The ULTIMATE Facebook Training…

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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how popular and IMPORTANT Facebook is in online marketing these days.

With over 1.2 BILLION active users every single month, you’d be CRAZY not to make the most of it’s MASSIVE potential for online marketing.

That’s where Facebook Ultimate Marketing Video Training comes in. This is quite simply the Ultimate Collection of 20 Professional Facebook marketing tutorial videos.

These Professional Facebook Marketing Training videos will make you an instant expert in Facebook marketing, so you can really start to profit from Facebook in the SIMPLEST and FASTEST way possible.

You’ll learn exactly…

• How to Brand Your Company So You Stay In People’s Minds

• How to Use Facebook As Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

• How to Create the Right Content For Your Facebook Fan Page at Rapid Speed!

And much, MUCH more!

There are 20 Professional Super High Quality training videos with a total time of 2 Hours and 2 Minutes, so no stone has been left uncovered and NOTHING left to chance.

It’s quite simply everything you’ll ever need to know in order to profit from Facebook in the SIMPLEST and FASTEST way possible.

Make sure you grab it right now as this REALLY low price could increase at any moment!

Cell Phone Reasale

If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Did you know iPhone 4s are selling in-store for $199 and on eBay for around $500? Did you know that old drawer of cell phones collecting dust is worth a LOT more than you think? Have you considered why small businesses are popping up everywhere promoting to buy your old, seemingly obsolete cell phone?

See, cell phones are the most popular consumer electronic in the world and there’s tons of money to be made with them. Ross just introduced me to his newly-released product and website and I wanted to share it with all of you. He offers a 50-page e-book too on how to start making money with cell phones today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity -> Cell Phone Resale

Though e-books are becoming mainstream, you’re missing “half the market” by not publishing your works in real hard books. For many varied reasons, there are still people who would prefer to hold a book, not a tablet, in their hands.

So if you’ve ever wanted to have your very own physical book, then you need to be on this recorded webinar called “Profiting From Real Books…Real Fast” by Real Fast Book.

In this training you’ll discover from A to Z how to publish actual, physical books in step-by-step detail based on a “Print on Demand” process. This means that your book will only be printed when someone actually orders a copy of it.

And if you’re a Kindle publisher you’ll see how to leverage your Kindle content into physical books and develop yet another potential income stream!

As an author or publisher, if you’re not doing this you’re simply leaving money on the table. Click the link above and get started!

Fastest Way to Get A Niche Website Up

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Scopious i-Marketing System

If you are struggling to get your niche or authority sites designed, created and built then you need some serious help.

Let’s face it, the biggest issue with creating niche websites doesn’t stop at finding a niche.

You need to find the right keywords, then make sure their profitable, then make sure you can rank them.

And it goes on. You need loads of the right kind of content and then you need the right products to promote.

It can take so much work to get a good website up and running that it just seems like it’s not worth the effort.

Tony Marriott & Anthoni Gardner have been creating top SEO and Keyword Software for a couple of years now and their latest software looks like being their best yet.

Scopious is a full i-Marketing system. That’s a fully integrated “suggest keyword” tool, search volume and value calculator, product finder and content finder.

Integrating directly with Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Moz, Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, Bing, JVZoo, YouTube and many other leading names means you can do your entire niche research right inside one amazing software.

See the demo video.

IM VIP Training Is ‘LIVE’!

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This remarkable program has powered up my marketing like never before, and I wanted to share it with you.

Kevin Fahey offers an Internet Marketing VIP training program, but it’s not just the same old marketing advice you hear across the Web. Kevin Fahey is not just a trainer. He’s also a passionate researcher, an analyst, a coach, a consultant, and (most significantly) a practitioner of what he teaches. What that means is that the industry insights and guidance he provides are absolutely up-to-date and germane to today’s markets.

If you opt into Kevin Fahey’s VIP IM Training course, you will have access to these benefits (among countless others):

• Best-practice, current advice, so you know what you’re learning is at the cutting edge of internet marketing.

• Customized training opportunities: Tell Kevin your needs, and he will work to develop a training that speaks directly to them.

• The chance to continue learning and developing your digital marketing capabilities through a broad range of resources, in a steadily expanding collection.

• Products covering a voluminous library of topics, from focused introductions for beginners to advanced workshops for those wanting to take their internet business to the next level.

• Creative training’s designed for eager, imaginative, and forward-thinking Internet marketers.

Kevin Fahey is bringing an exciting, comprehensive IM VIP training program to the table to help driven, goal-oriented digital entrepreneurs reach their highest potential.

Click here now to see what he can do for your online business!

2 Important Announcements

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I just thought of resending a post from 2 days ago to make sure you have seen the quiz that could help you determine the type of success you want in the near future.

If you’ve ever felt like there’s something secretly sabotaging your success or simply preventing you from achieving your goals, it could mean that you’re falling victim to 1 of 3 ‘Subconscious Success Blockers’, which is hindering your chances of creating lasting, positive change in your life.

