The more success stories the better, right? This is another Amazon success story.

Austin Hilton just released a brand-new system that you can use to create a business that can bring you in 5 to 6 figures a month using Amazon.

Simple Product Profits is not just another run-of-the-mill info-product. From 2000 to 2009, Austin sold over $90 million dollars worth of auto parts, so he knows what he is doing when it comes to selling stuff on the Internet. You can see a few photos of his office here.

If you have been scratching your head trying to figure out HOW to really make it online then you need to check this out. You NEED to see how you can easily have a REAL online business starting today!

Richard Newton has just released a brand new documentary on Internet Marketing where he takes a complete newbie and changes his life in just 30 days!

Seriously this is a very heart warming and inspirational video that will show you success isn’t hard when you got the right tools.

I don’t want to spoil the video, but after watching it, there’s an opportunity of a lifetime. In fact Richard is offering to change your life too, just like he did for one lucky person in that video.

The whole documentary has taken a year to film and it’s definitely worth watching.

It’s completely free to watch so take a look.

Converting more of your website traffic into sales and new customers is what you want.

You probably don’t know all the best strategies though.

That’s why you need to watch a brand new FREE video series called “The Shortcut to Your First $100,000 Marketing Funnel“.

The creator of this new video series is Todd Brown, the guy almost every A-Player marketer considers THE expert at creating wildly profitable marketing funnels.

And inside this new video series he breaks down for you all the steps, pieces, and tools to use to quickly, easily and cheaply set up your first REAL-DEAL money-making marketing funnel.

Best part of all, the whole video series is designed for marketers who have struggled to create their first really profitable marketing funnel, who don’t have any real kind of advertising budget, and who really don’t know what to do next.

By the end of this video series you’ll know exactly what to do so generating website traffic and turning that traffic into money will be a regular, easy thing for you.

I highly recommend you go watch the first video right now.

Have you ever had a 6-figure launch?

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Product Launch Control

There comes a time in every marketer’s life when he or she (you) have to take it to the next level and create a killer product. So what do you do? You create that product, that killer product that is going to smash it! But what happens when it comes to launch day? It fails because you don’t know how to launch a product!

It’s true, failed launches happen all the time. Now I’m not saying your product will fail, but by launching your product the wrong way, you stand to achieve very little from all your hard work and efforts. This is why I want to introduce you to “Product Launch Control“, by 2 good friends and experienced marketers John Thornhill and Dan Sumner.

These guys have “been there and done that” when it comes to launching products to the world. They have taken 6 figures to the bank and created killer launches and accumulated sales of well over 1 million dollars! These guys are the real deal and guess what, they want to share it all with you in their latest product creation “Product Launch Control“!

You hear a lot about how to create an online product, but very little about how to launch one. Why? The simple fact is, not everyone can do it. However all that is about to change with the help of Product launch Control and John & Dan’s help.

They want to take you by the hand and show you everything you never knew about launching products to the world. Some of the things these 2 experts will teach you are:

Product launch planning
Product launch mindsets
Getting the most from every product launch
Idea generation techniques
The mistakes to avoid
Your product planning and action strategies
Pre-launch problems and techniques
Planning product launches around you and your budget

And much much more.

Check out the video and screen shots. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

Urgent Offer: FunnelVision

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This is an urgent offer that closes on August 25th at 11:59PM EST!

What began as an experiment turned into a repeatable method with a consistent cash payout time and time again…

The exact end-to-end system Dr. Ben Adkins used to turn a FREE webinar into a $75,000 payday!

By the time you finish going through the whole system, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need. Plus it’s really easy to get started.

This is not another IM product which you are going to spend more money on just to access that ‘critical’ piece to put the whole thing into play.

Even if you feel something’s missing, Dr. Ben is totally cool when it comes to answering your questions. I’ve never met someone so approachable!

Oh, did I say this is an urgent, limited offer? Look at FunnelVision now.

There’s one thing the biggest marketers are doing really well that the rest of us aren’t hardly doing at all…

They’re turning their exit traffic into CASH AND SUBSCRIBERS.

