How To Drive Traffic To Your Squidoo Lenses

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This is an article by Jeff Wend which I just received in my inbox.

After using Squidoo for about a year and a half, I have found there are several things users can do to help generate quality traffic to lenses from other websites and search engines. One of the most important things you can do is create incoming links to your lens through various Web 2.0 sites.

The first step is to get organized. I created a folder in my browser tabs called Web 2.0 sites. From there, I place the various Web 2.0 sites that I use after signing up and creating accounts. As soon as I publish a lens, I make my way down the list and create links to my lens from each of these sites. Give it a try!

The sites I use most often are listed below:

1. Facebook – This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your lens. After creating an account, search for groups on your topic. Once you join the group, you can often add the link to the group page. If this option is not available, start a discussion and ask a question with your link as a reference or you can do the same thing on the wall. The key is to not spam the group! Be sure to make quality, relevant comments that add to the group and not take away. Remember that both your name, and Squidoo’s name is at stake. I have seen several lensmasters get chastised for posting spam comments with links to their lenses. This really looks bad and is a big no-no.

2. MySpace – MySpace is another popular and effective way to gain traffic and links. Post a link to your lens in your intro or any of the other “About Me” modules. Start a blog through MySpace and leave reviews of your lenses as you create them. Again, the key here is to add quality content. Quality content is the way to captivate viewers and get them to take action by visiting your lens.

3. YouTube – It is insanely easy to make a video and post it on YouTube. Sign up, add your video, and insert several keywords and keyword phrases to attract viewers from search engines and YouTube searches. Add a link to your lens and give a call to action in the video’s description. YouTube is well loved by the search engines and a great way to pick up traffic.

4. Yahoo! Answers – You need a Yahoo e-mail address to log in (free to get). Then, you can either ask a question about your lens’s theme or topic and add a link and wait for the answers to pour in, or you can search for questions on your lens’s topic and post an answer with a link to your lens. Again, the key is NOT to spam. Make your comments or questions sound “real” and remember to add to Yahoo Answers with quality input.

5. Clipmarks – Clipmarks is very easy to use, and even comes with a button you can add to your browser. To use it, click the button, highlight some text from your lens, and hit save. From there you add a quick review and keywords.

6. Delicious – is a popular bookmarking service. Squidoo makes using this site easy – there’s a button on every lens! Don’t forget those relevant tags.

7. Digg – On Digg, people share what they feel is the best stuff on the Net. Squidoo has a Digg button on each lens. You might generate a little bit of traffic through Digg, but the trick to getting real long-term traffic by putting up plenty of quality links and news stories on your blog so they can get bookmarked by visitors. You want to digg more than just your own lenses. Digg what you consider to be the best of what the web has to offer and others will soon follow you by friending and reading your posts.

8. Faves – Faves is a really easy way to pick up links, and also offers a browser button. After publishing a lens, I hit the Faves button and add it to my list. When you Fave your lens, you can rate it, add tags and leave a review.

9. Feedbite – With Feedbite you create what is called a bundle, or news blog. Write a couple of paragraphs on the topic of your lens and put the link to your lens in the title of the short article. Others will vote up or down your article and the most popular articles get a pretty decent amount of traffic.

10. Gather – Gather is a very active community of writers. To use Gather effectively it is best to write a short article of original content. You can add links to your lens in the keywords placed within your article. Here, you will find nice and helpful people who love to read and review articles and stories.

11. Hubpages – Hubpages is a popular site where you create a Hub, which is basically an article. Within the article you can place a link to your lens in a keyword. The key to Hubpages, like Gather, is writing quality original content and not abusing the link system by overdoing it. Hubpages shares their AdSense revenue with members, which is a nice perk.

12. Mixx – Mixx’s tag is “your blend of the web”. Submit a link to the mix for others to vote up or down and leave comments. This site is extremely easy to use and it only takes a moment to add a link. Remember to use good keywords when submitting your link, as this helps the right people find your lens.

13. Reddit – Reddit is much like Mixx. It is very easy to add your link, a quick review, and keywords.

14. StumbleUpon – There is a StumbleUpon button on each Squidoo lens and you can also add StumbleUpon to your browser. Give a lens a thumbs up or down, add keywords, and leave a comment. Stumbling your lens can really bring in a decent amount of traffic if used effectively.

15. Twitter – Twitter is a site where people meet, share their thoughts, make friends, and talk about what they are doing. The key here is to take part in the community. Do not simply post link after link to your Squidoo lens. Instead, join in discussions, talk about what you are doing, and from time to time, talk about the lens you may be working on.

