How would you like to harness the power of push notification for Internet Marketing?

Popups are rather static as they repeat the same message every time a visitor lands on a web page, but push notifications work more dynamically in that the visitor may choose to stay notified of future messages, therefore you have his or her consent, thus pushing up conversion rate.

You can also line up and schedule unlimited messages to appear on your subscribers’ screens.

ZenNotify is 100% cloud-based and nothing too technical…but it can give you REAL PROFITS for your campaigns. Watch the demo video below…

And use coupon code “secretaccess” to get $8 off!

KajabiSince 2010, this Internet Marketing platform has changed the way John Reese, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, Trey Smith and Jeff Walker marketed their biggest products. I think it’s going to change the way EVERYONE markets online.

Kajabi is a hosted platform for marketing, selling and delivering information products online. It provides a platform for hosting content, like videos, audios and text documents, which are delivered using some proven templates, such as the video squeeze page and sales page for marketing the content, and a membership community area for delivering the actual product.

Every possible marketing tool is integrated under one roof so you do not have to work with a website builder, file hosting platform, membership site manager and autoresponders separately. Kajabi makes it easy and seamless so that its analytics feature can keep track of all aspects of your campaign performance.

The proof is in the pudding. Try Kajabi FREE for 14 days.

Chris Cobb has been quietly banking thousands of dollars a day online for the past 10 years. Today, he is an Internet Millionaire making in excess of $10 million.

Imagine if he had shown you the stuff he had known about now, you’d wish you had turned back the clock and cut short years of trial-and-error.

Access his brand new “AIS Elite” Internet Marketing study course and make this your best educational investment this year.

Funnel Boss

People are absolutely loving this Funnel Boss product and I don’t blame them. It is a powerful training program because building effective funnels is arguably one of the most important marketing skills you need to learn.

Funnel Boss is the kind of product that will give you multiple “A-HA moments” as you learn the secret tricks used by Omar and Melinda Martin to inject traffic, leads and sales directly into your business. Omar and Melinda are masters at creating funnels and making them grow virally. All kinds of funnels like lead funnels, trust funnels and sales funnels.

This is an easy-to-follow on-screen training course that will revitalize your online business with fresh new ideas and give you that boost you need.

It’s no wonder that this thing is selling so well! Go behind the scenes today to see what it REALLY takes to make solid recurring income online.

Every marketer needs traffic.

And to make money online you need targeted traffic that converts.

But with huge growth in competition and high cost of acquiring targeted traffic, you need to make sure your traffic is laser-targeted and at lowest cost possible.

There is a simple way to do this now.

Audience Press

Audience Press is the ultimate tracking, cloaking and retargeting suite that every affiliate marketer should have to make the most from their traffic.

It will maximize your profits by tracking all visitors who see your site and reconnecting with the 95% of visitors who leave without taking action!

And it will save a lot of cost if you are advertising and paying for traffic.

This only means one thing : Massive Paydays For You!

The methods used by 7- and 8-figure marketing gurus have been revealed inside this software + training.

Even stone cold newbies are generating high commissions without any prior experience by using Audience Press.

Don’t wait as you’ll be able to get Audience Press at lowest price for the first 48 hours only.

No recurring fees, just one-time low payment.

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ClickMagickWant to let you know there’s a killer new service called ClickMagick. It’s the next-gen click tracker, rotator and link manager that not only tracks all your clicks but makes them an average of 56% more profitable!

– It cloaks & tracks all your links, traffic & conversions

– It has 3 different kinds of advanced link rotators

– It lets you setup and do A/B split-tests in seconds

– It does some real ‘ninja’ geotargeting stuff to help maximize the value of ALL your traffic

– It provides insights into your traffic ‘quality’ & helps combat click fraud and ‘scammy’ traffic sellers

That’s not even the best part…

It also lets you add custom popups, timers and other content TO ANY PAGE to help you make more money.

Even affiliate links and sites you don’t control!

There’s nothing else like this out there. Check it out for yourself.

What’s the best conversion increasing technique? In a word, it’s scarcity.

Tell someone: “buy my product” and you’ll get one result.

Tell someone: “buy my product, but you better do it now because this offer ends soon,” and you’ll see a massive difference.

Why? Because of the scarcity principle. If you’re about to take something away from someone, that thing becomes more desirable. The human brain is hard-wired to see things that are limited as more valuable.

We’ve seen absurd examples of this in the past: the Tickle Me Elmo and Furby craziness come to mind. People literally stampeded over others to get their hands on a toy…

OK, so how can you take advantage of this powerful principle for your online business?

This is why I’m writing you today. The team at Thrive Themes just launched a new plugin: Thrive Ultimatum.

