Proven 6-Figure Sales Strategy

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Webinar Alchemy

A lot of aspects in the online business can be automated: autoresponder, sales funnel, traffic generation etc.

Online webinars are the last frontier.

It seems like only the big names have the clout and pocket to run such ‘live’ events successfully. And it is no secret that webinars enjoy high sales conversion.

If not, it is also one of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority.

It does seem difficult, no less because most marketers think they have to coordinate a lot of things: attendance, bandwidth, type of call-ins, presentation format, timing, how to handle Q&A, any unrehearsed moments etc.

But here’s a story. Steve Benn works in a tiny niche. He had to differentiate or die. It didn’t take him long to discover that no one else in his field was running online events.

In a small market, he worried that he wouldn’t be able to get people on the event, and he worried that they wouldn’t stay on the call until the end.

Then he found Stephen Renton’s maximum engagement methods. With this he managed to sell 13 copies of a $5,000 product on his very first run.

The amazing thing? His target market tends to spend very little. We’re talking maybe 10s of dollars a year. That’s not a misprint

I Was Able To Get You a Special Deal But It

Watch out for these 6 Core Elements before your competition does.

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There are few universal truths. One of them, for online marketers, is that we will always need more TRAFFIC, more CONVERSIONS, more sales, more social media likes and shares…basically, we need more people seeing our offers, and better offers to show them.

It doesn’t matter how great or successful you become…even the top industry leaders will tell you they need more…because increasing leads and sales are the only ways your business grows.

So I personally get every bit of training or information I can gather from my peers and mentors in this industry, and I got a sneak preview of one that is released this morning, and it’s definitely a MUST-SEE.

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins just released their new video which shows you how they started a new business that focused on just 6 core elements.

And by focusing only on those 6 core elements, they came together and created a multi-million dollar business in just 6 weeks.

They walk you through how they trained their new staff to only work on these 6 core elements and ignore everything else. And by adopting a “Laboratory Style” approach, took this new focus and launched industry-changing trainings.

This video will not only teach you what those 6 core elements are, it will also do something that most marketers don’t do…

It will show you the reality of what it means to be a hard-core online business owner during the most challenging moments in a real business

“Funnel Bootcamp” This Weekend!

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Are you going to screw off this weekend or really do something important?

At the end of this long weekend, if you’ve followed this plan, you’ll have a perfectly architected sales funnel in place, ready to pump out the income!

Learn exactly how to do that here.

Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern are taking you behind the scenes of their $30,000,000 per year sales funnel and showing you exactly how they constructed it.

The best part is that is completely duplicable and works in almost any industry…

And it doesn

LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

The $4,000+ Monster “LinkedIn Business in a Box with PLR” is ‘live’!

Slap your name on the newest, hottest and high quality “LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy” PLR that is especially designed to make you big money starting today!

Thousands of businesses and online and offline marketers need this training to master LinkedIn, the premier business social network. This is your chance to provide them just that!

What’s makes this the Perfect PLR Product?

– Completely New
– 100% Unique & Latest Content on The Topic
– Hot and Evergreen Niche
– Proven and Step-by-Step training
– High-Converting Sales copy & Sales page
– Wide Variety of Marketing Tools
– Killer Graphics
– Great Bonuses
– Edit it However You Want
– Accessible Cost
– Available for a Limited Time
– Excellent Support

This is a complete set of powerful marketing tools you will be able to use to make as much money as you want with this excellent training course that comes with full PLR:

Module #1: Training Guide (Valued at $600)
Module #2: Cheat-Sheet (Valued at $50)
Module #3: Mind-Map (Valued at $50)
Module #4: Professional Mini-site (Valued at $300)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $400)
Module #6: 3 Promotional Swipe Emails (Valued at $100)
Module #7: 8 Animated Banners (Valued at $80)
Module #8: Complete set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $150)
Module #9: How to set up everything Video (Valued at $100)
Module #10: Top Resources Report (Valued at $50)
Fast Action Bonus: Bonus Special Report. (Valued at $200)

You will have everything you need in order to sell this product easily. Your guide will have screenshots and every instructions well explained so your customers will know exactly what to do without confusion.

There Is No Shortcut On The Road To Online Success by Bob Bly

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Subscriber MN writes, “I’m thinking of doing an online business. Approximately, what would you charge to create the product, copywriting, landing page, everything A-Z? Or can you recommend an existing package where everything is already done that I can buy?”