Here’s the deal…

Most marketers just figure anyone who leaves their site wasn’t a good prospect anyway. But nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, just because someone leaves your site doesn’t mean they don’t want what you’re selling—it just means they aren’t going to buy it right at this moment. Or maybe it wasn’t the right product for their needs, but you have other products that would be a good fit.

Problem is, if someone does leave your site, then they’re gone. They’ll just forget about you. I mean they have a million and one other things going on. Coming back to your site isn’t a high priority.

That’s why you need to do whatever you can to capture this exit traffic and turn them into responsive subscribers and cash-paying customers. And this is easy to do, if you know the secrets of showing them the right offer at the right time.

Now you’re probably wondering if it’s even worth trying to convert exit traffic into customers. It’s totally worth it—there are marketers who’re making an extra six and even seven figures in their business totally off the backs of exit traffic.

Think about it…

If you can make even a fraction of that amount, you’d totally be laughing all the way to the bank. You can do this. You just need a proven strategy for getting this traffic onto your list and converting them into customers.

And that’s exactly what you get inside the new List Phoenix video training course right here:

This really works. You’ll even get a sneak peek at two proven exit pages that are pulling in more than double the industry-standard conversion rates. You can totally model your own exit pages after these proven templates. It’s easy!

There’s no better or easier way to start cashing in on your exit traffic, so do it now because this is worth THOUSANDS of dollars to you!

Fan Page Money MethodUnless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve seen the cash EXPLOSION recently happening on Facebook?

I personally know a lot of guys who are making serious coin.


Long-time marketer Michael Cheney spent 18 months holed up in his “Facebook cave” learning and applying his know-how in a marketing experiment that resulted in $175,120!

Now he has released his step-by-step, warts-and-all report that shows you where the money is on Facebook and how to get it.

Do you think you can shortcut directly to the money with his big reveal? There’s an unprecedented GOLD RUSH happening right now and like every gold rush it’s the early adopters who are making the most money. Grab your stake here.

There’s a HUGE myth that GURUS love to spread like a gospel about making money online and 95% of marketers fall for it.

The myth has stopped hundreds of thousands of regular people just like you and me from even making a dime online, and trust me it’s no coincidence that 95% of aspiring Online Money Makers fail miserably.

So what’s that myth?

Gurus preach that “Fast Income” and “Sustainable income” can never go hand in hand, and that if you are broke or simply can’t afford to spend money to build your business then should reach for your credit card and pay THEM to coach you.

2 veteran marketers and a super ex-newbie finally broke their silence with their latest product “Super Easy Cash Machine”.

In Super Easy Cash Machine you will learn how you can start earning tomorrow and keep on growing while building a sustainable business online that you can not only be proud of, but a business that will take care of your financial worries forever.

They are running a special “early bird” and contrary to what you might be used to, these guys aren’t even charging 1/20th of what GURUS ask from you to give you a half picture of how you can make money online FAST.

Click here to grab it for 7 Bucks [Dimesale].

Have you ever been stalked? I’m not talking about that weird person you keep seeing whenever you turn around, but those adverts that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

That’s right, you are being re-targeted and you didn’t even know it!

This is a totally free video that shows you the ninja tricks that gurus are using to get more sales from their website visitors.

We all know that your prospects don’t buy the first time they visit your website. They get distracted, the phone rings, their kids come in from school and your website is now forgotten.

Don’t worry, you can stalk them until they buy and it doesn’t matter what site you send them to, even big merchant sites like Amazon.

Large companies like Coca Cola are using this tactic and now you can too, and it costs less than you think.

With industry estimates reporting that less than 2% of web traffic make a purchase, complete a form or sign up for a product or service when on your site, marketing to those other 98% has been lost in the weeds.

With re-targeting, you can display ads to the 98% who leave without buying and keep your product in front of them until they’re ready to convert.

Let’s take a look at these 2 different groups of visitors and see how they interact with your website.

You, the marketer or business owner, generate or buy traffic and direct it to your website or through an affiliate link. The objective is to have that user complete an action, make a purchase, complete a form or sign up for a product.

Visitor #1: Those Who Convert

As this visitor browses your site, they love what they see and instantly become interested in purchasing, signing up or completing a form.

This visitor is part of the 2% of your web traffic that will, on average, convert when on your site.

This visitor is now a customer and will go into your customer retention funnel.

