In the past year, you may have come across the Groupon-style group deal site scripts on sale. The model is a really good business idea for its time, but running a group deal site means you must keep on having deals on offer to make it work like a business, otherwise your site will run out of gas.

What if we twist the idea around and just have the group deal offer presented like an “Add To Cart” layout, so you are not restricted to selling your product within a group deal site but still on its own usual sales page?

Now it is possible with the Social Deal Press WordPress plugin. Just transfer the sales page content into a blog post and set up the group deal conditions (minimum number of buyers, discounts, dateline etc.). The plugin’s coding has already included integration with social bookmarking buttons and your preferred autoresponder i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Aweber, GetResponse etc. and and even an “e-mail a friend” button.

When you price your product cheap, Social Deal Press is guaranteed to *EXPLODE* your list and sales conversions! The cool thing is every lead you collect becomes a BUYER lead and is more likely to be a repeat buyer for your next product.

Watch this video to see it in action and grab a copy with multi-site license at no extra cost (early birds only)!

Video Spin BlasterI had come across a piece of advice on creating the simplest slideshow video in the shortest amount of time:

1) Create your slides in PowerPoint.

2) Record your voice-over elaborating on the slides in detail.

3) Use Windows Movie Maker to overlay the slides with your audio.

Problem is you still need to learn editing skills to ‘cut’ your slides for perfect timing. It’s already too much work when I have to look after most other Internet Marketing aspects of my business.

Thank goodness for Video Spin Blaster! All you need to do is:

1) Create a series of graphics using your usual graphics editor and prepare a public-domain music soundtrack if necessary,

2) Select them in VSB according to sequence,

3) Time your pictures (by entering a number of seconds) and click a ‘generate’ button.

You can create a 10-minute video in less then 10 seconds and the output file will be smaller than 1 MB so you will need only a few seconds to upload it to YouTube.

You wouldn’t believe Video Spin Blaster has features not Windows Movie Maker and even Camtasia have. Click here to watch some sample videos and compare the features of rival software in a table.

Creating videos could not get any easier. Get started with video marketing today!

What gets more clicks than cats?

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Sexy girls rule the Internet and marketing world, period!

I used to think Facebook and other social networking accounts that publish sexy girl photos as personal profiles and avatars are up to no good…but that’s a lot of prejudgment to begin with. Whether the account holders are up to any good is for us to dig deeper and investigate, but what still attracts you to them in the first place?

A sexy girl photo!

Let’s face the truth: in the real world, sexy models are engaged to market everything and anything from cars, fashion and electronic gadgets in exhibitions to health products like vitamins, household items and even game shows (isn’t Vanna White beautiful)?

Open any magazine, visit any website (especially online dating) and you will see that attractive people help to sell everything.

I’m not talking about selling smut…

Brad Gosse and his photographer friend Pat Flanagan want to share with you some of the cool things they’ve learned about using sexy and attractive models to generate more traffic and more sales.

Join them for this free recorded webinar where you will learn the following:

* How to find attractive models on the cheap
* How to take awesome photos
* How to get models to take photos of themselves
* How to find models on places like Craigslist and Fiverr
* How to use your images to generate infinite traffic
* How to increase sales with sexy pictures
* How to do all of this 100% legally

If you’ve ever been to one of Brad Gosse’s webinars in the past, you will know that he doesn’t run hour-long sales pitches.

Everyone who attends one of Brad’s webinars leaves educated and entertained. Unless they leave early because they’re easily offended. :)

Don’t let yourself miss out on this important training. It’s pretty interesting to listen to even for honest-to-goodness folks who may not be comfortable using a photo other than of themselves, but listen anyway before the webinar gets taken down.

Your IQ is NOT a fixed number! Discover how to increase it.

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To be honest, I used to think your IQ could not really be increased, that was until I started learning about the brain and psychology.

Do you know the 3 key components that help to increase your IQ?

The 3 key components are:

* Cognitive function – memory, problem solving, attention, mental imagery, and perception.
* Ability to cope with everyday life
* Thought and reasoning

If you look at all the key components in turn you’ll notice that it is possible to improve in all the areas mentioned, but it can be a lot of hard work.

My good friend Steven Aitchison, The UK’s No. 1 Blogger in Personal Development, has just released a brand new product that can drastically cut down that hard work. It’s called IsoMind, you can check it out here.