I have some bad news for MN. What he wants

“3T Marketing” to INSTANTLY drive free, targeted traffic

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Instant Traffic Websites

SEO is not about having a silo structure on your site or how well you count keywords in your content (meaning, keyword density).

You see, a hidden page in Google’s guidelines reveals that you actually do not need to do that.

They know it already, so they can track it down.

What you should be doing instead is what BIG SEO boys call “3T marketing”.

With that method you can literally open a goldmine of daily unique visitors.

And you get natural social backlinking, which is perfect for Google rankings.

Anyway, make sure to enable 3T Marketing on all your sites, so you can start to experience serious profits from your current sites.

* Instant Traffic Websites *

FREE e-book tells you your luck factor score.

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Mind Alchemy: 3 Lessons of Life

Do you know what your luck factor score is?

I’ve just completed mine and actually found out I am quite lucky in general.

Check yours in this brand new e-book called “Mind Alchemy: 3 Lessons of Life“.

In the free e-book you’ll also discover:

* Reality is not what it seems
* How to change your luck in life (find out what your ‘Luck’ score is)
* How to change your beliefs to bend reality

You may be surprised by what you’re going to read here.

Traffic Generation Strategies That WORKS In 2014.

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Scoring high-ROI traffic is getting more competitive in practically every niche.

The KEY is to do what others are not.

Most marketers would naturally want to get as many visitors as they can while minimizing the cost, so they lean towards free traffic sources.

But the trade-off is less targeted, lower quality visitors.

The SECRET is that it’s all about leverage.

If you can be creative and leverage the traffic of others, it’s totally possible that you can get a ton of traffic at little or no cost. It’s about learning the truly creative techniques and just doing the legwork (not that it’s all that much!).

And that’s exactly what Mike and Cory are going to teach you to do. And I can almost guarantee you that you haven’t seen this stuff. I don’t know how else to say it but you just have to see it…

Or you can also see what these couple of people say…

“This course by Mike and Cory is top notch.

They will teach you everything you need to put in place to make a full system that converts and makes money so when you get traffic to your page (which they show how to do in multiple ways) the people on your page will buy your product or affiliate product.

They also teach you some amazing tricks that will get you massive amounts of traffic using other people’s efforts. This course is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

If you actually take action and put these tips to use there is potential to make a ton of money.”

“Mike Marin puts out the best WSOs I’ve ever seen. He way over-delivers and fills them with content.

I have every product he has ever made and I’ve been bugging Mike to put something together on traffic.

And now, here it is. There has been some great content on getting traffic in his other products, but to have something solely dedicated to getting traffic is just awesome.

For anything from Mike and at only $10, this is an easy choice even if you’re skeptical.”

I think there’s a great deal to learn here. Mostly because EVEN if you know a lot about getting traffic, I think you can still pick up something valuable. Discover the Traffic Hack System.

20 Push Button Flyers Ready To Edit

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Now here’s an absolutely unique product you wouldn’t expect.

I found these 20 push button flyers ready that you can grab at very cheap price…

Here is how to use these flyers:

1. You can use these flyers to create a unique, professional flyer for your client and charge $97 for it…or whatever price you want.

2. Or you create a flyer and give it to your potential client to get your foot in the door and later offer your other services.

Either way, these 20 push button flyers are great to have.

In fact, you can download a sample template, edit it and see it for yourself.

The price is ridiculous low for these high quality flyers. Don’t let the price fools you. Go get yourself a set.

3 Options For Publishing Your Book

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I’m afraid that when I tell you what I am about to tell you, you’ll either be offended or think I’m a jerk.

But, because I always tell you the complete and unvarnished truth about the subjects we discuss, I’m going to go ahead and tell you anyway.

So here it goes: for more years than I can count, I secretly looked down upon people who self-published their books.

I was a mainstream book publishing elitist and snob.

Before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at me or call me a philistine, remember that I grew up in the traditional book publishing world…and so that was what I knew and loved.

If I had self-published my first book, I might well have become a self-publishing cheerleader.

But as it happened, when I wrote my first book proposal in 1981, the first agent I took it to agreed to represent it …and the first publisher he showed it to, McGraw-Hill, bought it for an $8,500 advance (and it was a short book).