Visitor #2: Those Who Bounce

As this visitor is browsing your site, they look at a few pages and then “bounce” or leave your website without purchasing, signing up to your list or completing a form.

This can be for any number of reasons. Perhaps they received a phone call, were distracted by the kids, wanted to read reviews or perform price comparisons, etc. In any event, they leave your website and don’t return.

This visitor is part of the 98% of your traffic, that will leave your website without completing an action.

This visitor is still interested in the products or services you offer, but just wasn’t ready to buy.

What Are The Benefits Of Re-Targeting?

With a well-defined marketing plan, communication with your potential or current customers doesn’t end when they leave your site.

1) Close the sale with a promotion: offer an exclusive promotion to visitors who bounced from your site. Because this won’t be available to the general public, you can offer deeper discounts to these visitors.

2) Promote similar products and services: perhaps the product or service your visitor looked at wasn’t right for them. With re-targeting, you can feature similar products or services they may not have found while on your site, but could have been looking for.

Does Re-targeting Work?

A ComScore study, revealed that re-targeting ads to customers that visited within 4 weeks lead to a whopping 726% raise in overall site visits.

If you’ve been marketing online, re-targeting won’t be some sophisticated idea or method or coding that you can’t implement. As the saying goes, one simple change can bring in a huge improvement in results! Watch this video before this opportunity disappears!

Over $500 In Bonuses – Act Fast!

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If you would make $3.60 for every $1 you invested how often would you do it? Right often I reckon.

Well-known marketer Kevin Fahey is spilling the beans how he added over 10,000 subscribers to his list and generated $36,000 in instant revenue.

He’s sharing his traffic sources, the programs he uses to make it stress-free and much more.

My Marketing Results” is something you need to see straight from the horse’s mouth: tried, tested and proven. Included is a 5-part module course which covers various split tests, loads of training, resources and excellent support.

If you take action quick you’ll receive free ‘live’ training as a exclusive bonus.

You need higher conversions on your existing traffic.

Everyone thinks more traffic is the answer. But it’s not. It’s making the most of every opportunity to convert your existing traffic. Then you make more sales. Get social shares. And more opt-ins.

Want 7 ways to get more conversions?

Then click here to watch ‘em soar.

WP Traffic Max is a new plugin by Bill Guthrie & Manfred Ekblad from BWI Press. It’s designed to make the most of your existing traffic by showing your visitors 6 different ad types.

* Interstitial ads

* Video ads

* WSIWYG ads

* Custom Coupons

* Opt-in pop-ups

* 2-Step opt-in pop-ups.

* Exit pop

What’s even better?

You specify the posts/pages/categories individual ads appear. And you can redirect visitors to any URL of your choosing on close or other actions.

WP Traffic Max is perfect to redirect visitors to:

* Sales pages

* Affiliate offers

* CPA offers

* Amazon offers

* Social media profiles & posts

WP Traffic Max can do anything with your traffic than you could dream up.

Check out WP Traffic Max now.

NAMS Workshop

Have you heard of the NAMS Workshop?

NAMS stands for Novice to Advanced Marketing System. And it’s the premiere training and implementation workshop held twice a year in Atlanta. It’s coming up on Aug. 1-3.

What’s makes each NAMS event so awesome is the 3 full days, 4 experience-based, skill-appropriate tracks running simultaneously with 41 instructors for 74 hours of REAL training.

If you were attending the 12th NAMS event, you would NOT be able to attend all of the sessions since there are 5 rooms running simultaneously. It’s just not possible.

Usually, people return to the event 3 or 4 times to get ALL the training broken up into beginner to advanced sessions.

But David Perdew, the founder and CEO of NAMS, is recording all the sessions so that students who want to speed through the training can do it at their own pace.

Frankly, I’m a little worried about David. I think he’s giving away the farm on this one.

The NAMS Workshop is not just any training.

Instructors like Alex Mandossian, Joel Comm, Tony Laidig, Paul Evans, Nicole Dean, Connie Ragen Green, Jeff Herring and 34 others are dedicated to making sure the students get hands-on training.

You can get access for just $67.

Let’s make that clear. The normal price to attend ‘live’ is $697 plus airfare, hotel and meals. Now you can get the training for less than one-tenth.

