Get 20 Blogging Checklists For $9.97

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Dennis Becker has released a set of 20 blogging checklists, and this is as comprehensive as it gets.

Checklist 1: The ultimate blogging for profit checklist
Checklist 2: The blog traffic checklist
Checklist 3: Your first 1000 readers checklist
Checklist 4: The blog content calendar checklist
Checklist 5: The blog faster productivity checklist
Checklist 6: The blog set up checklist
Checklist 7: The ultimate guide to blog post ideas checklist
Checklist 8: The create epic content checklist
Checklist 9: The blog monetization checklist
Checklist 10: The blog list-building checklist
Checklist 11: The blog plugins checklist
Checklist 12: The guest blogging checklist
Checklist 13: The blog launch checklist
Checklist 14: The blog niche-selection checklist
Checklist 15: The blog audience engagement checklist
Checklist 16: The overcoming blog mistakes checklist
Checklist 17: The 31-day better blog checklist
Checklist 18: The blog posts that sell checklist
Checklist 19: The hands-free blog outsourcing checklist
Checklist 20: The blog hacks checklist

Over 120 pages in total, thoroughly explained.

Get “Blogging Complete” at the introductory price of $9.97.

65 Done-For-You Blog Posts

Need content for your blog without writing it yourself?

CoachGlue has put together a special package of 65 done-for-you blog posts on a variety of topics that you can use to fill up your blog, newsletters and social media accounts with scheduled content for the summer holidays (which are coming up fast).

This package is only available for a limited-time, so make sure you grab these while they last!

Here are all the titles:

All About Pricing:

• Easy Pricing Strategies to Determine Your Rates
• No More ROI: The Real Way to Sell High-Priced Packages
• The Art of the Discount: How to Never Lower Your Rates Again
• Stop! Before You Raise Your Rates…Do This
• Say it With Confidence: How to Discuss Rates Like a Pro

Writing Your Book:

• 5 Reasons Every Coach Needs a Book
• Overcoming Objections: Defeating Your Top Book-Writing Hurdles
• Easy-Peasy Book Writing: 3 Ideas You Can Use to Write Your Book Today
• Book Marketing Made Easy: If You Write it, They Will Come
• Four Publishing Options Worth Exploring

Branding Your Business:

• How Much Transparency Is Too Much?
• The Art of Storytelling
• You Are Your Brand
• How to Identify Your IDEAL Client
• Clarifying Your Offerings for Bigger Profits

Sales Funnels Profits:

• What the Heck is a Funnel, Anyway?
• Why Your Funnels Leaks And What To Do About It
• 3 Pages Every Funnel Must Have And What To Include On Them!
• Put Your Sales on Autopilot With a Follow-Up Sequence
• Top Tools for Building All Your Sales Funnels

Facebook Ads:

• The Missing Element in Your Funnel
• Storytelling: Your Autoresponder Secret Weapon
• Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Planning
• 3 Elements of a Squeeze Page That Converts
• The Art of the Upsell

Growing Your Lists with Giveaway Events:

• Can You Really Build a Business Giving Away Free Stuff?
• 3 Promotional Strategies You Can’t Afford to Ignore
• Giveaway Events: For Best Results, Make it Easy on Your Partners
• Giveaway Events: The Money is in the Back End
• Inviting Giveaway Guests: Make Her an Offer She Can’t Refuse

Your Own Group Coaching Program:

• Why We Love Group Coaching Programs
• What Your Potential Clients Wish You Knew
• Three Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Business
• All About Product Funnels for Coaches
• Taming Technology: How to Easily Manage Your Coaching Business

Getting High-End Clients:

• How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?
• Lessons Learned: What A Lost Client Really Tells You
• Need More Clients? Think Like a Farmer
• Fear-Based Decisions Are Bad for Business
• Sales Tips for Reluctant Sales People

Creating Premium Packages:

• Mindset Matters: Getting Inside the Head of Top Dollar Coaches
• Your First Live Event: Start Small, Think Big
• 5 Ways to Uplevel Your Credibility
• Coaching Business Makeovers: It’s Time for a Change
• Simple Ways to Eliminate the Tire Kickers

