2,000 ways to sell more stuff!

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I’ve just spotted something cool you should have in your marketing toolbox.

Using the right words is critical when it comes to selling online, yet often the hardest thing we have to do is come up with the right ones to sell our own products…

I’ve you’ve ever sat frustrated trying to work out how to write a sales letter or watched visitors come and go without buying a bean then you know what I mean.

The solution (and one of my own secret weapons) is a “swipe file”.

This one is one of the best I’ve ever seen offered and at a tiny fraction of the price most top copywriters charge!

It’s jam-packed with over 2,000 swipes with everything you’ll ever need inside.

Whatever you’re selling or promoting online is covered and there’s MUCH more.

You can copy and paste them into your sales letters, squeeze pages, promo e-mails, blog subject lines and more.

In fact it comes with an awesome bonus package of templates too.

Don’t miss the “Ultimate Swipe” collection.

Do You Make These 5 Outsourcing Mistakes?

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If you’re outsourcing (or plan to outsource) some of your work to others to do—website design, copywriting, graphics design, software development, article writing, etc.—you’re going to want to know the right way to do it in order to protect yourself.

Internet business lawyer Mike Young has created an outsourcing system that includes customizable templates for contractual agreements. Simply fill in a few blanks, briefly describe the project and payment terms, get it signed, and you’re done.

It only takes one bad outsourcing deal to bankrupt most Internet marketers. Don’t become a victim. Do things the right way and outsource like successful entrepreneurs do. Get Instasourcing System for peace of mind and saving yourself from a lot of trouble.

Discover LOAAre you struggling with the fact that you have no idea how to use all the manifestation tools of the Law of Attraction?

What if I can offer you a solution that will help you to bring you success and a better life all in a comprehensive course?

In this 30-unit course, you will learn about:

– Understanding The All Important Big Picture

– The Reality Mindset

– Reality Roadblocks

– Attracting Authentic Affection

– Affection Roadblocks

– The Might Of The Fighter

– Overcoming Resistances

– Unison

– Achieving Oneness Through Unison

– Taking Command

– many other useful things!

With great power comes great, responsibility. Once you know the secrets in this course, there is no going back.

It’s time to get moving toward developing success in your life!

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Success Switch

Ewen Chia—the name is synonymous with excellence in Internet Marketing. You know his expertise, but do you know what makes his mind tick?

For the first time ever, Ewen reveals the secrets of how he thinks and makes decisions that keep proven right. You too can now discover how to instantly flick that genius ‘switch’ in your mind for massive success in all areas of your life…

* Success Switch *

WP Leads & Sales Dashboard

If you want to start a blog that gives you leads and sales or replace your existing struggling blog with a powerhouse, listen up!

Marlon Sanders just released his first new Dashboard in 1 1/2 years that shows you step-by-step in detail how to create a true, direct response blog that spits out leads and sales daily.

Check it out here.

If you don’t have a blog yet, this new “direct response blog” concept is the way to go.

If you already have a blog that doesn’t work or do much, then bolt on Marlon’s direct response method and watch it haul in daily leads and sales.

The first 50 people to get WP Leads & Sales Dashboard can also download a big collection of guru bonuses.


For getting social traffic and long-term search traffic (more ‘likes’ = better ranking signals), Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button works better than any other mainstream social button, because it taps into something the others don’t… especially Google+’s +1 Button, which went completely off track!

Yet Facebook failed to take the idea any further…

Here’s the secret…

At the core of just about everything we do online, and in life, is ‘Emotion’…’Like’ is an Emotion…and the concept of Emotional SEO—Focusing on People instead of Search Robots—is taking our industry by storm.

It all started with a software that was revealed to perform 350% more effectively than Facebook’s Like Button, getting real shares, real clicks, and real TRAFFIC simply by tapping into a range of user emotions…way beyond ‘Like’.

If you rely on Search Traffic, Social Traffic and/or simply want to get more of both…I suggest you take a moment to get acquainted with Emotional SEO…because those who are stuck in the old ways, aren’t getting results anymore.

SEO is changing…

Discover The Emotional SEO Software That Started It All.

People are always looking for ways to be successful and they are looking for new innovative ways to do it.

As you probably already know:

– People want to have a better life
– They want more money
– They want to feel happier

That is why people are HUNGRY for help and you are in the best position to help others!

Khai Ng has created 6 brand new PLR products just to address this issue.

This series contains:

1) The Confidence Factor – Harnessing the power of unlimited self confidence
2) Empower Your Personal Finance – Unblocking major obstacles to achieve personal financial freedom
3) Your True Calling – Finding the purpose of life is never an easy task, but we nailed it for you
4) Destroy Your Anger – Controlling the beast within you and be the master of your emotions
5) Art of Writing A Speech – Picking up the speech writing skills as easy as ABC
6) Expert Speaker – A beginner’s guide to be a public speaking celebrity

All of these topics are the stuff people can’t get and need to know about.

