2,000 ways to sell more stuff!

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I’ve just spotted something cool you should have in your marketing toolbox.

Using the right words is critical when it comes to selling online, yet often the hardest thing we have to do is come up with the right ones to sell our own products…

I’ve you’ve ever sat frustrated trying to work out how to write a sales letter or watched visitors come and go without buying a bean then you know what I mean.

The solution (and one of my own secret weapons) is a “swipe file”.

This one is one of the best I’ve ever seen offered and at a tiny fraction of the price most top copywriters charge!

It’s jam-packed with over 2,000 swipes with everything you’ll ever need inside.

Whatever you’re selling or promoting online is covered and there’s MUCH more.

You can copy and paste them into your sales letters, squeeze pages, promo e-mails, blog subject lines and more.

In fact it comes with an awesome bonus package of templates too.

Don’t miss the “Ultimate Swipe” collection.

Do You Make These 5 Outsourcing Mistakes?

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If you’re outsourcing (or plan to outsource) some of your work to others to do

Still not getting the Law Of Attraction?

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Discover LOAAre you struggling with the fact that you have no idea how to use all the manifestation tools of the Law of Attraction?

What if I can offer you a solution that will help you to bring you success and a better life all in a comprehensive course?

In this 30-unit course, you will learn about:

– Understanding The All Important Big Picture

– The Reality Mindset

– Reality Roadblocks

– Attracting Authentic Affection

– Affection Roadblocks

– The Might Of The Fighter

– Overcoming Resistances

– Unison

– Achieving Oneness Through Unison

– Taking Command

– many other useful things!

With great power comes great, responsibility. Once you know the secrets in this course, there is no going back.

It’s time to get moving toward developing success in your life!

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You probably have heard Mark Dulisse tell us that we won’t need another video player to display online video. Well, he just lied again, because his latest video playing plugin gets better and he has shifted more than 5,000 copies of it!

Taking 2 years of development, the Affiliate Traffic Player has incorporated every possible feature you need for:

* Affiliating Marketing
* Social Sharing
* Driving Video Traffic

The plugin can place the video playing interface “on top” of any website and deliver videos from major video sources including Amazon S3, YouTube and Vimeo.

You can also make a number of settings for your video including:

* Height & Width
* Whether It Should Auto-play Or Not
* Auto-Redirect

As you might have guessed, this will deliver your traffic with your affiliate link automatically. That’s a great advantage with the benefit of generating more income, quicker. Imagine your video play ‘overo the sales page of your vendor, and in a light box to boot! Once the video has played through, or even if it’s stopped before finishing, your viewer is staring straight at the product page, and is carrying your cookie too!

Amazing! This will certainly bring you better conversions and increased income.

Make sure you grab the Affiliate Traffic Player at the best WSO price now, while locking in those FREE lifetime updates.

High Google Rankings Made Simple

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Fizzy SEOYou’d obviously love to see your website on the first page of the Google results for your keyword, right?

Well, you’re going to need Google-friendly backlinks.

Notice the 2 most important words in that statement: Google-friendly. They’re important because you can no longer just throw backlinks up on as many sites as possible, sit back and enjoy a wave of visitors and a boost to your bank account. Far from it. Try that outdated tactic and you’ll never rank on the first page of the Google results for your keyword. In fact, you won’t be found on ANY page. Google will drop your site like a bad habit.

So what DO you do?

You give Google exactly what they want. Or rather the SEO experts do.

Fizzy SEO is a “Google Friendly” backlinking service which is incredibly good value for money and simple to use.

In just 10 minutes from now you could have your own quality backlinking campaign set up while you get on with other things.

Don’t gamble with your website success, don’t spend weeks working out the right way to do it. Leave it to the experts.

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Hang In There by Gerry Robert

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“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember, it’s all small stuff.”

Life can be tough on a person. It can be tough on a family. So many people lack the mental ability to hang in there in the tough times. You can control your thoughts. You can practice perspective by changing the way you interpret your circumstances, situations, and environments. “The task is not to see a new world but to see the world with new eyes.” The person who can change the way they view their world will win without fail.

John Milton said, “The mind in itself, in its own place, can make a hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell.” You will experience in life the results of the dominant thoughts within your mind.

Don’t believe it? Let me tell you a story.

A stranger chanced upon several workers in a small town in Italy. Curious and interested, he began to inquire from the workers as to what they were doing. “I’m laying bricks”, said the first worker. After a few minutes of idle chat, he asked of another, “What are you doing? Laying bricks, eh?” The other worker, somewhat indignantly responded, with shoulders straight and firmness of voice, “Laying bricks? No, sir. I am building a cathedral.” Both workers were working on the same job. One saw his tasks as laying brick upon brick upon brick, while the other one saw a work being offered to the Glory of God.

