not telling you to avoid fiverr either as a buyer or a vendor. I am simply telling you that I avoid fiverr and giving you the reasons why. I know you will make your own decision.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

One of the biggest questions I hear from visionary entrepreneurs is about how someone can get all the maddening technical details of their business implemented, and still have enough time for the more creative, fun and generative aspects of their business…

…not to mention creating a balanced and wonderful life!

Websites, blogs, autoresponders, newsletters, customer service, research, admin tasks, etc., etc., etc…

The list goes on and on of tasks that need to get done every day to build a business.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement because you’re stuck on something, or just not getting it done as fast as you want, then go here now!

I’m going to introduce you to a friend of mine, Ric Thompson, and he’s going to share some things with you that can directly impact the speed and ease of getting things done via a very special (and short!) video JUST for friends and clients of mine.

This is for you if:

* You have more work than week to get it done (even if you already have a small team)

* Even if you’ve tried outsourcing before

* You’re a serious entrepreneur or small business owner looking to get more done and have a bigger bottom line


If for any reason you’re not getting things done fast enough and enjoying real results, Done For You Solutions could really help.

The Secret Key to Earning with Facebook?

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FB Empire Builders

There’s a very big secret to earning beyond your wildest dreams with Facebook.

It’s not:

* Create Fan Pages & post to them faithfully
* Making cool memes or finding the hottest videos in your niche
* Learning how to write killer ads to drive targeted traffic
* Making stealthy custom audiences or dark posts for ads

The biggest secret to making big money on Facebook is not learning to do all this yourself. It’s hiring and training a highly competent team to do all of these tasks for you!

But you might be saying, “I’ve tried outsourcing before and it was a time & money wasting disaster!”

But that’s because you didn’t have FB Empire Builders.

FB Empire Builders is your total solution for finding, hiring and training your FB dream team. Guarantee the best outcomes before you even interview a prospective employee. Training videos that teach your outsourcers every aspect of running a powerful Facebook business.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about running a Facebook business yourself!

Get FB Empire Builders today, and start getting more Facebook earnings faster than you could imagine…even if you’re a complete Facebook neophyte yourself!

Beyond Business Live! is the #1 marketing, delegation & lifestyle event! What makes it so special? Well, it is being co-led by Daven Michaels the CEO and founder of 123Employee, the premier outsourcing centers in the Philippines and by Beejal Parmar the vice president of 123Employee. Daven and Beejal are going to be sharing strategies to help you increase your revenue, increase your profits, and increase your freedom!

At Beyond Business Live! Daven and Beejal will share their secrets for creating successful businesses, outsourcing all of your marketing and business processes, ways to travel and work overseas (or wherever you want), and how to create an influential, thriving global business.

Daven and Beejal are even giving away a free month of virtual assistant service!

Daven has started and built multiple multi-million dollar businesses over the years, in many industries. He’s a genius marketer and pioneer of online marketing. Beejal lives a truly global lifestyle, he’s an expert in personality analysis, helping clients rebalance their life, creating success timelines, imagineering and solution creation, marketing and of course, outsourcing.

Find out why you should be at Beyond Business Live!

Have you read Eben Pagan’s previous 2 reports?

1) 5 Steps To Increase Your Business Productivity

2) 4 Steps To Profitably Build Your Brand

It goes without saying they are awesome, but it’s not the end. Eben has just put out another new free report & video online about out how delegate, outsource and hire people to help you build your business.

Inside, you’ll learn:

* Which tasks to delegate first, so you free up your valuable time to do the higher-value, business-growing actions (and get more time off)

* How to write an ad to attract a “super star” to work with you (I actually give you an ad that I’ve used myself to hire a personal assistant)

* What to ask when you’re interviewing to find out what type of personality you’re talking to

You also get downloadable exercises, and more tips for getting things off your plate, so you can do the customer-getting stuff!

Do You Make These 5 Outsourcing Mistakes?

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If you’re outsourcing (or plan to outsource) some of your work to others to do—website design, copywriting, graphics design, software development, article writing, etc.—you’re going to want to know the right way to do it in order to protect yourself.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs like us commonly make 5 big mistakes when outsourcing work…and each of these mistakes could end up destroying your business.