Creating Business Systems:

• Your Automated Sales Force
• How to Network Like a Ninja
• Money Matters: How to Systematize Everything from Invoicing To Tax Preparation
• Hello Tech Support? How to Tame Those Technical Demons That Hold You Back
• 4 Solutions for De-Stressing Your Business Starting Right Now

Hosting Fun & Profitable VIP Days:

• Social Proof Sells: How to Build a Buzz During Your VIP Day and Sell Out Future Events
• Planning Your Day: Why Informal is the Best Way to Kill Your VIP Day
• Weeding Out the Wannabes: How to Design a VIP Application Process That Works
• Single Focus: The Secret to Powerful VIP Days
• VIP Days: The Secret Strategy of Top-Earning Coaches

Virtual Summits to Increase your Network & Network:

• Three Powerful Tools That Make Hosting a Virtual Summit Easy
• The Many Benefits of Virtual Summits
• How to Make Money With a Free Event
• Virtual Summits: Show Off Your Expertise (Even If You’re a Relative Newbie)
• Three Rookie Summit Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Webinars for List Building:

• Webinar Magic: 3 Powerful Benefits Every Webinar Offers
• Slide Secrets: How to Create Attention Grabbing Slide Presentations
• Webinar Repurposing Strategies That Make Sense
• Top Tips for Hosting an Engaging Webinar
• Webinar Timeline: A Proven Outline for Webinar Success

Awesome, right?

Now enjoy this awesome package with an awesome discounted price that is valid until Wednesday, April 19th, no codes needed!

If you want to use a very seldom used method to generate a ton of FREE traffic when it comes to your Shopify stores, then I’ve got some good news.

Now you’re probably wondering, “what is it?”

Simple. It’s blogging.

Now I know you’re probably saying, “I already know about blogging,” and I’m sure you’re right.

But are you using it effectively within Shopify to drive truckloads of traffic with credit cards in hand?

If no, then why not?

I’m sure one of the main reasons is because it takes content to blog effectively and quite a bit of it, right?

And then you’d have to find all of the images, videos, and more to go with the blog post to make it look super incredible.

After that, you’d need to have some sort of SEO option to make sure you can rank in the search engines.

Well, what if there was a simple solution that lets you skip pass doing all of them above in only a fraction of time?

It’d sound like a dream come true, right?


When you see BlogaShop in action, you’ll be wondering, “where has this been all my life?”

See it for yourself. You won’t believe the ease of use and power of this incredible tool.

You’ll drive hoards of free traffic and breathe new life into any Shopify store or WordPress site you have.

And all without spending a dime on advertisements.

Affiliate Blogging NinjaLet’s face it, the #1 problem we all have when it comes to blogs is the content.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to put in 2 hours of work a month but get paid all month long with your blog?

Believe it or not, there is and that’s exactly what Shreya Banerjee shows you in her new product “Affiliate Blogging Ninja“.

She will show you step by step how to create fresh content for your blog with the least amount of work that attracts readers and gets money in your wallet (drive traffic and generate affiliate sales).

This is not an e-book. This is a complete membership site that is loaded with 6 modules and 27 different videos that show you how to do everything step by step.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what this in-depth course has to offer.

Blog Content And Planning Template Package

Alice Seba and Ron Douglas are at it again. This time, they’ve got a great fill-in-the-blanks template package to make it easy for you to fill your blog with tons of great content.

The Blog Content And Planning Template Package includes:

● Insiders Blog Content Creation Strategy Guide
● Evaluating a Good Affiliate Program Checklist
● Promoting an Affiliate Product Checklist
● Affiliate Network Comparison Chart
● Product Review Template with Sample
● Product Comparison Template with Sample
● Affiliate Account Tracking Spreadsheet
● Product Seller Contact Templates
● Bonus Offer Page Template and Sample
● Bonus Offer Page Video Script and Sample
● 7-Part Proven E-Mail Follow-Up Series

Enter coupon code “SAVE40” to get 40% off your purchase!

