[Special Offer] Local Marketing Maven System

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Local Marketing Maven

Right now small business owners are suffering more than ever and they need your help!

It’s time to dust off your cape and superhero mask and come to their rescue…

This really is something anyone can do and you can start with zero and look like a fortune 500 company by the end of the week.

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Discover 3 Effective Copywriting Tips To Help You Succeed

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There’s nothing anywhere that beats solid sales copy that gets the selling job done. Regardless of what you sell, you can’t do it without the help of sales copy that converts. Be prepared to spend some time and sweat if you want to learn how to do it. Copywriting is totally different, in so many ways, from any other form of writing. It takes a great deal of focus and understanding to create compelling copy. We want to share just a few copywriting tips with you, and we hope it sparks your desire to learn more.

The best sales copy is the kind that has an emotional impact on readers. You have to write words that can persuade your prospects that you have an answer or solution to their needs. You need emotionally compelling copy that will cause them to buy your product on the spot, without too much thought. You can’t write copy that’s monotonous, it has to be compelling and fascinating. Remember that you’re not writing a random piece of information here but content that is aimed at getting the prospect to take action. This doesn’t mean you should lie or exaggerate about your product; stay within ethical bounds. You have to appeal to their emotions, while remaining truthful. You should develop a connection with the reader by showing that you empathize with him or her. By doing this, you can get them to put aside their suspicions and feel comfortable with you. Taking the risk off from the shoulder of your potential customer will increase the chances of getting sales. A common way to do this is to offer them a risk free guarantee. The less experienced marketers tend to be afraid to offer a great guarantee by thinking they’ll get ripped-off. However that is really not very common in most markets, and the increased sales you will get by having the guarantee make any risk worth it. You will have very few people who will take advantage of the guarantee and misuse it, but this can be easily ignored. But the simply-stated guarantee works fine. Here’s a cool one to use, make your guarantee period long…like a year, no kidding, and the effect it has is to almost eliminate refunds.

Don’t forget to use lots of bullet points in your sales copy. When you write about the product benefits, not the features, then you’ll put them into bullet points. Bullets are great because they contribute to the easy readability of the copy, and they’re easy to digest and understand. Besides that, keeping your copy organized will give it a neat, professional look and make it easy for the prospect to reach to a buying decision.

Copywriting is a difficult art that takes regular study and practice if you want to excel at it. If you want to get better, you have to practice and make progress at your own pace. Being able to write good copy is the most important skill you can have in the world of Internet Marketing.

3 Tested And Proven Copywriting Tips Just For You

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All experienced marketers know and understand the immense value of effective copywriting. Regardless of what you sell, you can’t do it without the help of sales copy that converts. If you’re interested to learn how to write good copy, then you need to know it takes time to learn. It’s not the kind of writing you did in high school or college. It takes a great deal of focus and understanding to create compelling copy. So we’ll get you started with just a handful of copywriting tips you can learn.

One of the oldest tricks that copywriters use to convince the prospect is to tell a compelling story. Think about the movie industry. Just in the US alone, it’s a “multi-billion dollar a year” industry, and it’s based on telling stories, right? People read stories for all sorts of reasons, but one thing is the ability to see themselves in the plot and form a connection with the characters. People connect with story characters in all kinds of ways, both for good and not-so-good reasons. Obviously, stories in copywriting are highly condensed, but you can incorporate the same emotion tugging words that make people respond in a certain way. If you search hard enough, it’s easy to pinpoint some kind of story in any business selling a product or service. Whatever you find or come up with, take a good look at it and see how you may be able to use it. A well-written and integrated story always has some positive effect on people.

If your product warrants writing long copy, try not to cause your reader to become confused about anything. In other words, it has to be easily scanned. This needs to be done because most online readers and surfers will scan and skip around, first, before anything else. Break up your copy by writing in shorter paragraphs and shorter sentences. Use lots of white space when writing the content for your copy so that the prospect is able to read it easily. Always use well-written subheading because they’re useful for organization, plus they’re another tool for creating white space. Keep your sub-headings short and relevant to the next few paragraphs. They should go from one step to another of your sales letter’s content.

You always want to stick to words with a positive impact on readers, such as incredible, happy, money, you (rather than “I”) or wealthy. Remember to focus on how your product will actually help people, don’t just list its features. And when you use such strong words in your copy, you make your prospects feel happy and special. If some of your language sounds like hype, that’s okay, as long as you don’t go overboard with it.

