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How many times have you heard “Content is king”? That is true, but it is not THE WHOLE STORY. Yes, you need content, but what you really need is content that will GET YOU NOTICED.

There was a time when people learned by reading books. Then came the Internet, and they started reading online. That is all well and good, but you need to offer people more than just text and a couple graphics to get noticed. You need the ‘secret weapon’.

What is it? Audio.


1. People can listen to audio while doing other things. It is still illegal to use your laptop while driving. Audio content can be downloaded and listened to anywhere.

2. More people own MP3 players than ever before. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

3. Audio builds trust in a way text never can. The voice conveys emotion in a way text never can. People will spend their money on whatever you have to offer as long as they trust you.

Now, it is true that you need content. FRESH CONTENT.

How much would it be worth if you could find someplace that combines all of that into one big package?

Fresh Content + Audio + Limited Availability = Success!

That is a formula you can take to the bank.

Well, I have found such a site. And it is run by my good friends Ginny Culp and Michael Oksa. I am sure you have heard of them, but if you haven’t yet…you will. These two are giving you the benefit of their knowledge and expertise.

They have developed the SECRET WEAPON and they are giving it to the first 200 fortunate people who are savvy enough to know what an opportunity it is.

Latest: Through a special arrangement, Ginny and Michael are able to reserve some spots just for my readers and allowed me to offer you a 7-day trial membership.

They only need 200 members. Sign up now before all of the slots are filled and make full use of your time examining whether PLR Audios is best for you.

When you subscribe fully after the 7-day trial, Cool Gift #1 and Cool Gift #5 will become available only then.

Ginny and Michael do all the work for you. The best part is the content is updated weekly and you can use it how you want. Get more sales, resell it, give it away and have people coming back to you like never before.

Internet Marketing Explained

From the man who had made $11 million online starting from 10 years ago comes the most detailed online business education ever! In over 56 hours worth of audio CDs and 800+ pages, 20 topics are fully covered:

Topic #1 – Buying and Selling Websites – You’ll learn how to buy complete businesses online and flip them in as little as 3 days. The best part is that you can get started in many cases for as little as $50. Armand buys on average of 2 websites every month. Many he keeps and generates passive income. Other websites he turns around and sells for 3-5x profit.

Topic #2 – Money With AdSense – You’ll learn the exact strategies he has used over the years and to generate a very significant income on autopilot. Just to give you an idea of how well his system works, he purchased a new home his my parents on the price of just one month’s check!

Topic #3 – Affiliate Marketing – Discover how he earns over a million dollars a year by marketing other people’s products and services. You’ll learn the exact same strategies he personally uses.

Topic #4 – Income With Blogs – This is based on a little secret which is simple and 100% white-hat. Armand now has at least a thousand blogs in existence and he still hasn’t stolen content.

Topic #5 – Press Releases – This is one area which most marketers tend to ignore. For every major launch he uses press releases to gain added exposure and to gain market penetration beyond his hold in the industry he’s in. The best part about press releases is that if you understand the system, then you can use it to your advantage by getting traffic to your sites overnight.

Topic #6 – Viral Marketing – Viral Marketing is certainly a big buzzword now. He shows you viral marketing techniques which have been used to attract over 2,000,000 visitors. He also shows you his video which generated over 14,000 views in the first 48 hours and exactly how he did it.

Topic #7 – Product Creation – Another forte of Armand. Discover exactly how to create literally ANY type of product without any knowledge whatsoever. He takes you by the hand and teaches you how to create information products as well as his time-tested and proven formula for creating high-quality, in-demand software products.

Topic #8 – E-Books – When many people think there are only 2 types of e-books, Armand shows you all 4 types and how to create them with simple-to-follow instructions, and your content will still be very in-depth.

Topic #9 – Ghostwriters – It’s a fact the most successful people in the world today don’t write their own books, so why should you? You don’t have to if you understand how find a qualified ghostwriter who knows what they are doing.

Topic #10 – Interview Products – Armand thinks most people end up doing this entirely wrong. Very little time and effort is put behind it. So here’s the correct way which will make your product stand out from the crowd unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Topic #11 – Audio Products – Technology can be your friend if you let it. When creating audio products, there are simple techniques which can make your product sound like a million dollars. Ignore this and you fall into the abyss with all the other non-memorable products in the marketplace.

Topic #12 – Teleseminars – Armand is an old hand at running teleseminars since 1996 and over the years he has learned easy-to-implement strategies which will allow you to profit quickly and instantly from sitting in the comfort of your own home. It’s not uncommon to generate $10,000-$50,000 with teleseminars if they are done correctly using his techniques.

Topic #13 – Public Domain – Public domain is the greatest asset anyone can use in order to create products almost instantly. You will uncover several ways in which you can predict with 100% accuracy which public domain products will sell the moment you place them up for sale.