16. Zimbio – Zimbio is great! It is very easy to submit your lens and add it to a related group. You can also use your RSS feed from SquidUtils to put your lenses on autofeed—bonus! Search engines like Zimbio, and I have been able to track sales directly coming from Zimbio traffic.

There are other sites to help build links and traffic for your lenses, but these are some of my favorites. You can use these to help your lens get indexed quicker, to gain traffic, and to become more search engine friendly.

One last thing: I cannot stress enough how important it is to be responsible with Web 2.0 sites. Megan made a great post about this on the Squidblog here. Do not spam, and do not pester others. Instead, contribute with quality content. Be nice to others and leave comments and reviews of others work, as this will help to gain the trust and have others follow your work in return.

Email Marketing Elite

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Do you know how to bake cookies?

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The answer lies in the video. Just watch Success Chef 20-Minute Intro by Michel & Sylvia Fortin.

To give you a better idea. With Success Chef, you get:

– A comprehensive overview of all proven money-making strategies. It’s all there, including physical products, digital goods, membership sites, services, lead generation, content sites, online stores, affiliate-based businesses, etc. All your bases are covered, no matter what you choose to do.

– Step-by-step recipes for greater ease and simplicity. We break down exactly what is needed in each area to create a solid, profitable business by following the Success Chef recipe you choose. Everything is explained to you in painstaking detail, step by step, one step at a time, from start to finish.

– Streaming video tutorials of each step for greater clarity. Sometimes, showing you how’s it’s done is a lot more effective than just telling you. That’s why with each major component of your chosen recipe, you can watch each step done on brief, easy-to-understand videos. So there’s absolutely no confusion as to what to do next.

– Lessons delivered incrementally to follow at your own pace. Most people read an e-book on how to build a business, get really excited, but then they feel so overwhelmed (or confused as to where to start). As a result, they can’t get started or any traction. With Success Chef however, all your instructions are delivered only as needed so as to not overwhelm or distract you.

– A progress tracker so you know where you are at any point. It’s like having a coach, checking your progress to make sure you’re on track at each step along the way. The further into the website you go, the easier it is to keep track of where you are, where you’ve been, and where you need to go next.

– Detailed, in-depth reviews of every tool and resource. With every new tool, course, e-book, and resource that enters the Internet marketing education realm, more confusion is generated. With Success Chef, you know exactly which tool or resource you should buy. More importantly, you know all the ones you should completely ignore because you don’t need them for your recipe (or because they’re a waste of your money and time).

– Comparative analyses to give you the freedom of choice. We show you a complete analysis of all the ways to make money online. We also compare all the tools and resources you need, so you can choose which ingredients you want to use in your recipe. (We’re talking about hundreds of options!)

– Budgets and estimates so you can plan accordingly. We even show you exactly how much money you have to budget and spend, with each method outlined, before you start seeing profits. This will allow you to start on even the smallest budget ($100 or less), make some money, reinvest it, and systematically grow your business from there.

– A full-on glossary of all Internet marketing terms. So you’re never “in the dark” about anything, Success Chef offers a complete glossary of terms at your fingertips. Throughout the entire website, you can click on words you don’t understand to read the brief descriptions that will pop up. Or you can visit the glossary section for a complete list.

– A quickstart guide to start making money right away. Depending on what type of business you want and how much money you want to make, you can choose between fast-food and fine dining. Of course, fine dining is the most profitable. But it’s also the most time-consuming since it takes time to prepare. But what if you’re hungry now? What if you need cash quick? In that case, we offer a “microwave money meal” you can start to make money fast.

– Access to group coaching calls and mastermind sessions. From time to time, we will conduct members-only coaching calls and mastermind sessions. Whether it’s discussing a new product, strategy, or business model, or it’s just answering member questions, you can join in or listen to the recordings.

– Guest chef appearances (other experts) from time to time. During some of those coaching calls, we will have special guests, top experts, and exceptional entrepreneurs drop in and share with you some of their best strategies.

– Breakthroughs and shortcut tips to accelerate your success. Success Chef will always be a work in progress. Why? Because it’s continuously updating, constantly growing, and always improving. If we also happen to stumble upon a breakthrough, a unique test result, or a proven tip that will benefit you, you will be the first to know.

– Case studies from actual Success Chef members’ businesses. On top of continuous updates and special events, Success Chef will highlight, from time to time, actual case studies from other members. You can learn from them, model them, or use them to pull new ideas and angles for your business.