But you have to hurry, the pre-sale price is going away in a few days.

Nothing replaces being at the ‘live’ event, but this is certainly the next best option.

What every marketer wants.

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Monkey Marketing MastermindA lot of stuff you see online today is rehashed crap with fancy names. Simon and Jeremy’s stuff is different because these two are in the trenches every day testing and tracking everything. These guys are making 7 figures a year online, so you can bet they’re sharing some pretty amazing stuff.

What they’re giving you is a package called the Monkey Marketing Mastermind, which includes 5 video training courses for one low price. Here’s what you get:

1. Fear Factor Fortunes, which shows you a surefire way to jack your conversion rates and sales through the roof!

2. The Intensifier, which delivers a little-known strategy for exploding your sales on any product in any niche!

3. Commission Miner, a brilliant and almost devious way to crush your affiliate competition and start cashing fatter commission checks!

4. Traffic Splash, which reveals the scientific truth about how to get a ton of traffic and influence the masses with a successful viral campaign!

5. List Monster, which shows you a fast and easy way to build your mailing list and cash in using the exit traffic that’s leaving your site right this minute!

These were underground secrets that only the 6-figure and 7-figure marketers knew and used every day to get more traffic, build their lists and drive up their revenue.

Now get your hands on these secrets + a reseller license so you can make money selling these videos to others too. How’s that for a super-sweet deal!

How would you like to get your hands on a proven strategy to make fastest 6 figure business you’ll ever create?

My friend Barry Plaskow, Dr. Amit & Rodger are going to show you their secrets LIVE and completely FREE!

The secret is this really simple step-by-step formula they’re going to share with you as a member of our community.

This is the most critical training they’ve ever created in which they’re going to show you:

* The 6-Figure Autopilot Income Formula! (step by step, no experience needed)
* How to sell HIGH TICKET, proven to convert products and keep almost ALL of the profits without even creating a product!
* How to get instant results that will blow you away.

Even you haven’t sold anything before, you need to be there.

I doubt they’ll ever do this again, so make sure to show up at least 5 minutes early as this is like to be packed!

Sign up for the webinar.

Most people don’t buy the first time they learn of a new product.

They don’t buy the second time either.

Nor the third.

Fourth? Nope.

Surely it’s the fifth time, right? (Shakes head.) Sixth time is the charm?

The longstanding consensus is that it takes about 7 exposures to a product or service to seal the deal.

To be sure, the first announcement will likely get sales. And so will the second, third, and so on.


If you want the maximum number of your existing subscribers, blog readers, and other members of your community to buy from you, then you are going to need ongoing promotion to the same set of people.

Only that can get tricky, right?

I mean, if you send out advertisement after advertisement after advertisement (times seven!), then you probably are going to get a lot of unsubscribes.

People don’t want hard pitch after hard pitch after hard pitch.

Most won’t hang around for you to continue pitching.

Yet, those seven exposures are important. So, what do you do?

You learn to create a VARIETY of promotions, that’s what.

You learn to “sell without selling”. You learn to “soft sell”. You learn to “recommend” and subtly get your product and service in front of others time after time.

Let me give you a very simple scenario…

1st Promo: Launch Mailing.
2nd Promo: Set Of Checklists.
3rd Promo: Discount or Incentive.
4th Promo: Video Training (Webinar, etc.)
5th Promo: Article.
6th Promo: Stealth mailing (freebie w/ advertisement)
7th Promo: Last Chance.

Obviously, this is just a simple example. And there are certain things you need to do with each of these promos to make them work. I just want to get you thinking about the fact that you want ongoing promotion for any specific offer.

You want to get that offer in front of people for at least seven times.

At. Least.

In fact, I can show you how to get your offer in front of people more than fifty times without duplicating the promo!

Jimmy D. Brown has just released Promo Payoff—over 375 pages of templates, training, and swipe files for getting people to BUY FROM YOU.

Here is what is included…

MODULE 1: Promo Copy Clinic
How To Get Others To Open And Read Your Promos

MODULE 2: Promo Firestarters
Swipe File Of 75 “Copy And Paste” Pieces of Promo Kindling

MODULE 3: Promo To Go
Set Of 50 “Fill-In-The-Blanks” Promo Announcements

MODULE 4: Promo Idea Lab
52 Ways To Create Special Promo Offers

There are also three incredible bonuses included AND a 150-page “fast action” bonus!