I believe it is the right way to protect yourself from a lot of trouble.

Download your FREE e-book on outsourcing.

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Outsourcing Magic

Click here to download, because the expansion of your business depends on it!

OutVeoBrian Terry was running a web graphics design service until he simply couldn’t manage all the work coming in by himself.

He listened the common guru advice of outsourcing…which made a lot of sense at the time.

* He hired website designers to take on the design work

* he hired help desk experts to keep his customers happy

* he even hired link building technicians to get me more traffic

Sounds good so far right?

** WRONG! **

The gurus left out one of the most important secrets…

While Brian hired all these other people, he actually made MORE WORK for himself.

And if you outsource the way the gurus teach you, you can end up in this same situation.

Here’s what happens to many online businesses searching for success (maybe even yours?)…

1. Your business grows
2. You add outsourced workers
3. More business comes in
4. Rinse and repeat.

Until all the stress drives you insane! The house of cards comes crashing down.

Outsourcing sucks when you do it all wrong…

To save his sanity Brian scaled his business down and went back to doing everything himself again.

Sure he didn’t make as much money or see the same level of success, at least he wasn’t working so many hours.

Ever since then he’s been looking for a solution to outsourcing because he knew with the right system he could make the same excellent profits again and spend more time with his family.

2 years ago he made his biggest business breakthrough ever…

He finally solved the outsourcing problem that had plagued him for years with this simple yet ingenious solution.

** OutVeo: Outsourcing Projects Made Easy **

If you’re not outsourcing yet, you should be.

If you’re already outsourcing, you need this.

Read what other enlightened customers have to say:

“There is NO other (even) similar script offered online that is SO tailored to this subject.” – John Delavera

“This is outstanding value exactly as it stands. I have no hesitation recommending it.” – Alex Goodall

“I love it that this program does so much without me having to climb a steep learning curve.” – Richard E

“If you have any plans on outsourcing, this is a must have.” – David Coleman

What do you think?

To your success!

Outsourced Profits

If you have been considering outsourcing some or all of your business tasks, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, there are so many people out there who go about it all the wrong way.

In order to really benefit from outsourcing at all, you need to know how to find the right people to outsource to in the first place.

Not all freelance workers are the same, so it’s very important to choose people who can actually help you grow your business the right way.

Of course, once you have located the right people to outsource to, you also need to think about training them to work exactly the way you like things done.

These things aren’t difficult, but you could end up getting burned if you do these things the wrong way.

Imagine how much more fun your day could be if you could dump half of your workload right now?

If you learn to leverage your outsourcing efforts properly, you really could launch your business to the next level.

Check out the new “Outsourced Profits” guide. It’s less than $10 and include some incredible bonuses.

Outsourcing On Steroids!

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By now I’m sure you heard of

You know, the cool site where tons of task-workers will do almost anything for only 5 bucks while you can sit back, and leave the technical things to the experts!

The problem is you can only search there one page at a time and being huge site you’ve got a lot of page load time to sit through just to find what you’re looking for.

And doing it that way you can end up hiring a less-than-ideal gig, wasting time and money.

Now there’s the easiest, quickest (and best way) to search Fiverr using GigScraper

It’s like stealth searching with a mass net over all the highest rated, top rated Gigs and Gig sellers at Fiverr.

This little desktop tool rakes in anything on the radar at Fiverr and EXPOSES them in one single screen on your desktop, giving you the cream of the crop at Fiverr ANYTIME you want.

There are outsourcing books written about Fiverr and how to find the best gigs and people grab them up just to get the latest gig mining method. GigScraper is different, because it is an intelligent software. It data-mines for you in mere seconds the latest top gigs while all the books on top Fiverr gigs become outdated by the minute!

Never buy another Fiverr outsourcer book again because now there’s GigScraper!

View multi-searched top-rated Fiverr gigs at a GLANCE and easily find the best gigs to go for!

Outsourcing Tips You Can Use Right Away

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Outsourcing has become a critical component to successful Internet businesses because with it one can easily scale up their business by getting other people to handle tasks that take up a lot of time. Even though you will have to pay for every task you outsource, if managed properly you will see astounding returns.

