Copy Paste Hack

Can a brand new campaign make $780 on the first day from ClickBank, and another $522 on the second day?

That’s over $1,300 in commissions all in less than 48 hours…

That’s probably more money than most people you know ever make in a month…

Did I mention you can afford to spend just 30 minutes to set up the entire campaign?

Check out Desmond Ong’s “Copy Paste Hack“, the Internet marketing system that allows you to “turn on” your campaigns at will and you can go do whatever you want with your income next.

Thanks to this system, Desmond has been able to enjoy life to the fullest. Will you follow him?

I’m going to cut to the chase…The way you’re promoting affiliate offers is all wrong.

If you’re like most people, you grab the latest and greatest affiliate offer with the biggest commission, then shoot out an e-mail or two to your list. You make some money and you’re all happy with yourself.

But what if I told you that you’re leaving a TON of money on the table?

You’re short-selling yourself because you don’t know the right strategy to use. You’re just doing “spray and pray.”

With the right strategy, you could even see yourself on the launch’s leaderboard, even against people with much bigger lists than you have. (Many of them are doing “spray and pray” too…they just have such big lists, it ends up working for them.)

Long-time Internet marketer Pat Flanagan was actually in the same boat as you, with a puny list of his own after helping others launch their own products for a few years. He tweaked and experimented until he “cracked the code”, so to say.

He found a promo strategy that put him on launch leaderboards against the big boys in his niche, some with lists 10x the size of his. That equaled more sales, extra money from prizes, and bragging rights.

Want to learn his strategy? Of course you do.

The Lazy Leaderboard Strategy

Pat’s just released a report called The Lazy Leaderboard Strategy that details exactly how he was able to radically increase his affiliate promo sales without adding people to his list. It’s got everything laid bare, step-by-step.

Best of all, he’s included case studies with every e-mail sent (word for word), when the e-mails were sent, and the results. Nobody else lets this stuff out!

Grab this report now before all your competition does. This is going to be a hot commodity because it WORKS. Or, keep spraying and praying, your choice.

Your Blueprint For Six Figures

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$375K in 7 days

It’s today…

Finally, someone’s ready to take you inside of a multiple 6-figure launch to let you know what it really takes. It’s probably not what you think.

What happened in March of 2015 was a surprise do to much of the Internet marketing world, to see their webinar system posting ridiculous numbers right out of the gate.

But it wasn’t a surprise to the partners who launched it…

The reason is that they had a blueprint and a plan. They knew what would make the launch successful, long before the first e-mail was sent or first ‘buy’ button was hit.

If they could know ahead of time that their launch would succeed, based on a ‘blueprint’, wouldn’t that be worth knowing?

Check out how they made $375K in 7 days with their system.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article here extolling the virtues and advantages of having your book published by a real publishing house vs. self-publishing.

This prompted subscriber LP to write, “Just wondering if there is ever a time or situation where self-publishing has merit.”

Yes, LP, I can think of several.

First, for whatever reason, you are in a hurry to get the book published.

From the day you turn in your book manuscript, it can take 6 to 12 months for your book to get published.

If you cannot wait that long, self-publishing is the answer; you can get your self-published Kindle e-book on Amazon in as little as a few weeks.

Second, you want total control over the contents and design of the book.

Publishers edit books and demand authors make requested changes. The publisher also has the final say on book design.

If you want your book a certain way, and don’t want to be told how to write or design it, self-publishing is the alternative to mainstream publishers.

Third, you are a master marketer and believe you can make more money selling the book directly to consumers on your own.

Robert Ringer self-published his mega-bestsellers and sold them through brilliantly written full-page newspaper ads before selling the paperback rights to a mainstream publisher for a lot of money.

Many other master marketers

LinkedIn Cash?

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Linkedin Leads

Raise your hand if you knew that it’s easy to rake in gobs of cash from LinkedIn?

Me, neither.

Well Zoe Kennedy, LinkedIn Expert is going to reveal exactly how to do it in your business!

Matt Bacak, Internet marketing legend also shares with you how to reach over 347,000,000 LinkedIn Members with paid advertising on LinkedIn.

This is definitely not to be missed!

But it is a DIME SALE so get your copy of Linkedin Leads before the price rises again.

101ContactWouldn’t it be nice if you can stop wasting your time perfecting the best sales page?

