I have a TRULY EXTRAORDINARY gift for you today…

It’s a free guide on how to harness the full power of your intuition from my good friend, bestselling author and internationally-acclaimed transformational teacher, Mary Morrissey!

The Power of Intuition

In “The Power of Intuition“, you’ll discover:

1) The 6 invisible superpowers we are all born with (including intuition!) that 97% of us ‘mis-use’ unconsciously, which creates a lot of unnecessary stress, struggle and scarcity in our lives

2) How to recognize and “turn up” the voice of your intuition amidst all of the other chatter that may be going on in your mind

3) 9 proven ways to amplify the power of your intuition, so that you can use your “gut instinct” to make better decisions, and live your life with greater clarity, confidence and ease

Plus more!

Your intuition is an amazing gift that has the power to guide you toward the relationships, career and life of your dreams…

Learn how to fully harness it, as you were meant to, in this brand new FREE guide!

Dignity: 10 Steps To Build Your Self Worth

The guys over at Tools For Motivation have just launched their latest self-help PLR mega-pack and I had to share this one with you.

If you want to show your audience how to overcome their “inner critic” and starting REALLY GOING for their biggest goals and ambitions, “DIGNITY: 10 Steps To Build Your Self Worth” is a perfect fit.

Give your audience a step-by-step process that they can follow to recognize their self-worth. Help them realize that they are worthy of any goal they truly desire.

By establishing a healthy sense of self-worth, your customers/clients will achieve more and have more fun along the way. It all begins by accepting themselves and recognizing that they are indeed WORTHY OF SUCCESS.

You get instant access to ALL of the following:

Premium Content

1. 6000-word e-book (Text, Headers, Table Of Contents)
2. Enhanced design, ready-to-publish e-book (all of the above plus graphically enhanced for visual appeal)
3. Student workbook

Branding Content

1. 10×400-Word articles (also serve as transcripts of videos)
2. 10 blog headers designed-for-you
3. 2 reports based on articles
4. 10 slide decks of articles
5. Lesson checklist from e-book

Lead Gen Content

1. 1500-word report
2. Pre-written e-mail sequence
3. Trainer slide deck

Social Content

1. 20 editable quote posters
2. Editable infographic
3. 30 pre-made tweets
4. 20 pre-made Facebook posts
5. 10 done-for-you Instagram posts
6. 10 done-for-you Pinterest posts

In addition to the DIGNITY PLR pack, Justin and Ted have also arranged an interesting series of bonuses.

There is such a wide variety of content included (from e-book to video, audio, articles, infographics, posters and more), chances are you can make use of this PLR bundle both now AND in the future. Even if you only plan to use a few pieces of this package for your marketing or digital products, it is well worth the price of entry.

Thanks for checking it out. I hope you like it.

Rebirth Academy

Do you ever wonder, whether spiritual enlightenment is possible for you, or it’s the privilege of a lucky few?

In this short presentation, I’ll show you that enlightenment is NOT a question of luck, destiny or effort.

If you’re not enlightened yet, it’s because of just ONE thing.

That’s why you can’t find peace and meaning in your life.

That’s why you can’t find the way on your spiritual path.

And that’s why you can’t find the answers to your questions.

But my friend Gabriel Dee is about to reveal the #1 hidden OBSTACLE that you probably haven’t heard about before.

Is this obstacle also holding you back from self-realization?

Click here to find out what it is.

The #1 Secret To Spiritual Enlightenment

In this free report, my friend Gabriel Dee reveals his #1 secret to spiritual enlightenment that almost nobody else speaks about.

It’s NOT about meditation.
It’s NOT about concentration.
It’s NOT about getting high.

Click here to find out what it is.

If you’re in the personal development niche or just like to help your subscribers and customers create a positive lifestyle, here is an amazing offer for you.

We all know the money is in the list and we need to grow our subscribers. And most importantly, we need to deliver stellar content to grab and capture our subscriber’s attention.

But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

101 Ways To A Better Me

Luckily, Alice and her team at “Publish For Prosperity” have done the work for you. People are always on the lookout for ways to better themselves and stay motivated and positive. Right now you can get the “101 Ways To A Better Me” package complete with a .doc report, a .doc planner, an opt-in page, 2 e-cover sets and private label rights so you can repurpose the content into other forms. Sky’s the limit!