Secrets of creating a profitable blog

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Blogging Guru Blueprint

Did you know that:

• People are actively seeking blogs to search for information?

• A blog can be turned into a money-churning machine?

• Advertisers are always on the lookout for popular blogs?

The good news is you can follow this step-by-step blueprint of creating a profitable blog and a long-term online income.

The Blogging Guru Blueprint, in the right hands and with the right actions taken, is almost guaranteed to generate results beyond any ink of imagination you can have.

You can do this regardless of without much experience, many skills or very much knowledge.

I hope you had a fantastic week and are looking forward to a great weekend. To make it a bit better, make sure to take advantage of these free offers as they will only be available for a limited time.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for Writer Appreciation Week, make sure you do that today. You get one free gift per day and the longer you wait…the longer it takes to get all your gifts.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

* Day 1: Kindle Publishing Guide with Template, Formatting Guide and Topic Brainstorming
* Day 2: Blogging Calendar with Blog Post Planning Sheet
* Day 3: Social Share Plus WordPress Plugin
* Day 4: Social Media Content Planner
* Day 5: 102 Websites That Will Pay You to Write
* Day 6: Surprise Gift for Elite Writer’s Lab Members Only

Register here and get your first free gift immediately.

WP Banner Profits

Your blog is a valuable piece of real estate, but you knew that, didn’t you?

So why not put it to the best use…

Brian Oliver has just released a clever plugin that is simple, yet powerful, and a complete no-brainer.

WP Banner Profits makes use of the wasted space on your blog, and does something quite ingenious, while creating more
chances of a sale.

When your subscribers visit your blog, why keep showing them the same tired opt-in form?


Why not use a clever piece of software that can differentiate between subscribers and visitors, and then determine what to show to them?

This is like magic…and you can see the results here.

I know the pain. You work for weeks on a new blog post: researching, writing, editing, rewriting, finding the perfect images, formatting, etc.

You hit publish. You wait. You refresh. Nothing.

It’s enough to want you make you quit this whole blogging thing…why isn’t anyone reading your stuff?

Your content isn’t the problem, but maybe your headline is…

Did you know you only have 2.6 seconds to win a new visitor over. If you fail, they leave and will likely never return.

This is why having a good headline is CRUCIAL. But how do YOU decide?

Do you even have a process for creating and choosing effective headlines?

Thrive Headline Optimizer

This is why I’m writing you today. The team at Thrive Themes just launched a new plugin: Thrive Headline Optimizer

Whenever you create a new post, you can simply enter multiple headline variations and Headline Optimizer will test them against each other, to find the most effective one.

Not only that, the plugin will also automatically pick the winning headline for you, so you don’t have to remember to check back on all your posts or get a degree in statistics to figure out what’s going on.

Thrive Headline Optimizer uses the same techniques big websites like Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN & Buzzfeed use to create the most compelling and click-worthy headlines possible.

Because they are consistently testing to be certain about the best headline, they consistently win.

Every post they publish ends up with the best, most click-worthy headline. This results in more attention, more clicks and more captivated visitors.

Which results in less fits of frustration.

You can learn everything you need to know about Thrive Headline Optimizer here.

If you’re one of the many people that have dabbled into blogging but found that it’s not so easy to make a passive income from it, then I’ve got something you really need to read about today.

You see, many affiliate marketers put in around a quarter of the effort required to setup a successful blog, then leave it alone and expect it to work wonders for them…But typically, they end up feeling the bitter twinge of disappointment because NOTHING happens!

You can see why though, can’t you?

Well I can, because I recently got my hands on a superior training package that showed me how to setup a profitable blog and generate consistent traffic to it. Now I understand what’s required to make money from my blog, and it’s easy to see that what I was doing before was completely wrong!

Are you making the same mistakes with your blog as well?

Either way, if you’re not making money through your blog, then you’re missing out on potential profits, and you should get “Barrel Loads Of Blog Traffic” ASAP!

