Green App MachineCould a mobile app really be created, from scratch in just 12 minutes?

I did not believe it at first but my good friend Dylan just put up a wild video where he actually builds a fully functional app right in front of your eyes…

It’s funny because most people think building a mobile app takes a lot of programming experience or even design skills.

But Dylan totally blows away that myth and 3 other that are keeping you from making real money online…

His app-making platform Green App Machine is made for users who don’t want to spend hours reading manuals and watching training (but hours of in-depth business building training are still provided to guarantee all the know-how you need to be successful).

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Change Your Life by Gerry Robert

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Most people lack direction in their lives. They don’t give any time to considering what they really want out of life. They accept what is sent their way. They accept their results as a fact of life. What if things could be different? They can!

Ask any poor senior citizen if they wrote out clear, measurable goals for their lives when they were younger. You can imagine what the answer will be. Now, for contrast, ask a person who reaches the golden years without any financial worries. People who reach this period of life financially fit have probably developed and stuck with a plan which included goal setting.


We can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We have an incredible, unlimited resource available to us. It would shock the average person if they knew just how much they could achieve in life if they but tried, if they used what they had available. Because most people do not understand how much potential they have, they limit their aspirations to the level at which they know they can presently achieve.

It is well known that a sudden fright or danger will release every particle of energy to perform incredible feats of strength. A number of years ago, a Los Angeles newspaper published an amazing story of a woman named Francis Avita. She was a frail 100-pound woman who lifted an automobile, the portion of which weighed over 900 pounds, off the head of her brother, and saved his life. Lifting that automobile would have been an incredible feat for even a rugged 200-pound football player, but she summoned up superhuman strength upon the command of her mind.

If you could have anything you wanted in life, what would it be? If you could do anything you wanted, or be whatever you wanted, what would you choose?

Understand this, you can have, do, or be, anything you want.

A colleague, Dr. Lee Pulos, a clinical psychologist and leading authority in the area of the mind, reports that in order for change to occur, there are three basic elements that must be present: Desire, Expectation, and Imagination. Let’s look at these elements.

1. Desire

You must want something to change. Desire is the unexpressed possibility of an idea wishing to be expressed. Don’t limit your desires to what you think you can have. You must give yourself a chance to dream and to risk.

When an Egyptian shepherd boy was given charge of a flock of sheep, he was told, “The pool on the other side of the hill is for emergency only. Its water is limited, so don’t use it unless other sources dry up.” An extremely hot spell brought on the emergency, so the boy led his flock to the pool. Although the sheep drank from the pool all day long, the water maintained its original level.

The shepherd investigated the strange situation and made a curious discovery: the pool was fed by an underground stream. As the water was removed from the top of the pool, the underground pressure was activated into streaming upward. In other words, the pool had a constant and limitless source of supply.

A man’s desire or mental powers are also limitless. “Then why,” comes the logical question, “do the majority of men and women lead such limited lives?” The answer can also be found in the story of the pool: the majority of men and women never really investigate their potentialities.

They wrongly assume that what they presently do is all that they can ever do. They falsely believe that tomorrow must be as unsuccessful as today. So, they sadly accept self-limitation. And as long as people accept limitation, they will not be motivated to discover the great opportunities that lie ahead of them.

Desire is the missing element to open the door to their wealth.

2. Expectation

You must know and expect that what you are doing will work with repetition. Never desire something you don’t expect and never expect something you don’t desire. A young man who experienced great misfortune confessed that he bought an astrology magazine that morning. It said that there was great danger of an automobile accident, and to be very careful.

The young man said that he was charged with fear, and shook all over when he read it. He didn’t want to drive that day, but he had to go to an important audition and the only way to go was by car. He had three accidents that day, injuring one man seriously. He was suffering from shock himself, and also received some contusions and lacerations. His car was badly damaged.

“What I greatly fear has come upon me,” Job said in the Bible. His great fear brought on these accidents. He planted seeds of fear in his mind, and harvested the results in his life.

Robert Schuller once asked, “What great thing would you attempt if you knew that you couldn’t fail?”

3. Imagination

Create mental movies of your desired goal. It’s just as easy to dream for a supermarket as it is for a loaf of bread. Your goals may center on physical, mental, monetary, or personal growth. You can work with many different goals simultaneously, but you must work through a series of steps in programming each goal for successful attainment.

A number of years ago, in a European nation, an extraordinary event occurred. Scientists were given permission to experiment on a criminal who was sentenced to death.