PLUS, there is a 50% discount for the first 100 people who grab a copy of Promo Payoff.

I don’t expect these 100 spots to last long, so get all the details and secure your copy.

My Unfair AdvantageThere’s a “Once in a Lifetime” special offer taking place that I felt compelled to share with you because this thing will blow your socks off!

Omar Martin and his wife Melinda have been running a site called “My Unfair Advantage” for years now.

This site gives members unrestricted access to all the tools and training they use to run their 7 -figure online business.

But one of the best parts is that all the members get ‘live’ weekly coaching from Omar for LIFE!

Omar & Melinda have TONS of success stories under their belts and I’m being VERY sincere when I say that you simply could not be in better hands!

This membership used to cost $1497 BUT they are cutting it down for $1000 less.

Better grab hold of this badass offer now.

2 Week Product LaunchEvery so often a new product comes along that literally shakes the Internet marketing world. Well, it is happening again…for “2 Week Product Launch“. This new product by Clarke Hanna has created more of a groundswell than anything. I suppose it all makes sense, since Clarke is often hidden away in the background, pulling the strings on these huge launches.

In any case, I urge you to take a look at what Clarke is doing…the momentum he has built is just plain crazy. He has put together a complete home study course detailing ALL of his best Internet marketing methods presented in 10 step-by-step Videos, a 30-page e-book, daily checklist, mindmap, tools and resources.

It very simply maps out all the steps to take, from product idea to creation, setting up your sales pages, creating autopresponders, to finding JV partners and retargeting.

This course will effectively teach Internet marketers and web entrepreneurs of all skill levels, from those who are literally just beginning to learn IM to experienced marketers who want to launch their own products.

I highly suggest you take a look at his course and do it quickly because Clarke has a long history of making limited offers, and then pulling those offers down.

10 Tips To Boost Your E-Book Sales

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As an author, have you ever wondered how to sell e-books you have worked hard on? Even accomplished authors face a new challenge thinking how they can increase e-book sales. These 10 tips to boost your e-book sales would come handy to both new as well as accomplished authors.

1. Invest in getting a excellent e-book cover page.

Every book is judged by its cover. How many times have you heard this? It remains to be the top reason why a lot of e-books fail to generate the kind of sales they deserve. A good cover proves to be the single most important factor in getting the initial interest and making readers want to look into your e-book. So do not ignore this fact and get an interesting and good-looking cover page for your e-book.

2. Sell your e-books through multiple e-book stores.

Although the top e-book stores like Amazon, B&N and Apple account for the bulk of e-book sales, there are other smaller or niche specialty e-book stores which would boost your e-book sales substantially.

3. Provide a nice quick preview of your e-book content.

A preview of your e-book pages helps in engaging your prospective buyers/readers and increases your chance at sales conversion. There are several ways to create a quick preview.

  • Post screenshots (as images) of relevant pages e.g. e-cover page, “table of content” page, first chapter and other appetizing information, a bookending (last) page with a call-to-action offer to buying the full e-book with a link to the e-book store.
  • Post the aforementioned pages above as web pages (HTML). For some readers, this is an easier way of access. Also, search engines can index and list your pages in the search results.
  • You can also use a site like Scribd to publish and post a preview.
  • You can create a Digital Flip Publication on CreateMagazines itself to publish and post a preview.

4. Get your e-book reviewed.

E-books with published reviews and real testimonials tend to get more attention and interest and thus sell better. You can start giving your free full-version e-books to an immediate closed circles of friends, colleagues or professionals and solicit their reviews and advice for improvement.

5. Create a sales page to promote your e-books.

When you are selling an e-book you are offering it via the Internet, so it makes a lot of sense to have a dedicated page for your e-book which tells everything your potential readers would want to know and leads them to purchase. You can use this web page to provide author information, book information, come up with special offers and have your own e-commerce system in place to sell your e-book right from your own web page. This way you would not be sharing profits with anyone else. When you offer your e-books at e-book stores you usually end up receiving in between 30-70% of your e-book sales. The remaining amount is kept by the e-book stores as their cut. Although offering e-books through e-book stores is an absolute necessity as these stores are able to provide substantial exposure for your e-books, why not have your own sales page in place too if your prospects can directly reach there. You can either create a simple web page on your own, or hire a company create one for you. Click here to have a look at our sales page creation offer for more information.

