We’ve made some huge technical advances in the last few generations. Our lives are very different from those our great grandparents lived. In many regards we have it much easier than they did. All our basic needs are taken care of. When we’re hungry, we can open an app and take-out will be delivered to our door. When we’re in the mood to cook, any ingredient we may need is just a short drive away at the local supermarket. As a result, we’ve lost touch with how food is grown and produced.

In the past few years there’s been a revival of getting back to the basics of cooking, growing some of our own produce, and preserving the food. There’s an interest in “slow food” and locally grown, quality produce.

Show your readers why it is important both for their health and the environment to eat more locally grown, seasonal food, where to find it, and different methods of preserving it with today’s special PLR deal from Piggy Makes Bank (use coupon code ‘PIGGYSAVES‘ during checkout for a 50% discount).

Preserving The Harvest” PLR Bundle contains:

• A short report on the importance of eating local, seasonal food
• 10 articles on canning, dehydrating, freezing, and pickling food
• 20 food preservation recipes
• 10 social media posts to make it easy to promote your content

If you teach about health topics and you’re looking for a fast way to grow your list, look no further. Here’s a ready-made content package, complete with private label rights, your future subscribers can’t wait to get their hands on.

Everyone gives out a free report for an opt-in, but why not go a step further? This package includes 4 complete reports, checklists and worksheets that shows your new subscribers how to healthier and achieve their goals, step-by-step, all in a 4-week program.

Your Fast-Track Guide To A Healthier, Slimmer You

Here’s what’s inside this high-value “Your Fast-Track Guide To A Healthier, Slimmer You” package:

• 4 Health Guides: You get 4 informative reports (.doc) that teach your readers step-by-step how to get over their motivational blocks, start setting goals and begin living their dream life. Topics Include:

1. Setting Your Health and Body Goals
2. Making Eating Healthy a Part of Your Every Day Life
3. Making Exercise a Part of Your Every Day Life
4. Staying on the Health Track

• 4 Worksheets: A worksheet for each guide so your readers can stay on track while planning to get healthier.

• 4 Detailed Checklists: Help your readers stay on track as they work through each step of the course.

You also get the marketing materials you need to promote your e-course including:

• 4 Course Delivery E-Mails: Add these e-mails to your autoresponder and deliver the course materials over 4 lessons. They’ve made it super easy!

• 4 Professionally-Designed E-Cover Sets: .JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 1 x 3D version to go with each guide to help your opt-ins stand out.

• 1 Lead-Generating Opt-in Page: To help you grow your list with this content, they’ve included you get the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code for you.

Weight loss is one of the biggest online niche markets in the U.S. If you already run a weight loss business website, the “Setting Smart Weight Loss Goals” PLR bundle will be very helpful to your prospects and customers.

The bundle contains:

• 10 Articles (400+ words each)

From Overweight to In Shape
Getting Back on Track
How to Set Smart Weight Loss Goals
Keeping It Real – Don’t Go Too Fast
Motivational Tools
Setting Yourself Up for Success
Stop Making Excuses
Life Happens
Reaching Weight Loss Milestones
Smart Apps to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

• Short report (2,040 words): Use it as an opt-in offer, break up the content into blog posts or repackage it as a low-cost product.

• 10 autoresponder e-mails to match the articles: Keep your readers engaged.

• 3 social media-friendly graphics: Use them in blog posts or as social media posts.

As always, use coupon code ‘PIGGYSAVES‘ during checkout to save 50%, valid for today until 11:59pm only.

As I understand, at this time of writing, Fall season is coming soon and it implies the beginning of Hurricane season on the southern east coast of the U.S. For the unfortunate folks who live in areas where natural disasters are a regular/unsurprising occurrence, the “Emergency Preparedness” PLR Bundle will show them what supplies they need to stock up and what they can do ahead of time to ride things out comfortably and safely.

The “Emergency Preparedness” PLR Bundle includes:

• 10 Articles
• 3 Emergency Preparedness Checklists
• 10 Product Recommendations
• 10 Social Media Posts

For today’s PLR deal and as part of Piggy Makes Bank’s August PLR offer series, you can pick it up at half-price today with coupon code “PIGGYSAVES“. It’s well worth the investment to let your readers know how they can prepare themselves for whatever emergencies and natural disasters they will encounter.

Look out for tomorrow’s PLR deal then!

Getting organized and decluttering is a bigger problem than you think. The truth is a lot of people are busy and often too tired to do the things they KNOW need to be done after a long day of doing what they do.