Clearly, a lot of time and work went into these and you can pick up the whole package for one teeny tiny price; you’re going to save TONS of time and your followers are going to thank you for such awesome content.

Get yours while you can.

10X Personal Development Lead Magnet Package

More resources for your personal development business empire! Get 10 sets of personal development lead magnets with which you can set up for list building.

This massive package includes:

• 10 “Top 10” reports
• 10 e-cover sets, including PSD for editing
• 10 ready-to-publish opt-in pages to capture leads

Use coupon code ‘TOP10S‘ to get $20 off your purchase. Get this asap before the coupon promo ends on Sunday midnight!

If you’re in a place in your life right now where you’re ready to turn your life around in a BIG way (and FAST) and make 2018 your best year EVER, then make sure you attend this life-changing free online webclass: “The 3-Step Proven Formula to Bounce Back Instantly (and Higher Than Ever) When Life Knocks You Down” by #1 bestselling author, Sonia Ricotti.

In this life-changing training, Sonia will be teaching you how to master the critical 3 steps that will transform ALL areas of your life…finances, relationships, health, business and career!

You will learn:

• The proven 3-step formula for lightning speed recovery from any of the challenges and obstacles life throws your way

• The quickest way to rewire and reprogram your brain to manifest great success and wealth (anyone can do this!)

• The critical mistakes to avoid (that most people make) that actually repel miracles and massive success from coming into your life

• The 3-sentence statement that will immediately get the “wheels in motion” to turn your life around FAST and allow inner peace and joy to flow effortlessly into your life starting right NOW

• The 10X ‘Maverick’ goal-setting method that will dramatically accelerate your results to get what you want in 2018

Reserve your spot now.

Clear Limiting Beliefs

Hi there! I have an incredible free gift for you today that will teach you how to reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate all your abundance blocks, so you can achieve great wealth, health, peace and happiness in 2018!

Clear Limiting Beliefs” is an MP3 audio download from my good friend and “Bounce Back” expert, Sonia Ricotti, that helps you quickly clear all the limiting and negative beliefs that are sabotaging your success in various areas of your life.

Here’s what you’ll experience with this life-changing meditation exercise:

– You’ll reprogram your subconscious mind so you can let go of all your limiting and negative beliefs FAST.

– You’ll break free from all self-sabotaging behavior that is blocking your success.

So, if you’ve been spinning your wheels in certain parts of your life where you’re trying and trying to change things, but nothing seems to be working (i.e. with your finances, relationships, health or general happiness), then definitely download this free meditation now.

[Free Book] Bounce Back BIG In 2018!

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Bounce Back BIG in 2018

I have the most incredible (free) gift for you today. If I could have magically created the most life-changing gift you could receive this year, this would be it! Wow!

This new e-book is a must-read if you want 2018 to be your biggest and best year EVER!

Bounce Back BIG in 2018” is hailed by many as the miracle blueprint to turn your life around FAST!

It’s from my good friend, “Bounce Back” expert and #1 bestselling author, Sonia Ricotti.

Sonia’s phenomenal training programs and webinars have helped millions of people around the world create extraordinary lives beyond their wildest dreams.

Learn once and for all how to overcome the challenges life has thrown at you, and quickly and easily bounce back bigger and higher than ever before.

You’ll discover:

– The most powerful 3-step formula to bouncing back BIG and fast!

– The easiest and fastest way to manifest miracles into your life

– The #1 most critical and important thing you must do first that will turbo-charge your results

– How to reprogram and re-wire your brain to manifest massive success, wealth, peace and happiness

– How to easily let go of the pain, suffering, stress and anxiety and move forward with confidence, peace, joy and ease

– How to create the blueprint for YOUR dream life—the one you love and really deserve!

And lots more!

Get Your Copy Here.

How would you like to post inspiring personal development-related social media content every day for the whole of 2018? And the best thing is the content is already done for you!

Social Media Booster

Alice Seba and Damon Greene is opening up their Social Media Booster membership (no monthly fee required if you choose their very sweet one-time offer) and you’ll receive each and every month:

• 30 Monthly Conversation Starters: It’s not always easy to get the conversation going on social media, but it’s much easier when you’ve got 30 ready-to-publish conversation starters each month. Get them to start thinking big and improving their lives and they’ll keep coming back for more. Each conversation starter is a thought-provoking question, designed to get your followers to reflect on themselves and ultimately take action.