Two people, two perspectives! Why is it that some salespeople choose to see the worst in a situation while others choose to see the best in the same situation? Why do some people constantly see what’s gone wrong while others look for what’s right? Which one do you think will succeed further on this great journey we’re on?

Everyone has obstacles. Everyone needs perspective in the face of those challenges. Your response to dealing with the storms of life will dictate the results you achieve. What follows are practical solutions to dealing with those times in life when everything seems to be going the opposite to your preferences.

Challenges of life will come. The only place on earth that we know of where there are no problems is a cemetery. Everywhere else will be hit by the storms of life. If you remember that there is something to learn in every problem, then you can learn to grow by the storms rather than being crushed by them.

W. Mitchell said, “It’s not what happens to us that counts, it’s what happens in us.” He was right and he should know. His story of courage (he was seriously burned and later survived a plane crash that left him paralyzed) is an inspiration of someone who has sought to become better through adversity. Mitchell is probably one of the most ‘up’ people on the planet, largely due to the lessons he learned about life and how to live it while recuperating from his injuries.

Take a good look at the obstacles in your path. Instead of cursing them and wishing them away, ask yourself what you can learn from your situation. How can you become a better person through your obstacles? Someone once said that we go on experiencing life’s lessons until we learn what we need to learn, and then we can move on. Remember, above every stormy cloud is a bright sun which never fades.

There is something to learn in every adversity!

Hang In There And Find the Gem

There are two sides to every coin. The Chinese call this the Yin/Yang principle. Every negative has a positive opposite. You just have to look for it. One person’s disaster will become the vehicle for another person to become wealthy. See your challenges in life as blessings in disguise and try to uncover the hidden opportunities.

During the Great Depression, not everyone went belly-up. Some people actually became rich. When you see a problem, you also need to see an opportunity. One of the fastest ways to become wealthy is to solve someone’s problems or difficulties.

Many successful businesses today have been born out of someone’s problem. Take the man who took surplus sawdust from the lumber mills free of charge and formulated several wood-burning products from it. He saw that lumber yards had a problem with excess sawdust. They didn’t know what to do with it. He acted and began a wonderful business.

“If it’s going to be… It’s up to me.”

Hang In There And Be Patient

Every problem will go away. Either it will change or you will. No problem is permanent. It can’t be permanent because everything is in a constant state of flux; everything changes. Worry is useless. Instead, of being ready to give in, just remember that every problem has a limited lifespan. Things will get better. Seek to grow.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” – Robert Schuller

How about Communism? Or the Berlin Wall? Who could have guessed that within days, the entire Berlin Wall could be demolished? Within weeks, Communism would crumble. A problem which many people feared would plague the earth for centuries disappeared in a flash.

Look at your problem and ask, “Will this matter in five years from now?” “What about next year?”

“Worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.”

Hang In There And Think


Problems are not the problem. Ideas are the problem. Every single problem, challenge, or storm you face today has as its solution an idea waiting to be used. If you could only understand that the only thing standing between your current problem and the wiping away of it is nothing but an idea.

So get your eyes off your problems and onto the solution. You may not be able to do anything about what has happened, but you surely can and should do something about finding a solution. That solution may seem like a fantasy right now, but keep in mind that the airplane was nothing but a fantasy until two brothers starting searching for ideas to solve their fantasy. Fantasies can become facts.

It was Christmas Eve. The large country church was filling up. The air was worshipful and festive. Families came from far and wide to enjoy the majestic organ playing the beautiful carol of the holidays. But suddenly a problem arose.

The service was about to begin when the organist discovered that a church mouse had chewed through the inner workings of the massive air chamber. With only minutes to spare, the organist quickly composed a replacement carol which he played on his old acoustic guitar.

The cords were simple and the melody sweet. That evening was the first time the world had ever heard the famous carol Silent Night. By focusing on the solution instead of the problem, the end result was spectacular.

Hang In There And Be Grateful


“The man with no shoes grumbled in the street, until he met the man with no feet.”

You’re not alone. Even the most together people have storms to face. In fact, the people who are winning the most in life often have the biggest challenges in front of them. The people who win the most in life are often the biggest risk-takers.

Since you’re not alone, why not align yourself with others who may be facing what you are facing? You could perhaps solve your problems together.

Upon returning from an extended international business trip, I had an overwhelming amount of urgent telephone messages to respond to. Most of the calls were from successful business contacts or partners who were waiting upon my direction for projects we were working on at the time. It was the last thing I wanted to deal with; I was tired and just wanted to relax, but I had to.

I quickly put things into perspective when I realized that this is a problem I would have given anything to have only a few years ago. I was successful and people wanted to work with me. My point is that the more successful we become, the greater the challenge. Never forget that the greater the obstacle, the greater the opportunity.

Gerry Robert is a bestselling author of “The Millionaire Mindset” and a seminar speaker.

