If you have an online business, listen up.

There’s something just released today that’s going to make it easier than ever to increase conversions, get more clicks and drive more traffic to ALL your offers and recommendations.

It’s called Conversion Gorilla, and it’s a brand new platform for affiliates, publishers, vendors, store owners and bloggers.

Here’s what you can do with it:

• Sell more products and boost conversions using scarcity.
• Promote offers and time-sensitive discounts to maximize sales.
• Drive traffic to your affiliate promos/deals.
• Engage with visitors or specific audience segments.
• Use exit intent to reduce cart abandonment/boost sales.

Conversion Gorilla works on any kind of website including landing pages, blogs, shopping carts and more…and as you’re about to discover, it’s also going to skyrocket your sales, traffic and opt-in conversion rates on complete autopilot.

Until you’ve seen the inside of this platform, and you won’t want to miss out on this! Use coupon code ‘GORILLA’ to get a discount on your investment!

Today, I got an AMAZING gift for you: Fred Lam’s 10-part video training series that gets you started generating your FIRST sale online even if you have never done so before.

Fred’s rise in Internet Marketing is nothing short of meteoric: he has gone on from washing dishes to generate over 20 MILLION dollars online!

If anyone’s worth listening to, it would definitely be a former dishwasher, so head over and watch your first video; it won’t be available for long.

Book Bestseller Launch Planner

You have a book which you have recently published and want to get it into the marketplace. But how do you plan for a successful launch? CoachGlue’s Book Bestseller Launch Planner lays out the step-by-step process to ensure your new book gets the buzz it deserves.

The Book Bestseller Launch Planner covers:

Step 1: Lay the Foundation
Exercise: Build your website
Exercise: Breaking down your website foundation page by page

Step 2: Polish Your Social Presence
Exercise: Brand yourself for visibility

Step 3: Create a Landing Page
Exercise: Create a high-converting landing page
Exercise: List 5 bonuses you plan to offer with your new book

Step 4: Work Your List
Exercise: Teasing Your Launch
Exercise: Create a nurture sequence that offers a soft promotion

Step 5: Leveraging Your Connections
Exercise: List 5 influential podcasts to leverage
Exercise: List 5 influential bloggers to leverage
Exercise: List 5 influential referral partners to leverage

Step 6: Build a Buzz
Exercise: Plan Your Buzz Funnel

Step 7: Plan Your Book Tour
Exercise: Plan your book tour

Step 8: Advertise
Exercise: Plan your social media marketing strategy

Step 9: Launch Day
Exercise: Plan your “Live” buzz

Step 10: Keep the Momentum Going—Plan Your Next Bestseller!
Exercise: Keep the momentum going

There are many cool things you can do with this planner since it comes with full editing rights. You can:

• Use it to create a training course for your clients or monthly members

• Sell the planner as is, or repackage it with other info-products in a bundle

• Break up each of the steps into a video or e-mail series

Acquire your planner and make it a valuable business asset today.

Hidden Revenue Exposed is now available for a limited time.

James Renouf and Dave Espino are making sales daily using an Amazon selling portal that no one is talking about.

You now have a whole new world in front of you. One in which you can sell literally any type of digital product. Think of how huge the Kindle market is…

Except that this has nothing to do with Kindle. Multiply the Kindle opportunity 100 fold.

We are talking exceptional possibilities here now at your fingertips solely by using this course.

Hidden Revenue Exposed walks you through the process step by step.

This is hot and it works.

You will see the exact case study of how this is done. You can sell so many types of digital products (not kindle) with this brand new way of dealing with the largest marketplace in the world.

Sell products such as:

• Video Courses
• Audio Courses
• Podcasts
• E-Books
• Graphics
• Software
• Apps
• Stock Photos
• Stock Video
• Stock Music
• MP3s
• T-Shirt Designs
• PC Games

And much more.

You can be from anywhere in the world and you do not need an Amazon Affiliate Account.

This is a crazy way to rank digital products and make sales. You don’t have to be a product creator. In fact you can outsource the whole thing.

It is truly an incredible way to make sales on Amazon. James and Dave have been feverishly applying this new strategy and you now have access to a unique product that has never been available before. This is cutting edge and you are getting it ahead of the competition.

Get access to a brand new huge revenue stream with Hidden Revenue Exposed.


Do you know that when your visitors see that others are buying from you, they will be more likely to complete a purchase as well? People are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors AND now you can piggyback on this phenomenon with ConvertProof!