An office and hiring employees usually incurs additional costs which is why outsourcing is so popular. This article will provide you with 3 strategies that will aid you in outsourcing projects.

The first thing you need to do before hiring someone for your project is to look over their samples and their portfolio. You can’t compromise on quality so you need to check out the person’s previous work to make sure they meet your requirements. If the portfolio isn’t enough then you can always ask the person to provide you with a mock-up so you can tell what they are capable of. They can also provide you with a general idea of their work plan, upon request. This will give you a good idea of whether they can offer the outcome you want or not.

Since quality is critical, it doesn’t make sense to pay someone for work that doesn’t meet your quality guidelines. Establish a safety net for your business. When you plan out anything, don’t you always make sure that you have plan B up your sleeves? It’s not at all complicated. Doing this is kind of like throwing a life preserver out to your business just before it goes under. This is effective for more reasons than one. When you have a backup plan, you know what happens next when things go wrong for your project. Planning properly isn’t only about making fewer mistakes but also about the ability to move forward with a sense of confidence when things do go wrong.

Avoid hasty decisions when it comes to outsourcing. It is better to only take calculated risks as you begin the outsourcing process. Make your moves carefully and with great caution because the wrong move can be big problems. Just make sure that your next outsourcing project has a plan to utilize it for the most impact that is possible. All in all, from the above article we come to understand that it doesn’t really take much to start outsourcing a few tasks. When you start small, you can steadily increase the amount of work you outsource. When you outsource you are able to harness the talents of the best of the best available online. Let them work for you and see what wonders they can work for your business.

We’re winding down the year 2011…

I hope you and your business had a very productive, great 2011 this year.

Hopefully, you reached all the goals that you set out to reach.

If you didn’t reach all of your goals it’s probably because you spread yourself too thin, or didn’t pick ONE promising project and only focus on that until completion.

Too many entrepreneurs wait until things are “perfect” before they launch a product or new web site or service.

Did you know this is the OPPOSITE of how most of the super successful entrepreneurs operate?

There’s an old joke about Microsoft that their mantra is “ship first, fix second”.

This is referring to them releasing software products (like versions of Windows) still with a lot of bugs yet they released them anyway so they could collect sales.

That same concept, to varying degrees, is what most big-money entrepreneurs do.

Do you know any super successful Internet marketers?

What do they all have in common?

I’ll tell you…

They are FEARLESS. They aren’t afraid for their projects to fail. Because they know they have a ton of other ideas that they can execute next.

They know when they release something for sale or try a new marketing campaign that it’s never going to be perfect right out of the gate and they will work to improve it once they get it out there and it starts getting results.

They understand that they can’t do it all themselves.

In fact, the really successful ones get others to do most of the work for them and they just come up with the ideas (the ultimate dream of any entrepreneur.)

They understand that CASH IS KING. Cash flow is everything. You must focus on “what will bring in the most cash next?” Without cash you and your business cannot survive. If you’re not MAKING OFFERS and asking people to buy stuff, you’re going to be in deep trouble.

They are HYPER-PRODUCTIVE. Even if they only work 3 hours a day, they are very productive. They have systems they use for brainstorming & creating mind maps, managing projects, and communicating with outsourcers that are doing all the ‘heavy lifting’ such as setting up websites, design, Tech stuff, and even handling their customer support.

So if you analyze all of that, here’s what you come up with…

Productive Idea Creation & Management -> Fast Implementation Via Outsourcing -> Make Offers Without Fear Of Perfection -> Quickest Path To New Cash Flow. REPEAT.

If you want to make 2012 your best year yet you MUST execute with some or all of these factors.

The one that will make the BIGGEST CHANGE in your life (I swear) is your ability to build an Outsourcing TEAM that will take your ideas and turn them into reality and even grow them for you.

I believe you will NEVER earn your maximum potential if you’re handling so many things on your own — like customer support, setting up sites, doing your own design, managing your own SEO and ad campaigns, and even creating your own products or doing product research.

ALL of that can easily be outsourced.

How would you like to have someone that LOVES working for you full-time, 40 hours a week? You fire over an email to tell them to do something…DONE. You think of something else… DONE. There’s a bunch of stuff that takes up a lot of your time and so you ask them to do it…DONE.

