Attention eBay sellers, are you currently importing products from other countries to sell them in others, elsewhere or online?

If you are not doing so, could it be the next step for you to expand your eBay business by sourcing for more goods of interesting value from emerging manufacturing powerhouses like China and India?

Or how about Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia where the merchandise has such strong ‘ethnic’ or ‘exotic’ flavor that they are a natural draw for tourists whenever they set foot on these countries? Why not ‘push’ those goods right in front of their eyes before they think they have to fly half a globe to get them?

That has always been the power of eBay since it’s inception…the power to fulfill highly individualistic and eclectic tastes in consumerism.

You see, the countries mentioned above DO lack marketing expertise and channels today. Any mutual trade agreements with these countries tend to be made concrete at the highest level, that is, between governments, most of the time, as you may be aware in the news.

Fortune 500 companies that have the money and manpower to set up shop anywhere in the world would have already done so before you realize just how advanced China has grown over the years. I recently had the opportunity to speak to a couple of Chinese nationals and I am simply stunned by their description of the fast-changing landscape in their hometowns. Let’s just say they have 1-Gbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) coverage…

3rd-world countries always have a larger room from growth, and more importing of raw materials and resources than exporting to deal with. Nonetheless, they always have their own unique stuff to share with the rest of the world, and this is where you come in to fill the lack of marketing know-how for them.

It all started with Walter Scheu.

Walter Scheu is a rabbit farmer from the backwoods of North Carolina. He is about the unlikeliest person you want to learn international trade from, the last person in the world you would ever think would be importing products from foreign countries and selling them on eBay BUT…he is doing it, and making a profit selling the goods on eBay.

His wife Ursula and he run a little family farm in Asheboro, NC called Foxburrow Farms. Last year he needed a special tool for his farm and he found it on eBay. After buying the tool, he discovered that there was money to be made in this if they could find them at a good price. This started an 18-month journey that led him to researching, finding and later importing these tools from China and selling them on eBay at a very nice profit. He has since sold hundreds of these expensive tools on eBay.

Walter wanted to share his experience with others, but he had never sold or created information before. So he got together with James Jones and recorded a series of audio files. It includes a transcript so you can read of all the steps he went through to import his product. In simple folksy language, he reveals all the steps he went through, the mistakes he made, and finally the resources and services he found that did most of the work for him and took away the risk.

Importing For Auctions

Importing For Auctions includes MP3 audio files you can listen to, and a complete transcript in case you prefer to read it. You also get some special reports like:

* An importing cheat sheet,
* A report on how not to get ripped off by the wrong people,
* A global directory of overseas suppliers,
* A report on working with customs brokers and lots more.

This is a very nice package and excellent value. You owe it to yourself to trade with ANY countries (not just China) at a level very few people have attained so you can get ahead in this virtually untapped area.

Fellow marketer Susan Carroll recently distributed an Excel spreadsheet that calculates your time invested in actual productivity, your hourly and minute rate and projected actual and desired income over a 1-year period. It’s so ingenious you can cry or laugh over it, and it’s very useful for you especially when you can gauge your AdSense earning rate with it. Can’t believe this could be the best download in recent months.

XSiteProBy now, you may have already heard of XSitePro. It is an easy-to-use web-based website building program that comes with strong recommendations, mainly because most web designers are not as highly skilled as the pros, thus it is favored by newbies.

What it lacks in features demanded by the pros, it compensates with efficiency. While professional web designers may find it to be a bit restrictive, XSitePro is an excellent value for the vast majority of users.

You could be building a lot more content sites a lot faster. What used to be hours of work now only took minutes. Simply build a list of keywords, put it in XSitePro and let the program generate all the files. Each keyword will have its own HTML file. You will have your website done in minutes.

The code generated will be clean, quick-loading, search engine friendly and in W3C compliance. XSitePro has a built-in SEO analyzer. This built-in tool will analyze your HTML file and check for search-engine-friendliness. XSitePro has a 300-page step-by-step guide and tutorial videos on everything that you need to do to make full use of the program. It also has over 100 professionally designed in-built templates!

If you feel you can do a lot faster than what you have now with Dreamweaver, NVU or Frontpage when it comes to building content or niche sites, consider test-driving XSitePro.

Make Money With Your Digital Camera!

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Do you have a digital camera?

If not, can you buy one cheap?

Would you like to make hundreds a day taking pictures?

Do you like semi-passive income streams?

Discover how to get paid with your digital camera! All you need is a digital camera and Internet access to send your income skyrocketing with a whole new revenue source, even if you are an amateur with no previous professional photography experience at all!

