While the Law of Attraction is getting quite a bit of publicity these days, the concept has been around for centuries and has been known (and used successfully) by great minds throughout history. According to books like The Secret, there

Wealth On Demand

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101 Ways To Attract Wealth

What if finally getting wealth could be this easy?

This blueprint lays out 101 proven ways millionaires are made everyday. And the cost will shock you…

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In my last essay, I shared the fact that in content marketing, as many as 90% of those requesting your free content will NOT be prospects for your service or product.

Today I want to show you things you can do on your landing page so you can differentiate between free content moochers and genuine sales leads.

There are 2 basic strategies you can use to determine whether a respondent is simply grabbing your freebie or is a qualified prospect for the product or service you are selling.

The first is to have fields that gather information you can use to qualify the respondent.

For instance, in addition to name and e-mail address, I ask for:

1. Company name: to see whether they work for a real company that is a good fit for my services.

2. Website URL: so I can check them out with a quick click to see what kind of company I am dealing with.

3. Phone number: because I need to talk to the prospect on the phone to fully qualify and then close him.

4. Title: my prospects hold certain job titles, and if the person has a title outside of those (e.g. purchasing agent), he is probably not a good lead.

Yes, the more fields you require the prospect to fill in, the lower your gross conversion rate, but the easier it will be to know whether someone is a real lead or just a lookie-loo.

I don’t care about gross conversion rate. I’m not in business to give away free stuff. My marketing is designed to generate highly qualified leads that turn into customers at a brisk rate.

To balance the desire for high response rate with qualified sales leads, you can have multiple fields, but make some mandatory and others optional.

The second strategy to qualifying visitors on your landing page is to require them to check one or more of 3 options:

[ ] Send me your free special report/white paper/etc.

[ ] Send me a free information kit on your products/services

[ ] Contact me to discuss my needs

If someone checks only the first option and not the second, it’s a strong indicator that they are just freebie seekers.

However, if the information they entered about themselves fits the profile of a good potential client for you, they are still worth a follow-up.

If someone checks both the first and second options, they are more qualified, because they have asked not only for the freebie but have indicated interest in your product or service.

If they check both the first and second options and filled in all fields with information showing them as a good fit for your product or service, they are a highly qualified lead.

If they check the third box, which invites you to contact them

PLR Marketing Secrets

Henry Gold has launched a brand new PLR product called “PLR Marketing Secrets Step-By-Step Guide 2.0” where it will give your audience a step-by-step blueprint how to make a lot of cash from Private Label Rights material, product creation and marketing.

You can slap in your name.
You can become an author.
You can rebrand yourself as a product creator.
You can resell it for 100% cash profit.
You can sell it online and offline.

Basically, it is completely up to YOU.

The PLR Marketing Course includes:

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Feature #7: Squeeze Page + Thank You Page (Value: $400)
Feature #8: Nine Follow-up Messages (Value: $100)
Feature #9: Customer List Page (Value: $200)
Feature #10: Set-Up Everything Tutorial (Value: $100)

In addition, we have even provided you with a step-by-step tutorials on how to edit, slap your name, and upload the PLR course in just MINUTES.

To spice things up, here is what you are also going to receive:

Bonus #1: Build 48,000 Subscribers in 30 Days ($197 Value)
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Content Nitrous

People often wonder what sets apart the REALLY profitable marketers from those barely make a couple of bucks here and there.

You know what I’m talking about. Some marketers sell THOUSANDS of units and seem to always get ALL the buzz and all the JVs while others barely even cause a tiny blip on the launch radar.

Now what if I told you you can transform your miserable marketing campaigns with a little WordPress shortcode that you could quickly insert inside all your websites to boost your long-term marketing profits by over 30%?

This shortcode is the core beef of the Content Nitrous system and you’ll be shocked at how easy it really is!

Most people that set out to make money online often fall into the “Feast or Famine” launch cycle.

Now you can avoid that traffic and boost your profits by adding a simple line of code to your websites!

Plus it is not expensive, not like $97 or even $27. Discover how the real marketers increase their backend profits with Content Nitrous now. It will be worth your time.

I think everyone who wants to be a kind and decent human being should adhere to these “15 commandments of human behavior”:

1. Don’t brag. It makes those less fortunate than you feel bad about themselves. You feed your ego at their expense.

2. Don’t give unsolicited advice. People don’t like it and anyway, who asked you?

3. Be generous with others. In social situations, always reach to pick up the check first. In your business dealings, make sure the other person comes out a little bit better than you.

