NeuroSales Architecture

Not getting enough sales?

Perhaps the biggest clue of all can be found in this quote of Cicero’s, the great Roman orator and statesman: “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.”

Not surprisingly, it’s even backed up by the latest research in NeuroScience.

As you begin to read every word about “NeuroSales Architecture“, you’ll begin to understand just how easy it is to see what’s on people’s minds–not just what they’re thinking, but what actually motivates them to purchase.

Just imagine what that could do for your sales?

For some of you, pushing emotional hot buttons, choosing emotional stories, and moving the “free line” to the “cash register” on the Web will take on a radically new 21st-century approach that you have never done before.

Worldwide users of this new approach to selling all agree “It’s almost like having the Midas Touch!”

Check it out now. You can thank me later when new sales notifications start showing up in your inbox.

Ever wish you possessed the insider blueprint to a 6-figure business in IM?

One that not only is proven, but evergreen, meaning that it worked years ago, it works today, and it will
still be popular come 2020?

What would you do with such hidden knowledge?

Well, that, and so much more is waiting for you!

My colleagues, Dennis Becker and Barbara Ling, recently bought over Sean Mize’s previous Internet Marketing business, and not only are they unveiling the best of the best, a bit at a time, but also including extra added attractions from the original!

For a start, they’ve just made ‘live’ one of his most popular blueprints: “How I Generated $68,120 in 57 Days Using 10 Specific Strategies—Step-By-Step Case Study“.

In one case, you might consider this study to be a ‘failure’ because it was done ‘live’ and in living color as a follow-along where Sean was attempting to generate $100,000 in 30 days.

Yes, he took longer, and he missed the goal, but think about it…

How would YOU like to generate more than 68K in sales in the next 3 months, or even 6 months or even just $14.7K this month?

Sean kept track of everything he did, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the case study blueprint ended up at 115

And to stack up the value, Barb is providing one never-before-released cheatsheet—”How To Compel Power
JVs To Promote For You”—and Dennis is including a personal copy of his bestseller “Abundance Mindset” (which shows you how to seize the confidence that it really IS all possible).

You know why?

Because it really IS.

Sean showed it. Demonstrated it. Shared with you his thoughts, ideas, what worked, what failed…

And Barb even pulled together all of the Good Stuff in detailed notes (that you’ll also receive!).

And the enhancements?

They’re really good:

• The Buy Button Bonanza where you can 4x your income…

• The entire 7-week product creation mastermind recordings from Sean (along with 500+ product creation niche ideas)

• Analysis of 5 done-for-you sales letters

• A complete Video Marketing Sales Letter Toolkit

You can apply these ideas they share to any niche imaginable.

See for yourself!

Recurring revenue with Facebook ads.

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FB Continuity Profits

Would you like to know which companies are bringing in the most recurring revenue month after month?

2 of them right up there are Netflix and Amazon (Prime).

They’re generating millions in revenue every month, year after year.

This is THE most powerful business model on the planet.

It’s sustainable and it gives you peace of mind.

One Internet marketer is able to run a successful recurring revenue business model for his online business as well.

Watch Mario Brown as he logs into his PayPal account showing all the recurring revenue he created in the last 3 weeks!

He did that with simple online marketing strategies and a lot of it came through simple Facebook Ads.

Mario perfected his system and packaged all his knowledge, landing pages, strategies, case studies and examples into his “FB Continuity Profits” course.

If you’d like to have continuity income, recurring revenue giving your business and lifestyle stability, then this is for you!

I highly recommend downloading this free book called “The Profit Oracle Blueprint” which lays out a unique 5-step Formula to pin-point products that have the potential to do 500 sales or more PER DAY on Amazon.

I’m not sure if you are aware but there has been a huge shift in the way that Amazon works in recent months.

Methodologies and strategies that were effective a year or two ago (even 6 months ago), simply do not work anymore…

All the loopholes and shortcuts have been closed-off…

…and those who are still using them, and doing things the “old way”, are simply getting nowhere.

However, these changes have actually created a “Blue Ocean” of opportunity to make a lot of money and build an incredibly successful business.

It’s actually easier to build a 6 or 7-figure business now than it has ever been—literally since Jeff Bezos launched Amazon over 20 years ago.

But there are some secrets that you need to know.

And that is where the Profit Oracle Blueprint comes in.

Now listen, I know that you have heard about this whole Amazon thing before.

But it was really clear after reading the book that this is completely unique and new.