Copywriting is a difficult art that takes regular study and practice if you want to excel at it. Some copywriters who are paid quite a bit for their services are actually self-taught, and had no special training or even a marketing background. So don’t lose your focus and keep improving if you want to make a mark. If you want to be able to make money whenever you need it, copywriting is the skill that gives you this power.

Simple Membership Site Tips To Start With

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Looking for ways to build a strong income online? You’ve probably guessed that selling things is the best way by far but there are few limits about what you can sell. How about creating a membership site of your very own and selling other people membership to that site? This will be the place where you’ll be delivering value to your members for a price. You must make every effort to keep your members happy every month by delivering consistent content of the highest quality. Follow these 3 tips to make sure your membership site is top notch.

The most important thing you need to do and always keep in mind is give your membership subscribers exactly what they want. People generally will not have any reasons for leaving if they’re always getting what they want. Lend your ear to your customers and ask them what kind of content they are looking for. For example, if your find a few of your members asking you to write an article on a certain topic, then go ahead and do it. This approach can be powerful because they’ll only feel good about it, and then they will be inclined to stay with you. This kind of approach is tremendous due to it being what your target audience wants. A good way to engage your members is to run a private forum in the members area. Your subscribers will appreciate having a special place only for them. This way they would get in touch with other members and create a network. Your membership site will become much stronger as a result of these friendships. The stronger the bonding, the better it is for everyone including you. If your subscribers and forum members can easily communicate with each other, like private messages, then of course that only strengthens the bond. It’s quite possible to think of creative ways to engage your subscribers in the forum.

Last but not the least; the information you provide in your membership site shouldn’t be hard to find. Think about a year from now and how much content you’ll add in that year, and then you’ll see why you cannot make navigating your site a pain to do. If your members find your site easy to use, then they will want to be a part of it for a long time. Giving them a good user experience should your topmost priority. The word of mouth advertising you start getting will really help you to build. Running a membership site requires a lot of work but there is a lot of profit potential too. Launch your site the right way by following these insightful tips.

A successful webinar can not only boost the visitors to your site but it can get you many more sales, too. You can reach out to your target market in various ways, but a webinar is extremely effective. Nothing works better than being able to talk face to face with your target audience as you give them instructions or advice. Don’t worry about how they will receive your delivery, because with your webinar, you will have prepared everything so that there will be no room for error. Given below are 3 simple yet effective webinar creation tips that you should keep in mind if you’re planning on running your own webinar.

To get the most out of your webinar, really use the registration process to its utmost potential.

To put it another way, when people register, you can use that opportunity to find out who they are, what they’re about, and what exactly they’re looking for. This will give you a clear cut understanding of what their needs are. It’s also possible to ask pertinent questions of them at this time to find out even more about them. When you deliver registration e-mails, be sure to always include something valuable, like a demo. You will also want to make sure you are automating the registration process as much as possible and that you are keeping an eye on the metrics. When you are discussing things with your audience, always be aware of how you’re speaking and acting. This is the reason you will only want to get speakers for your webinar that have screen presence and who will make your information interesting. Your presentation should be professional in every sense of the word. When you are conducting your webinar, never answer your phone, read an e-mail or answer an instant message. You and your speakers should always concentrate on the fact that you’re delivering high quality material in a professional way.

Last but not least, make sure you are focusing on letting your viewers interact with you so that you aren’t just using slide show software. Look beyond it and try to use multimedia such as flash, animation, photographs or anything else that will make your webinar more visually appealing. This will give your listeners a gratifying feeling that the content they’re getting is clear, understandable and well structured. In closing, the article you just read should prove to you that you must concentrate on all aspects of your webinar if you hope for it to be successful. There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind if you really want to make it a grand success and get the most out of the experience. There is no reason whatsoever why a webinar won’t be successful at bringing in tons of new customers and prospective customers if you follow the tips above.

Does your list give a damn what you say?

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E-Mail Marketing Tycoon

Does your list give a damn what you say?

If you have a mailing list (or you’re about to start one), then you must read this before sending out another e-mail.

I can’t stress enough how important to your business this is and how crucial to your finances e-mail marketing can be (the big problem is most folks get it WRONG!).

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The 6 Stages Of Internet Success by Bob Bly

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When it comes to starting and running an Internet Marketing business, it’s useful to step back and evaluate your progress every now and then.

In my view, Internet businesses fall into one of the following 6 levels…

** The first level is the “getting ready to start” phase.

This is where you are spending an inordinate amount of time and money buying and studying Internet marketing courses…but you aren’t actually selling anything online yet.