ConvertProof adds ‘live’ sales proof to your your page showing off recent sales and opt-ins activity using:

– Notification Style Widget
– Signboard Style Widget
– Scrollable Testimonials

AND prompts your visitors to opt in or buy!

This is 100% legitimate and Powerful Social-Proof & Conversion-Proof System that gets you buyers’ trust, lowers down your acquisition cost and shoots your conversions through roof.

ConvertProof is a web-based SAAS, with nothing to download or install! Integrates on your site with just one line of code and starts working like magic.

It is compatible with nearly every shopping system and cart including JVZoo, Shopify, WooCommerce and so many more.

Just plug it in, and it starts working instantly.

Here’s all you got to do:

Step 1: Install On Your Website

Copy and paste our code—It’s 100% Safe and No Coding Skills Required!

Step 2: Display Recent Purchase/Opt-in Activity

ConvertProof starts displaying real activity on your site, prompting new visitors to take action.

Step 3: Increase Conversions

Watch as your conversion rates and sales increase.

And if you thought you needed any technical expertise to pull it off, you need none, actually!

– No need to learn coding skills or graphics!

– No need to go crazy hunting for marketing ideas or riveting sales pitch.

Works For Every Type Of Conversion!

– Sales conversions – Show who bought your products.
– Download conversions – Show who downloaded your products.
– Signup conversions – Show who signed up to your list.
– Trial conversions – Show who signed up to your trials.
– E-Book conversions – Show who read your e-books.

It’s the most proven and effective sales and conversions boosting strategy that ALSO:

# Lowers the acquisition cost
# Builds instant brand reliability for you

Use coupon code ‘proof3‘ for a $3 discount.

It’s maddening, isn’t it?

I mean, how long have you been trying to crack the code to earning over 100K via your online efforts?

Probably awhile, right?

Understandable. See, the thing is…

The best way to build up to that ability is to profit from e-mail marketing, product creation, affiliate marketing, high-ticket coaching and the like.

And once you’ve gotten your feet wet, so to say…it becomes easier and easier to accomplish!

But what if you’re not yet AT that point?

What if you’ve heard about lead magnets and autoresponders and sites and don’t know how to start first, and in what order?

Prepping For 100K/Year

Well, you’re in luck today because my colleagues, Barbara Ling and Dennis Becker, have just released the “Prepping For 100K/Year” blueprint.

You see, Barbara Ling and Dennis Becker bought Sean Mize’s previous IM business…and one of Sean’s favorite techniques is to build and stack value, day after day, month after month.

But Barbara and Dennis realized that not everyone has given themselves permission to achieve that…

Which is why they just made the path super simple for you to follow.

This goodie will show you:

• 10 “paint by numbers” steps to follow in order to help you prepare for 100K in 2018

• How to generate cash even if you don’t have any products of your own

• The ‘foundation’ required to earn $100K/year

It gives you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that will help you banish fear and shyness and start you on your way!

But that’s not all! To stack up the value, Barbara is ALSO including a freebie funnel (and customizable report!) you can use for your own lead magnets AND a cheatsheet for one of the easiest ways to put ‘buy’ buttons out there today!

And the enhancements?

You’re going to love these!

The “Prepping For 100K/Year” blueprint includes a discussion about adding big ticket products to your offerings.

So the enhancements include:

• Done-For-You Big-Ticket Coaching Packages

• How To Create $97 Authority Products

• Authority Resources for 501+ niches

Seriously, you can apply this blueprint to any niche imaginable.

Start your journey here!

Neat New Way To $594/Day

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Consistent Sales System

Want to know why most people fail online? They do everything wrong…

Not by choice, but the courses they buy keep teaching them methods that can’t get them any results…

That changes today, trusted marketer Kevin Fahey has pulled back the curtain on how he does an extra $594/day without tedious product creation…

The best part is it’s not something that takes so long like other methods. It actually is truly passive once you set it up.

That’s why I think you’ll really love it…

Check out “Consistent Sales System“.


Imagine if you can log onto Facebook right now, put up an offer on your page and in the next 5 minutes, your phone lines starts buzzing with calls from people who want to place an order for whatever you sell…

SociOffer is a powerful piece of software that you can connect to the Facebook offer feature and it automatically supercharges it so much that you may not even have to ever pay for Facebook traffic ever again.

