Rock Star Sessions

Here’s a limited time, special offer that you don’t want to miss. There’s a lot of private label rights and resell rights content out there, but it’s not often you can get full rights to PROVEN to sell top quality content from some of the biggest rock stars in online publishing and marketing.

Earlier this year, my friends Ron Douglas and Alice Seba lined up a “who’s who” list experts in audience building, publishing and online marketing for an online summit that was met with rave reviews. Well, they’ve put together a selection of those recordings and notes and turned them into a huge lead magnet you can use to attract buyers or subscribers on your website!

You get the resell, editing and branding rights to the full recordings and notes of sessions featuring:

* Ben Adkins: Genius Facebook ad tweaks
* Jim Edwards: Create books and e-books in just 3 hours
* John Rhodes: 3-step system for lasting authority
* Temper Thompson: 7 secrets to increasing Amazon book sales
* Ty Cohen: Create a self-publishing empire
* Daniel Hall: Public domain Kindle products

And I don’t have to tell you these guys are a pretty big deal within the Internet Marketing industry.

Ron and Alice have also thrown in promo graphics and landing pages, so you can grow your list with all this stellar content quickly.

Access “2017 Rockstar Sessions“, available only until Nov. 14!

E-mail marketing has always been profitable. But while it USED to be fun and easy, not so much today.

These days, you’ve got to stay ahead of the spam filters and traps e-mail clients use to bounce your messages to virtual wasteland.

Who’s got time to CONSTANTLY study what words and phrases send messages to spam?

Thankfully, there’s now an AUTOMATED solution that gets your e-mails INTO the inbox so they get opened, and you get paid.

E-Mail Force

Using the same technology behind thousand-dollar copy-generating software, E-Mail Force turns your e-mail marketing into a push-button e-mail copywriting solution.

Just pick your niche, answer a few questions about your promo, and generate up to 75 unique, completely customizable e-mails you can choose from. The software will even upload your e-mails to your autoresponder FOR you, saving you all kinds of time.

This is so easy it feels like cheating!

Whether you’re promoting your own products, affiliate offers, webinars, high ticket, consulting, e-commerce or more…

Automated e-mails THAT CONVERT are now yours for the taking.

For a ridiculously low one-time cost when you get in right now.

This has seen extensive testing for over 6 months by DEMANDING marketers and the proof’s all over the page: see for yourself right here.

Evergreen Webinar Planner

Want to start conducting webinars for your business? Better still, run evergreen webinars? Evergreen, meaning, that it isn’t a one-time webinar, but one that works for you for months to come. So essentially, you plan your content right the first time, record yourself and let your recorded webinar does its job. The best thing is your attendees can’t tell whether you are on air ‘live’ or not!

What can evergreen webinars do for you and your clients?

• Grow your lists and your reach in a huge way.

• Establish expertise to new audiences.

• Give your JV partners or affiliates an opportunity to promote your webinar whenever they need something awesome to tell their people about, growing your reach.

• Make sales from your webinar every week, month, and year ongoing.

The benefits are huge!

With CoachGlue’s Evergreen Webinar Planner, you can brainstorm your own evergreen webinar and then use the material to teach others about webinars too!

This new planner covers all of the following:

Step 1: Start with a Compelling Topic
Exercise: Research your webinar topics

Step 2: Create Your Amazing Landing Page
Exercise: Create your strong landing page

Step 3: Outline Your Webinar
Exercise: Outline your webinar

Step 4: Develop Your Pitch
Exercise: Plan your pitch (or paid offer)

Step 5: Choose Your Automation
Exercise: Research webinar platforms

Step 6: Practice Recording
Exercise: Extra notes for recording
Exercise: Collect questions for the Q&A session

Step 7: Turn On the Traffic
Exercise: Plan your Facebook ad campaign
Exercise: Describe your ideal client. This is who you want at your webinar.
Exercise: Plan other webinar promotions or advertising

There are so many cool things you can do with this planner too (besides using it for yourself) since it comes with full editing rights. You can create a training course for your clients or monthly members, sell the planner as is, break up each of the steps into a video or ‘live’ stream, add it into your existing courses, or use it to build your mailing list.

