Push Connect Notify

If you’ve ever been to a major site, like YouTube, CNN, or eBay, you’ve probably been shown a little ‘popup’ that says “[NAME OF SITE] wants to send you notifications.”

That’s called a “push notification”.

The cool thing about it is that it’s UNBLOCKABLE as it’s built into the major 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

And before you say it, these 3 browsers represent 93% of the world’s population of browsers!

That little notification requires either a team of developers to code on your website, or you can shortcut it with a simple line of code using “Push Connect Notify“.

My friend Jimmy Kim and his company Snaptactix, just released this brand new app that’s the next generation of website push notifications. Here’s I love about Push Connect Notify.

1. It’s 100% marketer friendly, letting you fully customize everything from logos, colors, buttons, and more.

2. It requires you to just copy-and-paste a line of code on your website (similar to Google Analytics) or you can use the snappy 1-click WordPress OR Shopify integration

3. It captures e-mail addresses for you too! Integrated with the top 8 autoresponders OR you can paste your own code!

It’s literally the ‘perfect’ way to capture 100% of your website traffic.

A MUST-HAVE for any serious marketer in 2017.

Leverage the power of your web browser with an UNBLOCKABLE technology that you can start using today!

Most companies charge anywhere from $19 to $197 a month or more. but a special pricing for an unlimited, unrestricted plan is available today.

Check out “Push Connect Notify” and discover why it’s the most useful tool of 2017.


BlankPager plugin is ‘live’.

This tool allows you to create elegant websites in minutes. No coding or design skills required.

It comes with 100 templates. Just insert, edit, and done.

– 15 business templates
– 10 sales page templates
– 10 contact us page templates
– 10 coming soon page templates
– 10 welcome page templates
– 10 opt-in page templates
– 10 service site templates
– 5 JV page templates
– 5 bonus page templates
– 5 app landing page templates
– 5 WooCommerce page templates

And so much more!

Website design done in just 3 simple steps:

1. insert the template
2. edit it
3. save and done

Not only that, this plugin also comes with many awesome features:

– integrated with free drag-and-drop elementor page builder plugin
– 100 web templates perfect for any niches
– 80 sections templates
– ‘live’ editor and preview
– fully mobile-responsive
– works with all WP themes
– easy to use
– SEO-friendly
– Facebook pixel
– contact form
– opt-in form
– WooCommerce integrations
– Twitter widgets
– and more

Download it today!

Covert Social Press

Covert Social Press lets you run a fully functional social network, straight from your WordPress blog!

Complete with:

– Real members joining your site and building it for you

– Automatic traffic integration with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

– The capability to fill your sites with quality content in minutes without ever writing a single word yourself

– All the functionality of a billion-dollar site like Digg and it looks like a million bucks too!

– Full monetization, including a very clever feature I have never seen in WordPress before.

All these from a simple “1-click installation” WordPress theme.

Covert Social Press is totally unique, cutting edge and insanely powerful.

You HAVE to watch the demo video and see this theme in action!

Right now you can grab it at the special low early bird price.

ProfitBuilderMy friend Sean Donahoe is finally releasing the new version of his wildly successful “drag & drop” page builder, ProfitBuilder 2.0

And it is OUT OF THIS WORLD good.

Sean and his team have been working for months rebuilding the most popular landing page system for WordPress, added 100s of new features, improvements and even developed a funnel building system that delivers literally everything us online business owners and marketers could ever wish for…

For A LOT less than those expensive monthly subscriptions platforms.

Check out the demo video and see just how this all works. There is even a video on there of a guy who used this to create 60+ funnels and many of them made over $100k and one that did $2M in sales…Yes, it’s THAT powerful!

ProfitBuilder 2.0 can improve your funnel system to explode your engagement rates, conversions and overall success with minimal effort, no matter what niches you are in.

Now get your license at a huge 65% discount and take your business to the next level!

PressPlayHow would you like to turn your videos into MAGNETS?

If you ever wondered why your videos underperform…

Perhaps all it takes is a simple tweak.

The key is being able to have absolute control over the viewers’ experience.

As marketers, we have only SECONDS to get their attention.