And no matter if you are already selling on Amazon, or have tried and failed before or even if you are looking for a new way to generate an incredible income stream in 2017, I highly recommend you check this book out.

A message from Internet marketer Dennis Becker said that his mentor Sean Mize is divesting from his older IM training courses, so he invited me to promote a set of 25 coaching lessons with PLR that you can use in turn to coach your own students.

Sean Mize’s 25 coaching lessons are evergreen, and with PLR, it becomes much easier for you to infuse your content in them without having to start creating from scratch.

And the price…an unbelievable $9.57. Imagine the ROI of conducting IM coaching in the thousands of dollars…100x, 200x? Or you can turn the coaching material into serialized info-products, free reports, e-mails, infographics etc. You get the idea. Get your 25 coaching lessons now before the offer ends.

Sales Page Funnel Package

Looking for easy and effective ways to create sales pages and boost your sales page conversions? Get your Sales Page Funnel Package with resell rights so you can promote it to your clients and customers!

This package includes:

• Insider’s Strategy Guide
• Sales Page Template
• “Thank You” Page Template
• One-Time-Offer (OTO) Template
• Several Copywriting Swipe Files (PRICELESS!)
• Sales Page Graphics Collection (includes arrows, add-to-cart buttons, guarantees, “buy now” buttons, join now buttons, product graphics and more)

Enter coupon code “SALESFUNNEL” to get 30% off your purchase!

Golden Goose System

Are you struggling to make income, getting targeted traffic that results in sales?

Like even $50 a day is a struggle? An impossible goal?

If you answered YES to most of the questions…

Then you must get THIS.

Desmond Ong reveals his evergreen Internet Marketing processes which he applies since 2008.

The Golden Goose System teaches you how to make at least $9k/month, where to get the right resources, tricky ways to get traffic and the most awesome way to make sales pages.

It’s time for you to check it out and crank it out!

Max Daily Profits

Most online methods out there require you to sell something to get paid.

And sometimes it can be a little tricky to get people to buy stuff online.

What if you didn’t have to get people to buy anything to make money?

What if you could paid by giving stuff away?

Sounds crazy, I know…

But Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett have created a step-by-step training guide called “Max Daily Profits” that shows you how to make passive income machines that will pay you $468+ per month on autopilot by giving stuff away…

Give this simple method a look and tell me you’ve never seen anything quite like this before…

Make $176 per day in just 20 minutes…

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20 Minute Results

How are things going in your online business?

Are you making $100+ per day, or are you struggling?

The good news is, you don’t have to struggle anymore…

In fact, the problem may be that you’re trying a little too hard.

Did you know that you can make $176+ per day without ever selling anything at all? It’s true…

There’s a brand new training course that’s just been released that will give you the exact steps to take to go from ZERO to $176+ per day with just 20 minutes of very simple ‘work’…

Here’s what you’ll discover inside…

• How to get set up in 20 minutes and start making money within 24 hours from RIGHT NOW

• Why this method is better than affiliate marketing and the “nuts and bolts” of how you get paid without EVER making a sale

• How to get started with 100% FREE traffic. You don’t need any marketing budget to quickly get results with this!

• How to take this method to the next level and get paid passively while you sleep. You can scale this as BIG as you want and use this to quit your job within just a few short months…

Plus, a whole lot more…

Get all the details on “20 Minute Results” and lock in your discount!

All week I’ve been checking out the new training videos and PDF cheat sheets that Jeff Johnson has been posting to his blog and all I have to say is “Wow, I can’t believe he’s giving this stuff away for free!”

They are part of a free training series where he teaches you how to build a bigger list, get more traffic and find new customers regardless of how much experience you have, if any.

In his newest video he reveals his simple 3-step system for doubling your conversions in as little as 24 hours.

You can easily use it to increase conversions for your opt-in pages, your sales letter, and even your video sales letters (he shares several real life examples in the video).

And he makes it easy to apply it to your own business by walking you through the entire system, step-by-step.

Plus, he gives you a PDF “Double Your Conversions” cheat sheet to download, which makes it really easy for you to apply his 3-step system to your business, no matter your business is.

Jeff also walks you through some real life examples including how he used his simple 3-step system to increase his video sales letter conversions by 103.43%, literally overnight.

You can have your very own “double your sales” system up and running within 45 minutes or less, and then it runs 100% hands-free.

Watch your video and grab your PDF here.