When you take this 30-Second Quiz right now, you’ll discover what YOUR Personal Success Blocker is and most importantly, how to eliminate it from your life.

Done that? Good. I also want to bring you a complimentary VIP ticket to an online workshop that will transform YOU from the inside out!

This incredibly exciting, free online event will help you finally shine light on what’s been holding you back…and then completely obliterate your limitations around success & money!

I’ve actually secured a seat to attend tomorrow and I’ve gotta say, I really can’t wait!

But a heads up: I’ve heard there’s not that many seats left for the sessions happening over the next few days, so make sure you secure yours right now.

Backlinks AutomationWith all the rule changes going on, SEO becomes a time-consuming traffic generation method—it takes time and experience to know exactly what to do, and to do it right.

With that said, many struggling Internet marketers I know have given up on it.

What I’ve told you is true but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Here’s why…

Recently, I came across this SEO service that has helped over 127 marketers dominate the search engines for their keywords.

And among the list of case studies, I was shocked to see marketers ranking for ultra-competitive keywords such as “Online Affiliate Marketing” without the quotes.

But what really got me was the fact that this service builds a total of 300 backlinks to one marketer’s 5 websites.

So what Backlinks Automation does is to continually build backlinks to clients’ websites and improve their search engine rankings for selected keywords without the clients having a lift another finger.

It just took 15 minutes or less to send your website and keywords details and you’re done setting up!

Not only backlinking has become quick, easy and convenient, it produces excellent results whereby your websites will rank FAR easier and better.

Get the full scoop here.

What’s blocking your success?

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Ever felt like there’s something standing in the way of your success?

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Natalie Ledwell, stumbled upon something truly amazing.

She realized that we all have 1 of 3 very sneaky subconscious “success blockers” that when activated can actually block you from:

-> Building wealth
-> Creating deeper, more fulfilling relationships with people
-> Having the fit, trim figure you desire
-> Reaching your goals

This means that trying to create positive change in any area of your life becomes near IMPOSSIBLE until you deactivate it and release it!

That’s why she created this quick 30-second quiz that will reveal once and for all exactly what your personal success blocker is.

It’s free!

How to make your app make money

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Much like Facebook pages, mobile apps are often created just for the sake of being created. Make sure your app has clear business objectives, but most importantly, there is a sufficiently compelling reason for the audience to download, install, and then actually use the app.

Even if you create a killer app, more often than not it will fail if you don’t have a marketing plan. That’s because the huge volume of apps out there means that most apps never get found in the first place once they are available in the major app stores. Make sure you have worked out how your audience will find your app and once they have found it, that it’s clearly communicated why they should install and use it.

Source: Today@TargetMarketing, 2/18/14

Hire a copywriter or write it yourself?

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According to top copywriter John Carlton, when it comes to hiring a freelance copywriter, you have decided that either your own copywriting skills are not up to the task, or you should hire a pro because it will save you time and get better results, assuming you can afford it.

“There’s a cost to everything, which includes both the dollars involved, and your time and invested energy, all balanced against the odds of success,” says John.

“If you save time doing certain things yourself, and the results are abysmal, how much have you really saved?” John sensibly asks. “Or, if you write a check that makes your hand shake to a top copywriter who produces something that opens the wealth spigot on your head, how much did that writer ‘cost’ you?”

Content Curation Plugin

Here’s your chance to set up UNLIMITED Sites with the automated Content Curation Plugin and never have to worry about content for your sites ever again!

In fact, you can go out after LOADS more niches and dominate with a blanket approach because you won’t need to keep the sites updated; this incredible plugin will do that for you.

It will pull the latest content, CURATE it for you, blend it with other sources, even add in IMAGES and VIDEOS (that are completely legal to use) and post the updates for you on whatever schedule you choose.


You will be so glad you do have it.

IMSC Rapid Mailer

You’ve probably seen the messages screaming that “e-mail marketing is dead” and it’s simply not true. Not at all.

What is true though, is autoresponder services are getting more picky all the time about the e-mails that you can send to your own list.

If you use a 3rd-party service like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, etc, you are putting your biggest online, income generating asset are risk of failure.

Why is that true? Simple.

They can cancel you at anytime they want, for any reason they want, and you have to literally go through the Spanish Inquisition to get your list imported to another service, asking you questions like:

Where did you get your leads?
Do they have time-date-IP Stamps?
What is the exact URL?

Or, they can put you or sub-par server IPs which means you are destined for the spam or promotions tab, so your clicks drop by half.

You need to have full control over your list, and you can do that, get better open rates, more clicks with the exact same list that you have right now, even with zero tech skills.

It’s called IMSC Rapid Mailer.

