Role Of Net Banking In The Business Application by Harvey Hammond

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This world is in the era, where anything and everything can be done through Internet. So is the case with Internet banking. Each and everything done through Internet banking is actually a blessing to almost all business application. Organizations have all adopted to the new way of banking transactions which saves and serves time. Let

Compliance Bar

The most important pages of an online business website are not the opt-in page, sales page or even the home page…

The most important pages on your site are the ones that:

1) get the least amount of traffic
2) almost nobody sees
3) nobody wants to go to
4) will never influence someone to click a link or pull out a credit card
5) are the most boring, really

Yeah I know. For something that’s supposed to be so important, things don’t exactly sound awe-inspiring, do they?

But if push comes to shove, it’s these exact pages that can literally SAVE your business and keep $$$ flowing into your bank account.

Yet most online marketers fail to appreciate these pages and so hardly bothered to create them.

Now with just a few clicks of a button, you can make sure you that you have your Copyright, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, the EU Cookie Law, all Disclosures, and more on your site.

In other words, use appropriately, Compliance Bar can make sure that every single legal and governing entity in the entire world that might be interested in your site is appeased and taken care of.

If you are still reading this message, you know how important a tool (actually a WordPress plugin) like Compliance Bar is to your business.

Get the affordable multi-site license now to provide the safety net that your websites deserve.

The 80/20 Rule Of Freelance Writing Success by Bob Bly

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Recently, subscriber KK wrote and asked me how she could succeed as a freelance writer.

More specifically, she wanted to know whether she could have it all, meaning have fun and enjoy writing as well as get paid a lot of money for her writing.

Often, the two are in conflict.

For instance, direct marketing master Mark Ford has built a multi-million-dollar fortune, largely from copywriting

If you have a smartphone, I found a position for you that will earn you money tonight. Up to $4,241 in a single day.

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eMobileCode is a brand new mobile app that’s making over $44,491 per MONTH for its users.

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– No Experience Necessary
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– No Fake Actors
– Live Proof and Live Case Studies


Go here right now and download the app.

Tube Digger Pro

Ever since Google bought YouTube in 2006, they have given YouTube videos preferential ranking in their SERPS…

Savvy marketers quickly learned to DOMINATE Google all they needed to do was copy the tags, and keyword density of the top videos and presto, they were number one…

Google caught on to what Internet marketers were doing and started to HIDE all the critical information such as tags, embeds, backlink sources etc.

Mao Flynn has just launched a tool called Tube Digger Pro that reveals all this critical information Google has been hiding.

In fact, TDP provides INSTANT ACCESS to all the pertinent stats for ALL the videos dominating page one of Google and YouTube for any keyword.

With this information at your fingertips, you have everything you need to OUTRANK your competitors.

1. Instant analysis of the top videos dominating Google & YouTube for your keywords

2. Instant reveal of hidden tags of the top videos

3. Full analysis on every video in your competitors channel

4. Discover exactly what you need to do to RANK videos number one on Google & YouTube

5. Track the rank of your videos against your competitors in the SERPS etc.

This is your ticket to return to the GLORY DAYS when you could leapfrog competitors videos on page one of Google and Youtube and literally STEAL their commissions rights from under their noses.

Click here to see the demo of this amazing software!

Brand New and simple Retargeting Tool!

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FB RetargeterA brand new software just launched that can literally triple your results in PPC marketing.

Listen, RIGHT NOW you are missing out on an enormous number of potential sales just because of the fact that most people don’t purchase or opt in to your list the first time they see your ad (in fact, it takes some people 10 times or more of seeing the ad before they decide to purchase).

That’s right! If you’ve EVER struggled to make a profit with PPC marketing, listen up, because this is going to be the MOST important marketing tool to add to your arsenal.

So how did we solve this problem?

Simple, with FB Retargeter.

This brand new software is designed so that anyone who clicks on your ad sees your ad over and over again all over Facebook!

This means that you can get multiple exposures to any sales page, any website, or any opt-in page, so that you never miss out on potential sales ever again.