6. Join affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs offered by sites like ClickBank can help you market your e-book better.

7. Make your e-books available in multiple file formats.

Different users have different reading preferences. Some like to read their e-books on a PC some on a e-book reader device like Kindle or Nook, some like to read them on new Tablet devices like iPad and some simply like to read them on their mobile devices. The problem is each one of these devices have their own set of compatible file formats. So it makes sense to have your e-book in multiple file formats so that you have an extended reach and are able to provide a format compatible with several of these popular devices. Click here for more information related to common e-book file formats.

8. Use the power of social media to spread the word about your e-book.

Social media marketing also termed as SMO has become a very popular method to promote just about everything. Site like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and various blogs allow users to “repost” or share information shared on the product in question easily. Since the same information is shared by a user with their contacts and by contacts of their contact, it helps in spreading the word fast thus reaching more and more people. Social networking sites are great word-of-mouth platforms.

9. Offer limited period discounts, create bundles.

An e-book can be offered on limited period discounts or bundled with relevant products to increase the overall value or worth of the deal to prospects. This form of sales promotion is proven to boost sales results.

10. Price your e-book intelligently.

Since production and distribution costs involved with e-books are substantially less as compared to the printed version, you should price your e-book cost considering all these factors. Lower cost in case of an e-book is the major driving force behind the increasing e-book sales trends that we all have been witnessing in the last few years. On the other hand, there are examples of e-books containing exclusive or highly specialized subject matters being sold for $97 and above. So do you research well before deciding upon the cost for your e-book.

FB RetargeterA brand new software just launched that can literally triple your results in PPC marketing.

Listen, RIGHT NOW you are missing out on an enormous number of potential sales just because of the fact that most people don’t purchase or opt in to your list the first time they see your ad (in fact, it takes some people 10 times or more of seeing the ad before they decide to purchase).

That’s right! If you’ve EVER struggled to make a profit with PPC marketing, listen up, because this is going to be the MOST important marketing tool to add to your arsenal.

So how did we solve this problem?

Simple, with FB Retargeter.

This brand new software is designed so that anyone who clicks on your ad sees your ad over and over again all over Facebook!

This means that you can get multiple exposures to any sales page, any website, or any opt-in page, so that you never miss out on potential sales ever again.

Here’s what you can do with FB Retargeter:

- Skyrocket ROI on Paid Ads

- Explode Optin Rates

- Get More Ebay customers

- Make more Teespring or Kindle book sales

- Track Your Ads for Demographics to Find Out what Group is Clicking Your Ads (so you can rapidly maximize your CTR)

- FB Graph Search Tool: Quickly locate super targeted prospects for your offers based on images they’ve liked that relate to your product’s niche

- Offer Tool: Advertise your pages around the Internet by displaying popup ads on any site you want (INCLUDING popular sites you don’t own!)…giving you multiple additional exposures

All for only a one time payment of 27 bucks ;)

No-brainer, right?

Best of all, you can retarget an UNLIMITED number of pages for an unlimited number of campaigns!

With the power of FB Retargeter in your hands, you could easily achieve ROI that even Internet marketing experts can’t possibly match…it is that powerful.

To see how much people are loving FB Retargeter and claim your unfair advantage in Facebook marketing while it’s brand new, grab your copy here right now.

Social Lead WizardIt’s safe to say most marketers have not mastered everything about Facebook marketing.

Far more less of them would even know it’s possible to insert their squeeze pages or video sales pages right inside the Facebook newsfeed.

Aravindh Sridhar was toying with the idea of further interactivity on the newsfeed than just posting a text message, picture or video and having been done over with a souped-up fan page.

And being the first to have developed such a tool to do marketing on the newsfeed makes him leave his competitors in his wake!

So if you want to insert a squeeze page or video sales page with an ‘order’ button right inside the Facebook newsfeed (basically doing something that no one else other than Aravindh has done before), check out the demo of Social Lead Wizard.

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