Copy Paste Paydays

This may sound like a gimmick, but no.

Do you know that the worst thing you can do with launching marketing campaigns is to start from scratch? And starting from scratch means acquiring the necessary skills and strategy to implement, but this takes time.

What if someone who has gotten results give you his best campaigns that were already proven to make money so you can just upload them and profit?

Copy Paste Paydays is the easiest resource you can ever access for a steal. Discover how you can accumulate daily automated sales with minimal effort now.

Question: how long does it take to build your online business and yourself up as a bona fide authority which prospects will naturally look up to?

1 year? 2 years? Forever?

It’s a difficult question to answer when you know you have to keep coming up with content all your life, so what if I propose that you can immediately acquire a package of 320K Premium IM Words Content with PLR for multiple uses including memberships?

OK, how do you quantify 320,000 words? Let me break it down for you.

Quick Content Mastery

1. 102,000 words approximately of content from the IM Inside Track, 70 long articles with 5 articles each from 14 categories:

affiliate marketing
e-mail marketing
income generation
joint ventures
passive income
product creation
self publishing
social marketing
traffic generation

2. 88,000 words approximately of content from Daily Seminar, a membership site with content created by Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank.

There are 15 long seminar transcripts (average is 4,800 words each), on the following topics:

How to Overcome Skepticism
An Advanced Sales Tactic: The Red Herring
The Commitment & Consistency Principle
Master Story Telling in 7 Days or Less
Problem Solving Strategies for You and Your Clients
The Secret of Three Modalities
How to Handle Failure
Package Selling vs. Cafeteria Selling
How to Get Massive Responses From Your E-Mails
How to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life
Simple Copywriting Solutions
Overnight Blogging
How to Get Crazy Good at Interviews
How to Launch a New Product Every 7 Days
Video Marketing on Crack

3. 49,000 words approximately of reports created by Sean Mize, 9 reports in total.

4. 4 full e-books from Dennis Becker, former best-sellers on the Nanacast platform, total approximately 85,000 words

Now this looks humongous. It means that you will possess over a YEAR’S worth of massive quality IM authority content.

You could use them for all sorts of things (blog posts, coaching and/or training, paid membership site content, bonuses for purchase of a product of your own or as an affiliate, used as scripts for YouTube videos or podcasts etc.).

And the enhancements?

They’re really good:

* Resell rights to this huge amount of content so you can keep 100% of the commissions.

* Personal Use and Resell Rights to over 1,000 Sean Mize IM Membership Audio Lessons (you can convert, let customers download to their phones, etc.)

* Personal Transformation Niche Syndicated Membership Content (Audio Lessons that can also be used for membership/etc.)

* 800,000 MORE expert IM words (content created by Jason Fladlien/Robert Plank)

This is evergreen, up-to-date PLR content that you can repurpose till kingdom come. You don’t have to start from scratch and in less time, you can be selective and align your chosen content to fit your business angle, and most of all, your followers will love you for adding great value to their knowledge.

Get Quick Content Mastery for less than the cost of a pizza.

Fearless Netpreneur Magazine

Many marketers got into the marketing business to make more money, attract better customers and grow their business.

However, many marketers find themselves one step behind the competition and marketing rockstars who always seemed to know what to do to make boatloads of money, while they struggle.

Many marketers struggle every month to get access to the current information and stats on the hot products to sell or buy, advanced training on business issues, reliable tips and access to what’s working and what’s not in the digital marketing industry.

Many waste a lot of time reading blogs, watching training videos and trawling the Internet in search of relevant information that could help them improve on their business and make more money online.

Others pay a lot of money to freelancers to help them get current information on what’s working, and what’s not, as well as up-to-date statistics on the hot products in the marketplace among others.

Either way this is not pleasant, funny or cheap.

Fortunately, there is now a great resource that everyone is talking about that will put this information right in your hands, every month, like clockwork.