The criminal was informed that he was to bleed to death. He was placed on a table, with his eyes blindfolded. A small incision was made on his arm, but not deep enough to actually allow blood to flow. A small stream of warm running water was allowed to trickle down his arm into a basin, which he felt and heard distinctly.

The scientists began making remarks on the progress of the bleeding and his growing weakness. They commented on how the man was now approaching death. The man died in a short time, and suffered all the symptoms of a person who had bled to death. His subconscious mind actually created a reality based on false information from his imagination.

Gerry Robert is a bestselling author of “The Millionaire Mindset” and a seminar speaker.

The WORST PART about Kindle books…

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Getting a negative review for your Kindle book is EXCRUCIATING.

It can literally take a $1000/month income stream and chop it down to $200/month overnight.

And do you know how EASY it is to get a bad review due to formatting? The majority of people unknowingly mess up formatting all the time.

That’s why you need to know about this.

I’d say a majority of bad reviews on Kindle are due to bad formatting on the author’s part.

But it is HARD to get that formatting right…and really headache inducing.

Before Kinstant Formatter, uploading a book was a 7-step process that could take you an HOUR.

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8 steps to shield yourself against the economy apocalypse.

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Freedom Formula 8There are 8 STEPS that you need to take in order to secure a profitable, dependable income stream no matter WHAT the economy is doing.

Have you seen the step-by-step directions yet?

If you missed them, watch this very controversial free video series now.

Note: some people aren’t going to like these videos…it’s got some tough truths in it.

But inside of the 3rd video, you’ll discover the exact 8 steps you need to take in order to
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The truth is hard to stomach, but it’s too important not to watch.

WP Sharely

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve been ‘slapped’ around by Google and you’ve probably been looking for traffic alternatives.

Social media is an obvious candidate: tons of traffic there and it only keeps growing bigger and bigger.

But almost all social media advice I’ve ever seen is 95% fluff.

Here’s something refreshingly different, for a change.

This case study video shows a new method you can use to get more social shares and more traffic from Facebook, twitter and Google+…and it’s a method that works systematically.

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I’ve Seen the “Blueprint” & I Couldn’t Agree More…

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Did you check out the “Zero to 6-Figures Blueprint of Success” yet?

I got the inside track to check it out in its entirety the way Tim, Matt, Ferny, and Raymond (hosts of the No Excuses Summit event I was telling you about) laid it out and I gotta say…


If you look at all the top earners and leaders in our industry and how they’ve reached the tremendous level of success that they have, they ALL followed this blueprint when they started.

Yep, the blueprint is universal in the sense that it’s designed for folks starting from scratch, from having NOTHING and then providing them the necessary pieces of the puzzle to achieve 6 figures.

As a matter of fact, I’ve already introduced you to one amazing leader who did just that (in 12 months). And come Monday, I’ll be introducing you to yet ANOTHER who followed this blueprint to get to 6-figures.

The “Zero to 6-Figures Blueprint of Success” is legit and the best part is… it’s free (for now).

Small Is The New Big: Narrowing Down Your Focus by Toon Chooi

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Once you see the potential for making money online, it

When it comes to traffic generation, one of the hottest and most talked about methods is the all-mighty guest post.

The concept itself seems simple enough:

– Contact high traffic blogs and give them an article they can’t resist
– Ask them to publish your article with a link back to your site
– Traffic comes swarming to your site as a result

Sounds glamorous, except there’s ONE problem…it rarely (if ever) brings the MASSIVE increase in traffic you expected to receive! Sorry, but if guest posting is your “bread and butter” of traffic generation, you’re doing it all wrong.

For all that time you’ve invested, if you’re only getting a click or two back to your blog, it’s NOT worth your time. My friend Ryan Deiss realized the same thing when he first started tackling guest posts…his results were absolutely terrible!

Get a copy of the “Free Traffic Loophole” report he wrote after flushing thousands away on the wrong plan.

And believe me, he was doing everything the way that it was “supposed to be done”. He was fed up, and I don’t blame him! All of that time and money went straight down the drain.

That’s when he got a wild idea…

He decided to turn the traditional “guest posting” model upside down and test a new method, and let me tell you, the results were GROUNDBREAKING!