It can be extremely disheartening to walk into a room just to find an overflowing laundry basket, dirty dishes piling in the sink, an unmade bed and/or dirty toilets. There are a million things that need to be done but other things take priority over doing anything more than the basics when taking care of their homes.

Your readers likely spend a ton of money buying things to help them get and stay organized. They are sick and tired of looking at the mess around them because it seems to grow faster than they can clean it up! Now you can help them stop the feelings of frustration and failure and help them create a home that they can feel proud of.

The “Declutter Your Life” PLR bundle includes a short report, 10 articles, handy schedules + checklists and affiliate program recommendations.

Give your customers the content they are looking for. Use coupon code ‘PIGGYSAVES‘ and save 50% on purchase. Valid until 11:59pm today!

I’m back with another PLR deal that you don’t want to miss. Today’s topic is coffee.

Coffee has great cross niche appeal. In other words, it’s a niche full of passionate people who can’t imagine starting their day without this morning beverage. And it has crossover appeal too. In other words, you don’t have to have a coffee blog to benefit from this content.

If you have a blog that talks about moms and newborns, you know these moms rely on coffee to make it through those first few months of little sleep.

How about food bloggers? Fancy coffee drinks are de rigueur and there are lots and lots of yummy recipes that include coffee or coffee beans from sweet to savory.

In the health niche? Coffee has quite a few health benefits and it’s by far the most consumed source of antioxidants.

If your site talks at all to entrepreneurs or anything online business, well then, those people practically run on coffee…

This Coffee PLR bundle is packed with lots of content to help you tap into the power of coffee and share it with your readers. Tracy and Susanne from Piggy Makes Bank are offering a special deal for fast action takers. Grab this today and use coupon code “PIGGYSAVES” at checkout to get it at half-price.

I have a fun PLR deal for you today in the Indoor Gardening niche. Have you heard of salad bowls? These are shallow planting bowls that you can grow your own salad greens in.

It’s a hot new trend in indoor gardening. They sit on the counter and look pretty while growing food for you. Perfect for healthy salads, green smoothies and more.

The “Growing Your Own Salad Bowls” PLR Bundle includes:

• 10 PLR Articles (400+ words)
• 10 Product Reviews
• 10 Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes
• 10 Social Media Posts
• 1 Short Report on Growing Greens For Green Smoothies

Use coupon code “PIGGYSAVES” to get it half-price. This special deal is only good through the end of the day today!

“Sugar Detox” is a hot topic in the health and wellness niche. Today you can snag 10 “Sugar Detox” articles for $5 when you use coupon code “PIGGYSAVES“.

The titles are:

• 5 Great Reasons To Cut The Sugar From Your Diet
• What Sugar and Cocaine Have In Common And Why It’s Important To Your Health
• 3 Easy Ways To Cut Back On Sugar Consumption
• Are You Ready For A Sugar Detox?
• How To Cut The Sugar Habit in Less Than A Week
• Before You Detox – Be Prepared For These Sugar Detox Symptoms
• 3 Tips For Alleviating Sugar Detox Side Effects
• Why Going Cold Turkey May Not Be A Good Idea When Sugar Detoxing
• Don’t Think Sugar’s Bad For You? You Will After Going Into a Full Blown Sugar Detox
• How To Deal With Temptation After Your Sugar Detox

The coupon code “PIGGYSAVES” takes half price off, valid until August 10th, 11:59pm EST. Watch for tomorrow’s PLR offer!

What we eat has a big impact on how we feel and our overall health. That’s why it’s important for all of us to clean up our diet and eat better. Show your readers how it’s done with this Clean Eating PLR bundle.

Clean Eating PLR bundle

This bundle includes:

1) Short Report: Clean Eating 101: Kicking the Junk Food Habit in 30 Days

2) 10 articles or blog posts:
What is Clean Eating?
Easy Substitutions for Processed Foods
Clean Food Staples
Clean Eating Away from Home
Getting Started with Clean Eating
Getting the Family on Board
Cleaning Eating for Weight Loss
3 Reasons to Eat Clean
5 Tips to Clean Grocery Shopping
Eating Clean Without Breaking the Bank

3) 10 autoresponder e-mails to go along with the articles above

4) Promotional cover graphics for the short report

5) 3 social media graphics

Grab your licence for this Clean Eating PLR bundle and use coupon code “PIGGYSAVES” for a 50% discount!