This hungry market is just dying for tips on how to reach the success they want.

With the private label rights to these books, you can be sure you rake in massive profits selling these hot titles.

Grab Success Secrets PLR now while it is at its lowest price!

The BBC, ZDNet, WordPress and all of the IT Press have announced that a massive attack is in progress against every WordPress installation.

They are specifically targeting sites with account username ‘admin’ and cross-checking that with password lists.

There are a number checks, fixes and guides you can use but the simplest is to install a solid security plugin.

Most of the free ones are poorly implemented and usually are not supported plus they can get you locked out if you’re not careful.

The most efficient plugin that is easiest to use is SecureScanPRO. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to set it up and you can have a safe and secure website in minutes.

– It scans your sites for weaknesses.
– Provides instant 1-click fixes for 12 of the most serious issues.
– Automatically checks core WordPress files against wordpress.org for attacked files.
– Scans and e-mails you if anything has changed.
– Emails you if anyone tries to hack your site.
– Automatically bans repeated logins.
– Presents a captcha to the login interface to stop bruteforce bots.

Grab it now and get get safe. It takes 2 minutes for instant peace of mind.

Website legal forms to cover your @ss!

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Legal Forms Generator

OK, if you’ve been in the Internet Marketing game and have started making money, the following checklist should seem basic to you:

[ ] Product or service buyers want
[ ] Website (duh!)
[ ] Traffic (preferably lots of it and cheap)
[ ] Conversion (always improving that, right?)
[ ] List (you have one, I hope)
[ ] A growing income that lets you live your Dream

Yeah, if you’re profitable online, you probably have these 6 items checked.

But what about this one?

[ ] Cover your @ss

What do I mean by that?

It’s simple.

Have you protected your business and yourself against lawsuits and government agencies that would love to shut you down, strip you of your assets, and toss your butt in Club Fed?

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued guidelines for Internet marketing?

Did you know that there are now lawyers who specialize in suing website owners and companies that exist for the purpose of finding website owners like you who they can sue?

If not, you need to look past “the Dream” and open your eyes to the nightmare side of Internet Marketing.

Here’s a golden nugget all successful business owners have learned (offline and online)…

If you’re making money, someone is going to want to take it from you.

Might be tomorrow, might be a few years from now.

But it will happen.

That someone could be a competitor, an unhappy customer, or the government.

Lawsuits can bankrupt you, even if you win. At best, they steal valuable time from your business. At worst, they’ll leave you deeply in debt, stripped of everything you have.

As for government agencies taking an interest in your business, I have two words that should send a shiver down your spine:


But there’s a way to protect yourself and I think it’s “a deal you can’t refuse.”

Unless you’re a complete idiot.

And, yeah, there’s a bunch of those in business.

If you’re not one of those idiots, take a look at what Attorney Mike Young, President of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC, put together for online marketers.

Mike has represented some of the most successful online marketers in the business.

But he’s not cheap.

Many marketers who haven’t hit the big time simply can’t afford to hire him.

And Mike knows this, which is why he decided to put this together.

It’s an affordable website legal forms software package that protects you from most trouble in 17 minutes or less!

With this software, I was able to create all the legal forms I needed in less than 12 minutes.

No need to steal forms from other marketers and risk getting sued by them.

Plus, having proper legal forms on your site can improve your SEO.

Pick up your copy right now and cover your @ss!

Backlink BeastGetting higher Google rankings just got exponentially easier.

SEO brain, Matt Callen, just released an extremely powerful backlink building software that gets massive link diversity, which is the #1 thing that is REQUIRED to rank high in 2013.

He and his clients now have over 6,500 TOP Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings from using his software. And this is recent stuff…check out the results from the last couple months here.

Matt and his team have created other SEO services and software programs, all which are top notch…and this is no different, except it’s brand new with twists that his other programs don’t offer!

With some of his other systems, he charges up to $997/month! SEO is buying it because it works!

But Backlink Beast is built to allow the average website owner (like you and me) to be able to afford and use the power their SEO knowledge and link building software can give people.

It’s nowhere near the price tag of his previous programs, yet has crazy authority and ranking power with Google.

Trust me, you’ll be super pumped about the price! I know I was.

Go watch the video for yourself. I guarantee you’ll be impressed with this software.

$39,586 PER MONTH: Starting Income

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There are only a handful of real established marketers who are just too good to keep to oneself. This millionaire dot com guru is currently looking for students, but he is definitely not one of those who trades his time so you can pay him for coaching with no results guaranteed.

He’s going to show you his step-by-step methods to building a lasting online business, and it’s his way of giving back to the community that has embraced him for so long, so if you think you qualify, click here to grab a spot.

Once a struggling Chanadian (that’s Chinese Canadian) who immigrated when he was 7, this true rags-to-riches story now runs a thriving online business from the comfort of his home.

He’s appeared in numerous magazine covers and is synonymous with the term “make money online” and in this video he shows you his 4-step formula to making your own online empire.

