Webmaster VideosOne of the biggest obstacles to anyone starting out in the online profession is…


Even the simplest of tasks require the skill set of someone who is knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JAVA, C++ and other programming tools that YOU just don’t have time to learn about.

If you’re trying to run an online business, make money online or own a website, and if you don’t want to be bogged down with all the technicalities nor do you want to shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on outsourcing…

Well, I am pleased to announce that this will NOT bother YOU in the slightest and you’ll find that the Webmaster Videos are the easiest guide that you can ever see to save YOU cash.

David Railey makes HTML seem as easy as ABC.

He has put together step-by-step videos that give clear, specific instructions on how to set up a website from scratch.

The Webmaster Videos are tailored to people that have ZERO technical experience with websites but doesn’t alienate those that do have some experience. You could say this compliments greatly any previous knowledge or experience acquired.

No matter YOUR background, this program will have you up and running in no time and you will feel more confident with handling any issues that may arise from time to time with your website.

Become a website wizard in short time now. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Warlord Mobile LeadsThis is important. We need to talk about lead quality.

Basically, the average person who comes to your squeeze page and decides they want your lead magnet/free gift will usually type low quality or bogus info into your opt-in form. By low quality, I mean they put in a secondary e-mail address that they always use for promotional stuff, landing pages, Internet marketing stuff, etc., almost never their main, best, primary e-mail address.

By bogus, I mean they’ll sometimes type in fake e-mail addresses in hopes of getting straight to a “thank you” page and grabbing the gift without ever opting in to a list.

What does this mean for you? 3 words: Low Open Rates!

When you send an e-mail broadcast to a list like that (i.e. the kind of list most struggling marketers have), many of your e-mails go to non-existent e-mail addresses or secondary inboxes reserved for “promotional stuff”. And when they do arrive in those inboxes, there’s a million other e-mails in there from other marketers which almost guarantees your e-mail will go unnoticed.

So even in the cases that you don’t get fake data, if your e-mail ends up in a secondary spammy inbox that is rarely checked and your e-mail is surrounded by hundreds of competitor e-mails, what are the chances of getting an e-mail opened? What are the chances of getting a click-through to your offer? This is why open rates in the industry are so low today. And this is why this recently retired combat veteran has developed a solution that will destroy low open rates once and for all!

Steven James has developed a tool that will ensure you get a primary, best e-mail address and real name every time without your visitors ever having to type in an opt-in form. Warlord Mobile Leads will decrease inbox competition, increase open rates, foster a more familiar relationship between you and your subscribers, and simply take e-mail marketing to a whole new level. Famous Internet marketers are already lauding it as a no-brainer tool for e-mail marketers.

This seems like it will be one of those rare products that really does change the online marketing landscape. Best to get ahead of this sort of trend when you have the opportunity. Snatch this one up before the launch ends. If you plan on making money or growing your business through e-mail marketing or list building, you’ve got to watch this video right now.

My very good friends and marketing experts, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips have just released a new Video Animations Package consisting of over 200+ animations.

This package is designed to give you high-quality and engaging animations and calls-to-action to help the conversions and engagement of your videos.

The success of making any videos that convert not just how cool they look, but how engaging they are along with clear, precise calls-to-action.

It’s really all down to clean-cut directions along with keeping the viewers’ attention long enough to see/hear it!

It’s simple for anyone to implement these animations into the videos as you’ll see!

4 Little-Knows Hacks To Get More Facebook Page Likes

This step-by-step guide will show you how to increase Facebook fan page likes with almost no effort!

These methods actually work a few simple clicks from your end…

Download your free report “4 Little-Knows Hacks To Get More Facebook Page Likes“.

I have a set of Facebook-related free gifts for you today.

This Facebook Marketing Gift Pack contains a huge collection of info-products and tools that will teach you all you need to succeed on Facebook.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to set up a profitable Facebook campaign, but it does take some knowledge to do it right.

Go check it out today, and jumpstart your Facebook marketing campaigns!

WP Plugin Rebrander

What if I told you there was a way to create your personal line of WordPress plugins without having to spend a dime?

And what if the entire product creation process would take up less than 2 minutes?

Maybe that’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

By using WP Plugin Rebrander, a powerful WP plugin that allows you to take any PLR/GPL plugin and rebrand it in no time.

By renaming the plugin and adding your own name and website links to it you can turn it into a real traffic-sucking, lead-generating, money-making machine.

Do you see the opportunity that lies before you?

Now think about all those PLR plugins you have on your hard drive, gathering nothing but dust…

With WP Plugin Rebrander, you can give them a whole new life in just a few clicks.