Here’s what you can do with FB Retargeter:

– Skyrocket ROI on Paid Ads

– Explode Optin Rates

– Get More Ebay customers

– Make more Teespring or Kindle book sales

– Track Your Ads for Demographics to Find Out what Group is Clicking Your Ads (so you can rapidly maximize your CTR)

– FB Graph Search Tool: Quickly locate super targeted prospects for your offers based on images they’ve liked that relate to your product’s niche

– Offer Tool: Advertise your pages around the Internet by displaying popup ads on any site you want (INCLUDING popular sites you don’t own!)…giving you multiple additional exposures

All for only a one time payment of 27 bucks ;)

No-brainer, right?

Best of all, you can retarget an UNLIMITED number of pages for an unlimited number of campaigns!

With the power of FB Retargeter in your hands, you could easily achieve ROI that even Internet marketing experts can’t possibly match…it is that powerful.

To see how much people are loving FB Retargeter and claim your unfair advantage in Facebook marketing while it’s brand new, grab your copy here right now.

Not One Marketer In A Thousand Knows This Secret by Bob Bly

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How many of your promotions should you expect to be winners?

A lot of businesspeople have the unrealistic expectation that every promotion they do should make money.

But in fact, that virtually never happens to anyone.

Marketing superstar Mark Ford recently told me, “A true DM entrepreneur would know he doesn’t need copy to work every time

My friend John has revealed something pretty impressive…

…little known strategies that make sure your paid content, stays secure and several of his tactics costs less than $15.

You’ve probably tried things like uploading your PDFs, videos and MP3s to your website or even YouTube.

But how how secure are these when a simple site:url search on Google can list your content for all to see.

Something just isn’t working, and you’re not securing your products and making all of the cash you want to.

The Membership Manifesto can solve your illegal product download problem.

You just have to follow a couple of simple steps, and you will lock down your content securely.

John guarantees it.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything you want to gain.

Niche Minisites

My buddy Brett Ingram has created software that will make YOU your very own niche minisites in minutes…

– it’s point-n-click simple to setup

– it sets up in minutes and looks awesome

– it comes complete with list-building and Amazon, AdSense, and Clickbank.

– it’s fully automated (set-n-forget simple)

– it requires NO marketing experience

Here’s a sneak peek.

Learn Sales Page Creation from the Pros Without The Hefty Price Tag

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Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind

Do you get stuck when it comes to making sales pages?

Do you want to know what the real secrets are to getting your visitors to stay on your page and buy your product?

Knowing the right way to create a stunning sales page can be a massive learning curve which has left many marketers in a mess as they simply don’t know where to begin.

This leads to frustration, despair and is the reason that so many feel the heartache of giving up at copywriting when visitors are more than convinced at clicking away from weak sales pages.

Like many budding copywriters, Carl Picot struggled to get his sales pages right, but instead of giving up or paying through the nose to outsource, he wanted to know more, and went out and hunted down 7 of the world’s most wanted sales page copywriters and coaxed out their secrets.

He has now made these available for you so that you can benefit from the awesome, life-changing, content that these people share.

The Millionare Copywriting Mastermind will show you everything you need to know about sales page mastery from the ground up…and more.

If you want to get access to info that could have you create killer high-converting sales pages in no time, then click here now to get in on the dirty little secrets and finally get the skills you need to earn the freedom that you and your clients (provide a copywriting service too!) deserve.

Social Mobile Press

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Over the past two years, marketing expert Mark Thompson and his Digital Kickstart team have been busy building the ULTIMATE list building app, that is going to change how we turn any ordinary website into a List Building MACHINE!

Optin Architect allows you to create, design, monitor and track lead capture/opt-in forms across ALL of your websites.

It doesn



“My squeeze page stopped converting 6 months ago.”

Sound familiar?

Almost every online marketer on the planet is reporting something similar.

Truth is squeeze pages aren’t converting HALF of what they used to.

And you have the solution today!

The word on the street is that this “underground” technology is quadrupling opt-in rates!

Yeah. QUA-DRU-PULING. Up to 70% conversions and it’s got everyone deleting their squeeze page the moment they get this thing installed.

It’s that good.

It’s based on the same technology Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss and the other cats have been using to do those opt-in crazy numbers.