The IsoMind program uses Isochronics to increase your abilities in all the key components of IQ. Steven, who gained his degree in Psychology, has been studying Isochronics for a number of years and believes he has come up with a guaranteed way to increase your IQ and cognitive abilities in general.

He states that “the first step in increasing our intelligence is believing we can increase it, the second step is knowing the key components, and the third step is taking action…”

Steven has given us the key components, and also taken the hard work out of taking action by making the program as easy as possible, all you have to do now is take a little action yourself…

3 Ways To Build Your Copywriting Swipe File

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A copywriting swipe file is a collection of sales letters and other creatives that have been known to convert people into paying customers.

Aside from Googling older salesletters from big-name publishers and copywriters, here are 3 ways you can build your own swipe file:

1. Keep an eye on that “junk mail” you receive. In fact, try to get on lists that are related to your niche, to start getting different offers in the mail. For example, if you write for the health industry, subscribing to a men or women’s health magazine would be a great start.

2. Look at what made you buy. What phrase, offers, bullet points etc. were juicy enough for you to pull out your credit card and make a purchase?

3. Infomercials and radio ads. Although these aren’t print ads, studying how radio ads and

Watch How Dan Made $591k In 7 Months!

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Marketers Solution

Dan Lew just earned $591,714 in 7 months on product launches and Affiliate Marketing, this is not including the SEO, Mobile Development and Interent Marketing services he offers to local businesses making him an easy 7 figures a year and this doesn’t include the $5k per coaching student he charges for his masterminds.

Kenster who is an expert in CPA and 6-figure masterminds also has similar results and so they both teamed up to create something amazing to share with you.

What does this mean for you? This means you can now get all the secret tools and training from both Dan and Kenster for a very fraction of the price they normally charge.

Here is a breakdown of what you get:

1. Online Marketer (112 Videos)
2. Product Creator (132 videos)
3. Offline Business (27 Videos)
4. 12 pieces of software
5. Webinars, private forum
6. Case Studies and more.

Both Dan and Ken are literally going to take you by the hand and make you succeed using the strategies that has made between them a $1.5 million/yr business model.

This is not be missed, folks. If you like to buckle down and produce content, and need a killer framework, if you’re ready to make a smart investment in your future, this roadmap is for you…

Now at Warrior Special Offer price: * Marketers Solution *

How To Sell 100 Kindle Books A Day

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Kindle is RED hot right now as writers, marketers and publishers are FINALLY jumping on the projected $2+ BILLION dollar ePub wave.

My friend Ryan Deiss seems to be the only guy driving books to #1 on a consistent basis, and he just released a FREE guide on how he does it.

Everyone has at least one great book in them, and now you can see yours become a reality…Go grab your FREE copy here.

New Software Gets Visitors FAST!

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WebFireWhat’s the difference between Facebook being worth billions and most sites being worth zero?

Answer: Website traffic.

If your site doesn’t have any traffic, or not enough traffic, you can’t earn a single thin dime.

Let’s face it, traffic is never enough. Your site might be pretty. Your site might be optimized. Your site might be loaded on a server that can handle screaming hordes of visitors.

But if no one ever comes to your site…

How much can you make?

Zero. Zip. Zilch.

And if you think you are doing pretty OK, still, you would love to improve your traffic generation plan and get more visitors from different sources, wouldn’t you?

These top Internet marketers, Shawn Casey and Brian Koz, have spent over $100K to build the most powerful software ever that automatically gets traffic, and more importantly, to do things you never even knew were possible to get an incredible volume of traffic to your site.

WebFire is so powerful that in 7 minutes (or less) you can get exposure for any site in any niche from Page 1 of Google.

With 22 powerful, traffic-getting tools, they deliver results that no one else even dreams about.

Right now, you can get access to test-drive WebFire for a crazy low deal.

Go experience WebFire now.

Ever heard of the phrase “The Money’s In Your List”?

Every SMART internet marketer knows the REAL money online is in their lists…but not everyone has a list size like Mo Mulla’s.

Mo Mulla

PPC Profits BlueprintHow would you like to manage over $5.5 million in PPC budget for clients?

Sounds pretty crazy right?

But it is really not that far fetched.

Ben Pate & Joe Troyer are 2 guys who are doing that in their business today!

They work within a very specific systematic flow to find the clients, run an audit on their current PPC spending and then show them how they can save money and get them to sign a contract.