Affkit is the #1 suite of tools for Internet Marketers, CPA marketers, e-commerce marketers, affiliate marketers, product creators and more, that will improve the conversion rate of their landing pages, sales pages, content pages, etc.

It gives you every single conversion maximizing tool all under one roof, and you can add them to your pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Absolutely newbie-friendly, but gets you as well equipped as the big boys.

Just a FEW of the tools inside Affkit are:

– exit intent popup

– geo redirect and geo-location scripts

– countdown timer

– dynamic elements

And SO much more (there are 19 tools in total!)

These tools will work no matter WHAT type of sites you have: WordPress, HTML, Shopify, and everything in between.

There’s a tell-all video right here.

Check that out, and tell me it doesn’t blow other ‘suites’ out of the water!

Raise your website’s marketing effectiveness with Affkit now!

5 Day Fix

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick has launched their brand new training course called “5 Day Fix“.

It’s a simple, newbie-friendly method that anyone can follow to make $500+ in the next 5 days.

Inside, you get a step-by-step case study that shows you EXACTLY how they made $690.30 in just 5 days working only 15 minutes daily.

You only need a few minutes daily to do this, it’s easy to scale this up, and you can get started with 100% NO-COST traffic.

Get all the details and lock-in a massive discount…

Make Money Online Made Easy

Over 1 million people searches for how to make money online daily but very few people know how to do it and are successfully doing it.

That is why Dr. Amit Pareek has designed new content “Make Money Online Made Easy“, the latest PLR package that could position yourself as a go-to Internet Marketing expert!

You can:

+ Print your name as the author, improve the content with your own input and resell it for profit
+ Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift
+ Use it to create a private membership
+ Use it to prospect your client & close the deals
+ Use it to grow your own business online
+ Use it as high quality bonus with your products
+ Use it to train your team
+ Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training
+ Use it to train your clients & charge them big bucks
+ Use it to offer a professional services for thousands of dollars

Or do anything that you can think of!

This brand new product comes with all ready-to-go sales material so you could get instant return on your investment by selling it immediately! You can sell unlimited copies for life!

You will get everything mentioned below:

Module #1: High-quality training guide (valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat sheet (valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind map (valued at $40)
Module #4: Top resources report (valued at $20)
Module #5: High-converting sales copy (valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 professional minisites (valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle-style sales video (valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe e-mails for affiliates (valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete set of animated banners (valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete set of professional graphics (valued at $240)

In the spirit of the Christmas season, Dennis Becker had bundled 39 of his bestselling e-books in a single year-end deal that is still valid today.

These e-books are regularly priced from $27 to $47 on their own, but now you can get them in one fell swoop for just $99.

$99/39 = $2.54 per e-book…much more than 90% discount per e-book!

You’ll find lots of good reading, lots of inspiration, lots of training on skills that really make a difference for any online marketer.

Clinch your 2016 Year-End Bundle now before it’s over.

Download Your 2017 Marketing Blueprint

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2017 BlueprintLooking to start afresh in 2017? Let Henry Gold and Desmond Ong help you out with their brand new 2017 marketing blueprint.

It will show you how to cash out $100, $300 $500, $1,000, $3,500, or even $25,000 from each lead you receive for your business!

You will AVOID all the challenges you may face in the shift of the Internet Marketing industry.

You will be able to understand WHY people are CRAZY about high-price program at $10,000 versus $5 product.

You will be able to learn the KEY components to train your audience to BUY from you.

You will be able to understand What it takes to build a $300,000 per year business with THREE simple steps. NOTE: You do not need to be an expert at all, and you can easily duplicate the process they are about to share with you.

Study it. Implement it. Make massive cash from your little effort where you will be able to master the key principle to cash out up to $25,000 for each lead you receive for your business. PERIOD.

Wishloop just went ‘live’ at an extremely limited Charter Membership Price!

As the first “all-in-one” Conversion SaaS, Wishloop is PROVEN (with 7.87 MILLION conversions and counting) to:

• Get more e-mail subscribers across ALL your marketing channels
• Recover abandoning visitors
• Generate targeted free traffic & leads from social networks
• Increase your sales and revenue
• And more…

…All from one powerful, simple dashboard!