Introducing Fearless Netpreneur Magazine. This 52+ page monthly resource provides up-to-date regular information every successful marketer will like to get their hands on, on a regular basis, including:

• Hottest Products and Niches
• Cool Marketing Tools and Tips
• Social Media Updates/Highlights
• What’s Working & What’s Not
• Market Analysis, Stats & Reports
• Top Converting Digital Products
• Marketer-of-The Month Feature

If you’re sick and tired of a lack of access to regular and up-to-date information on hot and highly converting products to sell or promote, then this would be the most important resource you may want to get that you’ve ever seen.

Get your magazine and bonuses worth over $1,000 now.

Your Complete 100K Blueprint

Posted June 9th, 2017 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Internet Marketing

It’s maddening, isn’t it?

I mean, how long have you been trying to crack the code to earning over 100K via your online efforts with the Internet Marketing niche?

Probably awhile, right?

Understandable. See, the thing that many people fail to realize is the BEST way to build up to 100K a year is to have a simple blueprint…

…one that tells you EVERY DAY what you should focus on!

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Instead of waking up and wondering what you need to do, you’ll know!

Well, you’re in luck today because my colleagues, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker, have just released your “100K In 1 Year” blueprint.

In a nutshell, it’s POWERFUL!

This goodie will show you:

How to determine the 4 keys areas where you need to do work in your business each day—this ensures you are always growing your bottom line.

How you can focus on the important things and get them done and totally not be distracted by everything else – thus making sure you NEVER spin your wheels again!

And it gives you a ready-made daily plan for each and every day that you work online—you will always know exactly what to do each day!

You will know, every day when you wake up, exactly what to work on that day to achieve your 1-year $100k goal—it’s a blueprint you can customize for yourself!

But that’s not all! To stack up the value, Barb is ALSO including one of her never-before-released cheatsheets (business blueprints) and let me tell you, Step 3…showcases a resource that virtually guaranteed…you have NEVER heard of before (but is capable of changing your life today).

And the enhancements?

You’re going to love these!

See, the “100K In 1 Year” blueprint includes a discussion about adding big ticket products to your offerings…

So the enhancements include:

• Done For You Big Ticket Coaching Packages

• How To Create $97 Authority Products

• The Reverse Funnel Concept (how to create your big tickets FIRST and then everything else from that)

Seriously, you can apply this blueprint to any niche imaginable.

See for yourself!

Fast Track to a Digital Business in 4 Weeks

Alice Seba has released a brand new “Fast Track to a Digital Business in 4 Weeks” e-course package with private label rights, now on sale for just $14.95 instead of the usual $47.

The package comes with everything you need to release a 4-part e-course on starting an online business. Here are some ideas about what you can do with these.

• Use it as a highly-target lead magnet to grow your list. If you’re looking to grow your list of people who want to start an online business, you’ve got everything you need here. This e-course takes them through the steps they need to start selling digital products.

• Turn it into a paid product. There’s lots of great content here, plus you get the worksheets and checklists to help your customers take action. Easily charge admission for this high value, action-oriented content.

• Break it up into blog posts or other bite-sized content. You’ve got a ton of fodder here for several informative blog post series. You can use the checklists and worksheets as opt-in offers or high-value free downloads.

• Add it as a “starter kit” in your membership site. Have a membership site and want to bump of the content value? Add this content as a “starter kit” for your newbie members and they’ll immediately see the value of their membership.

Access this great content that you can repurpose in any way you like before the offer ends.

Ignore Your Wife Extreme Profits 2.0

The “Ignore Your Wife” part of the product name is rather tongue-in-cheek. The idea is that the majority of Internet marketers are guys, but relationships are dominated by women, specifically wives, so Henry Gold and Gayle DeFaveri have designed strategies that compel male prospects to show you the money while they override their wives’ decisions or opinions. :)

In any case, the strategies will work because you and any business need to qualify and gain customers. Apparently, one of the big barriers to more sales is someone else is a bigger decision-maker.

