Copy The Blueprint

If you’ve been feeling financial hits at all (and I know we all do!), you will see that I’m not kidding on how sure-fire it is.

Here’s why this monster system is so UNIQUE …

Normally, many gurus out there will only try and “teach” you their methods and techniques. Essentially, they have you waste time, energy, money, and resources to get it working.

This beast totally BUCKS that trend and gives you exact campaigns to copy straight from their own daily business!

What is being revealed here is a secret system so under-used that only a select few of “online elite” have heard of its existence…

Copy Their Campaigns (I recently did and let’s just say ;P )

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing flow of cash ever seen…ESPECIALLY in a time of financial hardship.

It’s still kind of low-key so take advantage of it right now.

Think about it: well over 85 Billion dollars will be made this year…DESPITE the cycles of other markets.

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Copy The Blueprint” is without a doubt about as safe as it gets because you are replicating their affiliate marketing business.

These campaigns are already being exploited by only a few of the online wealthy elite…and they are NOT letting this out for everyone.

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See yourself copying their campaigns to grow your portfolio FAST. They even update campaigns on a regular basis to ensure your profitability. It’s serious and even my account is living proof of this.

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I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’ve been through the same struggle. “Copy The Blueprint” is the full system that doesn’t even waste time teaching you…it just lets you automatically DO what they are doing right now.

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Copy/Paste/Duplicate Their EXACT revenue streams

Yes, you have been told lies in the past from other gurus perhaps…

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Take everything…use them as your own…don’t reveal it to more.

Steal Their Keywords, Ads, and EVERYTHING in-between

It’s not just my experience with their templates. I’ve seen some cold, hard and shocking proof this is the real deal. Just check out their 10+ raw testimonials.

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I could even try to show you how you are going to see secrets even Google doesn’t want revealed.

But nothing I can say will even begin to do this “automatic push-button” system justice…You have to go right now and enter the door.

Yes. I promise this is worth at least a minute of your time (if not many more…once you see the revenue duplicated for you).

Sales Letters Creator

Mention salesletter writing and you’ll get all kind of negative responses. If salesletter writing wasn’t so important the majority of people would have abandoned the idea altogether in a heartbeat. But unfortunately salesletters still play an important role when it comes to business, and in a way your salesletter is like your very own digital salesperson. A lousy salesperson will not only fail to make any sales, it will indirectly tarnish your reputation as a professional.

It is a well-known fact that a small percentage of marketers can also be professional copywriters. They are easily paid up to 5, 6-figures for a copywriting assignment because their skill comes from writing from scratch. In other words, they are gifted. 100% pure human input always sounds more original than a salesletter that is churned from a software, but there are 2 big disadvantages:

1) It takes a lot of time to craft that ‘perfect’ salesletter.

2) What you make up for time, you pay serious dollars to get someone else to do it for you.

Softwares can still be helpful in lessening the impact of these 2 disadvantages. In fact, it would be easier for you to churn out a draft and then “tweak it manually” to achieve that perfect salesletter. In this respect, Sales Letters Creator is simply perfect for those who loathe the idea of salesletter creation or have never even tried writing one before. Simply put, anyone can do it, and you can produce a high-quality and highly-converting salesletters in half the time if it was done manually.

The best part about this generator is that they prepared a lot of great suggestions for your headlines and prompting questions which really saves you a lot of time. You simply fill in the blanks in pre-made templates and you are ready to upload them to your server. Not even a concern for graphics! You’ll be guided in every single step as you fill up the details of your salesletter.

Right now, you can access Sales Letters Creator for $150 less and you’ll be glad you did if that translate to more dollars saved in terms of your time!

There’s a relatively new autoresponder service that I think you ought to know, especially if you are a newbie just starting in Internet Marketing.

Insofar where autoresponders are concerned, only 2—Aweber and GetResponse—are most well known among Internet marketers. They are mature services that’s been around for at least a decade with agreeable features and reliability…

Problem is the cost; before you can hit 10,000 subscribers, you would be paying through your nose at $50-$60 per month!

