One of the best ways to monetize your traffic is by promoting relevant products on sites that you know your traffic will trust.

And, there

Wow, what happened to Solo Ads?

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The Death Of Solo Ads

Over the past year or so a lot of people have been talking about the “decline in Solo Ads”…

Many people have even claimed that Solo Ads are dead…

The truth is, the situation HAS changed a lot but there’s something you can do about it…

And there’s also a way to make a killing through all the changes!

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Here’s what you’re going to learn in this video:

– How to build your list FAST without adding crappy email addresses that just suck money right out of your pocket

– The fastest way on Earth to increase people buying from you WITHOUT resorting to ridiculous hype or shady tactics

– A little-known secret for easily increasing your return-on-investment WITHOUT pissing people off or doing something illegal (like spam!)

– You’ll also discover what you absolutely MUST avoid when it comes to e-mail marketing

Whether you’re a seasoned expert in buying Solo Ads or you’re just interested in getting traffic, you need to find out what is killing e-mail overall (not just Solo Ads)…

And you wouldn’t expect it!

So because I know you’re using e-mail, you have to learn this critical information.

And then once you do, you’ll get a HUGE advantage on the competition who doesn’t know that they’re shooting themselves in the foot everyday without knowing it!

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Starting A New Business

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There are many reasons why people branch out on their own. Whether it

E-mail marketing will NEVER be the same again.

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Email Ad SpyAnyone with a computer, Internet connection and this dangerous spying software can become an industry leader in literally a matter of days.

This software is going to reset the playing field and those who are quick to take action will become industry leaders.

Do you want to be one of them?

No one is safe. Internet marketing

A New Paradigm For Making Money As A Book Author by Bob Bly

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One of my readers, WC, is among other things proprietor of a small book publishing company.

He was lecturing me how I could make more money writing books for his small publishing company, because they give authors a deep discount

How To Build Facebook Pages in 60 Seconds

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Like Page Builder 2.0 Pro

Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill have just launched the new and improved version of Like Page Builder that will blow you away.

Check out the video that shows you how easy it is to build a Facebook page IN UNDER 60 SECONDS using this incredible software and also check out the 5 methods that show you how to get the most from the developers license that is also available.

And that’s not all, it gets better…

Like Page Builder is normally sold via a monthly subscription but for the next few days you can grab this amazing piece of kit for a one-off payment.

So if you want to see a Facebook page get created right before you eyes in under 60 seconds, and you want the software that created the page plus the opportunity to grab a developers license at a huge discount, check out the video here.

This free video shows you how to send text messages to your customers to increase loyalty and sales.

This one trick gets your customers to share their cell phone number with you with permission to sent them text messages.

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To Your Marketing Success!

Discover how to make $231,966.31 in just 3 months selling…t-shirts!

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Tee Inspector

The brand new highly anticipated

Rapid Content Wizard

As you know, creating high-quality content is a time-consuming process…

Even if you outsource it, it’s expensive and still takes forever to get back…

Then you have to kick it back for corrections, etc.

It can be a nightmare.

Now take a look at this video and discover a top-secret method that is causing HUGE shockwaves
in the marketing industry right now…

Imagine 100% automated software that:

– Uses Drag and Drop Content Creation (or Fully Automated)
– Posts automatically to your websites
– Has INSTANT monetization and commissions streams
– Automatically integrates images, videos and more…
– Promotes your new content AUTOMATICALLY
– Even posts directly to Facebook Pages, Timelines and Groups
– Creates Full SILOS, Loaded with Content in 60 Seconds or Less…

It does all this and a ton more, but you have to see Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition in action to really appreciate the power here.

I have personally never seen such an awesome marketing tool that does so much at such a huge discount…

This software is currently on pre-launch pricing and is incredibly discounted right now…

So go check it out and see how this will help you with ALL your content needs.

Social marketing Suite

Now there’s a subtle difference to a new way of Facebook list building. I’ll bet you didn’t see this coming.

Old School Way:

1. Create right-side ads that said

Social Post Lab

Imagine if you didn

Secrets Of Mind Control…Only $10

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The Code Of Influence

What if you could ethically “force” others to think the way you want them to think?

What if you could persuade your friends, your prospects, your boss, your children, or even your significant other to do what you want them to do…without them even realizing it?

What could this do for your success in business, in relationships, and in life?

Now, what if you could discover these persuasion skills…for only $10?

My good friend Paul Mascetta and his best-selling training “The Code Of Influence” have everyday people like you into experts in the true art of persuasion.

Paul’s been on the “speed dial” of some very important people…paid thousands of dollars to train them in his secrets. And now he’s handing ALL of that to you…on a silver platter…all for 85% off.

You must click here NOW to claim your copy at the discount price!

10 Tips To Boost Your E-Book Sales

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As an author, have you ever wondered how to sell e-books you have worked hard on? Even accomplished authors face a new challenge thinking how they can increase e-book sales. These 10 tips to boost your e-book sales would come handy to both new as well as accomplished authors.

1. Invest in getting a excellent e-book cover page.

Every book is judged by its cover. How many times have you heard this? It remains to be the top reason why a lot of e-books fail to generate the kind of sales they deserve. A good cover proves to be the single most important factor in getting the initial interest and making readers want to look into your e-book. So do not ignore this fact and get an interesting and good-looking cover page for your e-book.

2. Sell your e-books through multiple e-book stores.

Although the top e-book stores like Amazon, B&N and Apple account for the bulk of e-book sales, there are other smaller or niche specialty e-book stores which would boost your e-book sales substantially.

