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An awesome coaching program like no other is now launched for select members who are prepared to invest $5000 for it but if you sign up now you won’t be paying anywhere near that…

We are talking about an interactive training system that covers all you need to know to make a full-time online income in ways that very few marketers know how.

Just look at the massive value you get here today:

* Over 100+ Training Videos
* One-On-One Coaching
* Monthly Webinars
* Private Mastermind Group
* ‘Live’ Case Studies
* Members-Only Downloads
* Daily Accountability Support
* “Black Tie” Support

And what do the training videos cover? To name a few hot topics:

* CPA Mastery
* PPV Marketing Campaigns
* MLM Lead Generation and Conversion
* Instagram Mastery
* Customer Tracking and Retargeting

Super Affiliate Warriors has successfully helped hundreds of students achieve financial freedom! It’s time to break away from same-old affiliate or Internet marketing stuff to learn and apply what is hot and effective right now. Sign up today before all slots are taken!

If you are 1) running a dropshipping business or 2) an Amazon affiliate and you are finding ways to scale up your income generation, I have a free report for you.

I’m not talking about the Amazon Associate program or selling 99-cent e-books on Kindle…This is about selling real items on Amazon…

Selling items around your house. Flipping items from discount stores and deal sites. Even getting your own private labeled item created and mailed right into Amazon’s warehouses…

You will learn:

– How to make sales without having to “put your name” on anything, without a website, without a list, without an information product, without list building, without joint ventures

– How to get started fast, no matter how much time you have to start or where you are in the world

– Exactly how to scale this new Amazon business

Simple Self-Confidence

Having low self-confidence can literally cost you thousands.

A lack of confidence makes us doubt our abilities and judgment and prevents us from taking calculated risks, setting ambitious goals, and acting on them.

Confidence is such a decisive factor that people who have it earn thousands more a year than people without confidence. For every incremental amount you improve your self-confidence, you empower yourself to advance your financial success.

But why is it that so many people have such a difficult time with self-confidence?


Video Motion Pro

As you are reading this, top marketers & entrepreneurs are using a new software to create PRO videos effortlessly!


Practice DOESN’T Make Perfect.

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Thought Elevators

A new study reveals that “Practice Makes Perfect” is this century

Email Cash FunnelIt’s not everyday that you get the chance to learn step-by-step how to earn over $200+ per day on complete autopilot, but now you can go behind the scenes and see exactly what Mark Wightley does to earn 5 figures per month!

As a long-time, full-time Internet marketer with 6 years of experience, Mark always over-delivers and this is no different: he breaks the entire process of one of his “$200 per day” cash funnels so you simply copy what he does and profit, it’s that simple.

He doesn’t just tell you what to do; he actually shows you each step of how he sets up every single part of a real ‘live’ campaign.

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VasQ Videopress

Ever wondered how you can tap on video marketing despite not knowing how to film videos? Now you can. VasQ Videopress allows you to turn your blog into video empire and cash in on the video trend WITHOUT ever creating a single video.

VasQ Videopress is easy to use and it’s completely newbie-friendly. Everything is included and settled to create the best video site ever. Take a look at these amazing features:

– Custom video player skin

– Playlist of related videos

– Watch later feature encourages visitor to coming back

– Fully SEO Optimized: Semantic HTML structure for best SEO practice, breadcrumbs ready for better internal linking structure and rich snippet microdata for better SEO ranking and better CTR.

– One-Click Content Generator: You heard right! Just one click to generate all the video info: title, description, video length and video thumbnail. You can also modify the info as you like.

– Free Social Traffic: Integrated with social sharing buttons that allow your visitors to share your content with ease.

– Lower Bounce Rate: Related videos, “Watch Later”, Browse Video by views, likes, dislikes, date, title with different grid sizes. Search engines will love it and the visitors will love to stay.

And much more…

Watch this video demo and see other amazing features of VasQ Videopress.

There’s no reason to not enter into the buzzing video trend and cash in on this industry because with VasQ Videopress it’s becoming easier…Everything is all set and optimized for video sites!

Look at those indisputable video facts:

– 86% of the Internet audience is watching online video


You better believe how good this really is.

Henry Gold is practically giving away a brand new software called “InstaProductXM” that will allow you to create your own product within 30 seconds or less!

In fact, once you download this software, these are the 3 simple steps you need to do next:

A) Choose the right keywords.
B) Download the contents.
C) Publish your personalized product.

It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to guess. They’re all DONE FOR YOU. You just need to add your name, customize the e-book cover, and you’re DONE.

Here are just some of the features you will receive:

-> Unlimited Premium Contents
-> Unlimited eBook Creators
-> Compatibility With Spinner Software.
-> Point and clicks. No coding required.
-> Unlimited Premium Searches
-> 120,000+ premium contents.
-> Access to 45 Hot Niches.
-> Edit, Add Name, and Publish.
-> Free Updates For Life.
-> Unlimited 24/7 Support.
-> And much, much more. (The sky is the limit!)

As you can see, product creation simplicity is only the tip of the iceberg, but there’s so much resources underneath that makes it possible for you to create an info-product in any one of 45 niches. See if this is well worth 30 seconds of your time!

With what I am about to reveal to you today, it takes just 2 minutes to make more profits with your sites.

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One simple embed code on the sidebar or at the bottom of the page…

And you make more profits from the same traffic.

Therefore, if you will act fast you can secure this EMBED code with up to $450 discount.

It’s PROVEN to work

A powerful free video series

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Commissions Monster

What does the term “Internet marketing guru” mean to you?

Does it mean he/she knows a lot? Has a lot of connections? Been in the game for years?

I could care less about those things.

The only thing I care about is NUMBERS.

Not how much their clients make, not how much their ‘theory’ makes, but how much THEY actually make.