Your online business could already be deep in the red at the starting point!

For this reason, I recommend that you take a look at Imnica Mail which began in 2007. For your first 5,000 subscribers, you can keep your monthly cost at just $14 per month. Quite a huge saving of more than 50%, I should say.

Not only that, I found a pleasant surprise in the FAQ section: you will never need to worry about attrition rate if you are going to transfer your existing mailing list from your current service to Imnica Mail. Your subscribers will not have to confirm their subscriptions when they are imported, so that means they are not aware of this major move made by you.

Interestingly, I realized this is a UK-based mailing service, which means it is not mandatory for the service to impose a “double opt-in” rule (subscribe AND click a confirmation link) under the CANSPAM law. This does away with confirmation links so you can reach out to the maximum possible subscribers in their inbox.

An additional tip: You may have seen some sites do not even ask for names to make it even more encouraging for visitors to subscribe.

If I was starting out new, I would seriously consider Imnica Mail as my primary Autoresponder provider. Test-drive Imnica Mail for an entire month for only $1 now!

Super Simple Blueprint For Time Management

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Time Management On Crack

Whatever business you are in, there are 4 levels of productivity you need to conquer. Explained in 4 pages. So you can quickly look at one page, get something different to try in your everyday business, and once you’ve mastered that, whip open the book and try the next level.

But becoming more productive isn’t enough, you need tasks to DO with that productivity. So instead of trying to write copy, create videos, market those videos, create blog posts, write follow-ups, or write articles without a plan, you use one of the included checklists in “Time Management On Crack” and knock it out in half the time, or faster!

Many Internet Marketing products are sold from a “make money” angle, but time is just as much a precious commodity. If you know how to maximize your time doing the right kind of work to fulfill the most important of priorities, you get more money (for sure), and also free up more time to do the fun stuff like go on trips with your family.

Here’s the “Time Management On Crack” report that will make all that possible for you.

Online videos viral via word of mouth

Posted January 15th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Audio/Video Marketing

According to a study by Knowledge Networks, more than 4 out of 10 people who view your streaming video content online do so because they were told about it by someone else either in person or over the phone.

In my experience, people will tell other people to watch an online video only if it meets at least one of the following criteria: (1) funny, (2) entertaining, (3) unusual, (4) moving (emotional).

Source: eMarketer, 12/2/09.

Best typefaces for web pages

Posted January 14th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Website/WordPress Development

1. Recommended typefaces for websites include Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, and other popular san serif fonts.

2. If your web pages are too light to read on screen or when printed, use a boldface font like Helvetica Bold Condensed.

3. The most common error in web page design is using too small a type size. Use at least 12-point type. Even 16-point won’t look awkward, and larger is easier to read than smaller.

4. For web page headlines, use Impact or Arial Bold in 2 or more point sizes larger than the body copy.

5 steps to better blogging

Posted January 13th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Blogging And RSS

Content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi offers these 5 tips for writing better blogs:

1. Keep posts short—250 words max.

2. Write some posts that are bullets or lists—readers like them better.

3. Actively link to other bloggers. They will notice.

4. Proofread.

5. Get to the point and make it actionable.

Source: Junta42 TCR, 11/20/09.

5 ways to ruin your PowerPoint presentation

Posted January 12th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Other Stuff

Avoid these common mistakes when preparing PowerPoint presentations:

1-Low-contrast slides.

2-Too small font.

3-Too much type.

4-Too many bullets.

5-Reading the slides.

Source: Stephanie Weaver, The Podium, 12/09, p. 9.

You CAN Finally Escape The Rat Race!

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Crush Your Job

I don’t often get this excited about a product but I just came across an extraordinary e-book and wanted to tell you about it.

It’s called “Crush Your Job” and it’s actually pretty dang good, not your usual cheap fluff.