Acquire your planner and make it a valuable business asset today.

List Building 3.0 Made Easy

Dr. Amit Pareek has just released the “List Building 3.0 Made Easy” containing the latest and lucrative list building techniques yet to grow your business and profits.

You can:

+ Use it to create a private membership
+ Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift
+ Use it as high quality bonus with your products
+ Use it to train your team
+ Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training
+ Use it to prospect your client & close the deals
+ Use it to grow your own business online
+ Use it to train your clients & charge them BIG Bucks

And anything else that you can think of!

All you have to do is:

1. Download it
2. Slightly customize it
3. Upload it
4. Send some traffic to it
5. Keep 100% of the profits (including the buyers list)

You will get everything mentioned below:

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind Map (Valued at $40)
Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $80)
Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)

Don’t delay; grab your brand new PLR package at less than $10!

Software Creates Amazing E-Book Covers In Seconds

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I’m getting in touch with you today to let you know about an amazing piece of software that makes creating professional-looking e-book covers and 3D covers “point and click” simple.

Here’s a quick overview of what eCover Wizard Pro can do:

– The software itself is 100% online meaning that there is nothing to install and makes it’s compatible with both Mac & PC

– It is unbelievably easy to use and although it comes with full training, you don’t really need it as everything is “drag and drop” simple and very intuitive to use

– It comes with over 100 Backgrounds and Pre-Made Templates so anyone can create professional looking e-covers in minutes and use them for all their projects (or for their clients)

– Over 200 Ready-to-Go graphical elements so you’ll never run out of beautiful looking graphics to use in your covers

And did I mention that it also converts your designs into 12 different 3D covers?

With so much creative options at your disposal, eCover Wizard Pro will be putting a lot of designers out of business very soon!

Watch a demo video of what eCover Wizard Pro has to offer.

If you didn’t know by now that one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is having your very own product.

But the process that takes to create your own product is not easy at all. The time and money spent on creating one product can set you back thousands and you don’t even know whether it will even sell.

Not only this, but you have to make sure it’s well researched and is in a hot in-demand market that will sell.

That’s where the beauty of PLR comes into play.

With PLR you can start selling the product as your own and gain all the credibility in the creation and knowledge of the product. Not only this, but you get to keep 100% of the profits from selling it.

My PLR Firesale

So let me introduce you to a brand new high-quality PLR firesale where you can access and then start selling 50 different products starting from today.

My PLR Firesale” is contains 50 unique hot in-demand PLR products that everyone needs. Now you can have it today for a bargain of a price.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Grab yourself a set before everyone else does which will limit your success in selling it.

It was once proposed that content curation would be a great compliment to your own content assets. At least, while you are going through a lull period of not writing, you can “cover up” by discovering, compiling, and sharing other people’s content to bring value to your subscribers and followers.

But it would be a missed opportunity not to have a your own call-to-action on other people’s pages, because when your followers in turn share the content to their own connections, you would be able to reach out to strangers whom you never have thought possible otherwise.

But is it possible to have your CTA on other people’s URLs and pages?


Yes, with SQZin! See these demos:

1) Slide-in box
2) Slide-in opt-in box
3) Overlay
4) Password gate

Take for example demo no. 2, you can instantly find viral content and turn it into a squeeze page with a slide-in opt-in box and gain more new subscribers! And there are more creative CTA designs at your disposal with using SQZin.

Use SOMEBODY else’s viral content which has been proven to get attention to increase YOUR conversions WITHOUT rewriting or recreating ANYTHING!

Access SQZin on early-bird discount now!

Logo CrateIf you have ever outsourced getting a logo created you will know how expensive it is, especially if you need to go back and make changes.

With that in mind I’m excited to share this Treasure Chest of 550 Professionally Designed Logos with YOU!

On that page you will see that in total they cover over 50 different niches including:

– Animals
– Automotive
– Bar and Nightclub
– Blogging
– Business
– Coaching
– Computers
– Construction
– Fitness
– Nature
– Photography
– Real Estate
– Security
– Social Media
– Software
– Sport
– Weight Loss

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of what they cover!

In total there are over 550 Ready-Made Templates and they include Developers Rights so you can use them on your own websites and also for any clients you work with.