1. Read Make Money With Your Digital Camera.

2. Pick up your digital camera, aim and shoot!

3. Upload the pictures you took onto the Internet (the guides tell you exactly how and where).

4. Rinse and repeat (repeat steps 2-4)!

Maybe because this is too easy?

Essential Squidoo Resources

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Squidoo Secrets

Some folks are beginning to draw incredible amounts of traffic to their Squidoo lens, one of whom is “Bob the teacher”.

He had a lens hit #1 on the site, was picked for “Lens of the Day” a couple of times, and was even highlighted in the New York Times for his expertise in a really weird topic.

With Bob’s help, you can learn how to take this free service and use it for affiliate marketing, list building, expertise branding, and promoting your business.

He’s offering a full-blown membership for an awesome price, but even better…

You can check out Squidoo Secrets first for free and see if it’s the kind of thing you’d like to pursue.

Download a 1-hour interview of Bob, hosted by Internet Marketing expert Paulie Sabol.

I can’t believe how much content is on this one interview alone!

Although this one interview is worth the price of the full membership and Bob’s giving it away during this introductory period, but it is the upgraded membership that is truly worth your take. When you upgrade to become a Super Kraken member, you receive:

a) 2 90-minute recordings of private consultations recorded with advanced Internet Marketers + transcripts

b) A listening guide for the call with The Fit Bastard

c) A 15-minute video walkthrough of a lens makeover with Joel Comm’s lens (it then went to #2 in under a week)

d) A 60-minute video of a lens makeover, plus private consulation with Glen Hopkins

e) Access to the recordings of the first 2 Mastermind Seminars

f) Access to 3 more Mastermind Seminars over the next 3 months

g) Access to the “Super Krakens Only” section of the new Squidoo Secrets Mastermind Forum, so you can get even more one-on-one help from our members.

h) Increase in commission payout from 40% to 60% right away on all upgrades from your referrals.

You’ll get a lot more out of Squidoo a lot faster when you take on the Super Kraken comprehensive course.

Your secret to speed reading…

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Are you getting swamped with e-books you paid for but haven’t read yet? Isn’t that a waste?

Statistics have shown that:

· 80% of adults do not read or buy a book within a year. And if they do, most readers do not get past page 18 in a book they have purchased (OK, we will give some leeway…page 20!).

· This despite the fact that better readers earn 250% more than poor readers!

We want to support as many people as possible to be better readers because better readers are also better learners and better earners! Speed-reading is a proven and established personal skillset throughout generations and here’s your chance to empower yourself to squeeze the maximum potential out of your brain juice!

Purchase the “The Speed Reading Secret 2011” audio course today, send your receipt to Nelson at and receive “Speed Reading—Increase Reading Speed Without Losing Comprehension” and “The Speed Reading Monster Course”. Consider this a “3 for the price of 1” offer. Just conscientiously set aside 15 minutes a day to practice the skill and you are guaranteed to absorb and retain at least 3 times quicker and more than you normally do now!

* Super Page Splitter *

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Super Page Splitter

On first impression, you may think Super Page Splitter is a split-testing software. It is much more powerful in its functionalities.

There’s a lot being said about what it can do but you never know how much it can benefit your earning power unless you take it out for a run, and thankfully you can download the lite version.

To summarize, Super Page Splitter is a software that allows you, the webmaster, to show content to your visitors dynamically (without PHP and without Javascript) using different PLAIN HTML pages depending on how they come to your site e.g. search, reading your article, referred by JV partners etc. The possibilities are endless.

1) You can immediately display an OTO page for very-first-time visitors. If they reject the offer, the OTO is gone forever EVEN if they come back under a different IP address!

2) A specific page can be displayed until a certain date is reached.

3) Imagine this: you have a pink widget that sells best to ladies. Normally, visitors can come to your page when they search for “pink widget” or “widget for ladies” (if these are the 2 key phrases you want to optimize your page for), but you want to keep your sales pitch tightly focused so you think of having 2 separate pages for each phrase. Still, there’s no guarantee they won’t go to the “widget for ladies” page by searching “pink widget”.

With SPS’s Intelligent Keyword Detection feature, you can laser-target your visitors with the most appropriate content for the exact keyword. Believe it or not, this feature literally wrestles the search engines to the ground!

4) You can target visitors by their IP addresses, or even ENTIRE Internet Service Providers, like AOL or Netzero! Imagine what you could use that for!

5) The current JV practice is to set up a unique page which JV partners can send their leads to so they can see that “this discount is exclusive for subscribers of so-and-so”. What if JV partners lose their URL? SPS will find the specific page as long as visitors come from the specific JV partner’s website even when the link points to your site’s home page.