Suddenly you’re left to use most of your time just coming up with new ideas. Which is probably all you want to do anyway.

Well, what if you only had to pay that person $350-$400 US per month to do that work FULL-TIME for you? Yep, just $400/month. Total.

For the price of an electric bill & cellphone bill you can have someone busting their butt for you even while you sleep.

And if this person can produce more than $400 in revenue for your business in a month, then it’s like getting a full-time worker for free.

Well, how many of these workers do you want? How much money do you think you’d make in 2012 if you eventually had 10 or more workers like this working for you and helping you bring in more money?

You’d most likely make A LOT.

Then why aren’t you doing it? Maybe you’ve outsourced before, but probably like 99% of other online entrepreneurs you think “outsourcing” is about posting a job on eLance or Odesk.

True ‘Power Outsourcing’ is getting someone to work for you FULL-TIME. The irony is, I can hire people to work for me full-time for ONE MONTH for the same price most people pay for one small task on eLance.

I’ll teach you EXACTLY how to do this AND how to structure your business to manage the process so you can just focus on new ideas and hopefully watch your business have ACCELERATED GROWTH faster than you ever imagined.

So make 2012 your best year ever, MASTER Outsourcing and you’ll be well on your way. I’m a bit biased, but I believe my “Outsource Force” step-by-step training course is the best course on the planet for teaching anyone how to effectively outsource and grow their business in record time.

It’s the secret to my own success, so I know it works.

Check out the “success story” videos on my site and consider getting this course for yourself. This ‘insider’ knowledge would be great for you to use in 2012!

The Internet changes fast. Very fast.

Business models that are having success one day can be gone the next.

So let’s talk about what’s still working as of December 2011…


E-books, How-To videos, membership sites. Whether it’s teaching someone how to learn karate, build their own organic garden, or trade the Forex markets, people will always be willing to pay for information especially if it saves them the time to try and find it themselves and/or presents the information in a unique way.

The “Publishing” industry has been around for a very long time, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It will simply evolve.

We’re seeing a major ‘shift’ away from physical info-products (DVDs, printed manuals, etc.) and more products moving towards ALL DIGITAL—downloadable PDF reports, online streaming videos, and MP3 audio files.

In the world of “instant gratification” the digital-delivery model solves that urge and provides lower costs for the business owner selling information products, since there is practically zero cost of goods in providing downloadable products, aside from any server bandwidth costs which are incredibly cheap.

The entire book industry is also going through a major shift with what Amazon is doing with the Kindle. More people are buying and downloading e-book copies of real books than ever, and this trend is only going to continue its explosive growth.

A powerful element of building a business around info-products is that it can be outsourced and you can simply hire someone else to not only write an e-book or special reports for you, but even to shoot video content.


Our entire world now runs on software. There are many opportunities to develop software for a variety of niche markets and needs.

We’re now seeing software in different formats (all of them are having degrees of success):

  • Mac or PC desktop software
  • Web-based applications
  • Mobile & Tablet applications

Software fortunes are being built every year by entrepreneurs that cannot program a single line of code. So it’s another great business model that can be outsourced.

A software business essentially has TWO primary roles: Programmer and Designer.

User Interface design is critical for success today. A good-looking, user-friendly piece of software will often out-sell a more complicated, more robust competing piece of software.


This is what I used to call “virtual real estate” sites. These are websites that are created to targeted certain keywords and niches and usually contain product reviews and articles.

These sites are monetized from AdSense, affiliate programs, and other advertising.

Since “content” is what the Internet is made up of, this model will always be around in one form or another. And it’s not just for “the little guy”.

Massive companies like Demand Media, AOL, Huffington Post, and many others are essentially a content-only website network. They’re just making MILLIONS from it while most small entrepreneurs are generating thousands.

Another business that can be completely outsourced and SCALED.


E-commerce is still thriving if not continuing to grow. Lots of opportunities to sell REAL products to people across a wide range of niche markets.

