Turn $9 into a $5300 lump sum payment

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Domainer EliteWere you aware that we are living in the age of the digital goldfish?

And that you can mine digital gold?

My friend Jamie Lewis just released his formula for over ONE MILLION dollars in domain sales.

Domainer Elite is all about getting paid lump sums for single domain names without having a website, traffic, list or other shenanigans.

Amazing right? That little guy has public proof of sales ranging from $1000 to $332,000 in domain sales.

1. You use the formula to find amazing domains easily (without the guessing long hours it usually would take you to find a good one).

2. You register the domain with GoDaddy.

3. You sell it through an auction site.

4. You get paid a lump sum through escrow.com.

I’m telling you, you’ve got to check this flat-out works not only for Jamie, but all his customers.

Hope you get a lot out of it!

Most people think the only way to make money with domain names is to luck into a .com that’s worth millions.

Most people are wrong.

There are literally dozens of ways to profit from domain names. You just need to know HOW.

Gene Pimentel has been making money with domain names for over a decade. Sure, he’s made money by selling many of them.

But he’s also figured out numerous other methods to turn a $10 purchase into hundreds, even thousands, in as little as a day.

Gene has created 3 separate courses that have helped numerous people turn easy quick profits with domains. These courses sell for $37 to $67 each.

But for a limited time, you can get ALL THREE for a firesale price of $27. That’s lower than any single course.

Here’s what you get in the “Domains To Cash” firesale:

1) Local Domain Empire (Normally $67): This course shows how Gene turns $3 domain registrations into hundreds, even thousands of dollars, like clockwork. You’ll get the exact method that you can copy to turn $3 domain registrations into valuable web properties in seconds.

2) Same Day Domain Profits (Normally $37): Gene’s quickest and easiest method of domain flipping. He uses this method to turn $1 domain names into $125 quickly and simply. And you can put this system to use immediately.

3) Easy Domain Cash (Normally $37): Learn the one secret Gene uses to find very highly marketable domain names with very little effort. You’ll be able to pick up a killer domain name just 5 minutes after viewing the course video.

That’s a $141 value for only $27, but you have to act quick. This firesale is only on for a few days. After that, you’ll have to pay full price.

iPageSeveral subscribers had asked me what web hosting service I use, with one noting that my blog actually loads fast. I’ve been using iPage for more than 2 years now and it is quite likely I’ll not be looking for the next one (after having moved from 2 previous hosting services over the years).

One really good thing about iPage is it has no limits on CPU usage. Here’s a screenshot of my interaction with a sales representative which I captured before I decided to purchase:

However, it does check on a case-by-case basis and will notify you if it does not like what it has detected e.g. heavy video streaming, large file downloads etc.

iPage also proposes an “anytime money-back guarantee” and it is very easy for its thousands of customers to take it to task for what they publish on its website. So far there shouldn’t be any problem with that. You can claim a full or pro-rated refund when you cancel your account anytime during the subscription period.

In other words, you have no risk at all when subscribing to iPage. Anytime when you find something you dislike with their service, you can simply cancel off your hosting account and ask for a refund.

There’s a special introductory offer going on right now for $1.89/mth. Don’t miss this one!

(As always, I get a commission for the sale generated should you take up this iPage offer through my affiliate link.)

You’ve maybe heard that there are such things as “expired domains” but you’re not sure how buying an expired domain can help you. So what is an expired domain?

Put simply, an expired domain is a domain that hasn’t been renewed.

There could be a number of different reasons for this—maybe the owner forgot to renew the domain, there’s a possibility the domain registrar didn’t remind the owner (or used an out of date email address to tell them), it’s quite likely the domain seemed like “a good idea at the time” but the owner never actually put any content on the site and just let it sit in cyberspace. There are lots of different reasons why a domain name has expired.

So how can you make money from expired domains?

Firstly, it’s generally considered that the older a domain name is, the more “important” it is. By definition, a domain name that has expired is at least a year old, which means that it is automatically older than purchasing a brand new domain.

Next, if the domain was used, there may be existing links to the site. It is likely to be indexed in the search engines as well.

The icing on the cake is if it actually has a Google PageRank.