Don’t let the low price fool you either…

If you’re looking for the REAL answers to the following questions, you should pick up a copy today:

* How To Make Money Even If You have No products, No list, No money, Are Dead Broke, and Frustrated?

* How To Identify A “Hungry Market” Where Rabid Buyers Will Snatch Up Your Information Left & Right…Guaranteed!

* How To Create A Niche Info-product Quickly (in a matter of hours)

* How To Generate TONS, And TONS Of Traffic FAST (in less than a week!)

* How To Totally DOMINATE In Your Niche Market & Crush Your Competition!

* What Niche Markets You Shouldn’t Waste Your Valuable Time On

* How To Separate Yourself From 99% Of The Internet Marketers Who Never Make A Dime Online And Never Will!

* How To Set Up Backend Products (for bigger profits)

* How To Write Sales Copy That Actually Converts Visitors Into Buyers!

It’s 90 pages long (I finished it in about an hour or so), and it’s ONLY 5 bucks! That’s an incredible steal if you ask me.

Be sure not to miss it.

3 ways to build credibility

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Here are 3 things you can give—or give up—to others to build credibility with them:

1. Material wealth: For instance, giving a customer a full refund—even when you don’t legally have to.

2. Time and energy: Giving clients guidance, assistance, or advice when you are not “on the clock” or charging them for it.

3. Opportunity: Bypassing an opportunity can help you build credibility. Example: the consultant who turns down a lucrative offer from a big potential client because it represents a conflict of interest with a smaller, less lucrative existing client.

Source: Wanek, Tom, “Currencies That Buy Credibility” (WA Press, 2009).

Invent your own words

Posted January 10th, 2010 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Copywriting

Want to make your product stand out? Invent a new term to describe it.

Consumer example: Miller Brewing advertising its beer as “cold filtered”.

Business example: Mike Hammer called his approach to business improvement “re-engineering”.

Advantage: if people accept the term and it gains popular usage, you own it.

Disadvantage: new terms don’t always catch on, and if they don’t, they may not be clearly understood (i.e. “what is re-engineering exactly?”).

Source: The Copywriter’s Roundtable, 12/8/09.

According to web expert Gerry McGovern, the ideal length for a page of web content on a regular website (not a landing page) is 300 words. He says 50% of visitors will read a 300-word page to the end, while only 5% will scan 1,000 words.

Headlines should be 4 to 8 words, sentences 15 to 20 words, and paragraphs 40 to 70 words. Hyperlinks should be in the right-hand column, not embedded within the body copy. Reason: links in the body copy distract readers, making it difficult for them to read the paragraph.

Source: IntelBuilder

Imagine having a software that contains 29,768 niche market articles at your fingertips…Also you will have private label rights which gives you the right to modify the articles as you so desire.

Many of you have asked if your own articles could be added to this software so you can make e-books from them. Right now the answer is no but in a couple of weeks the creator of this software will have an update and you will be able to add your own articles too.

These articles are yours to use as you please. Use them as content for your websites. Use them as posts for your blogs. Use them to create backlinks to your sites. Even create one-of-a-kind e-books with the built-in eBook Creation Wizard. That’s right, the e-book creator comes with the software and you also get an article spinner tool.

This software is available at an amazing low price of $14.99 but this low price is only good through January 10th.

You have to watch the video to see this software and what it can do for you. Remember 29,768 niche marketing articles and an e-book creator!

I’m so excited about the possibilities that I ordered this software and it is very easy to use. You will be amazed at what you can do with this software for the very low price of $14.99.

Self Empowerment Guidebook

To help you realize your greatest potential, several of today’s up-and-coming personal development leaders have shared their wisdom in a power-packed transformational e-book.

It’s called The Self Empowerment Guidebook.

Each expert explores self empowerment from a different perspective, ultimately giving you a well-rounded and highly effective approach on what it takes for you to empower yourself and live a life of joy and success.

You can grab your copy for free right now by clicking on the link below.