Which is why providing an exceptional experience while being able to deliver our marketing message (before they leave) is vital.

You need PressPlay 2.

The most powerful custom video player is back and has:

More control.
More customizations.
More list building and revenue-generating features.
More analytics.

And of course, you don’t have to pay a single penny for video hosting.

PressPlay 2 is jam-packed with features to offer you complete control over your videos.

[+] Visitor Engagement & Control

Want your videos to auto-pause if the visitor scrolls down past your video or clicks on another browser tab?

Want to auto-play your video on X visit?

Want to show/hide your video on X visit?

Want to pick and choose which controls the visitor has?

No problem!

[+] Conversion Boosters

Want to show a share-gate at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

Want to show a call-to-action button/image/text at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

Want to show a lead opt-in form at the beginning, middle or end of your video?

No problem!

[+] Exceptional User Experience

Want the video to remember where the visitor left off and pick right back up?

Want to allow your visitor to watch your webinar reply at 2x speed?

What to display annotations during the video?

What to display certain videos based on a user’s choice?

No problem!

This is the POWER of PressPlay 2.

Add your ‘smart’ responsive videos on literally any page or website where you can add a few lines of embed code.

However, I’m really only scratching the surface.

Watch this video to learn more about PressPlay 2.

During this short launch window, you can jump in as a “Charter Member” and receive a massive discount off the normal price.

This price will be rising very soon!

No matter what type of website or business you own, we all know that VIDEO is the future of marketing.

PressPlay 2 is a must-have in your marketer’s toolkit!

Grab your copy now.

Messenger bots or chatbots as they are called are the rage in marketing automation now. What seems like a piece of sophisticated artificial intelligence is actually accessible to say, Facebook users who want to build a chatbot into their fan pages (read “How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot“).

Here’s what’s happening around you right now:

– Domino’s Pizza uses a bot to accept food orders.
– KLM’s bot delivers boarding & flight time info.
– Activision’s bot engages fans of its Call of Duty series.
– The Guardian newspaper’s bot delivers news to readers.

Chatbots are about to revolutionize business processes in a serious way, and it gets better. Here is an offer whereby you get to own a chatbot builder that builds 4 types of chatbots for your website: support bots, sales bots, research bots and training bots.

The good news is that a bot now DOESN’T have to come with a 4-figure-plus price tag, they WON’T take you months to program and code (you can create a bot in minutes with Chit Chat Chimp) and you can start right away, whatever kind of business you have.

You will discover the specific scenarios and the different ways bots can power up your business, ease your workload, engage with your audience and generate more revenue.

This is going to be TRULY EXCITING STUFF that can change the way you work and the way your business prospers in the coming months.

Build your first bot in minutes with Chit Chat Chimp.

WP Blazer

What if you could automatically update all your WP sites and keep them backed up and safe for hackers without having to lift a finger?

Watch how you can do it now!

The newly released cloud app WP Blazer allows you to automatically manage all your WP sites inside one simple interface, and update & back them all up with a few simple clicks.

In fact, with WP Blazer, all of this now takes only a few seconds:

• Update All WP sites with one click
• Install or update any essential plugin or theme on all sites with one click
• Run instant secure backups that keep your site safe
• Schedule backups to run daily/weekly/monthly so you don’t even need to login to do it
• Never have to worry about your sites being hacked
• Manage and edit all your sites in a single dashboard
• Create a new WP user within a minute

And all without ever again having to login to each of your WP sites—so now you can take care of all crucial aspects in seconds instead of hours.

Regardless if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve already got a successful online business, keeping our WP sites up-to-date and backed up is something we ALL have to face.

And considering how much time you need to spend every day on those technical tasks, it probably makes you sick just thinking about it in the morning, which drains your productivity for the rest of the day.

With WP Blazer, this is all GONE.

NO NEED to waste hours logging in manually to each WP site to add, manage, edit or update stuff.

NO NEED to pay someone to do it for you.

NO NEED to pay monthly fees to an expensive solution that’s hard to use and doesn’t even backup your site.

Seriously, there’s NOTHING like this on the market right now. Hurry up and get access while the early-bird pricing is still available.

