RSS Feeds Submit

RSS Feeds Submit is an automatic submission tool that can add your blogs and RSS news feeds to over 80 top search engines and directories. Save time by eliminating repetitive data entry work with our automatic submission tool. You can also add/remove directories for manual submission to sites that require more detailed information about your feed. Increase traffic and improve your rankings.

If you had ever wished that spam mails never touch your inbox at all, MailWasher Pro can stop them right at the door, as in they will be deleted before you even login to your account!

MailWasher Pro is a highly competent, usable, secure and time-saving spam filtering tool for for POP, IMAP, MSN, Hotmail and AOL e-mail accounts. Combining multiple approaches, MailWasher Pro achieves a solid spam detection rate and protects you from viruses to some extent. Still, MailWasher Pro could be a little bit more comfortable by integrating with e-mail programs better.

MailWasher Pro does not offer POP and IMAP proxy filtering. There is room for improvement in terms of categorizing and presenting good mails in its interface. Besides these ‘cons’, MailWasher does its job best. Once you start marking mail as either spam or good mail, MailWasher Pro learns quickly. For its affordable price of $30 plus $7 a year for extra filter subscription, you can save 30 minutes to an hour a day. MailWasher Pro provides value for money so you can get on with important messages and your business.

* Easy Blog Traffic *

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Easy Blog Traffic

Discover the Insider’s Secrets to generating income producing blog traffic to your blogs now! Easy Blog Traffic includes 2 exclusive interviews, 12 excellent video tutorials, and over 120 pages of pure content with resell and 100% commission rights.

Get more backlinks in a shorter time.

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Backlink Submitter

Good quality backlinks are a must in order to get a good search engine ranking and for building a sites Google PR.

But finding related websites that accept links from other sites or offer a link exchange can be a very time-consuming process, until now, let us introduce a brand new piece of software called Backlink Submitter.

Backlink Submitter will scan the top 3 search engines for any search term you enter into it, and after a short period of time it will return hundreds of websites that relate to the search term you entered into the software.

Backlink Submitter then filters through all the results and only displays the highest ranked websites that either accept links from other websites or have a link exchange option.

You then add a Link Title, Site Description and Keywords which can be rotated to be unique with each submission. This helps get your website listed in search engines under many different keywords and link titles.

What this means for you is you can now add your site to hundreds of similar websites as your own and this will greatly increase your backlinks and overall link popularity in a short time.

Also your search engine ranking will increase and the result will be your website will get more traffic and you will make more sales. Isn’t this the exact end result we are all chasing after?

Backlink Submitter is a brand new breakthrough when it comes to finding niche websites that relate to the site you are trying to build backlinks for. You also get FREE lifetime updates to any new updated versions as a customer.

Paul Galloway just released a free tool that can merge all the leads into a single file after you backup/export them from your Aweber account. Here’s his post.