After over 3 years of using this system in the background they are finally opening it up to the general public for a short period of time.

The PPC Profits Blueprint is not just tailored to the PPC expert. It is designed so that the average person like you and me can run a PPC marketing business. Or you can delegate the PPC marketing to a real expert while you do the client acquisition. PPC Profits Blueprint covers all that you need to know about strategically locating advertisers that are ALREADY spending money on AdWords, doing an audit on their existing campaigns and proposing how they can save more budget through your service and closing them with their signature on the contract.

You have to act fast: it’s now on offer at only $17 down from $297. With persistence, applying the methodology contained inside can bring in a cool 5-figure/mth!

The more I read about Social Media, the more I think it needs it needs to be defined differently and apart from Web 2.0. If Web 2.0 is defined as a full-fledged computing platform serving web applications to end users, social media describes the (mainly online) technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives in a community setting. It is safe to say Web 2.0 is a subset of social media.

What most people in business don

Free Link TrackingIt’s now well known that Pinterest technically banned recognizable affiliate links unless you mask them behind a URL shortener. Even so, the Pinterest staff also did their due diligent research and banned popular link shortening services. This one, LinkTrack, is still overlooked. Free sign-up option is available so test-drive it.

Think you know social media?

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Teachers in time past reiterated the old saying: “Don’t take the fun out of your business.” Social media is fun alright, but were you actually making money out of it? ‘Likes’ does not translate into list subscribers; ‘fans’ does not become buyers, and if you were like some politicians, your Twitter followers were some fake accounts! Oops, that’s really going to the extreme. “Social media presence” becomes bigger for ego’s sake, not business’ sake.

At the end of the day, very few people know how to integrate social media as part of a money-making process. But it’s time to stop messing and horsing around because the doors are finally open on Don Crowther’s 3XSocial. In case you aren’t aware, Don is building a huge buzz with his social media course, and he’s going to walk you step-by-step through the only 3 strategies you’ll ever need to create your streamlined social media system in the new landscape of social media…making you a content rockstar to your niche. This way, they don’t just “like” you, they actually buy stuff from you.

AND if that isn’t enough, Don is giving you access to his killer new software that practically builds and runs your social media system FOR you. How would you like to have your own centralized social media suite to run your activities from? It’s that cool.

Some of the lessons and key ideas to take away from 3XSocial:

* How to identify and locate your ideal target (buying) customer AND find out exactly what information he or she craves and will pay you for!

* The 4 powerful ways the correct use of social media can drive massive free traffic to your blogs, sites and sales pages, even if you

Instant List Building Formula

This innovative list building formula was invented by a 22-year-old guy from Israel who used to work 2 jobs simultaneously.

Can you imagine what’s it like having a 56-hour work week and still trying to find time to run an online business AND a household?

Well, Igor found a way…

This is different from what you’re used to have thrown into your face by the g-u-r-u-s…

Igor’s life transformed completely since he discovered the formula…

Now he spends 56 hours a week playing Call of Duty, FIFA11 and NBA2K 11!

Instead of working!

Here’s how he does that.

Truth Or Dare? The Great Kindle Challenge

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Ryan Deiss wants to play a “truth or dare” game online…

And he’s inviting YOU to see him whether he will fail or succeed…’LIVE’!

Ryan’s launching a new book on Amazon Kindle and he’s going to do it ‘live’ and let you see how he promotes it, gives it away and eventually sells it!

His goal is 10,000 downloads and 500 real sales within the first month!

We (you better believe I’ll be watching) get to see the whole thing in real time…

Ryan’s calling it: “The Great Kindle Challenge

IF (and I do mean IF) he succeeds, he will have discovered how to build micro $1000-a-month info businesses out of thin air…

BUT, if he’s wrong, he’ll be eating crow in front of everyone!

Either way you’ll see it all ‘live’.

Go sign up for the updates to follow along…This should be fun!

KD Publishing Pro

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past year or two, then you know how insane Kindle is right now, for any self-publisher.

Problem is, most people get Kindle totally wrong.

They get frustrated when they don’t make a ton of sales or hit the best sellers list…

…and usually, they give up after publishing a few books on there.

But that’s a BIG mistake, because here’s how you really should be using Kindle…

…to mass-publish SIMPLE little books, for huge exposure.

You may have heard the saying before: “Stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap”

And Kindle is no different.