** In level 2, you dip your toe in the water. You take some actions that let you generate a few sales online.

The volume and dollar amount of these sales is small

Instant Backlink Magic

You must see this underground secret software that finds unlimited EDU backlinks & Dofollow backlinks with a push of an button…

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You would never have thought of providing a backlink service, but you can use this software not only for your own purpose but to do good for others too. Watch the video for a ‘live’ demo of how Instant Backlink Magic works.

Membership Sites Produce More Earnings

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Membership websites have become very profitable and there are actually many reasons why you should consider starting a membership site. This is because members pay you a continuous fee whether it

Whether you are looking for money-making ideas, or a second income or just fast easy money, you owe it to yourself to take a look at info-products with Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights. Below are the top reasons PLR/MRR is a viable web business solution, and why it needs to be something every web marketer should take into consideration.

1. You don’t have to make up any content.

To be sure, it is better to rewrite PLR content such that potential customers can’t get a hint that there’s an earlier version before. But the fact that content is already produced means that you don’t have to write from scratch and you can start selling it straight away.

Please note: Nearly every resale rights packages provide you free control over pricing; nonetheless, some packages have a minimum package price. This is needed so as not to undervalue the package itself. As a business owner, it is vital to have a competitive price, but you do not want to make the price so low that it makes the package appear worthless. Placing minimum prices puts the package value high so it does not become “just another rubbish e-book with resale rights”. It is wise to adhere to the pricing set by the original content authors.

2. The PLR/MRR products can be repackaged.

By combining 2 or more e-books together one can produce a totally new resale rights package that is exclusive for you and your site. By making your packages unique, you create the advantage over other sites which offer similar stuffs. For that reason, the consumers are more likely to buy from you than from others offering the same stuff.

3. Online payment systems are automated.

In an info-product business, there are no physical items to deliver or store. All is done online

3 Essential Tips To Drive Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Site

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There are tons of ways to generate quality traffic to your blog, but if you don’t take action on it then you’ll obviously see no results. Whatever route you choose the get visitors to your blog, it’s important to be consistent in your efforts. In this article we will be looking into a few traffic generation tips for blogs that are easy to apply.

One of the traffic tips that works the best is to write in a manner that people like and keep it updated regularly. You should write as much as you can. When you frequently update the content of your blog you’ll start on your path to building a targeted audience. Write articles so that you readers will find them useful and want to remain loyal and come back often.

In addition, the way blog posts are structured will make the search engine spiders thrilled. You will be acknowledged by the big search engines such as Google and Technorati. When your blog becomes uncovered in the eyes of the search engines, you will instantly get the exposure that you have been seeking.

Nominating yourself for blog awards is another option. A quick Internet search will reveal that there are lots of awards being handed out to quality blogs all year. You will attract other bloggers by nominating your blog for such an award and they can help increase the number of visitors to your site. It is simply another method to increase exposure. As a blogger, it is imperative that you regularly look for alternative methods to increase the readership of your site. Thinking out of the box and doing new things will help you get in front of a larger audience. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel but at least improve on what you already know.

Submitting your blog posts to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious is also something you should try to do. It might not seem that important but these sites can provide a large traffic boost. Sites such as Digg have been proven to drive massive numbers of visitors if the content you provide is top notch. You can use automated online tools to make the submission process faster and easier as these tools are designed to submit to multiple social bookmarking sites. To conclude, if you wish to increase the popularity of your blog then you need to implement techniques like the ones discussed in the above article. You will find plenty of unique methods to drive traffic in time as your business grows and moves forward. You need to stay one step ahead and always offer new content delivery methods and innovation on your blog. Your goal should be to increase the number of visitors to your site on a daily basis.

What Works Best In E-Mail: Content Or Sales? by Bob Bly

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DT, one of my subscribers, recently wrote to tell me how much he enjoys my e-mails.

“They are fun to read, and you do supply positive answers and details,” write DT. “So I buy from you when a topic you have fits my paradigms.”

But he was less enamored with the e-mails he is receiving from some of my fellow Internet marketers.

“They come across in a way that literally chases away their customers,” he complained.

DT said of one Internet marketer: “I have bought all of his books in the past so I joyfully joined his list just to get more of his great information.

“Unfortunately I found that most of his posts do not have good information but instead have him ranting about this and that.”

Of another famous Internet marketer, DT complained: “I have been on his list for 3 weeks, and about every day I get a sales letter, and that’s it. I do love sales letters, but not all the time.”