So here’s the (dime) deal: For a measly $7, you get a “Ignore Your Wife Extreme Profits 2.0” pack of 7 DVDs and here’s what you’re going to learn:

= = = = = = =
DVD #1: 3 “Illuminati” secrets to have top celebrities to hang out with you even though you are ‘nameless’.
= = = = = = =

On this DVD course, you will learn in detail on what you need to do to have TOP celebrities to hang out with you on a regular basis. This applies when you attend high-profile Internet Marketing-related training, networking or promotional events.

-> You do NOT need to be a pro.
-> You do NOT need to be someone famous.
-> You do NOT need to be a big GURU.

You just need to utilize the “area 51” secrets you are going to learn inside this DVD. This allows you to become an INSTANT authority figure in your niche. That’s all it takes.

= = = = = = =
DVD #2: 2 “In-N-Out” Secrets to Get People to Ignore Their Wives and Give You Credit Card Numbers
= = = = = = =

On this DVD course, you will understand the ‘trigger’ secrets elite marketers have been using quietly to seduce their audience to IGNORE their wives and give them their credit card numbers.

Why is this important?

Well, studies have shown that there are only 3% of the male out there are alpha male. It also means that the REAL power in relationship is dominated by their wives.

In other words…

-> If the wifey said…”NO”, the guy will say “NO”.
-> If the wifey said…”YES”, the guy will say “Absolutely”.

The questions are “How do you break through your audience barrier to the point where their wives have no choice but to be supportive of their spouses to give you the CASH?”

Well, watch this DVD where Henry shared in detail on what he did differently to break through the barrier of his audience.

= = = = = = =
DVD #3: One “Deadly” Mistake The Average Marketer Do to Automatically Throw Their Chances to Have People Give Them $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 Cold-Hard Cash
= = = = = = =

On this DVD course, you will learn the EXACT mistake the average marketer make to sabotage their chances to have people throw cash their ways.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether it is $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 Cold-Hard Cash, if you make this DEADLY mistake, there is no way people will give you cash. PERIOD.

Once you avoid this bloody mistake in your approach, you will be surprised that people will keep giving you cash even though you say “NO” to them.

= = = = = = =
DVD #4: How Henry Gold Went From Blind, 238 lbs, and Almost died to a Healthy 173 lbs & live a Limitless Life
= = = = = = =

On this video course, you are going to learn what Henry Gold did to go from being almost blind, 238 lbs to lose 60 lbs and live a healthy lifestyle. Looks like there are some things we didn’t know about his life outside business:

-> He had a bad relationship.
-> His ex left him when he needed her the most.
-> His doctor gave me a death-on-arrival sentence.
-> His business was almost falling apart as he couldn’t see the computer screen.
-> Henry had eye pressure problems, blood glucose, liver, kidney, and heart-related diseases.

Fast forward, one year later.

-> He has the best relationship in his life.
-> He is 173 lbs (lost 65 lbs.).
-> He network with people that has been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox News, and much more.
-> He has been traveling 14 times every single year.
-> His doctor told him that he has the best health ever.

How did he do it? Well, watch this video and witness how he transformed himself.

= = = = = = =
DVD #5: 2 “Limitless” Secrets to Utilize FB Group to Give You $7, $17, $97, or even $4,997 (Yes, it is a FREE traffic method!)
= = = = = = =

On this DVD course, you will know how to get people to give you $7, $17, $97, or even $4,997 even if you have NO LIST and NO marketing experienced.

In fact, when you do it correctly, you will understand these 2 ninja techniques on what you need to do to get quality leads coming your way on the run.

-> Yes, you will receive free leads.
-> Yes, you will get quality leads where these people are ready to give you cash on the run.
-> Yes, you will become an instant authority when you do thing right.

The questions are…

(A) How do you get free traffic from FB Group?
(B) How do you surpass the barriers from FB Group owners?
(C) What can you do differently to seduce people to come to you?

Well, watch this video for details!