His methods do not require massive upfront investment or any technical knowledge whatsoever.

In fact, his methods work best if you watch it with a clean slate and follow his easy and effective techniques every step of the way.

I GUARANTEE you will not believe this!

This is 100% certified and 100% true.

John Chow’s program does NOT involve push-button systems to instant riches or any flavour of the month tactics that promise you fantasy commissions.

Instead, he looks at the bigger picture and focuses on the core online marketing principles that guarantee you a lasting business for years to come.

And for a limited time only, he’s opening the doors to 1-on-1 coaching, so head on over to his site to see if you qualify.

Every marketer’s dream is to have a big list capable of sending thousands of clicks daily to any affiliate offers. The issue is most marketers don’t know how to get that original list and I admit it’s difficult at times but not anymore.

Over the past few years a couple of known marketers have been using a secret software to add up 36,000 subscribers to a list in one week.

Watch this video explain how.

This is so incredible, I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

pbSocialNetworks Pro is a powerful WordPress Plugin that helps you to integrate social network buttons and track your social media campaigns with special statistics! Include Facebook Like and Recommendation buttons as well as Google +1, Twitter Tweet buttons and Pinterest “Pin It” button with just a few clicks.

Additional sidebar widgets for Facebook and Twitter make your site truly social. With support for Open Graph protocol, this plugin is the all-in-one solution for your WordPress blog.

pdSocialNetworking Pro includes many other features such as:

* Shortcodes for the social bookmarking buttons.

* Open Graph protocol to enable your web page to become a rich object in a social graph.

* 2-part statistic system to track number of visitors received by your social networks and coming through your social buttons.

* Multilingual compatibility. If you need more languages you can easily translate it yourself with the .po files (PoEdit).

The only thing better than pbSocialNetworking Pro is the price! Now is the best time to get hold of this powerful, easy-to-Install, easy-to-use, all-in-one plugin for just $10.99.

People from diverse professional backgrounds are making 4, 5 figures in days using OMG Machines!

Lonnie Welch, part-time basketball coach, made $17,000 in one day!

Greg Morrison, tattooed poker dealer, made $2 million before his son’s first birthday!

Australian mixed martial artist made $83,000 in 3 days!

Stay-at-home wife just sold her site for $32,000!

Broke AC repairman added 6-figure income!

Mike quit his day job!

Kelly X did $25,000 in sales in February!

By the way, OMG Machines work for BOTH affiliate AND offline/local! It’s extraordinary! See insane 100% documented testimonials here.

1. Make sure your site is compatible with tilted screens and can be read in either landscape or portrait view.

2. Don’t make users pinch and zoom to bring your page into focus.

3. On mobile screens it’s easy for content to appear cluttered, so keep your copy concise.

4. Make it fast; 82% of mobile users expect a web page to load within 5 seconds.

5. Use a click-to-call button; 61% of mobile users call after a local business search.

Source: econsultancy.com

1. Create strategies with a global context. Even many solopreneurs now operate globally.

2. Know when affordability trumps innovation. In many markets, users don’t care about innovation; they care about basic, affordable functionality.

3. Be more adept at building relationships than filing lawsuits. Businesses need to lose the crutch of legal systems to ensure contractual commitments are met.

4. Become fascinated with world events. What happens in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Australia affects America.

5. Learn what motivates employees. Motivating employees will be key to the productivity gains necessary to compete with rivals operating with lower costs.

6. Embrace new bottom lines. Managers in the 21st century will need to become super motivators who drive productivity and innovation, create competitive products, and generate more sales and increased profits.

7. Maintain a strong moral compass. This will be essential to building trust and relationships, the business ‘currency’ in many countries.

Source: News and Experts, 3/4/13.

How to package your content

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Roger C. Parker suggests using the following types of information for content marketing:

1. Information on buying: Example: “10 Things to Look for When Shopping for Floor Covering.”

2. Questions to ask: “6 Questions to Ask When Refinancing Your Home.”

3. Mistakes to avoid: “Top 10 Mistakes Made by First-Time Book Authors.”

4. Symptoms: “7 Signs of Job Burnout.”

5. Strategies: “6 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss.”

6. Definitions: “8 Important E-Commerce Terms.”

7. Best practices: “10 Keys to Sustained Growth.”

Source: Content Marketing Institute, 2/22/13.

The ‘welcome’ e-mail is the first e-mail your new subscribers get when they opt into your e-list. Here are some of the items a welcome e-mail can include:

1. Thanking the subscriber for the trust they’re giving you.

2. Offering an incentive to make a purchase.

3. Setting expectations for the value and frequency of your communications.

4. Educating the subscriber on the depth of your product catalog.

5. Requesting information to help you improve the relevance of future e-mail communications.

6. Informing the subscriber of your privacy policy.

7. Instructing the subscriber on how to ‘whitelist’ your domain.

8. Promoting other social channels such as a blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook.

Source: Today @ Target Marketing, 3/4/13.