• 30 Monthly Personal Development Quotes: People love to read and share thought-provoking quotes. You can quickly schedule them in Hootsuite or your preferred social media management platform. Or just post them as you go…it’s all ready to copy-and-paste.

• 30 Monthly Personal Development Tips: Reveal yourself as a great source of advice by sharing helpful personal development tips. We get all the tips ready for you…you just post ’em. You can even repurpose these tips into blog posts, autoresponder messages or whatever you’d like.

Plus you get 30 professional designed graphics including:

• 10 monthly conversation starter graphics
• 10 monthly quotes graphics
• 10 monthly tips graphics

There’s even some bonus content if you get in quickly.

Save yourself a ton of time and money and finally get your social media accounts filled, every single day.

Everyone has goals. Everyone has things they want to be, do or have.

Yet the thundering majority that set lofty New Years Resolutions every January, are no better off come the following January. WHY is that?

According to the University of Scranton, 92% of people fail to achieve their goals. Put differently only 8% are following an effective goal-setting process.

Martin O’ Flynn and his team at Systemic Mind, LLC conducted extensive research into this top 8%. They pinpointed patterns in the steps they took, and reverse-engineered these steps into a software solution that systematizes goal attainment.


PeakSoft is the ULTIMATE goal setting, time management and counter-procrastination software that turns dreams and goals into reality.

You feed any goal you wish into the software and it will guide you all the way to goal attainment.

There is nothing on the market that comes anywhere close to what PeakSoft does. If nothing else, be a better version of yourself this new year: fall, learn, carry on, repeat. Happy New Year!

LOOKING BACK – The Power Of Reflection And Gratitude

Great news, the guys over at “Tools For Motivation” have just launched their latest self-help PLR mega-pack and I just HAD to share this one with you…

For this week only, you can grab a license of the “LOOKING BACK – The Power Of Reflection And Gratitude” PLR pack for $100 OFF before they make it publicly available in their store next weekend.

“Looking Back” is a done-for-you personal development digital product that will help you teach your audience about the powerful health and mental wellness benefits of taking time daily to reflect and experience gratitude.

You can use this content to inspire your readers to:

a) Recognize the importance of slowing down to do self-reflection
b) Create a daily routine to reflect and experience gratitude
c) Evaluate how their gratitude routine is impacting their happiness
d) To stay connected to this state as often as possible

Since it’s PLR, you are free to use any parts of the content to present it in a different form, be it a new e-book, video, podcast, article, infographics etc. and it will stay relevant both now AND in the future.

Thanks for checking it out. I hope you like it.

A set of cutting-edge productivity tool and high-quality outsourcing and automation training program that’s going to ‘force’ you to be 100% more productive in your business AND life just went ‘live’.

Instead of more shiny apps & latest ‘hacks’, this app/training called Fruitphul is something easy-to-use and going to save years of time long-term.

In fact, it’s single-handedly helped the creator go from $400 per month to $1.2 million just a few months.

Fruitphul is divided into 2 parts:


1. A high-quality 54 HD video training on Teachable.com that will teach you things like:

[+] Outsourcing, scaling, and hiring strategies to put your business (and personal life) on autopilot, even if you don’t think you have the budget to begin delegating tasks.

[+] 3X your energy in a few weeks—What you should eat and how to exercise to get tons of high quality energy and focus.

[+] The breakthrough Fruitphul strategy of accomplishing goals in 1/100 of the time it normally takes by microbreaking and leverage assigning.

[+] Stop and reverse the things (both internal and external) that are sabotaging you from being more productive and being successful and happier.


2. A cutting-edge, never released cloud app that uses new ‘leverage’ technology to help you get 10 years worth of work done in 1 or scale your business.

Do make this year and the next your most productive and profitable years yet. Tap on Fruitphul to see any real progress in work and life.

The phrase “the First 100 Days” was first used in 1933 to describe US President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s now
legendary First 100 Days in office, in which he delivered unprecedented results in the First 100 Days in his new role as President.

The concept has since made its way into the business lexicon to describe the early phase of a new leadership appointment, as well as to how you and I approach the first 100 days of the New Year.

To learn how to make 2018 the best year of your life and to maximize the first 100 days of the year, be sure to download this amazing Manifesto which provides you with the game plan for doing so.