Yes, you read that right. Some expired domains have a PageRank and traffic.

Trouble is, you won’t be the only person on the planet who is hunting for expired domains. The very best expired domains are purchased the very second that they are put on the market.

Which means that if you are thinking about buying one or more expired domains either for your own use or to “fix up” and sell on to others, you’ll need to work fast.

The easiest way to do this is to use a service that will allow you to search for domains that are soon to expire. This will give you an advantage and allows you to snap up the domains you want as soon as they’re released back into the pool of available domains.

Check out this excellent affordable service to hunt down expired domains.

Review of Domain Graduate

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Domain Graduate is a very interesting e-book that discusses not only the buying and selling of domains, but takes it to a new level with monetization methods for the domains that you already own. Sean Stafford teaches you how to get good value when you buy your domains and explains tricks that work while also pointing out common mistakes. However, the real gem of this e-book is how he clarifies the road to wealth and the possibilities of making your money (and parked domains) work for you.

Domain Graduate opens with an outline on the situation in the current domain market and what potential opportunities are still available for new entrants to the market. This is no mere introduction as a formality because Sean knows why some entrants feel they are being cornered or pushed aside by bigger players. The truth is he has a domaining road map for the masses.

Perhaps the main theme of the e-book is how to evaluate a domain’s intrinsic value. It all boils down to proving this value so you can resell the domain for a profit, isn’t it? Sean highlights and explains key factors that affect a domain’s value like the type of existing traffic it receives, its keywords, history etc., and also the pros and cons of engaging parking companies and various possible options on how to increase the value of your domain portfolio, including whether you should develop domains into some forms of content site at the expense of time.

I think Sean has written with a unique take from his own perspective and experience as well and Domain Graduate does succinctly address the concerns of new domain owners and point them in the right direction in its 85 pages.

Apart from the ongoing Web 2.0 wave, there are very few and ‘new’ marketing methods which are mind-blowing enough to cause a paradigm shift and completely change the way you do business online.

Affiliate marketing? Checked.
Article marketing? Checked.
PPC? Checked.
Viral marketing? Checked.
Link exchange? Checked.

Of course, bridging the gap between what you know and what you do is another separate matter…

But perhaps you may not understand or even heard of making money out of domain names and its inner workings. Why? Because it is entirely different from marketing. In fact, it may hardly have anything to do with marketing at all. We are so used to selling and creating value to make money.

On the other hand, domain name trading/investing is an established industry whereby you create portfolios of expired domain names and “squat in the jungle” for the right time to let them off for a premium price. I have long suspected that people who deal in property investment and stock market would be very adapt at domain name trading because the mindset is already well honed for crucial timing…well, some similarities are there, like getting hold of names the moment they expire on that very day. Very ‘commodity’ stuff.

This industry won’t be easy to play for 1 key reason: Squatters may hold on to domain names that depreciate in value some years down the road only to finally realize they are absolutely useless. They just don’t know how to evaluate the present and projected monetary value of those names and quickly find a targeted buying audience via an established channel to let them go for a timely profit.

If you also think most simple and easy-to-remember domain names are already taken up, I beg to differ; I really think we are still in a “Wild West” era when it comes to domain name trading. Most netrepreneurs would have given up if they think they have to publish some amount of content for every domain name before they can sell them off.

But the money is based on the value of the DOMAIN NAME itself, not the content or anywhere else.

Consider this: when we all have 24 hours, what makes an expert ‘domainer’ different from everyone else?

Answer: 300,000 domains

Don’t understand what I’m driving at? Read this press release.

Kevin Ham owns around 300,000 domains, and receives around $70 million per annum in revenue from them. His empire is reputed to be worth close to $300 million. All this from owning domain names!

If you work your calculations backwards, all these big numbers will look manageable:

$70 million is about $5.8 million per month. Divide that by 300,000 domains and it turns out each domain is generating around $19/month in revenue.

Or just $0.63c/day. So $0.63c/day (per domain) is all it takes to get there.

Do you think you can generate $0.63c/day? I certainly think it is achievable.