I’m back with another PLR recommendation for you and a sweet deal on some fitness PLR. If this is your niche, keep reading…

Working Out At Home

Grab this “Working Out At Home” PLR pack and get it up on your site. It includes a short report perfect for growing your list. 10 fresh blog posts, 10 autoresponder messages to go along with the posts, and pretty graphics to make all that content shine.

Here’s what’s in the “Working Out At Home” PLR Bundle:

1) Short Report – “You Don’t Need to Join a Gym” (2197 words and beautifully illustrated).

Time To Take Inventory
Cardio Exercise At Home
Weight Bearing Exercises At Home
Create Your Own Workout Routine
Optional: Equipment To Keep An Eye Out For

2) 10 Articles (400+ words each)

Start Small – Go For A Walk
Daily Walking Workouts To Get Back in Shape
Using A Pedometer To Move More
Keep It Fun With Workout Videos
Have You Tried A Couch To 5K App?
The Benefits Of Having A Walking or Running Buddy
Strength Training Without Fancy Equipment
Workout While The Kids Play
Don’t Workout – Play
Working In Workouts – Make It Fit Your Schedule

3) 10 autoresponder e-mails to go along with the articles.

4) Promotional cover graphics and 3 social media-friendly graphics.

That’s a lot of content in the profitable fitness niche ready to be added to your blog and autoresponder.

Use coupon code “PIGGYSAVES” to save 50%. Hope it works!

Cash Beyond Words

How many times have you trusted someone to teach you a new method, only to find incomplete training with gaps?

In this amazing new course, the creators have ventured into the non-IM niches where an ocean of opportunity rests.

Take action—and explore the amazing possibilities in areas that already hold your interest.

People around the globe are searching for cures to pain and solutions to real problems. Instead of gimmicks, you could offer them real hope.

Inside Cash Beyond Words, you are going to find complete training that includes traffic methods you have never considered.

No more wasting your time on “if I build it, will they come?”

My friends Mark and Mialei are using these methods in countless non-IM niches. You could be doing the same.

Why wait any longer?

Your interests might lie in fascinating niches that you never knew had so much interest.

If you publish food and/or healthy content and you’re looking for a fast way to grow your list or get more content and products out to your customers, look no further. Here’s a ready-made content package, complete with private label rights, your future subscribers and customers won’t be able wait to get their hands on.

It comes from one of my favorite PLR providers, Alice Seba at ListMagnets, but it’s on for a very special price for a short time only.

Everyone gives out a free report for an opt-in, but why not go a step further? This package includes 10 complete report each with an e-cover set, plus a bunch of other awesome content you can share on your blog, social media and more.

Food Content Mega Pack

Here’s what’s inside this high-value Food Content Mega Pack:

• 10 Ready-to-Publish Reports on Hot Food Topics. Just brand them and monetize them how you’d like.

Simple and Delicious Cooking with 3 Ingredients or Less (3,892 words/14 images)
Curb Your Cravings to Live More Healthfully (3,128 words/7 images)
Simple and Delicious Flourless Baking (1,892 words/7 images)
Freezer Cooking: Save Time and Money Eating Well (3,455 words/10 images)
Living the Gluten-Free Lifestyle (3,801 words/12 images)
Juicing and Smoothies for Your Health (4,398 words/20 images)
Your Quick and Easy Guide to Hemp and Health (3,276 words/13 images)
Living and Loving Low Carb (3,654 words/12 images)
Organic Living Made Simple (2,641 words/8 images)
Vegan Living: Your Healthier, Environmentally-Friendly and Cruelty-Free Lifestyle (3,686 words/13 images)

• 10 E-Cover Sets (jpg. and .psd) to give your reports a professional look. Each comes a flat cover and 4 3-D versions.

• 215 Meal Ideas to use in blog posts, on social media, automated e-mails and more (18 pages/8,239 words)

• 365 Cooking Tips for your content marketing, all 140 characters or under, so you can use them on Twitter too (29 pages/13,120 words)

And like I said you can grab it all at one low price, but for a very short time only.

Health Niche Ready-to-Go Newsletters Package

If you’re in the health and/or fitness niche, here is an amazing time-saver for you.

We all know the money is in the list and we need to grow our subscribers. And most importantly, we need to deliver stellar content to grab and capture our subscriber’s attention.

But sometimes that’s easier than done.

Luckily, Alice Seba and her team at ListMagnets have done the work for you. You can get a month’s worth of ready-to-publish newsletters for under $10…but for a short time only.

Here are a few ideas for using the content.

