[46% Discount] Facebook Ads Planner With PLR

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Feed Your Funnel with Facebook Ads!

Get the biggest bang for your Facebook Ad buck with the new “Feed Your Funnel with Facebook Ads!” planner from CoachGlue!

You have permission to edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell or give away to your clients/customers/members.

The Facebook Ads Planner covers:

Step 1: Your Outstanding Offer
Exercise: Design Your Offer

Step 2: Monetize Before You Market
Exercise: Monetize Your Free Content

Step 3: Laying the Foundation
Exercise: Plan Your Funnel

Step 4: Your Target Audience
Exercise: Get to Know Your Ideal Audience

Step 5: Landing and Download Pages
Exercise: Design Your Landing and Download Pages

Step 6: Your Email Autoresponder
Exercise: Plan Your Follow-Ups

Step 7: Choose Your Ad Style
Exercise: Determine Your Ad Style

Step 8: Copywriting Matters
Exercise: Lay Out Your Ad

Step 9: Test and Tweak
Exercise: Check Your Stats!

Enter coupon code “2017” and save yourself $20 on purchase. There is no time limit so I don’t know when this discount will end!

People have always asked Nicole and Melissa how in the world they could do so much:

• Manage and Market CoachGlue which is a 7-Figure Business Serving 20,000 Business Coaches
• Release 50+ products a year
• Have an awesome JV partner/affiliate team
• Run our OTHER businesses, too
• Spend time with their families
• Do the things they love to do like yoga and being outdoors. For Nicole, traveling as much as possible, and for Melissa, going to her daughter’s hockey games all over Canada and the US.

Well, it sure hasn’t always been like this!

They both went through periods of time where they were overworked and underpaid and joy was a thing they thought they’d have time for and would find…someday.

It’s been a journey of trial and error, learning what works (and just as importantly what doesn’t) and navigating along the way to where they are now. And now, because they do have a lot of systems in place and several streams of passive and recurring income flowing in, they know that with just MINIMAL FOCUSED EFFORT that a sizable amount would keep coming for years even if they were not able to work more than a few hours a week.

So yes, now they can easily take a few weeks or a month off here and there.

And when they work, it’s oftentimes only a few hours a week. Weekends are off. Holidays are off. You get the picture.

Their lifestyle works because of these 4 things:

• Productivity
• Planning
• Products
• Promotion

They want the same for you.

Six-Figure Success System

And that’s exactly what they want to teach you in their new training where they share behind-the-scenes what they do to run their businesses, so you can profit wildly and have a life, too.

In these audios and videos, you’ll learn exactly what they personally do:

Module 1: Their DAILY Productivity Action Plan

Module 2: Their STEP-BY-STEP Planning Formula

Module 3: Their Specific Product Mastery PROCESS

Module 4: Their EXACT Promotion Strategies

The “Six-Figure Success System” training program is not a PLR package. It is designed exclusively for you to discover the proprietary strategies to CoachGlue’s business success. If you can get these 4 modules nailed down, you’ll be sitting pretty with both money AND time.

Training will commence on February 1st, so now you can grab it as a deal for $200 off! Wish you all the success in 2017.

Get Rid Of Your Money Worries For Good!

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Transform Limiting Money Beliefs

If you’re still worried about the current state of your bank account, this is your next step in increasing your earnings and CRUSHING bad money beliefs TODAY.

This flat out WORKS!

Get your copy of “Transform Limiting Money Beliefs“.

WP SociXplode

Traffic is the heartbeat of any online business because if there are no visitors on your website, offers, blog, videos or anything you do online for profits then there will be no sales, no leads & no profits.

So, to solve this common problem…

My friend Dr. Amit Pareek has created a brand new software using which you can drive unlimited traffic from Facebook to anywhere you want on autopilot for free!

Using WP SociXplode in just 3 easy steps, you’ll get tonnes of FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC that snowballs into higher sales and profits from Facebook for free.

Step 1: Input search keywords and URL where you need to get traffic, and let this software get into action.

Step 2: Select Facebook groups, pages and timelines to drive hordes of targeted traffic for your offers.

Step 3: Watch your traffic and profits grow as WP SociXplode attracts real people in any niche on complete autopilot!