With Thrive Ultimatum, you can create:

1) Fully customizable countdown widgets and floating banners and display them (or restrict them from displaying) on your blog posts, pages and anywhere else on your site.

2) Different scarcity campaigns running at the same time, on different parts of your website.

3) Automatically recurring campaigns, whether it’s a seasonal sale, a monthly special offer or a timer that runs every day to show how much time your customers have to still be eligible for next-day shipping.

4) Evergreen countdown campaigns, which allow you to create time-limited offers that run for each individual visitor.

It’s the ultimate scarcity marketing plugin for WordPress and right now you can buy it at a discount!


Planning and executing a product launch sequence that generates over $1 million in a matter of days has just gotten easier with this incredible platform.

What the big boys used to do so effortlessly is now within your reach. iGloo is for you:

1) if you are launching & selling products or services on the web.

2) if you are looking to generate extra income by creating the highest quality sales funnels.

3) if you are serious about building a successful online business.

With iGloo you can quickly & easily create:

– Pre-launch viral social contests
– Affiliate recruitment pages
– Landing & sales pages
– Webinar Registration pages
– Company websites

And MUCH more…

All with the simplest & most efficient drag-&-drop interface designed for everyone!

A few days ago I sent you a post about the success Thrive Themes has had using scarcity in their marketing.

Absolutely mind-boggling results.

What if you could do something similar?

Well, today Thrive just released a 100% free video tutorial explaining how to use the exact same technique in YOUR online business with tools you already have!

Don’t miss out; this video is top-notch training and you can get it completely free!

I want to show you something amazing. The folks at Thrive Themes have managed to accomplish a massive increase in their visitor value. They went from around $1 per visitor to $2.70 per visitor with ONE marketing technique!

In their newest post they show you behind the scenes of their business and reveal real numbers and results from their experimentation.

See it now.


WOW, Bryan Winters has created a monster…

Or should I say, an EMPIRE…

An empire that can be all YOURS!

Bryan’s MyFunnelEmpire (MFE) program is the best opportunity you may EVER have to acquire your very own scientifically proven membership-based income system…

A complete online business, modeled after Bryan’s own 6-figure membership sites…

Except even better, because Bryan and his team have poured ALL of their experience from his other sites into MFE to make it the very BEST of the BEST.

And instead of Bryan launching this site like he normally would…

…he’s handing YOU the golden scepter to take over as an ‘MFE Founder’—the founder of your own online empire—beginning TODAY.

Bryan refers to MyFunnelEmpire as an “autonomous income system”.

The word ‘autonomous’ refers to growing naturally or spontaneously, which is EXACTLY what MyFunnelEmpire is designed to do.

First, you jumpstart your membership by inviting end-users (members) into the system.

Your members get their own FREE websites called ‘funnels’.

As your members promote their funnels, they’ll be driving traffic and *new* members into your MFE membership FOR you.

So the entire system is geared to go VIRAL, and the end result is that EVERYBODY…

…meaning both you and your members…

Can pile up e-mail subscribers and income potential with a MINIMUM of effort, since the entire membership system is already DONE and waiting for you to activate now.

But listen, I can’t even come close to doing Bryan’s new autonomous income system justice in this short message.

I urge you to head over to the MyFunnelEmpire IMMEDIATELY so that you can learn all the juicy details.

You’ll be amazed at how this opportunity is the perfect meld of “newbie friendly + raw income power”.

I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it.

Time is of the essence because Bryan is offering a HUGE discount to the MFE program right now during their launch.

I know you’ll be sorry if you wait. So head over NOW to watch Bryan’s free video presentation and also the cool DEMO video.

I’ll see you inside!

Super Commission Sniper

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to learn step-by-step how to earn over $322+ per day on autopilot, but here it is.

Go behind the scenes and see exactly what Allen Martin does to earn 5 figures per month.

He breaks the entire process down so you simply copy what he does and profit, it’s that simple.

Allen has years of experience working full time in the Internet Marketing space and he is literally laying out his entire blueprint and sharing everything he knows.

The Super Commission Sniper is available for ONLY the next 3 days and a few bucks so grab it now before the Early Bird special ends…

If there’s one dreaded thing about running an online business, it’s keeping up with the marketing and ensuring a steady stream of leads and customers. I don’t have to tell you it’s time consuming and it’s not always easy to know what really works these days.

Well, it’s time to put all that procrastination to an end because your marketing just got a whole lot easier.

Online marketing veterans, Ron Douglas and Alice Seba, have just announced the launch of DFY Templates where you get a new package of marketing templates and insider strategies each and every month.