But there’s more…

Did you know that every single plugin inside the WordPress.org database comes with a GPL license. Basically, this GPL license allows you to modify and redistribute a product.

This means you have access to over 47.000(!) WP plugins you can turn into your own products!

Here are a few examples of how you can profit from your rebranded plugins:

>> Make money by selling them as your own product
>> Give them away to build your list
>> Use them as a bonus for an affiliate offer you’re promoting
>> Make money by adding a link to an affiliate/upsell offer
>> Drive traffic to your websites by adding your link
>> Build your online reputation as a trustful product creator

The sky is the limit.

Download WP Plugin Rebrander for free!


You know, over 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and with this sheer size, YouTube is making billions of dollars in revenue by letting people put links or ads of products, services inside videos!

Would you like to have your own YouTube-like profitable video channel?

If yes, then check Dr. Amit Pareek’s brand new creation “VidFly” now!

With this brand new system you won’t even have to worry about creating videos or how you will get people to put videos on your channel…

As VidFly lets you pull unlimited videos from YouTube in any category & insert ads and links to drive unlimited traffic to any product or service.

All you have to do is just put the keyword to pull niche videos of your choice from YouTube legally and completely free.

VidFly is quite simply a cloud-based video marketing and advertising software to automate everything and give you an affiliate commission machine to achieve your financial goals.

Click here for a new video-based income stream now!

Turn $2 into $10, over and over again.

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Turnkey Profit Machines

How would you like to turn $2 into $10?

Would you take a few hours out of your day? And would you then repeat again and again?

It’s not that hard…All you need is a step-by-step guide, and ability to follow instructions.

Turnkey Profit Machines is a complete package unlike anything you have probably seen recently.

Here is how it works:

– Follow the steps to find a great niche
– Pick products
– List the products on your site for $9–$19
– Drive traffic, full instructions provided
– Only AFTER you make the sale, you source the product for $0.50–$2
– Keep the crazy 1000% margin!

This is NOT about:

– It’s not an old IM niche
– It’s not about selling stuff to people which they don’t really want
– It’s not about building a list (even though you can)

It’s about realistic results. Start out small. Make 40-50 bucks in a few days. Grow from there.

Early Bird price expires in 7 hours. Do it now!

Keen On Instagram Automation?

Posted October 24th, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Social Media Traffic Generation


85% of the world’s top brands are marketing on Instagram. But it’s still untapped by most independent marketers.

With a user base over 50 times MORE engaged than Facebook, it makes sense to get in front of this audience.

Quick tips about Instagram:

1) The fastest way to grow your audience and organic traffic is to engage with other users

2) It’s one of few networks where you can see who’s following your competition and engage with those followers directly

So do it right, and you can ethically steal traffic from the competition.

If you are new to Instagram, you need InstaEasy. It is the first ever Instagram automation tool you can reply on to build your accounts for you, 24/7.

It can engage users in any niche you choose, resulting in hundreds of thousands of visits to your sites & offers.

Build a list, build your brand, make more commissions & sales…without paying a dime for ads.

Limited launch special means ALL upgrades included in the front-end price.

Results on day 1—guaranteed.

Watch the demo to see how easy it is!

I have a free recorded webinar replay to link you up with. As a prelude to the launch of his new Pinterest-based software “Social Multiplier”, Jonathan Leger presented on how to “Create Amazon Affiliate Sites In 3 Minutes (And Promote Them With Pinterest In 1 Minute…)“.

It was so good that listeners actually got annoyed there was no ‘buy’ button to click!

But I like you to watch this first and get a good feel for the whole marketing strategy and process. I’ll be back when Social Multiplier is launched.

FunnelSpyWhat if you could ethically spy on the most profitable sales funnels, with just the push of a button?

Be able to instantly identify your competitors’ sales funnels, webinar funnels, lead generation funnels, coaching funnels, e-commerce funnels and more!

Every great marketer models their funnels off proven-to-convert pages—no sense in reinventing the wheel, right?

The new FunnelSpy app, helps to uncover all of those public and hidden pages that your competitors are using to generate leads, sales and profits.

Model your price points, design layouts, call-to-actions, product offerings, upsells/cross-sells, content strategy, USPs…off your competition.

Hurry, there is a 4-day, 70% discount going on right now.

For a single payment, you can own all the benefits that FunnelSpy offers you:

– Run Unlimited Searches
– No Results Limitations
– Create Unlimited Projects
– Save Unlimited Favorites
– Unlimited Future Updates & Enhancements

Literally in seconds, you’ll be able to find hidden pages that you would have NEVER found unless you purchased their product.