It’s not just good…it’s great and quite frankly, I wish I’d wrote it myself.

Happy Holidays!

Manifestation Miracle

Is there such a thing as a “Manifestation Formula”?

A method that FORCES the universe to give you the life of your dreams—money, happiness, success, and more…

Follow this link to discover it…

I am talking about the kind of life that most people only ever fantasize and dream about.

The kind where you make more in a month than you used to in a year…

The kind where other people are inspired by you and want to impress YOU…

…Where you make your wildest dreams become a reality.

Click here to discover this secret, the secret that literally forces the universe to give you all the tools that you need to create financial, emotional and spiritual abundance…

…Without hard work or struggle.

You’ll achieve your wealth, health, relationships, and other personal goals…

…And life will all of a sudden get super exciting, you’ll find it hard to sleep as you’ll be so excited about each new day to come…

Manifest your dream life now.

If you’re in the personal development niche or just like to help your subscribers and customers create a positive lifestyle, here is an amazing offer for you.

We all know the money is in the list and we need to grow our subscribers. And most importantly, we need to deliver stellar content to grab and capture our subscriber’s attention.

But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Power of Positive Affirmations

Luckily, Alice Seba and her team at “Publish For Prosperity” have done the work for you. Everyone loves good affirmations to start their day out right. Right now you can get a complete package of 30 affirmation graphics and e-mails for your list—one for every day of the month—that you can publish as your own because they come with private label rights.

They’ve even included a report on using affirmations and a ready-to-publish opt-in page so you can grow your list.

And you could turn these into products and books you sell as well. Sky’s the limit!

Clearly, a lot of time and work went into designing these and you can pick up the whole package for one teeny tiny price; you’re going to save TONS of time and your followers are going to thank you for such awesome content.

Get yours while you can.

Manifestation Breakthrough Kit

I have an incredible free gift for you today, and best of all you can download this for free right now and use it to program your brain to MANIFEST your DREAM life…

This exciting life-changing Manifestation Breakthrough Kit was created by Law of Attraction expert and author, Heather Matthews.

It includes a special report, a short video, and an MP3 audio file.

The audio file is just 5 minutes long but it puts you in a state of relaxed meditation very quickly, because contains it powerful brain entrainment technology combined with abundant affirmations designed to manifest your dream life for you…

…without hard work or struggle.

Whether your wish is for more wealth, success, happiness, better relationships, good health, make sure you download your kit while this is still available.


Manifest Money & Success – Free Book!

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Manifesting Money And Success

Inspirational Personal Development coach and author, Heather Matthews, has recently released this incredible free book that you can download right now.

She calls this her “Ultimate Manifestation Kit” because it’s more than just a book; it also comes with a 5-minute guided meditation audio MP3 for you to listen to.

This MP3 comes laced with binaural beats designed to take you to a deep level of meditation really fast, and also powerful affirming affirmations designed to reprogram your brain for more wealth, success and abundance.

This is hugely powerful stuff, and I’m not sure how long it’ll be available for free so make sure you grab your copy of “Manifesting Money And Success” from this right away.

Meditation MP3 Audio Tracks

Hey, I’ve got something really incredible for you today…

My friend Heather Matthews just released 3 brand new guided meditation tracks:

– Wiring Your Mind For More Money
– Living Your Best Life
– Abundant Health

And you can download them for FREE right now.

These are truly outstanding. They come laced with level 2 binaural beats, designed to take you to a really deep level of meditation very fast, and guided affirmations designed to manifest more money, your best life and abundant health.

These won’t be available for free for long, don’t miss these.

One thing I really like is that they are only 5 minutes long each, but they are an incredibly intense and valuable meditation experience.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

NEW…From Joe Vitale!

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The Remembering Process

I have some wonderful news for you and I’m VERY excited to share it.

Because this will empower you to easily break through limitations in your life…

And achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!

And it comes from the minds of Dr. Joe Vitale and his colleague Daniel Barrett.

So if you want to acquire an entirely new way of thinking that will empower you to easily break through limitations in your life and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible…

Please take just 5 minutes to find out what The Remembering Process is all about.

Why continue just ‘wishing’ for nice things, a better job, a supportive relationship, or anything else…

When this step-by-step blueprint can help you go from lack to abundance, so you can begin truly enjoying your life!