– A support team available to you at your fingertips. If you’re stuck at any point, if you need help, or if you have a burning question that you can’t find an answer to, you’re never alone. There’s a “frequently asked questions” page where you can read answers to some of the most common questions. Or you can contact our support team in just a few clicks.

– The ability to know exactly how and what to outsource. Remember, you get approximate budgets for each step so you know what to expect. But also, you know what and how to outsource certain parts of your business to maximize your time and profits, along with “inside secrets” to manage and drastically minimize expenses.

– And probably the best part about your Success Chef membership: If you choose, you can build a moneymaking business online without doing any of the grunt work yourself, with the one-click outsource option.”

Hope it doesn’t hurt your brain like the way it keeps popping in the video!

“Discover How To Sell Physical Products On eBay Without The Need To Stock Up Inventory Or Ship Them Yourself And STILL Earn Wholesale Profits For Every Transaction!”

Dropship Design

There are not many things for which I can say, “I wish I had known this earlier,” and this is one of them.

Selling physical products on eBay is NO LONGER a painful and worrisome process, especially if you are new to online auction! Dropship Design presents a turnkey dropshipping business solution whereby you have a range of more than 200,000 products to sell, and the company takes care of inventory, shipping, returns and sales support. All you need is to concentrate on being the best marketer you can be!

The overall process is simple and straightforward:

1. Login to your member’s account and browse the store of over 200,000 products.

2. Once you find the product that you want to sell, click on the orange button labeled “eBay ad” below the product image.

3. The “eBay Ad Wizard” will help you create your eBay auction with a simple click! You will be able to create, manage and view all your eBay auctions directly from the eBay Ad Wizard.

4. At the end of your auction, collect your money from your buyer. eBay will facilitate this process.

5. From the eBay Ad Wizard, simply locate your auction and click on the “order” button to create the order for the item you just sold on eBay. Your order will automatically use the shipping address entered by your eBay buyer.

6. Dropship Design will ship the product directly to your customer on your behalf. You will also be e-mailed the tracking code from the shipping company.

7. You will have already made your profits since you had received the payment directly from your eBay buyer minus the wholesale price that Dropship Design will charge you. Why earn a measly 5-10% affiliate commission from or when your wholesale profit difference at Dropship Design can be more than 50% of the retail price?

Dropship Design enables eBay sellers to start their own business in no time. Content lists and images will be provided for you to utilize on your website; if you do not have one, Dropship Design offers a plan that includes a customizable site preloaded with all available products. You will have access to products at wholesale price, which allows you to compete with other major competitors. With Dropship Design, the “little man” truly has bite!

Start Your Dropship Business For No Minimum Orders & No Monthly Fees!

Whether you are selling your own product, promoting affiliate links, or making money from AdSense or “click-flipping”, it all boils down to just two things: Conversion and Traffic.

Conversion comes first. You need to have an offer that people want. That offer might be a product, or it might be an enticing advert (e.g. Google AdSense) that people want to click on. And you need some kind of presentation (such as a sales letter) that encourages them to take the action that you want them to take (e.g. buy the product or click on the ad).

In many ways this is the easy part. Most people can knock together a half decent website or sales letter that will convert at least some visitors into money. Whether you are selling your own product, promoting affiliate links, or making money from AdSense or “click-flipping”, it all boils down to just two things: Conversion and Traffic.

Conversion comes first. You need to have an offer that people want. That offer might be a product, or it might be an enticing advert (e.g. Google AdSense) that people want to click on. And you need some kind of presentation (such as a sales letter) that encourages them to take the action that you want them to take (e.g. buy the product or click on the advert).

In many ways this is the easy part. Most people can knock together a half decent website or sales letter that will convert at least some visitors into money.

But then you need traffic. Loads of it. The more people that come by your site, the more money you will make especially if that traffic is highly targeted.

But, given the number of websites out there all competing for the same traffic, just how do you get more visitors to your site?

Well, there are just 3 ways that people come to your site:

1. They type your URL straight into their browser. That comes from some sort of offline promotion—it might be your business card, a radio advert, an article in a magazine, or a conversation with a friend.

2. They click on a link somewhere. It might be in an e-mail they received (e.g. from a friend or from an e-zine they subscribed to), or it might be on another website they have visited.

3. Or they do a search in the search engines, see your site in the listings, and click to visit you.

That’s it. There is no other way for them to get to your site.

