You’ve maybe heard that there are such things as “expired domains” but you’re not sure how buying an expired domain can help you. So what is an expired domain?

Put simply, an expired domain is a domain that hasn’t been renewed.

There could be a number of different reasons for this—maybe the owner forgot to renew the domain, there’s a possibility the domain registrar didn’t remind the owner (or used an out of date email address to tell them), it’s quite likely the domain seemed like “a good idea at the time” but the owner never actually put any content on the site and just let it sit in cyberspace. There are lots of different reasons why a domain name has expired.

So how can you make money from expired domains?

Firstly, it’s generally considered that the older a domain name is, the more “important” it is. By definition, a domain name that has expired is at least a year old, which means that it is automatically older than purchasing a brand new domain.

Next, if the domain was used, there may be existing links to the site. It is likely to be indexed in the search engines as well.

The icing on the cake is if it actually has a Google PageRank.

Yes, you read that right. Some expired domains have a PageRank and traffic.

Trouble is, you won’t be the only person on the planet who is hunting for expired domains. The very best expired domains are purchased the very second that they are put on the market.

Which means that if you are thinking about buying one or more expired domains either for your own use or to “fix up” and sell on to others, you’ll need to work fast.

The easiest way to do this is to use a service that will allow you to search for domains that are soon to expire. This will give you an advantage and allows you to snap up the domains you want as soon as they’re released back into the pool of available domains.

Check out this excellent affordable service to hunt down expired domains.

Joke about some monkey business…

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If you have difficulty understanding the current world financial situation, the following should help…

Once upon a time in a village in India, a man announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10.

The villagers seeing there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching them.

The man bought thousands at $10, but, as the supply started to diminish, the villagers stopped their efforts. The man further announced that he would now buy at $20. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again.

Soon the supply diminished even further and people started going back to their farms. The offer rate increased to $25 and the supply of monkeys became so little that it was an effort to even see a monkey, let alone catch it!

The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at $50! However, since he had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now act as buyer, on his behalf.

In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers, “Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I will sell them to you at $35 and when he returns from the city, you can sell them back to him for $50.”

The villagers squeezed together their savings and bought all the monkeys.

Then they never saw the man or his assistant again, only monkeys everywhere! Welcome to WALL STREET.

One Week Marketing

Yeah, you’ve heard it all before. Someone you’ve never heard of says they earned some stupidly big amount of money. Without investing any money or from their spare room in ten minutes a day.

Your conscious mind says “no way is that true”.

But you don’t listen and you keep reading. Sucked in by the sales copy that probably cost the site owner thousands of dollars and was worth it, right down to the last cent.

Because you’ve already opened your wallet. Poised to give away your credit card number because you’ve now convinced yourself that “this one will really work”.

Which means the question you should be asking is whether or not you can earn those thousands of dollars that they promise?

The answer is a definite “maybe”.

But you’re best off if you have a plan to follow. In an ideal world, one that has been worked out and fine tuned by someone who’s been in your position.

The good news is that this has been done for you.

The bad news is that you won’t make thousands of dollars a day using this method. But deep down you probably didn’t believe that hype anyway.

This set of reports, called the “One Week Marketing” method talks you through the exact complete process of earning real dollars online. Likely only one or two sales a week for starters—and if you’re like most people who try to make money online, you’d be thrilled to even make one sale in a week.

So just what is inside the “One Week Marketing” method?

* A 65-page guide to the system.
* A brief action plan you can flip through when your memory is a bit foggy
* A set of mind maps to help you visualize everything
* The full e-mail transcripts that took a guy called Nick from being in the “always lost money online” club through to earning nice money. He asks all the “dumb” questions you and everyone else on the planet asks that are actually the key to understanding exactly what to do to earn money at last.

You can get the “One Week Marketing” method here for instant download.

Get More Buyers

You may not have heard, but Michael Rasmussen is going to be launching a product that will expose the lie that “the money is in the list.” I had a chance to get a review copy of his product and here is the breakdown.
The main components of the Get More Buyers course are the 90-minute video and the Battle Plan PDF report. Then you’ve also got the 3 deluxe videos for those who upgrade to the deluxe version of the course.

Each part of the course serves a unique purpose, and together they form the most comprehensive course on this subject available today.

Speaking of the course, let’s dive right in. We’ll start off with the main component is the “Get More Buyers” video. This is the heart of the course. It teaches you the main concepts and ideas that make this strategy so effective. You’ll learn all my best strategies for packing your list with tons of eager buyers, and the best part is that most of those strategies are all automated.