For all my books since then…more than 80 to date…I have had them published by mainstream publishing houses including John Wiley & Sons, HarperCollins, Henry Holt, Prentice Hall, and New American Library.

I always preferred traditional publishing to self-publishing for these reasons:

1. It was a lot less work. I only had to write the book. The publisher took care of designing, printing, storing, shipping, and selling it.

2. It cost me nothing out of pocket. And it paid me immediate income

Millionaire Marketing BootcampImagine a room with over a dozen Internet millionaires inside, and in that room these millionaires are revealing some of their innermost marketing secrets.

Would you like to be in a room like that?

Well the good news is you can be in the same room as these Internet Marketing superstars from the comfort of your own home and learn EXACTLY how they generate their online income.

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With Google’s new Panda and Penguin on the loose, quality content are more important now than ever.

If you’re doing are doing anything at all in the IM niche then you need Google Panda and Penguin-proof content.

These articles (IM niche only) are written with:

* The very best quality. PLR Articles are rarely this well written. Using this articles you will never go back to writing your own content ever again.

* No word limit. Let’s face it. The usual word limit you get from other article sources are in the 500-word count. This is barely enough content to satisfy your readers. Our articles has an average word count of 1000 and above.

* Your rankings and visitors in mind. That’s right, these articles will please you, your visitors and the search engines.

* Comes with PLR rights. What this means is you can use these articles as if they are your own. You can choose to resell them or even give them away to your clients.

A quick word of ‘warning’ though. These articles are extremely limited so you need to grab them now.

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Solo Ad Business Blueprint

Solo ads are a quick way to build your list and your income.

Thousands of people are buying solo ads everyday…

While the people who are selling solo ads are making thousands of dollars a month!

Due to time and ad space constraints, they may have to turn away offers as the demand for their services is so great.

Solo ads are that hot. Sellers can make $200+ by sending one e-mail!

Now one solo ad seller is revealing all of her secrets.

She is teaching people how to build their very own solo ad business from scratch.

Kate Rosenberg was a complete newbie when she started just a few months ago!

She has become a leading solo ad seller and now she’s helping other people do the same.

The solo ad buyers are out there and Kate is going to show you how to tap into this marketplace.

If you can copy, paste and press ‘send’, then you can duplicate her success; it’s really that easy!

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Why True Professionals Teach What They Know by Bob Bly

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If you believe, as so many do, that “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”, get it out of your head now.

The fact is that those at the top of their profession are often the most active not only as practitioners but also as both students and teachers.

The last time I wrote about this, I received a huge amount of e-mail from my subscribers and Facebook friends.

They overwhelmingly agreed that (a) the “those who can’t, teach” adage is absurd and (b) teaching others what you know is an integral and important activity for most professions.

Here’s just a sampling…

WB: “If nobody who knew what they were doing showed others how it’s done, then the only way to learn would be by trial and error or from those who have never been a success at it.”

BW: “Teaching is my greatest joy. I love to learn about a wide range of subjects. When I share what I’ve learned, as do you, I learn even more. Plus, I form new bonds with those I teach, whether in an informal way or in a well-organized workshop. It’s all about widening one’s perspective and personal growth.”

BM: “I’ve had several careers and taught how-to courses and seminars in all of them. I think it made me a better doer, and it enhanced my business credibility and income.”

DG: “As consulting engineers we teach what we do, and we make good money at it. In fact, it set both of us up for retirement some years ago. At this point in my career, I actually enjoy the teaching more than the consulting. Nothing like seeing someone ‘get it’.”

JG: “We teach what we wish to learn.”

ES: “And we learn best what we choose to teach.”

LW: “I have a strong background in the arts. Many very successful musicians in classical music and jazz have enjoyed the psychological effects of teaching and watching novices develop. I could go on and on naming them: the violinist Isaac Stern, the jazz pianist Hank Jones.

“A few years back I helped edit and rewrite a biography of a famous British classical pianist, Ruth Nye, who is now a very famous teacher. The principal theme of her biographer’s book was that Ruth herself studied with one of the greatest pianists of the 20th Century, Claudio Arrau who himself was also widely known as a great teacher.

“This is true in all the arts. The Dutch painter Peter Lastman was famous for his own work, but also for being Rembrandt’s teacher. Hollywood is rife with examples of actors who taught other actors (ever listen to the many thank-you’s in an Oscar acceptance speech?).