That’s it. Now just rinse & repeat and get massive traffic spikes every day to your anywhere you want.

Think of this: What if you had the ability to write (money-making/high-converting) sales copy for any product or service you wanted to sell?

What if you could do this without ever even writing a single word of copy yourself?

Even better, what if you get (money-making/high-converting) copy to be generated automatically for you with just a push of a button?

Yes, this brand new software allows you to generate high-converting sales scripts that are customizable to fit any product or service you want to sell.

You never have to spend countless hours studying insanely complicated (and boring) copywriting formulas, or spend several days, weeks or even months trying to write copy that may or may not produce any sales.

With just a few clicks of a button, you can experience the power of expensive copy at a fraction of the cost.

The best part is these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill scripts. These scripts have generated several million dollars in many different niches.

Here are just some of the scripts you’ll find inside:

1) Sales letters
2) One-Time offer scripts
3) Facebook ad scripts
4) Webinar scripts
5) “Thank you” page scripts
6) Product launch scripts

And many more!

So if you want to have the ability to attract laser-targeted leads, turn those potential customers into paying customers and turn paying customers into repeat customers with high-converting “done-for-you” copywriting scripts, check out Script Engage. Discounted price while it lasts!

The idea of website flipping is not new, but most marketers would think that creating a website is akin to regular website design service, which means it takes a lot of effort and skills to set up a new one.

In fact, it does not have to be that way. Let Lance Groom show you how to build cheap, fast, fun and profitable WordPress websites and sell them for hundreds, even thousands of dollars on Flippa Auctions within the comfort of your own home!

Whether the website is Clickbank-focused, Amazon-focused, PayPal-ready or AdSense-ready, Lance’s video course will get you covered on setting up, launching and managing your own highly successful, high-profit online business.

His insider secrets, tips and techniques will set you financially free and could make you extremely wealthy at the same time!

It has to be fast, it’s easy and best of all, it really works! Invest in the “Killer Secret WordPress Flippa Auctions” course for less than $10!

Check out the 3-Step Formula That Makes $5,129 in 30 Days…Even If You’ve Never Made a Penny Online.

I just watched this video, and I was blown away by the truth behind what was said.

The process is designed for those who want off the treadmill…who realize that buying “instant software” doesn’t work…

Purchase a dedicated e-mail drop (or solo ad, as they’re often called), and get highly targeted traffic fast without worrying about Facebook or Google. Rinse and repeat the process with profits made exponentially!

If you want to take back control and make a difference in your life for you and your family, watch this video again. It works.

Instant Traffic Jacker

Inside this brand new course, Glynn Kosky reveals a brand new ZERO cost method that generates a minimum of $183 per day.

Students of the “Instant Traffic Jacker” course are already seeing BIG results of over $500 in commissions every single day!

Whether you’re into affiliate or CPA offers, you can rely on a free traffic source that is virtually untapped for its ready buyers to give you boatloads of money.

Glynn really is giving away a lot here. The members area is outstanding, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new method to try out.

If you’re still struggling to make your first money online, then it’s not your mistake…

There are tons of WSOs released everyday that talks about CPA, traffic, lists…but almost all the time they are incomplete or leave a critical info behind…

But today, you will have access into one of the best, result-driven and action-oriented course I have seen in a long time…

$100 A Day

In “$100 A Day“, Ram Rawat has shared his EXACT FUNNEL which he used to build a list of over 1046 subscribers in 10 days and simultaneously generate $100 everyday in affiliate commissions…

The title says it all—$100 a day, no less.

Inside you’ll find:

– Simple COPY-PASTE system
– No testing required
– An EXACT funnel which is in action right Now!
– 3 Free Traffic Sources to generate potential leads
– “$100 A Day” Case Study
– EXACT E-Mail Campaigns used in the funnel.
– Step-By-Step illustration for what needs to be done and how? and Why?

This is very simple and newbie-friendly. You can get started and see results in less than 24 hrs.

Get your copy at the LOWEST price Now!

WP FreshPop

There’s a pretty big problem these days with popup ads. Visitors are getting smarter and are becoming blind to popups. Clicking that X is almost like a quick reflex now. Visitors are getting more and more annoyed with popups.

But the sky is not falling.