= = = = = = =
DVD #6: One “Golden” Rule to Have Top Affiliate Marketers to Send You Thousands of Unique Visitors On The Run. They will even BEG you to give them the chances to work with you.
= = = = = = =

On this video course, you will know the ONE rule you must possess to have top affiliate to send you THOUSANDS of unique visitors to your website (yes, this is a FREE traffic method!).

In fact, at one point, Henry has had over 2,000+ affiliate to participate on his launch in as little as 10 days.

The question you need to ask yourself is…”What is that ONE golden rule?”

What should you do differently to make sure top affiliates willingly to give you the FREE TRAFFIC you truly deserve for your business?

When you watch this DVD, you will know that it has nothing to do with money. Instead it has to do with…well, watch this video to find out!

= = = = = = =
LEAKED DVD #7: 2 “Seduction” techniques Marketers Use to Keep Having Their Customers to Give Them Cash on A Regular Basis
= = = = = = =

On this video course, you are going to know 2 seduction techniques to keep having your customers to give you cash the rest of your venture.

In fact, studies have shown that each customer that you receive is equal to $100,000 in a lifetime value. It also means that when you understand the value of each customer, you will see things differently.

What do I mean by that?

Instead of trying to keep FINDING new customers all the time, you need to ____ ___ ____ with your customers. Once you understand the seduction techniques I am about to share with you, you will be able to KEEP having your customers to give you cash, FOREVER.

Remember, for $7 you get the “Ignore Your Wife Extreme Profits 2.0” pack of 7 DVDs for transforming your Internet Marketing business from within and without. Can you exchange $7 for a result of $303,874.43?

It is that powerful. Get your DVDs now before Henry and Gayle run out of stock.

Sales Funnel Planner

The CoachGlue ladies have just released a brand new Sales Funnel Planner. Even better news is you have permission to edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell or give away to your clients/customers/members.

This step-by-step planner covers:

Step 1: Product Inventory and Categorization
Exercise: Inventory and Categorize

Step 2: Fill in the Holes
Exercise: Plan to Fill in the Holes

Step 3: All Roads Lead to Rome
Exercise: Make the Connection

Step 4: Upsells and Downsells
Exercise: Plan Your Upsells and Downsells

Step 5: Making Good Use of Your Real Estate
Exercise: Create Your Cross Sells & Special Offers

Step 6: Planning Your E-Mail Sequence
Exercise: Plan Your Follow-Up Sequence

Step 7: Behavior-Based Sequences
Exercise: Plan Your Behavior-Based Follow-Ups

Step 8: More Prime Promotional Space
Exercise: Plan Your Related Products Offer
Exercise: Create a Resource Guide

What can you do with this planner?

• Use it to plan out your own sales funnel. This is the most important thing to do.

• Work through this planner with your clients as part of a course to help them to have a sales funnel that works.

• Create a lead generator from one of the exercises in the report.

• Use this planner to teach your client HOW to set up their sales funnel, but then offer a “done for you” service where you or your team does it for them.

• Use this information to create a video series where you’re teaching people how to plan and set up their own sales funnels.

• Create a 7-day e-course challenge to implement the information in this report.

The sky’s the limit with full editing rights. Acquire your planner and make it a valuable business asset today.

Software Profits Revealed!

What comes to your mind when I mention ‘Amazon’ or ‘eBay’? You will likely relate to sourcing, stocking and delivering a physical product upon a sale.

But not all marketers are inclined to deal with the hassle of moving physical products, and are more than willing to give Amazon and eBay a miss.

But wait till you read about this opportunity that allows eBay to put money on your table.

Serial eBay entrepreneur Robert Corrigan has for a few years been operating a very simple eBay business. He believes that it is one of the easiest businesses to start and profit from right out of the stalls.

So why is it so easy to operate?

The product is FREE (yes you really did read that correctly).
It costs pennies to operate (so no investment in buying products).
No stock to keep.
And the best bit of all, it’s 100% profit.

Ok, so what is it? Introducing “Software Profits Revealed“.