It’s a goldmine of research and intelligence in seconds.

Watch how easy it is…

Enter a URL.
Click Submit.
BOOM. Reveal any websites funnel pages.

Ready to spy on your competitors? Watch how.

Living the Writer's Life

Today’s PLR bundle offer is called “Living the Writer’s Life” which talks about how to get started as a writer, how to improve your writing skills and gain experience and more.

The bundle consists of:

1) A 20-page report titled “Living The Writer’s Life”

2) A series of blog posts on the topic of Freelance Writing which you can freely edit to fit as an e-course, another short report etc.

3) A “15 Days To Improved Writing Skills Challenge” e-course that brings together 15 days of tips, task challenges and ideas for turning good writers into outstanding writers. It contains swipe files, resources and more to help your readers get the most from their writing efforts.

You can purchase each of the 3 components of the bundle separately, but the better alternative is to get all 3 for a 28% discount (as compared to buying them all separately) AND 30 bonus articles.

All this material will help writers of all types improve their skills, while you can also position yourself as a go-to authority on the business of profitable writing at the same time. Click here for all the details of the “Living the Writer’s Life” bundle.

New: Passive Income Planner

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Passive Income Planner

Still trading time for money? You need a sound online business that provides you a passive income. The CoachGlue ladies have designed and released a new “Passive Income Planner” package with which you can edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell or give away to your clients/customers/members.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

Step 1: Brainstorm a Digital Training Program or Small Course
Exercise: Brainstorm Your Training Product or Course

Step 2: Build Your Funnel with a Book
Exercise: Brainstorm Your Book & Funnel

Step 3: Create a Useful (and Profitable) Resources Page
Exercise: Create a Resource Page

Step 4: Beef Up Your Autoresponder
Exercise: Create Your Opt-In Incentive and Follow-Up E-mails

Step 5: Build Up Your Blog
Exercise: Review Your Most Popular Posts & Create Calls-to-Action

Step 6: Better Blogging
Exercise: Create 5-7 Content Upgrades to Match Your Categories

Step 7: Create Strategic “Thank You” Pages
Exercise: Review Your Current Thank You/Download Pages for Opportunities

Step 8: Develop an Upsell Process
Exercise: Create a Logical Upsell Process
Exercise: Review Your Current Sales Pages/Offer Funnels

Step 9: Monetize Your Correspondence
Exercise: Create an E-mail Signature
Exercise: Create and Share a Document with Affiliate Links for Your Support Staff
Exercise: Create an E-mail Signature for Your Help Desk

What can you do with this planner?

• Use it to plan out your own passive income system.

• Work through it with your clients as part of a course to help them add passive income to their businesses.

• Create a lead generator from one of the exercises. For instance “Use Content Upgrades to Quickly Grow your Lists” Or “The Most Profitable Page on your Website” (and use the Resource Page exercise as the download).

• Use this planner to teach your client HOW to add passive income, but then offer a “done for you” service where you or your team does it for them.

• Use this information to create a video series where you’re teaching people how to plan and set up their own passive income streams.

The sky’s the limit with full editing rights. Acquire your planner and make it a valuable business asset today.

Your Own Product Database?

Posted October 20th, 2016 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Resell Rights

Are you frustrated by the lack of products you have to sell?

It’s the biggest issue affecting marketers—the ability to make more offers.

I was too, which is why I just picked up Instant Products Now, a massive database of more than a thousand ready-to-sell PLR/MRR products at your fingertips.

Normally, this sort of database sells for $147, but for a limited time you can get this for under $20.

I want you to have it because even if you don’t think you need it today, trust me…you will!

So get access today before the price goes up.

You’ll be glad you did :-)

Keyword Supremacy

Todd & Herc have literally done it again and released a KILLER keyword tool onto the market called Keyword Supremacy. This is their second Supremacy product and it might just be even more killer than the first one!

(Their last product was Project Supremacy, which changed the SEO market in a HUGE way.)

But Keyword Supremacy is honestly unlike any other keyword tool you’ve ever seen!

It does affiliate keyword research.
It does AdSense keyword research.
It does local keyword research (no other tool on the market does this!).
It does eCom keyword research.
It does Amazon keyword research.
It does eBay keyword research.

It scrapes Google, Yahoo!, Youtube, Alibaba, Amazon & eBay’s auto-suggest in a brand new way that only a small handful of other tools like UberSuggest can do. Actually to be honest, uberSuggest doesn’t even really come close because they can scrape in 4 different ways on each engine!