Topic #14 – Product Launches – A well-planned product launch can generate significant income in just a few minutes and in many cases to the first few days. You can generate buzz before, during and long after the product has launched with techniques and strategies you’ll learn in Internet Marketing Explained.

Topic #15 – $4 Million Dollar Story – It’s true, he generated over $4 million dollars very early on in his Internet Marketing career. It wasn’t all peaches and cream though. He actually had $2 Million taken from him and withheld for 6 months. He will show you what I did and how you can avoid his mistakes.

Topic #16 – Traffic Secrets – The generation of traffic to your websites is one of the most sought-after skills any marketer wants to possess. It’s not complicated and YES it can be learned. Learn exactly how to drive over 5,000,000 visitors to my sites every single month!

Topic #17 – Copywriting – Armand has studied from his early beginnings the classic copywriters and has learned through massive testing what works for him. He may not be the best in the league but he wrote his own copy for himself and earned millions of dollars as a result.

Topic #18 – SEO – A mystery to many people on the Internet is how to optimize your websites for a higher rankings in the search engines. There is no exact science to this, but Armand has several techniques which have worked for him over the years in increase his rankings very quickly. Whatever the search engines want to see, he serves it up 100% white-hat.

Topic #19 – Your Own Affiliate Program – Discover how he recruits, builds and trains affiliates to market his products and services. He will show you exactly what tools and training to provide to keep your affiliates in tip-top performance.

Topic #20 – List Building – Continually build an opt-in list into the hundreds of thousands! The principles are simple and straightforward and they work for anyone as long as you IMPLEMENT THEM.

If you’ve not invested in yourself in a big way yet, now’s the time to start 2008 on the right note with Internet Marketing Explained.

An Obvious Truth

How about a free report for an appetizer?

Easy PLR

If you’ve got a website or blog, you know that the one thing you can’t get enough of is content—articles to publish on your website or blog, tips to publish in your e-zine, and content to create reports for your readers. Sound familiar?

To get content, you have a few options.

1. Use free reprint articles: These are great, but with each article you publish, you’re linking to and promoting others as the expert.

2. Hire ghostwriters: Again, a great option, unless you’re on a tight budget. Ghostwritten articles can cost anywhere between $7–$25 per article, depending on quality and length. Plus, it can be extremely difficult to find the ‘perfect’ writer (and once you do, stick with her and pay her well!).

3. Write it yourself: A great option and many of us do. However, if you’re creating many niche websites (or if you’re overwhelmed with other work), sometimes the writing load can get a bit heavy.

4. Private Label Rights (PLR): Here’s the route many web publishers prefer. You buy articles that are very affordable and very flexible. No linking to others. No paying for unique articles. You can change them as much as you’d like or just stick them onto your website as they are.

If you’d like to learn more about PLR, check out all the editable and brandable articles and special reports on subjects like Finance, Diet, Baby Names, Holidays, Home Business, Scrapbooking etc. at Easy PLR.

More than just "Skype Me".

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There’s really a lot more you can do with Skype than just phoning someone since its SDK has been released a long time ago. Watch the presentation to find out how you can setup Skype for conferencing, podcasting, interviews and much more. Get creative!

How to build up your strengths in business.

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While you are running your business, are you playing up to your strengths? How do you know what your strengths are to begin with?

Too many entrepreneurs find themselves in improperly designed businesses and it’s a real shame. If you’re not sure what your strengths are, and how you should build your company around it, you should really check out Strengths Mastery Advantage.

It’s designed to help you know exactly what your strengths are. This way you can build a business designed to leverage your strengths…So you make more, and you love what you do (because you’re good at it).

By the way this is Rich Schefren’s latest product. I think you’ll like it.

It has come to my attention that Armand Morin is about launch a massive video series and more, and is providing a boatload of affiliate tools (video, PDF, blog) to sell it. It launches on the 18th, the payout is great, including on 2nd-tier commissions up to $200. To get involved as an affiliate, sign up here.

Once you are inside your account, follow the welcome video and take note of “Internet Marketing Explained“, Armand’s upcoming launch.

Watch the video below to find out what it is all about. I think it’s going to be big. :)

AdWords Mistakes Exposed

Roger Hall, a Google-certified AdWords professional, has the know-how to tell you how to keep in line with Google’s rules to stay on top of your PPC investment. In “AdWords Mistakes Exposed“, he provides insider advice, information and tips for users of Google AdWords on subjects such as the common mistakes made by Google AdWords users when advertising online with Google, using Google Analytics to track results and website landing page optimization tips. The interest of small businesses, ad agencies, PR firms and large corporations in PPC are also addressed.