Best Sellers Summit

January is the month for New Year’s resolutions. Is one of your top resolutions “I’m FINALLY going to be a successful author”?

However, hitting that level of achievement can be a daunting task. It CAN happen, if you have the right knowledge and mentoring, even if you haven’t written that book or information product you’ve been thinking about.

Last year’s inaugural Best Sellers Summit was a huge success because there is a great demand for book publishing know-how, so NY Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas and content marketing expert Alice Seba have assembled a new line-up of online publishing experts so you can learn the latest real-life and practical strategies like:

  • 6 ways to get more book reviews to sell more books with less effort
  • How to have a high quality non-fiction book written for your for free or for a very low cost
  • ‘8 Kindle Secrets’ that reveal the key factors to increasing book sales on Amazon
  • How to churn out massive profits with membership sites
  • How to take a best-selling book and turn it into a course people will love
  • 4 models to double your business with your book
  • How one writer sold 25,000+ copies of their book and build up a list with 100,000 readers, using only Facebook
  • How to write and publish a #1 best-selling kid’s book in 7 days or less
  • How to easily write a book in just 1 weekend
  • How to effectively engage your audiences with chatbots to sell your products on Facebook Messenger
  • 10 ways to get free publicity that sells books and information products
  • Using a blog to build your brand, grow your email list and sell products on autopilot
  • How to turn your writing skills (and even content you’ve already written) into an easy income without taking any clients
  • Turn your knowledge into a sustainable recurring income

From all the feedback Ron and Alice received about last year’s workshop, they certainly over-delivered on their promise. And these are just a few of the comments from their Facebook Event page.

“I had to get up at 2am and stay coffeed up until 6am for Day 1, and it was well worth it. Walked away with some nuggets that I’m gonna be applying in my new business. One tip by Armand is gonna save me a crap load of time.” ~ Kevin Riley

“I have to add my congratulations here too. This summit has indeed been very valuable for writers. Thank you for putting it all together and selecting such good speakers who present on topics of interest and with substance.”  ~ Suzanne Kiraly

“Amazing first day came away with my head buzzing. Just the first day is enough to set you up on the right path to making a healthy income online.”  ~ Graham Nelson-Williams

“Just want to say if day 2 is as good as day one we are really on a ROLL!” ~ Eleanor Wint

The Best Sellers Summit is a 3-day virtual summit, which means you don’t have to take a flight and stay in a hotel, so there is no reason you can afford to miss this out when all-access pass starts at $17! You get all the recordings, transcripts, notes and PowerPoint slides. This could be as much a life-changing event as it is to past attendees. The saying goes that it’s always best to learn from and surround yourself with people who have achieved what you want to achieve. And if one of the things you want to do is grow your audience and sell more stuff, you’ve got to get yourself to the Best Seller Summit that runs from January 31st to February 2nd.

Instant Product Engine

Eric Holmlund spent over 5 YEARS perfecting this system for you!

When you see WHAT the Instant Product Engine does, you’ll understand why this incredible invention took so long.

Can you imagine an automated system that generates all these for you:

– Your product
– Your sales letter
– Your squeeze page
– Your download page
– Your graphics

And it instantly brands ALL of the above with YOUR unique product name!

Instant Product Engine (IPE) is a system that takes most of the hard work out of launching your own products on the Internet.

In the past, you had to research a niche and come up with a product to sell…but now IPE will do that for you.

In the past, you had to create or outsource an information product…but now IPE will create it for you.

In the past, you had to hire a graphic designer or use fancy software to create custom graphics for your product…but now IPE will create them for you.

In the past, you had to write a sales letter, or hire an expensive copywriter to do it for you…but now IPE will give you a sales page.

In the past, you had to know how to do the technical stuff like uploading everything and making it all work…but now IPE will take care of that for you too!

This is something you’ll just have the SEE to believe. You’ll understand everything when you see this. Those who get in on time will have a huge advantage for 2018.

Information Product Creation Template Package

Ron Douglas and Alice Seba have just released a new set of information product creation templates. It gives you the necessary instructions and templates to create and sell an information product. Plus, you can opt for resell rights to sell these templates as your own product or work on them with your clients and customers!