Do yourself a favor and watch the demo video. It will be one the best decisions you’ve made for your business.

The #1 reason fan pages fail.

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The number 1 reason Facebook fan pages never turn a profit is because the flow of content slows down and dies.

Once your engagement is gone, it stays gone.

But keeping up with constantly posting fresh content is hard and time-consuming.

In fact, the average marketer spends up to 40 hours a month searching, finding, and scheduling fan page posts.


Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex…heck, even Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter want it…

But, as of April 22, 2014 only 0.03% of all websites are giving it to them.

Its hard to believe considering how powerful this is and how fast you can increase the rank of your sites because of it. Yet 99.7% of all websites ARE NOT using this technology to rank their sites better, get more social shares and traffic, and targeting the traffic they do get to the audience who wants their content.

You see, each one of the sites I listed here want specifics about your site, but most of the time they have to figure it out by themselves.

They spider your site with their bots and their computer algorithms read through your content, they pick the Titles, Descriptions, and Images they want for your social sharing and Search listings.

You then have to HOPE they get it right or that you optimized your Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords well enough that they all understand your site and your content’s focus.

Keywords are great and we do need to optimize for them, but the truth is all the search engines and social networks don’t care about keywords anymore. They care about the “GIST”. The context of the questions being asked.

So, if you don’t give them a clear picture about your site, they will figure it out for you and you might not like the results. In fact, you might already be ticked off about your current rank, the way your content is shared, and the pitiful amount of traffic your site is getting.

If you want to get in on the cutting edge of SEO and Social Media Optimization at the same time and rank your site above 99.7% of those who aren’t doing this…

Get in on the cutting edge of SEO here.

How to get your site on the Wall Street Journal

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Face it, getting traffic to your site can be a real pain in the butt!

But you can

New 175-page web traffic guide goes gold!

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The Honk! Honk! Web Traffic Guide

Forget everything you know about traffic for a while, because you’re about to learn how easy getting huge quantities of targeted visitors can be.

Trust me, they’re out there. There are billions of people online, and probably millions in your niche, so it’s definitely possible to get in front of them.

But it takes more than just building a great site, because, as I’ve said so many times before, “build it and they will come’ was just a tagline for a movie, and a fictional movie at that.

Inside Dennis Becker’s new “The Honk! Honk! Web Traffic Guide“, you’re going to learn how easy it is to get traffic to your sites.

Good traffic, buyers, lots of it from all over, if you work at it.

He’s not going to teach you the latest black or gray-hat techniques that you might find out about in a report you purchase at the Warrior Special Offers section of the Warrior Forum, because he wants his techniques to stand the test of time.

Getting traffic consists of creating great content

What’s A Good Idea Really Worth? by Bob Bly

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The late, great speaker Dottie Walters once praised me by writing, “Bob Bly is a magnificent idea man.”

But that actually made me uncomfortable…because I do not think of myself as an idea man.

I am something that, in my humble opinion, is much more valuable: an action man.

My writing hero, Isaac Asimov, said he was often besieged by people who had an idea for a science fiction story.

Their offer: “Take my idea, write the story, sell it, and we will split the money.”

Asimov’s reply was always the same.

He told the person, “Tell you what. I will give YOU an idea. You write a story, sell it, and split the money with me.”

His point: coming up with ideas is easy. Implementing them is hard.

In this regard, my pet peeve is marketing consultants who want to look smart to the client, and so they spew out idea after idea without regard to the client’s time and resources available to execute

Have you thought of marketing inside the Facebook newsfeed?

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Social Lead WizardIt’s safe to say most marketers have not mastered everything about Facebook marketing.

Far more less of them would even know it’s possible to insert their squeeze pages or video sales pages right inside the Facebook newsfeed.

Aravindh Sridhar was toying with the idea of further interactivity on the newsfeed than just posting a text message, picture or video and having been done over with a souped-up fan page.

And being the first to have developed such a tool to do marketing on the newsfeed makes him leave his competitors in his wake!

So if you want to insert a squeeze page or video sales page with an ‘order’ button right inside the Facebook newsfeed (basically doing something that no one else other than Aravindh has done before), check out the demo of Social Lead Wizard.