These templates and strategies are based on their nearly 30 years combined online marketing experience…and you know these successful entrepreneurs know what it takes to grow a business. Ron has sold over 1.5 million books and Alice is a noted content marketing expert who has sold millions of dollars in content. When these two talk, I definitely listen and know being able to tap into their stash of marketing tools…that’s priceless!

Imagine, you get new templates each month to help you master a new marketing strategy each month and to ensure you market your business CONSISTENTLY.

The super cool thing about this is you won’t believe how crazy inexpensive it is to get your hands on this stuff.

Go here for the full details and get in quickly.

It’s over 40% off for just a few days only.

No more excuses…you now have the tools to make quick work of growing your business.

Everyday, more people are turning to social networks NOT just to check out cat videos…

But to actually BUY stuff. Recent studies show that social platforms have a huge impact on purchase decisions. They’re catching up to top search engines in terms of influencing buyers.

70% of buyers head to Pinterest BEFORE deciding what to buy.


You can turn this trend into your advantage with Pindrill, a cloud-­based software that is the first of its kind to monetize your social media accounts for you.

Here’s a summary of what it does and how:

=> the software scrapes your existing blogs, sites or eCom stores, then creates engaging image style posts out of every article or product

=> works with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Etsy, Tumblr & Blogger

=> even if you DON’T have a blog or store, you can create posts from inside the dash to promote affiliate or CPA offers

=> then it spreads your “rich pin” style posts across ALL your social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram

=> publish posts immediately or schedule them to drip feed content

=> and this brings floods of fresh, targeted traffic straight to your offers

There’s nothing on the market even close. Pindrill monetizes your accounts and automates the process.

eCom vendors can literally have entire stores duplicated and shared across social media in minutes.

Affiliate & CPA marketers can get in front of targeted traffic at zero cost.

Complete beginners can start making money from scratch.

There’s all kinds of proof on the page, as well as a demo video showing you exactly how it works.

This Is The Future Of Social Media Profits!

We all hang out on social media. Isn’t it time you got paid for the effort?

Have you seen the Supernova Method?

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Supernova Method

Here’s the deal: Jacqueline Lee, Shane Nathan and ChromaBit did this killer course how to effectively build an e-mail list that will generate you nice monthly income, build relationships with your subscribers, then promoting your niche as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Yes, everything will be taught step-by-step.

Now how cool is that?

You get to learn from the best marketers online, and over 1000 copies are sold in just 24 hours…

If setting up an unstoppable money machine in just a few minutes is your thing, then learn the Supernova Method from these guys.

Audience Social

Have you ever visited a site, read an article, or looked at a product, leave but then get followed around the web by ads from that site?

That’s retargeting!

And companies like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay do it because it’s VERY profitable.

Even regular folks like you and I can do this successfully, by putting up an ugly picture with some text over it.

The reason this does so well is because most people need to see things more than once before they make a purchase. When you see your item, store, or service over and over, they eventually BUY.

Retargeting is the one thing that’ll pretty much make you money every time you do it.

If people have come onto your site the first time, they were already interested in whatever it is you offer. Now you get to keep the conversation going.

Audience Social makes it for you to retarget anyone who visits your website, Shopify store, and even pages that you do not own!

Audience Social will only target the most interested and relevant people and if FB is the traffic source, then people who only click your ad, will be added to the retargeted list.

That’s not all!

You can:

– Promote 2 or more products on same campaign & split-test results

– Use advanced geo-targeting and link cloaking for social sharing and tracking

– Automatically target the “Very Interested” people and avoid the un-interested rest

– Capture lost audience of site with lower ad spend yet higher ROI

– Support 5 major retargeting platform like FB, Google AdWords, Retargeter, Adroll & Perfect Audience.

– Work in every niche, on every website for every type of market even if you don’t own website.

And much more!

All you need to do is:

Step 1: Create New Campaign

Step 2: Select your retargeting platform

Step 3: Run High Efficient Low Spend Ads

Step 4: Re-engage visitor & bump up your Profits

Watch the demo for yourself and gain access at early bird price available for the next 4 days ONLY!

You Need To See This Marketing Tool!

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ConversionFly accounts are now up for grabs!

You want to get one because it shows you:

* What to do when setting-up a new marketing funnel to get to profits FAST!

* Exactly what to do to fix one of your broken or under-performing marketing funnels!

* How to generate maximum sales and profits from every marketing campaign you have!

ConversionFly is quite possibly the most revolutionary marketing tool that’s been released in a long time.

It’s a new type of marketing funnel tracking, reporting, and optimization tool that uses what’s called Lossless Tracking to give you some simple, but actionable data.