This package includes:

• Insider’s Strategy Guide
• Product Brainstorming Checklist
• Product Brainstorming Worksheet
• Product Creation Planner
• 3 E-Book Templates
• 3 Brainstorming Worksheet Templates
• 3 Checklist Templates
• 3 Slideshow Templates
• Icon Graphics Set
• Editable Product Graphics

Enter coupon code ‘INFO30‘ to get 30% off your purchase!

Micro Report Riches

Are you banging your head against a wall trying to think up the perfect product to create for your tribe?

You’re not alone, trust me!

Creating an info-product is a great way to bring passive income to your business but it doesn’t have to be difficult to create and it doesn’t have to sell for thousands of dollars to be lucrative.

Believe it or not, you can build an empire with low-priced info-products that people just love with minimal time and monetary investment.

Hard to believe? It’s true and it works.

Learn how to quickly and easily create 10 to 15-page micro-reports that sell like hotcakes.

* Micro Report Riches *

Offers Into Cash

One major activity that top-tier Internet marketers do is create their own products. You could be selling as an affiliate all year round but once you launch your own product, chances are your sales conversion rate skyrockets because ultimately, prospects in your list want to buy YOU, not just from you.

Now you might think creating your own info-product takes arduous work. On the contrary, this new PDF by Marlon Sanders blows the myth out of the water.

Download “Offers Into Cash” and discover how to create, promote and sell an offer done up in 3 hours that brought in $15,234.21.

The idea of standing naked in front of a crowd of people is super scary to most of us, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you create your own product.

You’ve got this knowledge inside of you that you KNOW other people will benefit from. But in order to help them (and help yourself, with the sales), you have to reveal yourself to the world, put yourself out there, often without a safety net, and often with potential for embarrassment.

You want that uncomfortable period to be as short and quick and easy as possible, right?

Here’s how you do it…You need a guide like Darren Monroe.

Darren was working with huge companies like Universal Music and Clear Channel Radio, and big names like Eminem, Stevie Wonder, and Bon Jovi. Then disaster struck—Hurricane Katrina. That’s when he made a monumental life decision to do something different instead of blaming external factors.

Darren committed all-in to creating his own products and courses. Since then, Darren’s sold over 100,000 of his products and courses, creating better lives for numerous people.

And if you act quickly, he can make your life better too, and at an amazing special deal.

Darren has made one of his best courses, Product Creation Workshop, available for only $17. You will learn how to get your products done start to finish, as quick as possible. You get:

+ Framework Secrets: Learn Darren’s simple way to build instant framework outlines for product creation, so that your buyers can consume your digital products easily.

+ Format Secrets: Learn how to put your products in the BEST and QUICKEST formats (that are also the MOST profitable online), so you make more money with less hassles.

+ Captivating Content Secrets: NEVER lose their attention again with captivating content that keeps them glued and ENGAGED your training, so they’ll want even MORE from you.

+ Simple Online Delivery: Use the SIMPLEST methods to quickly deliver products ranging between $10 and $100 dollars, so you get that money coming in QUICKLY.

Plus you’ll get special bonuses:

+ ‘Live’ Walkthrough & Coaching: Darren walks you through the entire course, plus shows you why you SHOULD reveal your real self in your products and why it matters. This is like pumping the gas on getting through the process!

+ Bonus Case Studies: Watch Darren create products, programs, and workshops right in front of your eyes, so you can see just how easy and quick this can be!

Product Creation Workshop includes a 30-day money back guarantee. But I know that won’t even matter. This course is so good, you’ll want to hug it, if you could.

Darren intends to sell his course for a typical $97, but for a very short time, it’s only $17. Click here now to get your access.

Easy Illustrated eBooks

Do you know there’s a kind of e-book that is easily produced without writing it? Illustrated e-books are HOT in the Kindle marketplace, and as demonstrated by Rob Corrigan and Steve King, you don’t need any special graphics skill or equipment to do this! Heck, you don’t even need PhotoShop and you can source for free content to fill up the pages.

But you definitely need a system if you are serious about selling illustrated e-books.

Rob and Steve have been working online for over a decade as digital coaching content creators, and they have many years of experience of making money online, particularly in the field of illustrated e-books. Their latest coaching program shows you how even if you are just starting out. Rob and Steve are committed to give you the best possible coaching support to ensure that you can profit in this new field of e-book creation.