Right now, Logo Crate is on a dime sale, with each logo effectively sold on less than 2 cents each! Hopefully you will find them as useful as I do and use them for all your different websites and projects going forward.

Melissa & Nicole from CoachGlue have just released a special video course called “10 Quick + Easy Ways to Add Passive Income Streams to Your Business with Affiliate Marketing“.

In this course, they share:

• What makes products and programs appealing to Nicole when it comes to earning passive income. She’ll show you how to easily judge income potential so you don’t waste time and energy promoting offers that don’t convert.

• How to earn money from your blog even if you rarely post new content.

• How to grow your mailing list and make money with every e-mail you send (one of Nicole’s subscribers once remarked, “Nicole Dean is the only person I know who could send an e-mail with nothing but a buy link and still make money.”).

• Making the most of your ‘hidden’ assets—most people overlook these passive income streams, and they’re a total goldmine!

• The most important page on your website—and it’s one most coaches don’t even have!

• How to earn money on social media—without getting sucked into the abyss

• Practical back-end systems that keep the cashflow healthy—because let’s face it, without a good infrastructure, things can fall apart quickly.

• The little-used location on your website that can pack a big punch…if you know how to use it.

• The one spot that is proven to convert better than any other—and you’re probably not using it!

• How to get all of these (and more) passive income streams in place quickly, and without creating anything new (because who has time for that?)

It’s already affordable at $27, but you can enter coupon code ‘70‘ for a 70% discount on purchase! Valid till November 14th at midnight.

There is a time-limited, 51% discount on the only system you need to make money in 2017.

Instant Traffic Formula is a COMPLETE system which will show you fast and easy ways to:

1) Quickly create a new blog or website (if you need one);

2) Quickly add amazing free content to your blog or website (if you need it);

3) Drive TONS of free, targeted traffic to your content (or just about anywhere), FAST;

4) Monetize your blog/site and track the traffic;


5) Create and build an e-mail list from your traffic.

Does that sound awesome or what??

Instant Traffic Formula is based on what Internet marketer Seth Young has been doing for YEARS to send free, targeted traffic to his own websites…

With some simple changes that he recently discovered that caused his traffic to SKYROCKET.

Note: the traffic does NOT come from Google or any other search engine.

Instant Traffic Formula puts YOU in control of your traffic, not the gang in Mountain View, CA.

If you are serious about creating or expanding your online business, check this out before the price goes back up.

If you haven’t heard about this already, you REALLY need to check it out for the following 7 reasons:

1. Among inner circles, this is known as the best kept secret in Internet marketing.

2. It has been running for nearly 10 years, over 50,000 people have been *in the know* and almost 100% of the time, they are all AMAZED.

3. It turns our that parts of this were directly responsible for the success of three of the top performing affiliates in the Clickbank network.

4. These resources are exactly what the founders use to maintain and expand their $10 million-dollar business.

5. It is one of the most incredible deals ever…something that most people would charge up to $1000/month for.

6. Once in, everything discovered is shared with this privileged group (which could and should include YOU).

7. No matter what type of online business you have, I believe that this could SERIOUSLY affect how successful you are over the coming weeks, months…even years.

You need to read this page very carefully in order to make the correct decision here.

How to increase profits by 339%…

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Funnel Secrets

What if you could turn any product and increase profits by 339%?

Client products, digital products sold online, PLR, e-commerce products…

…even the affiliate products that you sell!

Would that make a big impact?

You could afford to spend more on traffic, jump ahead of your competition and bottom line you’ll make more profits!

How is it possible?

Well, Sam Bakker, a 7-figure JVZoo marketer, who first introduced the first ever JVZoo-certified training program, has followed up with revealing how he’s been able to generate upwards of 339% more profits on each and every product.

This has allowed Sam to turn $79,505.52 into $324,647.14.

That’s an increase of over $245,141.62!

The good news is that Sam’s sales funnel strategy works whether you’re making 1 sale, 100 sales or 1000+ sales.

So if you want to know how to create the highest converting sales funnels and make the most money possible, access to Sam’s Funnel Secrets now!

The easiest way for a newbie to make money online is selling as an affiliate.