$3,492 WITHOUT Traffic (Shocking)

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This 26-year-old weirdo just discovered a totally unique way to make money without any traffic.

In this video, Gavin reveals exactly how you can make between $30-$120 per hour with this totally unique and unheard of method that requires NO traffic.

Making Impromptu Talks

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Time comes when we are asked to speak without any warning: we could be asked for our opinion at a meeting or we have to deliver a toast at a wedding. Impromptu speeches for most of us are harder to make than prepared oral presentations. We are forced to think on our feet and have no time to prepare. Here is how we can make these experiences more positive:

1. Condition yourself mentally to speak impromptu on all occasions.

If you’re in a meeting keep asking yourself what you would say if you were called upon at that specific moment.

2. Get into an example immediately.

There are three reasons for this. 1) You will free yourself at once of the necessity to think hard about your next sentence, for experiences are easily recounted even in impromptu situations. 2) You will enlist in the audience’s attention right away. 3) You will give yourself an opportunity to warm up to the subject.

3. Speak with animation and force.

Your body and mind are interconnected, so if you speak with energy, your external animation will have a beneficial effect upon your mental processes. It also projects enthusiasm to the listeners, which makes your speech a lot more interesting.

4. Don’t talk impromptu; give an impromptu talk.

It is not enough just to ramble on and string together a number of unconnected events. You must keep your ideas logically grouped around a central thought, which is the point that you’re trying to get across. Your examples should support the central idea.

Contributed by Dale Carnegie Training.

Success Is Just A Flick Of A “Mind Switch” Away.

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Success Switch

Ewen Chia

WP Leads & Sales Dashboard

If you want to start a blog that gives you leads and sales or replace your existing struggling blog with a powerhouse, listen up!

Marlon Sanders just released his first new Dashboard in 1 1/2 years that shows you step-by-step in detail how to create a true, direct response blog that spits out leads and sales daily.

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If you don’t have a blog yet, this new “direct response blog” concept is the way to go.

If you already have a blog that doesn’t work or do much, then bolt on Marlon’s direct response method and watch it haul in daily leads and sales.

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For getting social traffic and long-term search traffic (more ‘likes’ = better ranking signals), Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button works better than any other mainstream social button, because it taps into something the others don’t… especially Google+’s +1 Button, which went completely off track!

Yet Facebook failed to take the idea any further…

Here’s the secret…

At the core of just about everything we do online, and in life, is ‘Emotion’…’Like’ is an Emotion…and the concept of Emotional SEO

People are always looking for ways to be successful and they are looking for new innovative ways to do it.

As you probably already know:

– People want to have a better life
– They want more money
– They want to feel happier

That is why people are HUNGRY for help and you are in the best position to help others!

Khai has created 6 brand new PLR products just to address this issue.

This series contains:

1) The Confidence Factor – Harnessing the power of unlimited self confidence
2) Empower Your Personal Finance

How To Accelerate Your Success With Focus by Bob Bly

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Here are my recommendations for accelerating your progress toward your goals:

1. Don’t waste your time on unimportant, trivial things.

2. Focus on tasks that are important and contribute to your success.

3. Treasure your time like, as Dan Kennedy says, the gold in Fort Knox.

4. Get busy. Most successful people I know are busy.

5. Work hard. Whoever said “work smart, not hard,” was wrong. Successful people work smart and hard.

6. Focus on what you do best. Farm out everything else.

7. Don’t feel you have to do something just because someone asks you. Learn to say no.

8. Set priorities, because your bandwidth, like everyone else’s, is limited.

9. Become obsessed with ROTI

When I wrote my first book in 1981, book publishing was pretty simple and straightforward: you sold your book to a publishing house, and they published your book.

Today, the array of publishing options available to authors is dazzling. Here’s a quick overview of the 5 basic categories of book publishing to help you choose the one that’s best for you:

1. Mainstream publishing

“Mainstream publishing” means selling your book to a traditional publishing house.

I have done this with all of my 80 books. My publishers include McGraw-Hill, Henry Holt & Company, John Wiley & Sons, HarperCollins, Prentice Hall, and Career Press.

One advantage of traditional publishing is that the money flows from the publisher to the author

The Coolest Marketing Event EverOn this side of the South-East Asian region, I’ve been to my fair share of Internet Marketing events to listen to speakers and to network. ‘Live’ events are an AWESOME way to make contacts, meet JVs and boost your business. Every event I went to had its pros and cons but the most aggravating ones were the “pitch fests”. Little did I know this sh*t happens in the US too :)

But I’m sure this one will be different, because the organizers said so. John Thornhill and Omar Martin have teamed up to bring you the Coolest Marketing Event EVER in Orlando, Florida this May 16th-18th!