3. Provide a nice quick preview of your e-book content.

A preview of your e-book pages helps in engaging your prospective buyers/readers and increases your chance at sales conversion. There are several ways to create a quick preview.

  • Post screenshots (as images) of relevant pages e.g. e-cover page, “table of content” page, first chapter and other appetizing information, a bookending (last) page with a call-to-action offer to buying the full e-book with a link to the e-book store.
  • Post the aforementioned pages above as web pages (HTML). For some readers, this is an easier way of access. Also, search engines can index and list your pages in the search results.
  • You can also use a site like Scribd to publish and post a preview.
  • You can create a Digital Flip Publication on CreateMagazines itself to publish and post a preview.

4. Get your e-book reviewed.

E-books with published reviews and real testimonials tend to get more attention and interest and thus sell better. You can start giving your free full-version e-books to an immediate closed circles of friends, colleagues or professionals and solicit their reviews and advice for improvement.

5. Create a sales page to promote your e-books.

When you are selling an e-book you are offering it via the Internet, so it makes a lot of sense to have a dedicated page for your e-book which tells everything your potential readers would want to know and leads them to purchase. You can use this web page to provide author information, book information, come up with special offers and have your own e-commerce system in place to sell your e-book right from your own web page. This way you would not be sharing profits with anyone else. When you offer your e-books at e-book stores you usually end up receiving in between 30-70% of your e-book sales. The remaining amount is kept by the e-book stores as their cut. Although offering e-books through e-book stores is an absolute necessity as these stores are able to provide substantial exposure for your e-books, why not have your own sales page in place too if your prospects can directly reach there. You can either create a simple web page on your own, or hire a company create one for you. Click here to have a look at our sales page creation offer for more information.

6. Join affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs offered by sites like ClickBank can help you market your e-book better.

7. Make your e-books available in multiple file formats.

Different users have different reading preferences. Some like to read their e-books on a PC some on a e-book reader device like Kindle or Nook, some like to read them on new Tablet devices like iPad and some simply like to read them on their mobile devices. The problem is each one of these devices have their own set of compatible file formats. So it makes sense to have your e-book in multiple file formats so that you have an extended reach and are able to provide a format compatible with several of these popular devices. Click here for more information related to common e-book file formats.

8. Use the power of social media to spread the word about your e-book.

Social media marketing also termed as SMO has become a very popular method to promote just about everything. Site like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and various blogs allow users to “repost” or share information shared on the product in question easily. Since the same information is shared by a user with their contacts and by contacts of their contact, it helps in spreading the word fast thus reaching more and more people. Social networking sites are great word-of-mouth platforms.

9. Offer limited period discounts, create bundles.

An e-book can be offered on limited period discounts or bundled with relevant products to increase the overall value or worth of the deal to prospects. This form of sales promotion is proven to boost sales results.

10. Price your e-book intelligently.

Since production and distribution costs involved with e-books are substantially less as compared to the printed version, you should price your e-book cost considering all these factors. Lower cost in case of an e-book is the major driving force behind the increasing e-book sales trends that we all have been witnessing in the last few years. On the other hand, there are examples of e-books containing exclusive or highly specialized subject matters being sold for $97 and above. So do you research well before deciding upon the cost for your e-book.

Designing and developing WordPress themes can be amazingly profitable & lots of fun when you realize how easy it can be.

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Covert Shirt Store

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How To Accomplish ANY Goal

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You take off. You’re sprinting as fast as you can. You take long strides and push through the pressure of the wind that hits your face.

You stare straight ahead, completely focused on your target, the end of the 400-meter race track.

As an 8-year-old, this is the biggest day of your life so far. You’ve trained so hard for months and finally the moment is here, right now.

The sun blasts on your bare skin; you hear the muffled sound of parents screaming words of encouragement.

Completely focused, you finally make it. You lose track of time, and for a second you don’t even realize you’ve won.

But when it hits you, you’ve never felt such a rush. Every cell of your body feels proud. You feel unbeatable, unstoppable and unbreakable.

If you won this race, you can accomplish anything. There’s nothing that can stand in your way. Nothing that can hold you back. No one that can ever question your capabilities. And no goal too big to attack.

Fast forward to today, right to this very second.

Don’t you wish you could draw on that fearless energy and jaw-dropping power that ensures you can conquer any goal you approach?

Don’t you wish you could access this secret weapon to be almost instantly successful at anything you choose?

Believe it or not, the answer is as simple as it was when you were 8 years old. You just need to let it in…

But there’s something important you need to know.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you’re from or if you’ve ever won a sprint race before.

What matters is that you’re ready to embrace all the wonderful things the world is ready to give you because Natalie Ledwell, Personal Development Guru and Law of Attraction Expert, is waiting to show you the blueprint to getting everything you want.

She’s holding a few upcoming free training sessions to show you how to take grip of that belief you felt inside at least once in your life.

She proves that it’s not your fault that up until now you may not have achieved everything you’ve so desperately desired, and she explains that getting what you want is easy when you understand her simple formula.

So if you’re ready for ultimate fulfillment, if you’re ready for monumental success…

Don’t delay and secure your complimentary seat on Natalie’s upcoming “Put Your Success on Auto-Pilot” training session.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Will I see you there?

If you

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of content marketing

What if you could uncover your life passion in 4 weeks?

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There is one ingredient in life that every person in the world longs for.