But how do you stand out among a crowd of affiliates who think the same way, or worse, who are better than you?

It is also said that giving bonuses for your customers’ purchases can compel them to buy from you instead of others.

The Bonus Vault

That is why Brendan Mace and Dalton Scott set up The Bonus Vault. It is a custom-created vault of bonuses with products you can give away in each affiliate promotion to make more money and make people buy from you and not anybody else.

To be 100% clear, these bonuses are NOT simply PLR. These are high-quality products that people will absolutely LOVE to get their hands on. Most of these bonuses are valued at $97 or more, and created by Mark Hess, Art Flair, Fergal Downes, Greg Konoenko, Michael Cheney, Brendan Mace, Dalton Scott…and more to come!

You can use make easy commissions and land on leaderboards out of nowhere.

If you’re not using bonuses in your affiliate promotions right now, you’re missing out and leaving money on the table.

And again, if you jump on this right now, you’ll be able to get access to The Bonus Vault at the lowest price possible.

Get all the details and lock-in your early bird discount.

Beautiful And Smart Business Branding For Coaches

For a coach, branding is so much more than a fancy logo and a particular shade of blue. It’s who you are and what you do and who you work with (but colors and fonts and photos ARE important too!).

When you nail that, you will attract a tribe of loyal clients who will achieve great things just by working with you, and who will happily sing your praises to others.

The new “Beautiful And Smart Business Branding For Coaches” workshop can help you to do just that and THEN you can help your clients by turning this content into training.

Take the material and quickly and easily put together an awesome program/bootcamp/e-course for your clients that they’ll love!

Altogether, you receive 4 Training Modules + 4 Fast Action Plan Worksheets & Exercises + 4 Program Accelerator Checklists + 4 Sets of PowerPoint Slides in order to deliver a value-packed program for your clients.

• Module 1: Who ARE You Anyway?
• Module 2: Your Client, Your Brand
• Module 3: Consistency Counts
• Module 4: Authenticity & Transparency are the Keys to a Beautiful Brand

You can head over to the promotion page and discover what content the 4 modules consist of.

The important thing to note is all the hard work has been done for you! You don’t have to invest hours and hours of your own time into developing a workshop program, and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to hire people to help you. Investing in CoachGlue’s low-cost coaching workshop material saves a ton of time, energy and money!

Now there are 3 ways to get this new workshop:

1. Grab it for a discounted price at $77 (valid until November 7th). You’ll get everything you see listed above. Use coupon code ‘220‘ on checkout.

2. Better Value: Get a spot in CoachGlue’s All Access Lite program for $97/mth. You’ll get this workshop AND 3 new packages automatically added to your account every month!

3. Best Value: Accessing the Annual VIP Program gets you just about everything in CoachGlue’s ENTIRE site at a huge discount PLUS everything they release for the next year. If you plan on grabbing a few things here and there, this will most likely save you a LOT of money over the course of the year.

Thank YOU and I hope you enjoy a new week!

ProvelyAs marketers, entrepreneurs and online business owners, we live and die by our conversions.

Maximizing conversions helps to:

• Increase the average transaction value.
• Boost earnings per click.
• Drive down ad budgets and expenses.
• Ultimately generate more leads and sales.

So what if there was a simple HACK that took you less than 3 minutes to implement and boost conversion rates by over 250%?

Meet Provely, the ultimate conversion tool.

Leveraging social proof and the psychological trigger of “nobody wants to miss out” or “everybody’s doing it” is how Provely is instantly boosting conversions for any offer or landing page.

How it works, is easy.

Step #1: Integrate your lead/sale source.

Step #2: Add a little snippet of code to your page or site.

Step 3: Start displaying eye-popping notification that creates instant social proof, while encouraging others to
follow along and do the same.

If you want to get more leads and opt-ins, webinar registrations and new customer sales, Provely does the job.

See a ‘live’ demo of Provely in action (watch the notifications come flying in).

For a limited time, Provely is running a special one-time price offer that will allow you to use Provely with virtually no restrictions.

– Create an unlimited number of widgets.
– Install widgets on an unlimited number of personal websites.
– Display your widgets to an unlimited number of visitors.
– Remove the Provely branding from the widgets.