• Use the newsletter as highly-targeted lead magnet to grow your list. You’ve got the ready-to-paste opt-in copy included in the package, making it easy for you to make a hard-to-resist opt-in offer to get more subscribers.

• Monetize the newsletter with your product promotions. The newsletter include space for your product promotions. Warm them up with great content and get your offer out there.

• Use the extra articles and recipes for blog posts. There’s a lot of content in this package and plenty left over to load up your blog and drive more people to your newsletter sign up.

• Add the newsletters to your membership site. If you’ve got a membership site, this newsletter is a great value-add to your membership. Send it out once per month by email or even print out and mail it.

• Use the newsletters a product bonus. Beef up your current product offers by adding a newsletter issue as a product bonus.

• Develop it into a product for sale. Whether you deliver via email or snail mail, these newsletters make for great content your customers are willing to pay for.

Just a few ideas to get you going, but now it’s your turn to run with them. Go get this very special private label rights content package here.

Do you remember the “good old days” when you could make great profits and build your e-mail list selling digital products on eBay?

Yes, so do I!

Unfortunately eBay moved the goal posts and this lucrative income stream dried up.

Today, I can announce the good old days are back!

Etsy is a marketplace that makes it easy for you to build a profitable business selling digital products.

Most people are familiar with Etsy as a rapidly growing marketplace (28.6 million buyers in 2016) that showcases the hand-made creations of a legion of sellers based all over the world but hand-made crafts aren’t the only things you can sell on Etsy. No, Etsy also allows the sale of digital products (think downloadable worksheets, craft patterns, printable art, e-books, party invitations etc. etc. as opposed to physical items that you ship to your buyer).

The great thing about selling digital products on Etsy is you create once and profit over and over while Etsy handles all of the product hosting and delivery for you!

If you want a business that:

– You can be proud of

– Requires NO website

– Makes you automated income literally while you SLEEP!

– Will leave your friends in AWE!

– Has ZERO inventory to carry

– Has ZERO shipping costs! (IN FACT you NEVER ship ANYTHING!)

– Has ZERO product costs (you can get everything you need for FREE!)

– Has ZERO fulfillment (this is automated—you don’t even need to email your customers!)

– Needs NO list and NO technical skills

– Is a complete “set and forget”, “autopilot profits” generating system!!!

-Has a built-in method for automatically generating REPEAT SALES! (again WITHOUT you ever having to e-mail your customer!)

Your Printable Profits Empire

You NEED to check “Your Printable Profits Empire” out NOW.

Stuart Turnbull has partnered with Bart Hennin to create an e-book and video course that teaches in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way exactly how to build your own, highly profitable business selling digital products on Etsy!

I urge you to move fast and grab this now before the special launch pricing expires.

Eating Healthy

Today you can grab yourself a high-quality PLR product and start making sales!

If you are into the health niche, or better still, in a diet or food niche, this is for you. This PLR product is called “Eating Healthy: Quality Life Through Quality Bites“. Its topic is definitely in-demand in 2016 (and many years ahead!)

Here’s a full list of what you are going to get inside “Eating Healthy” PLR:

* Module 1: Premium Quality E-Book (Stunning Chapter Graphics Included)
* Module 2: Complete Checklist
* Module 3: Comprehensive Mind Map
* Module 4: High Converting Sales Page & “Thank You” Page
* Module 5: Hypnotizing Video Sales Letter
* Module 6: Exclusive Lead Magnet
* Module 7: Professional Landing Page
* Module 8: Follow-up E-Mail Series
* Module 9: Stunning, Professional-Looking Graphics
* Module 10: License Certificates + 3 Fast-Action Bonuses you cannot miss!

The year end is coming and you know what this means: People are going to BINGE and OVEREAT!

So this premium PLR package will be a perfect fit for this holiday season, and your chance to be their ‘superhero’!

Also, don’t forget that this excellent PLR can be an additional income stream for you!

With FULL Private Label Rights, you can easily:

-> SELL IT as is and keep 100% of the profits
-> Use it for PERSONAL USE
-> Put your name on it and be the AUTHOR
-> Give Away As BONUS When Customers Buy From Your Link
-> Use it as a LEAD MAGNET
-> Retitle, Edit and Profit!
-> Use It As UPSELL For More Moolah!
-> Sell It As A Kindle Book & much much more!

Just make ONE sale and you’re on your way to continuous and never-ending profits. Simply send traffic to this evergreen product!