There are, however, many product categories that are being commoditized with lower and lower prices (and margins). So you’ll want to pick a market that has a higher margins and the products aren’t necessarily readily available at every WalMart and Target in the world, otherwise you might have a hard time generating much revenue. has created some amazing opportunities for e-commerce store owners. Did you know you can now not only list your products for sale within Amazon’s website but they will store and ship your products AND collect payments and everything?

Lots of e-commerce store owners are having great success by having Amazon handle everything—they just focus on marketing and have their inventory shipped to Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon even handles customer support!

Definitely something you might want to look into.


This is an area that’s often overlooked, yet can be a GOLDMINE for those willing to venture into this area.

There are millions of businesses that need a certain set of services:

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design; logos or websites
  • Programming
  • Market Research
  • Data Entry
  • Accounting
  • SEO & PPC Management
  • Lead Generation & Cold-Calling
  • Social Media Management
  • Customer Support

And much more…

There are companies out there making MILLIONS just by offer PPC Management services to other businesses. They manage campaigns and doing the keyword research for other businesses and take a percentage of everything they spend in AdWords. That alone is a great business that’s only going to get bigger.

The beauty of a Professional Services business is that almost every skill that you would offer to other businesses can be outsourced. Meaning you would just market the services (and you could even have others do that too) while others do the actual work for the clients. This is a tried and true model that’s been around for a long time.


There is still a lot of money to be made as an affiliate marketer, but for 99% of affiliates, you’re not going to build much of a business only focused on being an affiliate marketer unless you build a huge network of Content sites.

Affiliate marketing is a great source of income when combined with other business models like information products, software, and professional services.


There are obviously other business models that are still working, but the above ones are some of the biggest right now. Each one of those models continues to evolve but the core business is still the same.

You’ll notice a repeating theme for many of those…

I mentioned the model mostly runs on Outsourcing.

I cannot stress enough how much you MUST master Outsourcing if you’re going to build a successful business online. I honestly believe it’s THE single greatest factor in building and growing a successful online business.

LABOR has always been the critical component of leverage that has built fortunes. You show me a big successful company and I’ll show you one with 1,000s of employees.

Now that doesn’t mean YOU need to hire 1,000s of employees but you need to have people doing work for you if you want to have a great level of success. And it’s not something that’s scary or anything. In fact, you can hire ONE person (I’ll show you exactly how) to be a “Team Leader” that can manage others; whether it’s to manage 3 other people or 300. You’ll just deal with that one Team Leader person.


Step #1: Write a check.

Step #2: Cash a larger check in return.

THAT’S IT. That’s the ‘secret’ to all wealth building.

There’s no better way to do that than to leverage the work of others. Write a small check for their work and get back a larger check for what their work made for your business.

If you’re one of my customers or long-time subscribers that hasn’t yet gone through my “Outsource Force” course, you really NEED IT for your online business success.

Once you complete the course you’ll be 100 TIMES ahead of your competitors online when it comes to Outsourcing. And it’s funny so many marketers think they know how to outsource just by posting a job on eLance or oDesk or another site…well, that’s hardly Outsourcing.


It’s not just about having a task done for you to save you some time or some other one-off project. And those freelance sites are often 2-3 TIMES more expensive to have work done than what it costs if you learn the secrets of how to find workers that only want to work for you directly.

How would you like to have BETTER, FASTER WORK done by 3 PEOPLE for the cost of ONE? That’s exactly what you can learn to do…

And once you learn how to build and ‘run’ this scalable model you can take nearly ANY online business model and make it grow for you—Information Products, Software, Content Sites, Professional Services, Affiliate Marketing, and more.

If you want to make 2012 your best year yet, I strongly challenge you to MASTER OUTSOURCING. See how much you can get done in the New Year by not actually doing the work yourself! You’ll be surprised how FAST your business can really start growing. That’s when it becomes a lot of FUN and really just lets you spend more time on coming up with new ideas.

And let’s face it, that’s all we want to do anyway…just come up with new ideas.

Go get my “Outsource Force” complete course here.

It will be the best investment you ever make in yourself and in ANY future business idea.

3 years after starting my first successful online e-commerce store, I was exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated and underpaid! Thanks to the original Stomping the Search Engines course, my website was ranking in the top 10 for most all of the major keywords we went after and sales were through the roof!