But this special offer is running for only a short time, which means you need to jump in fast.

After the charter special expires, the price is going to jump, as well as have restrictions on widgets, sites and visitors, and you don’t want that.

Grab your Provely account and start adding social proof onto all of your sites in less than 3 minutes from now!

Would you like to build a fun and profitable online business or rapidly grow an existing business? Attend this free training session which will reveal a secret resource that’ll help you do exactly this.

You’ll discover:

– 4 CRITICAL factors to increase your traffic, conversions and profits no matter what type of product or service you are selling.

– How one student implemented these factors to create a six-figure monthly revenue stream selling a really simple physical product (WITHOUT involving Amazon)

– How you can get your hands on the exact checklists, reports, systems and software that the presenters use every single day to run their own 7-figure e-commerce business.

– The significant difference between people making a few hundred dollars per month and those making $50K+ per month (this is REALLY shocking)

Get registered right here.

[New] 700+ Premium Images For Your Website

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Cutout Pics

Cutout Pics features over 700 premium images of people in various occupational and emotional poses and various niches. And this is not just another bundle of CC0 files; all images have been taken in studio by a professional photographer.

The best part about it is these images have transparent backgrounds so you can integrate them seamlessly into any project regardless of the destination background. And of course, being royalty-free, you can use the photos as many times and in as many projects as you want.

I HIGHLY recommend you take a look because if you’re sick and tired of the huge ransom prices that those big media houses typically charge you for photos, you’ll love the price of Cutout Pics! This along with the bonuses thrown in make this deal a no-brainer.

Do you know there is a virtually untapped $4.4 billion goldmine that sits right under your nose all this while?

Call it a sub-niche in online business, but $4.4 billion is just too big to ignore.

What is that?

Create an online course.

Yes, online courses are the present and the future and guess what?

Serial infopreneur Daniel Angeloff is going to show you how to publish your course in 45 minutes and rake in the
cash starting today, using a simple but effective drag-and-drop WP plugin called Fastgecko.

Fastgecko isn’t like those other membership site/online course site builders you have tried before that require you to watch 2 weeks worth of video tutorials and mounds of coding…OH NO.

Fastgecko is a fast and simple step-by-step process and every time someone buys your course, guess what happens!

They get an auto-generated e-mail with login details!

And you never need to type one key on your computer to send that e-mail because Fastgecko sets it up for you!

Want to see how it works?

Head over here.


The ultimate goal of your website is to impress your visitors so that they will not just land, but stick around to explore your offerings and then become your lifetime customers.

If that is not happening, then you are definitely losing your potential leads as well as profits.

But not anymore…

As my friend Dr. Amit Pareek and his team has created a brand new personal notification system that he calls “ProfitFox“.

It will show your offers to your visitors according to what they actually need and turn each of them into lifetime customers.

Using this system, you can simply target users on the basis of:

– Their behavior
– Geo-location
– Specific keywords in URL

And generate more leads and commissions on autopilot.

You just need to follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose and edit its ready-to-use lead & promo templates on your website
Step 2: Choose targeted audience to whom you want to display your offers
Step 3: Just activate your campaign and enjoy more leads, sales and profits

Watch the demo video to see it in action!

Copywriting Influence

Want to become a better copywriter? You got it, because the Copywriting Influence PLR package has just been released.

It’s less than $10 so grab your copy now. Don’t miss out on this discounted offer before it’s too late.

You get the following:

Module 1: High-Quality E-Book
Module 2: Checklist
Module 3: Resource Cheat Sheet
Module 4: Mindmap
Module 5: Ready-To-Go Sales Letter, Thank You Page & Legal Pages
Module 6: High Converting Promo E-Mail Swipes
Module 7: Fully Professional Source Graphic Files
Module 8: HQ Advertising Banners
Module 9: 10 HQ PLR Articles
Module 10: Promotional Sale Videos
Module 11: 10 Unique Top Quality E-Covers
Module 12: 10 Social Media Posters
Module 13: License Package
BONUSES: 4 Unique Bonuses

This is a complete PLR business-in-a-box that you can start profiting from today!