Robert had built a complete business on eBay selling niche software. No, it’s not the well-known products from Microsoft or Adobe. Although these are excellent sellers, the problem is the high cost of the product AND the margins are razor thin. So unless you are one of the big dogs with a lot of money to invest in stock this is not going to work for you.

The difference is that Robert has built an entire business by selling easy-to-source FREE software packages.

These are the REAL alternatives to the overpriced offerings from the big boys. Software as good as the overpriced bloated programs from the software giants.

You see these alternatives are so good that they sell like gangbusters on eBay.

Now Robert is the first to admit that he only makes a few hundred dollars a month from this business. But, as he says what could you do with a few extra hundred dollars a month?

Robert has spent over 2 years refining this business and in “Software Profits Revealed”, he takes you underneath the hood of this business and shows you exactly how to operate and profit from these FREE programs just the way he does.

He shows you his entire system for finding FREE software products, ones that you can re-brand, sell and keep 100% of the profits.

Just simply follow the step-by-step video training and apply what you learn.

This is 100% legal, 100% ethical and 100% profit.

Isn’t it a refreshing change to find a business you can start for FREE?

Check it out here.

Scarcity Maximizer

Marketing is getting harder than ever. We notice that people are taking less and less action, it’s difficult to make a sale and with so many people selling, not everything sells like crazy.

Today my friend Luan Henrique releases Scarcity Maximizer, a cloud-based app that can boost your sales, improve your conversions and get you more profits immediately.

Here are all the benefits:

– Fully cloud-based—works on any computer, tablet and even mobile.

– Create stunning countdown, banner and e-mail timers that will boost your sales guaranteed.

– Simple way to improve conversions by up to 332% immediately.

– Copy and paste the code and instantly insert URGENCY into what you have to offer (this little trick will agitate your visitors’ mind to make them buy).

But the goodies don’t stop there; on this launch week you have a huge discount plus exclusive bonuses.

Change Your World AND Theirs.

Posted May 5th, 2017 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Internet Marketing

I am beyond thrilled to be able to bring you this today.If ever there was a true win/win, this is it!

My good friend Anik Singal is giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 amazing courses worth over $2000, which between them will both transform your mind, AND give you the step by step walk-through to building your own highly profitable online business…

But there’s a catch!

You see Anik believes very strongly that the best way to change the world is through entrepreneurship. No forget that…that the ONLY way to change the world is through entrepreneurship.

So he partnered up with a company called “Village Enterprise”. They have an amazing mission. They go into a Village in East Africa and essentially pull an ENTIRE village out of extreme poverty…



They adopt a village and help fund at least 50 ‘Micro-Businesses’ in the village with just $500 each. Just that alone is enough to help raise the living standard of 1,000+ people by over 40%!

So what is the catch to get Anik’s $2000 worth of courses? All he asks is for a small $5 contribution to help him reach his goal of pulling an entire village out of poverty.

Claim Your $2000 In Free Courses Now, And Help Lift A Village Out Of Poverty.

NeuroSales Architecture

Not getting enough sales?

Perhaps the biggest clue of all can be found in this quote of Cicero’s, the great Roman orator and statesman: “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.”

Not surprisingly, it’s even backed up by the latest research in NeuroScience.

As you begin to read every word about “NeuroSales Architecture“, you’ll begin to understand just how easy it is to see what’s on people’s minds–not just what they’re thinking, but what actually motivates them to purchase.

Just imagine what that could do for your sales?

For some of you, pushing emotional hot buttons, choosing emotional stories, and moving the “free line” to the “cash register” on the Web will take on a radically new 21st-century approach that you have never done before.

Worldwide users of this new approach to selling all agree “It’s almost like having the Midas Touch!”

Check it out now. You can thank me later when new sales notifications start showing up in your inbox.

Ever wish you possessed the insider blueprint to a 6-figure business in IM?

One that not only is proven, but evergreen, meaning that it worked years ago, it works today, and it will still be popular come 2020?