Unfortunately, this meant that I spent most waking hours answering the phones, e-mailing orders to vendors, and updating the website with new products and sales! This left little to no time for marketing and almost no time for sleep during our peak season. The site soon became a source of conflict, and I began to wonder if this was the entrepreneurial dream that I had signed up for!

But I have learned some tips about virtual teams and systems for your business that helped my business and they can help yours.


One of the very first and important business tips I learned was that I needed to out-task. As long as I was answering the phones and processing orders, my business could not grow. Basically the premise is that if you can pay someone minimum wage to do a task and you choose to do that task, you are earning minimum wage. A good idea is to make a daily “To Do” list, and examine what you are spending your time on. If there are tasks on the list that are not generating income or making your business run more effectively, those tasks need to be out-tasked to someone else.

Systematize everything

If your business is dependent on you, you will never be able to take a vacation or enjoy the reasons you became a business owner in the first place. Create How To guides and manuals for each area of your business. This is a gradual process and not something that you do once only to forget about it. Set up your business processes and when there is a breakdown and an employee or contractor has to come seeking your approval or advice, update your business processes.

Set specific goals and tasks for everyone on your team

Have a weekly meeting and discuss the pending tasks and any issues that have arisen with those tasks. Always praise in public and criticize in private. Take this time to give positive feedback and to deal with any problems. Many times employees don’t bring problems to management because they think it is their responsibility to try to figure it out themselves. Such initiative is often good, but other times, there are problems that we as management have already dealt with and we can provide a simple solution in about 20 seconds!

Teach your team to out-task and supervise others

To be successful you will need a core team that supports you and can work effectively to get projects done with little to no input or guidance from you. If your team is not functioning, it’s your responsibility as the business owner to set up systems and procedures so that they can be successful. Everything does rise and fall on leadership. If you have great team member, but he or she is not able to give up some of their responsibilities and supervise others, then you cannot grow. One person can never do it all. Teach them to assign tasks to junior team members and how to effectively supervise their junior team members so that their time is freed up doing more productive things.

Have 2 people for each job

Although this may seem impossible in the beginning when finances are tight, as soon as possible, always have two people for every job. When out-tasking projects overseas, unexpected problems happen. Hurricanes (especially in the Philippines), power outages, kids get sick, and so on. By having 2 people trained for every task, you ensure that you won’t have to renege on the responsibilities you have already trained others to take over.

These are just a few tips that I have used in my business. As a mom of 7 children, a wife and a missionary, my life is busy. Your life is busy as well, so you can’t afford to not add what you can to make your business run easier and automatically.


  • Out-Task.
  • Systematize everything.
  • Set specific goals and tasks for everyone on your team.
  • Teach your team to out-task and supervise others.
  • Unexpected things happen, so make certain you have 2 people for each job.

Extracted from StomperNet SEO Intelligence Report, November 18, 2011.

Last week I went traveling on a month long vacation. Part of what enabled me to do this for a whole month was knowing that my business is in the good capable hands of my two project managers!

Most business owners only require a few staff members to execute their online marketing. It usually begins with a writer. A link builder or publisher soon follows. And eventually a full-time webmaster and graphic designer come in handy. It is much easier to get things done quickly when your virtual staff is on-demand to your projects and you don’t have to continually look for and train new people.

Pretty soon five or more virtual workers are reporting to you and all looking for their next assignment! This soon becomes a full-time job for you! Instead of outsourcing or out-tasking becoming an easy thing that frees up your time, your virtual staff require new projects, feedback about their current assignments, or help resolving roadblocks on their current tasks.

It is time for a project manager!

A project manager can usually not be hired, but rather someone that you can train from within your company. One tip here: When looking to hire a project manager or to train someone to eventually become your project manager, look for someone that knows English and Excel. The workers that are experienced in SEO, link building, and writing, are not necessarily the best for the position of project manager. A project manager does not even have to know a lot about SEO in the beginning. Their job is to follow up with your staff and make sure the work is being completed on time. They also act as an intermediary and trouble shoot any problems that arise.