So what did DT do?

“I’ve quit both of their lists and I’ll probably never buy from either of them again,” he told me.

DT’s complaint is not unusual, by the way.

If you send sales messages too frequently…or if too many of your e-mails are pure product pitches vs. useful content…you are going to get complaints.

So how do you find the right frequency and balance between sales and content?

The number of e-mail marketing messages you can send to your list per month depends on several factors.

These factors include the timeliness of your content…value of your content…and the frequency with which you publish your e-newsletter.

Here’s a useful rule of thumb…

If your e-newsletter is published monthly, you can send e-mail marketing messages to the subscribers 2 or 3 times a week.

As an Internet marketer, the more e-mail marketing messages you broadcast to your subscriber list, the more money you make.

Say each time you send an e-mail marketing message to your list, it brings in (on average) $3,000 in revenues.

You send two e-mail marketing messages each week, making $6,000 a week in sales.

If your subscribers tolerate it, and you increase the frequency from 2 to 3 times a week, you’d make $9,000 instead of $6,000 a week and earn an extra $150,000 a year.

How do you know whether your subscribers are OK with the increased frequency or if you are ticking them off?

Keep an eye on your opt-out rate.

Each time you send an e-mail to your list, a small number of subscribers will opt out, asking to be removed from your e-list.

As a rule of thumb, aim for an opt-out rate of 0.1% or less, and certainly no more than 0.2% per e-mail.

If you have a list of 50,000 subscribers and your opt-out rate is 0.1%, you lose 50 subscribers every time you distribute another e-mail to your list.

Measure your opt-out rate so you know the average.

Then, when you increase your e-mail frequency, watch what happens to the opt-out rate.

If it stays the same, you know your subscribers don’t have a problem getting an extra e-mail from you each week.

So send those extra e-mails, and make more money from your Internet business.

Consultant Amy Africa says, “Most online marketers do not mail often enough to their e-list.”

But what if increasing frequency causes your opt-out rate to spike higher?

It means subscribers are telling you they don’t want to hear from you that often…and you should cut back to the old schedule.

What about the ratio of content to sales pitch?

In my monthly e-newsletter, I aim for 80/20

Banner marketing can generate immense returns on your investment since it is one of the few marketing mediums that doesn’t need to prove itself. Lots of companies, both big and small are using banner advertising successfully. These banners can generate an incredible response when they are positioned on the right sites in the right way. But getting to that stage won’t happen overnight, since you’ll have to learn the ins and outs of running a successful banner ad campaign. This article will offer you three easy banner suggestions that will skyrocket the profitability of your campaigns.

The first and the most important tip that you need to remember with banner advertising is to research the already successful ads so that you have a fair idea of how it should be done. You can find high traffic websites, check out their ad rates, and then look at their banners. Those are expensive banner spaces, so there is no doubt that marketers put a lot into their banner designs and copy.

Be sure to always test out your ad links. Whatever the destination URL, just give a quick check to make sure it goes there. Sometimes graphics and images can render differently across browsers, so that is another important item to verify. It’s just a little common sense and so easy to check and take care of before problems happen. If there are problems with image rendering, then you’ll have to figure out what the issue is and take care of it.

You never know how all the people find your ad, and the page your ad is on could pop up in the search engines after they perform a search. For best conversions, you must only advertise on sites that are related to the subject of your offer. One thing you can do to help is use your keyword in the banner copy or the banner ad name. If you are constantly striving to tweak and improve your campaigns, then there is no way you cannot succeed with banner advertising. You’ll have to do a lot of testing but eventually what matters is how well your efforts are paying off and with banner advertising, there’s no doubt that you’ll get a good response in the long run. One of the most effective ways to grow an online business is by leveraging banner ads to send targeted visitors to your site.

Internet Joint Venture Marketing Done Properly

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Joint venture marketing is nothing more than helping other businesses while you utilize their influence for the growth of your own business. It is a simple partnership that can be upgraded to another level because of the advancements of the Internet. There are tons of Internet marketers that made it big because they became partners with other Internet companies in their related niches. What makes it even better is that joint venture marketing is not that hard to do and can go into many different directions. These 3 joint venture marketing suggestions will land your business on an entirely different level.

One of the most successful ways to use joint venture marketing is to partner up with someone that’s doing business in your niche by creating an e-book or a report together that you both can give away for free. This report could be about anything that’s related to your niche market but it has to be short and powerful. The e-book must address specific problems and offer valuable solutions. Include links to the sites you and your joint venture partner are promoting in the e-book for additional exposure. People love getting something free, take advantage of that! It’s not necessary to create a complicated e-book but you do need to devote equal effort to creating and distributing the e-book.

