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If you’re like me, you can’t stand going to a ‘live’ conference and having the speakers parade in and give you a sales pitch disguised as a seminar presentation.

That’s a lousy way to spend a weekend, and a whole bunch of money too.

But what if you could find a conference that was more like a ‘mastermind’ group, where the speakers actually taught you things and stayed around to answer your questions over the whole weekend.

And you got to know lots of people who’ve already built their Internet businesses and are willing to get to know you too.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I’ve found something that I’m excited about and I think you might want to know about it too.

Mark Hendricks has 6 of his monthly Mastermind Teleconferences available for a short time free just so you can get a taste of what this master is capable of in teaching you.

This is someone who has been doing business online since 1994. He’s made his money developing software, selling all kinds of things, and he still likes to coach and teach others how to build their own successful Internet-based business.

I think you might want to take a look and see what he’s put together; it’s truly remarkable.

Dynamic Pricing Generator

Let me ask you a simple question.

If you knew that the price of something you intended to buy would increase tomorrow, would you pay today? Of course you would. Why wait a day to pay more?

OK, one more question…

If you knew that the price of something you intended to buy today would increase in the next hour, would you pay right now? Silly question? Did you know that 2% of the respondents thought it was a trick question? The other 98% said “YES! YES! YES!”

So that is dynamic pricing and Start Making Dynamic Profits Today!

5 Day Promo Special (Master Resale Rights Included)
Price dynamically grow from $17 to $27 within March 8th – 12th.

Get Dynamic Pricing Generator NOW!

Internet Marketing Center has more than 200 members and counting (up!). Join us, introduce yourself on how you come about knowing this group, tell us what do you want to gain out of participating in this group and be a part of this family where we give, take and prosper!

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