Barrel Loads Of Blog Traffic

Here’s what you can learn:

* How to completely setup a WordPress blog from scratch and customize it.

* How to optimize your site with SEO to attract new readers to your blog

* How to jump start your efforts so your prospects can find you quickly.

* How to leverage traffic from other blog’s traffic, and many other free forms of long-term traffic generation.

Let’s face it…Without this kind of information, you’re simply wasting your time setting up a blog to make money, because you need traffic to make it profitable.

Without a doubt this training package is exactly what the doctor ordered to perk up your business. I highly recommend you get your copy today, and start learning about what it takes to make a success of your blog. You’ll have fun doing it too!

Blog Profits Blueprint

If you’re a coach, teacher, trainer, speaker, author or any kind of expert who wants to make money selling your knowledge, you need this.

This is the 2016 Blog Profits Blueprint, an 88-page free report in text and audio from Yaro Starak.

Yaro has been blogging for over 10 years and made over a million dollars selling his own digital teaching products from his blog,

He wrote the Blueprint to teach other experts how to package up their knowledge and sell it as digital products using just a blog + e-mail list.

If you want to break free from getting paid by the hour, per contract, or you’re tired of working with clients and want to create products that sell even when you’re not working, you need this blueprint.

It’s 100% free and will guide you through the 4 steps of setting up a blog and e-mail list designed to sell your products, including:

• How To Refine Your Topic To Make Sure You Are Going Where The Money Is

• What Type Of Content You Need To Create To Attract The People Who Will Eagerly Buy Every Product You Offer

• How To Create “Traffic Assets” So You Only Need To Set Them Up Once And The Traffic Keeps Coming

• How To Quickly Turn Your Knowledge Into An Information Product That Sells On Autopilot

Enter your e-mail on the page you land on to request access to download the Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0.

You will also receive a series of free training videos from Yaro, to show you exactly how blogs make money.

Don’t skip this. This is one of the most valuable free reports I have ever read.

Blog Marketing Secrets

There is a difference between the PLR packages you have seen on the Internet versus the ONE Henry Gold released to the public.

What is it?

Well, every bit of information that Henry has shared on Blog Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR is based on the strategy he has been using to get massive traffic to his own business. So, it ISN’T just something that’s written by some ghostwriter you can hire in freelancing companies.

Instead, each component inside Blog Marketing Secrets 2.0 was crafted in a way to help your audience know exactly what they need to do to attract MASSIVE traffic to their business regardless of whether they want to use this medium to sell affiliate products, their own products, or even generate leads to their local businesses.

That’s the beauty of Blog Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR. The good news is, when you take advantage of this PLR package right now, you are going to be able to build a successful business online in just a matter of HOURS, NOT days, or months.

How is that possible?

Well, we have DONE-THEM-ALL for you. Basically, you just need to edit the files, upload it to your server, and you’ll be ready to make cash. In fact, here’s exactly what you are going to receive:

FEATURE #1: Training Guide 2.0
FEATURE #2: Cheat Sheet
FEATURE #3: Mind-Map
FEATURE #4: Professional Minisite and HTML
FEATURE #5: Sales Copy
FEATURE #6: Professional Graphics
FEATURE #7: Squeeze Page + Thank You Page
FEATURE #8: Seven Follow-up Messages
FEATURE #9: Customer List Page
FEATURE #10: Setting-Up Everything Tutorial
BONUS #1: 21 Blog Marketing Tricks 2.0
BONUS #2: Untold Secrets on Getting Traffic With Blog Marketing
BONUS #3: Dominating Blog Marketing Industry
BONUS #4: Blog Marketing 2.0 Cheatsheet

You can slap in your name.
You can become an author.
You can rebrand yourself as a product creator.
You can resell it for 100% cash profit.
You can sell it online and offline.

Basically, it is completely up to YOU. :-)

As I really want you to GROW your business as soon as possible in the year 2016 and BEYOND, I have decided to give you SEVEN Blog Marketing packages complete with PLRs for FREE.