Grab your copy of “Easy Illustrated eBooks” and use this 25% discount code: ebook25

Best Sellers Summit

Earlier this year, NY Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas and content marketing expert Alice Seba ran Best Sellers Summit 2017 to resounding success. In this virtual event, they assembled a panel of online publishing experts so you can learn the latest real-life and practical strategies like:

* How to build instant and lasting authority in your niche

* How to overcome your indecisive slump and take profitable action

* Growing your continuity income with membership sites

* Take your book’s message further by repurposing your content

* Working with a publisher to boost your credibility and sell more books

* Building a 3K a month business in a virtually ignored Amazon category

* Writing and publishing a best-selling children’s book in 7 days or less

* Using the power of book series to sell more and boost your authority

* A case study on becoming the #1 book on Amazon in 9 hours flat

* Simple Facebook Ad tweaks to get more exposure and reduce your ad costs dramatically

* Creating a self-publishing empire on Amazon, without doing any writing

* Effortlessly bringing additional income beyond your books

* Kindle-selling secrets of an 18-year old with a 5-figure monthly Amazon business

* Another case study of breaking the top 40 books on Amazon, in ALL categories

* Creating your own books and e-books in 3 hours flat…or less!

* Using public domain content to create profitable Kindle books

* How to get more book reviews, WITHOUT cheating the system or raising any flags

* Growing your mailing list through your book sales

From all the feedback Ron and Alice received about the workshop, they certainly over-delivered on their promise. Here are some unsolicited feedback from the Best Sellers Summit:

“The BSS was awesome! You put together an awesome slate of people to present. I see a lot of potential in business breakthroughs here. If you can’t breakthrough with this, you aren’t paying attention or you aren’t trying!” – Damion Flynn

“I have attended all of the sessions and all of them are very informative! Loving it even more than last year.” – Mandy Kendall

“This was by far the best seminar I’ve attended, ever! I recently retired and have been ruminating furiously, trying to figure out what I want to do and how to do it! You guys and your fantastic presenters have given me some invaluable tools!” – Kristin Volberg

“What amazing speakers you have brought together. I really appreciate all the tips and the quality of speakers. Thanks Alice Seba and Ron Douglas for such a brilliant Summit. Loving it!” – Diana Walker

If you had missed attending the Summit, you will be glad to hear Ron and Alice are now holding a sale of the BSS recordings. You can now get full access to all the recordings, enhanced transcripts and detailed notes from all the information-packed sessions, but the sale is only good through the weekend.

Get your specially-priced All Access Pass before your weekend is over.

Super Sales Machine

Whilst the words “product creation” rolls off the tongue very easily, DOING is a completely different ball game.

And after teaching the art of creating products to my private coaching students, it’s becoming very clear to me that this is a subject that needs mastering.

So today I have 5 powerful manuals that will guide you through the process of creating your own products.

Inside you’ll discover…

* Choosing Your Market
* Researching It’s Profitability
* Gauging It’s Demand
* Passion Versus Profitability

* Simple Copywriting Tips
* The Nature Of The Offer
* What Is It People Really Want?
* How Do You Engage Your Prospects

* The Attention Of Buyers
* How To Outsource
* Dealing With People You Hire
* Choosing Your PLR Topic For Your Product
* Presenting The Product
* Getting Sales

And much more…

Digital Profit MasterIf you were asked to create an online product, where would you start?

Many beginning Internet marketers more or less have the same challenges when it comes to creating their own online product.

You have the ideas, but you don’t have the knowledge to get those ideas into place. It really feels frustrating when you can’t get your million-dollar idea off the ground due some hurdles which you are not aware of, did not expect or did not understand.

That’s about to change with a solution that bridges the gap between ideas and income.

John Thornhill has teamed up with Dan Sumner to put their 20 years worth of product creation knowledge into one easy-to-understand place.

Would you like to be part of Digital Profit Master and learn how to create the best product you can? It will make your life very easy indeed.

Super Sales Machine

If you want to learn the ENTIRE process of setting up your own private label product or resell rights product from scratch, then these free lessons are for you.

LESSON #1 – What You Will Achieve Fully Explained
LESSON #2 – A Detailed Look At The File Layout
LESSON #3 – Sales Page Brief And What You’re Selling
LESSON #4 – Sales Page Customization And File Upload
LESSON #5 – How To Create A PayPal “Buy Now” Button
LESSON #6 – Inserting Your Payment Button Into The Sales Page

You’ll also receive a free product used in this course so you can work alongside it and make money with it right away.