4. Be kind to children and animals.

5. Help those in need.

6. You have two ears but only one mouth, so nature is telling you to listen twice as much as you talk.

7. If it’s not too late for you to heed this advice, have kids while you are still in your 20s.

8. Spend a lot of time with your kids while they are young and still want to be with you. Once that time is gone, it’s gone forever.

9. Keep your mind and imagination active. If nothing else, read a lot of books.

10. Don’t waste time and energy being jealous of the rich, successful, powerful, famous, thin, buff, athletic, talented, and good-looking. As Max Ehrmann said, “There will always be those greater and lesser than you.” Almost everyone in my gym is younger and fitter than I am. I don’t care.

11. Don’t avoid going to the doctor because you are either stoic, macho, or afraid. Delaying going to the doctor when you have symptoms could literally kill you, as it did my grandmother and my father.

12. Exercise at minimum 3 hours a week. Three out of ten Americans do not exercise at all. I had a period of a few years when I did not. Terrible.

13. Don’t waste too much time with social media. Real life is better.

14. Be humble, not arrogant. Humble people are forgiven if they stumble; arrogant people are not.

15. Be a nice and kind person. Treat others with good manners and respect.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

Graphics PLR Megabundle

Lucas Adamski released a crazy Graphics PLR Megabundle. It features 3,029 “best-of-the-best” marketing graphics and templates with FULL resell rights!

That’s 3,029 of absolutely jaw-dropping graphics that will boost your conversions & save a ton of money on graphic designers!

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Mindvalley Presents…T. Harv Eker!

If you have been struggling with a limiting belief that being both financially successful and a good, spiritual person are mutually exclusive…

Then congratulations, your battle is about to end.

T. Harv Eker is going to help you undo the mental shackles holding you (and your wallet) back in his brand new masterclass.

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In this brand new masterclass, Harv will reveal

Click Rate Fusion

When it comes to making money with e-mails, it can be straightforward.

Once you know how to structure them in a way that touches prospects’ hot buttons, you can click the ‘send’ button and watch the profits pour in.

But a lot of marketers out there don’t know how to do e-mail marketing RIGHT.

Their open rates are non-existent; they have crappy clickthrough rates, and rarely make any sales.

So if you’re ready to start earning money with your e-mails, learn exactly how a full-time high-school teacher with no prior experience in the business turned a very small list of subscribers into a tsunami of profit with a simple step-by-step approach.

And he’s spilling his guts you in his new training, for you to use as your own.

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VoiceStakToday a new solution is changing the way that site owners interact and engage with their visitors + customers.

It’s called VoiceStak and LIFETIME accounts are available for 7 days only.

VoiceStak blends List Building, Branding and Customer Support into ONE.

With a little piece of code and 2 minutes, you can start collecting voice AND video messages on your websites.

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Facebook Marketing 2.0

Dr. Amit Pareek has just released his latest “Facebook Marketing 2.0” Monster PLR!

You can:

+ Slap Your Name and SELL IT AS Your OWN for $97 a pop to Make Huge Profit
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Or Do Anything that You can Think of!

Facebook Marketing 2.0 is built around these modules:

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
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Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)
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This comes with all READY-TO-GO sales material so you can get INSTANT return on your investment by selling it immediately!

NO Monthly Charges,
NO Secret Unnoticed Charges!
NO Profits Sharing,
keep 100% of the money!
Keep all leads generated, including the buyers!

SociVids Pro

These days FB makes it easier than ever to post videos. Video posts even get preferred treatment and higher ranking in the feeds.

This is huge for video and social media marketers. But the problem remains: how do you get people to take action?

Because people on FB want to STAY there. And until now, marketers had to direct people away from FB for them to take action.

But today, you can get people to click on your videos, take action, and not leave FB at all…

And putting more leads, sales and profits directly in your pocket.

Check out SociVids Pro now!

Created by marketers, for marketers. And it works straight out of the box, with just a few clicks.

Build your list, drive affiliate commissions, sell more of your own stuff.

All From INSIDE Of FB!


Have you ever noticed that whenever any marketer talks about traffic, they go out of their way to tell you it isn’t Google.

I see headlines all the time like “6 Great Traffic Methods That Have Nothing To Do With Google”.

Why is it that all traffic methods are compared to Google?

Because Google is the yardstick. Google is the 800-pound gorillia. Google is where the traffic is!