This is literally the “grand autoresponder of offers”. Here is how it works:

Simply connect SociOffer to your Facebook account, and automatically it pulls up all the pages, all the groups that you manage and displays them right on the dashboard.

Then you set up your offers optimize settings for autoshare, autolike and autocomment. SociOffer deploys your offers automatically, and while you sleep or take lunch it helps you get people to buy your stuff on Facebook on complete autopilot. This is possible because the software is built upon the business strategy of creating a massive sense of urgency in the minds of customers.

Just a few of the of high-value features include:

1) Viral video offer post: Use videos in your offer posts to DRAMATICALLY boost conversions and give you an unfair advantage over the competition.

2) Clickable image and video post: Clickable images and videos direct traffic straight to your offers. More clicks = more money.

3) Scheduled post: You can instantly post or schedule your offers, even set it to repeat as often as you want…even schedule ENTIRE traffic campaigns weeks in advance for set-and-forget traffic that drives sales whether you’re working or on vacation!

4) Targeted referral marketing: Since SociOffer works with your existing fan pages and groups, you can give your viewers what THEY want—a deal on a product or service that interests them; they’ll gladly SHARE your offers so you get VIRAL traffic!

5) Full tracking and analytics: Right inside your dashboard, you can track your campaigns and see updates of how they’re performing. This makes it SUPER simple to optimize offers and scale your profits.

By now, lots of other smart business owners just like you are already dragging this off the shelf.

Get SociOffer now before you miss out!

Real Guys Making Real Money!

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If you were to come across these 3 guys in public, you would just pass them off as just 3 regular everyday
guys! But the reality, is that they have generated millions of dollars in online sales over the years!

They aren’t flashy, they aren’t full of hype, and they just simply earn real income from home while spending times with their families!

For a limited time, they are bundling together 4 of their best trainings which are designed to help anyone (even if you are brand new) start a successful online business the same way they have!

You will learn how to create an info-product, launch an info-product, build a sales funnel, build an e-mail
list of hungry buyers, and even how to get traffic to your offers online!

Nothing is left out and they call this offer the Proven Profit Package because it covers proven methods they use to generate millions in online sales.

And you also get a private label rights license as an added bonus so you can sell this training as your very own product!

The only catch is they are pulling this offer down on the 20th! Don’t miss this one.

Let’s hop in the time machine and go back to 2003.

Private label rights content did not exist in the Internet Marketing scene as we know.

A brilliant man by the name of Jimmy D. Brown had a light bulb idea to create content that people could take and use as their own. The idea? Products in the rough and a year later he coined the term “Private Label Rights”.

In 2004, he and Ryan Deiss opened Nicheology which became the first website to sell PLR. Nicheology is the reason you see private label rights today.

Fast forward to today and Paul Evans and Paul Counts are continuing the legacy of Nicheology and are relaunching
it to the public with a super special deal!

As we see now, 13 years later, PLR is still killing it. It’s the #1 shortcut when it comes to content you can use as your own.


Inside Nicheology, you get a LOT more than just access to some killer content with PLR in hot niches besides Internet marketing. You get access to training, lessons, coaching, ‘live’ Q&A, and more from two marketing experts with 40 years of business experience!

You won’t find a more thorough membership backed by quality experts in the business!

Each month you will get access to a new professionally made Internet Marketing niche related video course, the exclusive Nicheology Product Profile that helps you boost profits from the PLR, access to ALL the past niche Products In The Rough, a HUGE library of training which includes Listbuilding Academy, Niche Academy, Affiliate Marketing Academy, Membership Academy, Traffic Academy, Simple Sales Funnels, Whitelisting Counts, Tech Academy, Nicheology Profit System, and much more!

You can access all of this value for only $1 and then just $27/month!

For a limited time, you can do the $1 trial! After this launch, the trial will go away!

I am convinced once you get into the membership you won’t want to leave!

Start with Nicheology for just $1.

Quick Start Challenge“I am so excited!!! I made 5 sales.”
“My traffic increased by 4000%.”
“This program changed my life.”
“It produced results right away.”
“Superb experience.”

You could be next to give a testimonial!

2 successful entrepreneurs run a 4-week ‘live’ coaching course only once a year that helps people make the transition of a newbie or struggling entrepreneur to making a full-time income of at least $100+ per day allowing you to have complete freedom in your life.

Click here now and I assure you…

The next 30 days will be the most important days of your life.