The video is roughly 90 minutes long, and makes up the bulk of the course. The scope of it is to show you step-by-step how to create a massive buyer’s list and not just a subscriber list. The money is not just in the list, but in the list of buyers. Most of the information here is not on theory, but on experience so feeding the buyer’s list is the key to what is included in this video. It comes down to fueling your business growth. The video talks about how to choose a low-cost product, how to test the product in a key location to see if it will sell and using this unique tactic to start building your list of buyers. You will also learn how to effectively use bonuses to get new buyers who are eager to buy.

He also talks about what you should do once you get more buyers. Start by selling an entry-level product and then offer the customer an advanced version of the product and move on to other advanced products that may include a possible training course and so on.

With this method, you are migrating your buyer to each level. The highest level will have the smallest list, but these people who remain in your funnel will be buyers you can depend on when you recommend a product. Subscribers are only worth something when they become buyers. Add true buyers directly to your list. You will create a list for each level of buyer/subscriber by using an automated list resource.

Component 2 is the battle plan. This is a 144-page battle plan report that you can download in PDF format. This report was designed to give you a step-by-step action plan for each of the ten strategies. Download your preview of the report.

A lot of courses leave you hanging with actual action plans, but not this one. This report will walk you through each step and give examples of how to implement each one.

The third component is the advanced video 1, which Michael Rasmussen calls “Your Buyer Factory”. In this 27-minute video, you’ll learn how to put together a killer reseller offer. This is where you create a program that allows people to sell your products for 100% commissions, but you get to add the buyers to your list. It’s a true win/win situation that can make you a LOT of money in the end.

The fourth component is the advanced video 2, which is called “The Buyers Virus”. This 35-minute video will teach you all the best strategies for building a buyer list using nothing but short, viral reports. This is one of my favorite strategies, and it will add tens of thousands of buyers to your list. Most people can easily see themselves creating short reports. It’s the long e-books that intimidate most newbies.

Advanced video 3, is a 27-minute video is all about continuity, which is my favorite word in the Internet marketing language! Lots of marketing teachers talk about how important a monthly recurring program is, but nobody teaches how to build a buyer list using this strategy. This proved to be a big eye-opener for me.

What I liked about this course

I was blown away by the quality of the course. This goes WAY beyond what else is out there in this price range. I liked how he revealed the same secrets that he used to make money by getting more buyers on his list. His system challenges you to get beyond affiliate marketing to own your product and get affiliates to market the product for you instead, which gives you a better bottom line. He also explained the idea and concept of using OTO, which is “one-time offer”, that your customer will have an option to purchase and how to get them to buy. He went through each strategy one at a time and explained exactly what to do to implement them. Michael gives specific examples of how he used certain strategies to make money. He gave really good tips on how to keep your buyers motivated and interested. The way the video is set up, you can listen to different portions of the videos and skip the ones you don’t want to listen to.

Minus Point

I thought that Michael was long winded in these videos. He talked about things that newbies could not relate to. He talked really fast and there was so much information to process, you would have to listen to them more than once. He put a lot of emphasis on creating funnels, price points and migrating buyers, which seemed to be overwhelming if you are not familiar with this system, so it will be a learning curve for new Internet marketers. His system works better when you have created your own product, but he did give examples of how you can use private label rights and bundle them into one product. I notice that he did not cover anything about promoting with article marketing or social media marketing. His main component talks more about the generality of getting more buyers except for four hidden secrets that he exposed, which can make you tons of money. These secrets alone make his product well worth getting.

Knowing how to bring the essence of a message across through the things you write has and always been the success key of written communication, be it via e-mail, articles, sales copy forum posts, etc.

The sales copy is the forefront where a sale gets you the income. It is where copywriting is everything. Learning the science of copywriting can just take 3 weeks, just the format, headline, AIDA, call-to-action, P.S. etc., but the ART of it may take you 3 years to master. Terry Dean once mentioned a most effective way is to simply save all the sales letters that inspire you and hand-copy them to help you get into “the zone” and appreciate what the copywriter was thinking at that point in time. The main disadvantage is since this is a self-learning process, you may not have much of a bearing of what counts as real success unless you have the evaluation or guidelines for masterful copywriting.

For that matter, Web Copywriting University presents a revolutionary formula for creating killer copy specifically for the web. Maria Veloso, director of Web Copywriting University and a widely acknowledged expert in web copywriting, is famous for her “Web Copywriting Mastery Course”—a one-of-a-kind program which runs for 6 weeks. Students have the option to become certified as a Master of Web Copywriting, provided they turn in all the assignments, meet all the requirements of the course, and pay a reasonable review fee. The Home Study CD Edition of the course has been released to the public. It is a 12-hour condensed version of the course. For $297, it is 70% less the course fee. However, consider that Maria’s hourly rate is $300 an hour, you are still getting $3,600 worth of instruction. The Web Copywriting Mastery Course is worth every cent for all the sales you could generate as a result.