6) You can target visitors by their GEO-IP location! Got a special deal for Texans? Now you can show them that deal while everyone else sees your default content. Don’t do business with countries known for fraud? Show them a page that says: “Sorry, our product/service is not offered in your area at the moment, signup with your e-mail address below to be on our notification list for when our product/service is available in your area.”

7) Of course, you can rotate pages to test variables or for displaying multiple offers for each page refresh.

Frankly, there isn’t ANYTHING like Super Page Splitter available in the current marketplace, and that’s because it isn’t every day that a 6-year search engine marketing veteran decides to make his secret weapon available to the rest of the world from today onwards. You also get free lifetime updates and some very outstanding bonuses including an in-house conversion tracker software.

When you install the lite version, you’ll find a link that says, “Upgrade to version 2.0” You get the full-fledged version at $100 cheaper! Just a way of saying ‘thanks’ for taking a test drive.

Note: The lite version doesn’t have the GEO-IP Location Functionality, the Date Function, or the First Time Visitor Function for OTOs and other things—those are the most popular features, but what remains is still pretty powerful, like the IP address targeting function, Referrer Function, Keyword Search Function, season function (January through December), and of course the Content Rotation functionality, although it’s kind of limited without the date function.

Gary Halbert

A saying goes that he who projects a tough exterior usually has a soft, cuddly interior. Perhaps it goes to show there are people who know the master copywriter well enough to create this cute caricature :)

I’m taking a little time out to write about a legend I hardly know. As far as this small-fry marketer living halfway round the world is concerned, my initial impression is that Gary seems to be a pioneer of “offensive copywriting”. I’m not sure what his usual choice of 4-letter words are but from what I’ve heard, he writes in a “I got nothing to lose. Show me all your bets” tone, and true enough, he endorsed The Rich Jerk’s copywriting because he identified with it. In fact, there’s something about Jo Han Mok’s copywriting that makes me suspect they contain shades of Gary’s style. On the few occasion I met Jo ‘live’ I should have asked if he learned directly from Gary. Maybe next time…

Gary died in his sleep on Easter Sunday. The tributes are pouring in:

“I have been learning from Gary since I was 15 years old and was blessed to call him MY FRIEND. Gary was one of the greatest marketers in the history of mankind. And that is not an understatement.”

John Reese

“You know Eric, Gary had the best copywriting skills I’ve ever seen. ;) Wish I could do one tenth of what he could do in his writing.”


“That man provided me with some of the best material I have ever seen for copy. He was a legend and will truly be missed. Marketers, if you have any sense of desire for improvement in what you do, you’ll make the effort to see what this man accomplished in his lifetime. And what the legacy he left behind can do for you.”

Omar Khafagy

“Even before anyone had dial-up, Gary was a highly praised direct response marketer. I will honor his memory by reading a marketing manual I had purchased from him long before the phrase Internet Marketing was conceived.”


“Sad news…had the pleasure of meeting him and getting a copywriting critique…the man was flat out brilliant. His swipe file is one of my prized possessions. A true legend in marketing.”

Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

…Just a few taken from this Warrior thread.

You MUST study The Gary Halbert Letter. Gary is so generous with his content for his newsletter archive. You will understand more than his ‘offence’ trademark, it is his business experience, humor and personal confidence that pervades his language. Just read “Canine Testicles” and laugh out loud. It’s one episode in a series concerning a “water filter” ad so please make it a point to cover what it’s all about.

Susanna Hutcheson uploaded one of Gary’s famous ads, a weight loss ad.

Although I hardly know the man, I have seen him quoted in other sales pages and his testimonies for other products. If you have learned directly from Gary, please feel free to put down some great lessons and insights you have gained, or simply pay tribute to him. I like to find out for myself how I can be a little more hard-edged in my writing without putting all of you off, keke.

Viral Marketing with ViralPDF

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If you want other people to help spread your PDF articles, you can entice them with a bait, and that is they can brand the articles with their names and URLs. No doubt ViralPDF is the No.1 choice. Why not brand EXE files? Because the EXE format is not proprietary, some folks won’t like to keep many different types of branding software. There is not even a 2nd choice besides ViralPDF, PLUS, you can reach out to MAC users. This Flash presentation shows just how easy it is to use ViralPDF.

How to remove the Navbar from Blogger.

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We have seen instances like this but did not realize it can be done by anyone who knows how. We just thought the Navbar will disappear on its own…This tip is contributed by Jenny.

The Navbar is located at the topmost part of your blogger blogs. Of course, you don’t want to give away any hint that your site is a Blogger blog.

To remove the navbar, very simply:

1. Go to template

2. Edit HTML

3. Before Variable Definitions, insert this line of code: #navbar-iframe {height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none;}