So, knowing that, how do get more traffic?

1. Make sure you are promoting your online presence in all your offline promotional materials.

2. Get lots of people to link to you, and lots of people to send out e-mails with your link in it.

3. Get a top position in the search engines.

Easier said than done. Just how do you achieve no. 2 and 3 without spending heaps of cash or getting banned by the search engines?

To understand this, we need to understand how the search engines work. Again, it is much simpler than people make out.

Search engines want lots of people to use them. To achieve that, they strive to deliver relevant and up-to-date content to people who do a search through them.

But how do they determine what is relevant to your search?

There are only 2 ways they can do that:

1. They look at your site. Using very sophisticated algorithms they determine what the subject matter of your site is. The also see how new, or old, it is, how recently it has changed, and so on. These are all known as on-page or on-site factors. You have direct control over many of these when you set up your site.

2. They look at what other people say about your site. In doing this they look at two things: how many people link to your site (and what the link says) and also how important is the site that links to your site. An important ‘authority’ site that points to you is worth more than a whole bunch of unimportant sites. The also consider how recent the links that point to you are, and a number of other factors about the link and the context in which it is found.

At the same time, the search engines are constantly looking out for sites that try to fool them into thinking they are more relevant or more popular than they really are, which is why the so-called blackhat techniques quickly lose their effectiveness.

So, to get to the top of the search engines you need to do 2 things:

1. Optimize your on-page factors. There is plenty of information online about how to do that. It is not difficult. But, in itself, it is also not enough.

2. Get lots of high quality, one-way, relevant links to your site from as many other sites as possible.

How do you get people to link to you?

1. Have a fantastic product so that they just, spontaneously, want to tell others about your site.

2. Pay them to link to you—buy a text link, or offer an affiliate program.

3. Exchange links with them but reciprocal links are clearly not worth as much as one-way links, and it is a lot of work to do this effectively.

4. Provide them with fresh, unique content that adds value to their site in return for which they agree to post a link back to you. Loads of sites are constantly looking for fresh, unique content. They get this content by hunting through article directories, or by subscribing to article submission services.

So, if you send out articles to such directories, your articles will end up both on the directories themselves, AND on the niche sites that pick up and use our articles.

As you can see, this last method is the simplest and most powerful. It gives you hundreds or thousands of one-way links, from niche, relevant sites, all for free.

All you need is some way to get a different, unique, article to each of those directories and e-zine publishers, which is what the Unique Article Wizard does. It combines, for the first time ever, the power of article submissions with the benefits of unique content. And it does it in a way that epitomizes simplicity.

In Dr. Noel Swanson’s words, no other traffic generation system works better, costs less, and is completely immune to search engine changes than Unique Article Wizard. As the creator of the system, he has been quietly using it to build his AdSense empire, promote his own products and snag the no. 1 position from 270 million competing websites!

If you don’t have an online presence at all, isn’t it time your harnessed this power for your own business? Click here now, get the early-bird discount, and get a fantastic bunch of bonuses.

Peel Away Ads goes Flash!

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Flash PeelAway FX

You wouldn’t believe it until you see this. You already know how Peel Away Ads work. Now you can implement movable graphics into your advertising. Watch the demo and get Master Resell Rights here.

The power of viral reports…

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Butterfly ReportsDefinition of Viral Marketing: The extremely powerful and unique ability of the Internet to build self-propagating visitor streams, bringing about exponential growth to a website.

If you’re not using viral marketing techniques in your web businesses then you’re seriously missing the boat.

Think about it. What better way to get the word out about your product, service or website than by having others spread the word for you?

High-quality viral reports are one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Quite simply, all you need to do is supply a report of 10 to 20 pages (or more, if you want) relating to your niche. You simply give your reader very useful, good information that offers real value, or solves a real problem.

This will compel your readers to give away your report.

And of course, your report also contains links back to your site(s) and product(s).

Let me tell you from experience…there is a lot of power in this method. When people give away your viral report on their sites, that’s better than paid advertisement!

As a free member of Butterfly Reports, you get one of these free, viral reports every month that you can give away to your subscribers, e-cover graphic included! You can even brand 25% of the links in the reports.

As a Platinum Member, you multiply this by a factor of 4. You get not one, but four viral reports with e-cover graphics every month. And you also get to brand 100% of the links with your affiliate links.

Use these reports to:

– Build a list.

– Brand the reports with your ClickBank affiliate Links

– Make money by giving them away.