This allows your audience to MONETIZE big from over 74,000,000 WordPress Users who want to establish themselves as authority figures in their niches. This is the reason WHY I have decided to give you:

Bonus #1: Blogging Crash Course — FULL PLR!
Bonus #2: The 30 Day Formula — FULL PLR!
Bonus #3: Clickbank Profit Plugin — FULL PLR!
Bonus #4: Website Content Fire — FULL PLR!
Bonus #5: Ultimate IM Starter Guide — FULL PLR!
Bonus #6: Search Engine Manifesto — Full PLR!
Bonus #7: YouTube Marketing Primer — FULL PLR!

In addition, you will receive high-quality e-books, updated products, unlimited rights to most products, and much more. They are all READY-TO-GO. Best of all, those SEVEN PLR packages are yours, FREE!

All you need to do is download Henry Gold’s Blog Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR Packages right now!

REMEMBER: You really NEED to download them right now especially during this EARLY BIRD special. This allows you to get this package at 40% discount.

Go for it.

Bloggers Roadmap

How would you like to blog like the experts and make the most from your blogging efforts?

Now you can and it’s easier than you think with the Bloggers Roadmap.

My friend Dan Sumner is a seasoned blogger of over 5 years and has taken all his blog knowledge, past and present to create an amazing report which in short you need to read.

If blogging is your thing then this is certainly for you.

If blogging isn’t your thing then why not invest in another income stream?

No matter what level you are, I’m certain you will pick up some great information to help you get the most from your blogging efforts.

The huge discount that is going on now won’t last long, so hurry and pick up the blogging investment of the year so far.

5 Main Reasons For Blogging Failure

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1. Failure to meet expectations: Just because you write it does not mean they will visit. Know that the road to a successful blog is the right content and time.

2. Impatience: Success does not happen overnight. It takes between 6-12 months of consistent blogging to see results.

3. Inward thinking: Write for your audience and what they want to read, not what you are passionate about.

4. Forgetting why: Don’t lose sight of why you are blogging

PublishVaultNo matter what type of blog site you publish to, this is a MUST-HAVE app (plus they are offering unlimited WordPress publishing).

Imagine being able to publish content to ALL of your WordPress blogs…under ONE ROOF!

Imagine not having to login and out of multiple sites just to make a simple change to your blog post.

Imagine an all-in-one platform to publish content, meta information AND schedule content drip campaigns AND have access to professional content writers at your fingertips…

This is what PublishVault can do.

PublishVault provides simple, yet advanced features:

[+] Contributor & Editor Calendar to Manage Content Posting Schedule
[+] Monitor Contributor Progress
[+] Easy User Management for Author Collaboration
[+] Integration with iWriter for Finding 1000+ High-Quality Authors to Write Content
[+] Idea Hub Allows you to Research on Auto-pilot
[+] Integration with the Latest SEO Plugins for Optimized Content

I challenge you to find a better solution that streamlines your publishing workflow for for under $100.


Blogging, without a doubt, can be extremely rewarding if you have a pretty good amount of experience under your belt.

But most Internet marketers simply settle for peanuts when they can be raking in the cash if they just apply a few simple tweaks and strategies.

And now, my good buddy Adrian shows you exactly how you can skyrocket your blogging income with just a few tactics that most bloggers are not taking advantage of.

You will need these strategies and tools to transform your blog into a lucrative income-generating source!

If this sounds like you and you feel that you can use a traffic and income boost from your blog, then Blogging Cash Blueprint is exactly what you need.

Thrive LeadsFor 90%+ of all online businesses, building a mailing list is a top priority. A mailing list is the key to more traffic, more sales and more personal freedom. There’s just nothing better than knowing you can send an e-mail with an offer anytime and make $100, $500. $1,000, $5,000 and upwards.

But how do you build that list in the first place?

And also: since it’s so damn important, how do you make sure you build you list as fast as possible and in the most effective way possible?

One of the best WordPress development teams I know of have just released a new plugin and if you use WordPress on your sites, you’ve gotta see this.