Better news? “Eating Healthy” PLR is running an Early Bird Special right now and you can grab your copy at a MASSIVE discount!

So HURRY! Don’t miss out on this hard-to-come-by opportunity.

All you need to do is:

1. Download the product
2. Do some mix, match and tweak as desired
3. Upload it
4. Add some traffic And you start profiting as soon as today!

Turn $2 into $10, over and over again.

Posted October 25th, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Niche Marketing

Turnkey Profit Machines

How would you like to turn $2 into $10?

Would you take a few hours out of your day? And would you then repeat again and again?

It’s not that hard…All you need is a step-by-step guide, and ability to follow instructions.

Turnkey Profit Machines is a complete package unlike anything you have probably seen recently.

Here is how it works:

– Follow the steps to find a great niche
– Pick products
– List the products on your site for $9–$19
– Drive traffic, full instructions provided
– Only AFTER you make the sale, you source the product for $0.50–$2
– Keep the crazy 1000% margin!

This is NOT about:

– It’s not an old IM niche
– It’s not about selling stuff to people which they don’t really want
– It’s not about building a list (even though you can)

It’s about realistic results. Start out small. Make 40-50 bucks in a few days. Grow from there.

Early Bird price expires in 7 hours. Do it now!


Have you ever asked yourself, “Which niche should I go into?”

Don’t know the best possible tools and ways to discover a profitable niche?

Time is money…

Wasted time is wasted money…

When you can leverage someone else’s hard work and the right tools, it speeds everything up!

MarketTapp is a niche database and research software containing nearly 15,000 curated niches, all broken down into market categories, niches, micro-niches. Its “Keyword Exploration” interface, when connected directly, pulls suggested phrases.

It connects to Facebook, so Groups and Pages are revealed for a niche topic, to Twitter for the keyword-based conversation there, and to Reddit to show related channels.

The point—and POWER—of MarketTapp is the ability to brainstorm a niche idea, drill down into it, find related keywords, find the audience, and take action!

Your First $3,788 On Shopify?

Posted August 2nd, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Niche Marketing

eCom Product List

Attention physical product seller, are you struggling to make money on Shopify?

Are you racking your brains trying to find PROFITABLE products to sell on your stores?

My good friend Devid Farah has just released a fantastic product today and it’s ONLY for people who want to make money with their stores in lightning speed…

Let me introduce to you “eCom Product List“—the no-sweat solution to super-easy Shopify profits that reveals an abundant supply of MILLIONS of money-making products to choose from that you can easily sell!

Devid has made $3,788 in ONE DAY by selling only ONE product from this list!

At over 1 million products in 362 white-hot niche markets, this list is ENORMOUS and is going to save you grueling hours and months of frustrating research.

You could set up your products in less than 5 minutes in your Shopify store and start making more money today, and that’s just the beginning.

eCom Product List also includes:

– 15 MILLION money-making keywords, sub-niches, micro niche ideas

– TONS of “Free + Shipping” products

– 7,300 pages of cash-rich niches

– Done-For-You Global Monthly Searches

– Jackpot “Buzz Topics”, Deeply Researched, READY TO EXPLOIT

– Thousands of Obscure, Uncommon niche products to create profitable stores on!

NEVER get stumped again for a niche or product ideas…they are ENDLESS!

eCom Product List is SUPER CHEAP and if you get it now, you will get 7 amazing bonuses completely free.

It’s not going to be at that price with all the bonuses for so long, so make sure you grab your copy now.

Looking for fresh health and weight loss content? You got it. The “What’s Hot – What’s Not, Diet and Nutrition Trends for 2016” PLR report touches on diet and nutrition trends this year. This would make a great lead magnet if you’re working on building a list in the weight loss niche. Or you can split up the content to make a great e-mail series.

What’s covered inside:

• An overview of 12 newest diet trends
• An overview of 13 newest nutrition trends
• Trends to avoid
• Diet myths debunked

Credit Niche PLR Special

Posted June 24th, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Niche Marketing Resell Rights

If you’re looking for some content in the Personal Finance niche, we’ve got you covered. The topic is credit and here’s what you get with this PLR special:

• 10 PLR Articles about Consumer Credit and Credit Cards
• 10 Fresh Custom Written Tweets to Promote Each Article
• 3 Images To Make Your Content Shine

You and your buyers can use them on their blogs, in their newsletters and autoresponders, bundle them into a lead magnet report etc., perfect to get your prospects into your marketing funnel and earn commissions with every repeat sale.