When your team grows to sufficient size to warrant it, you will soon find that there are not enough hours in the day for your project managers to get things done! When that happens it is time to teach them to delegate! Developing leaders within your organization is not as easy as it sounds. Not all people can delegate easily and not all workers can supervise effectively other workers. Just because your project manager can supervise and manage five people does not mean they can supervise and manage 30. Also the team that you build in the beginning of your business may not be the team you need to build your business further.

Time to Develop Team Leaders

Just as you took the time to develop your project manager, it is now time to develop your team leaders! A team leader has a variety of responsibilities including hiring and firing new workers. This is tricky as this is something even your project manager may not have done before!

Once your organization reaches a certain level, spending time hiring, interviewing, and training new workers is not the best of the business owner’s time. You can have a team leader for writers, a team leader for web assistants or publishers, and a team leader for your webmasters and graphic designers. The team leader should be a member of the team also. In other words, your team leader for writers should also be a writer themselves so that they understand all of the procedures that need to be followed.

When you are looking for new team leaders look for workers with initiative. Workers you can trust. On the day I left for my month long vacation my project manager and a web assistant organized a meeting with 14 of our writers.

The web assistant was getting frustrated with the writers not following procedures and she asked permission to organize a meeting to talk to all of them about exactly what the web assistants needed from the writers so that they could more easily do their jobs. The meeting was a huge success with a lot of participation from all and the best part about it was that I did not have to do anything. My participation was not needed or required!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, the next step is usually to get systems and procedures in place so that you can outsource or out-task some of your routine duties. Remember, if you can pay someone x amount of dollars to do that task, and you choose to do that task, then you are earning that x amount of dollars!

If you are on the fence about outsourcing, now is the time to get off! Make a decision that you will build your virtual dream team of workers so that you can get more done faster!

Extracted from StomperNet SEO Intelligence Report, October 14, 2011.

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FACT: Outsourcing and hiring people is a sign that your company is growing.

BIG PROBLEM: The following are problems people face when outsourcing:

Loss of Full Control – Yes, when you hire someone, they will do as you instruct; but they may not do it exactly as you do it. It will take some training, but in the end, if you stick with them, they will be loyal to you and grow your company.

Threat to Security – When you hire someone, they may have access to your passwords and such, and that is one of the reasons why people don’t hire…but guess what? You are lying to yourself for not expanding your business.

The biggest lie is: “Outsourcing will solve ALL your problems.”

Wrong! It will not solve all your problems, but it can solve a lot of them. But you have to know what you are doing. You can’t jump in with two feet, without knowing anything, or else you lose money and lots of time.

That’s where this video series comes in…

Craigslist Outsourcing Secrets

* Craigslist Outsourcing Secrets *

Over the last few years I have made it a practice to outsource as much as possible. This last month I was finally able to out-task one of the last steps of my routine tasks to my assistant and what a relief! As I write this I am traveling with my family (my husband and 7 children) for a month long vacation!

Learning to out-task your business and replace yourself is not something that is easily done. It is a process and something that takes time to learn, but once learned, the benefits are great!

Is your business completely dependent on YOU?

If it is, then you know what you have to do, outsource! Recently a family member was seeking some advice on how to start a business based on an idea she had. The problem was, she wanted to basically give someone a check to develop her idea for her and then just enjoy the profit.

My response was, “Don’t we all!” In reality things don’t work like that. The biggest mistake business owners make when they start outsourcing is that they try to hire one person to do all the tasks of the business owner. You either have to pay someone a whole lot of money to be YOU and do YOUR responsibilities, or you take the risk of everything being done incorrectly and you have to do it all over again with several different hires.

So what can we outsource or out-task?

Almost everything. But to different people.

Step one is to break your project down into different tasks.

Let’s say you want to write and sell an e-book. This one project can be assigned to multiple people. One person can write the e-book. Another can create the graphics and design. Another can edit and proofread it. Another can create the landing page sales page graphics. Another can write the sales copy for the landing page. Still another can program website and install the shopping cart and e-mail auto-responder series.

Each of these pieces of the puzzle of the project can be easily outsourced. It is your job as the business owner to map out the strategy and process and to put all the pieces together! Once you have a good project manager, your project manager can make sure your vision is carried out!

The second step is to clearly define the project and your expectations to the people you are outsourcing to.