It’s a revolutionary idea that challenges the original “guest blogging” model, completely turning it on its head! Just implement a few simple steps and you will be blazing your way on a path to becoming an AUTHORITY in YOUR market. It really is that simple…

Don’t make the mistake of doing guest posting the way you *think* it’s supposed to be done, unless you want to feel the heartache, frustration and disappointment that comes with it.

New Traffic System Generates $21,459 In Just 10 Days!

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Free Traffic Boom

Just over 2 years ago, my friend Harry was slaving away in a job he simply hated.

Now he

Meet the $50 million dollar man.

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IM TargetThis guy once slept on the couch in his parents’ home with just $100 dollars to his name…

And NOW he has trained over 92,000+ students and profited $50 million in affiliate commissions!

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Instagram Fastlane

In just 2 years Instagram has taken the world by storm and people are using smartphones like never before to create stunning and cool photographs.

But are you using Instagram to market your business?

Instagram Fastlane is a brand new guide that shows you how to launch/re-launch, re-market & re-vamp any type of business using the power of Instagram.

It’s a “must read” guide, packed full of creative tips & ideas, successful campaign strategies and lots of visual techniques to succeed in the upcoming Instagram photographic revolution.

I hate to say it, but it’s true…

If you’re blogging like most people out there, you’re already making it harder than it needs to be!

I’m not kidding, slaving away like a run-down machine on overload to create an endless flow of content isn’t going to make you an authority in your market…and it’s DEFINITELY not going to make you any money…


It’s not about working harder…it’s about working smarter than the next guy (or gal).

You see, there’s a reason why other MEGA sites are ultra-successful and completely swamped with hordes of traffic. They all have one ‘formula’ in common

How To Become A Life Coach (No Expensive Course Needed)

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Life Coaching Secrets

Did you know that thousands of people are searching right now, for a Life Coach?

From world famous folks such as Tiger Woods, to young business tycoons to work-at-home mums…it’s now becoming clear that when you want to reach the next level of success, you are going to need a Life Coach.

This post is not about you needing a Life Coach though. It’s about you BECOMING one.

This industry is absolutely fast-growing, and with all the 21st century problems and challenges at hand, it’s only getting bigger!

You help people achieve their goals, keep them motivated and on-target…and you can get paid up to $300,000 a year for it!

That’s quite a few bucks :)

There’s a new course from the #1 Self-Development Trainer in the world, Bradley Thompson, that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to literally begin changing people’s lives for the better in just 3 weeks or less!

Anyone can be a Life Coach. You just have to want to help people. If you’ve got that, this training will equip you to be a GREAT Life Coach that everyone wants to talk to!

You can help your clients to:

* lose weight
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If you’ve ever dreamed of helping to make a real, positive difference in the lives of others, you owe it to yourself to check out these Life Coaching Secrets.

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Scheduled Widgets

You wish to publish announcements, events info, ongoing notices and the like on your blog but don’t know how to keep them there on top until the end date?

You need “Scheduled Widgets“. This WordPress plugin helps you quickly and easily schedule automatic updates to your sidebar, footer, and other widgets for dynamic content. Using the “Scheduled Widgets” plugin means you don’t have to remember to login and update your offers.

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5 reasons why people fail

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1. Uninspiring goals: make the goal the feeling you will get when you achieve the thing rather than the thing itself.

2. Fear of failure: if you’re afraid of failing, you won’t take the necessary risks required to achieve your goal.

3. Fear of success: you are worried that even if you achieve something spectacular, like enormous wealth, it still won’t make you happy.

4. An unrealistic timetable: most people overestimate what they can do in a week and underestimate what they can do in a year.

5. Worrying about getting stuck: a plateau is almost always a sign that you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough. Have patience!

Source: The Ziglar Weekly Newsletter, 2/13/13.

EZ Video Spinner

You know that video marketing is HUGE. Chances are, you have tons of videos on video-sharing sites that drive traffic to your websites.

But creating videos is time-consuming, and it’s expensive to outsource the task.

And if you want to create various versions of your videos so that you can target different keywords, it takes even more time or money.

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Here are some ideas for using your videos:

* Create promo videos for your sales pages and split test various versions to see which one converts the best

* Upload one version to your blog and other versions to various video sharing sites

* Upload “spun” versions of your videos to YouTube (using different keywords for each one) to drive traffic to your site

* Create videos to drive traffic to your affiliate or CPA offers

* Create promo videos for your client’s websites or for them to use on video sharing sites

* Create videos for offline clients and earn as a service provider

The sky’s the limit!