Wishloop massively increases your conversions with an integrated suite that converts before, during and after visits according to this 4-step framework:

• “Amplify”: Conversion Mats (full-screen calls-to-action you can add to your web pages)
• “Engage”: Behaviour-triggered popups & slide-ins
• “Capture”: Interactive, multi-step squeeze pages
• “Share”: add your own call-to-action to pages you share on social media to drive targeted traffic…

Plus it’s jam-packed with powerful conversion-boosting features that deliver amazing RESULTS:

• 100+ ready-to-use templates to save you time and money
• Add opt-in forms to build your list
• Add your video and audio content
• Add social media buttons to get viral traffic
• Add PayPal Buy Buttons & sell more products
• Integrates effortlessly with Amazon, Shopify and TeeSpring
• Add slick animations to make your campaigns even more attention-grabbing
• Add countdown timers to get your prospects to ACT NOW
• Totally unique and intuitive Mobile builder (you won’t believe how cool this is when you see it)

Since Wishloop has just launched, you can jump in at the lowest price they will ever offer.

This Charter Membership Offer won’t be around for long as they are planning on bumping the price up to a much higher monthly subscription.

So now is the time to TAKE ACTION and grab your Wishloop access with no limitations.

$4,471.47 in 5 Day?

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Product To Profits Exposed

Tasleem Khan has just released her latest product, “Product To Profits Exposed“, showing you the exact formula which made her $4,471.47 in 5 days.

If you’re worried about all the techie stuff, you don’t need to!

She has you covered. Tasleem will show you to create and launch your very own profit-pulling products within hours.

Tasleem breaks down everything in 6 simple modules where you’ll discover:

• The 3 Ps you need to succeed and get started
• How to create your product within hours
• How to maximize your sales from your product with every customer
• The right way to create buzz around your product to maximize your sales
• How to get JV partners on board when launching
• How to generate traffic without costing you a cent


Product To Profits Exposed” is value-packed with everything you need to get started TODAY!

Super Sales Machine

One of the hardest things to do when you’re self-employed and going it alone is to maintain an attitude of focus and “pushing forward” especially when you’re around people who don’t see things like you do.

The best way to handle this is to surround yourself with knowledge and inspirational ideas that keep your mind actively engaged and less passive.

Today’s free gifts are designed to help stimulate your mind in the right direction which include:

* Conquering The Cranium
* Email Essentials
* List Landslide
* Limitless Lead Generation
* The Copywriter’s Handbook
* Inspirational Ideas
* The Clockwork Course

Do you need a blueprint for success? If you answered ‘yes’, then I have some great news! Why pay good money for one blueprint when you can have 12 at the same price.

Do you want to learn how to make a killer income every week on AUTOPILOT?

If you do then I have the perfect solution, serial entrepreneur Robert Corrigan has just released his latest product. This is not just another e-book or a rehashed guide or a report, this is the real deal.

12 Roads to Success

12 Roads to Success” is complete set of 12 blueprints to building your own successful online businesses. “12 Roads to Success” will take you from newbie to successful business owner in double quick time.

In “12 Roads to Success”, Robert takes you by the hand and guides you step by step along the road to successful online selling. Starting with practically no investment and building your business step-by-step. Its easy layout and step by step approach allows you to chart your progress and plan your next step at the pace you are comfortable with. Some of these blueprints can be implemented for just a few dollars others you can start for FREE!

With “12 Roads To Success” nothing is left out. Robert reveals his complete business plan and shows you how to copy that plan and make a killer income every week by trading on eBay, Amazon and beyond.

You will also discover how to build up a customer base that will return time and time again to buy your products. Learn the secrets of affiliate marketing and how to make an income from other people’s products.

Using the information in “12 Roads to Success“, you can build a series of low cost start up businesses that will provide you with an income for years.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to build your own successful businesses.


The e-commerce revolution marches on. Here is one place even newbies can get started on the right footing and secure their share of this $2.3 trillion goldmine!

Sellosity is an e-commerce store building platform to fast-track you towards e-commerce success right away!

Built right into Sellosity are these main tools:

[+] A Drag-&-Drop Store Builder makes it EASY for you to build a beautiful, fully-functional online store within minutes

[+] Predictive, Real-Time Analytics enables you to see at-a-glance what small changes you can make to increase sales by as much as 73%

[+] SmartMail trigger-based e-mail marketing allows you to drive engagement, recover lost sales and earn up to $84 more per sale

It also contains step-by-step e-commerce training you need to build a profitable business.

Best of all, you won’t be nickeled and dimed for every additional feature; so much is already built right into Sellosity and you’re getting it all up front!

So save you from the HUGE monthly fees associated with most e-commerce platforms and grab Sellosity now!