And the best part is, they can get you all the metrics you need to know if these keywords are any good—Local and Global Monthly Search, CPC and AdWords Competition. No other suggest-based keyword tool can get you metrics, and 4 suggest-style scrapes.

Sounds confusing a little, I know. But you need to see this in action.

There’s free training you can watch where Herc shows you a ‘LIVE’ site, ‘live’ ranking and ‘live’ profits from a small 5-page website that’s made over $27,000 in AdSense! He actually shows a bunch of ‘live’ site examples and share a few strategies for finding keywords, and making quick profits from them! Proof is in the pudding!

One more thing…there are NO MONTHLY FEES on this tool! Finally a keyword research tool with actual fair pricing! You only pay for what you actually use. Go see what I mean

Commission CartelThere’s 1001 ways to skin a commission-creating cat.

You could throw a grand at ads.

You could employ someone to write articles for you.

You could spend the next 3 months creating YouTube videos.


You could just swipe and deploy a simple proven method which is already making $1442.29 per day.

I know which I’d rather do.

This is a BRAND NEW strategy never before released.

The guy behind it is so confident in it he knows you’re gonna make $500 in the next 30 days when you use it.

Grab Commission Cartel now and start making money.

Do you watch videos?

The sort on YouTube?

I mean…

How would you like to be paid well for doing something really simple with YouTube?

Did you know that regular people are getting paid up to $594 a day just for doing some very simple work on YouTube?

Yes I know it sounds unreal.

To be honest…

This is a loophole that not many people know.

But stay-at-home mum Charlie would love to share with you.

It simply works even if…

– You don’t have experience
– You don’t have technical know-how
– You don’t own a website
– You don’t want to appear in front of a video camera!

Plus you can get started quick.

* TubeLoom *


Which is the #1 network that people go to when they need information on:

– Product recommendations?
– Check brand reputation?
– Guidance on buying trend?

It’s Twitter!

FACT: 92% of companies tweet more than once a day. 42% tweet 1-5 times a day, and 19% tweet 6-10 times a day.

Access all The Twitter Traffic NOW in a snap ONLY with TrafficSnap—The Most Powerful Twitter Marketing Tool.

TrafficSnap gets you thousands of targeted visitors from Twitter every month.

“Why Twitter?” You’d ask…BECAUSE these are the people who have the money to spend, and they are making their buying decisions based on what Twitter tells them.

Now, you don’t have to master complicated social media practices and obscure strategies, or twiddle thumbs waiting for traffic to flow…

Turn on a never-ending flow of traffic to your sites on 100% autopilot!

Find out what makes TrafficSnap the “Best Automation & Marketing Tool For Twitter”:

=> Cloud-based SaaS traffic app so you can access it anywhere, anytime!

=> Allows you to simply schedule your tweets to be spread throughout the day.

=> Automate repeat tweets that keep repeating at specific intervals.

=> Automatic interactions for specific hashtags or keywords.

=> Capture people who are interested in specific topics.

=> Creates an authority position for yourself or your brand without working on it every day.

=> Helps you build connections with influencers in any niche.

=> Allows you to add RSS feeds (yours and others) to be shared through your Twitter.

=> Endless free content for your Twitter marketing!

Get TrafficSnap at launch price now!


Imagine the combined power of list building and e-mail marketing transposed into the realm of Facebook…

SocialResponder works by targeting Facebook Messenger users, capturing them into specially designed Messenger campaign funnels and engaging them without you doing things manually.

Not only that, you can do all this without a website, landing page or even hosting (the better that you have a solid business website though).

With SocialResponder, you can:

• Build A List Of Highly Engaged Facebook Users
• Automate Your Online Sales
• Automate Your Online Facebook Page Support & Increase Your Page’s Reputation
• Broadcast Messages Straight to Your Customers & Prospects Facebook Inbox
• Customize Unlimited Campaigns & Responses
• Have Prospects Click 1-Button And Be Instantly Added To Your Facebook Contact List
• Build An E-Mail List Without A Website
• Set Up Automated Text, Photo, Audio & Video Replies

Time to maximize the full capabilities of Facebook Messenger! Click here for a full video presentation on how to use Facebook Messenger to build YOUR business on complete auto-pilot.

Interactive Squeeze Pages 2.0Interactive Squeeze Pages 2.0 is a fill-in-the-blanks software tool that allows you to set up sales and squeeze pages that offer multiple options to your visitors, instead of a single “buy now” button or opt-in form.

This way, your visitors target themselves which will at least double your conversions and reduce bounce rate to a minimum.

Download it + 2 more bonuses and Master Resell Rights for free! Upgrade your free software to get rebranding rights!