Introducing: The Quick Start Challenge

Craig Crawford and Dean Holland have helped thousands of people between 2013 to 2015—between them, they’ve generated 8 figures online in sales.

In 2016 they took a break to work on other revolutionary plans to come back in 2017 with a bigger and better course, with bigger and better challenges!

And they’ve definitely done as promised.

Joining the Quick Start Challenge, you’re not only walked by the hand to success, you’re put on a path with many other people just like you!

The community of the Quick Start Challenge is like NO other. It’s a fun, friendly and driven community brimming with helpful people on the same journey! Ultimately working towards financial freedom together.

Each week you’re provided step-by-step training ‘live’ in an online coaching class (they’re recorded if you miss one, don’t worry!) that’s then going to be implemented by you that very same week.

You’re all given a task, almost like homework, but way more beneficial to your business and future!

They incentivize you to take action by giving away thousands of dollars in high quality prizes and coaching for completing each weekly challenge!

Some of those that took part in the previous year’s challenges increased their traffic by over 3,000% within the first 10 days.

Others went from no e-mail list, to having hundreds of new subscribers within just a few weeks!

And then there’s those who are now making thousands a week online as affiliates, all thanks to taking part in the Quick Start Challenge.

So, here’s what you’re getting when you join this amazing ‘live’ training course:

Week One – Laying The Foundations [LIVE]
Facebook Live Q&A Sessions [BONUS]

Week Two – Triple Tier List Building [LIVE]
Facebook Live Q&A Sessions [BONUS]

Week Three – Automated Income Generator [LIVE]
Facebook Live Q&A Sessions [BONUS]

Week Four – Online Traffic Takeover [LIVE]
Facebook Live Q&A Sessions [BONUS]


3-Hour Live Masterclass [BONUS]
Facebook Live Q&A Sessions [BONUS]

And more bonuses…

At the end of the Quick Start Challenge you’ll be joining them ‘live’ one final time so they can show you how to grow your income from $100+ per day to 6 figures.

They’re covering you with a FULL 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! You could in fact take part in the entire first 4 session of the Quick Start Challenge coaching before you change your mind!

As you can see, you’re about to evolve your business with a risk-free investment. Take action now, secure your future with this once a year golden opportunity!

Today’s PLR deal teaches your audience how they can increase their profits by making more sales after someone becomes a customer a.k.a. backend sales.

The “Backend Sales” PLR bundle is packed full of actionable content that you might also want to peruse and implement in your own business. It includes 10 PLR articles and 10 social media posts.

Enter coupon code ‘PIGGYSAVES‘ on checkout to save 50%.

HUGE news I want to tell you about.

If you have $1 to spare and an Internet connection, there’s an event happening on August 25-26th that’s going to be a game-changer!

It’s called The Lurn Virtual Summit.

It’s a 2-day, 16 hour, 100% online event put on by Anik Singal and ClickBank. They made the event specifically for people who want to start or grow a digital business, people like us.

And the best part (besides it being only $1.00)?

Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, & ClickBank’s C.O.O. are going to be keynote speakers!

For only $1!

You get to learn from some of the most famous business minds in the world for a buck!

Anik, his team, and the keynote speakers will be showing you:

– Why making the leap from employee to entrepreneur is SIMPLE
– How to get out of your own way and finally follow your OWN dream
– How to set up multiple passive income streams
– How to create, market & see your own digital product
– Why e-mail marketing is the best digital business model for 2017
– Why Copywriters are DOMINATING the internet & how you can join them
– How to create upsells, downsells & bonuses that convert like CRAZY
– Insider tactics for driving traffic to your website in 2017

And so much more!

All you need to do is login Saturday and Sunday & watch. You DON’T have to pay thousand of dollars to drive or fly somewhere and miss 4 days of your life…

Just pay $1, and watch from your computer!

I’ve already got my ticket!

You coming?

To be a top-tier guru in this Internet Marketing business, you certainly won’t be peddling $7 info-products for long. Many well-known folks run their own coaching programs and teach their own methods to students. A primary motivation is to leave a lasting legacy, so they don’t mind the hard work. Coaching pays well too.

A big challenge is to come up with enough in-depth material to justify the cost of such a program, which can run from $5,000 onward. The great news is you can now cut short the curve by purchasing a package of ready-made study material, launch your coaching program and establish yourself as THE authority of your new-found I.M. knowledge.

Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery

Barbara Ling and Dennis Becker have released “Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery” with PLR. This contains the original material that Sean Mize used to coach, but since he has partially left the I.M. business, Barbara and Dennis have relaunched it so you don’t have to slave away 40-60 hour weeks, writing, figuring things out, creating audio/video trainings, selling the program lessons and delivering coaching.

Yes, other than the core coaching material, it comes with Sean’s high-ticket selling program (including sales letter for the coaching program) so that you can confidently market the coaching or any other high-ticket item you might already have in your sales funnel.

You can use this coaching material on yourself and be amazed with how it can elevate your expertise. Plus you also get Dennis’ bonus book called “Unlock the Coach in You” with PLR so you can learn the tricks of the coaching trade.

I will bet that you’ve gone through countless courses where the gurus and experts simply refuse to share all. This powerful package cuts through any mystery and get you started on the path to high-ticket success. Get “Premiere Coaching and High Ticket Sales Mastery” for much less than $100 now before they take it down!

If you’re looking for even more marketing content you can publish for your subscribers and customers, go check this out.

Marketing PLR Mega Pack

Marketing PLR Mega Pack includes 10 high-quality marketing reports with 9 e-cover sets that you can use for opt-in offers, product bonuses, membership content and more. The topics include:

• A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success (3,515 words)
• Multiply Your Profits: 10 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies (3,490 words)
• A Solopreneur’s Guide to Business Branding (4,256 words/12 images)
• Effective Relationship Marketing with E-Mail (4,251 words/4 images)
• How to Get Them to Come Running to Your Next Online ‘Live’ Event (2,268 words/5 images)
• Winning Press Release Hooks for Media Attention (3,893 words/6 images)
• Public Speaking Like a Pro: Pick Up the Mic and Drop the Anxiety (4,095 words)
• An Online Marketer’s Guide to Reinvesting Your Profits for BIGGER Returns (3,397 words/4 images)
• Your Guide to Creating an Effective Sales Funnel (4,347 words/6 images)
• Persuasive Writing Articles & Social Media Graphics (16 articles/20 graphics)

All for just $14.95, but available for a short time only.

Instant Daily Profits

Is it possible to go from ZERO to earning over $100+/day as a newbie?

The answer is YES and you can do so with this brand new, secret case study…

It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely NO experience, NO skills & NO budget…

Instant Daily Profits is the solution to every problem Internet marketing newbies have.

Forget about wasting hours on end, or building a list, or creating products…

This method ELIMINATES the guesswork and takes you out of the dark and into the light.

The best part is, you can be up and running within 20-30 minutes from right now…

Copy Paste Paydays

This may sound like a gimmick, but no.

Do you know that the worst thing you can do with launching marketing campaigns is to start from scratch? And starting from scratch means acquiring the necessary skills and strategy to implement, but this takes time.

What if someone who has gotten results give you his best campaigns that were already proven to make money so you can just upload them and profit?

Copy Paste Paydays is the easiest resource you can ever access for a steal. Discover how you can accumulate daily automated sales with minimal effort now.

Question: how long does it take to build your online business and yourself up as a bona fide authority which prospects will naturally look up to?

1 year? 2 years? Forever?

It’s a difficult question to answer when you know you have to keep coming up with content all your life, so what if I propose that you can immediately acquire a package of 320K Premium IM Words Content with PLR for multiple uses including memberships?

OK, how do you quantify 320,000 words? Let me break it down for you.

Quick Content Mastery Vol. 2

1. 102,000 words approximately of content from the IM Inside Track, 70 long articles with 5 articles each from 14 categories:

affiliate marketing
e-mail marketing
income generation
joint ventures
passive income
product creation
social media marketing
traffic generation

2. 88,000 words approximately of content from Daily Seminar, a membership site with content created by Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank.

There are 15 long seminar transcripts (average is 4,800 words each), on the following topics:

How to Overcome Skepticism
An Advanced Sales Tactic: The Red Herring
The Commitment & Consistency Principle
Master Story Telling in 7 Days or Less
Problem Solving Strategies for You and Your Clients
The Secret of Three Modalities
How to Handle Failure
Package Selling vs. Cafeteria Selling
How to Get Massive Responses From Your E-Mails
How to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life
Simple Copywriting Solutions
Overnight Blogging
How to Get Crazy Good at Interviews
How to Launch a New Product Every 7 Days
Video Marketing on Crack

3. 49,000 words approximately of reports created by Sean Mize, 9 reports in total.