Imagine turning 3 hours into $28,000…

Posted November 13th, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Product Creation

How To Create Your Own High Profit Products

Can you imagine selling $28,000 of a product that takes you only 3 hours to create?

Well, good news.

Marlon Sanders has just released a guide that explains the 12 steps to banging out your own product in 3 hours.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

• How to do it with free or dirt cheap
• Exactly how to get ideas
• The secret to raking in evergreen sales
• Why product creation trumps other methods
• Why product creation is easier than you’ve been led to believe

Prior versions of the “How To Create Your Own High Profit Products” guide sold for $100, but this brand spanking new version is on a dime sale so grab it before it goes up.

I doubt he’ll offer it this cheap again. You better grab it now.

4-Week Self-Publishing System

CoachGlue has just released a new set of PLR workshop material that you customize and sell to your clients and it’s pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.

Altogether, you receive 4 Training Modules + 4 Fast Action Plan Worksheets & Exercises + 4 Program Accelerator Checklists + 4 Sets of PowerPoint Slides in “4-Week Self-Publishing System“.

Module 1 “Get Your Book Ready for Publication” includes:

• 3 types of editing—skip even one of these, and your book (and your sales) will suffer for it.

• Where to find great editors—and why this is one job you absolutely must outsource.

• How and why to pre-qualify beta readers—and how to get feedback that is actually helpful and not simply glowing.

• How to choose a formatter for your book—including six questions you must answer before you pay anyone!

• 3 formatting options to choose from—and one that you probably already have on your computer (plus how to use it).

• Two ways to create a spectacular, stand-out cover—don’t skip this, because people really do judge a book by its cover.

• Pros and cons of various cover file types—and when and why you might choose one over another.

• How to organize your files for your formatter—she’ll be much more efficient and less expensive if you do this one simple thing!

• How to prepare your files for distribution—because a little planning leads to a lot less stress!

In Module 2 “Plan Your Book Launch”, you will discover:

• 10 pre-launch tasks you can do right now (even before your book is finished) to build a buzz—get your audience excited, and you’ll build a ready list of buyers weeks ahead of time!

• Why your book launch is not just about your book—and how to incorporate video, audio and more to capture a larger audience.

• Why YouTube can be your biggest source of traffic during a book launch—and all it takes is this one simple tool!

• How to prepare your website for launch—skipping this step is like failing to straighten your house before company arrives.

• How to find the time to do all the tasks that are required for an amazing launch—because the last thing you need is more overwhelm.

• A 3-step plan for gearing up your social media presence—Without a strong social media plan, your launch will suffer.

• The one tool all social outreach plans need—and you’re probably using it every day (but maybe not correctly).

• How to find out the best time (and places) to hang out online with your audience—because getting in front of the traffic is critical to your success.

• How to make use of your ARCs—and how to be sure you get the best results from your outreach efforts.

And, yes, there’s more. In module 3 “Step-by-Step Amazon Start Up”, you’ll find…

• Why it’s critical to upload your book to Amazon’s self-publishing platforms in a specific order—if you get this wrong, you’ll create a lot more work for yourself!

• Vital differences you must know about cover art—one missing piece can derail your publishing plans before you get started.

• Time—and frustration—saving tips for image formatting—the rules are very different for print than digital, so don’t skip this section.

• Why you shouldn’t use all the space you’re given for your book description—and how to make your book stand out.

• The pros and cons of publishing on CreateSpace—and why you might want to do it regardless.

• What you must know about ISBNs—and how one little choice can keep you out of brick-and-mortar bookstores permanently.

• How to make the KDP Select decision—and the huge advantage that can more than make up for lack of sales.

• How to optimize your Amazon author page—and an in-depth look at one author who gets it all right.

Module 4 “Grow Your Reach with More Publishing Platforms and Promotion” wraps it up with…

• 3 major platforms your audience is using—including one you may never have heard of!

• A bullet point comparison of the most popular publishing platforms—and one big drawback to a major player that you must know about.

• 7 ways to promote your book offline—you might just be surprised how much traction you can gain.

• Practical tips for how to manage it all—because it’s easy to become so overwhelmed your book is never published, or worse, it’s published badly.