Covert Messenger

I just found this cool new WordPress plugin that lets you create “instant messenger” ads on your blog. It’s super simple to use and the ads look great.

Check out the demo video here.

These instant messenger ads are by far the most effective kind of ads you can use on your blogs, and they will get more clicks than anything else on your blog guaranteed.

But so far there has been no easy way to generate ads like this…until now!

The Covert Messenger plugin is on a dime sale. I highly recommend that you check it out now before the price goes up!

Commission Sumo

What’s the secret to higher conversions?

Sell the person exactly what they want and need.

Exactly when they need it.

It’s not rocket science, but until now it’s been difficult to really target multiple offers on your blog.

Commission Sumo has changed that up!

With this new WP technology, you can automatically have the right ads shown to the right people with TRUE contextual advertising, instantly.

Commission Sumo lets you place contextual ads throughout your blog.

Choose your keyword or phrase and what you want to happen when someone mouses over.

Your blog instantly has:

[+] Targeted Amazon Ads

[+] Lead Capture Funnels
[+] Videos
[+] Calls-To-Action

Best of all, it is 100% set-and-forget.

It automatically updates and pulls in the best products to promote for you.

Get access while it’s still at a low early-bird pricing.

The idea of website flipping is not new, but most marketers would think that creating a website is akin to regular website design service, which means it takes a lot of effort and skills to set up a new one.

In fact, it does not have to be that way. Let Lance Groom show you how to build cheap, fast, fun and profitable WordPress websites and sell them for hundreds, even thousands of dollars on Flippa Auctions within the comfort of your own home!

Whether the website is Clickbank-focused, Amazon-focused, PayPal-ready or AdSense-ready, Lance’s video course will get you covered on setting up, launching and managing your own highly successful, high-profit online business.

His insider secrets, tips and techniques will set you financially free and could make you extremely wealthy at the same time!

It has to be fast, it’s easy and best of all, it really works! Invest in the “Killer Secret WordPress Flippa Auctions” course for less than $10!

WP FreshPop

There’s a pretty big problem these days with popup ads. Visitors are getting smarter and are becoming blind to popups. Clicking that X is almost like a quick reflex now. Visitors are getting more and more annoyed with popups.

But the sky is not falling.

When used in the right way (the FRESH way), popups can still be a website’s secret weapon.

So what is the “right way”? What is the “FRESH way”?

The answer is found in the new non-intrusive, user friendly popup—one that does NOT annoy the customer.

One of Asia’s leading websites have been quietly going about their business with this unique, subtle popup. And this authority website has NO HESITATION in using this new popup technology for their 8,200,000 global monthly visitors!

This new software is allowing them to drive hordes of visitors to any promotion of their choice on complete autopilot…without annoying any of their visitors like other popups do!

Now each and everyone of us can cash in BIG from this growing trend and turn any WordPress website into a passive income generating ATM…thanks to this powerful new software.

See how WP FreshPop works to bring more income into your online business.

20 Minute Blogs - Weight Loss EditionUp and running in 20 minutes sounds pretty unlikely, right?

But that is exactly what you can do.

Get yourself a beautiful, custom design, weight loss review website.
Get 6 top selling ClickBank products already loaded.
6 original reviews for each product.
A subscriber e-mail capture form and free report.
Social-locked content to drive Facebook likes
Social buttons to get your pages posted to Facebook, Twitter etc.
Plugins to auto-post to social networks.
Preconfigured security against hacking.
Automated backups.

All in 20 minutes? Of course you will need a domain and hosting as this is a WordPress website.

If you want to get started today, click here.

Studies show that on average, you have LESS than 7 SECONDS to make an offer online! EEK! That’s not much time so…Grab that ATTENTION with this.

Are you trying to build your list but no one notices your opt-in forms? Are you promoting an offer that could create a huge payday for you…but people seem to NOT take notice?

Maybe you’ve redesigned your banner ads until you’re blue in the face? Or maybe you just want an easy way to let your blog readers or members know about a current event you are holding or the latest updates & news…hey we know how you feel…

But now you can stop wasting your time with old-fashioned, out-of-date methods to grab your visitor’s attention.

