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The Cash CodeYou’ve seen the latest Michael Jones video right? It set the marketing world on fire, and set tongues wagging everywhere.

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Dan Kennedy reveals a lifetime of secrets.

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Are you a Dan Kennedy fan? I respect him a lot, Big Time.

Dan Kennedy, over 30 years, has directly influenced and developed 250+ millionaires, consulted for billion-dollar companies and commands $10,000+ per day fees.

Over the years, Dan has held many powerful seminars and created industry gold-standard courses including his “Info Riches” (respected as one of the top authority courses on information marketing success), his Copywriting Bootcamp (viewed as a #1 training for copywriting) and many more…

But NONE of those seminars got as much attention as his “Lifetime Of Secrets” event.

Lifetime of Secrets

Lifetime Of Secrets

Lifetime Of Secrets is the ultimate business development and fast-growth marketing strategy brain dump.

Over 34 hours, Dan covered, recorded and transcribed his entire lifetime of entrepreneurial experience…embarrassing failures, horribly expensive lessons learned, mind-boggling successes, incredibly powerful strategies, examples, examples and more examples.

Dan did something he had NOT done for any one client, NEVER done for an audience, NEVER done in his books or courses. He painstakingly took the audience through his entire lifetime of experience, his entire arsenal of strategies, lessons learned from his amazing collection of clients as well as his own businesses. His biggest mistakes. What he would do differently if he had it to do over again. The key principles he’s stuck to, that have served him best. Exactly how he has directed his clients to explosive growth in their businesses…like from $200,000.00 to $6 Million in 14 months, from $1-Million to $300 Million in 8 years, from $260,000.00 to $4 Million in one year, etc.

Unlike many of his home study courses, this one isn’t specific to “information marketing” or “direct marketing” or “copywriting” or “consulting/coaching”.

Dan went through every bit of useful strategy and costly-mistake-to-avoid tactic from his decades of experience that will benefit ANY business builder.

Guess what ELSE you also get along with “Lifetime Of Secrets”?

Alumni Mastermind Meeting – FREE

After the Lifetime of Secrets session (when it was a ‘live’ seminar), some of Dan’s clients persuaded Dan to hold a follow-up workshop for the Lifetime of Secrets Bootcamp attendees.

THIS 2-day mastermind meeting was also recovered and is an immensely valuable resource. You can keep it for free. Learn more at:

Info Riches – FREE

Internet marketers and infopreneurs are not left out. The first 20 customers who order “Lifetime Of Secrets” get this entire INFO RICHES + the “Info Millions” bonus with RESALE RIGHTS LICENSE shipped to them FOR NO CHARGE (as MP3 CD-ROMs AND PDFs on CD for convenient packaging)!

The “Lifetime Of Secrets” is rarely made available even by itself let alone bundled with 2 other essential profit-resources.

This special package is a TEMPORARY offer and will be taken down by next week.

Now you can turn back the clock and relive this close-door event that Mr. Kennedy once ran for his clients and partners, considered the most important Dan Kennedy seminar ever held…

Affiliate Startup Blueprint

Here is a very powerful guide guaranteed to show you how to earn as much as you want, on the Internet.

The idea is actually very simple and easy to implement, but more importantly, easy to duplicate!

This blueprint is based on proven marketing strategies used by many successful marketers to generate income again and again! It’s called…

Affiliate Startup Blueprint

This blueprint consists of the following 5 easy steps:

1. Adopting the mindset of wealthy affiliates
2. Using a proper product selection process
3. Setting up your affiliate system
4. Generating targeted traffic
5. Putting it all together

The true magic about this blueprint is how it’s designed to show you, step-by-step, the right way to start your own online business. I have seen a lot of guides and courses on how to setup an online business and this guide is hands-down one of the best I ever saw!

Did I mention there is a bonus of 52 instructional videos included that show you exactly how to generate traffic? It’s very worth it. Discover all 3 bonuses that comes with Affiliate Startup Blueprint now!

How To Reword Content The Easy Way?

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Magic Article Rewriter

Article marketing can be difficult, tedious and time-consuming. However, there is a solution for this common problem. The most excellent Magic Article Rewriter can revolutionize everything! Just use it once and you’ll see results in as little as 24 hours, sometimes even less.

This is how the finest online rewording tool works: all you need to do is type, copy and paste or import an article. Start with the title and highlight either a word or sentence and select synonyms from the list (or add your own), you can also type in a unique sentence. Go through the whole article and when it’s complete, click the “rewrite article” button or the “mass rewrite” button and you have a ‘spun’ article. What this means is that you can now generate hundreds of unique articles. Try doing that the old fashioned way! You don’t have to worry about unreadable or duplicated content, it will always be non-duplicate content, as long as you spin your content right, you will have no trouble.

The amount of time it takes to complete the process is actually shorter that writing the actual article. I’m sure you’ve never spent 30 minutes writing hundreds of article. Most likely never! This online rewording tool saves you so much time and money. While it saves you time, you produce more articles, get more backlinks, and increase your traffic and overall income. Sounds good to me!

Besides rewording or spinning articles, it also merges articles. It spell-checks your content and furthermore you have the freedom to include your personal synonyms to your database. It also lets you know how much of your article you have spun or reworded. On the bottom, left corner you’ll see a number, that percentage represents the amount you’ve spun. The bigger the percentage the better, the more distinctive articles you will get! There is certainly no other online rewording tool that could do all of the above.

For customers, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee. Truthfully, this is definitely not a tool you could live without, when you do start using it, you will by no means want to go back! You also get some really good bonuses; the best piece will be 27,000 private label rights articles for almost every niche. Click for Magic Article Rewriter!

Millionaire lessons from a Deadbeat Dad?

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This is an inspiring story about one of my close friends who used to live off $5 bucks a week!

I really don’t know what else to say except “is this really possible?”

The best part is this just makes so much sense and when he talked about the way people get you to “buy into” stuff even when you know you’re being lied to…

I got MAD! VERY MAD!!!

Read Joshua’s Kindle book now. It’s nothing short of mind-blowing.

Easy Squeeze Page Traffic Videos

You should discover what Easy Squeeze Page Traffic Videos is all about simply because you’re not getting 50 to 100 new subscribers to join your list every day!

Stuart Stirling has put together a set of 16 videos that reveals the easiest ways to get traffic to your squeeze page.

Finally, you don’t need to be a guru marketer to get build a guru-sized list.

And you don’t need a guru-sized budget either because all the techniques he shows you are ZERO cost!

The price for 16 videos right now is terribly affordable but I hear Stuart will be raising it soon so grab your copy now.

Fast Track Cash

It’s time to stop procrastinating and use proven methods to generate cash on the fast track!

Watch this video now because it’ll blow you away.

For the first time ever, you can see REAL CASH generated ‘LIVE’ before your very eyes!

Fast Track Cash is the *fastest, easiest and laziest* way to make tons of cash ever:

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Best part is, this works like crazy!


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SEOLinkVine is a brand new system for getting massive amounts of 1-way links to your site, pushing you to the top of Google as fast as possible.

This is the same system that got him over 29,000 backlinks, and roughly 2,500 daily visitors to a site on weight loss, which as you know is a highly competitive niche.

If you’re one of the few who are still skeptical about SEO services and products like this…You should rethink your mindset because this is the REAL deal, with real proof, and real results.

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