Wouldn’t it make so much more sense to just personalize the sales page with the potential customer’s image and name who have already showed an interest in what you have to offer?

Of course it would.

Simply put, 101Contact allows you to showcase everyone who visits your website, which will increase your chances of selling to them right now and in the future.

Personalization in e-mail marketing is a given and has already been done to death, but it still works.

Personalization on sales pages is something new…and you will discover how to increase your sales page conversions by more than 19% with it!

Simply install the software and you will see sales soar like nothing before. Get 101Contact now.

Many tools I’ve introduced you to in the past couple of months allow you to make a GREAT dent in your online business, as well as Affiliate, Video, Facebook and TeeSpring Marketing…

But as you probably know, you want to use every trick in the book to ensure you are constantly running traffic to your website, promotions or list in order to build up a database of interested or even buying customers!

Creating Facebook Ads has always been a confusing experience

Today I’ve got something a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing…

Most of the time when you see courses on affiliate marketing, they teach you how to “start small” and make a few bucks here and there.

There’s nothing WRONG with that…nothing wrong with raking in $100-500 affiliate commissions…especially if you’re doing it consistently.

But the truth is, that is the SLOW way.

If you want the GIANT paydays, like $15k in a week…if you want to build your bank account FAST, the best way is to focus on making bigger commissions

Did I Call You At A Bad Time? by Bob Bly

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Recently I called a freelance writer, PM, whom I wanted to hire to edit an e-book, and when she answered her phone she told me testily, “It is 5am here in Arizona.”

Sorry PM, but it’s not the customer’s job to keep track of the time zone you live in.

If you don’t want to be awakened early in the morning or disturbed in the evening by a phone call, switch your office phone to voice mail, turn off the ringer, and have a separate line for personal calls.

Reason: your business phone should be answered 24/7, whether by you or a recording.

You are not obligated to take the call at 7pm but I think you are obligated to have a phone system that takes a message no matter what the hour, just like virtually every other business your clients patronize.

Otherwise, the customer gets frustrated that he can’t leave a message and has to call you back

Pay Per Click Made Easy

PPC is a proven and tested online advertising method to promote your products and services on search engines, social media and all around the web to drive targeted traffic towards your website.

Dr. Amit Pareek has just released “Pay Per Click Made Easy“, his latest monster package with full PLR!

In this report, you’ll discover:

– What is PPC Advertising all about?
– Why should you definitely use PPC for your business?
– The Top 20 PPC Ad Networks and Automation Tools.
– Setting up a PPC Campaign from Start to Finish
– The 20 “do’s” you have to apply
– The 20 “don’ts” you have to avoid
– Shocking PPC Case Studies
– How to use PPC as an Internet Marketer

Pay Per Click Made Easy” is built around these modules:

Module #1: High Quality Training Guide (Valued at $720)
Module #2: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $20)
Module #3: Mind Map (Valued at $40)
Module #4: Top Resources Report (Valued at $20)
Module #5: High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $320)
Module #6: 6 Professional Minisites (Valued at $160)
Module #7: Doodle Style Sales Video (Valued at $320)
Module #8: Swipe Emails for Affiliates (Valued at $20)
Module #9: Complete Set of Animated Banners (Valued at $160)
Module #10: Complete Set of Professional Graphics (Valued at $240)

You can:

> Slap Your Name and Sell it as Your Own to make a huge profit
> Use it to create a private membership
> Use it to build your own list by offering it as a gift
> Use it as high quality bonus with your products
> Use it to train your team
> Use it as high quality content for your seminar, webinar, or training
> Use it to prospect your client & close the deals
> Use it to grow your own business online
> Use it to train your clients & charge them BIG Bucks
> Use it to offer a professional PPC service for thousands of dollars

Simply do anything that you can think of!

Ancient Secrets Of Kings

My friend Winter recently took a trip around the world…

And he stopped by 3 places in particular: China, Egypt, and Israel.

He wanted to get to the bottom of the secret BEHIND “The Secret”…

It’s been long rumored that “The Secret” was based on the teachings of ancient mystery schools and secret societies…whose memberships were kept extremely exclusive (some even say members of such schools and societies now make up the infamous Illuminati).

What Winter uncovered on his journey was SHOCKING, to say the least.

His discovery changes everything we’ve ever known about “The Secret”…

Because it proves

Everyone knows that in order to have a successful business, you need cash coming in.