The second joint venture idea has to do with becoming a partner with another website owner in your niche to exchange testimonies or endorsements. You will actually talk to the people to see if they will review your products or services and then provide a testimony that they can post. When you do everything as you’re supposed to, you’ll see tons of traffic and sales, and that’s just what you want. Try and get endorsed by the known experts in your niche because that will give your business the boost it needs.

Last but not least, if you have an opt-in list, you can trade e-zine, solo and even autoresponder advertisements with other online business owners who are also working with your subject matter. Merely find another list that has to do with the subject matter you’re dealing in and ask if you can exchange ads. The best thing about this idea is that it can send in a surge of traffic to your website in a short amount of time. This has the potential to form a long-term business friendship that will drastically increase profits and expansion. All in all, joint venture marketing can be described as a wonderful chance for business owners who want a free way to mature their businesses and form new relationships. We all realize that business success depends on the relationships that are produced. This just means that when you agree to joint ventures, you are making a better business, but you are laying the background for future campaigns.

Writing Copy That Gives You Results

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Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills that an Internet marketer can have. Why is that? When you want to make money online, you need to work hard to earn your prospects’ trust and that is incredibly hard to do when your copy is not well written. Remember that you don’t have a chance to convince your visitors face to face, which is why having a salesletter that gives results is important. Keep reading to learn what you can do to write good copy.

First, when you begin a sales copy, do not talk about what the product does, but instead tell the readers why the product will help them with their problems. All in all, you have to show them how the product will help them more than what the product has. This is because no one is really interested in the features, but more on how these features will be useful to them.

If you want to give a list of product features in your sales copy, make sure that you provide a list of benefits to go along with each feature. This would make it simple for your customers to know how much value your product has, which will also keep you above the competition. Your customers will now be capable of identifying with your product because they know how it can solve their problems. So always disclose the benefits first. Testing your copy is critical. Don’t focus on just the heading; test the content, subheadings, links and the graphics on the page. A successful copywriter knows the value of proper testing because it not only helps you correct your mistakes but also improve the results you’re getting from your copy. Testing is a great way to tell what works and what doesn’t work. There are times when you see a massive change in the response by making a small tweak to the headline or by cutting down a few bullet points. As long as you continuously monitor and test your copy, you are guaranteeing your business a better potential return on investment.

Reassure your audience by offering a strong guarantee within your sales copy. By giving an iron-clad guarantee, you’re showing your prospects that you believe in your product and stand by it. Offering a longer guarantee will decrease the rate of refunds as people are more likely to keep products that offer a long refund period. Your guarantee makes people feel comfortable buying from your site. These tips should help you realize that writing professional quality sales copy isn’t that difficult. Just remember that these basic ideas are essential to the creation of a strong foundation for your salesletters. There are many new Internet marketers who tend to ignore creating a sales copy but they forget that it can make the difference between success and failure.

Experts Academy OPEN – 12 months of coaching with Brendon

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Brendon Burchard just opened enrollment to Experts Academy!

This is the most comprehensive training you could ever find on how to get paid as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader and online information marketer.

YOU can help others with your advice, knowledge and information. And you can get PAID for it. Brendon shows you how with Experts Academy.

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He started from nothing and built a $4.6 million expert empire in just 18 months. He and his clients end up with best-selling books, high-dollar speaking fees, sold out seminars, a waiting list of high-end coaching clients, and millions of dollars in sales online. How?

Now Brendon is teaching you step-by-step how to get started.

It’s that time in the economy when people are looking for your advice and information. Why not build a new and lucrative career right now?

Why not become the expert on your topic of choice and make a real difference and an income at the same time?

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I know Brendon’s program can help you do it. That’s why people like Tony Robbins, John Gray, David Bach, Paula Abdul, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Wayne Dyer, and the top names in the expert space speak on Brendon’s stages and call him for advice

3 Immediate Info-Product Creation Suggestions

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The most popular products you can sell online are information products. First, your upfront costs are practically non-existent to produce this product because you are basically sharing your knowledge about something. Yes, it does require a bit of preparation in advance but that is simply a small part of the whole. Even so, there are still Internet marketers who aren’t too comfortable with the idea of creating their own info-products. In the following article we will be looking at 3 different info-product suggestions you can start using right away.