“It’s true in sports too. I have cousins in professional baseball and football management who talk about examples of apprenticeships all the time. In our own business, Clayton Makepeace is a glorious example of a man who has made fabulous money as a copywriter and as a man who has derived joy (and financial recompense) for being a great teacher.”

My own experience: every time I teach a class, which I did for years at New York University and The Learning Annex, I feel I have learned even more than the students, and my students tell me they have learned a lot.

Bob Bly is the author of “World’s Best Copywriting Secrets” and has written copy for more than 100 companies including IBM, Boardroom, Medical Economics and AT&T. He is the author of more than 75 books and a columnist for Target Marketing, Early To Rise and The Writer. McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s top copywriter”.

See the Most Viral Facebook Tool Ever Made

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If you ever use Facebook to market your brand…

Or if you really want to, but haven’t because you don’t know where to start (and with millions of Facebook pages out there, how do you stand out from the crowd anyway?)…

You must check out this awesome WordPress plugin.

WP4FB 2.0 is hands-down the best way to market your Facebook Fan Page.

The original version, WP4FB, has over 10,000 users. Version 2.0 is not just an upgrade; it’s an entirely new program that lets you:

– Create Sweepstakes and run them from your Fan Page (one of the best ways to generate massive viral traffic).
– Reward fans for referring their friends to your brand.
– Send out viral messages, helping your products and services spread rapidly to new customers.
– Create a Welcome Page 2.0 (even with Facebook

Is It Possible To Bend Your Reality?

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Mind Alchemy

I wanted to write to you today to quickly tell you about a program that has the power to Bend Your Reality!

Mind Alchemy – Bend Your Reality” is a program that explains exactly how the mind works, and how you can change from the Inside Out, to get anything you want in life, in short, to Bend Your Reality!

In the Mind Alchemy program you will be given 20 amazing lessons on igniting your brain to bring about the changes you’ve always wanted in life such as:

* Bring more happiness and joy into your life
* Feel more spiritually open and gain an inner peace
* Use the laws of the universe to bring more wealth
* Learn how to use your mind to attract anything you want in life
* Know, for certain, that your reality can be changed

Click here to learn more about this reality-bending program now.

How to come up with promotional ideas

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I asked ace copywriter Richard Armstrong how he comes up with ideas for his winning promotions. His answer: “I ask myself three W questions: 1) what does my best prospect WISH for; 2) what does my best prospect WORRY about; and 3) what does my best prospect WONDER about, i.e. what question would he or she really like to find the answer to. If I find one thing that satisfies all three, I know I’ve got a big idea.”

Source: AWAI presentation, 10/24/13

Edu backlinks (links from .edu sites) have long been viewed by top SEO & Internet Marketers as the “holy grail”, so to speak, of backlinks. The reason for this is because .edu, much like .gov and wiki domains, are some of the most aged domains on the Internet. In addition to domain age, .edu also holds much admiration from Google, due to the low amount of spam, and high amount of content made available on most .edu domains.

That’s why my friend Warrior Faraaz released a new product which solves all your problems related to edu and gov backlinks: EDU Rocket.

Link submissions to .edu and .gov sites are not going to be easy as usual. The process to register AND get approved for your submissions in these .edu and .gov sites is very rigorous. It’s not like you pay for your entry and get accepted. You have to submit extensive paper work to the registrar to be approved. If anything is faulty, your application can be declined or rejected.

In its 20-part video series, EDU Rocket goes through every fine points of .edu link submissions so you don’t leave out any details or make any mistakes.

Faraaz is really providing great value in there; he is also showing proof of how just 2 EDU do-follow backlinks helped them rank on #1 page of Google and YouTube.

Get EDU Rocket at the offer price now.

Become A Google Author

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Social media expert Jeff Molander notes that in its effort to clean up the Web, Google launched Authorship. The essence of becoming a recognized Author with Google is all about one thing: Giving authors of high quality blog articles (you) more exposure.

Here’s how it works. Google gives maximum attention to registered Authors by including a photo next to all blog posts appearing in its index. This grabs eyes. This beats out competing writers who aren’t Authors. “This drives more leads to your page.” Jeff says. “You’re losing visibility if you’re not aligned with Google via Authorship.”

Register as a Google Author.

Source: Today@Target Marketing, 10/11/13