The Good News Is: You don’t need to redesign your entire website, and make it look ugly and unprofessional, just because people don’t notice your more profitable offers!

There is a better way.

Attention Monkey lets you keep your website clean and professional and doesn’t require you to hire expensive graphic designers, yet it still has the power to stop web surfers in their tracks, and forces them to take notice of your lucrative offers!

Pretty cool…but How?

By adding an attention grabbing notification bars to the top or bottom of your page.

Undoubtedly, you have encountered these sorts of attention grabbing bars popping up from the bottom, or down from the top of your favorite internationally esteemed websites (they are hard to ignore, even though they don’t upset your user experience).

This is why Fortune 500 companies use them, and why we created our own version of this method by building an app that incorporates all the features used by the best on the web!

With Attention Monkey, you can add an attention-grabbing bar to ANY web page in just seconds and without installing or setting up any kind of software/script.

You see, because this is a web-based app. There’s:

Nothing to install…
Nothing to update…
No complicated set up…
PLUS updates & new features are ALWAYS 100% FREE for the life of your account!

You can also add them to as many sites as you need (we recommend you use them everywhere).

– In your blog(s)
In your members’ area
– In your affiliate promotions
In your sales pages

(YES, it even works on 3rd-party sites!)

The more you use it the more attention & clicks you could get, the more leads you could be collecting and the more sales you could be seeing so we’ve placed zero restrictions on how often you use this web app.

Click here for full details and start getting more attention now.

October 21, 2016. The day that half the Internet got shut down.

Including MAJOR authority sites like Twitter, Spotify, CNN…even PayPal and Amazon.

MILLIONS of dollars lost in online transactions.

All because hackers sent masses of junk traffic to certain servers.

Think it can’t happen to you? Think again.

“Attackers are exploiting any vulnerability they can to compromise websites and commandeer their host servers…attackers target both large and small businesses…if there is profit to be made, attackers strike at will.” – Symantec’s 2016 Internet Threat Report

Bottom line is these type of server level attacks are happening every single day. If you’re unprotected, you could literally be handing these hackers your profits on a silver platter.

They can hijack your traffic, steal your subscribers and content, even SHUT down your site.

All your hard work, subscribers and both current AND future profits gone up in smoke.

Ready for the good news? It’s ridiculously easy to protect yourself from these ongoing attacks. With set and forget server security that puts up a fence between you and these malicious attacks.

Can you afford to lose your money sites and subscribers? I know I can’t.

Cloud Defender

Get Cloud Defender. Watch how it protects YOUR online assets today!

WP Post Profit Maximizer

I have a WordPress plugin for you. It’s free but powerful.

The WP Post Profit Maximizer allows you to add (append) ANY kind of content to your blog posts.

All you need to do is add the content of your choice to 1 simple text file, and that’s it. The plugin will then automatically publish your content at the bottom of every post you make.

What kind of content you want to add, is totally up to you. You can use the WP Post Profit Maximizer to generate more traffic, get leads, earn money…The sky is the limit!

Here are a few good ideas:

• Earn money by adding (AdSense) ads or affiliate banners
• Get more traffic by adding traffic exchange codes that earn you credits every time you show them on your site
• Get more leads by adding a sign up form
• Increase social traffic by adding social share & follow buttons
• Promote your social profiles: add a Facebook badge or a Twitter Timeline widget
• Add a Pinterest Board or Profile widget
• Add a “Related Posts” widget
• Get more engagement by adding a poll or (social) quiz.
• Make sure your visitors will come back by adding an addictive game.
• Add ANY WP plugin features by using shortcodes

Creativity is the key; this plugin takes care of everything else…

Did I mention it’s totally free? And that you get 2 extra WP plugins as a bonus?

Don’t let this chance pass you by! Grab it now while it is still free!

Super Sales Machine

If you want to learn the ENTIRE process of setting up your own private label product or resell rights product from scratch, then these free lessons are for you.

LESSON #1 – What You Will Achieve Fully Explained
LESSON #2 – A Detailed Look At The File Layout
LESSON #3 – Sales Page Brief And What You’re Selling
LESSON #4 – Sales Page Customization And File Upload
LESSON #5 – How To Create A PayPal “Buy Now” Button
LESSON #6 – Inserting Your Payment Button Into The Sales Page

You’ll also receive a free product used in this course so you can work alongside it and make money with it right away.