One of the most established methods to make an information product is to compile an e-book. This is right; don’t mistake an e-book for a traditional one. E-books have always been favorite forms of informational products because people like to read them and seek solutions for their issues. People do not have a lot of time when they are looking at online information, which is why your e-book has to be concise. You should concentrate on giving people a detailed answer to their unsolved problems. For instance, acne is a big problem for tons of people, so if you create an e-book that tells about ways to eliminate acne for good, it will be very successful. Find the painful areas of the market and then write an e-book that is full of informational solutions.

Another concept is to run webinars and ask people to log in for a cost.

This could consist of holding a webinar, bootcamp, conference, etc. For example, if you have a background in copywriting, you could hold a ‘live’ webinar and talk about how you started in copywriting. They could interact with you ‘live’ during the webinar and present any concerns that they may have. It’s one of the liveliest ways of creating an information product that will have a high sales response since it’s happening in real-time.

Last but not the least; if you are really sure about your knowledge and skills then you should create a home study course that gives your customer the utmost value. This course needs to be extensive, which means, you can charge a high price for it. Creating a home study course is not that complex; it just requires a lot of planning.

To conclude, this article clearly shows the different methods that can be used to create a product that is unique and generates brilliant results. It requires little time to create a product and the best bit is that you work only once and you keep on earning. Besides that, once you start creating information products, you’ll discover that there is a never ending demand for knowledge and you’ll be able to sell it for a price.

Imagine being able to build an entire business online and not having to continue to buy product after product? Well, this product has made sure you don’t have to.

It’s called Profit.FM and it has everything you will need to build your business.

It has a website installer which instantly installs your new blogs, totally Optimized for use via their custom clone setups.

It has a 24/7 ‘live’ niche research tool which pulls the best and most profitable niches for you from across the web and has a database of over 2 million and counting with over 30-50,000 new niches being added each and every day.

It has a huge premium WordPress theme library so you don’t have to buy any premium WordPress themes. You will be able to have a professional looking site fast without any additional cost to you!

It has 6 premium WordPress plugins which allow you to automate almost everything you would normally need to pay for. Automatic SEO tagging, advanced link cloaking, landing page and squeeze page creation, article spinning in post content and SEO content updating, and last but not least; a huge social media plugin which does everything to integrate you and your business into Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more!

Are you tired of products that don’t deliver? Well this one over-delivers! The craziest thing is the price. You won’t ever see anything like this priced this low again, I can guarantee you that!

3 Essential E-Book Writing Tips

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Selling and creating online or e-books is nothing new. E-books are a concept that many Internet marketers are still reluctant to embrace. They are often scared about what they should write, how they should write it and who or when to sell it to. You don’t need to worry about all of that stuff just yet, it’s most important to just get busy writing the e-book, and a high quality one too. Quality plays a major role when it comes to marketing e-books. Regardless of what business you are in the quality of the product is the one thing that cannot nor should not ever be compromised. We will talk about a few e-book writing tips that are unorthodox to help you in the long run.

The first step in the process, after you choose your subject, is to research your audience. This step comes even before you start to write your e-book. If you do this step your writing will be a lot more powerful. You can’t get your audience to relate to you if you don’t know much about them. So who are the people who are going to read your work? You need to know your audience’s demographic. Are these people already experts on the subject or are they beginners? How much money are they willing to spend for the information? This is how you create a loyal group of customers who will buy more of your stuff in the future.

An important part of your e-book is the title. What is the first thing that attracts you towards an e-book? Of course we all know it is the title that sets your e-book apart, after that is the remaining content. Optimizing your title is only half the battle. The English language is complicated, it’s important that you are comfortable with it in order to write effective titles.

You will not grab the attention of your target audience if your title is not effective. Carefully title your e-book with a title that attracts attention. Anyone with copywriting experience knows the value of an attention-grabbing title. You can come up with several ideas and jot them down before choosing the best one between them all. Seek the guidance of a friend who can offer suggestions. Once you know that your title is indeed apt and is getting you good results in your test rounds, then stick to it.

Now you can start writing your rough draft. So initially, you don’t even have to think a lot but simply start writing whatever comes to your mind. You should focus completely on writing; editing comes into play when you write your second draft. All you have to focus on is writing and nothing else. All of your ideas are fresh right now so don’t lose them by stopping to correct a misspelled word.

Lastly, don’t dismiss the power of owning your own product; this is how the majority of big marketers got to where they are now. Don’t underestimate the power of these techniques; they are proven techniques that work.

Making bank with 2 minute cash calls.

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Two minutes.