• Critical considerations when it comes to choosing different publishing platforms—including location-specific issues you may not have considered.

• What you must know about payments, commissions, and stats—and which platforms do it best.

• Why you might want to purchase your own ISBN—and the one platform that requires it.

Excited? Ready to release your next workshop course?

You can check out the “4-Week Self-Publishing System” package. Now there are 3 ways to get this new workshop:

1. Grab it for a one-time price at $297. You’ll get everything you see listed above.

2. Better Value: Get a spot in CoachGlue’s All Access Monthly program for $97/mth. You’ll get this workshop AND 3 new packages automatically added to your account every month!

3. Best Value: Accessing the Annual VIP Program gets you just about everything in CoachGlue’s ENTIRE site at a huge discount PLUS everything they release for the next year. If you plan on grabbing a few things here and there, this will most likely save you a LOT of money over the course of the year.

Thank YOU and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Eben Pagan is doing a ‘live’ webinar on Sep. 26th, Monday, to walk you through how to create your own digital information product.

Eben has built 10 different digital product brands and businesses to the $1 million level (Ten!).

You can register as my guest for free here.

In this all-new webinar, Eben is going to share business growth trends for 2016, plus he’s going to show you what digital products are and how they work.

He’s also going to explain how to take what you know, and your story, and turn it into a book or other digital product that you can sell online.

You’re going to learn:

> Niche targeting tips

> Product creation tips

> Marketing and conversion tips

> List and audience building tips

> Tips for launching your digital product

…and much, much more.

Eben will be on hand to answer your questions about building your product as well, so make sure you register here.

How To Turn Your Idea Into A Digital Product

Posted September 20th, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Product Creation

In this new video, Eben Pagan explains how to turn your “big idea” into a digital information product that you can sell online (just opt-in to watch it free).

You also get a 3-page PDF report and exercise that walks you through the process of making a simple outline for your book or teaching product.

This process is simple, but ingenious, because it helps you outline your product in a way that makes it irresistible to someone who might want to buy it.

In this video, you’ll also see:

• Eben’s 5-step model for taking an idea, creating a product, building a business, creating the lifestyle you want, and then making a big contribution and impact in the world

• Actual “on screen” examples of the incredible number of people searching for things online right now (and looking for what YOU know)

• Why creating a digital product is the highest LEVERAGE thing you can do to build your online business

• Three product case studies, to see how different types of digital products look and work together

• Specific tips for creating your product, getting traffic and leads, and selling it online

…and much, much more.

Go watch it now, and learn how to take your big idea, and turn it into a digital product that you can sell online!

[New Video] How To Find YOUR Big Idea

Posted September 16th, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Product Creation

Have you ever wanted to write a book or teach a course?

Have you ever wanted to take your unique life experience, knowledge and story, and create a unique product that you can use to monetize it?

Would you like to take the fastest route to learning the skills you need to build your own online business and make an impact in the world?

In order to get started, you need to identify what YOU know that you can turn into a book or other product.

In this new video, Eben Pagan explains “How To Find Your Big Idea” and how to find the knowledge you have that is most valuable to others (just opt-in to watch it free).

You also get a PDF summary and exercise to use to identify YOUR big idea, so you can create a book or other digital information product with it and then sell it online.

In this video, you’ll also see others who have created successful digital products, and get a view into the growth of the online education and digital product market.

Go watch it now, and identify YOUR big idea to build your own digital product.

Ebook Profit Academy

Jon Crimes has been publishing e-books on Amazon Kindle for some time now and he is making great money but is the first to admit it was not always this way!

Over the past couple of years he had faced questions like:

“I am not the best author! How can I cost-effectively outsource the writing of an e-book?”

“What should I be doing to make my book really standout in the Kindle store and catch the immediate attention of customers?”

“Am I researching properly?”

“How on EARTH do I promote it and make MONEY?”

He has answered all these questions (and more!) and now has a profitable e-book business working almost on autopilot.

It still needs monitoring but he also gives you some great tools and bonuses which really help to make this EASY.

If you’ve ever created e-books, would like to know how, or just want a quick and easy way to Publish, Promote and Make Money, then you really need to check out the Ebook Profit Academy.

Jon is getting a serious reputation for developing straightforward and effective ways to make money online and the Ebook Profit Academy is certainly no exception.

You’re going to be blown away with what this Complete Ebook Publishing Course gives you!