Webmaster VideosOne of the biggest obstacles to anyone starting out in the online profession is…


Even the simplest of tasks require the skill set of someone who is knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JAVA, C++ and other programming tools that YOU just don’t have time to learn about.

If you’re trying to run an online business, make money online or own a website, and if you don’t want to be bogged down with all the technicalities nor do you want to shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on outsourcing…

Well, I am pleased to announce that this will NOT bother YOU in the slightest and you’ll find that the Webmaster Videos are the easiest guide that you can ever see to save YOU cash.

David Railey makes HTML seem as easy as ABC.

He has put together step-by-step videos that give clear, specific instructions on how to set up a website from scratch.

The Webmaster Videos are tailored to people that have ZERO technical experience with websites but doesn’t alienate those that do have some experience. You could say this compliments greatly any previous knowledge or experience acquired.

No matter YOUR background, this program will have you up and running in no time and you will feel more confident with handling any issues that may arise from time to time with your website.

Become a website wizard in short time now. I know you won’t be disappointed!

WP Plugin Rebrander

What if I told you there was a way to create your personal line of WordPress plugins without having to spend a dime?

And what if the entire product creation process would take up less than 2 minutes?

Maybe that’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

By using WP Plugin Rebrander, a powerful WP plugin that allows you to take any PLR/GPL plugin and rebrand it in no time.

By renaming the plugin and adding your own name and website links to it you can turn it into a real traffic-sucking, lead-generating, money-making machine.

Do you see the opportunity that lies before you?

Now think about all those PLR plugins you have on your hard drive, gathering nothing but dust…

With WP Plugin Rebrander, you can give them a whole new life in just a few clicks.

But there’s more…

Did you know that every single plugin inside the WordPress.org database comes with a GPL license. Basically, this GPL license allows you to modify and redistribute a product.

This means you have access to over 47.000(!) WP plugins you can turn into your own products!

Here are a few examples of how you can profit from your rebranded plugins:

>> Make money by selling them as your own product
>> Give them away to build your list
>> Use them as a bonus for an affiliate offer you’re promoting
>> Make money by adding a link to an affiliate/upsell offer
>> Drive traffic to your websites by adding your link
>> Build your online reputation as a trustful product creator

The sky is the limit.

Download WP Plugin Rebrander for free!

Interactive Squeeze Pages 2.0Interactive Squeeze Pages 2.0 is a fill-in-the-blanks software tool that allows you to set up sales and squeeze pages that offer multiple options to your visitors, instead of a single “buy now” button or opt-in form.

This way, your visitors target themselves which will at least double your conversions and reduce bounce rate to a minimum.

Download it + 2 more bonuses and Master Resell Rights for free! Upgrade your free software to get rebranding rights!


There’s no better way to passive online profits than using affiliate marketing. What if you could get traffic, rankings, sales & build your list all on autopilot, all using the power of 1-click affiliate stores?

Without ever having to create a single product or video yourself?

Yes, you can. The newly released ShopExpress web app allows you to create multiple high-ranking affiliate niche sites with 100s of curated products, videos and posts.

With just 1 click you get a fully-fledged affiliate site that will:

[+] Get you SEO optimized rankings
[+] Build your list
[+] Drive viral free traffic from FB
[+] Make affiliate sales every day like clockwork
[+] All mobile responsive, fully automated

These have been proven to work incredibly well at dominating social media, Google rankings and bringing in heaps of revenue and traffic.

The process is REALLY simple:

Step 1: Select a niche and keyword
Step 2: Auto-generate a complete SEO-enabled affiliate site
Step 3: Sit back and enjoy viral free FB traffic from our secret automated system!

And it keeps adding every single day Amazon products, so it never stops growing!

Here’s the catch: ShopExpress is ONLY available at its current price for a few days, after which it will go back to $497—and even then people will buy it.

But I want you to check this out and grab access now as there’s no point waiting for something that gets you powerful results, right?