* This is a 100% PURE CONTENT EVENT.
* No Sales Pitches – No Bullcrap
* World Renowned Video Marketing Experts
* Interactive Mastermind Sessions with Expert Panels
* Group Activities with Speakers
* Educational Breakout Sessions
* Daily Giveaways Of Multi Media Gear
* Live Video Lighting & Recording Demonstrations
* A Networking Cocktail Party and Much More!!!

They’ve taken all of their experiences from the ‘live’ events they’ve attended and put together what we know is THE COOLEST AND MOST FUN EVENT EVER!

Due to the unique nature of this event seats are very limited and if you’re serious about meeting the industry movers and shakers, you need to reserve your spot right now.

Shocking revelation at secret event…

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Recently there was a private, invitation-only workshop held in Miami where people paid upwards of $5,000 to attend.

The workshop was held by Internet Marketing genius Alex Jeffreys.

Alex’s clients have generated tens of millions of dollars from his teachings but this workshop was truly SHOCKING…

One of Alex’s best friends is a guy they call “The Guru To the Guru’s”…

As a favour to Alex, he actually came down to speak to the small group of attendees.

What happened next changed everything…

“The Guru To The Guru”‘s was asked a question by one of the attendees…

“What’s the number one skill you should learn to build a successful Internet business?”

His reply sent a shockwave through the room.

Everyone was speechless…Alex included…

From his answer “The Money Trigger” was born, probably the FASTEST way to REAL money on the Internet…

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The BBC, ZDNet, WordPress and all of the IT Press have announced that a massive attack is in progress against every WordPress installation.

They are specifically targeting sites with account username ‘admin’ and cross-checking that with password lists.

There are a number checks, fixes and guides you can use but the simplest is to install a solid security plugin.

Most of the free ones are poorly implemented and usually are not supported plus they can get you locked out if you’re not careful.

The most efficient plugin that is easiest to use is SecureScanPRO. You don

FREE DVD: “5 Figure Per Month” Arbitrage CASE STUDY

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My friend Matt Bush has been quietly cleaning up making a very comfortable living to the tune of 5 figures per month performing a very unique kind of ‘arbitrage’.

And after endless requests, he’s agreed to put together an extremely thorough case study and mindmap detailing every step.

He is exposing 4 very self-limiting MYTHS regarding this thriving model and why anyone, including YOU, can get paid monthly recurring income following this proven system.

He put the case study in DVD format, printed a very limited amount of copies, and you can get a FREE copy today.

Website legal forms to cover your @ss!

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Legal Forms Generator

OK, if you’ve been in the Internet Marketing game and have started making money, the following checklist should seem basic to you:

[ ] Product or service buyers want
[ ] Website (duh!)
[ ] Traffic (preferably lots of it and cheap)
[ ] Conversion (always improving that, right?)
[ ] List (you have one, I hope)
[ ] A growing income that lets you live your Dream

Yeah, if you’re profitable online, you probably have these 6 items checked.

But what about this one?

[ ] Cover your @ss

What do I mean by that?

It’s simple.

Have you protected your business and yourself against lawsuits and government agencies that would love to shut you down, strip you of your assets, and toss your butt in Club Fed?

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued guidelines for Internet marketing?

Did you know that there are now lawyers who specialize in suing website owners and companies that exist for the purpose of finding website owners like you who they can sue?

If not, you need to look past “the Dream” and open your eyes to the nightmare side of Internet Marketing.

Here’s a golden nugget all successful business owners have learned (offline and online)…

If you’re making money, someone is going to want to take it from you.

Might be tomorrow, might be a few years from now.

But it will happen.

That someone could be a competitor, an unhappy customer, or the government.

Lawsuits can bankrupt you, even if you win. At best, they steal valuable time from your business. At worst, they’ll leave you deeply in debt, stripped of everything you have.

As for government agencies taking an interest in your business, I have two words that should send a shiver down your spine:


But there’s a way to protect yourself and I think it’s “a deal you can’t refuse.”

Unless you’re a complete idiot.

And, yeah, there’s a bunch of those in business.

If you’re not one of those idiots, take a look at what Attorney Mike Young, President of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC, put together for online marketers.

Mike has represented some of the most successful online marketers in the business.

But he’s not cheap.

Many marketers who haven’t hit the big time simply can’t afford to hire him.

And Mike knows this, which is why he decided to put this together.

It’s an affordable website legal forms software package that protects you from most trouble in 17 minutes or less!

With this software, I was able to create all the legal forms I needed in less than 12 minutes.

No need to steal forms from other marketers and risk getting sued by them.

Plus, having proper legal forms on your site can improve your SEO.

Pick up your copy right now and cover your @ss!

Easy Software Tool Promises FREE Traffic!

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Traffoc RoboDid you know that the only difference between a “4-figure a month” online marketer, and a “6 or 7-figure a month” guru, is TRAFFIC?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it…

After all, anyone can create a product and design a cool website. But not everyone knows how to drive traffic.