I’m really excited to tell you about the new Thrive Leads plugin, because it is simply the best plugin I’ve ever seen, for building your mailing list.

Now, maybe you’re thinking “oh, just another opt-in plugin, then?”

And you’re right that there are many other opt-in plugins out there, but this one is on a completely different level. There are many plugins that give you some options for adding opt-in forms to your site. But this new plugin takes a different approach: these guys have taken the best conversion optimization technologies and the most advanced list building strategies and crammed them all into a single plugin.

This isn’t just about building your list

Yaro Starak is now taking members for the January 2015 class of Blog Mastermind.

It has been 3 years since Yaro first launched the course and he considers the latest edition a significant improvement over the last run.

The main difference is an emphasis on focus.

In order to teach a system that works in today’s hyper-competitive online landscape, there has to be a clear, step-by-step formula.

This is why back in 2012 he committed to changing his own blogging business to focus on the Blog Sales Funnel model.

When you focus your blog on a very specific topic, which leads to a specific email course and a specific product you sell to help people solve the specific problem they have, the path is clear.

When you have this level of clarity, you know what content your blog needs and you know how to use your e-mail list as an automatic income machine.

The new Blog Mastermind 2.0 course is focused on teaching you how to create your first Blog Sales Funnel.

On top of the basic funnel, Yaro also trains you how to turn your blog into an authority site, a true platform you can use to make significant income selling your digital products and services, just like his previous graduates do today.

It’s the perfect model for teachers, coaches, experts, authors, speakers, writers, trainers, creatives or anyone who wants to earn a great living helping other people solve problems.

It’s also one of the highest leverage business models he knows. What other system can you use to make over a million dollars, with no full-time staff, sitting in cafes on your laptop anywhere in the world?

This is the model he teaches and the lifestyle he wants while helping as many people as he can to achieve.

If you want to be one of the next success stories, he would love to help you…

By the end of 2015 I don’t want you to feel it was another year spent treading water, wasting time jumping from idea to idea, or focusing your energy on projects you don’t care about.

If you have the desire to help other people and feel you have ideas in your head that the world needs to hear about, then Blog Mastermind 2.0 is the course for you.

Let’s unleash the spark inside you so other people can benefit from your ideas, and build a business that funds a great lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Begin the year with a bang and acquire the knowledge you need to create a successful online business.


Every BIG guy uses membership site…and you should too!

It’s the most powerful way to brand yourself, host your info-products, use it to hold content, etc.

And as you’ll see, with a membership site you can create multiple streams of passive income faster, easier and with long-term continuity than ever.

But let’s be honest. Building them is a pain…

Even the latest and greatest WordPress themes are CLUNKY.

But this brand new membership theme called AmazeTheme is coming out to solve it.

AmazeTheme is super flexible, fully responsive and loaded with tons of amazing features. It’s fully customisable: theme color, header layout, menu style, archive variations, etc…you CAN change and customise them!

Let’s take a look at the features:

– Fully responsive
– Top floating bar
– Retina ready
– Font icons ready (retina ready icons)
– Products/banners slider
– Custom login page
– Extra content (above and below content)
– Custom logo
– Custom favicon
– Custom header & footer script
– Pre-made color schema
– Unlimited color options
– Custom body background (color or image)
– Custom text link color
– Custom CSS and Javascript feature
– Sidebar position options: left or right
– Social media profiles
– Multiple header variations
– Multiple archive variations
– Dropdown menus
– Boxed and wide layout
– Multiple menu variations
– Works with ANY other membership plugins
– Flat and modern design
– Translation feature
– Typography settings
– Protected page and post settings
– Opt-in form design ready: vertical and horizontal layout plus customisable design
– Full width page template
– Menus with icons
– Backup, restore and import theme settings
– and many more…

WOW that’s great! And it’s not limited to membership sites; you can use it to build a professional blog.

AmazeTheme is designed to make your blog and membership site look attractive. It’s going to make other webmasters and bloggers go green with ENVY!

Image Plugin

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is true. I mean, the statistics are right