Domains Into Dollars

Phil Craig’s Domains Into Dollars is where you start learning. It consists of a solid 194-page e-book and a video series:

Lesson #1 – Introduction To The Domaining Industry
Lesson #2 – What Types Of Domains Are Available
Lesson #3 – Show Me The Money (Domaining Revenue Models)
Lesson #4 – Getting Started (An Easy And Free Way To Find Domains)
Lesson #5 – Quick Domain Flipping On eBay
Lesson #6 – Domain Name Valuation
Lesson #7 – Selling Your Domain Names

To give you an idea of some of the techniques involved:

1) Domain flipping: If you find a domain name that is getting popular, you buy it cheaply, turn around and sell it for a higher price. In the videos, you’ll be shown in minute detail how a $6.99 purchase became $515 in less than 7 days! These sort of results are happening time and time again.

2) Paid advertising: Say for example http://www.satan.com. There are many ‘inactive’ domains that look like this and you may have thought they are held by some web-hosting companies. But since satan.com is held by an individual (Kevin Ham), he as the owner earns from clicks within the site. The inside story of this kind of paid advertising will be revealed! To give you a clue, a friend told me these ads are provided by Google, Yahoo or other networks but they are metaphorically considered as a “private label” version and are served exclusively to people who can drive an astronomically large number of impressions to their sites.

3) Free traffic: It turns out that a lot of people type the name of a service they are interested in directly into the address bar of a browser, instead of using the search engine, so if you can find a name that people would use, you will get free traffic. Example: If they want a limousine in Dallas, they might directly type in dallaslimousine.com into the search engine to find it. If they do, it means free traffic to you. You will discover how to pinpoint a good domain name based on this market mechanism.

4) Domain mining: Phil gives you a resource to find just-deleted domain names. Approximately 40,000 .com names are deleted and put back into the pool each day, so this is great opportunity for a quick pickup. Use this service to find some really nice sounding domains, including a few 4 and 5-letter domain names when there’s luck.

Phil also gives you all the legal forms you need when selling domains to cover yourself, and you will also learn a range of monetization methods using specialist services which take a share of the revenue with you. This means you can be earning money in the first day you test your newly acquired domain! If not, then there’s the classic way of outright-selling your domain, and Phil goes into detail about that, showing you the best ways to attract buyers, the best websites to list your domains on, pitfalls to watch out for, and more.

Domain name investing is a great model if you’re very serious about passive income, and at this moment I still believe there is a huge opportunity there for people getting in at ground level.

There is a promotion on Phil’s website offering $10 off. Make sure you click the coupon box at the top of the screen to get your coupon while it lasts.

Many Internet Marketers use link exchange programs.

They spend boatloads of money trying to increase their websites’ link popularity.

It’s much easier to buy valuable dropping domains which already have great link popularity.

For example, did you notice that last year Microsoft forgot to renew their domain http://www.outlookexpress.com?

Since it had expired, anybody could grab it. After all, whoever owns this site is guaranteed more than 1500 visitors from Yahoo! search alone every single month.

Its ranked #1 in Yahoo! and the backlinks are priceless.

But you didn’t know about that and you missed your chance to own http://outlookexpress.com.

Warning: It’s not uncommon to miss renewal notices. If you have more than a few domains, this probably has already happened to you. If it hasn’t, it probably will.

Credit cards expire. Sometimes the auto-renew is unintentionally set to ‘off’. This is an easy way to lose a valuable old domain.

If this happens to you, you can bet it happens to everybody! And someone else’s loss can become your gain with Register Compass.

When a domain unintentionally expires that’s your chance!

Quickly and easily comb through a pool of more than 30,000 expiring domains daily.

Register Compass offers you the ability to search for domains with:

– Backlinks listed in Google
– Backlinks listed in Yahoo!
– Backlinks listed in MSN
– Backlinks listed in Alexa
– DMOZ listings
– Yahoo! Directory listings
– The number of pages indexed in Google
– The number of pages indexed in Yahoo!
– The number of pages indexed in MSN
– Alexa ranking
– Google PageRank
– Character length filter
– Presorted alphabetization
– Domain age
– Wayback machine listing

and much more…

It’s time to get started now! Get a jump on your competition by grabbing valuable, high PR sites before they do.