When used in the right way (the FRESH way), popups can still be a website’s secret weapon.

So what is the “right way”? What is the “FRESH way”?

The answer is found in the new non-intrusive, user friendly popup—one that does NOT annoy the customer.

One of Asia’s leading websites have been quietly going about their business with this unique, subtle popup. And this authority website has NO HESITATION in using this new popup technology for their 8,200,000 global monthly visitors!

This new software is allowing them to drive hordes of visitors to any promotion of their choice on complete autopilot…without annoying any of their visitors like other popups do!

Now each and everyone of us can cash in BIG from this growing trend and turn any WordPress website into a passive income generating ATM…thanks to this powerful new software.

See how WP FreshPop works to bring more income into your online business.

Business Personality Assessment

Are your clients able to align their personalities and core values with the way they run a profitable business? Running a business is a long-term and tireless endeavor. If they are not joyful at doing it, they will find it difficult to make an income no matter how much they desire to do so on their own terms.

The CoachGlue ladies understand this problem and so they have designed a brand new “Business Personality Assessment” planner with which you can edit, put your business logo and name on, and sell, give away (as a free download or lead magnet) or apply (teach) to your clients/customers/members.

In it you’ll discover:

Step 1: Know Your Personality Type
Exercise: Identify Your Personality Type (And the Struggles Your Face Because of it)

Step 2: Discover Your Core Values
Exercise: List Your Core Values

Step 3: Are You a Lion or a Wolf?
Exercise: Find Your Chronotype
Exercise: Design Your Ideal Schedule

Step 4: Communication Styles Matter
Exercise: Find Your Communication Style

Step 5: Micromanage Isn’t a Dirty Word
Exercise: Know Your Management Style

Step 6: No-Sweat Networking
Exercise: Plan Your Networking Strategy

Step 7: Know Your Love Language
Exercise: Consider the Love Languages of Your Team

Enter coupon code “2017” and save yourself $20 on purchase. There is no time limit so I don’t know when this discount will end!

Affirm-A-Life Masterclass

Have you heard of anyone purchasing ‘abundance’?

Abundance is free and was never a limitation once you harness it…

However, it’s ever expanding and stretching outwards like our Universe waiting eagerly for ​you to tap onto it.

But, how?

The secret to tapping onto infinite abundance has been revealed.

Who doesn’t want to live a life full of abundance and gratitude?

Free from unending stress, fears and anxieties…

It’s no coincidence for you to chance upon this.

This doesn’t come as a big surprise to me but it really works wonders.

Enjoy success, wealth, fulfillment of joy and unconditional love now!

Manifest it here.


You have probably seen blog content that needs to be liked or tweeted in order to be unlocked. ViralPaySoft or VPS takes it to the next level.

VPS is the first of its kind micro payment/cloud-based content locker referral system.

What it means is that VPS integrates with PayPal as a micro payment locker, whereby a site visitor must pay $1 or whatever said amount to unlock the content/article/download page or coupon.

You can also set a condition whereby the visitor must share a targeted page or link a specified number of times in order to unlock access, or set up a leaderboard in which only the best referrers (1st-placed, 2nd, 3rd etc.) can unlock access.

This can get you a lot more traffic than you can generate all by yourself.

VPS applies to many online business models such as bloggers, affiliates, digital product owners, product launch
vendors, e-commerce stores, physical product stores, list building etc.

VPS also has other features like exit popup triggers, time delayed popup, countdown timer and “wait to unlock”.

Discover all the exciting ways to get visitors to build your list for you and get FREE viral traffic to your websites anytime you want with VPS!

5 Day Fix

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick has launched their brand new training course called “5 Day Fix“.

It’s a simple, newbie-friendly method that anyone can follow to make $500+ in the next 5 days.

Inside, you get a step-by-step case study that shows you EXACTLY how they made $690.30 in just 5 days working only 15 minutes daily.

You only need a few minutes daily to do this, it’s easy to scale this up, and you can get started with 100% NO-COST traffic.

Get all the details and lock-in a massive discount…

PiggyBack Cash System

Imagine being able to ‘piggyback’ your way to making $162.65 per day…

With this brand new method that uses 100% FREE traffic, you can!