Affiliate Review Generator

Affiliate Review Generator has just been launched by Munya Chinongoza & Ken Reno. I was so excited when I saw this piece of affiliate software was only $9.97 that I had to jump on it, and I am glad that I did.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know just how profitable affiliate program review sites can be. Eric Rockefeller made over $4,000 in 30 days using this same type of site.

People want information about products and programs and are more than likely to purchase from your review site. Check out what this software will do for you.

In just a few easy steps, this desktop software:

1. Easily creates professional-looking review pages in just minutes. Uses a fill-as-you-go interface, so you can never make mistakes.

2. Automatically optimizes all your review pages for search engines.

3. Easy to use for both newbies and seasoned niche marketers.

4. Has a preview option, so you can view your review pages.

5. Uses a proven template, that has high sales conversion rates.

6. You can easily customize each review page , using any HTML editor.

7. Allows you to save as .html or copy source to your clipboard.

8. Can be used for affiliate products as well as your own products.

9. Automatically generates website thumbnails for each product.

10. Reviews, rates & compares up to 3 products on one review page.

11. Customizes your page background colors and border sizes too. Works for any products with a website that need a review.

Its only $9.97, You are crazy if you let this one pass you by. They are only offering 250 copies of this software.

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Heard of Click2Sell?

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The Click2Sell marketplace has been around since last year and it’s already teeming with lots of information products. Not only that, merchants can also list services too. It’s as easy as ClickBank. Products are not ranked in terms of gravity as a popularity gauge. They are simply ranked in positions.

So merchants, place your product in our Marketplace and recruit affiliates. Affiliates, you know what to do!

It’s a rare thing to find someone ready to give away something of this much value, but Cindy Battye knows how to move the free line!

Through her website “Daily Niche Idea“, you will be sent an e-mail with a niche suggestion every single day! That’s what I get in my inbox now, without fail.

You’ll also get the PPC value for the niche keywords and the statistics of how many people have searched for the niche, giving you a good idea of your target audience.

In some e-mails you will also receive some article packages that you are able to alter them in any way you like.

Within the same e-mail you also receive a ClickBank link to a high converting affiliate product related to the niche/topic, so you can put the information together with the website builder tools (inside your membership account) in next to no time!

Plus, Cindy has just completed her new e-book “Turning Niche Ideas Into Profits” which is rebrandable so you can download your copy and give it away to potentially earn from OTO offers and build downlines for various traffic and 2-tier affiliate programs inside the DNI system.

It’s all about giving you the ideas, tools and tips to help you on the road to financial freedom!

Following MONTHS of extensive research, testing, and trials, Derek Gehl  and his team of eBay Power Sellers have released a completely updated and fully expanded version of this top-selling eBay profit system.

Filled with the secret selling strategies that are working right this minute on eBay (strategies that even seasoned eBay veterans don’t know about), you will be able to start and grow serious eBay businesses earning a healthy chunk of the $60 BILLION that exchanges hands on eBay every YEAR!

And the best part?

Derek’s laid out the entire profitable system in a set of training videos that you can watch RIGHT NOW for FREE!

First, he’s going to reveal the number one mistake that nearly EVERY new “eBayer” makes when they’re getting started (it’s a BIGGIE, and it can stop you COLD from ever making a PENNY)!

After that, he’ll explain his secret 3-step formula for evaluating ANY item to determine if it’ll be a HOT seller, basically teaching you how to find hungry markets that are BEGGING to buy what you’re selling…

… and wrap up this 3-video series by looking at what’s new and different at eBay, and explaining EXACTLY how to take advantage of the recent changes to start profiting RIGHT AWAY (while everyone else is scrambling to get up-to-speed)!

This system is FULL of secret strategies that virtually NOBODY else knows about!

It’s also been tested and proven by his own elite group of eBay mentors, so you KNOW it’s gonna work for you too.

If you want to learn how to start making SERIOUS money online in the fastest time possible, without having to create your own website (or if you’d like to add an additional stream of income to an existing website), I highly recommend Derek’s 3 FREE eBay training videos!

Have you ever heard of binaural audios before?

It is scientifically proven that these special type of deep-humming, soft audios can be used to influence your brain into specific ‘states’. For example they can be used to…

1. Increase Motivation
2. Increase Energy
3. Increase Focus
4. Increase Creativity
5. Increase Learning
6. Increase Happiness
7. Increase Relaxation
8. Decrease Stress
9. Stop Panic Attacks

And so much more.

Without getting into the technical details of how these audios work, let me give you a brief description of how these audios work. Your brain functions on primary frequencies based on the speed of your brain waves. Specific states have specific frequencies…for example if your brain is functioning at a specific frequency of between 13-40 Hz this is called ‘Beta’ waves and it is when your brain is active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition.