IMSC Rapid Mailer Features:

* Zero Monthly Fees Saves You a Fortune in Autoresponder Costs
* Unrestrictive Importing and Mailing for Full Control of Your Campaigns
* Create Profitable Paid Mailing Lists Instantly (No one else does this!)
* New Marketing Friendly, Ultra-Simple Setup. Be Up and Running Fast!
* Full E-Mail Statistics & Click Tracking for Ultimate Campaign Tracking
* It works inside WordPress, so installation is point-and-click simple
* You can import your leads without double confirmation. (this means no FBI-style interrogation (what was this lead looking at on Nov 3rd, 2010?)
* Plus, a ton more

It works with “SMTP” services, so you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of setting up your own mail server, and getting it to inbox.

It’s all handled by the SMTP who provide you with quality setups on their side, so you can start inboxing right away, plus, you can send for free or use a paid “pay-per-send” option which for most is actually less expensive than most autoresponder services.

You’ll want to move fast as Sean has this at the lowest price ever for the next few days, so grab it while you can, get your e-mails delivered, and know your list is permanently secured.

1. Do not exceed the advertised webinar length. People have schedules and want everything covered in the time you promised.

2. Allow time for Q&A. For a 60-minute webinar, the most popular length, the presentation should be 45 to 50 minutes with a 10 to 15 minute Q&A. If you run out of questions before the allotted time expires, don’t be afraid to finish early. Your audience will not think less of you.

3. Don’t start more than 2 to 3 minutes after the hour. Doing so abuses the time of those who are waiting.

4. Ensure that recordings of the webinar are available within 48 hours of the ‘live’ event. Notify all registrants, not just those who missed the webinar, that the recording is available on demand and include the link.

5. Start promoting the event earlier than a week prior to the date. While two third of registrants will register the week of the webinar, a third will register earlier.

Source: White Paper, “10 Common Webinar Mistakes,” DN24

How to stand out at networking events

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If you belong to a group or organization for the networking, consider becoming an officer of the group.

For decades I have advised businesspeople that, if they are going to network in a group or organization, the worst way is to attend as an ordinary member. A much better strategy is to boost your visibility by volunteering to be an officer of the group or head a committee.

Marketing consultant Sandra Lee Schubert agrees. “If you belong to a group or organization, consider joining the leadership team,” she advises. Spearhead a committee, plan an event, donate your products, or volunteer your specialty services and time.

Be of service in the group, even if it means making the coffee or staffing the registration table. But be ready to step into a leadership position.

The more you get involved, the more impact you will make in the lives and business of others. The more you create stronger relationships, the more people get to know you and your business.

“Be the go-to person for future business, by being the person your groups can count on. It also looks good on a resume,” Schubert advises.

LinkedIn Lead Lobotomy

Denis Balitskiy, one of the sneakiest guys on Planet Earth, and Michael Young have revealed how to:

– Get INSTANT traffic

– 100% FREE (I really mean it)

– Siphon TONS of laser targeted leads

– Make them buy on autopilot using whilst creating authority…on AUTOPILOT!

He gets hordes of raving customers that buy again and again by exploiting a SECRET LOOPHOLE on LinkedIn!

Here’s the best thing:

– It works in any niche

– With any product, or service

– It’s very easy to do

I really think Linkedin Lead Lobotomy is a game changer. Grab this while you can (price rising fast)!

According to speaker Brian Tracy, the greatest obstacle to success in adult life is the fear of failure. He says, “Taken to its extreme, we become totally pre-occupied with not making a mistake and seeking security above all other considerations.”

He says more than 99% of adults experience fear of failure, and that the antidote to fear is the development of courage, character, and self-esteem. The opposite of fear is actually self-love and self-respect. “Acting with courage in a fearful situation is simply a technique that boosts our regard for ourselves to such a degree that our fears subside and lose their ability to affect our behavior and our decisions,” says Tracy.

eVideo Rocket

Have you ever wondered how to create those professional animated sales videos all the big companies are using?

Video marketing expert Josh Ratta has just released the most powerful video marketing system I have ever seen!

For most Internet marketers, creating a professional sales video that represents your products or services in the best light isn’t too easy to do…and talk about time-consuming!

Well, Josh decided to change the way Internet marketers do video marketing altogether. And that’s why he put together the most complete video marketing system that I can honestly say will blow you away!

He shows you everything that he is doing to create compelling sales videos that have enabled him to leave his day job and work full time online!

Here’s a quick overview of what’s inside eVideo Rocket!

– How to write a compelling video script
– How to record a voice-over narration
– 5 Professional audio tracks!
– How to create HOT PowerPoint & Prezi videos
– How to create a HQ sales video in less than 20 minutes!
– Advanced animation sales videos in After Effects!
– Plus done for you video templates
– Intro video templates

And much more…

Without any hype intended, this system is something that every marketer needs in their toolkit.

Not only will these videos present you as an expert but also increase your sales!

So if you’re serious about building an online business, eVideo Rocket is something you can’t afford to miss!