What would you do with such hidden knowledge?

Well, that, and so much more is waiting for you!

My colleagues, Dennis Becker and Barbara Ling, recently bought over Sean Mize’s previous Internet Marketing business, and not only are they unveiling the best of the best, a bit at a time, but also including extra added attractions from the original!

For a start, they’ve just made ‘live’ one of his most popular blueprints: “How I Generated $68,120 in 57 Days Using 10 Specific Strategies—Step-By-Step Case Study“.

In one case, you might consider this study to be a ‘failure’ because it was done ‘live’ and in living color as a follow-along where Sean was attempting to generate $100,000 in 30 days.

Yes, he took longer, and he missed the goal, but think about it…

How would YOU like to generate more than 68K in sales in the next 3 months, or even 6 months or even just $14.7K this month?

Sean kept track of everything he did, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the case study blueprint ended up at 115 pages.

And to stack up the value, Barb is providing one never-before-released cheatsheet—”How To Compel Power JVs To Promote For You”—and Dennis is including a personal copy of his bestseller “Abundance Mindset” (which shows you how to seize the confidence that it really IS all possible).

You know why?

Because it really IS.

Sean showed it. Demonstrated it. Shared with you his thoughts, ideas, what worked, what failed…

And Barb even pulled together all of the Good Stuff in detailed notes (that you’ll also receive!).

And the enhancements?

They’re really good:

• The Buy Button Bonanza where you can 4x your income…

• The entire 7-week product creation mastermind recordings from Sean (along with 500+ product creation niche ideas)

• Analysis of 5 done-for-you sales letters

• A complete Video Marketing Sales Letter Toolkit

You can apply these ideas they share to any niche imaginable.

See for yourself!

Recurring revenue with Facebook ads.

Posted April 10th, 2017 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Internet Marketing

FB Continuity Profits

Would you like to know which companies are bringing in the most recurring revenue month after month?

2 of them right up there are Netflix and Amazon (Prime).

They’re generating millions in revenue every month, year after year.

This is THE most powerful business model on the planet.

It’s sustainable and it gives you peace of mind.

One Internet marketer is able to run a successful recurring revenue business model for his online business as well.

Watch Mario Brown as he logs into his PayPal account showing all the recurring revenue he created in the last 3 weeks!

He did that with simple online marketing strategies and a lot of it came through simple Facebook Ads.

Mario perfected his system and packaged all his knowledge, landing pages, strategies, case studies and examples into his “FB Continuity Profits” course.

If you’d like to have continuity income, recurring revenue giving your business and lifestyle stability, then this is for you!

I highly recommend downloading this free book called “The Profit Oracle Blueprint” which lays out a unique 5-step Formula to pin-point products that have the potential to do 500 sales or more PER DAY on Amazon.

I’m not sure if you are aware but there has been a huge shift in the way that Amazon works in recent months.

Methodologies and strategies that were effective a year or two ago (even 6 months ago), simply do not work anymore…

All the loopholes and shortcuts have been closed-off…

…and those who are still using them, and doing things the “old way”, are simply getting nowhere.

However, these changes have actually created a “Blue Ocean” of opportunity to make a lot of money and build an incredibly successful business.

It’s actually easier to build a 6 or 7-figure business now than it has ever been—literally since Jeff Bezos launched Amazon over 20 years ago.

But there are some secrets that you need to know.

And that is where the Profit Oracle Blueprint comes in.

Now listen, I know that you have heard about this whole Amazon thing before.

But it was really clear after reading the book that this is completely unique and new.

And no matter if you are already selling on Amazon, or have tried and failed before or even if you are looking for a new way to generate an incredible income stream in 2017, I highly recommend you check this book out.

A message from Internet marketer Dennis Becker said that his mentor Sean Mize is divesting from his older IM training courses, so he invited me to promote a set of 25 coaching lessons with PLR that you can use in turn to coach your own students.

Sean Mize’s 25 coaching lessons are evergreen, and with PLR, it becomes much easier for you to infuse your content in them without having to start creating from scratch.