See, who do you think is gonna win…the dude with a couple of books on Kindle, or you, with 50 of those lead generating suckers all over the darn place?

It’s not about making a fortune upfront…that’s never gonna happen when you’re selling dinky little books for a few bucks a pop.

It’s about mass exposure…and mass LEADS.

The more books, the more of an expert you appear, the more chance your target buyers will find you, and the more leads you can drive back to your real offers.

Problem is…

Formatting and publishing for Kindle is a total nightmare, and that’s why most people give up way too early.

But for those that have the right tools, mass-publishing on Kindle is a walk in the park. KD Publishing Pro shows you how.

I love this thing.

Not only does it handle all the nasty formatting woes that Kindle is known for, but it allows you to mass-submit dozens of lead generating books on Kindle every day.

This tool has been in the lab for a long time, but Bobby has finally released it at a special launch price, so grab it now, before it doubles in price, or gets taken off from sale.

How to start a business today and not spend a dime

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I just got insider access into a new Internet Marketing course and it looks pretty good. Here’s a screenshot of all the modules:

Typically, the ignorant netrepreneur would have bought every Internet marketing tool before s/he figured out the right ones and also took considerable time to design a personal blueprint before s/he saw any profit.

What is supposed to be an inexpensive way of starting an online business becomes quite on the contrary.

I had the same problem before. I had to quit for a while, and re-group to figure out how I was going to win…

Now it just became easier. Wayne Sharer started his business from literally nothing

The case against $17 e-books and $27 courses…

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Job CrusherThis message might tick some people off, but you know what?

I don’t care.

You see, there are a lot of guys out there who are just in it to sell as many $17 e-books and $27 courses to as many people as possible.

And most of these products promise some kind of a “push button” instant solution to making money online.

Now let me ask you a question: how many of these e-books do you have sitting on your hard drive?

You see, it’s been shown that less than 10% of people read past the first chapter of a book after they purchase it from a bookstore.

The same can be said for ANY information product. Most people just buy it so they “feel good” about themselves…that they’re actually DOING something about making money online.

When in reality, these e-books and courses just sit on their hard drive collecting “digital dust”.

If this sounds like you, it may not be your fault.

I mean, if someone gave you the wrong map to get from New York to Los Angeles, you cannot help but to get lost!

Bill McIntosh and Eric Louviere don’t want to give you another e-book you can download.

They want you to try out their Job Crusher coaching program…which has been going for 6 years strong…so you can learn from their 20+ years of collective marketing experience and 50 million dollars of online sales.

Usually Job Crusher is closed to the public, and many people hammer their customer support all the time…begging to be let in.

Well, you don’t have to do that today! Because for a limited time Bill and Eric are letting you join Job Crusher for the cost of a couple of lattes!

Best part, they don’t want to let this stuff “sit”. They are going to personally help you implement their strategies.

I mean, who does that? That’s how dedicated Bill and Eric are to your success.

You’ll read about some of today’s top Internet marketers who got their start with Job Crusher. They credit the site and the strategies they learned to helping them avoid a LOT of trial and error…and leapfrog many “newbie” mistakes.

Time waits for no man. Once Job Crusher stops taking new members, and you’ll have to wait months, perhaps YEARS…to get a chance to be let in.

Free Report Reveals Top 10 Traffic Secrets

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Unlimited Traffic

Do you need more traffic? I mean, I wouldn’t impose on you if you were so swamped with traffic you couldn’t use some more ;-)

Still with me? Great.

I’ve got this great new report for you, stock-full of great traffic advice and tactics that’s working in the here and now, not a decade ago.

And (of course, you’ve already figured this out) it’s yours for the extreme investment of…nothing!

Yep, totally for free, right now, right here.

Just click the link and get it before all of the traffic has rushed by. :)

Paid Advertising is NOW FREE.

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Holy smokes, this is *INSANE*.

A young guy has just revealed how to go and get as many “paid” ads as you want for *FREE*.

He doesn’t use any fancy software.

He doesn’t even have his own website.

But more importantly, he NEVER worries about traffic.

He gets thousands of targeted hits every single day without ever paying a dime for them.

And he’s decided to show you exactly how to do it too.

Imagine this…the VERY ads that your competitors are paying top dollar for, you can get for free.

This isn’t some crazy black hat strategy or some secret backdoor software, it’s a neat trick that’s been working for a while.

See this billion-dollar traffic loophole right now.