By ‘piggybacking’ off the hard work of others, you can easily make $xxx/day…

This is guaranteed to be something you’ve NEVER seen before.

No experience needed.

No Fiverr, no outsourcing and it’s 100% newbie-friendly…

Ready to make $100+/day with just a few minutes of very simple ‘work’…?

* PiggyBack Cash System *

[FREE] 5 Ways To 10x Your Business In 90 Days!

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What would be different for you if you added a zero to the end of your income this year?

Instead of $500/month, you made $5000/month.

Or instead of $3,000/month you made $30,000/month.

It IS possible. People do it.

Here’s your opportunity to learn from the Coachglue ladies, Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean, as they bring you a new e-course called “How to 10x Your Business in the Next 90 Days” and it is FREE for a limited time.

It contains the exact methods they have used to help 20,000+ business owners. Will you be next?

Sign up now to get started.

Amazon Product Research Made Easy

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You have probably heard about the hordes of people who have created life-changing businesses by selling on Amazon. Behind the hype, there is one common thread: excellent product research.

And there is only one software suite that provides the product ideas, the data, and competitive analysis to help you find your own great product, and that is Jungle Scout.

Use Jungle Scout to uncover hundreds of niche product opportunities, use their data tracking to identify your true winners, and launch.

Don’t know how to sell on Amazon? Not a problem. The library of resources (e-book, video course, and mastermind) shows you every step of the way.

These guys know what they are doing, and they have all of the tools and knowledge to make you a success in 2017.

For a limited time, Jungle Scout is offering a tremendous discount and access for a huge discount!

But this offer is only available to those who ACT NOW.

If you want to take control of your life, your career, your future, this is all you need.

Are you in?

Make Money Online Made Easy

Over 1 million people searches for how to make money online daily but very few people know how to do it and are successfully doing it.

That is why Dr. Amit Pareek has designed new content “Make Money Online Made Easy“, the latest PLR package that could position yourself as a go-to Internet Marketing expert!

You can:

+ Print your name as the author, improve the content with your own input and resell it for profit
+ Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift
+ Use it to create a private membership
+ Use it to prospect your client & close the deals
+ Use it to grow your own business online
+ Use it as high quality bonus with your products
+ Use it to train your team
+ Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training
+ Use it to train your clients & charge them big bucks
+ Use it to offer a professional services for thousands of dollars

Or do anything that you can think of!

This brand new product comes with all ready-to-go sales material so you could get instant return on your investment by selling it immediately! You can sell unlimited copies for life!

You will get everything mentioned below:

Module #1: High-quality training guide (valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat sheet (valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind map (valued at $40)
Module #4: Top resources report (valued at $20)
Module #5: High-converting sales copy (valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 professional minisites (valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle-style sales video (valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe e-mails for affiliates (valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete set of animated banners (valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete set of professional graphics (valued at $240)

1,000 Visitors For ONE BUCK

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My buddy Charles Kirkland just released an insane WordPress plugin for marketers who want to tap into traffic sources that will cost you as low as…

ONE BUCK for 1,000 visitors to your site.

The only catch is…

There are only 7 copies available at this price…

Get your copy of WP Traffic Spider right now at the lowest possible price.

2017 Income and Goal-Setting Template package

Looking to start 2017 out the right away? Ron Douglas and Alice Seba have a 2017 Income And Goal-Setting Template Package that will do the trick.

In this package, you will find:

• Insider’s Strategy Guide
• Goal-Focused To-Do List (don’t just stay busy, stay on track)
• Goal Setting Worksheet
• 50 Ideas to Build Your Audience (so you can reach those business / income goals)
• Audience Tracking Spreadsheet (keep tabs on your progress)
• 50 Income Increasing Ideas
• Bookkeeping Spreadsheet (If you don’t know your numbers…you can’t reach your goals)
• 50 Product Promotion Ideas (don’t just make new products when you want more money…get creative!)
• Product Launch and Promotion Tracking Spreadsheet
• Daily Goal-Focused Planner
• Weekly Goal-Focused Planner
• Monthly Goal-Focused Planner

It also comes with optional resell rights, so you can use the templates in your own products for sale and for use in your client work.

Enter coupon code “GOALS40” to get 40% off your purchase!