And the best way to do that is by having visitors going to your website who are ready to whip out their credit cards instantly.

But what if I told you that you could get those visitors to your website without investing a single dime on traffic?

And what if I told you that it wouldn

Easy Launch FunnelWould you like to learn the skills of:

The latest update to the Google search engine is penalising sites that don

Affiliate BuilderAffiliate Builder gives you a complete arsenal of tools, software and training that is specifically designed to help you to Recruit and Equip your Affiliate Army!

This really is AWESOME, you get everything you could possibly need in order to start building a MASSIVE affiliate following.

You get the WordPress Affiliate Builder Software Plugin to enable you to INSTANTLY and SIMPLY build your affiliates page with all the tools needed in minutes.


So head on over there right NOW and grab yours…

30 Minute SEO

How do you get to the top of Google rankings without spending hours at your computer everyday or paying someone else a fortune to do it all for you?!

I’ve got something here that is the real deal, designed to crack the Google code and it’s not the usual “secret formula” that doesn’t work or risks getting you blacklisted.

Here is something that has all the search engine activities that will add some rocket fuel to your website, but takes the hard work out of getting to the top spot.

My friend, if you are banking on a #1 ranking then this is the real deal.

Stuart Avis is a new guy on the block and who has a fresh attitude to SEO that is making us all think why we have been missing the point for so long.

You need to check out “30 Minute SEO” to see what makes this guy stand out from the crowd.

All the training tools you need are included in this product

Mayhem ExposedMy good friends, Henry Gold and Tammy B. have decided to release their new course called “Mayhem Exposed Vol. I” where they GRILLED experts on Marketing Mayhem on the right way to build a successful business online.

We are referring to grilling experts such as:

-> Bryan Zimmerman
-> Dwayne Golden
-> Ron Douglas
-> Matt Bacak
-> Walter Bayliss
-> Henry Gold
-> Valerie DuVall
-> Alex Jeffreys
-> Jay Cruiz
-> Reed Floren
-> Dan Brown
-> Bill Hugall
-> Nic Sementa
-> Ali Chowdry
-> Pat Flanagan
-> Ben Adkins
-> Edmund Loh
-> Saul Maraney
-> Pedro Lopes
-> Edson Buchanan
-> Eric Lovelace
-> James Canzanella
-> Charles Terrence
-> And many, many more.

These experts have a total combined earnings of more than $100,000,000. That is a total of $100 million. They share in details their challenges, obstacles, and advices on what a NEWBIE needs to do to build a very successful business online.

You’ve GOT to hear the session first-hand on what they do differently to achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS. Best of all, you can COPY-N-PASTE their success to build your business to the top, ASAP!

Affiliate rat race

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Tired of getting stuck in the affiliate rat race trying to get others to promote you?

Sick of seeing others jump ahead and grow mailing lists quicker than you?

This brand new Facebook marketing course teaches you everything you need to know to drive your own cheap traffic whenever you want.

This is what the experts are doing to grow their profits.

2 marketers who have spent hundreds of thousands on these techniques are sharing them for a limited time.

Go secure your spot here, before they close it down.

“I’d be interested to hear your take on the ongoing feasibility of selling information products given the growing influence of content marketing, i.e. the provision of free information in order to attract and educate prospects.

“Is the easy availability of free information raising the bar on what information products you can sell, and in what ways?”

The answer is: well, yes and no. You see, people have been selling information products for decades, and marketers have been giving away information on the same topics for just as long.

So why do people shell out big bucks for information products on subjects for which plenty of free content is there for the taking?

Several reasons:

First, the free content is typically created as a marketing tool. Therefore, the producer is more concerned with whether it fulfills the marketing objectives rather than helps the reader achieve his or her goals. So although many a free e-book and white papers look well designed and seem well written, the content is often very light on how-to specifics.

Second, the rule for free vs. paid content seems to be as follows: in your free content, you tell people WHAT to do. In your paid info-products, you show them HOW to do it. So information products cover ground free content marketing skips over.

Third, people don’t pay that much attention to the free content they download

Fred's List Money Machine

Ever wondered how people make thousands per day?

Well, here is this guy named Fred, and he will be showing you how to make $2000/day on a video, step by step on how to start your own e-mail marketing business…no tricks, no gimmicks, just pure reasonable hacks and results.

Click here to discover how fortunes are made with list building and e-mail marketing.

I’m sure you’ll gonna love it too.