It is not enough to say you want an e-book. You need to specify the page length, the target market (who they are writing to), the call to action at the end of the e-book, if you want double or single spaced, if it is a How To Guide or an informative history lesson and so on. Also know that everyone is different. You can provide the same instructions to ten different people and get ten completely different projects back all of them having some how interpreted your instructions in a different way!

The third step is to set a schedule.

You want to set a deadline and to check and review the work before allowing them to get too far ahead into the project. A lot of times the people you hire on oDesk or other outsourcing sites are juggling multiple clients. You want your project to take precedence so you can test your new hire out and either give them new work or go on to the next person.

Keep Track

As you do steps one to three, keep track of any problems or issues your outsourcing staff had. Record their questions in video or How To Guide form. Keep all your training material in an easy to access central location such as a specific project in Basecamp or ActiveCollab. When you hire new people, instead of having to create new training material from scratch, you can give them access to your training guides and just tell them to go read the training guides you have created.

Another way to do this is to set up a series of auto-responder e-mails. Every time you hire a new writer for example, add them to your e-mail list. Your training can be automatically delivered to them via e-mail. If you have created videos or powerpoints with audio, you can add your training material to a private membership site for your staff only! You can set it up so your new hires can automatically access everything or you can set it up so that each of them will receive specific daily training for the exact tasks you have hired them for.

In summary:

Training Your Outsource Team

  • Break your project down into different tasks by specialty
  • Define your project
  • Define your expectations
  • Set up a schedule
  • Keep track of problems
  • Make training materials from those problems

Next week, we will discuss how and when to find a Project Manager.

Extracted from StomperNet SEO Intelligence Report, October 7, 2011.

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Is Outsourcing A Good Idea?

Posted July 3rd, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Outsourcing

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or work within a large organization, outsourcing can be of great benefit to you. Knowing when to take advantage of outsourcing options and to make them part of your day-to-day business operations is something that will boost your growth and, ultimately, your bottom-line. This backed up by the fact that outsourcing is more popular now than ever before. If you are still not sure about venturing into the world of outsourcing, then you maybe a quick review of your current situation will help. You can start by asking yourself a few questions:

– Are you behind in your work and stressed by customer or client needs?

– Do you have projects that occur all the time that you either do not have the expertise or the time to handle yourself?

– Do you find yourself, or your employees, spending time that could be used on other tasks to do tasks that require little or no training?

So did you answer yes to at least one question? If so, you should take outsourcing into consideration. Outsourcing is an easy way to allow you and your staff to expend their energies on core competencies and to leave some important but non-critical projects to a provider that you have hired by outsourcing. It is likely that you will see bigger profits if you take advantage of outsourcing because outsourcing allows you and your staff to stick to the bigger money making projects and allow smaller projects to go to your outsourced staff.

What are good projects to outsource? Well, consider outsourcing payroll, accounting, typing, accounts receivable and payable, data entry, e-mail, customer service, business management, consulting, website creation and management, web analytics, research and analysis, financial services, transcription, data mining, tax processing, marketing, digital image/editing services, mailing services, office management and client maintenance.

You can outsource almost any job you have that you do not feel needs to be done by yourself or your core staff. Is outsourcing sounding like a better and better option to you? Then you need to figure out how to find good people to outsource your projects to. You can do this by asking fellow business owners or other people in your field who they outsource to. Or you can do an Internet search. There are many, many companies and individuals who provide outsourced services on a regular basis. If you are willing to put a little time into research, some phone calls, and some interviewing, you will more than likely find some excellent people. But be careful, do not hire the first individual or firm you come upon or hear about. Look carefully into their reputations and decide if this is the help you need.

Don't Wait! "Outsource Force" is Open Now.

Posted May 16th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Outsourcing

The sooner you see this the better!

Facts I learned from John Reese:

1. The most successful online marketers leverage inexpensive virtual workers.

2. There are tens of thousands of virtual workers wanting to work for you for as little as $2/hour.

3. Virtual Workers = They Do The Work, You Make The Money!

And now you can get first-hand coaching directly from someone that has mastered Outsourcing.

But John has limited seats available, so watch this video now and decide quickly.

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