But if you are sleeping your brain has a frequency of between 4-7 Hz or ‘Theta’ waves and this is when you are dreaming are in deep meditation or have, REM sleep.

So if you are feeling tired…then you have a particular low brain wave frequency at that time. The power of binaural audios is that it can lift those brain wave frequencies and within 5 minutes make you more alert and active, all by just listening to an audio with a set of stereo headphones.

My Mind Shift

Now normally these audios cost $29.95 each or more but Terri Roberts has just launched 12 different audios to help you with specific problems all for the cost of less than one of these audios.

Lack motivation, simply pop in the maximum motivation audio and within 5 minutes your brain waves will be ‘switched on’ for more focus and more energy to increase your motivation.

We spend a lot of time talking about list building, because it’s a critical part of your success, but today we’re going to talk about just the opposite.

We’re going to talk about why you should NOT build a list of subscribers.

Why on earth would I tell you not to build a list of subscribers? It’s very simple. Freebie-seeking subscribers are actually worth nothing to you. If you think about it, you’ll realize that they don’t make you any money at all.

It’s the BUYERS on your list that make you the money. It’s those people who are willing to whip out their credit card and purchase the products you recommend…those are the ones who help you build a substantial income online.

How do you get more buyers onto your list? Check out this free video that will reveal the proven method to you.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. My friend Michael Rasmussen has just released an incredible video on his website, which is available right now for free.

In this video, you’ll discover:

* The 2 biggest challenges that beginners face, and how to easily overcome them (while everyone struggles with them for years).

* The single biggest mistake that every beginning marketer makes that sucks money out of their wallet, and costs them countless opportunities (have you made this one already?).

* How to get other marketers to build your list for you, and have them THANK you for the opportunity to do it!

* And so much more!

I don’t know how long Michael is going to leave the video up on the site, so go ahead and check it out right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

OIO PublisherFor anyone who wants to explore the opportunity of selling ad space on their blogs, this news is for you.

OIO Publisher now empowers you to sell advertising space in a grid of 125x125s, text links, blog reviews, inline ads and more. Perfect for any webmaster who wants to earn thousands of ECs and even cash for some of their ad spots! It’s also perfect for anyone with a lot of credits to spend, unsure of what to spend them all on.

OIO publisher works with WordPress, Blogger, and all other blogging platforms. With WordPress, it works as a plugin. With others, it installs on your site as a script so you must have some form of hosting to set it up on a server, even if the hosting is on a different server than your actual blog. It’s not free by the way, but a free, lite version for preview will be on the way.

Go to OIO Publisher’s site and browse the marketplace to see some sites that have already installed the plugin.

ClickBank Ad Rotator

We all know AdSense doesn’t pay as well as it used to. My earnings have dropped over 75% over the last 2 years and if you have AdSense ads on any of your websites I’m sure you have seen similar results.

Well that is about to change.

Over the last 6 months John Thornhill has been working alongside Dave Nicholson and Daniel Sumner on an ad system that can out-perform Google AdSense, they have spent over $10,000 developing and perfecting this system and the result is something that can outperform Google AdSense every time.

This is also something that has never been seen before, while there are similar ad systems on the marketplace there are none that can deliver as much as ClickBank Ad Rotator. This system uses the whole ClickBank Marketplace and is also so simple to use. If you can copy/paste you can use this system, it really is that easy.

The concept is really quite simple. All the ads you create are embedded with your ClickBank affiliate ID. If someone clicks on an ad then buys the product advertised you get paid a commission. Unlike Google AdSense the ads are keyword driven so there is no danger of your site displaying irrelevant ads. This happens a lot with AdSense.

So for example if you had a weight loss website and used the keyword’ ‘weight’ and ‘loss’ you would only display products containing both those keywords.

The ads can be fully customized to reflect the look of your website, you can change the font, font colors, font size, border colors and styles, you can also choose the exact size of ads you require by title length, description length, word length, ad number, width, height, orientation etc.

But the real beauty of these ads is you get paid per sale and not per click. Why get paid a pathetic 10 cents for an ad click when you could be earning over $50 per sale as an affiliate.

Allow me to give you an example.

Let’s say you use ClickBank Ad Rotator and you promote a $97 product offering 60% commissions that converts at only 3% (3% is a low conversion rate). Let’s say over time you get 100 clicks. At a 3% conversion this would mean on average you get 3 sales as an affiliate that would earn you over $150.

Now login to your AdSense account and see what you earned for your last 100 clicks. Probably around $10–$20.

This is so simple but so effective and I’m sure you want to get your hands on this incredible software. Well all you need to do is visit this link for more information.