4. 4 full e-books from Dennis Becker, former best-sellers on the Nanacast platform, total approximately 85,000 words

Now this looks humongous. It means that you will possess over a YEAR’S worth of massive quality IM authority content.

You could use them for all sorts of things (blog posts, coaching and/or training, paid membership site content, bonuses for purchase of a product of your own or as an affiliate, used as scripts for YouTube videos or podcasts etc.).

And the enhancements?

They’re really good:

* Resell rights to this huge amount of content so you can keep 100% of the commissions

* Personal Use and Resell Rights to over 1,000 Sean Mize IM Membership Audio Lessons (you can convert, let customers download to their phones, etc.)

* Personal Transformation Niche Syndicated Membership Content (Audio Lessons that can also be used for membership/etc.)

* 800,000 MORE expert IM words (content created by Jason Fladlien/Robert Plank)

This is evergreen, up-to-date PLR content that you can repurpose till kingdom come. You don’t have to start from scratch and in less time, you can be selective and align your chosen content to fit your business angle, and most of all, your followers will love you for adding great value to their knowledge.

Get Quick Content Mastery Vol. 2 for 93% less than the original price!

Fearless Netpreneur Magazine

Many marketers got into the marketing business to make more money, attract better customers and grow their business.

However, many marketers find themselves one step behind the competition and marketing rockstars who always seemed to know what to do to make boatloads of money, while they struggle.

Many marketers struggle every month to get access to the current information and stats on the hot products to sell or buy, advanced training on business issues, reliable tips and access to what’s working and what’s not in the digital marketing industry.

Many waste a lot of time reading blogs, watching training videos and trawling the Internet in search of relevant information that could help them improve on their business and make more money online.

Others pay a lot of money to freelancers to help them get current information on what’s working, and what’s not, as well as up-to-date statistics on the hot products in the marketplace among others.

Either way this is not pleasant, funny or cheap.

Fortunately, there is now a great resource that everyone is talking about that will put this information right in your hands, every month, like clockwork.

Introducing Fearless Netpreneur Magazine. This 52+ page monthly resource provides up-to-date regular information every successful marketer will like to get their hands on, on a regular basis, including:

• Hottest Products and Niches
• Cool Marketing Tools and Tips
• Social Media Updates/Highlights
• What’s Working & What’s Not
• Market Analysis, Stats & Reports
• Top Converting Digital Products
• Marketer-of-The Month Feature

If you’re sick and tired of a lack of access to regular and up-to-date information on hot and highly converting products to sell or promote, then this would be the most important resource you may want to get that you’ve ever seen.

Get your magazine and bonuses worth over $1,000 now.

Your Complete 100K Blueprint

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It’s maddening, isn’t it?

I mean, how long have you been trying to crack the code to earning over 100K via your online efforts with the Internet Marketing niche?

Probably awhile, right?

Understandable. See, the thing that many people fail to realize is the BEST way to build up to 100K a year is to have a simple blueprint…

…one that tells you EVERY DAY what you should focus on!

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Instead of waking up and wondering what you need to do, you’ll know!

Well, you’re in luck today because my colleagues, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker, have just released your “100K In 1 Year” blueprint.

In a nutshell, it’s POWERFUL!

This goodie will show you:

How to determine the 4 keys areas where you need to do work in your business each day—this ensures you are always growing your bottom line.

How you can focus on the important things and get them done and totally not be distracted by everything else – thus making sure you NEVER spin your wheels again!

And it gives you a ready-made daily plan for each and every day that you work online—you will always know exactly what to do each day!

You will know, every day when you wake up, exactly what to work on that day to achieve your 1-year $100k goal—it’s a blueprint you can customize for yourself!

But that’s not all! To stack up the value, Barb is ALSO including one of her never-before-released cheatsheets (business blueprints) and let me tell you, Step 3…showcases a resource that virtually guaranteed…you have NEVER heard of before (but is capable of changing your life today).

And the enhancements?

You’re going to love these!

See, the “100K In 1 Year” blueprint includes a discussion about adding big ticket products to your offerings…

So the enhancements include:

• Done For You Big Ticket Coaching Packages

• How To Create $97 Authority Products

• The Reverse Funnel Concept (how to create your big tickets FIRST and then everything else from that)

Seriously, you can apply this blueprint to any niche imaginable.

See for yourself!