If you don’t know what you’re doing (which most don’t, hence trying to teach everything BUT Google), Google is hard. But once you DO master it, and there’s a science to it – it’s an absolute GOLDMINE!

Fortunately, I know someone that HAS mastered it. He’s spent millions and millions of dollars, across MANY different niches, and he really has it down to a science…

And he’s going to teach YOU!

His name is Fred Lam, and he’s doing a one-time only event, where he’s going to spill all the insider secrets to getting tons of paid traffic from Google.

So if you’re ready to hop out of the kiddie pool and come and play with the big boys, learn to do Google right from someone that actually knows his stuff, and lives it.

Register For Your Zero Cost LIVE Google Training NOW

I’ll see you there.

New! Printable Social Media Planner

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Weekly Social Media Planner

As an online marketer, you probably had wished you could better manage your time to maximize your social media work. If that is you, you’d be glad to know that a new, printable “Weekly Social Media Planner” has just been released and it’s about to make your work more enticing, effective, and efficient.

Plus you have full rights license to customize and personalize this planner to sell or give away to your clients.

What can you do with this planner?


The most powerful YouTube monetization software that’s hit the market to date, VideoDrill is built to help you locate and target your target market on ANY YouTube video.

Unlike any other targeting software, VideoDrill has an additional filtering system built in to help narrow down to the most targeted audiences to run ads to.

PLUS to help you with your advertising, it also features a 1-click upload to Google AdWords. Simply select your target groups and create an ad that can be exported to AdWords in one click.

Better yet, it’s so easy to use and takes a few minutes, if not seconds to understand how it works (full training included if you get stuck on anything).

Watch the demo video to see how it works.

What’s the secret of these billion-dollar behemoths than enables them to produce cash on a whim?

Hollywood A-listers like Robert Downey Jr, Tom Cruise, and Scarlett Johansson are NOT privy to these methods.

It just makes sense because this is nothing new really.

In fact it’s a ‘system’ Napoleon Hill himself (bestselling author of “Think and Grow Rich”) used to make his book earn millions in revenue.

So how come they know about these secrets and we don’t?


It’s all explained here.

One of the living legends of marketing and small business success, Dan Kennedy, recently released a new video series revealing the strategies for wealth creation for your business and your life.

In the first episode, Dan discussed the architecture of wealth attraction. You discovered why you are working so hard and not getting ahead as fast as you want.

In the second episode, Dan shows you how to harness an unusual power so business flows to you. Plus, you learned about the movement of money and achieving alignment with the forces that govern it.

In the third episode, you discover how to structure your business to attract better customers, clients or patients and make your business wildly profitable on your own terms.

These episodes will only be available for a few more days. You should watch them now.

To get immediate access, click here.

Again, with these videos, you have everything you need to know exactly how to structure your business to attract better customers, clients or patients and make your business wildly profitable on your own terms.

I want to introduce you to Fred…

If you didn’t know Fred, there’s no way you’d know he’s a traffic tycoon.

But don’t be fooled by his boyish smile and unassuming manner, with over $10 million of sales of anything from water filters to info-products, Fred is one of the top marketers on the planet when it comes to paid traffic.

Fred wrote the book on paid traffic…

Seriously, he actually did write THE book, and for a limited time, he is giving it away at no cost!

The 3 Ultimate Traffic Pillars

Actually, it’s more of a “mini book” or a “report” than a book. That’s because he skips all the meaningless padding, and concentrates just on the meaty bits that you need to know.

I really don’t know how long this will be up at zero cost, so take advantage of it now while you can.

Grab Fred’s book “The 3 Ultimate Traffic Pillars” now, and learn to drive unlimited traffic.

How To Become A Twitter Expert In 24 hours

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Become A Twitter Expert In 24 hours

Internet marketing guru, Samantha Milner, has published a blueprint that everyone who’s serious about using social media should read.

This report is called “Become A Twitter Expert In 24 hours“.

And it’s based on the system that Samantha uses to generate a 60,000+ targeted following on all forms of social media and how you could do the same for little over an hour a day.

Best of all, it’s valued at $97 but for a VERY limited time I’ve managed to persuade her to let you have it for the amazing price of…


Download this quick, because I can’t see this offer lasting much longer.

Want to be known as a TRAFFIC EXPERT!

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Are you struggling to get decent amounts of traffic to your offers?

Are you getting traffic but it