Venkata, Edmund and Naidy are super affiliates who have made hundreds of thousands in affiliate commissions and have won countless affiliate contests.

For a limited time only, they’re revealing their underground “4 figure a day” affiliate system.

And you won’t believe the price they’re selling it at.

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Who Dictates What You Write

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Subscriber TT writes: “How often do you ask the audience for what they want to read vs. composing what you want to write?

“I see a lot of content people now firmly suggesting that we should only create large projects when they have been validated.

“In the back of my mind though, I wonder if that doesn’t somehow mute the ‘crazy ideas’ out of the possible and turn most projects into market-friendly, gray-scale stuff.

“On the other hand, once enough money is generated to allow for creative freedom there is probably a lot more leverage for doing whatever the hell you want.”

The short answer is: when it comes to my how-to writing, mostly I write what interests me.

Why this works: I am much like my readers, so if something interests me, it is most likely going to interest a lot of them too.

However, there are two major exceptions to this.

First, some of what I write, like this article, is in response to specific questions different readers, like TT, ask me.

And once in a blue moon, I ask my online subscribers what they would like me to write about by doing a survey of my subscriber list using Survey Monkey.

But even when I have asked readers what they are interested in, or am answering a reader’s question, I still write what I want to write.

In copywriting, it is slightly different: my clients tell me specifically what they want written; e.g. a sales letter selling a dietary supplement; a whitepaper about recycling electronic equipment.

But even then, I am writing what I want to write, because I only take on assignments that interest me.

When TT refers to “content people” he probably means corporate types responsible for content marketing.

I am not sure how he is defining “validated”. Or to what degree the topic is validated before the OK is given to create the content.

In my experience writing content for corporate employers and clients, management already knows what information its prospects want.

And so they go ahead and create it with no formal market research, survey, or validation other than their own experience, instincts, and knowledge of the marketplace.

When it comes to deciding what to write about, heed the immortal worlds of best-selling author Dr. Benjamin Spock: “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

IM VIP TrainingMy friend Kevin Fahey just launched a brand new killer offer: IM VIP Training Affiliate Marketing Series

He created the IM VIP training to give you a STEP-BY-STEP roadmap to see real success online.

You get the EXACT same strategies that he has personally used to go from struggling to consistent affiliate earnings from $100–$1,000 EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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So if you believe that “time is money”, then you need to take advantage of this top quality training where you’ll quickly learn:

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* The fastest way to get started online without your own product

* A step-by-step system for ramping up to a consistent $100 per day or more in your PayPal account in as little as a few days

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll soon see why people are literally flipping out about this new FB tool!

If you do any level of Facebook marketing the demo on the page is a must-see!

Insight Hero unlocks millions of new Facebook buyers with precise interests that we could never access before.

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Any marketer who has ever heard about TeeSpring would know there are some crazy success stories in there.

One of these stories was publicly revealed when Chris shared how he drove Facebook traffic to his online t-shirt selling business.

That was 5 months ago.

Today, he’s back with T-Shirt Titan 2.0.

The same automated shirt selling system has just gotten better with a Facebook tool that predicts the winning ads and saves you money.

Plus he’s also giving away a quick-start guide, instructional videos and the original T-Shirt Titan 1.0 course that contains 4 software tools, 1 PDF and 8 hours of training.

All these for pennies on the dollar, but for a limited time!

Click here for a free demo (this explains everything) and see if the discount still applies!

Imagine if every single one of your Facebook Timeline posts was guaranteed to not only engage, but effortlessly gather leads into your lists without losing them or having you spend hours updating…

Well, now it

Subscriber JB writes: “I enjoy your newsletters, and have a question for you. You use plain text e-mail. You do not use HTML or other fancy formatting, images, etc.

“I presume you do this on purpose, and that you have found that plain text e-mail newsletters outperform HTML formatted e-mail newsletters?”

Before I answer, let me point out that, technically speaking, this newsletter is not text; it is “text in an HTML shell”.

That means it looks like a text newsletter. It was written in Word and saved as text. But then it was put into HTML code prior to distribution.

The reason is twofold. First, the e-mail distribution service we use, Constant Contact, sends only HTML e-mails, not text.

Second, with HTML you can measure the open rate. With straight text, you cannot.

But other than that, most people would call mine a text newsletter vs. a typical HTML newsletter with design, color, graphics, and images.

As JB correctly points out, I prefer plain text e-mail to HTML and “fancy formatting and images”.

And there are 3 reasons for this preference.

First, text e-mails look like personal e-mails. HTML e-mails look like advertising.

That matters because communications that look like personal mail get better readership and response than communications that look like marketing.

Second, text works best for products and services that don’t need to be illustrated. Example: CPA services, info-marketing, copywriting, consulting, training.

HTML works best for products and services that need to be shown visually. Example: beach vacations, jewelry, fashion, artwork, real estate, interior design.

Since I sell only the former, HTML would not improve my e-mail clickthrough rates and therefore designing an HTML e-mail would be a waste of time.

Third, text e-mails are easy to create; you can dash them off yourself at your PC in minutes.

HTML e-mails require graphic design, which means they take more time and effort to produce: You either have to learn HTML, use newsletter templates, or hire a freelance HTML designer

SEO Firesale


Magic Store Builder

Imaging if you can invest $10 in a cool domain name and within minutes you can turn it to a fully functional UNIQUE price comparison site that’s worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Some are already crushing it online with this!

With no technical skills required, Magic Store Builder lets you build an e-commerce site that is connected to +5,000 merchants offering +50,000,000 products online. You don

Open rate, sesame!

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1,107 Subject Lines

Ed Newman & Matt Bacak just launched a brand new killer product…

1,107 Subject Lines” guarantees to BOOST your e-mail open rates instantly!

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