And the price…an unbelievable $9.57. Imagine the ROI of conducting IM coaching in the thousands of dollars…100x, 200x? Or you can turn the coaching material into serialized info-products, free reports, e-mails, infographics etc. You get the idea. Get your 25 coaching lessons now before the offer ends.

Sales Page Funnel Package

Looking for easy and effective ways to create sales pages and boost your sales page conversions? Get your Sales Page Funnel Package with resell rights so you can promote it to your clients and customers!

This package includes:

• Insider’s Strategy Guide
• Sales Page Template
• “Thank You” Page Template
• One-Time-Offer (OTO) Template
• Several Copywriting Swipe Files (PRICELESS!)
• Sales Page Graphics Collection (includes arrows, add-to-cart buttons, guarantees, “buy now” buttons, join now buttons, product graphics and more)

Enter coupon code “SALESFUNNEL” to get 30% off your purchase!

Golden Goose System

Are you struggling to make income, getting targeted traffic that results in sales?

Like even $50 a day is a struggle? An impossible goal?

If you answered YES to most of the questions…

Then you must get THIS.

Desmond Ong reveals his evergreen Internet Marketing processes which he applies since 2008.

The Golden Goose System teaches you how to make at least $9k/month, where to get the right resources, tricky ways to get traffic and the most awesome way to make sales pages.

It’s time for you to check it out and crank it out!

Max Daily Profits

Most online methods out there require you to sell something to get paid.

And sometimes it can be a little tricky to get people to buy stuff online.

What if you didn’t have to get people to buy anything to make money?

What if you could paid by giving stuff away?

Sounds crazy, I know…

But Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett have created a step-by-step training guide called “Max Daily Profits” that shows you how to make passive income machines that will pay you $468+ per month on autopilot by giving stuff away…

Give this simple method a look and tell me you’ve never seen anything quite like this before…

Make $176 per day in just 20 minutes…

Posted February 14th, 2017 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Internet Marketing

20 Minute Results

How are things going in your online business?

Are you making $100+ per day, or are you struggling?

The good news is, you don’t have to struggle anymore…

In fact, the problem may be that you’re trying a little too hard.

Did you know that you can make $176+ per day without ever selling anything at all? It’s true…

There’s a brand new training course that’s just been released that will give you the exact steps to take to go from ZERO to $176+ per day with just 20 minutes of very simple ‘work’…

Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

• How to get set up in 20 minutes and start making money within 24 hours from RIGHT NOW

• Why this method is better than affiliate marketing and the “nuts and bolts” of how you get paid without EVER making a sale

• How to get started with 100% FREE traffic. You don’t need any marketing budget to quickly get results with this!

• How to take this method to the next level and get paid passively while you sleep. You can scale this as BIG as you want and use this to quit your job within just a few short months…

Plus, a whole lot more…

Get all the details on “20 Minute Results” and lock in your discount!

All week I’ve been checking out the new training videos and PDF cheat sheets that Jeff Johnson has been posting to his blog and all I have to say is “Wow, I can’t believe he’s giving this stuff away for free!”

They are part of a free training series where he teaches you how to build a bigger list, get more traffic and find new customers regardless of how much experience you have, if any.

In his newest video he reveals his simple 3-step system for doubling your conversions in as little as 24 hours.

You can easily use it to increase conversions for your opt-in pages, your sales letter, and even your video sales letters (he shares several real life examples in the video).

And he makes it easy to apply it to your own business by walking you through the entire system, step-by-step.

Plus, he gives you a PDF “Double Your Conversions” cheat sheet to download, which makes it really easy for you to apply his 3-step system to your business, no matter your business is.

Jeff also walks you through some real life examples including how he used his simple 3-step system to increase his video sales letter conversions by 103.43%, literally overnight.

You can have your very own “double your sales” system up and running within 45 minutes or less, and then it runs 100% hands-free.

Watch your video and grab your PDF here.