My friend, Chris Cade, has lovingly put this e-book together and is charging absolutely nothing for it. I’ve know Chris for a while now and one of his best qualities that I’ve discovered is his devotion to people like you and me.

He wants you to succeed. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to be prosperous.

And his latest e-book is just one way that he can help you achieve these things.

Click here and follow the instructions to download.


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Can you believe this 4-letter word is a HUGE market?

This is what I’ve found:

1) Beyonce Wigs: 8100 searches per month! Only 16,000 exact match competition.

2) Beyonce Front Lace Wigs: 2000 searches per month! Only 318 competition (just write an article and you’ll be on the first page…easy!).

3) Remy Front Lace Wigs: 5400 searches last month and only 1,180 search results in competition!

Apparently there are a number of PayPal shops in the beauty category laughing all the way to the bank selling all kinds of celebrity wigs.


Beyonce is NOT the only celebrity women want to emulate.

Jessica Alba
Jennifer Hudson
Ashley Simpson
Reese Witherspoon
Eva Longoria
Whitney Houston
Halle Berry
Tyra Banks

And it goes on and on and on!

You could nail top spots on most of those celebrity names in conjunction with ‘wig’ or ‘lace wig’.

This is also an EVERGREEN niche…meaning it will always be there. They were selling wigs back in the 1700s and they’ll sell today and they’ll sell 100 years from now.

Can you smell the money?

Do you fully understand why this is such a lucrative niche?


Women have a burning passion to be attractive, beautiful and be like the people they admire.

This is SUCH a great market!

(Cosmetics do NOT suffer during economic bad times either.)

What this all means is there is a STARVING CROWD with an ever-present BURNING DESIRE behind keywords like ‘wigs’.

Keyword research is a real integral part of Internet Marketing, but the truth is even at an intermediate level, if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, your keyword range may get a little off-target, and you’re as good as having missed a lucrative market!

With InstaCash Keywords, you can have well researched information on lucrative niches like the “Celebrity Wig Market” delivered to your inbox EVERYDAY!

When you give it a try today, you’ll also enjoy 3 extra bonuses…yours to keep just for giving it a try!

1. The InstaCash Income Plan
2. Lifetime Access to the InstaCash Income Blog
3. Special Report called “No Website…No Problem”

Whether you decide to take the trial offer or not, I hope you’ll get some use out of today’s lesson.

Free webinar for you on Tuesday.

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Ready to add more profits, passion and purpose to what you’re doing in 2010?

Then I recommend you block out 9pm ET Tuesday, January 5 for a free, LIVE *webinar* top gun marketer Yanik Silver is hosting called “Secrets of Maverick Entrepreneurs“.

I’m super excited about this free event because Yanik is introducing everyone to his own personal network of insider connections…

These individuals are a small, distinct group of self-made millionaires ranging from well-known online pioneers & experts, corporate leaders of INC 500 companies, multi-national manufacturers, heads of financial institutions to international real estate developers and restaurateurs.

And he’s got a handful of new Mavericks scheduled to come together Tuesday to share with you their thinking on the 3 ‘Maverick Success Pillars’:

* How to make more…
* How to have more fun…
* How to give more back…

Plus he’ll grill them on how they are adapting their businesses to maximize success in 2010 (make sure you’ve got your pen and paper ready for the gems they’ll share)!

And Yanik will even be sharing even more of his insights on how to increase your profits, your passion and purpose, the very same rules that have made him financially independent before the age of 31 starting with a silly idea at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Best part is, you don’t pay a dime to get on there (except for any long-distance charges like you would to Uncle Fritz in Wyoming).

You need to register right here to get sent the login access and telephone PIN number.

Since there’s zero cost for this one-time only event and only 300 lines available, I expect this will be completely booked in no time flat.

The last time Yanik hosted a content-packed free webinar like this, not only did attendees go bonkers for all the great strategies and ideas revealed, but it totally SOLD OUT. Don’t delay in grabbing your spot today.