It’s the brainchild of Todd Brown—the guy all the top marketers consider the GO-TO guy for engineering wildly profitable marketing funnels.

It’s the same tool he paid tens of thousands of dollars to have create for himself and his company.

And TODAY you have the chance to get your own account.

I recommend you grab yours. At least head on to the page and watch his pre-launch video series if you had previously missed out (click the boxed links at the top of the page). You will find some solid gems in them.

IM Conversion Suite

On average, 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a website!

With a such a short visit of most of visitors, how do you plan to Engage, Track and Convert them ?

Definitely not with some expensive and glitchy tool or any other unreliable software for that matter.

Instead you need a proven technology that is already responsible for generating 6-figure sales and thousands of leads with its powerful features like:

– Click Tracker
– Conversion Bars
– Conversion Popups
– Countdown Timer
– Pin-Point Accurate Analysis

With IM Conversion Suite:

1) You get FULL insight into what’s happening—from visitors, to clicks, to conversions, to widget loads with nice charts & graphs.

2) There’s nothing to install—simply copy-and-paste a line of code on pages and watch conversions skyrocket by up to 1,375%!

3) Your websites are mobile-ready—IMCS works great on all the web browsers, with smart phones, tablets and mobile devices.

4) Boost conversion in 60 seconds flat—you can deploy the software to promote affiliate offers, squeeze pages, blog or sales pages, and it tracks opt-ins, clickthrough rates and sales.

Grab it at a hugely discounted one-time only price now!

LeadGrabHow cool is this…being able to leverage a brand and trusted source like BBC and having YOUR call-to-action right there?

What if you could ethically borrow the credibility and social proof of some of the largest and most trusted brands on the web—brands like CNN, The New York Times, Mashable, ESPN, USA Today, The Huffington Post—to generate more traffic, leads and sales?

Now you can do it in less than 1 minute!

LeadGrab allows you to leverage existing, targeting content across the web to build value, engagement and ACTION with your subscribers!

Plus LeadGrab is packed with features based around the type of marketing campaign or goal:

[+] Campaign Types: Create all different types of LeadGrabs including Image, Text, Opt-in, and Button.

[+] Themes: Choose from a wide variety of LeadGrab themes and designs. Each design can be fully customized with your own color scheme and fonts to compliment or stand-out from the web page your visitors are on.

[+] Custom URLs: Create a custom display URL that is branded for your domain.

[+] Viral Sharing: Add social sharing options onto any of your LeadGrabs to encourage sharing and engagement on popular social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

[+] Retargeting: Add each visitor who engages with your LeadGrab to retargeting platform like Facebook, Google, Fetchback, Adroll and more.

[+] Split-Testing: Experiment with multiple variations to optimize for higher conversion rates.

[+] Exit Intent: Capture existing traffic, by displaying a LeadGrab only when the visitor is about to exit the page.

[+] E-mail & Webinar Integration: Automatically add new opt-ins/subscribers to your favorite email marketing or webinar platform.

Now is your chance to grab a lifetime license to LeadGrab and use on unlimited personal sites.

Grab your 70% charter member access during the FIRST 7 days of the launch!

Your $697 marketing gift FREE today!

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Did you know that when you “test drive” Funnel University, Russell Brunson and his team actually send you this gift in the mail worth $697?

Funnel University

They’re going to ship you the entire training course for FREE, including:

• Funnel Stacking – My new book that shows the 3 funnels that make 98% of my income AND all of the stats on each page, the emails that link them together and MORE! ($297 Value)

• The Funnel U Black Card – This is the equivalent of a $2,000 funnel marketing course, but instead of shipping you a dozen DVD’s, we put them all on this USB black card! ($497 Value)

• Funnel U Print Newsletter – I try to funnel hack AT LEAST one funnel per day. That means that I dissect 30+ funnels per month so I can consistently find the newest, best ways people are building their funnels. Each month I pick my top 2 funnels, and we build our newsletter around that. ($1,297 Value)

• DotCom Secrets Labs Software Suite – You’ll get instant access to some of the COOLEST marketing software tools on the planet. Instant Survey Generator, Video Image Uploader, Webinar Chat App and MORE! ($1,997 Value)

And a WHOLE bunch more…


Because Russell is eating all of the cost for you, he has made this an extremely limited offer.

He only has 2,000 of these packages in stock. All you have to do is say “maybe” and take the Funnel University 14-day trial, and I’ll send you all that awesome stuff for free!

If you don’t like it, just let him know in 14 days, and he’ll cancel your account, and you can keep the HUGE $697 package as his gift to you.

Sounds fair?

Read the entire page to see what you need to do next.