Check it out today and take advantage of a SUPER LOW Launch price!

Snappy Product Creation

How would you like to cash-in and save time with your own 7-part video series and bonus report to giveaway to your list or as a bonus?

You can brand and monetize the “Snappy Product Creation” PLR with 20+ affiliate links in 30 secs or less each paying you 100% commission on front end products ranging from $7 to $27 plus 50% commission on the OTOs and downsells.

Here’s why you should grab this right now! PLR doesn’t come any better or quicker:

>> Great as a list-building offer on your squeeze page (free hosting optional)

>> Perfect thank you for your existing subscribers as a reward for their loyalty

>> Helps reduce your unsubscribes by continuing to give out quality content

>> Makes an ideal bonus for an existing product to put on your download page

>> You can use this as a high-value bonus when promoting an affiliate product

>> Takes only 30 secs for you to set up – The fastest PLR on the planet!

>> No monetized ‘thank-you’ page required – as your 20+ affiliate links are all built in!

It’s on a dime sale so get in now before the price starts rising.

Launch Rocket Blueprint

As an Internet Marketer, it can be hard to make money.

You want to create and sell your new product to customers, but knowing where to start can be difficult. Even when you do manage to start making sales, the time you put in vs. the number of products sold can be very disproportionate and lose you a lot of money.

Well, what if I told you, instead of slaving away struggling to make ends meet, there’s a way you can earn 10, 20 or even 30 times as much as you’re making now?

It may sound impossible, but believe me when I say with Launch Rocket Blueprint, you can do it too.

Launch Rocket Blueprint teaches you:

* how you can create an offer that no one can resist. You will learn how to create the most compelling and irresistible offers for your products that will attract tons of customers.

* how to use the most effective marketing tools to get your product in front of the largest audience possible. Things like writing effective promotional e-mails and creating custom banners will all be taught so marketing your product will be a cinch.

* how to create a high-quality and convincing sales letter to get customers to buy your products!

* how to set up a successful pre-launch campaign

Perhaps you want to make money to pay your bills, buy a new house or even travel the world.

It’s easy to dream of what you want, but how about actually getting it?

Earning six digits or even seven digits may sound like a dream and something you can’t do, but believe me when I say you can!

Using the techniques and secrets taught in the Launch Rocket Blueprint, you can turn that dream into a reality!

There are so many types of info-products you can create, like ebooks, worksheets, checklists, video, audio recordings or whatever your audience needs to learn a particular subject or solve a particular problem. It might be a product you sell and get paid for once, or you might provide ongoing value and charge a monthly subscription.

You’d wish you can create all of them, but there are only a few types of info-products worth considering to be suitable to your business model. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is a challenge for most marketers, but those who figured it out can sell their info-products by the boatloads to a hungry market that wants them.

Information products are such a boon for online marketers because:

* There is little to no investment required. You’re simply selling the knowledge you already have to help others.

* You can charge more for that information than you can for a Kindle book or publishing elsewhere.

* You can recruit affiliates and develop beneficial relationships to multiply your sales quickly.

* You grow your own customer list and when you have a happy customer list, they’ll keep buying from you over and over again.

Info Products Mastery

Veteran info-product marketers, Ron Douglas and Alice Seba, have something very special planned for you and they’re going to show you exactly how to do this. Their highly anticipated Info Product Mastery course is now open for registration and classes start this coming Saturday…and I do not want you to miss this.

In this two-part interactive ‘live’ training, NY Times Best-Selling Author and information product expert, Ron Douglas, will show you step-by-step how he created and marketed a product that generated $103,954.04 in sales in just 6 days.

Content marketing and product development expert, Alice Seba, will also cover how to create a recurring income info-product that continues to produces a steady full-time income month after month.

They’ll personally walk you through niche research, creating your product, launching and selling the heck out of it. You also get all the templates, tools and checklists you need to get your product up and selling quickly. These are the tools they use to launch their own products, so you know this is priceless stuff.

If you’ve thought about creating an information product, want to boost the sales of your current one or are ready to knock the next one out of the park, do yourself a favor and watch this presentation Ron put together for you. It’ll give you some great starter tips and you’ll learn how you can register for the full training.

If you’re looking for practical and personalized help to create and sell more of your info-product than you imagined, do yourself a favor and get one of the limited spots on this training.